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  • Published on Dec 8, 2022
  • Amelia meets UFC fighters Paddy and Molly for a date in Nabzy's in their hometown of Liverpool.
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Co-Written by Liv West
    Exec Producers: Amelia Dimoldenberg and Liv West
    Cam Op 1: Jack Ayers
    Cam Op 2: Tayo Yusuff
    Sound Op: Paul O’Hare
    Editor: Joe Bolger
    Conform: Lewis Ashley
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
    Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley and Ashleigh Kybert
    Thank you so much to Nabzy's
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Comments • 1.5K

  • @bencrozier2805
    @bencrozier2805 Year ago +782

    Paddy: 'I'm not 12'
    Two minutes later
    Paddy: 'You can't do a cartwheel?!'

  • @taymthom
    @taymthom Year ago +7241

    The clip of the whole chicken shop crew with the child killed me😂😂

  • @jasmineelaria
    @jasmineelaria Year ago +2151

    that chemistry between amelia and molly was undeniable lol

  • @Kuriouskanna
    @Kuriouskanna Year ago +1397

    Molly's bodyguard routine totally won me over.

  • @wynnfallasmr5038
    @wynnfallasmr5038 Year ago +5233

    "What's it like having a blind barber?" sent me howling. Did not expect a cut that deep out of nowhere.

    • @Waseemmmm
      @Waseemmmm Year ago +2


    • @thepandasdoitbetter
      @thepandasdoitbetter Year ago +75

      she tried to serve him up and he literally shrugged it off with mad scouse style , love this guy

    • @gottalovethandi
      @gottalovethandi Year ago +1

      time stamp?

    • @cray-_-
      @cray-_- Year ago +4

      @@gottalovethandi 1:04

    • @Diana02400
      @Diana02400 Year ago +5

      Can someone please explain? Why did she ask that and what did his reply mean ? 😭 I don’t understand

  • @boselli895
    @boselli895 Year ago +3467

    Molly is so likable man, honestly what a legend

    • @Carzpress
      @Carzpress Year ago +18

      She’s a woman not a man

    • @Thanoswasright_
      @Thanoswasright_ Year ago +4

      @@Carzpress how you kno though?

    • @user-qz4bu1vv8y
      @user-qz4bu1vv8y Year ago +27

      ​​@@Carzpress if your serious that's the biggest whooosh going but if your not I've just been whooooshed 🤣🤣

    • @carldavies3193
      @carldavies3193 Year ago

      She got her ass kicked and Paddy will too soon 😂😂😂

    • @user-qz4bu1vv8y
      @user-qz4bu1vv8y Year ago

      @@carldavies3193 there still going to make p tho to secure there future what you doing with ya life big man

  • @user-ly4ql8hz6c
    @user-ly4ql8hz6c Year ago +736

    I think this is the happiest I’ve seen paddy in an interview. Adorable interactions😭 I loved it.

  • @Intergalactic112
    @Intergalactic112 Year ago +36

    Molly looked like she was actually feeling Amelia.

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +2736

    Hey everyone! As you know I’ve been hung up on musicians for a while now and wanted to branch out cause maybe my type wasn’t working for me. Anyway ! I’m into fighters now, I love the passion ! But let’s see how long that lasts lol. I loved going to Liverpool to meet Paddy and Molly and back to Nabzys where I dated KSI! See you very soon :) xx

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +40

      After waiting for Drake so long I’m happy to see you branch out. He has to know you have options

    • @meatballmolly
      @meatballmolly Year ago +74

      Is right darling! Thanks for having me on

    • @walterkaiyuenpang3556
      @walterkaiyuenpang3556 Year ago +2

      Great seeing Brown Nose Bully Boy 🤡 on here !!!

    • @walterkaiyuenpang3556
      @walterkaiyuenpang3556 Year ago +4

      There are other fighters with ' Integrity ' you could have on .... 👍✊

    • @adamrobinson8433
      @adamrobinson8433 Year ago

      @@walterkaiyuenpang3556 who ?

  • @erghjunk
    @erghjunk Year ago +2338

    I'm not sure I've seen a guest so eager to play along as Paddy. and Molly nervous to meet Amelia! great episode.

    • @kingcrustytut7544
      @kingcrustytut7544 Year ago +14

      I’d be eager to play along if I was getting paid to be there too 😂

  • @joshmoxey.
    @joshmoxey. Year ago +34

    The standstill shot of the staff (and kid) at 3:32 took me out 😂

  • @wanttogotoengland
    @wanttogotoengland Year ago +46

    Molly is quite the charmer. I'm even more of a fan now.

  • @khalilahd.
    @khalilahd. Year ago +2316

    After waiting for Drake so long I’m happy to see you branch out. He has to know you have options 😌

    • @HotLyricalBlazer
      @HotLyricalBlazer Year ago +31

      Fun fact! I reckon Molly and Paddy are both wearing the Rolex’s Drake brought them.

    • @Thawhid
      @Thawhid Year ago +6

      I've seen ya before lav

    • @blablablaj
      @blablablaj Year ago +5

      His loss tbh

    • @donnypotsmoker
      @donnypotsmoker Year ago +3

      You again? Are you a bot?

    • @bigboss4178
      @bigboss4178 Year ago +4

      again: she should bring Drake... Then Pusha T as a surprise guest lmao

  • @nerd26373
    @nerd26373 Year ago +2776

    We appreciate how diverse this channel is. Seems like everyone is welcome to express their own opinions or insights on certain topics.

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +1

      Agreed 😅❤

    • @Joseph-hi6rl
      @Joseph-hi6rl Year ago +8


    • @iamrichlol
      @iamrichlol Year ago +3

      @@Joseph-hi6rl legit Lol

    • @JB-kc2zc
      @JB-kc2zc Year ago

      But if your boss everything you say will be agreed with, if you hate then I hate

    • @Howtobeabeast
      @Howtobeabeast Year ago

      Yes! Love giving xenophobic and racist lads like Paddy a platform ;)

  • @godzillatimmy
    @godzillatimmy Year ago +165

    Amelia hasn't been more adorable than in this episode

    • @jaydee3216
      @jaydee3216 Year ago +13

      I agree. Super adorable. I think the chemistry with Molly helped her seem even cuter than usual.

  • @dacads
    @dacads Year ago +73

    The way Paddy rinsed his bird 😂 this is not even him being weird but how he is

  • @MorenoDonavin
    @MorenoDonavin Year ago +421

    Molly blushing the whole time 😂😂

  • @kathrichards6947
    @kathrichards6947 Year ago +326

    unexpected tenderness with paddy's parting words of love and advice for Amelia to tell anyone who tries to change her "tuh gohen euht shyt"

  • @ChrisMustard
    @ChrisMustard Year ago +42

    Both their humour is on point, love em both. British treasures right there.

  • @adt6596
    @adt6596 Year ago +26

    Molly just seems like the sweetest human about!

  • @bradbradmus5443
    @bradbradmus5443 Year ago +120

    I genuinely think that "Is the UFC basically just angry twister?" has to be the best question ever asked of an MMA Fighter 🤣🤣

  • @milika3673
    @milika3673 Year ago +28

    3:33 I burst out laughing 😂 from what they’re talking about to that good ol family pic lol

  • @megantheewolf
    @megantheewolf Year ago +13

    LOVE these two scallies!! Wish the date had been longer! ♥️♥️

  • @bof224
    @bof224 Year ago +312

    never thought i’d be into other women, but i think i’m gay for molly

    • @matrix35
      @matrix35 Year ago +26

      Molly is a bloke

    • @lovecinnamonxx
      @lovecinnamonxx Year ago +97

      @@matrix35 bugger off

    • @moop.3549
      @moop.3549 Year ago +20

      no bc i'm a straight woman and same??

    • @baltimorefan5642
      @baltimorefan5642 Year ago

      You're super gay if you're gay for molly lol...she's cool as hell though

    • @j.c7719
      @j.c7719 Year ago +14

      You’re in luck Molly is gay and she is single

  • @eragon1378
    @eragon1378 Year ago +328

    The collab we never knew we needed.

  • @thedarklennialsz8120

    Man, you can’t help but loving these two, great interviews Amelia ❤️

  • @dondraper2344
    @dondraper2344 Year ago +16

    "You cant do a cartwheel? Thats SCHYOCKHING"

  • @nicholajayne9971
    @nicholajayne9971 Year ago +323

    These pair are such good eggs as a scouser they are all for the communities & they do such good work for the youth.. ❤️

  • @ThinkSnipser
    @ThinkSnipser Year ago +83

    I never expected this collab but as a UFC fan, I'm happy

  • @johnfjones8961
    @johnfjones8961 Year ago +83

    Molly and Paddy are both so amicable. What a great pair!

  • @jessicadriscoll4948
    @jessicadriscoll4948 Year ago +68

    3 hilariously crazy people I love all in one video!!! My new favorite chicken shop date! I have to say, Molly was pretty smooth too.

  • @thetruth6693
    @thetruth6693 Year ago +194

    Didn't want this one to end 😂 best date by far

  • @sophie5317
    @sophie5317 Year ago +78

    I love these two, they are so genuine and lovely, especially Molly

    • @mugenrr8202
      @mugenrr8202 Year ago

      Genuine 😂😂 Ariel said bullshit 💯😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • @DarkNomad38
      @DarkNomad38 Year ago

      @@mugenrr8202 Ariel is bullshit

    • @mugenrr8202
      @mugenrr8202 Year ago

      Like you punk

  • @BikesAroundFlorida
    @BikesAroundFlorida Year ago +11

    LOVE THIS EPISODE!!! loved seeing your different cultures!

  • @Heatherwolo
    @Heatherwolo Year ago +1

    This is the best one so far!

  • @jamann2467
    @jamann2467 Year ago +26

    that „well done love“ was so powerful

  • @fatbowls6297
    @fatbowls6297 Year ago +36

    I like how you're open to getting all different types of guests!! Keeps your content fresh/entertaining seeing so many diff types of people and it's smart of you !

  • @sidneygriffiths5737

    Didn't want the interview to stop!

  • @GoPlayStudio
    @GoPlayStudio Year ago +9

    didnt want this episode to end!

  • @BDT31
    @BDT31 Year ago +8

    Fair play getting these two Amelia. Love you ❤keep working hard queen

  • @danielshipton4714
    @danielshipton4714 Year ago +16

    That’s a classic for me! lol 😂 The blind barber 💈 comment and the thumb war challenges had me laughing hard. 😂😆😅

  • @kayleighselina.3152
    @kayleighselina.3152 Year ago +48

    Brilliant as always Amelia! Not sure why people are concerned about payments when they didn't pay a penny to watch this lol ... Loved the ending advice too!

  • @TomasSowellIsGreat
    @TomasSowellIsGreat Year ago +4

    The way they say ‘love’ is so endearing 😄

  • @winnieblews
    @winnieblews Year ago +1240

    How can you not love these two. Not only what they do for the sport but for their community and the youth.

    • @Kink-Panther
      @Kink-Panther Year ago +79

      Paddy a bully he was exposed just two days ago

    • @lizardgodzilla5386
      @lizardgodzilla5386 Year ago +13

      @@Kink-Panther yep It would be funny to see him lose

    • @winnieblews
      @winnieblews Year ago +6

      Kink Panther L. Did you get that latest scoop from Arial.

    • @Kink-Panther
      @Kink-Panther Year ago +1

      @@lizardgodzilla5386 yeah and honestly going after Ariel who's been MMA journalist over 10x of the year .
      You'd think you'd be like oh yeah this dude probably gots backups of everything.
      Don't forget Ariel Helwani remembers dates of fights who fought who .
      Recalls the exact day he interviewed fighters.
      C'mon he had Rampage Jackson tuff him up and they're great friends .
      You'd think Paddy would know better to kiss ass and lie .
      Ariel Helwani is a encyclopedia of MMA history.
      That's like me talking smack about
      Alain Aspect and say He doesn't care about Quantum Theory he's only profiting from it.
      He doesn't know anything .
      When in actuality i just now google greatest scientists alive today no idea who he is .
      But I'll make Bold assumption is what Paddy did lmfao

    • @walterkaiyuenpang3556
      @walterkaiyuenpang3556 Year ago

      FAKE PR CRAP !!! 🤦👎

  • @RandomPerson1
    @RandomPerson1 Year ago +10

    I would love for you to but some behind the scenes footage of these dates. That would be so good

  • @ryanjamesr_
    @ryanjamesr_ Year ago +44

    Amelia is hands down my fave person 🎉

  • @alextheawesomesauce
    @alextheawesomesauce Year ago +14

    These coulda been two separate dates! Enjoyed both !

  • @aw8822
    @aw8822 Year ago +1

    Who couldn’t love Amelia! Being from Liverpool this was good to watch.

    @CFCMAMO1 Year ago +19

    Lads step back she's not interested (elbow). 😂😂😂😂😂 That elbow killed me

  • @slash.9882
    @slash.9882 Year ago +112

    Great CCD as usual. Do you think you could add subtitles to your dates someday? I had a hard time keeping up with what Paddy was saying due to his thick accent

    • @carmelamontor6675
      @carmelamontor6675 Year ago +14

      Thought I was the only one having trouble understanding Paddy too 😭

    • @eclectica1
      @eclectica1 Year ago +1

      Learn Scouse then. No sympathy here.

  • @labellecandel6769
    @labellecandel6769 Year ago +174

    Because of Amelia and this show I now want to visit the UK and eat at a chicken shop ❤

    • @SuperMario20821
      @SuperMario20821 Year ago +43

      Make sure you find a decent one otherwise you’ll be shitting your guts out the next morning 😂

    • @michaelrb9837
      @michaelrb9837 Year ago +21

      You’ll be disappointed luv 😂the chicken here is shite

    • @Suckmytoez247
      @Suckmytoez247 Year ago

      Pure shite

    • @eclectica1
      @eclectica1 Year ago

      @@michaelrb9837 Clearly not going to the right places to eat, or you're just fussy af.

    • @michaelrb9837
      @michaelrb9837 Year ago +1

      @@eclectica1 Not really this is common knowledge people in the UK only eat at chicken shops, KFC and Nando’s. Nando’s is garbage mate

  • @Kryptonian4449
    @Kryptonian4449 Year ago +6

    6:03 Amelia putting up her middle fingers is the cutest thing. 😅

  • @MERKthatDUCK
    @MERKthatDUCK Year ago +18

    three of my favourite people ever, god i love the internet sometimes. another incredible video!

    • @user-qd5lo6oi8n
      @user-qd5lo6oi8n Year ago

      Don't Google paddy's recent drama then, guy is a liar

  • @user-lz3gy7tx8c
    @user-lz3gy7tx8c Year ago +19

    Paddy is too funny. Bravo on the video

  • @alondragarcia2714
    @alondragarcia2714 Year ago +99

    Love to see this! Amelia should invite more UFC fighters to chicken shop. I think it’d be cool to see a bit more of their personalities.

    • @peterolley7159
      @peterolley7159 Year ago +9

      For some crazy reason I think Tony Ferguson would be hilarious

    • @tastefulspoon6951
      @tastefulspoon6951 Year ago +6

      I’d love to see mcgreggor on it

    • @wonon1678
      @wonon1678 Year ago +6

      Since she’s in the UK, many great options here: Arnold Allen (he needs to market his damn self soon), Leon Edwards would be great, Till would be hilarious, Paul Craig like all Scots is funny, Tom Aspinall’s dry humor would work well, Bisping would be interesting, Dan Hardy probably has some solid banter with her, and Marc Goddard would be an interesting bit as well for us MMA fans.

    • @johncubberley1943
      @johncubberley1943 Year ago

      Wanna see some more fighters on here so much

    • @jameshuggett
      @jameshuggett Year ago

      @@tastefulspoon6951 hell no. He'll make Paddy look like lego

  • @carolulupipi
    @carolulupipi Year ago +7

    Best episode 😅 it's hilarious, they seemed like they had a great time 🤙🤙🤙

  • @buildatrap
    @buildatrap Year ago +33

    Let's hope Amelia doesn't get called a rat after she ignores Graham's invoice.

  • @shannonmarie3231
    @shannonmarie3231 Year ago +12

    "I'm very competitive as well. I was never going to let you win that" 😆

  • @diinalens
    @diinalens Year ago +31

    i don't watch ufc but i follow the both of them just because their accents are so fun to hear 💕 so this interview was a hoot 🦉

    • @Howtobeabeast
      @Howtobeabeast Year ago

      So you’ve seen all of paddy’s racist tweets too then?

    • @diinalens
      @diinalens Year ago

      @@Howtobeabeast no i don't go near twitter always hated it. i just follow them to hear them shoot the shit in their scouse accent. that's it 🤷🏻‍♀️ so don't grill me lol

  • @praeri3022
    @praeri3022 Year ago +10

    “Speak Scouse then” “👹Chicken 👹”

  • @72PSI
    @72PSI Year ago +8

    Love Paddy and Molly. Real as they come.

  • @CaseyHardman
    @CaseyHardman Year ago +19

    Okay for real though, Amelia & Molly would be a hella adorable couple.

    • @jaydee3216
      @jaydee3216 Year ago +3

      I totally agree. Amelia would be Molly's princess. Some serious chemistry here.

  • @ReganAtSea
    @ReganAtSea Year ago +8

    3:33 i don't know why but this shot made me laugh so much... i think it's the kid's face

  • @user-bu4pk6zm9h
    @user-bu4pk6zm9h Year ago +3

    Amelia is doing bits!!!! National treasure

  • @jriptheavior1657
    @jriptheavior1657 Year ago +11

    "I don't want that smoke Amelia " 😂😂

    • @AmeliaDimoldenberg_official...
      @AmeliaDimoldenberg_official... Year ago

      👆🏻 👆🏻👆🏻THANKS FOR WATCHING 🙏

  • @todhold2673
    @todhold2673 Year ago +8

    6:46 LOL he looked so serious.

  • @j0ntsang
    @j0ntsang Year ago +1

    This is by far the best interview

  • @dannyt3180
    @dannyt3180 Year ago +2

    This was funny as 😂, love how these two just being themselves 😂

  • @crizzyplays
    @crizzyplays Year ago +12

    Amelia making Molly shy 😆

  • @jeremymerejeremy
    @jeremymerejeremy Year ago +19

    it has gotten to a point where amelia struggles to outweird her guests

  • @xBonyKnees
    @xBonyKnees Year ago

    really great episode!

    • @xBonyKnees
      @xBonyKnees Year ago

      Does RUclips really not care about all the spam / scam messages that get sent to basically everyone that leaves a comment on a video ... Jeez

  • @gomolemo11
    @gomolemo11 Year ago +2

    omg the chemistry you and molly have is insane like get a room😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • @tymekwyporski4753
    @tymekwyporski4753 Year ago +21

    This is just like 3 mates having the banter that's why I Love this show 😂

  • @chigboyrock
    @chigboyrock Year ago +9

    I definitely would have a hard time understanding them lol but I can listen to them talk all day

  • @greyguy.960
    @greyguy.960 Year ago

    Do more fighters, amazing ,love this one !!

  • @sorrymomtv6358
    @sorrymomtv6358 Year ago

    Great vid like always, but Nex time plzz put captions 🙏😍😂

  • @chi643
    @chi643 Year ago +6

    Amelia is a legend

  • @sahilali-wi8nm
    @sahilali-wi8nm Year ago +6

    Absolutely love Molly. So pretty so funny.

  • @JustinSpakable
    @JustinSpakable Year ago

    I loved this episode

  • @bzawde026
    @bzawde026 Year ago +1

    YESSSSSS love the UFC guests!

  • @OldTerrible
    @OldTerrible Year ago +4

    Great episode I'd love to see more guests like this. Love Paddy he's not afraid to say it like it is.

  • @leoniharrison9156
    @leoniharrison9156 Year ago +17

    Why can imagine Paddy and Amelia being friends 😂😂

  • @KadetheGrey
    @KadetheGrey Year ago

    Best one for a while

  • @daniellemcgee4761

    This one was great

  • @khalilahd.
    @khalilahd. Year ago +12

    “Is UFC just angry twister? welp I guess we can just hope the next date is the one 😭

  • @Kerubles
    @Kerubles Year ago +7

    I think I’ve fallen in love with Molly. What a sweetheart.

  • @iisnutty
    @iisnutty Year ago +1

    Love this, Amelia cracks me up 🤣

  • @cleoh666
    @cleoh666 Year ago

    I loved this

  • @jeremys5400
    @jeremys5400 Year ago +4

    One of the best ones yet, Amelia seemed liked she proper enjoyed that.

  • @ItsSD
    @ItsSD Year ago +34

    I can barely understand them, but this was hilarious

  • @andrewducker4753

    Love the spoof ULAY advert. So funny. What a send up!

  • @emilyhannah1539
    @emilyhannah1539 Year ago

    My fave one yet 💖

  • @maryseptihet
    @maryseptihet Year ago +10

    I can’t do a cartwheel either Amelia, so don’t worry you’re not alone and someone asked me once why I couldn’t do it and I told them because I was afraid of heights 😭😭😭

  • @ellymartinez2427
    @ellymartinez2427 Year ago +5

    I love how she's trying not to laugh the whole time

  • @JaseGBT
    @JaseGBT Year ago +1

    made my morning 😂 good luck tonight paddy!

  • @ganjabongmaster4204

    legendary episode amelia

  • @xxxcellardoor
    @xxxcellardoor Year ago +5

    "Id 'ed kick voldemort" the best thing I've heard Paddy say so far 🤣🤣🤣

  • @Sociallama
    @Sociallama Year ago +7

    they’re like that great big bruv and sis we all need 😂

  • @kevinmccourt9790

    What a lovely pod love paddy amd molly. One love kmc

  • @devinross8071
    @devinross8071 Year ago

    This was magical.