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UFC 300: Post-Fight Press Conference

  • Published on Apr 12, 2024
  • Following UFC Vegas 300, tune in to the Post-Fight Press Conference to hear the athletes take questions from the media. ​
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Comments • 3.2K

  • @LookWho1
    @LookWho1 Month ago +1099

    Risking a 50-45 win for 10 seconds of entertainment is the most BMF thing I've ever seen! Max is a real legend

    • @MyRealName
      @MyRealName Month ago +33

      He did it against Allen too and almost knocked him out in exactly the same fashion, last second. People forget quickly. Did it before that too.. Legend indeed.

    • @elevatekombucha69
      @elevatekombucha69 Month ago +2

      omg, no kidding! what a legend!
      Look how thirsty Conor is watching Max put him in his shadows.

    • @leesmusic1
      @leesmusic1 Month ago +2

      Totally agree, that was badass

    • @calvinmiguel4405
      @calvinmiguel4405 Month ago +6


    • @LookWho1
      @LookWho1 Month ago +2

      @@calvinmiguel4405 i disagree

  • @joyzzyg
    @joyzzyg Month ago +1129

    This man Pereira really avenged both of Teixeira's most recent losses..

    • @randomthings8057
      @randomthings8057 Month ago +13


    • @travb120
      @travb120 Month ago +72

      He is like Broly when his dad had control over him ... BROLY ATTACK! lol

    • @channonmiles2125
      @channonmiles2125 Month ago +1


    • @bryantangelo8777
      @bryantangelo8777 Month ago +11

      Great comment this is a fact Alex Pereira is the little big brother of Glover

    • @Ironfangzu
      @Ironfangzu Month ago +26

      When he knocked Jamaal Hill so easily with one shot, there are crocodiles and pumas in the Amazon who all winced and thought to themselves, "damn glad that dude is in America knocking out other humans instead of picking on us!!"

  • @Butch20027
    @Butch20027 Month ago +464

    Having a broken nose for 4 rounds taking those punches has got to be brutal to stick around to the last second with max and throw down respect to both

    • @CoolSmoovie
      @CoolSmoovie Month ago +25

      Not to mention the double eye poke😅

    • @joeygladish1012
      @joeygladish1012 Month ago +4

      to think he broke his nose from the last second spinning heel kick in round 1. insane

    • @Daddy_saggins
      @Daddy_saggins Month ago +5

      Idk Justin seemed scared after the 2nd rock 🤷🏿

    • @RammusTF
      @RammusTF Month ago

      Then faceplant at the end. Rekt

    • @reign5563
      @reign5563 Month ago

      Rory Mcdonald, the red king, gave up in a fight due to his nose being broken and being hit over over by Robbie Lawler.

  • @TankNasty29
    @TankNasty29 Month ago +108

    Max and Gathje understood the assignment. What a fight, what a moment. That will live on forever.

  • @That-One-Spy-Main
    @That-One-Spy-Main Month ago +4292

    Holloway's KO is like top 5 greatest KO's in UFC history

    • @That-One-Spy-Main
      @That-One-Spy-Main Month ago +329

      Top 5 is like
      Holloway vs Gaethje
      Conor vs Aldo
      Leon vs Usman 2
      Izzy vs Pereira 2
      Masvidal vs Askren
      Masvidak vs Askren is replaceable for me

    • @legouniverse2276
      @legouniverse2276 Month ago +112

      ​@@That-One-Spy-MainI don't know 5 seconds ko is pretty insane

    • @TKZhyon
      @TKZhyon Month ago +22

      @@That-One-Spy-Main Spot on

    • @That-One-Spy-Main
      @That-One-Spy-Main Month ago +14

      Yeah I know that's why I still got it in my top 5 but there are other great KO's were the stackes are so much higher
      Silva vs Weidman 1 for example

    • @Withoutaconscious
      @Withoutaconscious Month ago +136

      ​@@That-One-Spy-MainI would replace Izzy's goofy KO with Ngannous uppercut against Overreem.

  • @joaomanoelleite1768
    @joaomanoelleite1768 Month ago +3147

    Holloway gave us the best 10 seconds ever in the UFC

    • @TopstekTV
      @TopstekTV Month ago +18

      That’s a fact bro

    • @prabjeetsingh4768
      @prabjeetsingh4768 Month ago +60

      Best 25 minutes for me! 🙌🏽🤩

    • @LoganFord91
      @LoganFord91 Month ago +15

      It was pretty damn close to it. For me, it was Jones vs. Cormier 2 when Bones connected with that left high kick to the face and hunted DC down to finish him off.

    • @justinjasper03
      @justinjasper03 Month ago +16

      @@LoganFord91the fight that was a no contest?

    • @LoganFord91
      @LoganFord91 Month ago +6

      @justinjasper03 The fight was changed to a no contest due to some bullshit that was removed from USADA's restrictions. If you were there or watched that fight after the years of bad blood between Jones and Cormier, that was the biggest moment in the sport.

  • @joeygallardo8889
    @joeygallardo8889 Month ago +12

    Alex to Herb Dean: Stay back, protect yourself at all times.

  • @jonyfirefox
    @jonyfirefox Month ago +400

    Thx for putting Bo Nickal in there . I needed to go to the bathroom somewhere in the card . Perfect timing and perfect choice

    • @OAXBORN
      @OAXBORN Month ago +36

      Hahaha yeah I fell asleep at buffalo wild wings

    • @krisnaneruda186
      @krisnaneruda186 Month ago +7


    • @kinginthenorf4455
      @kinginthenorf4455 Month ago +13

      Mate i slept after miller fight and woke up exactly in time for jiri walkout nd i can say i didn't miss anything important except maybe turner failed fade away ko lmao

    • @girlinterrupted2625
      @girlinterrupted2625 Month ago +12

      Right! His fight should have gotten the same boos Aljo got.

    • @abdulg4762
      @abdulg4762 Month ago +4

      Had to change my downvote to an upvote when I finished reading the comment

  • @wumbodoodlebob
    @wumbodoodlebob Month ago +1435

    Gaethje standing and firing off with Max in the last 10 seconds despite being battered was incredible dude deserves all the respect in the world

    • @vipr1142
      @vipr1142 Month ago +82

      Lol, that was all he could do. Max had like 5 rounds - it was the only thing he could do to win.
      Max did him a favor - its Max who deserves the respect for that. He gambled his 100% sure win.
      Justin should get cred for not blowing his nose and taking more punches on his nose. Most people would react like Tony Ferguson - like when Justin Gaethje punched him on his already battered face.

    • @Bangersnmash1
      @Bangersnmash1 Month ago

      Dude stfu , I bet you have no mates loser​@@vipr1142

    • @MadaraUchiha-ty4rh
      @MadaraUchiha-ty4rh Month ago +15

      Yeah but it was also a gift wrapped chance at victory for him, because unless he got the KO, Max was going to win the decision. Both are savages

    • @elisa.pinessi
      @elisa.pinessi Month ago +6

      Justin Gaethje, Max Halloway, Charles Oliviera and Arman Tsarukyan made us understand how actually GOATS are Alexander Volkanovsky, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev are. -- While Alex Pereira proved once again to be himself a GOAT and made us understand up how actually a GOAT Israel Adesanya is, and the only one able to beat him in the UFC.

    • @inobi30
      @inobi30 Month ago +10

      Tbh it was an opportunity. Max needs credit for not playing it safe

  • @bigdawg3989
    @bigdawg3989 Month ago +987

    Holloway and pereira had some of the most gangster moments I ever seen. That Holloway KO is beyond words. Pereira literally looks like a horror villain the way he waved the ref off and sparked hill WOW

    • @elisa.pinessi
      @elisa.pinessi Month ago +15

      Justin Gaethje, Max Halloway, Charles Oliviera and Arman Tsarukyan made us understand how actually GOATS are Alexander Volkanovsky, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev are. -- While Alex Pereira proved once again to be himself a GOAT and made us understand up how actually a GOAT Israel Adesanya is, and the only one able to beat him in the UFC.

    • @ChristIsTheOneAndOnly
      @ChristIsTheOneAndOnly Month ago +74

      @@elisa.pinessiStop yapping bru

    • @IgorSant0ss
      @IgorSant0ss Month ago +39

      ​@@elisa.pinessiPoatan now has 6 champions on his record 🤯

    • @azraelfaust487
      @azraelfaust487 Month ago

      @@elisa.pinessi bringing up kebab when he has nothing to do with anything, get his balls out of your mouth

    • @Romanus-
      @Romanus- Month ago +18

      @@IgorSant0ssnot only that but he started mma less than 3 years ago! That’s honestly insane

  • @ducci6
    @ducci6 Month ago +11

    Weijli is truly a class act. All the respect in the world goes to her. A absolute warrior in the cage.

  • @bernsbruce2340
    @bernsbruce2340 Month ago +68

    Pereira does work miracles in and out of the octagon. He was bald in the fight and surprisingly has a full head of hair in the thumbnail.

  • @brennancollins2878
    @brennancollins2878 Month ago +1305

    Max holloway going toe to toe with one of the most prolific ko artists ever is crazy

    • @piercristan5195
      @piercristan5195 Month ago +13

      holloway eye poked gaethje

    • @Kbax3614
      @Kbax3614 Month ago +57

      @@piercristan5195unintentional. And it didn’t affect the ko

    • @JorgeSeguraArt
      @JorgeSeguraArt Month ago +44

      @@piercristan5195yeah just like how he poked gaethjes nose with his big toe

    • @billythetree8932
      @billythetree8932 Month ago +6

      And in a higher weight-class!

    • @user54445
      @user54445 Month ago +2

      whilst up 3-1

  • @turboskarner
    @turboskarner Month ago +255

    Hands of stone. Balls of steel. 🗿

  • @tristanshark5265
    @tristanshark5265 Month ago +42

    Max is an absolute legend. When I’m old I’ll remember watching him and how great he was

  • @nklin6
    @nklin6 Month ago +8

    The main card was so insane people forget miller vs green was also an absolute banger

  • @R.PMcMurphy
    @R.PMcMurphy Month ago +238

    Max is the biggest winner, made $600,000 in bonuses plus he probably made close to a million for show and win. Finally gets his custom floral shorts, is the new BMF champion and his positioned himself in two title pictures. 🔥👑

    • @michellelanden3017
      @michellelanden3017 Month ago +2

      Did Gaethje get a cut? awesome

    • @Idciydhmb
      @Idciydhmb Month ago +6

      Fr he won it all bro he can fight anyone in 2 divisions, made a boat load of money, and gained more fans on one of the biggest cars ever! Crazy af

    • @Neockoen
      @Neockoen Month ago +1

      Gaethje got 300k plus show

    • @levz360
      @levz360 Month ago

      ​​@@michellelanden3017fight of the night bonus is awarded to both competitors so Gaethje got 300k as did Max. Max also got a performance of the night bonus on top of that which was another 300k for this event.

    • @kevincarter2020
      @kevincarter2020 Month ago +4

      he is Blessed

  • @paulisthelegend
    @paulisthelegend Month ago +250

    Can’t believe I got to witness this historic event in real time. I screamed for Jiri and Max, legends!

    • @apocalypsenow1871
      @apocalypsenow1871 Month ago +9

      It waa like 530am here in England and I went crazy like a 5 year old in a sweet shop!! That Max vs Justin fight was already damn good but the ending?? I mean what the hell did we witness lol?!?!

    • @wadewilson-xi1zs
      @wadewilson-xi1zs Month ago

      You also got Alex too! He’s a future hall of famer.

    • @rickymorris4956
      @rickymorris4956 Month ago

      Yea just for him to dry hump cody for 2 rounds 😒​@cibaresh

    • @streetplaya23
      @streetplaya23 Month ago

      No Alex? the push off of the ref into the KO and celebration with all the confident trash talk from Hill? cmon man.

    • @paulisthelegend
      @paulisthelegend Month ago

      @@streetplaya23 Oh, Alex was amazing too, man. It was such an iconic moment-I screamed when that happened too haha. Personally, I just kind of expected it! But Max and Jiri really had me on the edge of my seat.

  • @MimiPipoo
    @MimiPipoo Month ago +23

    Dana isn't even capping. Holloway finishing Gaethje like that was utterly legendary and epic. Love this sport for moments like that and I love MAX!

  • @sasharemez7459
    @sasharemez7459 Month ago +11

    Topuria who said he isn’t interested in fighting Holloway, his face after the fight said it all. Topuria couldn’t believe what he saw!

    • @seancronin8757
      @seancronin8757 Month ago

      Over on reddit, all the neckbeards said max has no shot against Ilia because of Volk. He just beat the dog shit out of Justin Fucking Gaethje. That's the only fight to make right now

  • @MrRobjs83
    @MrRobjs83 Month ago +833

    Alex not getting a POTN bonus was just as criminal as Bo and Cody being on the main card over Jiri and Rakic. No one has ever done that to Hill!

    • @shaidanwheel6199
      @shaidanwheel6199 Month ago +52

      Not true. He was excellent against hill but Maxie stole our hearts

    • @user-ce5pp1vq6y
      @user-ce5pp1vq6y Month ago +192

      Alex already getting around a mill and a % of PPV buys for being main event, and he was in there for like 2 mins 😭 let’s let Max get this one

    • @MrRobjs83
      @MrRobjs83 Month ago +49

      ​@@shaidanwheel6199💯 % agree, just saying Alex should have gotten a bonus too is all

    • @Chocobohunter
      @Chocobohunter Month ago +20

      Alex is getting millions, max needs it more

    • @Luigi.
      @Luigi. Month ago +3

      i agree with everything said here @mrrobjs83

  • @native2000wilson-um1ty
    @native2000wilson-um1ty Month ago +249

    I've been watching UFC since 1996 and that was the best fight card I've ever seen.
    Max and Justin 100% brought the violence

    • @EASportzzzz
      @EASportzzzz Month ago +9

      Bro, UFC 189 & 217 were better IMO

    • @1000percent
      @1000percent Month ago +2

      100 was the best card ever

    • @amirhankhatsiev1035
      @amirhankhatsiev1035 Month ago +4

      Justin did nothing but got dominated and then knocked out,he didn’t deserve that bonus at all

    • @j.p5666
      @j.p5666 Month ago +2

      Don't forget the eye pokes

    • @Redery001
      @Redery001 Month ago +2

      Some of the fights (especially co main) were pretty boring. The BMFs, Pierea, Jiri and Kayla only outstanding fights. Dana should've given them all a bonus

  • @db4552
    @db4552 Month ago +7

    Max is the single most humble polite respectful and uplifting fighter. He made it seem as though Justin won haha

  • @Ramen-Bowl-Z
    @Ramen-Bowl-Z Month ago +17

    Holloway IS UFC 300. Man is a legend

  • @El3mental1
    @El3mental1 Month ago +547

    Idc, Max stole the show. He stole all my energy.
    Max put the “300 Spartan Warrior” in UFC 300. REAL BMF.

  • @tylerpascua6818
    @tylerpascua6818 Month ago +386

    UFC 300 lived up to the bill. More than 100 and 200. I saw all three and 300 DELIVERED

    • @vipr1142
      @vipr1142 Month ago +3

      @31:00 the guy does say 30 billion, thats correct (I see in the chat people say he says wrong) - but no he is correct.
      30 billion VIEWS - meaning that the videos been clicked on 30 billion times. Probably gone around viral - people rewatch it etc. Probably other asian countries listed as in China as well.
      Sometimes I am listed in Germany on different servers even tho I am from Sweden

    • @bobmorane2082
      @bobmorane2082 Month ago +1

      For me it wasn’t over ufc 200 that’s for sure

    • @Romanus-
      @Romanus- Month ago +4

      @@vipr1142lol no. There’s 8 billion people on the planet and 60% don’t even have internet access. There’s absolutely zero chance any video in history gets 30 billion views

    • @viktorcheng2061
      @viktorcheng2061 Month ago

      ⁠UFC 100, Dan ko Bisping is legendary. UFC 200, Silva vs DC’s lay and pray and Lesnar vs Hunt ped fight put made the card back. UFC 300 definitely delivered

    • @savagegtalks5912
      @savagegtalks5912 Month ago

      ​@@Romanus- those 60% fled to the west past 30 years 😂😂 they all got smartphones 😂

  • @tarmi_ricmi
    @tarmi_ricmi Month ago +4

    there are 3 things certain in this universe: death, taxes and UFC presser with loss of audio

  • @lospolloshermanos69
    @lospolloshermanos69 Month ago +119

    Not giving Poatan his performance bonus is criminal

    • @ProtossHyrdalisk
      @ProtossHyrdalisk Month ago +14

      Yeah he’s too good and there’s no competition so… no bonus.
      Feels unfair.

    • @ClassyNasty
      @ClassyNasty Month ago +23

      He get’s PPV Money Though 👀

    • @Clashofclansmobile
      @Clashofclansmobile Month ago +43

      Yeah, Poatan gets the biggest payout of anybody on the card. He will be fine.

    • @ivang2409
      @ivang2409 Month ago +9

      I’m sure Dana will take care of him

    • @youdefmad6918
      @youdefmad6918 Month ago +11

      Dana quite literally said all of those guys who got finishes will be taken care of.

  • @GypsyTyler
    @GypsyTyler Month ago +744

    Holloway made my night, a true warrior. What an insane card from Zhang, Pereira, Holloway, Arman and Nickal along with some crazy Prelims and early prelims.

  • @The_Primary_Axiom
    @The_Primary_Axiom Month ago +121

    This had to be one of the craziest cards ever. You know it was good when the first early prelim fight is Cody Granbrandt and Daveson Figueiredo. Every fight was stars.

    • @erraticjoe499
      @erraticjoe499 Month ago +4

      100% what's funny is people not long ago were saying 299 was gonna be better

    • @dubblejumpchump
      @dubblejumpchump Month ago +2

      Aljo and Bo would like a word

    • @shawntyler863
      @shawntyler863 Month ago +2

      Sterling and kattar was the craps 💩. Sterling just laid on him kattar had 4 significant strikes lol they should had to pay 300k

    • @akaSimplex
      @akaSimplex Month ago +4

      @@shawntyler863looool yeah aljo should be cut from the ufc for the amount of times he just lay on the ground motionless desperately holding on to Calvin

    • @JayskiDinero
      @JayskiDinero Month ago +1

      @@dubblejumpchumpthe Bo fight wasn’t THAT bad

  • @jso2332
    @jso2332 Month ago +8

    Your nose is broken. Your eyes are gouged. You can’t breathe and can taste your own blood. There’s a murder hornet standing in front of you, trying to end you. You take one final stand and put it all on the line. THAT WAS FCKING INCREDIBLE!!!

  • @humanityhumanity8646
    @humanityhumanity8646 Month ago +3

    I was just a kid 15 years ago and started watching UFC, 15 years later and I’m still here one of the biggest fan, Gooo Alex!!!

  • @Chris-ih6jv
    @Chris-ih6jv Month ago +154

    Bringing mark coleman in especially after that finish was unreal...card of the decade

    • @user-qk5rf9jj8l
      @user-qk5rf9jj8l Month ago +4

      Yes good point. Coleman would have been paid $$ as a special appearance. Glad he can make some money.

    • @alex.l5732
      @alex.l5732 Month ago +2

      Should bring , ken shamrock, Franck shamrock and Randy cluture as well with mark hunt

  • @DDP1991
    @DDP1991 Month ago +231

    Illia looked nervous as hell when max called him out 😂

    • @cautious-agency8
      @cautious-agency8 Month ago +13

      I seen that 😂😂

    • @Capluffy1090
      @Capluffy1090 Month ago +14

      for real. That boi is gonna have a short run as Champion lol

    • @benjaminmichaels1759
      @benjaminmichaels1759 Month ago +11

      ​@@Capluffy1090no he aint, he'll dominate the division for a while. Screenshot this comment

    • @opferzeit
      @opferzeit Month ago

      ​@@benjaminmichaels1759 nobody is screenshotting some gay ass comment

    • @khaldrogo4460
      @khaldrogo4460 Month ago +14

      He was scares of double eye pokes😂😂😂

  • @bigcheese5118
    @bigcheese5118 Month ago +10

    bobby deserves more man he really put on a masterclass

    • @DDG00
      @DDG00 Month ago

      Problem is nobody wanted to see it, everyone wanted miller to win

  • @shawntyler863
    @shawntyler863 Month ago +3

    What a great time to be a fan of the UFC. Thank all you guys so very much.

  • @Bubimon
    @Bubimon Month ago +59

    "Blessed Man Forever" - Man, Max is just such a lovable being, so authentic, funny and kind. Oh, and a MONSTER in the cage. I wish him all the best in the world, for sure one of the best to ever do it. So happy for him.

  • @user-et9dz5lh3e
    @user-et9dz5lh3e Month ago +557

    Jamal slept good in that first round🤣🔥

    • @Justice10927
      @Justice10927 Month ago +36

      He’s still sleeping

    • @michaelpayne8419
      @michaelpayne8419 Month ago +58

      Sweet dreams

    • @almightybandz7808
      @almightybandz7808 Month ago

      Wet dreams

    • @brnalegend3220
      @brnalegend3220 Month ago +24

      Damn shame. I blame Joe Rohan for leading me to believe in Jamal Hill beating Alex

    • @danielruiz2859
      @danielruiz2859 Month ago +43

      @@brnalegend3220 needa start watching actual footage and not believing the hype. Jamahal never even fought anyone remotely close to Alex. Same thing with BSD we saw what happened to him

  • @rw8147
    @rw8147 Month ago +3

    I love how Blessed Man Forever sitting there talking more about Justin than himself. That's a humble decent cat right there giving props to his fellow warrior. Good on ya, Max.

  • @Bulsebub
    @Bulsebub Month ago +7

    Alex won, Jiri won and Max won. I am happy.

  • @thewolf5444
    @thewolf5444 Month ago +50

    Holloway is an absolute beast, but also huge respect to Gaethje. Broken nose, two eye pokes and he gave 110% until getting knocked out. Absolute legend!

    • @krisnaneruda186
      @krisnaneruda186 Month ago

      Justin is a great punching bag for the elite for sure 🤣

  • @ChrisKaleta
    @ChrisKaleta Month ago +390

    Best is blessed, Max Holloway with one of the best KO’s of all time. True BMF and 🐐 of this fight game

    • @ciarancremin
      @ciarancremin Month ago +1

      Facts bro showed a different level tonight true bmf

    • @piercristan5195
      @piercristan5195 Month ago +2

      holloway eye poked gaethje

    • @samuelstevens1129
      @samuelstevens1129 Month ago

      Don't forget what Alex did to your boy 3 times

    • @poke9768
      @poke9768 Month ago +7

      @@samuelstevens1129what does Volk have to do with this? Even Volk was happy for him, weirdo 😹

    • @jordonstadward4795
      @jordonstadward4795 Month ago

      ​@@piercristan5195 Holloway knocked your boy out shut tf up and let it go already 💀

  • @anasshahid224
    @anasshahid224 Month ago +2

    Man UFC 300 was legendary! Max Holloway with a phenomenal performance and last second win, absolutely perfect. And Alex Pereira with another masterclass performance and win. Jiri with a solid win too, overall incredible card 👏👏

  • @LemonWater4532
    @LemonWater4532 Month ago +33

    Bobby Green and Jim Miller deserve bonuses too

  • @goldiedagoat
    @goldiedagoat Month ago +58


    • @goldiedagoat
      @goldiedagoat Month ago +1

      Too bad he got 2 broken toes 😞😞😞😞😞301 is so 💩💩

  • @johncamp7679
    @johncamp7679 Month ago +19

    Holloway is a great example of, if you give from your heart, you receive. Giving back to his community, being humble, being blessed is working when no one is watching.

    • @johncamp7679
      @johncamp7679 Month ago

      @@ChessmindedThinker how old are you?

    • @johncamp7679
      @johncamp7679 Month ago

      @@ChessmindedThinker I don’t think you’re that old, maybe in your 20’s maybe your 30’s. I think your cynical world view has effected your maturity, it really all depends on what your definition of success and happiness means. I know you’re from the UK and we will never agree through a few texts. Have a good day mate.

  • @portillamail
    @portillamail Month ago +7

    His eyes are levelled for the first time in years. Good on you Max!

  • @noahgraham4615
    @noahgraham4615 Month ago +190

    0:02 Dana
    34:50 Max 👑
    49:17 Weili 👑
    1:03:51 Poatan 👑

    • @JDP-88
      @JDP-88 Month ago +16

      You’re the real BMF homie

    • @noahgraham4615
      @noahgraham4615 Month ago +2

      @@JDP-88 thank you ! See ya next ppv !

    • @DDP1991
      @DDP1991 Month ago +9

      Damn no Jiri?! That’s kinda lame

    • @ikdeikke
      @ikdeikke Month ago +2

      Ty, so I can avoid WMMA press shit idgaf about.

    • @ikdeikke
      @ikdeikke Month ago +5

      ​@@DDP1991fr bro. Jiri had an amazing performance too. Hes 1 of my favourite humans in the world, samurai or not who gives a fuck

  • @zehreelamachar6720
    @zehreelamachar6720 Month ago +138

    Lesson: when Holloway calls you in the middle of the ring, approach with caution. 😅

  • @derkranich3889
    @derkranich3889 Month ago +5

    Max‘s post fight Interview was almost as legendary as his performance ❤what a good dude

  • @gregwright9869
    @gregwright9869 Month ago +49

    DW, "When we were sitting in that room and we created that BMF". Correction, Nate Diaz came up with the BMF. DW talked shit about it being fake and now takes credit.

    • @Cagefighter209
      @Cagefighter209 Month ago

      Dana a snake can’t believe anything he says

    • @zebbart
      @zebbart Month ago +4

      That's right. And if the doctor hadn't stopped Nate he'd still be the true and permanent BMF. But Max taking a great fight and making it a legendary fight and earning $600k in 10 seconds truly tops Nate's performance.

    • @technodromen
      @technodromen Month ago

      are you trying to tell me that dana white is a lier? because that CANNOT possibly, under any circumstances be true!

    • @jin6000
      @jin6000 Month ago

      Conceptualizing something and creating it are two different things. You should think before you speak.

  • @SamuelDenna
    @SamuelDenna Month ago +136

    That Gear 5th luffy hoody is so fitting for max. Dude went fully gear 5th in that fight.

    • @taylornowa8252
      @taylornowa8252 Month ago +8

      I texted my friend who was having a house party for UFC 300. 5th gear Luffy sweater was absolutely fitting.

    • @nicholash3849
      @nicholash3849 Month ago +4

      I knew he was gonna win when he had that on

    • @austinglover1242
      @austinglover1242 Month ago +1

      Ironic I literally told all the homies the same thing!

    • @ignoredonexuzuiser5959
      @ignoredonexuzuiser5959 Month ago +1

      IM so happy others appreciated the fifth gear hoodie as I did

  • @nathanrodriguez5300
    @nathanrodriguez5300 Month ago +1

    I love it! Such a memorable moment to see! Much love to The Blessed!! 💪🎉💪🎉

  • @gary94h
    @gary94h Month ago +3

    Love the Arturo Gatti reference! His whole face was meant to be broken and he never quit! Legend!

  • @stalkmoonwowweee7196
    @stalkmoonwowweee7196 Month ago +257


    • @piercristan5195
      @piercristan5195 Month ago +7

      holloway eye poked gaethje

    • @SYL114
      @SYL114 Month ago +1

      Where was this at against volknovski?

    • @advisorysalt6285
      @advisorysalt6285 Month ago

      Gaaaaagagagagaaga soooo true… huh fuggin parnis

    • @jordanwhite8567
      @jordanwhite8567 Month ago +4

      Max beat Volk in their first fight he got screwed over

    • @MjrclanMw2
      @MjrclanMw2 Month ago +1

      ​@@jordanwhite8567 What about the 2 after that ?? Volk still on top.

  • @InFinZible
    @InFinZible Month ago +233

    I literally screamed “oh my fucking god “ and woke my whole family up after the Max Holloway KO 😂

  • @User19237
    @User19237 Month ago +4

    zhang is the cutest funniest why does no one give her enough recognition!!!!!!

  • @Maksymetzmj
    @Maksymetzmj Month ago +2

    Im happy I watched the card from start to finish. UFC 300 not only met my expectations, it blew them out of the water!

  • @vamheredur413
    @vamheredur413 Month ago +111

    Jamahal "sweet dreams" Hill indeed. 🗿

  • @joyboy_eon5932
    @joyboy_eon5932 Month ago +26

    I gotta admit I love max but I didn’t expect him to win, I thought he was too small but man he really filled that weight in and still looked like the fastest striker in the UFC. The man looked like the greatest in the world against one of the greatest in the world. Respect for proving most of the world wrong and putting on such a legendary show. What an animal

    • @grakkerful
      @grakkerful Month ago

      He looked like he came from a division above.

    • @Awood2207
      @Awood2207 Month ago

      @@grakkerful Max started out as a Lightweight before the UFC created a Bantam and Featherweight Division. I believe he won the 155lb title first before moving down a weight class...can't remember exactly. Max is a natural 155lber, so to see him back in his division, he looked absolutely amazing last night. Also, Max has never been KO'd in his career so that shows what kind of a fighter he is.

  • @jonathanargumedo7809
    @jonathanargumedo7809 Month ago +4

    Best fights in my POV were Green, Jiri, Holloway. I think people are overlooking that Green fight, it was very good.

  • @ducci6
    @ducci6 Month ago

    Historic. Grateful to experience this.

  • @khamismohamed1704
    @khamismohamed1704 Month ago +300

    Jamal “sweet dreams” hill 😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂. VIVA BRAZIL

    • @RAVIYADAV-jc6hx
      @RAVIYADAV-jc6hx Month ago +9

      I know hill bit disrespectful in the
      lead up to the fight I'm sure he knows whom he is dealing with but you need to Stop trolling because he is mentally strong enough to bring his best so respect that 🙏

    • @Hau5pider
      @Hau5pider Month ago +1


    • @Zramy
      @Zramy Month ago +25

      @@RAVIYADAV-jc6hx The meat riding is crazy, lil bro. 😂😭😹🫵

    • @caseygeldine
      @caseygeldine Month ago

      @@RAVIYADAV-jc6hxnobody has to do anything 🤡 just be humble and he wouldn’t be looking like a dumb ass

    • @RAVIYADAV-jc6hx
      @RAVIYADAV-jc6hx Month ago +1

      @@Zramy I can understand your situation 😂

  • @paulcruz3734
    @paulcruz3734 Month ago +105

    Hill slept good the first round 🤣

  • @TommyLs
    @TommyLs Month ago +8

    Alex said “Hold on brother i’m fighting” to Herb 😂

  • @IAMJUDAH144
    @IAMJUDAH144 Month ago +2

    Alex has a awesome walk out, it's up there with Vitor Belfort's down to the music as well.

  • @akstar5497
    @akstar5497 Month ago +65

    What I observed is that max was always aware of where Justin's head was. Like Justin usually duck low on his right hand side and that's where Holloway was throwing his spinning back kicks and also in pocket Max eyes were always on Justin where as Justin was ducking and looking down while throwing heavy punches. That's why max was able to land so much and Justin never knew how to dodge

    • @michaelpayne8419
      @michaelpayne8419 Month ago +4

      Nice observation

    • @beatsNstrings
      @beatsNstrings Month ago +10

      the first 5 spinning back kicks straight, justin was magically ducking right into it.... it was so eerie it had to be a read. i would say sorry on justin for not adapting to it quicker but after the very first one , he was already scrambled and compromised . should be obvious. as the fight progressed, everything max landed was creating extended reaction sequences from justin.

    • @WWeRockFan1001
      @WWeRockFan1001 Month ago +2

      The uppercut also in the early rounds when Justin was dipping his head

    • @akstar5497
      @akstar5497 Month ago +6

      @@beatsNstrings exactly.. it looked like Max and his team had all of Justin's dodging movement figured out. If you watched the fight you can see that max was not throwing puch where justin was he was throwing punches where justin was dodging. It was strange how max was almost always landing 😲

    • @xDRATERx
      @xDRATERx Month ago +1

      I was saying if he threw more kicks/ knees like he did Vs Volk 2 or more of the uppercuts from the first two rounds he could’ve got him out of there earlier. Felt like he may have let off the gas a bit after he broke his nose and double eye poked him.

  • @andylok10able
    @andylok10able Month ago +149


  • @jleemiller34
    @jleemiller34 Month ago +1

    that was one of the fastest pace mma cards i’ve ever seen. it felt like someone would get knocked out and they had the next fight started within 5 minutes. usually if it’s an early finish your bound to wait 15 min for the next fight.

  • @Nortonbird6
    @Nortonbird6 Month ago +2

    So happy for Weilei! From Amanda at 200 to Zhang here ❤ Women’s MMA producing absolute Legends

  • @fsugfc
    @fsugfc Month ago +40

    Max gave us 24.59 almost 5 rounds of perfection and ended it wt a ko 1 second left. Thats un heard of. I am blessed to have watched it live! I yelled no no no to the point down in the center followed by omg omg omg for several minutes! The look on taporias face said it all!

    • @Oldschoolgamerdad
      @Oldschoolgamerdad Month ago +1

      I feel you man 😂 could not sit down

    • @mokeballs6676
      @mokeballs6676 Month ago

      What the hell is 24.59

    • @Oldschoolgamerdad
      @Oldschoolgamerdad Month ago

      @@mokeballs6676 24 minutes and 59 second

    • @fsugfc
      @fsugfc Month ago

      😂 he ko'd justin wt 1 second left in a 5 rd 5 minute fight.

    • @fsugfc
      @fsugfc Month ago

      I thought the context of what I said was pretty clear.

  • @Nerv3D
    @Nerv3D Month ago +105

    Guys this might be a weird take, but can we appreciate for a moment, all jokes aside
    How dana white continously is on every ufc event, every press conveference, every weigh ins and face offs?
    This man could literally do anything he ever wants to do, hire any person to do any job he does, yet always is there week after week and sets up the biggest events for our entertainments, for decades now?
    We gotta appreciate the hustle Dana white has, hats off to you dana.

    • @user-qk5rf9jj8l
      @user-qk5rf9jj8l Month ago +3

      Misses a few here and there. But remember he is also doing Contender series, looking for a fight plus UFC and behind the scenes and interviews during the week. Oh and I forgot Power Slap.

    • @jimswrld
      @jimswrld Month ago +9

      He is relentless in his work. Hats off to him.

    • @jovialvibes5962
      @jovialvibes5962 Month ago +3

      And all night long he’s on his phone

    • @nathanmiller9918
      @nathanmiller9918 Month ago +10

      Someone has to make sure that fighters make less than 20% of the revenue...

    • @1bmxam
      @1bmxam Month ago +1

      He doesn’t show up to smaller events anymore though

  • @egis5756
    @egis5756 Month ago

    congrats for all event,it delivered!!!

  • @MrNormis
    @MrNormis Month ago +2

    No more bmf fights, we found him

  • @ivotaseski8397
    @ivotaseski8397 Month ago +94

    No bonus for Pereira? I know Max stole the show and deserves the 600k but OMG, Pereira is a fucking monster. That was beautiful how Jamal "sweet dreams", went to 😴.

    • @michaelpayne8419
      @michaelpayne8419 Month ago +9

      He knocks people out too fast to make it a war

    • @ivotaseski8397
      @ivotaseski8397 Month ago +21

      @@michaelpayne8419 Exactly. But that deserves performance of the night right?The power he possess brooo. Never seen in the sport before.

    • @michaelpayne8419
      @michaelpayne8419 Month ago +5

      @@ivotaseski8397 Yea agreed he’s one of a kind. IMO best kickboxer of all time

    • @gochillessmith4137
      @gochillessmith4137 Month ago +12

      He’s gets PPV points bro made millions tonight. He good.

    • @user-qk5rf9jj8l
      @user-qk5rf9jj8l Month ago +4

      And Pereira's fight was for a real belt and title.

  • @kmash6523
    @kmash6523 Month ago +12

    Crazy that Dana didn’t mention Oliviera vs Tsarukyan. That fight was wild. High level stuff.

    • @ustujnin
      @ustujnin Month ago

      the boring one of the night

  • @antoniocolononeill
    @antoniocolononeill Month ago +2

    Holloway gives a historic performance. Comes out, speaks nothing but good things about Gaethje, good things about Ilia, good things about Volk, good things about Dustin. What a class act.

  • @asburycollins7328
    @asburycollins7328 Month ago


  • @TheKARDLife
    @TheKARDLife Month ago +56

    i think Bobby Green put on a great performance

    • @armaniin7412
      @armaniin7412 Month ago +7

      Definitely, the one fight that isn’t being talked about enough

    • @Obiodum_
      @Obiodum_ Month ago

      ​@@armaniin7412We both know why...

    • @amirhankhatsiev1035
      @amirhankhatsiev1035 Month ago

      @@Obiodum_because he’s black? 😂

    • @Maksymetzmj
      @Maksymetzmj Month ago

      Yeah, Jim Miller looked like he got attacked by a Grizzly Bear

    • @Obiodum_
      @Obiodum_ Month ago

      @@amirhankhatsiev1035 You tell me?

  • @lilythethird
    @lilythethird Month ago +133

    Dana real happy the UFC 300 didn't dissapoint like everyone else thought it might've been.

    • @TysonO-jp7rb
      @TysonO-jp7rb Month ago +18

      That max Holloway ko really made and solidified the card

    • @fxorigins6624
      @fxorigins6624 Month ago +5

      Co main was boring

    • @TransitionedToAShark
      @TransitionedToAShark Month ago

      Max saved the card.

    • @StancisMiocannou7780
      @StancisMiocannou7780 Month ago +16

      ​@@fxorigins6624 nah dawg it was ok

    • @laxbro868
      @laxbro868 Month ago

      @@fxorigins6624multiple close submissions and multiple knockdowns you’re just a virgin incel
      Who hates all women
      Maybe learn how to make eye contact w a women for more than 4 secounds without having a panic attack and your life will improve

  • @forgebreaker7752
    @forgebreaker7752 Month ago +3

    "The Production is incredibly important to me." Dana White - UFC 300 PFPC (1/3rd muted)

  • @salvatorebrito2367
    @salvatorebrito2367 Month ago +2

    Gaethje lasting until the final second of the final round after breaking his nose in 1 and getting both eyes poked is incredible dude is tough as nails.

  • @Weeks25
    @Weeks25 Month ago +72

    So happy for Max. Great card, It lived up to the hype forsure! Sucks Charles didn’t win but other than that I was very happy with the night! Max and Periera both had awesome performances. Almost forgot about Chael too man congrats to him for getting inducted.

    • @konflict1231
      @konflict1231 Month ago +5

      Literally, how I feel, too, the night would have been perfect if charles won. But he lost a very close split decision, so I don't think it hurts his stocks

  • @tjcaruthers5593
    @tjcaruthers5593 Month ago +153

    That's why I questioned Justin vs Max placement on the card. I knew the last two fights would suffer from the crowd being spent.

    • @xDRATERx
      @xDRATERx Month ago +13

      @@PiplupPlusSterling fight was a tad rough, he was fighting scared of a guy with like 6 total strikes landed?

    • @adub92199
      @adub92199 Month ago +1

      At least it ended on a high note

    • @Invictus-Solaris
      @Invictus-Solaris Month ago +11

      Where else would it go? Lol. You can't have the BMF belt above actual Championship belts. You wanted that fight to be the main event after using hindsight...

    • @IbullyWoketards
      @IbullyWoketards Month ago

      Aljo fight was a disgrace, nickal fight was bad and had no place on the main card anyway. Even the first fight of the pre prelims with Cody and deiveson has bigger names in it and in hindsight was a much better fight too. I don’t know wth the UFC was thinking placing the Nickal fight on the main card.

    • @RedBernie
      @RedBernie Month ago +12

      @@xDRATERxcompletely wrong, he fought his game plan and Kattar would just hold and not let him advance in hopes of it getting stood up. This is MMA silly brain. Just look at Calvin, he looked completely lost and never did anything while he was on the feet in fear of getting TD again and knowing all he could do is hold.

  • @aldowilliams4765
    @aldowilliams4765 Month ago +1

    Max and Justin’s fight was one of the top 5 ufc fights oat in my opinion. Both men are absolute warriors

  • @danieltakyi1793
    @danieltakyi1793 Month ago

    That was an incredible event

  • @TheDebo1203
    @TheDebo1203 Month ago +3

    Dana was so happy the whole interview hahahaha

  • @davidashcroftxo
    @davidashcroftxo Month ago +113

    Dana: “when we came up with the BMF belt”
    I think Nathan might have something to say about that Fester

    • @brandonamezquita4501
      @brandonamezquita4501 Month ago +15

      Nate talked about a metaphorical BMF belt, while Dana brought one into existence.

    • @ridesolano
      @ridesolano Month ago +1


    • @seanrmac99
      @seanrmac99 Month ago


    • @1FLAYKO
      @1FLAYKO Month ago +2

      ​@@seanrmac99bruh! Really?

    • @cavazosking
      @cavazosking Month ago +1

      Bruh you trippin. Who cares what nate has to say. And u be hatin with that fester jab

  • @ikdeikke
    @ikdeikke Month ago +93

    HOLY F, Jiri, Holloway and Pereira carried this card! What great fucking performances. Well deserved bonusses, I wouldve gave Max like a mil for that if I were Dana. That was the best moment ive ever seen in this sport. Im in the hospital sacrificed my whole nights sleep for this card and this was just a huge bright light for me despite being so sick. Thank you Dana. Also he is 100% right about Bo.

  • @omarbarron1822
    @omarbarron1822 Month ago

    UFC 300 was fire 🔥 I remember I started watching MMA back in ufc 15

  • @JGROVES716.
    @JGROVES716. Month ago +1

    Minus the 2 eye pokes Max vs Justin was an absolute war!

  • @samfook7806
    @samfook7806 Month ago +9

    Holloway on flow state is something else..

  • @Luke-ms7if
    @Luke-ms7if Month ago +52

    Max thanking the reporter who asked about the bonus increase shows what a class act he is.

    • @Ironfangzu
      @Ironfangzu Month ago

      That reporter made Max half a million dollars. Otherwise Max would have won $50k + $50k for a total of $100k in bonuses. Instead he got $600k in bonuses. Not only that, but Gaethje got an extra $250k to slightly make him feel better about the beating he received from Max.

  • @702solidink
    @702solidink Month ago +1

    Hawaii would be a great place to put on a UFC event. “Aloha Stadium parking lot has a lot of potential to set up for a large crowd. Hawaii just needs to improvise.

  • @TheRealBrewMaster
    @TheRealBrewMaster Month ago +3

    That *INSANE RISK* Holloway wanted on the last 10 seconds against the worst guy possible to trade blows that way is just crazy, *AND HE KNOCK THE F*CK OUT GAETHJE in the very last SECOND of the fight!* *THAT IS THE PURE DEFINITION OF BMF*
    This moment will remain in our memory forever, as one of the best in UFC history...
    *PD:* For OnePiece and Holloway fans, He arrived at the event wearing a Luffy (Gear5) sweatshirt .... LIBERATION WARRIOR BABYYYY!! 👒

  • @BigClassroomTv
    @BigClassroomTv Month ago +10

    To have two former champions starting the early prelims was sick

  • @Doma2579
    @Doma2579 Month ago +45

    Did Poatan really broke Ngannou's record for punching power?

    • @Weeks25
      @Weeks25 Month ago +7


    • @Doma2579
      @Doma2579 Month ago

      @@Weeks25 you know exact difference?

    • @ItzNickoo
      @ItzNickoo Month ago +2

      @@Doma2579like 70k difference on the machine

    • @dsan17
      @dsan17 Month ago +21

      @@Doma2579 Ngannou scored 129k, Pyfer scored 171k, Pereira scored 191k. Then Tom Aspinall scored 40k - he even has a video where he tried it multiple times 😆

    • @SeanDuffy-go1tw
      @SeanDuffy-go1tw Month ago +6

      Ask hill 😂

  • @brandi33
    @brandi33 Month ago

    Amazing night of fights. I've seen every UFC ppv ever... this might have been the best one top-to-bottom.

  • @jessetotino7380
    @jessetotino7380 Month ago +1

    The way Alex told dean “ he’s good “ what a g

  • @John3sixteen.
    @John3sixteen. Month ago +6

    This event was Glorious. Legends had legendary performances. What a night.