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Santa Clara Police To Pay Woman $7M After Entering Home, Injuring Her

  • Published on Sep 26, 2017
  • Santa Clara Police Department denies wrongdoing, but has agreed to a $7 million settlement after entering a home without a warrant and injuring a woman. Maria Medina reports (9/27/17)

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  • Kellyann R
    Kellyann R Year ago +1468

    They had no warrant, therefore they’re liable for all damages after they’ve illegally entered her home. Period.

    • US army 11 bravo
      US army 11 bravo Month ago

      What are you a f****** lawyer or a judge.. period

    • Nat Wolins
      Nat Wolins Month ago

      The jury agreed.

    • Douglas Oligney
      Douglas Oligney Month ago

      @Jianju69 wrong ,it means a person fled from detention and they are actively pursuing ,not "we have PC so were in pursuit to make the arrest " the case law is really clear on this matter ,they broke the law and should face criminal assault,tresspass,reckless endangerment,abuse of police power ,deprivation of rights and anything else a lawyer could dream up

    • Douglas Oligney
      Douglas Oligney Month ago

      @Jianju69 no ,the crime was a week old and they were not chasing her

    • tudorjason
      tudorjason Month ago

      There are a few reasons when cops don't need a warrant, but there are only a few.

  • starving artist
    starving artist 6 months ago +211

    I'm extremely disappointed that all these cops aren't in jail for this,,, this is unacceptable !

    • Matthew Rivera
      Matthew Rivera Month ago

      @bokesnmokes You sound dumb as hell. And I hope they do the same to you to see if you'd say the same stupid shit. Yeah they're going to get a raise after costing the city 7 million dollars. Idiot. 🤡 💩... SMFH

    • Matthew Rivera
      Matthew Rivera Month ago

      Exactly 💯

    • tudorjason
      tudorjason Month ago

      Qualified Immunity

    • Tim Reed
      Tim Reed 5 months ago +4

      @bokesnmokes yeah but you prob a cop?

    • bokesnmokes
      bokesnmokes 5 months ago +1

      I hope they all get a raise!

  • stephen hollomon
    stephen hollomon 6 months ago +286

    Imagine how disappointed the chief would be if, instead of the insurance carrier, he and the officers had to pay the 6.7 mil.

    • Jim Nesta
      Jim Nesta 23 days ago

      @Pete Bennington Or, make them purchase private liability insurance, as nurses and doctors do to cover themselves for malpractice suits.

    • Pete Bennington
      Pete Bennington 23 days ago

      The fine should come out of police retirement fund.

    • Jim Nesta
      Jim Nesta Month ago

      @Roger They'll just pass it on to the taxpayers.

    • Bill W.
      Bill W. Month ago

      @DJ NO PLAY Qualified immunity is not immunity. If the cops are within policy, obeying current law and acting in good faith, they get qualified immunity. Learn the difference. Not much different than a citizen getting arrested for doing something legal.

    • tudorjason
      tudorjason Month ago

      Often, a chief will back up his incompetent officers to save face. And no changes will be made in the department.
      This will happen again.

  • Dutch Man
    Dutch Man 5 months ago +50

    It is obvious the police needed an arrest warrant for the minor and a search warrant for the house.
    Without them a simple 'no' at the door is sufficient. And as we all know, when a lady says 'no' it is NO, not a 'go ahead'.
    It doesn't matter whether the minor was a bad girl, or whatever, the law has to be followed by ALL, or we end up in anarchy.

  • Marc Mescher
    Marc Mescher 6 months ago +184

    The police body cam “conveniently stopped” just prior to the woman saying it was an accident? The police video?
    Seems like the chief “conveniently created” an implausible defense.

    • SonicChristian
      SonicChristian Month ago

      @Zach Ryan What’s with your big forehead? 😂

    • Teresa Yeates
      Teresa Yeates 2 months ago

      He meant that they stopped the video at that crucial point.

    • Zach Ryan
      Zach Ryan 3 months ago

      @Brent Farvors oh ok. Yeah I'm definitely on the side of the family. I agree with everything this comment said. But I'm pretty the quotations are there to help the people with IQs BELOW 50, not above.

    • Brent Farvors
      Brent Farvors 3 months ago +1

      @Zach Ryan For people with IQ's ABOVE 50, they indicate sarcasm, or in this case, complete DOUBT at the Police's ridiculous claims...

    • Zach Ryan
      Zach Ryan 3 months ago

      What's with the quotation marks?

  • Darkness8536
    Darkness8536 2 years ago +2974

    That $7 million should come from Police pension fund instead of tax payer money.

    • Shamrock
      Shamrock 3 months ago

      Why is there a pension at all? If most of is don't get it then why should they?

    • Duc Us
      Duc Us 5 months ago


    • Bear Bryant
      Bear Bryant 5 months ago

      @TV Title Champion The song I was thinking of was actually "Sic Em Pigs" by Canned Heat. But yeah, I saw the MC5 and saw Lynyrd Skynyrd before they were famous, when I first started hitting the bars the cover bands were playing Spirit, GFR and Uriah Heep. I'm a rock n roll graybeard.

    • TV Title Champion
      TV Title Champion 5 months ago +1

      @Bear Bryant Commander Cody? Wow, you're showing your tree rings with that reference.

    • Green Thumb
      Green Thumb 5 months ago

      This is the problem why police are not changing their behavior! They don’t give s shit, somebody else is paying for lawsuits

  • Mariah Lehman
    Mariah Lehman 5 months ago +28

    “After my officers cut their cameras, they told me she confessed to the whole thing being her fault so 🤨….”
    Yeah. Right. Also, grabbing someone and pulling them so that they trip and fall to the ground is another way of saying they were thrown to the ground, in my opinion.

  • Greg Jennings
    Greg Jennings 6 months ago +10

    Straight up violation of the Fourth Amendment. Can’t be “hot pursuit” if it is a week old. No immediate danger to the community. It’s no wonder that it was settled.

  • just sayen
    just sayen 6 months ago +9

    They didn't have a warrant? that is breaking and entering along with assault that created great bodily injury.
    Trespassing, kidnapping.

  • Michael Hendricks
    Michael Hendricks 6 months ago +10

    The chief claims they acted "in good faith, within policy and within law." When the crime was a "week old," does that mean that _every_ attempt to arrest any suspect in Santa Clara counts as a "hot pursuit?" Quite literally, the ashes and coals from the fire she supposedly started were cold when they broke in to her home as part of a "hot pursuit..."

  • Takis Vohalis
    Takis Vohalis Year ago +287

    If a police chief doesn’t realize they need a search warrant then I’m fairly positive he needs a new job.

    • cvaline
      cvaline 4 days ago

      And frankly the reporter interviewing needs a new job for not pressing or even mentioning the point.

    • Ice Swallow
      Ice Swallow 23 days ago

      this is california. they do whatever pops up in their 2 brain cells

    • Patrick Day
      Patrick Day Month ago +2

      If he doesn't understand that he needs locked up

    • Matthew Rivera
      Matthew Rivera Month ago +3

      Yeah like maybe a news paper route. Or cleaning bathrooms in a county jail. Tyrants

    • Michael Shaffer
      Michael Shaffer 4 months ago +9

      Yes, and that job should be OUTSIDE of law enforcement.

  • J J
    J J 6 months ago +5

    Chief can say what he wants "THERE WAS NO WARRANT'! That's all that matters! He needs to be fired along with any other cop that disrespects a Charter of Rights and Freedoms or a Constitution!

  • Keyroko
    Keyroko 4 months ago +3

    "minimal amount of force" the officer is on top of her, and the first officer (who isn't in uniform) breaks open her door lunges at her, and throws her at the recording officer (all without a warrant to apprehend a suspect, not a proven criminal). Also, why is there any missing footage? The chief sounds like he is either blindly backing his officers to save face, or he is the worst type of power-tripping jerk.

  • Alexander The Great Zabaras

    They gotta start making the $ come from the officers involved in these lawsuits, instead of just making the citizens cover the cost, tens maybe hundreds of thousands of cases similar to this, it will never change unless cops are personally held more accountable

  • Mark McLaughlin
    Mark McLaughlin 2 months ago +1

    Imagine “settling” for 7 mil, then going on TV and trying to defend that. Man the people of that city should absolutely be afraid of those cops. Every. Single. One.

  • BrandonFlorida
    BrandonFlorida Year ago +1318

    The police chief should be dismissed instantly. Furthermore, he should be investigated. A person who would commit this type of crime once and show zero remorse has probably done it before.

    • Patrick Day
      Patrick Day Month ago

      He should be charged under the Rico act as he was involved in organized crime

    • mai cee chang
      mai cee chang 2 months ago

      He is just as crooked as those officers

    • BrandonFlorida
      BrandonFlorida 3 months ago

      @brendilladederp Just to be clear, you believe that the police have the right to searching peoples' homes by force without a warrant?

    • brendilladederp
      brendilladederp 3 months ago

      LOL that guy has been chief for a while has been doing similar things for decades and he has EVERY RIGHT TO DO SO.

    • Reggie Johnson
      Reggie Johnson 3 months ago

      I agree 👍 he is covering up for his men

  • Robert E Hatten
    Robert E Hatten 4 months ago +1

    I don’t think the cops learned anything from this…..Don’t give up your rights, stay strong and stand your ground just like this lady did…..Peace to all…..

  • Razvan Popa
    Razvan Popa 6 months ago +3

    "She slipped on... or tripped on the porch.". Yeah, that's what you said every time your wife complained of domestic abuse.

  • Ryan Stricklin
    Ryan Stricklin Month ago +1

    That chief defending their actions infuriates me. He is the reason the injustice took place and needs to be held accountable

  • JDP
    JDP 2 months ago

    “They used minimal amount of force to break into her house without a warrant and caused an ankle break.” -what the chief meant to say. Also, even if she did trip herself and break her ankle it would not have happened if the cops were not breaking the law to get into her house without a warrant. Pretty disgusting.

  • Jay-T
    Jay-T 2 years ago +2649

    Lawsuits need to start coming out of police department’s budgets.

    • Carolyn Brown
      Carolyn Brown 3 months ago +1

      They should lose their pensions for sure, that's one thing they get that will allow them to live worry free. Their pension money should be used to help pay some of the lawsuit money

    • Ivan Valera
      Ivan Valera 4 months ago

      There retirement pension better

    • BUZ1952 Z
      BUZ1952 Z 5 months ago +2

      And their own pockets.

    • mediawatcher
      mediawatcher 6 months ago

      More like a trough.

    • mediawatcher
      mediawatcher 6 months ago

      @Namespace FNZ
      I agree on all points!
      Overturn Terry v. Ohio,
      End Qualified Immunity,
      3rd Party, non-law enforcement review process for all complaints against LEOs.
      Individual accountability for all LEOs.

  • Gregory Hathcock
    Gregory Hathcock 2 months ago

    it's amazing how they feel like they can get away with anything without no type of anything happening to him I am so tired of these police officers with this type of stuff nowadays it should be some people to beat their behind just like they trying to do citizens

  • Daniel Donnelly
    Daniel Donnelly 2 months ago +1

    The officers used the “fresh or hot pursuit” exception for a crime allegedly committed a week earlier. Translation: police cost Santa Clara $7 mil ‘cause they broke the damn law!

  • Dennis
    Dennis 4 months ago

    We need to start fighting back and stop taking all this abuse from them.

  • Kathleen Karma
    Kathleen Karma Month ago

    There's no amount of money that can make up for a situation like that, it's mentally detrimental! I'm at least glad she got something those cops were rude and it was uncalled for!

  • Favored
    Favored 5 months ago +3


    • Edward Ringer
      Edward Ringer 28 days ago

      Until they have to pay out of their own pocket they will learn nothing.

  • subsailor
    subsailor 6 months ago

    I understand the police can come into your home without a warrant if certain conditions exist but there were none here. If the police come through your door without a valid warrant or reason, why can't the owner defend his "castle" just like it was a criminal breaking in? The Police should definitely know the rules for entering a home with no warrant.

  • Michael six
    Michael six 5 months ago

    it's scary to see how fast the cops can get rough with you if you don't cooperate

  • Jamie Hill
    Jamie Hill 5 months ago

    If they were just coming in and demanding her to open the door out of nowhere without a warrant yeah they messed up. This would only possibly be ok if they were for example chasing her daughter in a pursuit and actually witnessed her run into the house. Then trying to keep them out by force could possibly be obstruction.

    KAIKAWARRIOR808 2 years ago +1922

    Looks like the chief needs to be under investigation as well

    • Patrick Day
      Patrick Day Month ago

      Charged under the Rico act conspiracy to commit crimes or evade the law

    • Teresa Yeates
      Teresa Yeates 2 months ago

      @HamburgerEater Shut up.

    • Trina Littlefield
      Trina Littlefield 3 months ago

      Yes he does need to be investigated. He ended up suing the law firm for releasing this video, because it "put the officer's at risk". Give me a break. He just didn't want the public seeing how he runs things- kicking in doors without warrants and assaulting innocent people.

    • nz
      nz 5 months ago

      He even had the dam cheek to smile about it

    • nz
      nz 5 months ago

      For sure

  • GoCoyote
    GoCoyote 6 months ago +14

    While the police may have had reasonable suspicion that the daughter committed a crime, there was not a need to kick in the door. They could have de-escalated the situation, remained outside while getting a warrant, and tried to get cooperation from the mother while waiting.

    WARRIOR QUEEN 5 months ago +1


  • RobertThomas Jones
    RobertThomas Jones 6 months ago +1

    As long as you have police chiefs and police unions who find no wrong with thuggish and law breaking behavior, this gang of criminals will continue to act in an unlawful way. This behavior infuriates me and taxpayers are on the hook.

  • iamtherealzim
    iamtherealzim 2 months ago

    “She admitted it was an accident” with police standing on her leg… you know what wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t broken into her house? She wouldn’t have broken her leg.

  • red32303
    red32303 Year ago +905

    They forced entry without a warrant. They weren’t in “hot pursuit”. They should face criminal charges of breaking and entering and assault and battery

    • Trina Littlefield
      Trina Littlefield 3 months ago

      @David Hamilton who cares?? Cops don't get to violate people's 4th amendment rights in the pursuit of an arrest.... this is like 1st day cop school training. She's a 15 year old who lit a friggin little high school sports snack shack fire.. Whoopee freaking doo what's she gonna do, escape to Canada?! Go get a warrant.

    • BatmanTwerkTeam
      BatmanTwerkTeam 5 months ago

      @Nakadu 7m in the bay doesn’t get you too far tbh

    • David Hamilton
      David Hamilton 6 months ago

      @Oyamada13 What I said is typed. Comprende?

    • Oyamada13
      Oyamada13 6 months ago

      @David Hamilton So are you saying the cost of arresting her daughter is paying the mother 7 million is worth it? I am sure the city's taxpayers say no. If they did the right way (police watching the house until they have a warrant), they will pay zero dollar to the mother.

    • David Hamilton
      David Hamilton 6 months ago

      Daughter was convicted of arson. Nuff said.

  • Henry Livingstone
    Henry Livingstone 5 months ago +1

    Slipped on the porch? Conveniently cut off where she admitted? Don’t the police record the videos?
    Exactly what does a police officer have to do to be considered a criminal act? Feel like they’re doing some really messed up shit and they’re getting away with it and their department heads are justifying it with increasingly tenuous excuses.

  • Eric Carr
    Eric Carr Month ago

    Law enforcement must be held accountable

  • Анастасия Шабанова

    Clear message, clear structure, easy to understand, thank you

  • Joshua Brough
    Joshua Brough Month ago

    No warrant no entry, trying to use hot pursuit justification is absurd on a week old crime. The lady should have gone after the police’s qualified immunity and sued each officer as well for violating her constitutional rights.

  • Lannis31
    Lannis31 Year ago +328

    They break into a person's home without a warrant and their response is that they are upset that the insurance company settled. Unreal.

    • John Nelson
      John Nelson 8 months ago

      @Shelia Battle The daughter was an arsonist, why are you worried about her door?

    • Shelia Battle
      Shelia Battle 8 months ago +2


    • Jason Murdock
      Jason Murdock 9 months ago +3


    • MrHydevsDrJekyll
      MrHydevsDrJekyll 11 months ago +10

      Victimhood at its finest

  • Enrique Escharcha
    Enrique Escharcha 5 months ago

    The police chief deserves the exact treatment he condones. Let him live the rest of his life in pain - but with no monetary compensation. Man is a horrid bully. He should pay.

  • Mike Carpenter
    Mike Carpenter 4 months ago

    We’ve conducting an investigation and we’ve concluded that we did nothing wrong

  • Alex Cazares
    Alex Cazares 6 months ago +11

    An update for anyone who cares, Santa Clara PD has a new chief as of 2020.

  • Lorena Duarte
    Lorena Duarte 3 months ago

    The 15 year old coming out in hand cuffs: "You guys are screwed"
    Like a Boss!

  • B Management
    B Management 5 years ago +2103

    No warrant. That was breaking and entering with assault sanctioned by the chief. Shut down the department.

    • JacobsParry
      JacobsParry 9 months ago

      @Bo Kvarv readed yours own of quotations did I geted fromed very yours own commentings. You are being of a hypocrites prevaricator at to now. Pleased quited to bothered me more any. Good of bye

    • Bo Kvarv
      Bo Kvarv 9 months ago +1

      @JacobsParry fist of all, try make it more readble, it was hard to read. Second of all I do not in any way hate anyone, I do however and do not find it unreasonaable that the police follow the law, and that when they do not they are punished for it just like any other person violating the law.
      if that is hating cops then what is blindly following the governemnet and police no matter what.
      I am sure you woul be thankful if suddenly the police arrested by force becuse someone a week prior was at you house after they commited a crime......or?

    • JacobsParry
      JacobsParry 9 months ago

      @Bo Kvarv
      You are being of sooooo idiotically a DUNCE you do scared me. You dided acshully to say it “a cop that does not have a warrant and that enters private property is to always and without exception be considered a criminal trespasser and dealt with accordingly “
      THAT is being probly very of one ofed most of IGNORANTED commentings ever maked! But I guess do we haved to expected it that from persons as you.
      Firstly a month cand be as fresher of pursuit you dunce, ifed has the cop beened right ond to the bad guy chasing of them withed out any of unreasonable of breaks. It is NOT being how very of long has the pursuit beened going on but that it haves been continuously going on for the whole of time. BUT as haved I saided of all of you dunces….ONLY do you fools thinked withed yours emotions and not of withed the laws whiched you do proved withed yours hatred’s commentings as: “ Just because a sadistic inhuman and psychopathically violent cop says something does not mean it is in any way true”. …. Funny thing of that commenting as I was thinking of it very that commenting did to described YOU ifed did you taked away the cop word. Be caused NEVER coulded YOU be. A cop becaused very to of obviously do you haved very deeper hatred’s of lots of persons I do thinked and most of cops are way very cooler thened ever you could to be. And I haved beened withed bothed good and bad of cops and I geted beated uped by a bad of cop even but only of one was bad out of I do thinked about of 100 haved I meeted. You just are a big of whiner of a crys baby who is very so of scared of big of bad cops do you hallucinate it all of them are being bad. And of who dided to tryd to do touching of me at whened was I at 11 and thened dided to tryd for beated me for deathed? THAT was being a publical pedophiler and not any of cop. And THAT is who dided to craxked my head and gived to me a TBI and maked me now muted and aphasias, NOT ANY OF COPS!!! NO, JUST AS PERSONS AS YOU. So go hated yours cops aways fromed me loser. Persons as you whiched haved NONED of any opened mind are doomed for all ways to be a FOOL.
      OH yeah too all so…there are being MANY of legal reasons cops cand be on to yours private property’s and NOT to needed a warrant as liked Games wardens investigated poaching cand do that and too extigent of circumstances cops cand do that too even and too all so ined hot pursuit too all so. You just are too very of a bigoter to evened figured that and there are being others too even. Good of bye and do not wasted my timed more any please. You haved not impressed it me.
      I wonder it. How many times haved YOU geted arrested and what for???? And of coursed you will claimed never do you do wrong…only do cops.

    • JacobsParry
      JacobsParry 9 months ago

      Ined days at before of 1976 i thinked it was being, still was there a law all over of the USA as called of the Fleeing Felony person law. It did to say it that ifed a dude was being chased for doing of a felony typed of crime and he does to refused to stop when does the cops shouted HALT, they could to shooted him any of where! Ined the back or front to maked him stop and not to geted away.
      My fosters father do I haved at now was a sheriff at then and he said it that only did to changed about at 1976 or 1977 and even he did watched some of sheriffs at a next away county they did chased a stoled car to at and when dided that car not stop for at a roads block them others sheriffs did to shooted uped that car as it did to go by and hited bothed dudes ined to that car and hited one ined to the neck withed bucks shot and did killed him. My fosters father said it at theirs county only they could shooted at fleeing of felony dudes ifed was it a violenced felony and too they may be could hurted public of persons and he said it they were angry at to thosed sheriffs who did to shooted be caused the stealers were only as liked 19. He said it that was liked of the missed using of that laws whiched geted people finally to say it no more of that.

    • Bo Kvarv
      Bo Kvarv 9 months ago

      @JacobsParry is one week considered "fresh"? Just becuse a sadistic inhuman and psychopatically violent cop says something does not mean it is in any way true.
      had they been 2 minues behind the girl sure, but a week, what about 11 years, that could be fresh too hm?
      No a cop that does not have a warrant and that enters private property is to always and without exception be considered a criminal trespasser and dealt with accordingly

  • A. Foster
    A. Foster 6 months ago +1

    They were wrong. They should never have entered a home without a warrant... They had no cause... I am glad she won. This was wrong... and the bullies should be held accountable.

  • Blaine Landers
    Blaine Landers 4 months ago

    "We used minimal force" all the way up to the point we broke some bones.

  • J Roc
    J Roc 6 months ago

    He just lies breathlessly. He’s so accustomed to lying incessantly that he just lets the lies pour out of his sewer.

  • Eitan
    Eitan 2 months ago

    I can't believe the chief upholds his officer's who clearly broke the law, glad she got paid

  • Marie LaRosa
    Marie LaRosa Year ago +684

    Not surprising the cops acted like this when their boss is a dirty tyrant

    • Austin Caleb
      Austin Caleb 11 months ago

      Very true. He’s a dirty piece of 💩

    • Chris lives in reality
      Chris lives in reality Year ago

      @G Pow america was 'over' when the government, liberals and lawyers took over decades ago.

    • Alfonso Medina
      Alfonso Medina Year ago

      @Qview Q quit blaming mental issues thats not a thing if she committed arson then that's not a mental issue stop with that crap you hear that crap alot now

    • Jacob Stewart
      Jacob Stewart Year ago

      @Kevin Vieyra Proof of what? that she was there? she was arrested that day, taken to jail, given a court day, and was convicted of first degree arson. That is public information that anyone can find, so that's my proof that she was there.
      Also you are once again using your opinion as your defense, your opinion means nothing when it comes to the law, my opinion means nothing when it comes to the law. I've asked several people who have disagreed with me to provide me a singular example, just one example, of a time where a judge have convicted police for entering a home for the sole purpose of making an arrest on someone that they have probable cause on to make an arrest. Not a single person can find me one case where that precedence was set.
      The cheif of police took the side of his officers, he wouldn't have done that if he thought they did anything wrong. So why did the city lawyers settle? because some idiots care more about public opinion than they do about the black and white written laws. It wouldn't take a lawyer to prove i'm wrong if I was wrong, so please find a single example anywhere in the US of a case similar to this one where the police were found wrong by an actual judge.
      The people who were wrong in this story was a teenage girl who did something that will probably have her in jail for a while and make it very hard to find a job in the future, and her mother who obstructed arrest which is an actual crime. Those officers gave so much warning that they were coming through that door and didn't want to hurt her, it was her own fault that she got hurt.

    • Kevin Vieyra
      Kevin Vieyra Year ago +1

      @Jacob Stewart but what if she didn’t say if she was or not? Yeah your right they can go in looking for her but they have to be positive or they need a warrant. Government lawyers only settle when they know they lost lol trust me the government will try it best win even when there absolutely wrong. I have experience. You could be right and the mom did say she was there but the way the case went it tells me other wise. They had cameras so if the cops did have the proof they would have brought it to court. Unless you can provide proof people will continue to disagree with you just like you ask for proof. I don’t need to look at other case just the facts on this one. I totally respect your opinion but in my opinion and experience they lawyer let that go because they knew the majority would be on the side of the home owner and to save money they settled.

  • modtwentyeight
    modtwentyeight 5 months ago

    Well, it's been 5 years and I would assume they are doing the same crap with impunity.

  • Anthony Bozo
    Anthony Bozo 5 months ago

    This is this is a perfect example why qualified immunity has to go. Let the officers need to pay for their own mistakes not the taxpayers

  • John Farrelly
    John Farrelly 29 days ago


  • HOT_NaughtyKitty P0PmyPinkCHERRY

    Shame on those cops that's so sad 😞 fire them all!!!!!

  • Radiant Mind
    Radiant Mind Year ago +742

    Doesn’t sound like the “Hot Pursuit” exception applies here at all. Cops can’t just go kicking doors in without a warrant. That is beyond not ok.

    • Ice Swallow
      Ice Swallow 23 days ago

      @Aluzky so I googled it and none of the exigent circumstances apply here. these are: (1) preventing violence and restoring order - the cops were the ones who caused violence and disorder here; (2) rendering emergency assistance to an injured occupant - I clearly saw the tibia snapped in half and them just ignoring the woman; (3) preventing the destruction of evidence - lol no; (4) hot pursuit which is when the suspect flees following from a PUBLIC arrest (and even then thats debatable by courts), not a week later. Please get your head out of your anus you scumbag liberal its because of ppl like you we’re becoming an authoritatian commie state

    • Aluzky
      Aluzky Month ago +1

      @Patrick Day "no it doesn't it's well established they needed a warrant"←Google exigent circumstances. Warrants are not always needed.

    • Patrick Day
      Patrick Day Month ago +1

      @Michael Shaffer and they could have surrounded the area

    • Patrick Day
      Patrick Day Month ago

      @Aluzky no it wasn't

    • Patrick Day
      Patrick Day Month ago

      @Dennis not well established case law this is well established case law

  • Simple Justice
    Simple Justice 6 months ago

    The chief has an excuse for everything. I'd like to see the 'law' that allows them inside. He may be telling the truth if they saw the girl go in, but they could have gotten an arrest warrant or something. She couldn't leave without them seeing her, so they could have waited.

  • Spooditt
    Spooditt 6 months ago

    Does anyone else hate it when a confession happens right when recording stopped? Happens to me all the time

  • GOFAST951
    GOFAST951 5 months ago

    Something you’ll probably never see, a police department official simple say, We F-up, sorry! Why is that? Is their any amount of violence, that they will admit is too much?

  • Mark Samuelsen
    Mark Samuelsen 5 months ago

    OMG This is insanity that these criminals continue to assault people.

  • EditingRoomLA
    EditingRoomLA 2 years ago +653

    There is no "entire story to be told Chief": You entered her house, broke her ankle. This woman won and cost us $7M. You still defending your police thugs?

    • John Wilson
      John Wilson 7 months ago +1

      yes he is its not coming from his pension

    • Barone di Piemonte
      Barone di Piemonte Year ago +1

      That police chief pig makes me ashamed of being an american

    • Zo
      Zo Year ago +1

      Well, maybe the chief ordered them, so...

    • Alma Wells
      Alma Wells Year ago

      @dttruman - Hollywood needs to make a movie... called, " When Crime Pays Millions. "
      I hope the school learns how to treat their students with love, and respect...
      because when teenagers are treated with kindness, love, and respect...
      causes teenagers to respect back, and love back... and they would never burn down their school.

    • Alma Wells
      Alma Wells Year ago +2

      @Herdmentality - biden... needs to create a law... that allows ALL VICTIMS
      the right... to take the homes away from THUG cops... cause THUG cops DESERVE to be HOMELESS.

  • RC Harmel
    RC Harmel 2 months ago

    The fact that the chief is defending his officers perfectly displays the evident gang mentality within the department.

  • Butch Enjoying His 70s
    Butch Enjoying His 70s 6 months ago

    It just goes to show you they stick together these days when there is corruption in a department. This was pure excessive force and could have been handled a whole lot better. Just another reason I don't trust law enforcement anymore.

  • plebiansociety
    plebiansociety 5 months ago

    "My officer's used minimal amount of force and just guided her to the other officer"... on the ground 6 feet away from where she was standing.

  • 1979 Augustine
    1979 Augustine 5 months ago

    Good for her 👏 👍 👌 🙌 good for her !

  • Michael Sublet
    Michael Sublet Year ago +73

    Doesn't matter if she tripped or fell by herself. Their actions put her in a situation to cause the injury. Pay up.

    • John Ortiz
      John Ortiz Year ago

      or what if a child got seriously hurt as well couse they didn't care who was in their way as long as they broke in unreal cop's are just out of control and our government isn't doing anything about it how many more people have to get hurt or die by cop's before something is done to correct this ongoing problem 🤔😡 I always thought we could count on the law enforcement to serve and protect but now and day's everyone is afraid 😟 of them couse they've have become gang's with badge's and gun's who end up hurting inocent people who they sword to protect god help us all.......

    • Tall Cool One
      Tall Cool One Year ago +3

      My thpughts exactly!!!

    • RonRenaissance Man
      RonRenaissance Man Year ago +5


  • Sword Fish
    Sword Fish 6 months ago

    The chief failed to mention what the exigent circumstances were that allowed his officers to enter a dwelling with no warrant. The alleged crime was 7 days old. Clearly the city of Santa Clara believed his officers needed a warrant.

  • June Nowell
    June Nowell 2 days ago

    He should be fired how can he go along with someone entering her house without a warrant he really should be fired that law they use was not use correctly I see why the officer act the way the did because of the chief

  • Hugh May
    Hugh May 6 months ago

    Her lawyer may have taken the case on contingencey. After viewing the video, any lawyer would know, the case would be an easy winner. The lawyer buys a new Ferrari, she buys a mansion. Good for them. The chief has got to go! Looking at him, he shoiuld have went easy on the donuts while a patrol officer.

  • Robert Pieske
    Robert Pieske 5 months ago

    Oh…the chief was present when this occurred? No….he is depending on officers’ reports and we all know that police never lie on their reports. Especially when they have committed an offense. The insurance company settled because they didn’t want to take this to jury trial. Testimony of perjury, the outrageous actions of the police and the coverup would have probably triggered an even larger settlement. Does the chief honestly believe the insurance company just settled to avoid the cost of defense? SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS? Taking it to trial wouldn’t have cost them anywhere near that amount. They knew they had a case they couldn’t win at trial.

  • Andrew Zebolsky
    Andrew Zebolsky 2 months ago

    There were no exigency circumstances at play here. They had her address, knew she was there, all they had to do was park a car out front while someone called the DA to get a warrant issued. Warrantless entry, in clear defiance and with indifference to the 4th amendment is an automatic “tyrant” sign.

  • phil pugliese
    phil pugliese 5 days ago

    $7,000,000? What a penalty to lay on the citizens, what a vicious thing to do to the tax payers. This isn't justice, this is profiting and persecuting.

  • herman miller
    herman miller 6 months ago

    They had a week to get a warrant but declined until it became exigent I don't think the chief realizes that he is lying.

  • mikhaelis
    mikhaelis 5 months ago

    What's missing is the fact that "hot pursuit" does not apply a week later after the incident. That chief needs to be fired, that's cops charged.

  • Raygunner loadrick
    Raygunner loadrick Year ago +410

    If that is true that "they acted within the Law" Then how did the woman get 7 million dollars?

    • Thelajets
      Thelajets Year ago +4

      @Jeff Meades this is exactly correct. There was no hot pursuit. So Entering the house was completely illegal without a warrant. That the injury might’ve been an accident is irrelevant because it was caused in the act of an unconstitutional entrance of the house. This comment of mine in no way supports the fact that the 15 year old is deserving of arrest and conviction for arson. But the law is the law and police are required to follow due process unless there are circumstances that warranted the entrance to the house… of which there were none.
      The city of Santa Clarita settled the case because they knew that they were going to lose in a court of law. No city will settle for that amount of money without being sure that they would lose. No city DA will allow the department to look this foolish unless that DA knew that there was no way to do damage control.
      The kid deserves whatever the court is going to throw at her for what she did. And it’s very likely that the money that mom got is going to have to be spent I’m defending the daughter and also on paying restitution for her arson charges since she was a minor. Unless the DA decides to drop the case and just walk away from this whole situation they are going to throw the maximum weight of the law behind the case against that daughter so mom better expect to pay a good chunk of that lawsuit over her daughters stupidity.

    • 1Pushypusher
      1Pushypusher Year ago +4

      @Matt Morris if my auntie had balls, she’d be my uncle.
      If =7 millions in this case.
      I disagree with your legal argument based on the report alone.
      The crime (arson) was a week old (nothing flagrant here)
      The suspect was 15 (usually at that age they stay with their parents)
      Get a warrant based on above and save your city 7 millions

    • Everett White
      Everett White Year ago

      That’s what inquiring minds want to know.

    • Boyd Bryant
      Boyd Bryant Year ago +1

      @Jeff Meades you know cops got a little Frank Sinatra in them I'll do it my way.

    • Boyd Bryant
      Boyd Bryant Year ago

      @Matt Morris Well we can argue apples and oranges that lady got paid for that little beat arsonist little girl

  • Dennis
    Dennis 4 months ago

    That police chief needs to get locked up. I hope one day someone in his family gets the same exact treatment and the cops get no charge.

  • Carolyn Foster
    Carolyn Foster 5 months ago

    The officers didn't act in good faith, no warrant, no entry. I saw all of the video on another station, the cops were not gently guiding the mother across the room, they pushed her. Officers must be held responsible and financially accountable for the money paid as a result of their refusal to follow the law in their actions rather than the residents of the city/county in which they operate either through requiring: 1).malpractice insurance as do doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, etc. 2) attaching their paychecks, or 3) attaching their pensions. I'm tired of paying for their mistakes and violation of Constitutional, state and federal laws.

  • Qveen Sirah
    Qveen Sirah 2 months ago

    “My officers used minimum amount of force” proceeds to break her leg

  • Ben Minus
    Ben Minus 5 months ago

    3 Years later and I'm still waiting for an answer. Whose video was it? He made it sound like someone purposely stopped recording when she said it was an accident. Maybe train your officers to stop turning off their cameras!!!

  • therealgeeque
    therealgeeque 3 years ago +272

    The fact that the highest ranking cop in that city is backing that type of actions, PROVES that things will NOT get any better until WE THE PEOPLE stand against it.

    • Andrea Toscano
      Andrea Toscano 3 years ago

      Cops don't like it when a citizen knows their rights. They go ape caca crazy when they don't have the upper hand.

      JIM BOLIN 3 years ago +1

      @kilamanjaro Mountain THATS RIGHT --- MORE DUMB FUCKING COPS

    • kilamanjaro Mountain
      kilamanjaro Mountain 3 years ago +1

      Yeah, no warrant, no enter. The law!!

  • Georg Spence
    Georg Spence 5 months ago

    I remember this video. Typical answer from the chief. If they didn’t have a warrant they had no business entering that home.

  • Kurt Mitterling
    Kurt Mitterling 6 months ago

    Those cops need to lose their qualified immunity, as well as being put on the Giglio/Brady List plus put on the Gypsy Cop List as well.

  • Joe Walters
    Joe Walters 5 months ago

    Why does the tax payers always have to pay the bill, start making the cops pay it out of their own pocket. I'm so sick and tired of my tax money bailing out these cops just for them to do it over and over again! I'm all for the victims getting their money but theirs no justice if the cop doesn't feel the hardship!

  • Marcus Darden
    Marcus Darden 3 months ago

    So... it's policy to kick someone's door in without a warrant?
    The mother wasn't even the suspect in question.

  • tartredarrow
    tartredarrow 4 years ago +298

    The reason the city settled is not because they broke her leg (though that is an aggravating factor). The reason they settled is because the cops entered the home illegally by not having a warrant. That's a federal civil right violation.

    • fruitloops
      fruitloops Year ago

      You are correct

    • Filip Raos
      Filip Raos Year ago +2

      @John Doe at least educate yourself before being a prick

    • Herdmentality
      Herdmentality 2 years ago +3

      @John Doe it can't under the law begin a week later then it's just a run of the mill investigatiom of a suspect and requires a warrent, active pursuit is just that they have to be actively pursuing you from the scene of a crime.

    • Herdmentality
      Herdmentality 2 years ago +5

      @John Doe hot pursuit is the bs they tried to use to excuse not having a warrent but that exemption directly says if the person is actively fleeing a crime to hide on private property, she was suspected of commiting the offence that took place a week earlier, is a minor in the care of her parent so she isn't actively fleeing anything she's just your average suspect residing in her residence and they needed a warrent, lying bastards.

    • Alex
      Alex 2 years ago +4

      Week old crime and cops call it a fresh persuit we have authority to go in your property. I dont know if they need to go to Law school or just get fired

  • Nick Turner
    Nick Turner 4 months ago

    That lying police chief needs to be arrested and charged with contempt of court and making libelous accusations.

  • Part1
    Part1 6 months ago

    How can they say that they acted within the law if they didn't have a search warrant?

  • Trey Cantrell
    Trey Cantrell 5 months ago

    I know that everything in this video is fubar, but when the daughter walks out and just said "you're screwed" I died laughing

  • Cobra Commander
    Cobra Commander 3 months ago

    Maybe after the camera cut off the officers confessed that they knew they were violating the lady's 4th Amendment right by forcing themselves into the house without a warrant, but knew they weren't going to get in trouble so they broke in and broke the lady's ankle on purpose because she dared to try to stop them.

  • James Guiberteau
    James Guiberteau 5 months ago

    They can only come in if they see a felony committed or they see a suspect entering a premises that's not their own.

  • Jeremy Lodge
    Jeremy Lodge 2 months ago

    They didn’t have a warrant they threw her to the ground. They used excessive force. I would had all them arrested including the chief who condoned that type of behavior

  • Dean Steele
    Dean Steele 5 months ago

    I heard at the last minute this was a week old and they did not have a warrant!!! I think that Chief needs to resign! or move the hell on, you need a warrant to go into someone's premises. They have 24/7 our judges what is going on here? why was there not a warrant? I can see if there was a warrant involved? then nothing could been said but you did not have a warrant!? this Police department is bogus as hell, there is no way possible life of my time, that I would ever trust a police officer in that department! with a chief that thinks like that.

  • bokesnmokes
    bokesnmokes 5 months ago +1

    It would be fun to check back in on this family in 3 years to see how they wasted the money and went broke.

  • Ellis Preston
    Ellis Preston 6 months ago +1

    My officers followed the law, oh no they didn't have a warrant. Yeah I don't understand why the city settled

  • Lawrence Tate
    Lawrence Tate 6 months ago

    There should be a study done to produce a "map" of how much money is spent by governments on cases like this.

  • Colin Pryor
    Colin Pryor 2 months ago

    Everyone seeing this video should be aware that is what happens if you are guilty of Contempt of Cop in Santa Clara.

  • Robert Pieske
    Robert Pieske 5 months ago

    There were NO exigent circumstances that allowed them to enter without a warrant.

  • arthurneddysmith
    arthurneddysmith 5 years ago +57

    That police chief cost his city millions of dollars and instead of admitting and dealing with the problem, he maintains that it's the fault of the woman, the jury, and an insurance company. In other words: it's everyone else's fault. Those officers, of course, will do the same thing again.

    • Imawh Itemale
      Imawh Itemale 4 years ago

      arthurneddysmith that's what happens when you put senile old fucks in charge of policing

    • Crawler Junkie
      Crawler Junkie 4 years ago +1

      Your entirely correct! I’ve seen this behavior before! The complete denial of all that is so they can be right! Kind of reflects the United States of America?

  • Paulie Mattison
    Paulie Mattison 6 months ago +2

    If you don't have a warrant you can't go in someone's house without permission period. I think the police chief and his officers in this case need to be held accountable. I understand about protecting your own but they should have to follow the rules as everyone else. Just because you have a badge, doesn't give you any right to break the law themselves.

  • Robert Hurd
    Robert Hurd 4 months ago

    In the federal court say that when a cop touches someone and they're not part of the process like the mother is once that officer touches that woman that's assault don't try to change the law to make it go your way I've seen the law a officer touches someone that's not arrested that is a assault those officers need to go to prison not just for losing $7000000 but they need to get the maximum book throwing at them for all the time that someone that would have thought someone that would go to jail I want to see those cops in jail for assault

  • Henrik Nielsen
    Henrik Nielsen 26 days ago

    Totally legit to resist letting officers inside, when they don't have a warrant for investigating a week old crime