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Inside the Set of Netflix's 'Bridgerton' Season 3 | Set Tour | Architectural Digest

  • Published on May 28, 2024
  • Today Architectural Digest goes behind the scenes of Netflix's 'Bridgerton' season 3 with production designer, Alison Gartshore, for an exclusive tour of the set. From the subtle details in Kate and Anthony’s new apartment to the never-before-seen Cowper residence, Gartshore breaks down the ingenious and intricate work that goes into creating the grandiose Bridgerton sets.
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Comments • 302

  • @channonmock
    @channonmock 15 days ago +2977

    I love how Kate's study room is so much more bigger than Anthony's 😂 He spoils her so much

  • @pettybee3860
    @pettybee3860 15 days ago +3471

    I love how Bridgerton is becoming this generation's SHOW of all SHOWS for our period drama/drama girlies. I'm so happy

    • @Cynthia098
      @Cynthia098 11 days ago +8

      Pls not with nudity included. It’s inappropriate.

    • @sleepmusicland
      @sleepmusicland 11 days ago +45

      @@Cynthia098 Then this show is not for you or the books the show is based on

    • @Cynthia098
      @Cynthia098 10 days ago

      @@sleepmusicland Yeah

    • @healthytrout
      @healthytrout 8 days ago +4

      it’s nothing to do with generation but with time we live in. it’s the 2020s show. doesn’t matter when the viewers are born

    • @Stylsalvation
      @Stylsalvation 7 days ago

      I second that💖

  • @balsalover
    @balsalover 14 days ago +1311

    these kind of videos show me there are jobs i did not even know existed

    • @davinatv5121
      @davinatv5121 11 days ago +3


    • @ImaginationStationAI
      @ImaginationStationAI 10 days ago +2

      You can say that again!

    • @thornsandrosess
      @thornsandrosess 7 days ago +7

      And studies for them too! There's some countries in europe where faux marble was historically so common that its still taught today, so that those painted historical buildings can keep their glories

  • @MegaFearlessLover
    @MegaFearlessLover 14 days ago +1115

    Now I see why it takes 2-3 years to make one season stunning WOW

    • @shelbywells4624
      @shelbywells4624 8 days ago +25

      Indeed! There also is an interview of costume design department - around 5k outfits needed. Great video like this one, worth a watch 😊

    • @cuamayy
      @cuamayy 8 days ago

      ​@@shelbywells4624sounds so interesting. where can I watch?

    • @YogaBlissDance
      @YogaBlissDance 16 hours ago

      Taht was in part the strike I think.

  • @abigailvalle6494
    @abigailvalle6494 14 days ago +1460

    When she mentioned how sturdy the furniture had to be for intimate scenes, I couldn't stop laughing! Sturdy furniture is a must!

    • @zizii_998
      @zizii_998 14 days ago +49

      someone's gonna do the devil's tango on the table😂

    • @jordanbrooks8821
      @jordanbrooks8821 7 days ago +4

      It has to support the particularly sturdy men 😅

    • @user-ks3uf5up4c
      @user-ks3uf5up4c 2 days ago +4

      Polin broke one furniture filming... waiting for the blooper

    • @rachellovesyarn9106
      @rachellovesyarn9106 2 days ago +1

      In Season 3 - lessons were learned. 😂

  • @zEz1238
    @zEz1238 15 days ago +721

    Everyone in the Bridgerton team is so passionate about the show and their job, no wonder its such a hit

    • @ninecastles
      @ninecastles 6 days ago +2

      I think it might be because they have more creative freedom 😊

  • @Disney95
    @Disney95 15 days ago +1215

    OMG, Anthony and Kate's bedroom! Love how it says so much about them as a couple and the blending of their families! Anthony would so let Kate do whatever she wanted and let the room be more feminine😍😂

  • @lauramora6767
    @lauramora6767 14 days ago +219

    The craziest thing about this is that places like these actually existed once.

  • @luciacastille
    @luciacastille 14 days ago +291

    it thrills me how much of the set was real and not cgi

  • @Kamarca
    @Kamarca 15 days ago +728

    There's going to be some lovin' happening on Kate's desk, lol.

  • @silviafaraone01
    @silviafaraone01 15 days ago +572

    Kate and Anthony's new apartment in Bridgerton House is gorgeous. I love the fact that Kate has her own rooms because that shows how much he cares that his beloved wife has everything she deserves. I love all the details about their families’ mixed colours, but in particular I love the details of the objects that represent who they are, the details in Kate's studio and Newton's bed along with its little portrait are the most beautiful ones. Her desk is about to😏.

  • @belloisme
    @belloisme 15 days ago +637

    OMG, I’m a set designer/ prop maker and interior designer…and I love Bridgerton! This is amazing! Thanks AD for sharing!🤗❤️

  • @terriellis3697
    @terriellis3697 15 days ago +483

    I am convinced that this year's fashions with the intensely colored florals are influenced by Bridgerton. I would not be surprised to see a resurgence in this style of furniture as well. Personally, I need the morning room rug and Kates inlay desk. Beautiful.

    • @renatamazing
      @renatamazing 15 days ago +13

      Yes!! Also works really well with Penelope being the main character this season, she has always worn a lot of florals!

    • @mishynaofficial
      @mishynaofficial 14 days ago +3

      Actually, Bridgerton influenced fashion and design since day one

    • @LayllasLocker
      @LayllasLocker 14 days ago +3

      For rich folks with "servants" maybe. Maintaining such style is a HUUUUUGE pain in the A! :D

    • @nicolad8822
      @nicolad8822 7 days ago

      Has always been popular in the UK.

    • @amandabearss797
      @amandabearss797 3 days ago

      Rugable has a whole Bridgerton category now

  • @casaubonluc9498
    @casaubonluc9498 11 days ago +50

    This woman knows her job! She is so interesting to listen to.

  • @kaitlynnorth4176
    @kaitlynnorth4176 14 days ago +136

    Insanely impressive. As a designer, I respect all people who are involved in bringing sets to life. There is so much detail and thought in everything.

  • @carolinadiza4571
    @carolinadiza4571 14 days ago +79

    Not them calling the Featheringtons the Kardashians of Georgian Era lol

    • @s.a.4358
      @s.a.4358 5 days ago +5

      Concerned with how people see them, showing off and money 😂😂

  • @atlantisundiscovered
    @atlantisundiscovered 15 days ago +161

    The new sets Kate and Anthony are so intricate and lovely. Like, YES, tell me every single detail about these two because I clearly can’t get enough!

  • @leonasindlerova1727
    @leonasindlerova1727 15 days ago +67

    I could watch hours long documentary just about these sets

  • @ImaginationStationAI
    @ImaginationStationAI 10 days ago +24

    So much happens behind the scenes that we do not know much about. It's great to see that there are all these people involved to put everything together.

  • @gidgetboggs1656
    @gidgetboggs1656 15 days ago +81

    This got me so much more excited to learn more about the Cowper family than anything else I've seen!

  • @TMEC17
    @TMEC17 15 days ago +96

    The little doggie bed for Newton🥹💛🐕

  • @DannyT04
    @DannyT04 15 days ago +132

    can the new season just dropp already. cannot wait any longer. ❤️❤️

  • @alisha9197
    @alisha9197 14 days ago +44

    I am an architectural historian and I so hope some of these spaces will be kept after de show is over. Im sure a museum would love this

  • @rayraylondon87
    @rayraylondon87 15 days ago +78

    Fascinating! Bridgerton's attention to detail is unmatched!

  • @holyhiphopper
    @holyhiphopper 14 days ago +36

    I don’t watch the show, but the architecture of the period is so grand and decorative.. it’s just beautiful. Love the desk inlay and Indian touches, the plasterwork on the walls and all of the floral details. It’s also so beautifully lit during production to give it such a timepast feel, with light coming through the windows into what appears to be a dimly lit room. Incredibly detailed and very intriguing.

  • @ItWasForeverAgo
    @ItWasForeverAgo 15 days ago +59

    this is actually quite educating. I really like this Bridgerton version of regency style!

  • @cczona
    @cczona 14 days ago +59

    If they sell copies of that adorable Newton dog bed, it is going to fly off the shelves.
    I love that even though Newton is practically always at Kate's side anyway, she'd still commission a portrait of him to enjoy in the rare moments when he is elsewhere. It says a lot that Anthony would indulge her in that.

    • @s.a.4358
      @s.a.4358 5 days ago

      As someone who has more photos of her cat than anyone / anything else on her phone, I can relate! 😅

  • @na3rial
    @na3rial 12 days ago +10

    You really don't have shows that pay this much attention to the setting and decor. We are BLESSED

  • @83fbc
    @83fbc 15 days ago +64

    LOVE THIS!!!😍😍😍 Kate/Anthony’s bedroom and Kate’s dressing room!!!🙌🙌🙌

  • @rebeccab2280
    @rebeccab2280 15 days ago +72

    wow, i commend them on their attention to detail! stunning sets!

  • @ecemnuraybek
    @ecemnuraybek 15 days ago +35

    I was not ready to be confronted with the fact that the house is not a real house

    • @s.a.4358
      @s.a.4358 5 days ago

      Did you really think they were all real houses?

  • @alexandrabeneteau3723
    @alexandrabeneteau3723 15 days ago +45

    I love that so much of the architecture is hand painted (tromp l'oeil) ... it's like set design for theatre.

  • @riekemeret
    @riekemeret 15 days ago +20

    I’m absolutely baffled by the attention to detail😍

  • @SithembileSibanyoni-eo1ks

    Everything is absolutely gorgeous and very realistic it actually transports you to that time period. Great attention to detail. Can't get enough of this show and Queen Charlotte

  • @isabellagilbert3168
    @isabellagilbert3168 14 days ago +14

    I believe that so many of us hanker for this gorgeous bygone era for so many different reasons that include the beautiful interiors, floral arrangements, amazing table settings, the choice of different decorative elements that give today's modern settings a run for their money!!

  • @CarinaCoffee
    @CarinaCoffee 14 days ago +11

    I always am in such awe of setdesign and props departments on shows and movies.
    With Bridgerton I love how the Bridgerton drawing and morning room always has such a nice light coming in through the windows, so it was nice to see how they do that.

  • @chandlerchandelier
    @chandlerchandelier 14 days ago +13

    They could go over every detail of every set, and I would love it!

  • @faytsampouri6197
    @faytsampouri6197 15 days ago +21

    Amazing details lost in focusing on the scenes...so much effort viewers are not aware of goes into the design...well done ..would love to see more such presentations..

  • @kelly-hg5nd7hs8f
    @kelly-hg5nd7hs8f 14 days ago +12

    The sets are beautiful and extremely well thought out. It would be nice to see a wider shot of where they are layed out in the studio, adding to the behind the scene feel...

  • @thibault1875
    @thibault1875 13 days ago +8

    omg the shade towards the Kardashians

  • @chocoshine21
    @chocoshine21 14 days ago +13

    I love Anthony and Kate and everything about them

  • @Fleuridon
    @Fleuridon 14 days ago +13

    The Featheringtons being the Kardashians of the series is so on point 👏🏽💖✨ Love the Featherington ladies sm!

  • @ritulakshmi4401
    @ritulakshmi4401 14 days ago +7

    It is amazing to see the level of thought and detail that goes into spaces like this. If this was “off” I think the series would also feel “off” or inauthentic. It’s this level of thought and dedication that provides any series/movie its authenticity!

  • @isabellagilbert3168
    @isabellagilbert3168 14 days ago +11

    I love the Bridgerton Interiors and design so much as well as the lifestyle so much as well as the fact that things like honesty, integrity and the love of beautiful things were so, important to the fabric of life and society at that time.
    Do not get me started on the amazing craftsmanship or we could be here all day. I just love the fact that there are still so many people who love beauty and are committed to sharing their amazing talents, skills and passion with the rest of the world.
    I love you all and thank you for sharing such beauty and luxury that sometimes cannot be explained but can only be felt deeply.
    I salute you all.
    Love Isabella

  • @tarasdiary
    @tarasdiary 6 days ago +2

    it amazes me how much love is put into this show, i'd love to see more set tours like this

  • @LaReinaZorra
    @LaReinaZorra 14 days ago +32

    Antony became the viscount when his father died, not since he married Kate. He had been head of household since then too, no technicalities about it. Women had no agency unless they were widowed.

    • @hallowelt6104
      @hallowelt6104 9 days ago +5

      Yes. In one season Antony wanted to decide everything, but after a few fails he allowed Violet to stay the „informal“ head of the Family. In season 3 Antony wanted to replace Violet with his new wife, but she declined. Sorry for my Bad englisch skills

    • @s.a.4358
      @s.a.4358 5 days ago

      True but Anthony is a kind son who doesn’t want to impose his will over his mother and strip her of that role. I guess now that he is married things may change, or Kate may request having the role of lady of the house.

  • @wyldwolff4897
    @wyldwolff4897 7 days ago +3

    I promise if they ever have a Bridgetown experience where you can dress up and take photos IM THERE!!

  • @jimenagomez9150
    @jimenagomez9150 14 days ago +9

    Kate and Anthony my parents 😭😭😭😭 gosh how I love them

  • @LaurensTravels
    @LaurensTravels 14 days ago +7

    Obsessed with the Newton painted on the wall ❤

  • @TLMY
    @TLMY 10 days ago +2

    It’s crazy how much thought was put into these sets

  • @AmandaIbraimovic
    @AmandaIbraimovic 14 days ago +7

    I love the darkness of the Cowper family room.
    I can't wait to understand why they're so mean and annoying

  • @diana86kho
    @diana86kho 10 days ago +1

    OMG.. all the details… color, shape, pattern, fabric, all become beautiful and fantastic art…

  • @onthedlk1
    @onthedlk1 15 days ago +14

    thank you for the kanthony room tour!

  • @gailjohn1976
    @gailjohn1976 15 days ago +14

    Utterly gorgeous! The attention to detail is most impressive

  • @ellenl5626
    @ellenl5626 14 days ago +4

    Loved the tour and hearing so many interesting details. The quality of the workmanship is exquisite!

  • @VijaySubha1
    @VijaySubha1 11 days ago +2

    Please save this set design as a Bridgerton museum❤❤so much detailing,artistic and beautifully done❤❤

  • @rulurala.k
    @rulurala.k 14 days ago +2

    와 미쳣다 셋트장이라니 감사합니다❤

  • @lucymacchiato1064
    @lucymacchiato1064 4 days ago

    There is so much love and detail (and also money) in all of this sets only for them to just have one moment to shine, mostly. It‘s astonishing!

  • @onitaijeoma1450
    @onitaijeoma1450 13 days ago +3

    The attention to detail is amazing . The set production team are perfectionists just like me. Details ❤️

  • @Natalia-df5iw
    @Natalia-df5iw 12 days ago +1

    This is incredibly interesting. Loved how much Alison explained in detail! The whole team did an incredible job and its lovely to see all those details being honoured, which you sometimes miss to even see in the final show :)

  • @lilachodan4941
    @lilachodan4941 15 days ago +3

    Beautiful.This insides are my favorite thing in this show

  • @greenspiritarts
    @greenspiritarts 13 days ago +2

    Loved seeing all the care and detailing that has gone into these sets. Thanks for the tour! ❤

  • @marble_drawer
    @marble_drawer 14 days ago +3

    That was FASCINATING and I'd love to hear more about the sets!!!

  • @pavilova29
    @pavilova29 10 days ago +1

    I am mesmerized by her talking!

  • @karimoore106
    @karimoore106 3 days ago

    I love everything about Bridgerton! The sets are fantastic!!

  • @maysawilson423
    @maysawilson423 14 days ago +4

    This looks so cool!!!!
    Can't wait to see Kate and Anthony's rooms on TV!

  • @Jeshpii
    @Jeshpii 14 days ago +5

    Fantastic attention to detail, lovely to see so much historical research and references

  • @Sara-mf3px
    @Sara-mf3px 13 days ago +1

    This is so fun. I could wonder the sets for days. Amazing detail. I love how color and materials of sets or costumes tell a story. Well done. 👏👏

    @ATWTMVTVFTVSGAVRALPS 12 days ago +1

    Gosh I love the consistent aesthetic of this show

  • @ianjeon8056
    @ianjeon8056 12 days ago +3

    I'm in love with the Bridgeton blue!

  • @kathy6937
    @kathy6937 14 days ago +2

    Oh the love to detail! I absolutely adore the Bridgerton aesthetic!

  • @angelaortiz3406
    @angelaortiz3406 15 days ago +9

    Everything looks beautiful, beautiful❤

  • @herintuion88
    @herintuion88 15 days ago +3

    Congratulations everyone and Thank U for sharing… 🙏🏽🥳🥳

  • @dlyddrk
    @dlyddrk 14 days ago

    Incredible amazing job to the creative designers. Such things always amaze me and leave me in awe ! Can't wait for the new Season!

  • @emilyb1385
    @emilyb1385 14 days ago +4

    I find this just as interesting as the show itself! I love set designs.

  • @worship8741
    @worship8741 15 days ago +8


  • @venkatasubramaniangopalakr8227

    These are really talented people. Proper research, and true commitment! Great job!

  • @20Colmanct
    @20Colmanct 14 days ago +2

    These sets are massive, and incredible. Beautiful 👏👏👏

  • @karinam1451
    @karinam1451 8 days ago

    We appreciate the effort honestly the show is not just beautiful for the trama but because of the set design

  • @vitaflood6677
    @vitaflood6677 8 days ago +1

    all the sets are so so elegant

  • @LadySymphora
    @LadySymphora 7 days ago +1

    Bridgertons sets are always amazing!

  • @iampriscillamusic
    @iampriscillamusic 9 days ago +1

    Such Beautiful sets! Incredible attention to detail.

  • @Msswe888
    @Msswe888 14 days ago +1

    Wow! This is so elaborate and the attention to detail is splendid! 👏

  • @ionizerable
    @ionizerable 11 days ago

    This is a masterpiece. Congratulations to the design team!!

  • @alyakim12
    @alyakim12 8 days ago

    Wow so much detail into every little thing so beautiful !!!!

  • @happydaze7976
    @happydaze7976 15 days ago +4

    Thank you for a really interesting video. The talent of Everybody involved in the production is amazing❤❤❤

  • @kimauger4293
    @kimauger4293 6 days ago

    Thanks for sharing all of the behind the scenes information about the achitecture and sets.

  • @jodyniemojuski4021
    @jodyniemojuski4021 12 days ago

    Wow! Thank you for the tour this was wonderful.

  • @stephaniecosta5965
    @stephaniecosta5965 7 days ago

    This was amazing. Would love more of this bridgeton design content! So interesting

  • @ansbach74
    @ansbach74 7 days ago +2

    Beautiful sets, thanks for sharing.

  • @anniestrooo
    @anniestrooo 14 days ago +4

    I never realized that the pianoforte was actually the original sound! I assumed they did it in post!

  • @may.k_me
    @may.k_me 12 days ago +1

    This was a lovely look inside. Thank you

  • @balsalover
    @balsalover 14 days ago

    i loved this video so much! can’t wait for season 3

  • @coneil72
    @coneil72 14 days ago +6

    I love that this woman thinks Kate gave Anthony her title

  • @joannebazire8542
    @joannebazire8542 14 days ago +1

    BRAVO..👏👏👏tonall involved in making everyone possible especially you Ali very proud of you 💯♥️

  • @tessj4486
    @tessj4486 11 days ago

    I loved all the details. I never noticed the butterflies on the Featherton railing. Now I need to rewatch the series to take note of the settings.

  • @maryhurst4663
    @maryhurst4663 11 days ago +1

    Such attention to detail.

  • @SandraBWard
    @SandraBWard 4 days ago

    The Bridgerton House is Absolutely Gorgeous!!!

  • @litavee4549
    @litavee4549 3 days ago

    so much detail! wow

  • @ipsilonia
    @ipsilonia 13 days ago +1

    love this. breath-taking.