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Oakland police respond to wild night of sideshows

  • Published on Apr 13, 2024
  • A night of sideshow chaos in Oakland ended with a big response from the police. Da Lin reports. (4-14-24)
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Comments • 1.1K

  • @evilfingers4302
    @evilfingers4302 Month ago +453

    1. Impound all the cars involved.
    2. Put a Lien on the towed cars.
    3. Auction off the cars at a Police Auction.
    4. $1000.00 fine for the 1st offense and Drivers License suspended up to 5 years.
    5. Repeat Offenders, immediate jail time up to 5 years

    • @Falconlibrary
      @Falconlibrary Month ago +49

      Many of the cars are stolen and abandoned afterwards.

    • @ellierivera5519
      @ellierivera5519 Month ago

      @ evilfingers..
      Perfect solución….$$$$. well get there Attention!… We Are Living Insanity!..please before you VOTE!! Think!!….

    • @user-zw7rq8ys9h
      @user-zw7rq8ys9h Month ago +24

      ​@@magicseahorsestay ignorant it's easier for you that way

    • @user-zw7rq8ys9h
      @user-zw7rq8ys9h Month ago +24

      ​@@magicseahorselet your teacher know you have no critical thinking skills. Impounding cars is a detail that you seem to not understand also auction off the cars at a public auction is also a detail that you seem not to understand. The details in every part of that list you just don't seem to know what a detail is

    • @jessicak958
      @jessicak958 Month ago +14

      Many of the cars are stolen so 😅 it makes them no difference..

  • @mineolahome5243
    @mineolahome5243 Month ago +383

    Our society is deteriorating at an alarming rate.

    • @danielbrown7535
      @danielbrown7535 Month ago +41

      For the most part it's dems. Their are still.pockets of normal...without dems.

    • @abdulaliakbar1175
      @abdulaliakbar1175 Month ago

      Thanks to the Democrats you gonna keep voting for

    • @lilnarm_smoothblaze
      @lilnarm_smoothblaze Month ago

      @@danielbrown7535and the hope of republicans is Trump?! No my friend society is deteriorating at alarming rate none of them can save this nation and prevent ww3 at the same time. Life is changing face it

    • @SpaceRanger187
      @SpaceRanger187 Month ago +1

      You close all the tracks to build more houses.. No matter where a track is built someone 10 miles away will cry and then the track closes. Its never going to stop

    • @VicInCommentSection
      @VicInCommentSection Month ago +9

      Sideshows have been around for decades. There used to be more in the past than there are these days.

  • @curtmiller6484
    @curtmiller6484 Month ago +94

    Who's out at 4:30 AM? Nuthin' good happens after midnight.

    • @Podus81
      @Podus81 Month ago +7

      I am, going to the gym, getting my day started

    • @killgoretrout877
      @killgoretrout877 Month ago

      entitled black and hispanics

    • @Michael_Hunt
      @Michael_Hunt Month ago +6

      I work night shift so me lol

    • @vladimirputinforUSA
      @vladimirputinforUSA Month ago +4

      You only live once
      I’m out at all hours
      When I go, I’m going with a smile because I have enjoyed my time on earth

    • @cccollarncuffs
      @cccollarncuffs Month ago +2

      And the gates to Hell are located in O town.

  • @h0ng_stuff
    @h0ng_stuff Month ago +145

    They won’t outnumber bullets

    • @Oneofakind91
      @Oneofakind91 Month ago +2

      They got more bullets just saying

    • @kennymichaelalanya7134
      @kennymichaelalanya7134 Month ago

      There are more good people than this scum. Just saying ​@Oneofakind91

    • @pavelow235
      @pavelow235 Month ago +11

      ​@@Oneofakind91🤣, this is a joke right?

    • @goodwillhunt6613
      @goodwillhunt6613 Month ago

      There are people involved in street takeovers, and then there are people who want to shoot those people for their failures in life.

    • @shaayaellis1436
      @shaayaellis1436 Month ago

      Got that right!

  • @jazuluss
    @jazuluss Month ago +294

    Police can't shoot drivers ramming their vehicles into them?

    • @danielbrown7535
      @danielbrown7535 Month ago +45

      Not in California.

    • @idontmindifisaid
      @idontmindifisaid Month ago +27

      That is right. I remember using a car to ram into another car or another person is consider a weapon.

    • @davinxi5926
      @davinxi5926 Month ago +5

      Yeah they can….

    • @renbro2409
      @renbro2409 Month ago +18

      Oh now you want police to use deadly force. Then what criticism them for doing so?

    • @stevenjohnson8507
      @stevenjohnson8507 Month ago +7

      No. Even during the scope of a cop's duty. Reason, it is unlawful to take the life of another only to protect property unless your own life is threatened. I don't see any cops inside those two units at issue.

  • @armoredghost6180
    @armoredghost6180 Month ago +141

    This is not a problem in Japan.

    • @TheBigBigSean
      @TheBigBigSean Month ago

      It will be soon, they've been forced to take in hundreds of thousands of African immigrants.

    • @ericwadebrown
      @ericwadebrown Month ago +30

      Exactly. One of the few remaining civilized societies.

    • @MarcusLeonard307
      @MarcusLeonard307 Month ago +57

      That's because Japan doesn't have a demographic problem...

    • @lkd06
      @lkd06 Month ago +18

      @@MarcusLeonard307 not yet, anyway

    • @walterdrinker
      @walterdrinker Month ago +19

      Japan out here with the 99% conviction rate too

  • @kennymichaelalanya7134

    It's all fun and games until an innocent bystander gets seriously hurt or worse.

    • @dannyzuko7182
      @dannyzuko7182 Month ago +15

      It happens every time they do this. On X you'll see people go flying from the cars...😂

    • @Lemmon714_
      @Lemmon714_ Month ago

      The shitstains watching aren't innocent

    • @brianmeen2158
      @brianmeen2158 Month ago +10

      Yeah those dumbasses standing so close to the swerving cars 😂

    • @user-mw9yh4cu2i
      @user-mw9yh4cu2i Month ago

      Think these feral animals care?

    • @playertwo1516
      @playertwo1516 Month ago +5

      We need to see more of it actually

  • @Carlospjr
    @Carlospjr Month ago +108

    If they don’t have enough police officers, call in the national guard!

    • @emjay2045
      @emjay2045 Month ago +6


    • @frankreynolds9418
      @frankreynolds9418 Month ago

      That was the plan from the start. Defund the Police and then wait for people to beg the government for protection. The National Guard was never meant to be used as a police force. This is the first step to them forming a federal police force in order to gain full control over state rights. It's not a coincidence that they refuse to do anything about crime or illegal immigration.

    • @lisasimms7866
      @lisasimms7866 Month ago

      Piss pants Pelosi won't let them.

    • @wandasanders7557
      @wandasanders7557 Month ago

      Exactly 💯

    • @ndttvclipsreborn
      @ndttvclipsreborn Month ago

      My thoughts exactly. I've been thinking what could make oakland essentially a better place? City wide curfew first off with military presence. They dont listen? fine them. Id say throw em in jail but you know, resources n all

  • @Uwannaknow24
    @Uwannaknow24 Month ago +18

    And the white car still got away huh

  • @UniquelyCritical
    @UniquelyCritical Month ago +150

    1. Impound all cars involved.
    2. Throw the drivers in jail.
    3. Take away license for at least 1 year.
    4. Cite the spectators with increasing severity for subsequent offenses.
    5. Upgrade roads to sideshow proof intersections.
    6. Install high resolution night vision cameras to get all faces and license plates involved.

    • @evilfingers4302
      @evilfingers4302 Month ago +5

      High Resolution Night Vision Cameras such as FLIR are very expensive, and City Taxpayers would totally be against it because the total cost involved.

    • @aptpupil
      @aptpupil Month ago +3

      Some of these are useful, all of them require effort that city officials don't have.

    • @fpgaruda9966
      @fpgaruda9966 Month ago +7

      One year loss of license for spectators and 10 years revoked for drivers caught. 1 year goes by fast, they’ll still drive and get away with it for a year. It’s way too easy to get a license in this country and fines aren’t tough enough. Places like Germany, you have to go to driving school, it’s serious training. Drivers of all ages there take driving serious because one DUI and you can expect to lose your license for life.

    • @eponymousIme
      @eponymousIme Month ago +3

      The cars are probably stolen, so #1 and #3 punish only the cars' owners, who have already been victimized.

    • @eponymousIme
      @eponymousIme Month ago +2

      @@fpgaruda9966 Being a spectator is not a crime. The U.S. Constitution allows for freedom of assembly.

  • @brianwong4458
    @brianwong4458 Month ago +50

    so i guess its okay to take cars and smack into police cars and still even comes back to challenge the cops? please help Oakland out here!!!!!!!!!

  • @ntxdirect1835
    @ntxdirect1835 Month ago +85

    This is when citizens take over the policing 🔫

    • @Mrbfgray
      @Mrbfgray Month ago

      Citizens voted in favor of crime and chaos.

    • @PeterBulka-nf3rn
      @PeterBulka-nf3rn Month ago +1

      Lol, California has already taken the peoples rights to bear arms and to defend themselves so that’s a mute point at this time..
      Maybe if they weren’t pretty much keeping their boot on their citizens necks it would be possible for folks to protect themselves from the riff raff..

    • @farristolesome4419
      @farristolesome4419 Month ago


    • @cccollarncuffs
      @cccollarncuffs Month ago

      They will disappear.

    • @acruz639
      @acruz639 Month ago +2

      @@YowzaBowzaWowzano, with the California only single shot handgun 🤣🤣🤣

  • @Lora-G
    @Lora-G Month ago +39

    I'm so tired of the sideshows😢. All last nite in Fruitvale it was out of control😮

  • @julieplumb4127
    @julieplumb4127 Month ago +14

    Parents are MIA

    • @tuxcats8518
      @tuxcats8518 Month ago +2

      Maybe they are the ones who ARE in jail.

  • @justacopywriter
    @justacopywriter Month ago +50

    Singapore used to have something called caning. Is caning archaic? Sure. But the lawlessness is getting out of hand, and it's clear that these criminals thrive on the indulgence of society's 'understanding'.

    • @Truckngirl
      @Truckngirl Month ago +12

      I remember Michael Fay!!!!

    • @IndependentObserver-eb9pv
      @IndependentObserver-eb9pv Month ago +10

      Singapore is super peaceful and clean.

    • @justacopywriter
      @justacopywriter Month ago +2

      @@IndependentObserver-eb9pv Yes, such a clean and organized city-state. I enjoyed my visit there and felt very safe. Would love to visit again!

  • @hereandnow8578
    @hereandnow8578 Month ago +26

    mad max beyond thunderdome

  • @ng2440
    @ng2440 Month ago +45

    If this gets worse with not enough cops then get the National Guard let's see if these idiots can get through a military blockade. No more impounding and crush those cars immediately!!! This issue is getting out hand and the Governor needs to invoke his powers before the whole Bay area becomes a lawless city.

    • @irishledden4924
      @irishledden4924 Month ago

      A little late. It's been a liberal cesspool for over 30 years.

    • @J.A.N.E.T
      @J.A.N.E.T Month ago +9

      A lot of them are stolen cars so they need to get that too.

    • @Truckngirl
      @Truckngirl Month ago +1

      I know you're angry but the US Constitution does guarantee due process...unless that's not important anymore.

    • @phoenixskeptic7698
      @phoenixskeptic7698 Month ago

      Too late!

    • @marcusfaasisila4057
      @marcusfaasisila4057 Month ago

      honestly my amigo its just not that important enough to get the national guard involved.

  • @prestonarmer277
    @prestonarmer277 Month ago +60

    What a beautiful culture

    • @daddyrabbit835
      @daddyrabbit835 Month ago +10

      Always bringing their best.

    • @zenithperigee7442
      @zenithperigee7442 Month ago

      @prestonarmer277, it's a culture fostered by Democrat regressivism.

    • @ericcruz3533
      @ericcruz3533 Month ago +1

      American culture

    • @stephenmorton8017
      @stephenmorton8017 Month ago

      It's the culture that gave you the internet and the ability to say that you don't like the culture. Still better than the Soviets under putninsky.

    • @prestonarmer277
      @prestonarmer277 Month ago

      @@stephenmorton8017 sorry but no black people did not invent the internet lol

  • @IndependentObserver-eb9pv

    We know DA Price is gonna let them go. Want things to change? Gotta remove DA, judges, mayor, etc.

  • @rainbow1021
    @rainbow1021 Month ago +20

    Change the law and keep those animals in the jail

  • @bigbellyflyer
    @bigbellyflyer Month ago +73

    Deploy the National Guard, it’s really that easy…

    • @davinxi5926
      @davinxi5926 Month ago +3

      They’re sipping margaritas in the Japan and the PH ….. instead of fighting the real war at home

    • @jkkjeldsen8249
      @jkkjeldsen8249 Month ago

      I think they're at the jails in SF due to riots. It's getting like The Purge here.

    • @Lynnda86
      @Lynnda86 Month ago

      Absolutely 💯 agree

    • @MrPalaad
      @MrPalaad Month ago +1


    • @George-dy3pt
      @George-dy3pt Month ago +3

      Boy the gooberment loves you!

  • @davinxi5926
    @davinxi5926 Month ago +25

    1:54 that’s assault with a deadly weapon … that could be killing someone… and they came back again…. With the intent to kill

    • @broccolifan6971
      @broccolifan6971 Month ago

      All those cops did was "scaring them away". Not even bother to pursue and arrest the drivers.
      Liberal woke democratic communities and states are so game over.

  • @Unit8200-rl8ev
    @Unit8200-rl8ev Month ago +18

    Sue the City, Lady. That's the only way things get done in this country.

    • @tracynorris5012
      @tracynorris5012 Month ago +2

      Exactly right. Poor lady's a disabled senior citizen with serious health issues. She's at home, our safe havens. Disability Attorney!!! 😢😢😢

    • @larrybee7713
      @larrybee7713 Month ago +1

      Probably not because of qualified or governmental "immunity."

    • @tracynorris5012
      @tracynorris5012 Month ago

      @@larrybee7713 Larrybee, you're exactly right. How can us citizens Stand our ground in order to protect our rights, homes, and families here, in America?!? "Land of the Free", has Left us good, law abiding people at the mercy of our government at every level.. and the Criminals allowed to destroy our sanctuaries, homes.,, our health and very lives. What can we say n do to Help Ourselves??! It's seriously out of control cuz Criminals have more Rights than us,, b.s., Politicians Aren't Helping Us and personally I'm a disabled RN, can't participate in protests for Change! Praying in Georgia USA 🇺🇸 🙏💔

    • @shawyonsharifi3394
      @shawyonsharifi3394 Month ago +1

      Sueing the city of Oakland ain’t gonna get u nowhere 😂

  • @conner_b_griften
    @conner_b_griften Month ago +20

    Make Paul Kersey Great Again

  • @nichpak1
    @nichpak1 Month ago +13

    Add on thousands of hours of community service cleaning the roads and repaving.

  • @harvey4821
    @harvey4821 Month ago +44

    what a bunch of usual suspects

    • @BalanceEnergy888
      @BalanceEnergy888 Month ago +7

      Hispanic and Asian gangs of California.

    • @muddyhotdog4103
      @muddyhotdog4103 Month ago

      @@BalanceEnergy888 Oakland has largely black gangs

    • @oldsoul4699
      @oldsoul4699 Month ago +3

      @@BalanceEnergy888 you forgot the main demographic lol

    • @killgoretrout877
      @killgoretrout877 Month ago

      lol "asian gangs" you mean black people @@BalanceEnergy888

    • @sistahb5159
      @sistahb5159 Month ago

      ​@@killgoretrout877LIAR! They are Latino with a few Asians.

  • @breal1266
    @breal1266 Month ago +14

    It’s sad that there’s so much evil and lawlessness in this country

    • @dont.ripfuller6587
      @dont.ripfuller6587 Month ago +1

      This is what liberalism and quote unquote "progressive" policies get you. Every Democrat ran area is a dumpster fire.

  • @Kenneth_408
    @Kenneth_408 Month ago +35

    This activity will never stop

    • @tmartinez1948
      @tmartinez1948 Month ago +6

      It sure stopped here in Sunny Flo 🤣🤣 cops are like flys here day and night

    • @user-zw7rq8ys9h
      @user-zw7rq8ys9h Month ago

      ​@@tmartinez1948you're a liar because it still goes on here in Florida. You're being a liar because the facts don't fit your narrative and you're doing just what conservative Republicans do best which is spread misinformation and be Liars

    • @dannyzuko7182
      @dannyzuko7182 Month ago

      @@tmartinez1948 Blue states never learn that being soft on crime emboldens criminals. That's why this shizz don't happen here in Florida. Plus, everyone is packing here and we're allowed to stand our ground which makes for a polite society. 😉

    • @dont.ripfuller6587
      @dont.ripfuller6587 Month ago +1

      ​@CrazyKazyto who? Why would you be afraid of a cop? Oh, you're a criminal.

  • @sbtUsaca
    @sbtUsaca Month ago +37

    Get them out lock them up

    • @Mrbfgray
      @Mrbfgray Month ago

      Easier to impound cars for 6 months, Oakland is a Dem crime sanctuary city.

    • @daboiikev6955
      @daboiikev6955 Month ago

      They’ll be out tmr morning!!!

    • @sailorchriscam
      @sailorchriscam Month ago

      Prison rape is not the deterrent it used to be

  • @MaurytheHedgehogDog
    @MaurytheHedgehogDog Month ago +37

    Send them to the army! Yes ma’am.

    • @Truckngirl
      @Truckngirl Month ago

      This is what China wants.

    • @kaydee4296
      @kaydee4296 Month ago +1

      These degenerates couldn't care less about law and order so they're certainly not equipped to protect our citizens.

    • @larrybee7713
      @larrybee7713 Month ago

      They still probably would NOT know how to follow orders and directions.

    • @phoenixskeptic7698
      @phoenixskeptic7698 Month ago

      Why do you want to put that garbage in the military? The military has no more structure since Biden stole the election.

    • @arizzy1681
      @arizzy1681 Month ago +1

      Nah the army don’t need em

  • @invinoveritas6859
    @invinoveritas6859 Month ago +17

    This would never happened in North Korea.Never!!!🤨

  • @BlueSky-Above
    @BlueSky-Above Month ago +37

    Oakland family values, on display yet again

    • @allenschermerhorn941
      @allenschermerhorn941 Month ago +2

      Sideshow statistics have shown that the majority of participants aren't from the city that the sideshow is taking place.

    • @BlueSky-Above
      @BlueSky-Above Month ago +6

      @@allenschermerhorn941 yes, there have been PhD studies on side shows I'm sure, obtaining statistics and data (NOT)

    • @brothertspoon5899
      @brothertspoon5899 Month ago +2

      Easy now. This is NOT Oakland family values this is testosterone and adrenaline Oakland values😂

  • @Lynnda86
    @Lynnda86 Month ago +6

    Good for them!! We've been experiencing the SAME thing here in Dallas, Tx

  • @nantan9453
    @nantan9453 Month ago +16

    you get what you vote for

  • @v247videos
    @v247videos Month ago +37


    • @kenchu5900
      @kenchu5900 Month ago +5

      Different city mayor, different results.

    • @eponymousIme
      @eponymousIme Month ago +1

      How did Stockton do it?

    • @brothertspoon5899
      @brothertspoon5899 Month ago +1

      Stockton is not Oakland tho lol

    • @marcusfaasisila4057
      @marcusfaasisila4057 Month ago

      put it like this my amigo… its not the police its the thugs… the thugs in oakland are worse than the thugs in stockton…

  • @miguelvargas2964
    @miguelvargas2964 Month ago +41

    It's up to us to vote out weak politicians that are soft on crime, if you continue to vote for them nothing will change.

    • @TomSmith-ls5rn
      @TomSmith-ls5rn Month ago

      That requires voting out demoRAT's. Bay Area is too clueless to do that.

    • @TomSmith-ls5rn
      @TomSmith-ls5rn Month ago +4

      That means voting out All demoRAT's. The bay area, like the rest of California, is too clueless to do that.

    • @user-sp7rr5yc7j
      @user-sp7rr5yc7j Month ago

      Most big cities majority are minorities if u run on tuff on crime u wont get elected because minorities no your coming after them

  • @dustyflair
    @dustyflair Month ago +6

    Sure you can arrest your way out. Teach these people there are CONSEQUENCES for your decisions.

  • @Dan.50
    @Dan.50 Month ago +18

    The media also need to be held both legally and financially accountable for their roles in creating this crime epidemic.

    • @BeingforthebenefitofMrPerkins
      @BeingforthebenefitofMrPerkins Month ago

      Until the laws are enforced nothing will change.

    • @rapalbumdepot2660
      @rapalbumdepot2660 Month ago

      SHAME ON KPIX These hysterical news pieces are providing cover for massive police operations- massive police operations which ARENT EVER reported by KPIX.

  • @seadragon3350
    @seadragon3350 Month ago +14

    Design the intersections different. Concrete separations.

    • @kawashima-yoshiko
      @kawashima-yoshiko Month ago +2

      Maybe just home training for kids and putting the violators behind bars?

    • @johndell5088
      @johndell5088 Month ago

      Yes make the roads harder to navigate

  • @HeadStronger-HS
    @HeadStronger-HS Month ago +6

    What a joke this city has become...

  • @stevenchristy3175
    @stevenchristy3175 Month ago +7

    They’ll be back next week with new drivers to fill those vacated seats.

  • @hansel2001
    @hansel2001 Month ago +9

    Not enough officers? So Oakland can’t coordinate w/ Berkeley or San Leandro or Richmond or Lafayette PDs?
    Way to be consistent on the enforcement. No wonder kids mock the police.
    Fund the police. Build more jails. Be consistent on enforcement. Residents are sick of being prisoners in their own homes.

  • @frankjquinn120
    @frankjquinn120 Month ago +12

    Wow! Unbelievable.

  • @nantan9453
    @nantan9453 Month ago +21

    Everyone complaining in the comment section and in the video, but I am pretty sure you all voted to defund the police.

  • @marcogamez6592
    @marcogamez6592 Month ago +11

    Blame your governor for lack of police

    • @timetravelerify
      @timetravelerify Month ago

      This is what Oakland (and other blue cities) voted for!!!! Defund the police!!!! This is the consequence!!!!

  • @soniaz1487
    @soniaz1487 Month ago +6

    If your kid out wreaking havoc upon society at 4:00am, maybe parents need to get in trouble with law along with with their kids.

    • @integrags1
      @integrags1 Month ago +1

      Most of these teens don’t have parents

  • @debbiehunt5940
    @debbiehunt5940 Month ago +9

    Shot a non-lethal to scare the car off???

  • @clovefreire7763
    @clovefreire7763 Month ago +6

    About time these cops are starting to do something instead of just standing around watching

    • @killgoretrout877
      @killgoretrout877 Month ago

      lol dont want the NAACP, ACLU and the state attorney general suing them for "police brutality" for enforcing the laws

  • @benrtomahawk
    @benrtomahawk Month ago +3

    Where's the water cannon? There would be some slipping and sliding.

  • @robbieross6646
    @robbieross6646 Month ago +5


  • @MikeHunt-qu6sk
    @MikeHunt-qu6sk Month ago +26

    It's their "culture".

  • @robertlord2288
    @robertlord2288 Month ago +4

    Welcome to the new America!!!!

  • @davinxi5926
    @davinxi5926 Month ago +9

    Health problems for the seniors and people with health conditions

  • @chadhayes7341
    @chadhayes7341 Month ago +5

    Mad max days in California

  • @aeromtb2468
    @aeromtb2468 Month ago +12

    took a decade to figure out how to block them in.

  • @truthisthevictory9278

    The border curse continues.

  • @nik1128
    @nik1128 Month ago +4

    I have the same problem with these sorts every weekend here in phoenix and its taking everything in my power to not throw nails out. Its enraging.

    • @larrybee7713
      @larrybee7713 Month ago

      Feel for you pretty lady.

    • @user-sp7rr5yc7j
      @user-sp7rr5yc7j Month ago

      In ohio we charge them with reckless driving that as bad as dui we have laws

  • @ericwadebrown
    @ericwadebrown Month ago +18

    Yes, cops can arrest them out of this problem. Trust me, as more of them spend time in jail, less of them will want to do that again.

    • @pavelow235
      @pavelow235 Month ago +3

      ​@@maidenthe80slatell that to gangsters spending life in prison.

    • @lnd8622
      @lnd8622 Month ago

      ​@pavelow235 well surely the guys on this vid aren't going to do life in prison. So yeah what the @ericwadebrown said is true. If you have ever lived in a poor neighborhood you would know that being arrested is a flex for them

    • @killgoretrout877
      @killgoretrout877 Month ago

      great then they should have no issue with going to prison instead of getting released with a citation they wont pay.@@maidenthe80sla

    • @mkay1957
      @mkay1957 Month ago

      The Democrats in the DA's office usually reduce charges or drop charges. And in the unlikely event one of these idiots does end up in court, some jackoff Democrat judge will give them a slap on the wrist.

  • @Dadzilla2
    @Dadzilla2 Month ago +5

    WOW! Parents need to get involved! Ya think? Holy cow kind of late for this don't you think?

  • @KarenSargsyan-mn2uf
    @KarenSargsyan-mn2uf Month ago +5

    Suspended license

  • @thetruthserum2816
    @thetruthserum2816 Month ago +3

    Magnetic GPS trackers could also go a long way + video (which would likely be posted online based on all the cellphones) + new laws targeting this mayhem.

  • @dfirth224
    @dfirth224 Month ago +5

    It's about time.

  • @hulonthesurvivor5884

    Great reporting.

  • @realestatephotovideoshawns1177

    Vote Republican or kiss California goodbye

    • @darcimunday4410
      @darcimunday4410 Month ago +4

      I don't live in California thank God. But you said a month full right there. And your absolutely right voting Republican for sure. I have to agree with you 💯 percent!

    • @americanmade-1
      @americanmade-1 Month ago +3

      You must be kidding lol. California is nothing compared to states like Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, so it's obviously not a Democrat thing. The majority of the poorest, most dangerous and least educated cities are in Republican districts. In fact, California has the 4th largest economy in the world that has done great under Newsome. They also have lower property taxes than Texas and rank number 1 in clean energy. They were the first state to legalize cannabis and have great self defense laws. California isnt perfect, but its definitely our nation's number one state, it could be it's own country. They put over 90% of the food on our tables and help this country by subsidizing many red states. Anyway, in summation, California is one of this countries shining stars. Not to mention its an outdoorsman or farmers dream.

    • @stevensweet8834
      @stevensweet8834 Month ago +4

      @@americanmade-1 Grasping for straws!

    • @population-_-420
      @population-_-420 Month ago

      F maga

    • @population-_-420
      @population-_-420 Month ago +1

      Defund police

  • @Josh_Abjd
    @Josh_Abjd Month ago +8

    They will all be back next weekend 🙄

  • @middleguy1776
    @middleguy1776 Month ago +17

    Amazing culture

    • @John-pz6nm
      @John-pz6nm Month ago +1

      It really is. The Town is lit.
      You've never stepped foot here.
      Come to East Oakland and speak your mind to the amazing culture. Br brave

    • @ITSthatMEXICANO
      @ITSthatMEXICANO Month ago

      @@John-pz6nmyou sound fat

    • @middleguy1776
      @middleguy1776 Month ago +9

      @@John-pz6nm town is a shit hole

    • @John-pz6nm
      @John-pz6nm Month ago +1

      @@middleguy1776 You've never stepped foot in The Town
      I'm there rn
      You don't even name it correctly
      Probably live in Texas or Florida

    • @middleguy1776
      @middleguy1776 Month ago +10

      @@John-pz6nm I actually lived in Oakland on 17th and MLK downtown. I know how bad Oakland is and it's only getting worse. I've lived in the bay for my whole life.

  • @raygordon3728
    @raygordon3728 Month ago +1

    Post their names and faces online, everyone one of them arrested. Ramming a Police car and they let him leave? God damn what is this world coming to?

  • @gargoyleb
    @gargoyleb Month ago +1

    This is what everyone in the 60's and 70's fought for.

  • @michaelwells7348
    @michaelwells7348 Month ago +8

    ~ Not my Monkeys ~ Not My Circus ....~ Go get em Coppers ~ we always knew U could..... If’s U Cared enough to

  • @popeyesailorman911
    @popeyesailorman911 Month ago +5

    To Successfully crackdown on Sideshows and Street Takeovers, the City need to offer BIG Rewards $$$ to informants just like how there's government programs to crack down on criminal gangs is to offer incentives to informants
    a small circle of attendees know exactly when/where it's gonna go down.......

  • @Obeijin
    @Obeijin Month ago

    Thanks Pam ...

  • @free322001
    @free322001 Month ago +2

    So who ya gonna vote for this year, Debbie?

  • @Oakland5150
    @Oakland5150 Month ago +6

    Dam, Noel you finally did something right and you made a statement saying there's no $ in overtime! You gave a out to fail again. Your such a fraud.

  • @gregoryjones8388
    @gregoryjones8388 Month ago +11

    Usual suspects

  • @wolfthornhawkridge5705

    Always leaving the laundry detergent on the playground.

  • @Whet-wb9jt
    @Whet-wb9jt Month ago +2

    I can't believe this is reality

  • @BalanceEnergy888
    @BalanceEnergy888 Month ago +4

    Hispanic and Asian gangs of Cali.

    • @miket4234
      @miket4234 Month ago

      hispanics and *blacks. azns aint dumb enuff for this

    • @user-ob5ug5iq7b
      @user-ob5ug5iq7b Month ago

      They are totally suck. They will regret one day standing before Jesus on Judgment Day.

  • @doriangray4937
    @doriangray4937 Month ago +4

    Since the National Guard are not allowed to make arrest, have them pin them in, then the OPD, Sheriff, Hwy Patrol can lawfully come in and make arrest and impound the cars for 90 days. Up the ante for 2nd and 3rd offenses even to the point of auctioning off the car, taking the proceeds to fix the pot holes.. Those that plead that they need their cars for work, appts etc. can catch a ride share, the bus or BART. We are sick and tired of this.

  • @nihongobenkyoshimasu3190

    Build concrete separations between lanes at traffic light so it will be impossible to make donuts.

  • @caesard.8711
    @caesard.8711 Month ago +1

    If they are arrested and let go the next day what difference does it make?

  • @idontmindifisaid
    @idontmindifisaid Month ago +3

    Call Gavin Newson to send the CHP in this time for a whole year. That will show results.

  • @wtfdtreats
    @wtfdtreats Month ago +7

    *Single Mother Behavior EVERYWHERE*

  • @sthcalguy3024
    @sthcalguy3024 Month ago

    Why are we calling this a "sideshow" like it's some carnival attraction? 😂

  • @Calinotch06
    @Calinotch06 Month ago +3


  • @fergman300
    @fergman300 Month ago +4

    The cops...we dont have enuff officers...lol. dont arrest them...just disable the cars...and have a tow company pick them up and sell them to junk yards.

  • @HeartsOfDarkness
    @HeartsOfDarkness Month ago

    Hey KPIX News, do a follow up as to how many of these charges were followed through with.
    Most were probably back out on the street before this story aired.

  • @koolaidbomber
    @koolaidbomber Month ago +1

    Its NOT going to matter, if the DA does nothing.
    Isn't there a recall going on for both the Mayor and DA of Oakland? If so, this was nothing but a show

  • @muddyhotdog4103
    @muddyhotdog4103 Month ago +3

    CA becoming a third world

  • @tubby_1278
    @tubby_1278 Month ago +3

    Just when you think your life is bad there's always people that are in much worse situations lol...these thugs have no lives or no job

    • @spacini
      @spacini Month ago +1

      You mean stealing cars is not a job?

  • @RyanPhung725
    @RyanPhung725 Month ago +1

    This is a start! Thank you Oakland PD

  • @EcksLacks
    @EcksLacks Month ago

    Come on, at least give them the award for The Biggest Sausage Fest in History😂

  • @Han78711
    @Han78711 Month ago +7

    Democrats love this.defund the police more.

  • @johnabbottphotography

    Why do they keep renaming riots?
    Side shows? You mean like.. at a circus?

  • @jinha911
    @jinha911 Month ago

    Bad mom: my baby is such a good boy, he was going to colleges

  • @timp3035
    @timp3035 Month ago +1

    Great work Mayor

  • @Alan5757u
    @Alan5757u Month ago +3

    Always Democrats' cities

  • @felicia7756
    @felicia7756 Month ago

    That's insane

  • @guitarlessonswith4480

    What's commical is police & politicians seems perplexed at how their city got this point. Even more commical is that the citizens voted for them.

    @GOLDZZK Month ago +4

    Soft on crime CA

  • @davinxi5926
    @davinxi5926 Month ago +4

    They could be Hamas inside.. this is a dangerous time…