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New Killer Vecna "The Lich" (Mori, Power, Map, Perks...) | Dead by Daylight PTB

  • Published on May 26, 2024
  • First time checking out the new Killer "The Lich" also known as Vecna (from the original Dungeons & Dragons mythology, NOT the Vecna from Stranger Things). As well as the new Survivor and Map. This content is currently available on the PTB for Dead by Daylight on PC (Steam) and will come to the live servers in about 3 weeks!
    00:00 - Intro
    01:16 - Killer Menu Animation
    06:08 - New Map & Killer in action
    11:11 - Locker pull animation
    13:23 - Mori Animation
    14:00 - Exploring the Dungeon
    18:42 - Grab animation
    20:54 - Survivor Perks Explained*
    24:40 - Funniest Interaction
    29:04 - Killer Addons (first impressions)
    *Still Sight now shows the aura of the Killer as well.
    Thumbnail 3D render by @Ev3ntic.
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Comments • 2.2K

  • @dattallas3123
    @dattallas3123 12 days ago +5147

    This killer: Looks pretty complicated
    The trapper: Oh, look, the bear trap.

    • @outtohightower644
      @outtohightower644 12 days ago +110

      That's a shame for the face of the game. 😢

    • @scatt3r1
      @scatt3r1 12 days ago +282

      reject modernity
      return to trapper

    • @bradpitt839
      @bradpitt839 12 days ago +23

      @@scatt3r1yas queeennn preach 💅💅💅

    • @SonicAdventureEnjoyer
      @SonicAdventureEnjoyer 12 days ago +34

      Naughty Bear and Trapper >>>>> weird board game Voldemort always

    • @Definitelydusky
      @Definitelydusky 12 days ago +41

      Really wish they could give trapper something else than just his traps to use, something passive that helps him keep pressure on the map. He’s just so 1 dimensional, either you run into the trap you didn’t see and lose the chase, or he doesn’t have a trap around there and it’s a normal M1 chase.

  • @jinguini8001
    @jinguini8001 12 days ago +3848

    12:35 watching the “damn that mimic is FUCKABLE” comment get deleted in real time is so funny

    • @iknorn9494
      @iknorn9494 12 days ago +341

      The fact that they added gambling to dbd as a part of power is amazing

    • @briat206
      @briat206 12 days ago

      Finally i can enjoy both of my favourite hobbies at once!​@iknorn9494

    • @maximuffin6395
      @maximuffin6395 12 days ago +184


    • @Hazem_Pasha
      @Hazem_Pasha 12 days ago


    • @clevermeadow8866
      @clevermeadow8866 12 days ago +172

      and you know he read it too because why else would he say this 20:34

  • @lukepalm9586
    @lukepalm9586 12 days ago +393

    I can't wait for Ellen Ripley from the hit movie Alien to pull out a lute and start playing against the demogorgon from stranger things

    • @lucasdesouza9299
      @lucasdesouza9299 11 days ago +43

      Damn, DbD is becoming Fortnite.

    • @RokuroCarisu
      @RokuroCarisu 11 days ago +14

      How long until Vecna gets a skin for his Stranger Things counterpart?

    • @Matthias129
      @Matthias129 10 days ago +8

      @@RokuroCarisu Now that the chapter is back, I wouldn't be surprised if they're all in talks right now to make it happen.

    • @DLBBALL
      @DLBBALL 9 days ago +2

      @@lucasdesouza9299 I think it's funny how you worded it like that, since DbD started doing external IP collabs before Fortnite.
      Original reply: Shouldn't it be the other way around? DBD got the ball rolling with the collabs since October 2016 (Myers), whereas the first major collab character in Fortnite (Thanos) came out in May 2018 I think

    • @Crona_Gowther_Kanato
      @Crona_Gowther_Kanato 9 days ago +1

      @@DLBBALL Lmao uh doesn't really matter. DBD might've "started/invented it" with the horror genre but Fortnite perfected it with being able to access diverse characters from every genre, Pickle Rick, ATLA, Deadpool, & Goku. Like you can't honestly sit there & think DBD is doing more diverse work here than Fortnite has in the last 6 years lol

  • @Modeus.
    @Modeus. 12 days ago +609

    Bardic Inspiration, Dramaturgy, Autodidact, and Plunderer's Instinct.
    The gambler build. Gamble with friends, gamble whilst in chase, gamble when healing, and gamble during your free time.
    I love gambling.

    • @thesalsaguy4395
      @thesalsaguy4395 12 days ago +37

      Bardic Inspiration: Good gamba
      Dramaturgy: Good gamba
      Autodidact: Works in the build’s context
      Plunderer’s Instinct: Not really a gambling perk for chests. Might I recommend Ace in the Hole for the gambling of addons?
      If you’re gonna do a gambling build, optimizing the amount of RNG you deal with is paramount.

    • @Modeus.
      @Modeus. 12 days ago +13

      @@thesalsaguy4395 I thought of Plunderer's as a "go spin the wheel when you're not doing gens", as Luck (as far as I know) doesn't affect the 3 previous perks. I'm _serious_ about gambling to the point where I'd break the build if it means that I get to gamble more.

    • @Predated2
      @Predated2 12 days ago

      @@Modeus. Well, Ace in the Hole is a better gambling perk, especially since it works with Dramaturgy. Plunderers instinct is at best 3 extra spins. Ace in the Hole is 3 spins per Dramaturgy(which already is a spin on the wheel): 1 on if you get 1 or 2 addons, 1 on the addon rarity and the final one to get the same addon twice. Has only happened once to me over the course of my entire DBD career.
      Trust me, nothing will ever give you that gambling high if you get a Commodius Toolbox with 2 wirespools.

    • @wolfrex2721
      @wolfrex2721 12 days ago +9

      Slippery meat, luck offering or up the ante for gambling on hook

    • @mattiacicchetti3778
      @mattiacicchetti3778 11 days ago +7

      Ace mains rise

  • @soulfliktion
    @soulfliktion 12 days ago +845

    "I can change my power"
    Knight is literally crying in the corner rn

    • @shaunmitchell1225
      @shaunmitchell1225 12 days ago +112

      Yeah Knight could use a simple rework now allowing him to pick which guard to send. Vecna looks better in every aspect imo.

    • @user-qu7ev7ys2l
      @user-qu7ev7ys2l 12 days ago +6

      At least it works when u need it.

    • @marcochavez2429
      @marcochavez2429 12 days ago +30

      they sould definitly allow knight something like this, each guard with their own cd

    • @-nyon-6108
      @-nyon-6108 11 days ago +5

      yeah a rework for the knight would be cool

    • @shadowshedinja6124
      @shadowshedinja6124 11 days ago +6

      I don't think they could give the Knight the same treatment without reworking most of his add-ons and making Jailer more useful.

  • @lmn_godie2598
    @lmn_godie2598 12 days ago +1047

    1:26 It's voiced by Matt Mercer, the Voice Actor, not to be confused with Alex Mercer, the bio-terrorist

    • @ToniToniChopaaa
      @ToniToniChopaaa 12 days ago +84

      We are aware the twitch chat was extra fucking annoying about it

    • @DeadfishKing
      @DeadfishKing 12 days ago +39

      Alex as a killer or Wesker skin would be dope though

    • @KalraSura
      @KalraSura 12 days ago +28

      Free my man Alex Mercer. He aint do nothin wrong

    • @Sheridan2LT
      @Sheridan2LT 11 days ago +10


    • @Sheridan2LT
      @Sheridan2LT 11 days ago +6

      @@DeadfishKing As a Killer. Actually, Wesker skin would be cool too.

  • @MTakaa
    @MTakaa 12 days ago +204

    "Bro lets t-bag the killer in gate"
    "Nah bro we'll play them a song"

  • @jackbob83
    @jackbob83 12 days ago +427

    I bet Stranger Things fans shat themselves with joy after hearing “Vecna” and then shat themselves with grief after realizing it’s the D&D guy, not the Stranger Things Season 4 guy

    • @moploplus
      @moploplus 12 days ago +86

      I feel like he might get a stranger things Vecna legendary skin

    • @AR00N12
      @AR00N12 12 days ago +36

      Damn they shat themselves twice?

    • @CapraDaAlbaRegia
      @CapraDaAlbaRegia 12 days ago +1

      They usually do

    • @h445
      @h445 12 days ago +4

      you described me

    • @zach4279
      @zach4279 11 days ago +8

      Wow you just explained exactly what happened to me

  • @The_ace-1233
    @The_ace-1233 12 days ago +1077

    The Bard perk is so fucking funny. Imagine your on the ground bleeding out and your friend is just vibing next to you

    • @Chalo122790
      @Chalo122790 12 days ago +34

      Oh i know it will happen xD

    • @BubbleBunnyy
      @BubbleBunnyy 11 days ago +21

      I’m so excited to add this to my meme Steve build! I always swap around a couple of perks and in this one will be there 100% of the time

    • @Paramore_your_Decode
      @Paramore_your_Decode 11 days ago +1


    • @idstayaway9992
      @idstayaway9992 11 days ago +6

      Always that 1 guy huh​@@Paramore_your_Decode

    • @graenko792
      @graenko792 11 days ago +2

      That's two perks I'm running 100% of the time now (first one is dramaturgy)

  • @Thegamergabe4.0
    @Thegamergabe4.0 12 days ago +3222

    Vecna in thumbnail: “IS THAT THE REAL OTZ?”

  • @BlueBD
    @BlueBD 12 days ago +22

    "I will play my role.... for now"
    That line has a TON of lore implications.

    • @angelpr2477
      @angelpr2477 11 days ago

      I don't play DND could you elaborate?

    • @BlueBD
      @BlueBD 11 days ago +9

      @@angelpr2477 it's actually DbD lore implications lol
      Take into account not all the killers Like working for the Entity or that the Entity has to often trick Killers into the Realm if not outright kidnap them

    • @angelpr2477
      @angelpr2477 11 days ago +2

      @@BlueBD Hmm yeah that makes sense, wonder if we'll get a new game mode with that implications 🤔, "fighting the entity"

    • @A2Ztigers
      @A2Ztigers 2 hours ago

      ​@@angelpr2477 TL,DR: Vecna is a lesser deity and legendarily powerful mage capable of warping reality even before he ascended to godhood. If he decided to fight the DBD Entity, it would be a hell of a fight, so it's lucky he's willing to play his role for now. (Although that's probably just a joke about how DnD is a roleplaying game).
      Long version, in DnD, Vecna was an extremely powerful mage who turned himself into an undead Lich in order to live forever, but was betrayed by a trusted vampiric general named Kas, who Vecna had previously gifted a sentient sword that, instilled with Vecna's evil, corrupted Kas and convinced him to usurp Vecna. During the fight, Kas cut off Vecna's hand and cut out his eye, but Vecna managed to banish him before dying. His severed hand and eye became potent magical artifacts after his death. Vecna was powerful enough in his un-life that he posthumously developed a religious following big enough to bring him back as a minor deity, and has since tried several times to get a spot on the major pantheon. In terms of definite feats, provable strength, Vecna probably beats the Entity.

  • @Thoast_
    @Thoast_ 12 days ago +84

    Its funny my first thought on vecna was that it seemed complicated. And yet the moment I got into it, it was one of the most fun killers I've played in a while.
    *Also in case its not shown in the video, the lich has a "2nd mori" in the same sense as the executioner does, if a survivor on death hook has attuned with the hand or eye of vecna, vecna can do a 'artifact retrieval' Which is a quick mori*

  • @Entitusschule
    @Entitusschule 12 days ago +489

    I like the fact that the first few killers have exactly one ability, like bear traps or a semi invisibilty and this killer literally can cast 4 different spells for like every fucking situation possible.

    • @rayronnyd4659
      @rayronnyd4659 12 days ago +82

      Power creep in design.

    • @Nikkibuh
      @Nikkibuh 12 days ago +47

      I mean yeah, what're you gonna do, make /another/ guy with semi invisibility?

    • @kingol4801
      @kingol4801 12 days ago +30

      Because that is his gimmick? Magic having variety?
      Gtfo, haters

    • @Entitusschule
      @Entitusschule 12 days ago +50

      No, but buff the old and weak killers so they can keep up with new killers. You don't have to make them OP or something, but just make them somehow useful. ​@@Nikkibuh

    • @berilsevvalbekret772
      @berilsevvalbekret772 12 days ago +31

      ​@@kingol4801I don't think they are hating just stating the very development

  • @BDeity
    @BDeity 12 days ago +890

    I love how we've come so far in DBD, that now Kate can actually bust out her guitar.

    • @KatyaAbc575
      @KatyaAbc575 12 days ago +48

      Kate mains rise up! ✊

    • @tigerprincess1109
      @tigerprincess1109 12 days ago +9

      What?! Yes please! I'm a Kate main 🥰

    • @spicysalad3013
      @spicysalad3013 12 days ago +13

      ​@@tigerprincess1109yep, new perk "bardic inspiration" makes you bust out a little tune

    • @jamesa2482
      @jamesa2482 12 days ago +6

      “Come so far” the game is pretty much exactly the same as ever 🤣 there’s just more surfs and killers and it isn’t overly survivor sided compared to the early years.

    • @CrumbledCheese
      @CrumbledCheese 12 days ago +16

      @@jamesa2482 yeah surfs up cowabunga

  • @chrismastrorocco4945
    @chrismastrorocco4945 11 days ago +16

    Imagine being a literal knight and then getting upstaged by a literal god joining your game on your team. I'm glad DbD is taking DnD's approach to martial vs caster balance, they truly respect the source material

  • @Spooky_Bard
    @Spooky_Bard 12 days ago +28

    In case no one else has mentioned it yet, I found the alternate Mori people were talking about. Basically, it’s an in-kit Mori like Pyramid Head, and it activates when you down someone carrying the Eye or Hand of Vecna, distinguished by the “recover artifact” prompt.

    • @dizo-jp2td
      @dizo-jp2td 8 days ago

      God loves u all

    • @Keig0.mp4
      @Keig0.mp4 8 days ago

      I was hoping someone would mention this haha

  • @captaincalcium9282
    @captaincalcium9282 12 days ago +1556

    1:28 Yknow he may be a biomutant killer, monster, and terrorist but Alex Mercer is a pretty damn good VA

    • @olimarfunk
      @olimarfunk 12 days ago +204

      cultured prototype reference spotted

    • @olimarfunk
      @olimarfunk 12 days ago +163

      "They call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist. I am all of those things."

    • @Doncroft1
      @Doncroft1 12 days ago +67

      Matt Mercer?

    • @cryptic9511
      @cryptic9511 12 days ago +37

      ​@@Doncroft1 did he stutter?

    • @wasielu3257
      @wasielu3257 12 days ago +27

      Alex Mercer?I think youre talking about Matthew Mercer.

  • @Pyrax-Tunneled-You
    @Pyrax-Tunneled-You 12 days ago +1581

    Vecna looks like he just died in your arms tonight in the thumbnail.

    • @NameIsDoc
      @NameIsDoc 12 days ago +64

      It must have been something, he said.

    • @kuromifytheworld008
      @kuromifytheworld008 12 days ago +38

      ​@@NameIsDoc 🎶 he just died in your arms tonightttt~ 🎶

    • @Saltier
      @Saltier 12 days ago +5

      Lich rizz.

    • @NameIsDoc
      @NameIsDoc 12 days ago +4

      @@kuromifytheworld008 are we children or old because of that reference or is that song just meme enough to be in the common lexicon?

    • @kuromifytheworld008
      @kuromifytheworld008 12 days ago +4

      @@NameIsDoc it's a meme, thanks to instagram comments. I can say with confidence that we're children.

  • @Spaceman-wx1jn
    @Spaceman-wx1jn 12 days ago +62

    The dungeon underneath the map is so well done, and surprisingly big, even more than 1 gen spawns down there.

  • @michasokoowski6651
    @michasokoowski6651 12 days ago +16

    *gives someone their item*
    Nurse from the other side of the map: so you have chosen death.

  • @Mario-SunshineGalaxy64
    @Mario-SunshineGalaxy64 12 days ago +891

    BHVR was thinking of giving Vecna the Testicular Torsion spell (Ovarian Torsion for the ladies) but they figured that was too OP.

    • @goldenduffy193
      @goldenduffy193 12 days ago +144

      Fallopian fluctuation*

    • @fireblast133
      @fireblast133 12 days ago

      then a wand charged with 'Mend Buttcrack' would randomly spawn on the map. Permanently disables casting of testicular torsion.

    • @-Spectator-
      @-Spectator- 12 days ago +58

      That would give the survivor a 100% hindered status effect until they are put into the dying state

    • @SeekingKnight
      @SeekingKnight 12 days ago +24

      Missed opportunity for Black Tentacles spell.

    • @AdeptusCaeiusIII
      @AdeptusCaeiusIII 12 days ago +18

      @@SeekingKnight Or Arms of Hadar. Imagine a swirling mass of tendrils that just nukes everything around you, but with an insanely long cooldown. Oof.

  • @kaiharada619
    @kaiharada619 12 days ago +753

    Mmmm yes, Alex Mercer, my favourite dnd figure

    • @beeboop5158
      @beeboop5158 12 days ago +77

      Prototype guy?

    • @kirionagaia
      @kirionagaia 12 days ago +14

      ​@@beeboop5158had the same thought lmao

    • @iknorn9494
      @iknorn9494 12 days ago +15

      Alex mercer in Dbd when

    • @KarlDelaney99
      @KarlDelaney99 12 days ago +10

      Can't believe we got Alex Mercer from DND in DBD before GTA VI

    • @wasielu3257
      @wasielu3257 12 days ago +8

      but its not Alex Mercer. Its Matthew Mercer

  • @utes5532
    @utes5532 11 days ago +6

    Trapper in the corner looking at his 16th-century animal trap while brand deal McGee over here gets 4 powers lmao

  • @Lord_Dargon
    @Lord_Dargon 11 days ago +13

    As a long time player of dnd I love seeingall the little things they put in the game that you wouldnt know, like the addons being famous magical items from DM's Guide. It is actually so amazing to get to see dnd in one of my favorite games, it deserves to be here, and the power of this killer is PEAK.

  • @mr.whoknows3810
    @mr.whoknows3810 12 days ago +432

    Never in my life would I have guessed that freaking dungeons and dragons would be in dbd!

    • @Erik_Ochoa013
      @Erik_Ochoa013 12 days ago +25

      Demogorgon was close enough lol

    • @Doncroft1
      @Doncroft1 12 days ago +4

      DnD in DBD FYI!

    • @FreddieMercurytheSharkWrestler
      @FreddieMercurytheSharkWrestler 12 days ago

      @@Erik_Ochoa013 yeah but dnd demogorgon is a 2 headed monkey demon

    • @hanswurst6742
      @hanswurst6742 12 days ago +1

      cause it's dumb. You would think it's dare. What is the stupidest thing we can bring to dbd they though

    • @DopeyDaDober
      @DopeyDaDober 12 days ago +13

      @@hanswurst6742I think if they were in a stupid competition they would have brought in my little pony. At least Vecna is a horror figure with gruesome powers, but yeah it’s not really in the genre they usually go for

  • @requiemknell6806
    @requiemknell6806 12 days ago +613

    1:27 Oh yes I love when a DND chapter for DBD has the killer voiced by the main character of Prototype

  • @whythoisuk9646
    @whythoisuk9646 12 days ago +16

    Best part about this update? My artist build which has previously only used spies from the shadows now has another crow perk to use!

    • @igal5553
      @igal5553 10 days ago +1


    • @dizo-jp2td
      @dizo-jp2td 8 days ago

      God loves u all

    • @igal5553
      @igal5553 8 days ago +1

      @@dizo-jp2td Who?

    • @Ceccener
      @Ceccener 5 days ago

      ​@@igal5553Why are you insulting God?

    • @igal5553
      @igal5553 3 days ago

      ​@@Ceccener Who?

  • @lindleya
    @lindleya 12 days ago +5

    The second Mori is if a Survivor has the Eye or Hand of Vecna from rolling a 20 on a loot chest. Then you get the option to "Reclaim Artifact" and it's a much quicker mori. Like Sadako or Pyramidhead

  • @toothyweasel2705
    @toothyweasel2705 12 days ago +137

    The tweens in the Twitter post saying how this is off-brand Vecana because its not the Stranger Things character has finally made me an angry old man

    • @bruuuuuuuuhhhh
      @bruuuuuuuuhhhh 12 days ago +7

      Sad times we live in

    • @LoganHunter82
      @LoganHunter82 12 days ago +1

      Really?!?! They're actually saying that?????!!!!!!😤

    • @kingol4801
      @kingol4801 12 days ago +17

      That is kinda how popularity goes.
      Original is often ignored in favor of mainstream.
      For example, people would compare Plutonian to just another Homelander once the Irredeemable movie comes out, whereas Plutonian was inspiration.

    • @godoftune
      @godoftune 12 days ago +7

      Thats bc stranger things vecna had insane amounts of hype and build up and no one was anticipating this instead

    • @h445
      @h445 12 days ago +4

      how do you know they are tweens? i'm older than you and wanted ST Vecna. deal with it

    @MAC_HAMMER 12 days ago +119

    That Mori is straight Mortal Kombat Fatality status

  • @NotebookTheCat
    @NotebookTheCat 11 days ago +7

    Mage Hand is so smart, it's lore-friendly too!

  • @swashhustler1326
    @swashhustler1326 12 days ago +5

    On first impression he seems like a true wizard: high skill floor and high skill ceiling

  • @asilva5021
    @asilva5021 12 days ago +195

    Cant believe Alex Mercer is VAing now
    He really was prototyping careers

    • @KDA21
      @KDA21 12 days ago +3

      Hes....been a va

    • @xxsourcream
      @xxsourcream 12 days ago +8

      @@KDA21matt mercer is a va, alex mercer is…

    • @flamingflesh5976
      @flamingflesh5976 12 days ago +9

      @@KDA21Matt Mercer is the VA, Alex Mercer is a game character

    • @asilva5021
      @asilva5021 12 days ago +6

      @KDA21 Alex Mercer is the prototype, Matt Mercer is the final product

  • @gleada7798
    @gleada7798 12 days ago +103

    Kate mains are gonna go crazy with bardic inspiration

  • @MetallicD3ath
    @MetallicD3ath 11 days ago +5

    When the teaser got released, me and a bunch of people said "oh yeah, that looks like a Beholder."
    At the same time, when I saw it was a DnD collab, I said my first thought was that they couldn't get Stranger Things to approve Vecna, so they went to Wizards to use their version instead.
    I was half joking but it's so funny to see I was right.
    The magic items are sick, this looks like the most fun killer to play against on the Survivor side since Wesker.

  • @tribork
    @tribork 11 days ago +25

    The funniest part is that it’s not different chests being mimics that keeps getting them, the survivors keep opening the same chest constantly forgetting it’s a mimic

    • @Matthias129
      @Matthias129 10 days ago +5

      I can confidently say they didn't forget. In these killer/survivor showcases the survivors are goofing off while helping showcase killer abilities and animations. Prime example being the Dwight (I believe?) who gestured Otz to kick a gen under the guise of showing the gen kicking animation only for the trap to go off. Also, everyone just playing their lute at every possible moment. Still really funny, just don't think it should be assigned to absentmindedness when it's absolutely intentional!

  • @jOe_hOLL4nD
    @jOe_hOLL4nD 12 days ago +74

    The all new “you fell for the oldest trick in the book” build. This includes mirrored illusion, resilience, wake up and leader. That way if you wanna open exit gates, just put the false you on one and bum rush the other. Plain and simple, but effective. ❤

    • @Kalosianfire
      @Kalosianfire 12 days ago +4

      I don’t think it would last long enough to be that much of a trick, and you’d have to get to the other gate, likely passing by the killer

    • @bloxer9563
      @bloxer9563 12 days ago +1


    • @wolfrex2721
      @wolfrex2721 12 days ago +1

      @@KalosianfireIt lasts 2 minutes

    • @chaoticsilver8442
      @chaoticsilver8442 12 days ago +4

      Replace leader with hope- allowing you to rush to the other gate faster, and have a friend run leader. Leader doesn't work on yourself as far as I know, just on other, nearby survivors.
      "Increases the Action speeds of other Survivors
      IconHelpLoading survivor
      in Healing, Sabotaging, Unhooking, Cleansing, Opening, and Unlocking by 15/20/25 % while they are within 8 metres of your location.
      This effect lingers for 15 seconds when leaving Leader's range."
      -dbd wiki's page on the 'Leader' perk

    • @SGEnjoyer
      @SGEnjoyer 11 days ago +1

      plant it on a gate and watch nearby for when the killer inevitably checks and sees it, walks up and sees it's a decoy. they'd probably high-tail it to the other gate, might even check nearby.

  • @riastradh
    @riastradh 12 days ago +35

    “Hello guys, this is Otz. Or at least I was before the TPK”

    • @alexanderglex4600
      @alexanderglex4600 12 days ago +4

      Hello friends this is Not Otz, or atleast it was until I had to make a new character named otz

  • @TheJackMouse
    @TheJackMouse 12 days ago +4

    Catch me with Bardic Inspiration and Leader, standing next to a 3-man only Generator doing nothing at all

  • @ratfiendz
    @ratfiendz 11 days ago +3

    THIS IS SOOO HYPE!! AND WHAT A SHOUTOUT TO HAVE MATT MERCER VOICE AS VECNA! also a fun dnd lore tid bit, i wonder if languid touch is meant to be a reference to vecna's beef with the raven queen . . . . . . good stuff!!!

    • @oscarh9265
      @oscarh9265 10 days ago

      Er… its ALEX Mercer actually? Don’t you know who he is?

  • @nicolasbienz5776
    @nicolasbienz5776 12 days ago +426

    For anyone that doesnt understand the Vecna power, Vecna basically has 4 powers.
    Fly: You can fly over obstacles + a speedboost
    Flight of the Damned: You conjure spectral entities (kinda like artist crows)
    Mage Hand: You block Pallets
    Dispelling Sphere: You create a big sphere where you can see auras and disable magic items from survivors.
    Survivors have magic items against Vecna, which give them random positive effects or items.

    • @Majin_Xavierras
      @Majin_Xavierras 12 days ago +15

      That's crazy

    • @npsea2398
      @npsea2398 12 days ago +38

      Mage hand can also reset pallets if dropped

    • @mateusgsc243
      @mateusgsc243 12 days ago +30

      I see that they'll probably need to buff Vecna in some cooldwdown and durations.
      "Fly" has a looong cooldown between using it and being able to attack, which allows survivors to usually go back around to the pallet/window quite safely. Same thins with Mage hand, it's just too short of a duration holding the pallet right now.

    • @raged_phx6440
      @raged_phx6440 12 days ago +15

      so matt mercer is Cooper, Cassidy, Deadshot, Leon S. Kennedy, AND Vecna now?

    • @SpecHallenbeck
      @SpecHallenbeck 12 days ago +3

      @@npsea2398I think it resets it if they have the corresponding item, and drops it back down otherwise

  • @JeansDG-2
    @JeansDG-2 12 days ago +168

    It being Matt Mercer is so awesome

  • @CreditR01
    @CreditR01 11 days ago +2

    Thanks for the showcase, Otz!

  • @DannygrieferGaming
    @DannygrieferGaming 11 days ago +5

    As a D&D player, I love this killer.
    As a DBD player, I love this killer.

  • @probablywrong3816
    @probablywrong3816 12 days ago +60

    "Hello friends, this is Otz, at least according to my lack of dump-stats."

  • @S0L4R1
    @S0L4R1 12 days ago +80

    The sheer speed of this man, even engravings billy could never catch up to him

  • @bobsmith6098
    @bobsmith6098 12 days ago +4

    God every time I hear the lyre perk, I’m reminded of that inscryption song

  • @Crossil
    @Crossil 11 days ago +4

    It is mandatory that survs like Jeff and Kate get their own dedicated guitars.

    • @Indy-the-soup
      @Indy-the-soup 10 days ago

      Fuck the buying dlc characters for their perks, it should be in those two webs at base

  • @legacyrxt7570
    @legacyrxt7570 12 days ago +113

    God the absolute variety in this chapter, especially the power, is insane

  • @SnesNESS-ic6gn
    @SnesNESS-ic6gn 12 days ago +124

    In case you wanted to know, Matt Mercer is the runner of a popular dnd podcast/show called Critical Role, where he is the Dungeon Master ( basically the referee and the one who runs adventures).

    • @arthaiser
      @arthaiser 12 days ago +14

      interesting too that matt has actually played vecna in said dnd game as the final boss for the first campaign, years ago.

    • @SnesNESS-ic6gn
      @SnesNESS-ic6gn 12 days ago +2

      Oh, really? Cool.

    • @SalemNightingale
      @SalemNightingale 12 days ago

      It has been a blast to watch him and the crew play and together it is just so fun to watch!

    • @YaMaTo999Vir
      @YaMaTo999Vir 11 days ago +1

      Who cares? We love Alex Mercer now! 😍

  • @litmeskit7451
    @litmeskit7451 12 days ago +3

    I love how the guitars play in time with each other when people play next to each other

  • @kmochi-
    @kmochi- 12 days ago +127

    This chapter seems to be a huge win. It's so refreshing to have these crazy ideas, and with things like 2v8 on the horizon DBD is looking to be better than ever!

    • @siredtom69
      @siredtom69 12 days ago +10

      It being a limited game mode is dumb tho.

    • @RecentCobra
      @RecentCobra 12 days ago +38

      @@siredtom69 Honestly I would have redownloaded if it was a permanent thing. But BHVR are so scared of making significant changes, they just made it a limited mode

    • @limenlimen4143
      @limenlimen4143 12 days ago +8

      @@siredtom69It won't be limited time from what I've heard, as it's a mode instead of a modifier

    • @MeH0y
      @MeH0y 12 days ago +18

      @@siredtom69it is only limited for now until they finalize the mode, they will take it off when they make changes

    • @siredtom69
      @siredtom69 12 days ago

      @@RecentCobra exactly

  • @matazock2447
    @matazock2447 12 days ago +11

    Voiced by Alex Mercer? Damn, I knew he survived Prototype 2.

  • @firedrake110
    @firedrake110 12 days ago +4

    And a few hours ago the official channel also posted a castlevania collab too, we eatin' good today boys

  • @Barlakopofai
    @Barlakopofai 12 days ago +6

    It would be really funny to sit between the armor suits as the knight with insidious.

    • @Someone-lg6di
      @Someone-lg6di 12 days ago

      Wouldnt it be obvious with the weapon

    • @unsuspiciousdweller8967
      @unsuspiciousdweller8967 11 days ago +1

      ​@@Someone-lg6diI bet it'll be a repeat of the mannequins from SM's map, with knights goofing off and survivors pretending not to see them. Probably the one thing i'm looking forward to this chapter

  • @tictactin504
    @tictactin504 12 days ago +15

    Personally I think that because of the way the counterplay works, Hex: Third seal is gonna be meta on this killer

    • @Predated2
      @Predated2 12 days ago

      Eh, not really. The counter items arent that strong. Based on his power, you will have Hex: Blood Favour (you can block a pallet with the hand, then get a hit), double cooldown addons (the yellow one reducing it by 5 seconds, and the green one reducing it by 5 seconds for every m1), and then a mix of slowdown and info perks, since you can simply just send the orb for quick info and use Fly to close massive gaps.

    • @wolfrex2721
      @wolfrex2721 12 days ago

      Blindness doesn’t affect killer powers

    • @tictactin504
      @tictactin504 12 days ago +2

      @@wolfrex2721 believe they do affect the aura reading some of the magic items give though

  • @Amanda_move
    @Amanda_move 12 days ago +168

    No, it's not The Stranger Things guy

    • @tfcbioshock
      @tfcbioshock 12 days ago +17

      Gotta have the original

    • @wasielu3257
      @wasielu3257 12 days ago +3

      obviously its not

    • @fosterbennington6405
      @fosterbennington6405 12 days ago +2

      I was concerned for a moment

    • @Toshiro-dono
      @Toshiro-dono 12 days ago +20

      Definitely the right choice to go with the original. A lovely setup for a Stranger Things-themed cosmetic for the guy though!

    • @KingsNerdCave
      @KingsNerdCave 12 days ago +6

      No it's the true Vecna from the game the show's villain is based on.

  • @_TG
    @_TG 12 days ago +11

    Ambition over practicality - a step in the right direction. No doubt at all he will feel clunky in certain spots, but this is a refreshing deviation from the norm.

  • @Rullisi
    @Rullisi 11 days ago +2

    I like the concept of dark arrogance. Pretty oldschool simple perk to have. This dual character setup with three perks is what I wish they did from the start with such dlcs.

  • @FrostyTheNightmare
    @FrostyTheNightmare 12 days ago +11

    I needed a guide about this multitasking monster

  • @theskelebro8013
    @theskelebro8013 12 days ago +50

    Loved checking it out live, seems like he's gonna be another killer that focuses on "make the killer and the survivors both op"

    • @thesavagegummybear7341
      @thesavagegummybear7341 12 days ago +4

      No, more like make the survivors op for very little gain.

    • @bootyclap69k
      @bootyclap69k 12 days ago

      The spells are good but I wouldn’t say they’re OP though

    • @NewSirenSong
      @NewSirenSong 12 days ago +1

      ​@@thesavagegummybear7341 you sound like you're just not very good at the game and will do anything except take personal responsibility for that

    • @scrapinator8898
      @scrapinator8898 12 days ago +3

      @@thesavagegummybear7341 you have nothing to work off of that statement with

    • @thesavagegummybear7341
      @thesavagegummybear7341 12 days ago +2

      @@NewSirenSong lol ok little buddy.

  • @shinzoux5912
    @shinzoux5912 11 days ago +1

    This is so freaken cool!! Can't wait to try out Vecna and Bardic inspiration 😁

  • @Trident_Gaming03
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    Congrats on 1 million subs, Otz!

  • @ChompBot
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    No, it's not The Stranger Things guy.

    • @zeroedygo
      @zeroedygo 12 days ago +59

      When you realize that all the stranger things enemies are named after DND enemies

    • @MicahMyers
      @MicahMyers 12 days ago +5


    • @riastradh
      @riastradh 12 days ago +19

      @@MicahMyersyou mean thankfully

    • @mickaokiji
      @mickaokiji 12 days ago +5

      Thank god

    • @moltenchocolate9725
      @moltenchocolate9725 12 days ago +9

      the dnd demogorgon would have been much scarier. unfortunately that def wasnt gonna happen

  • @ASmartNameForMe
    @ASmartNameForMe 12 days ago +56

    vecnas mori really does get under my skin

  • @blarghchan
    @blarghchan 11 days ago +2

    I've got three quibbles with Vecna:
    He's a lich, yet has a mostly normal face. His face should be more skull than flesh.
    The Eye of Vecna is in the game, yet he has both eyes.
    The Hand of Vecna is also in the game, yet he has both hands.
    Aside from that, pretty cool addition. I am constantly surprised how many companies are willing to let DBD play with their IPs. I imagine the contracts and negotiations are a pain in the ass, though.

    • @Lord_Dargon
      @Lord_Dargon 11 days ago +2

      yeah, i wish they did what DND did where he just makes a false hand and eye.

  • @Firestar-hk3lq
    @Firestar-hk3lq 12 days ago +1

    hey i stopped playing this game a while ago but i still enjoy your videos.. congrats on a million subs otz

  • @TimZoet
    @TimZoet 12 days ago +6

    Otz has found his new main killer. Lich has sooo much fun potential with all the different abilities. 10/10 design in my book

  • @Pyro77777
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    I’m crazy hyped for this to drop live

  • @t.spiteful1641
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    I dont play DBD anymore but i always tune back in to see what the new killers offer.

  • @somedude4041
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    Hello friends this is Otz, at least according to a witness legal testimonial

  • @NameIsDoc
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    That item drop perk will pair nicely with overwhelming presence and franklins. My " f your items" build on doctor would be great with this

    • @kingemeraldbonesok8270
      @kingemeraldbonesok8270 11 days ago

      Yea but no gen regression or slowdown means you’re gonna get rushed real easy

    • @NameIsDoc
      @NameIsDoc 11 days ago +1

      @@kingemeraldbonesok8270 Yeah, I'm fully aware. There is no such thing as being able to play creatively in Dead by Daylight. I mean, it took them like almost two years in order to fix a 30 second gen rush from a single perk. And there are still methods in order to get that down to below 45 seconds. With no issue.

    • @kingemeraldbonesok8270
      @kingemeraldbonesok8270 11 days ago

      @@NameIsDoc I don’t play the game anymore but man I remember hating franklins but yea anyways you’re right the only way to play as killer to win competitively is just gen slow down pretty boring but oh well

    • @NameIsDoc
      @NameIsDoc 11 days ago

      @@kingemeraldbonesok8270 yeah, Franklins is mostly a troll. It does have it's uses and can mess up some teams like Sabo squads.

    • @kingemeraldbonesok8270
      @kingemeraldbonesok8270 11 days ago

      @@NameIsDoc messes up poor flashlights🥲

  • @abclove97
    @abclove97 12 days ago +35

    voiced by Alex Mercer? the guy from prototype? dang, bro's come a long way after being infected.

    • @wasielu3257
      @wasielu3257 12 days ago +1

      No, he's voiced by Matthew Mercer

    • @jacklondon3745
      @jacklondon3745 12 days ago +6

      @@wasielu3257 It was a joke on the fact that Otz said 'Alex' Mercer instead of Matt Mercer.

  • @Drthulhu
    @Drthulhu 12 days ago

    Looks great! You can tell they put a lot of effort into him! Hopefully future chapters will get the same level of care

  • @tonightsbigloser1580
    @tonightsbigloser1580 11 days ago +2

    at first I was a little sad that it wasn't Stranger Things Vecna but after seeing how cool this killers design is I'm glad they did this instead.

  • @Wayhoo
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    At first I was nervous for D&D in DBD but this is honestly sick

  • @Grinch21X
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    Ah yes Alex Mercer, from hit video game series Prototype

  • @AnodicHead
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    Im glad you're always here, Otz

  • @dominicwalker1444
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    You can tell a lot of love went into this map

  • @Hassanahmed-fh4ls
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    Congrats for 1M❤ you are really gamer

  • @artillerbee1559
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    Holy shit they COOKED with this guy

  • @caesar9791
    @caesar9791 12 days ago +1

    The different mori animations are based on if they have a special artifact

  • @stc92
    @stc92 12 days ago +1

    Should've had Trickster's glove make the mage hand invisible when holding up a pallet, that way, you can trick survivors into thinking the pallet is safe and they can do one more loop or something.

  • @casedistorted
    @casedistorted 12 days ago +7

    Uploaded 2 minutes ago?? Man, I am EARLY! This is actually kind of a mind blower, was not expecting this Killer.
    This is so unfortunate because I have to go to work in 10 minutes! Ahhh!

  • @kokujoman5025
    @kokujoman5025 12 days ago +5

    Alex Mercer Otz absolutely leaking the Prototype chapter too early

  • @pink6279
    @pink6279 12 days ago +2

    I hate how many people are shitting on dnd and saying that stranger things is better, LIKE THIS ISNT WHERE HE CAME FROM HELLO THIS IS A HUGE W

    • @FinestFantasyVI
      @FinestFantasyVI 11 days ago

      This is a huuuge win. I wonder if Baldurs Gate success influenced this chapters inception since it brought dnd to a wider gaming audience

  • @Shageru47
    @Shageru47 12 days ago +1

    I saw a comment somewhere on Otz's videos that predicted the mimic being a feature. Shout out to that person.

  • @theswede3330
    @theswede3330 10 days ago +4

    I really hope they give the lich a mind flayer skin

    • @Indy-the-soup
      @Indy-the-soup 10 days ago

      I feel like they will, or maybe they'll just give some dnd skins for other killers.

  • @AzazelHash281
    @AzazelHash281 11 days ago +3

    they had FUN making this

  • @Shuffles_Art
    @Shuffles_Art 11 days ago +1

    I honestly love the way they approached the add-ons for Vecna. Just make all of them super useful in their own special way to switch up the gameplay, the way an add-on should be designed. Sure, some of them definitely need tweaking and some are certainly less useful than others but all of them clearly have their own significant advantages and will likely see a lot of decent usage unlike other killer’s add-ons that tend to fall into obscurity (cough cough all of Pyramid Head’s add-ons)

  • @nickoangelo9156
    @nickoangelo9156 12 days ago +1

    This is hands down the coolest killer so far in my opinion.
    Definitely either an A tier or S tier killer too in addition to being so fun.
    I imagine it might take a bit getting used to though

  • @blutobeyond
    @blutobeyond 12 days ago +3

    Can't wait for the lute jam sessions at the exit gates

  • @exxpo7870
    @exxpo7870 11 days ago +3

    DBD devs are cooking more D&D heat than WOTC at this point

  • @taczki2
    @taczki2 12 days ago +1

    Matthew Mercer is a very well known voice actor. His notable roles are Jotaro from JoJo or Cassidy from Overwatch

  • @KnifeToMeetYou_
    @KnifeToMeetYou_ 12 days ago +2

    Damn I didnt think i'd ve hearing Chrom in DbD but here we are. Cool to see Mercer's work with Critical Role nail him the spot to voice Vecna.

  • @Esperandoteband
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    Hello Otz this is flying Vecna

  • @firstpersonsnooter2519
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    I’m proud of BHVR on this one, might have to pick up the game again lol

    • @Indy-the-soup
      @Indy-the-soup 10 days ago +2

      They've been on point with the licensed dlc lately, chucky and xenomorph were fun, and vecna looks sick af

  • @galacticeyelord
    @galacticeyelord 11 days ago +1

    The amount of times you said bye at the end makes me feel like you don't want to say bye

  • @SingularisFox
    @SingularisFox 11 days ago +1

    I already love absolutely everything about this new killer. Gonna buy this on release immediately.
    Also gotta play the lute. I'm gonna do it all the time. Just for the meme value.
    DE sure went ahead for those "ambitious" additions you asked for, Otz. And I love everything about it. The new map is also awesome. This will surely shake things up.
    Amazing addition to the roster.

  • @rustyzipper19
    @rustyzipper19 12 days ago +9

    “Alex Mercer” PROTOTYPE GAMING