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Sold in America: The Workers

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
  • Newsy visits the only place in the U.S. where money for sex is legal and follows the fight to decriminalize prostitution in the nation's capital.
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Comments • 15 789

  • coko 420
    coko 420 3 years ago +19771

    The interviewer, was very professional, and simply fantastic. The complete lack of judgement was wonderful.

    • B. Cohen
      B. Cohen 16 days ago

      I feel a lot of judgement coming from her tbh

    • John David
      John David 25 days ago

      it's important that at the least, these women are protected from diseases, violence, and forced servitude.

    • Stephen McGuire
      Stephen McGuire 3 months ago

      @Salim Say, whaaaat?

    • mishal Adara
      mishal Adara 4 months ago

      @girls hot a bag of meat wrapped in Packaging

  • PhleGmatic
    PhleGmatic Year ago +2606

    “We are a family“ says a man who would never allow his daughter to join the business.

    • Kevin Coates
      Kevin Coates 17 days ago +1

      @dchenkin02 so you’re saying growing up without a father has no negative effects on a girl

  • V C
    V C 7 months ago +147

    I was drugged at a club and I’m convinced someone was trying to sell me into a sex ring but luckily my friend was on me the entire time and got me medical attention asap. I had one drink at this time straight from the bartender. I was told that 25% of the time bartenders are paid off to
    Do this. Please be careful. Look after another and the children too

    • DééDéé
      DééDéé Month ago +6

      God bless you, Jesus loves you

  • Ad Astra
    Ad Astra 7 months ago +377

    What I find funny and disgusting at the same time, is how so many of the people who make/keep these types of things illegal, indulge in it themselves. How many politicians have been busted for hiring prostitutes or buying drugs in the past 10 years? Like always, they have that “rules for thee, not for me” mentality.

  • Isabella
    Isabella 22 days ago +857

    Amazing reporter she knows her job well. You can stop this type of work if you invest wisely. Most times, it amazes me greatly how I moved from an average lifestyle to earning over $83k per month. Utter shock is the word. I have understood a lot in the past few years to doubt that opportunities are bound in the financial markets

    • GenB
      GenB 20 days ago


    • Maria Rodriguez
      Maria Rodriguez 22 days ago

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    • thamad311
      thamad311 22 days ago

      @Leah & Lilly Found his Instagram Page,He has lots of reviews on his page. i'm awaiting his response. Thank you for the recommendation this is really helpful for my situation.

    • Leah & Lilly
      Leah & Lilly  22 days ago

      @thamad311 I’m sure his service is available outside the US, but you gotta ask him first. I'm positive because I have a friend who stays in Australia and using his services too. You should ask him though to know if he offers his service to your country.

    • Isabella
      Isabella 22 days ago

      @Queen OF Love You're welcome….

  • Julia R.
    Julia R. 3 years ago +7155

    The reporter was amazing she was a great pick. I love how she kept her personal opinions to herself and focused on the story and issue

    • Victor Schwazz
      Victor Schwazz 4 months ago

      Please, advise the mainstream media to act like she did. Report the news and let people understand the whole issues.

    • Rando
      Rando 4 months ago +2

      Your just saying that cuz shes muslim lol you wouldnt have said this if she was a regular white reporter

    • Ad Astra
      Ad Astra 7 months ago +2

      @Hamza Younis Really? That’s funny, because SHE’S the one who brought up the fact that if it was legal, the sex workers would STILL be going into the customers “space” alone since not all of them would be working at a brothel. Yeah, she obviously has her own opinions and biases, like we ALL do, but she at least tried to see it from both sides. Something most journalists can’t seem to do

  • Lizzy
    Lizzy Year ago +96

    Loved the part when they explained that the reason there is more violence than there needs to be is BECAUSE it’s illegal. The criminals know the victims won’t report their criminal behavior, so they know they can get away with it.

    • Konko
      Konko Month ago +1

      Yes it's more violent but there is going to be less sex work if it's illegal

    • Darkpaw1
      Darkpaw1 2 months ago +4

      @samoygoddishaw No judgement but you’re calling me a “poor soul”? In any case, I fail to see how driving people into the underground is much better. If I’m a _poor soul_ for trying to help people, then I must be poorer than Casper lol.

    • samoygoddishaw
      samoygoddishaw 2 months ago

      @Darkpaw1 no judgemental here, but is that your mindset poor soul. You're downgrading yourself that's why you guys can't get respective

    • Darkpaw1
      Darkpaw1 10 months ago +9

      Exactly, many reporters often leave that out. It shows if we legalize prostitution we can actually get these people help, instead of forcing them into the underground.

  • Sahil Asnani
    Sahil Asnani Year ago +332

    The reporter's actually feeling agitated deep inside, while talking to the bald owner & that is very evident from her straight face during the entire interaction.
    Kudos to your guts of doing this reporting part for this video 👏👏

  • Scott O'Shea
    Scott O'Shea Year ago +70

    As far as the legalities are concerned, Dennis is spot on. The exact same is true about drugs. Make it legal, provide safety and oversight while generating huge tax revenue. Whether it's prostitution or drugs, legalization is clearly the best path forward. Keeping them outlawed only benefits criminals, organized crime syndicates and of course, the Mexican cartels. Apparently our government wants these people to remain filthy rich while keeping courts and prisons packed with violence through the roof

    • Maybe David
      Maybe David 4 months ago

      @Hunter Young The same argument could be stated about any other activity....say, the global drug trade? Paedophilia and child exploitation? Yes, it can make a difference.

    • Hunter Young
      Hunter Young 4 months ago

      @Maybe David I don't think it would make a difference because its been illegal forever in the 1980s they started giving pimps life sentences, yet that really hasn't stopped anything. IMO either you make it more business like or its stays pretty much the same.

    • Maybe David
      Maybe David 6 months ago

      HIs description of the sex trade is correct...the vast majority is exploitation and destruction of innocent lives. His solution however, is very narrow-minded and actually ignores the reality he describes...it does not 'solves' it. The solution is already in place in several parts of the world: The pimps and those who purchase sex must be criminalised. Not the prostitutes themselves. ie. It should be illegal to purchase sex. This helps solve the exploitation problems. Unfortunately, too many politicians around the world are too caught up in this industry themselves to pass such rational legislation.

  • Angela Wolfmutha
    Angela Wolfmutha Year ago +75

    I love this females journalist approach towards this interview. Extremely professional and compassionate towards the interviewees. She will
    inevitably go far if she hasn’t already. Good job girlfran! 🖤

    • Amazing World
      Amazing World 7 months ago

      yes, u r correct...but What if marriage institutions doesn’t exist & people take s** as a thanks giving kinda stuff..would that be batter system or not?

  • Corey Ocasio
    Corey Ocasio 3 years ago +4193

    "I'm not a piece of trash...I'm a human being."
    I felt that on so many levels.

    • Polish God
      Polish God Day ago

      @Bug Eye what trash choices? Sex is a natural thing. As long as they are willing to do it - i see nothing wrong.

    • Christopher Laufer
      Christopher Laufer 3 days ago

      A attractive human being

    • Laya Monarez
      Laya Monarez Month ago

      @batman2323 I had applied. They didn't hire me. Not even fast food wanted me and I had a college degree. Discrimination is real.

    • Laya Monarez
      Laya Monarez Month ago

      @TheD- Thing Actually I have a college degree and still found myself on the streets because of discrimination of transgender people.

    • Bart Mcgiggle
      Bart Mcgiggle 2 months ago

      @Kanashiro Momoru wow, that’s shady

  • Karma Yt
    Karma Yt Year ago +148

    I had the same assault happen to me when I was a kid on the streets and I wasn’t even a sex worker. Of course when I reported it to the cops, they laughed and turned on me.

    • Cristina✡️
      Cristina✡️ 4 months ago +2

      I am so sorry, the same happened to me. If they laugh at non sex workers and their assaults, violence and even murders, it’s obviously they won’t care about sex worker’s lives sadly without decriminalization

    • Kimberly Michelle
      Kimberly Michelle Year ago +6

      Because they are the ones who are really involved just close to the bottom of the totom pole.

    • Cher Westcoast
      Cher Westcoast Year ago +13

      Im so sorry you went through that and weren't protected.

    • roshan khatun
      roshan khatun Year ago +17

      Thats so bad.. They shouldnt have behave that way... U have my support

  • Kittysoft_pawwws
    Kittysoft_pawwws Month ago +2

    Oh my goodness I burst into tears when Layla broke down and started crying. I’m so happy to hear she’s thriving and helping others. What an amazing and strong person.

  • GroovyCookie5000
    GroovyCookie5000 Year ago +10

    Omg so sad that women doing this line of work can’t even rely on law enforcement after being violently assaulted! That girl who said “she’s not a piece of trash” is so tough to survive jumping out of a car at that speed (probably in a dress and heels too), but she also has a gentle soul and I hope at least in the community of sex workers woman can look after each other until things change

  • generadine
    generadine 2 months ago +1

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  • Sunny Webb
    Sunny Webb 2 years ago +2281

    Damn.... this journalist is incredible. This is legit. She is so professional, and simply reporting facts with no judgement.

    • Haze
      Haze 7 months ago

      Hai sunny

    • Shirsho Pach
      Shirsho Pach Year ago +2

      @Arghya Jadav
      Can u do this job so brilliantly?

    • Industrious Leopard
      Industrious Leopard 2 years ago

      @Anis are you talking abt girl or that balded person?

    • Industrious Leopard
      Industrious Leopard 2 years ago +3

      The reporter is really really very professional gre8

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan 2 months ago +4

    Super presentation. I can't recall I've seen any better. The compassion and complete honesty of presenting the truth is insane! I feel grateful. Thank you.

  • Samar Ali
    Samar Ali Year ago +326

    Man, She really got him, "So, you're a legal pimp" XD

    • Matt Delon
      Matt Delon Month ago

      I mean do you blame him though. I agree that this guy isn't a "Holy God fearing man", but you gotta hold these women accountable too man. At the end of the day they're choosing by their own free will to whorre them selves out for some cash. Real jobs exist but they still CHOOSE this line of 'work".

    • BLC017
      BLC017 Year ago +13

      Dennis Hoffa is not really hiding it. Forbyears he's been proud of it

  • Jo
    Jo Year ago +10

    I commend you for your understanding on such a taboo topic and the professionalism of your content well done 👍🏼

  • David Weaver
    David Weaver Year ago +2

    Keeps the workers safer, keeps the customer safer, keeps the courts open for crimes of a more serious nature, provides tax revenue and most importantly it has been illegal all this time but in every city large or small it is going on

  • Raisa
    Raisa 3 years ago +4688

    I've met hookers in my life, not in the way you might think. I've just met them, had conversations with them. Some of them really are kind and precious human beings. Don't judge them by their jobs. It's really not fair. They're human beings.

    • ad Mar
      ad Mar 2 days ago

      Anyone can be a good person but our actions speak louder than words, I rather flip burgers at burger King but not this

    • Heather Pierce
      Heather Pierce 5 days ago

      Nice of you to try complimenting women in this business, but just so you know, it's more respectful to call them sex workers, not hookers. Just saying...

    • B
      B 2 months ago +1

      When I was at uni i made some silly mistakes and ended up broke but i was far from home so i ended up moving into a really run down part of town and i had them as neighbours. Omg they are so sweet and wonderful people. They just love easy money and some have really sad stories. I enjoyed being in a place where no one judged my financial stupidity. They live in a really tight community its amazing. Am glad i got to see them as real people and lost that chip on my shoulder that young.

    • BT
      BT 3 months ago +2

      They gotta eat too.

    • Shabs123
      Shabs123 4 months ago +1

      Did you hear of remorse thing thats what they r doing

  • Bruce Ross
    Bruce Ross 7 months ago +3

    This is an excellent example of investigative reporting, a rapidly declining skill in the U.S. Kudos!

  • Morgan Gossen
    Morgan Gossen Month ago

    That woman, Laya (I hope I spelt that right) made me tear up, no one should have to go through that, she's 1000% right. I'm so glad she's alive and fighting for safety for others. I hope she gets the help she needs to heal, and find peace.

  • Hello Saad
    Hello Saad Year ago +216

    the reporter make a gr8 job...especially wearing that scarf♥️💞

    • VentVibeandRidePODCAST
      VentVibeandRidePODCAST 3 months ago

      Hijab 🧕🏾 sweetheart! That’s ok if you didn’t know the name because that’s what we commonly call it a scarf 🧣head wrap.. etc….but her wearing her Hijab Is a part of her religion….

    • rosxiiq
      rosxiiq 11 months ago

      @ミラジョージ what does that have to do with what i said? 🧍‍♀️

  • Randy Rawding II
    Randy Rawding II Year ago +13

    I'm not exactly sure how I feel about prostitution. I would never want my daughter to do it. BUT selling sex is going to happen. I do think there should be protection for these women. So if legalization is the way, then so be it. I was really struck when the woman said that people treat them as subhuman because they know the worker cannot report assault/victimization to police for fear of self-incrimination. That definitely gave me a different perspective on the industry.

  • Stacy Reyes
    Stacy Reyes Year ago +1412

    Someone give the interviewer a raise. She did amazing, so respectful and asked really good questions.

    • Stormeey World
      Stormeey World 2 months ago

      @Yatharth I need money do u have more? 🙄

    • Lala f
      Lala f 7 months ago +7

      @Said Maz And you are any better watching this video? Do something better than pick on our woman of your own religion.

    • JayJay Hibbs
      JayJay Hibbs Year ago

      Just give her credit without demanding more money. She’s clearly happy with her salary or she would no longer be doing the job. Money doesn’t just come from thin air.

    • Yatharth
      Yatharth Year ago

      @Max Spiesi am talking about the exact amount my friend

  • UrDadSaysHi
    UrDadSaysHi 7 months ago +4

    The first girl talking about retirement - my first thought was how smart that is. It got me to thinking... I feel like if it was to (ever) be legalized all around the US, there could be courses offered to help teach these ladies (and the men) how to handle their finances. Paying taxes, learning about savings, how to be responsible with their money as a way to make it easier for them to exit this line of work when they decide they're done. I'm sure so many probably stay when they actually want out because they're not sure what to do financially.

  • Deja Omari
    Deja Omari 11 months ago +79

    I mean I kind of understand what the man was talking about with the legalization, making it legal would make it necessary to enforce a lot of things like age restrictions, std/sti mandatory testing & would help with the drug use

  • Karma Yt
    Karma Yt Year ago +2

    I had the same assault happen to me when I was a kid on the streets and I wasn’t even a sex worker. Of course when I reported it to the cops, they laughed and turned on me.

  • honko
    honko Year ago +3

    totally agree with legalization. people who think they have good morals don't want it to happen, so they make it illegal. but instead, they create a kinda black market industry that makes people more desperate. desperate and therefore more willing to do bad things

  • Erin Schneider
    Erin Schneider 2 years ago +5167

    Here's my two cents:
    Prostitution should be legal
    Sex trafficking shouldn't be.
    Sex with consent is okay, nonconsensual sex and sex to minors is not.

    • Mad Mouse
      Mad Mouse Month ago

      I mean , it's not consent.
      I don't think that you can really buy consent .
      It's not like if a woman would magically switch her like this:
      "Do you want to sleep with me?"
      "I'll give you 200 bucks"
      "Of course!"

    • COVID- 19
      COVID- 19 2 months ago

      @Carla Molina I see sex acts as equivalent to buying a service. Like a therapy session or a massage. You're not losing anything or incurring damage when you have sex with another human being.

    • Yolanda Bennett
      Yolanda Bennett 7 months ago

      There is no such thing as nonconsensual sex. It’s called rape.

  • Wetta Loca
    Wetta Loca 7 months ago +1

    It's nearly impossible to leave this kind of work. No matter what I always come back. I've worked in strip clubs.. juice.. bars .jack shacks ..peep show model..illegal brothels and walked the track. I'm 41 years old and still in the industry. I can't seem to to anything else. I've accepted that I'm a sex worker for life..I'm a lifer

  • Karma Yt
    Karma Yt Year ago +1

    I had the same assault happen to me when I was a kid on the streets and I wasn’t even a sex worker. Of course when I reported it to the cops, they laughed and turned on me.

  • MeloCat
    MeloCat 6 months ago

    As much as people frown on this industry, fact is it's actually really dangerous and if not legal they don't have the protection and rights they need. And I agree that it does take the shady underage trafficking parts of if it's legalized

  • Kira Daniels
    Kira Daniels Year ago +39

    I feel bad for the mental health of the women. I was abused and am damaged for life. I think it should be legal for safety reasons, it just makes me sad.

    • Amazing World
      Amazing World 7 months ago

      yes, u r correct...but What if marriage institutions doesn’t exist & people take s** as a thanks giving kinda stuff..would that be batter system or not?

  • Mera Aleta
    Mera Aleta Year ago +7

    Decriminalization hasn't worked well in many places in which it's been tried (ex/Sweden, Canada), as it tends to view sex workers as victims, criminalizing the Johns in place of the sex worker. This eliminates the safety argument, as Johns are very afraid of the basic safety tactics used by workers, such as recording identifying information such as their license plate number, phone number, credit card number, etc, or taking the time to 'vet them' (particularly important for survival sex workers who are often in touch with one another and sharing information about violent Johns). Legalization is imperfect, but a much better option. It's true the brothel owner was super creepy, but this is a man who can at least be charged for coercion or impropriety, as he is known.

    • Amazing World
      Amazing World 7 months ago

      @Mera Aleta loved your perspective..thanks buddy

    • Amazing World
      Amazing World 7 months ago

      yes, u r correct...but What if marriage institutions doesn’t exist & people take s** as a thanks giving kinda stuff...would that be batter system or not?

  • pranav gupta
    pranav gupta Year ago +1

    Great informative content newsy… launch a fully fledged 60 min long video cause the host did the job well

  • the Gecko Brothers
    the Gecko Brothers Year ago +7

    Hes right about legalization. Its legal here in Germany and I believe it works quite well. Same with drugs. Legalize it and take criminals out of business

  • Chef Alisha
    Chef Alisha Year ago +1

    Apart from being legal it is so important that the view towards sexworkers need to change. They are humans, they arent hurting anyone and it is a job if done willingly. I dont understand why people still frown upon that. Sex is always such a taboo but it is the source of life and it is pleasure and it is natural

  • ladianaify
    ladianaify 2 years ago +2732

    interviewer is brilliant. so intelligent, so patient, so understanding. i feel like l want to watch everything she ever did

    • Bev Arena
      Bev Arena 2 years ago +1

      That last sentence has two meanings 😂😂

    • Siggie Tyrone
      Siggie Tyrone 2 years ago +6

      @Seahorse Fairy I said the same thing. She is stunning.

    • Seahorse Fairy
      Seahorse Fairy 2 years ago +18

      Shes gorgeous as well

    • BbBb
      BbBb 2 years ago +2

      You are free to do any kind of interview.It is you choice but when you are so pure and so clean , don't come closer to such filthy atmosphere. BE CAREFUL.🌹🌹

  • Holly Hills
    Holly Hills Year ago

    Years ago I met Dennis at a place I worked. He called me every morning to try to get me to come up to his room his girlfriend at the time did not have really nice things to say it was actually quite sad but the business is what it is and if some girls gonna do it I would rather see them get tested and be at a place that has security but they’re not understanding the psychological ramifications of this in the long term they can say they’re OK with it now but after the fact I think there’s only a small percentage that make it out with not having any mental issues

  • Luke Horning
    Luke Horning 2 months ago

    Great job! This is a great video to help people in a tough spot and yes I think it could save lives and make things sexy and safer

  • Brad Durian
    Brad Durian Year ago +19

    “It’s not for everybody” is quite an answer when someone asks what they would say to a girl that wanted to work in a brothel.

  • Bayou Boy
    Bayou Boy Year ago +1

    I lived in Reno for a couple of years and it was a very common misconception that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas or Reno. It is only legal in the outlying areas in specific state-run and State supervized brothels.

  • BD Express
    BD Express 2 years ago +5004

    Interviewer is so professional and respective towards all the models.

  • Mick Hernandez
    Mick Hernandez Year ago +15

    i love this interviewer that is from a particular faith was chosen to cover this particular topic! shes done an outstanding job!

  • Ashley Santiago
    Ashley Santiago 4 months ago +1

    Hearing Leah’s experience broke my heart because it’s so common here in New York especially back in the 60s,70s,80s,90s … even up until now 💔💔💔 trans women go through it way worse I feel like

  • Valerie Sanchez
    Valerie Sanchez Year ago +11

    This profession helped my social anxiety so much.
    Forever in appreciation what it has done for me 🖤

    • Amazing World
      Amazing World 7 months ago

      yes, u r correct...but What if marriage institutions doesn’t exist & people take s** as a thanks giving kinda stuff..would that be batter system or not?

  • Jarodu
    Jarodu 4 months ago +1

    June 1st 2022
    An incredible and empowering documentary. Kudos to the interviewer, so professional and emphatic towards the "sex workers."
    Watching and appreciative from the Fiji 🇫🇯 Islands.

  • Kat Shanks
    Kat Shanks 3 years ago +863

    I adore the way the host remains compassionate to everyone, and does not place any personal bias into the segment.

    • mujj i
      mujj i 3 years ago

      dude 3000 is cheap .. i will give 20K $ happily

    • Hamza Younis
      Hamza Younis 3 years ago

      if she did make an argument against them, then you wouldnt have seen it, actually i dont have any respect for the host because she went along with the narrative they are trying to sell, which is based in ignorance and falsehood.

    • Majura 374
      Majura 374 3 years ago

      Chaudhry Saifullah if you have $3000 you should be able to make it to said country without her help.

    • Humble Me
      Humble Me 3 years ago

      Chaudhry Saifullah number

  • Darkpaw1
    Darkpaw1 10 months ago

    I hope one day prostitution is legalized. From both sides I think we all agree we don't want anyone to be exploited or hurt in this job. We want to protect the people who want to be a prostitute, and help those who do not get out.

  • Rishi Kaushal
    Rishi Kaushal 5 months ago

    Hats off to the girls who can take a stand for them and proudly accepts themselves its a extremely hard thing to do.

  • Kreshna Dewanto
    Kreshna Dewanto Year ago

    My goodness. The reporting is really well done. Subscribed.

  • amy singh
    amy singh Year ago +9

    Some people has a talent to explain their wrong doing in a way like they are doing a very great job or social activity for this society nd for that work they should be praised. Smart psychology thinking.....

  • Maninblack
    Maninblack 2 years ago +1395

    I applaud how the presenter carries herself in this interview. Her ways make them comfortable to share their minds honestly without afraid of being judged. Well done.

    • Maninblack
      Maninblack Year ago

      @Mc Kwame either it reduces or increases the rate

    • Maninblack
      Maninblack Year ago

      @Uswah E Fatima there are other considerations on this matter

    • Uswah E Fatima
      Uswah E Fatima Year ago

      A woman just told she was stabbed but you are sad on closing of such places.

    • Maninblack
      Maninblack 2 years ago +1

      @james mcbride that is indeed true, still Those who wanted to close it are not giving better solution. Kind a sad

    • Maninblack
      Maninblack 2 years ago +6

      @james mcbride Since we all grow up with different values about morality, it is understandable that this act creates such huge debate, but at the end of the day, I strongly agree that legality is the best option left.

  • Infinite Wisdom
    Infinite Wisdom Year ago +1

    'If you have no shame, do what you want"'... That's pretty much how it goes....
    It's always a comfort knowing that the overwhelming majority of human kind do not do such things and certainly have not, for years and years. We just aren't naturally like this.... which of course, is another very comforting thing to know!

  • vlamidir
    vlamidir  10 months ago +2

    Prostitution must be legalised and no one should be pulled or pushed to do this!

  • McKinney Man
    McKinney Man 9 months ago +7

    I still found him to be a soulless pimp the legitimacy of his “business” didn’t change this for me. He’s still turning girls out and breaking down their boundaries with promises of fast cash, fun, freedom and “family”.

    • 1QueenV
      1QueenV 4 months ago

      I thought this but then I said it’s consensual. They’re not being held against their will so … I kinda don’t see the problem. Their choice.

  • Gzz
    Gzz Year ago +116

    “What’s your title?”
    “Uh…I’m a hooker”
    That was super awkward. It was like something out of The Office. 😂

  • HarindeR SaharaN
    HarindeR SaharaN 2 years ago +3890

    The irony is that if you do it on camera its called porn and its completely legal.

    • SI
      SI 2 years ago

      @Rituraj Thakur 🤣🤣🤣

    • rayvenswrath
      rayvenswrath 2 years ago +2

      You become a stripper the society shames you for it but if you are a celebrity stripping or doing sex scenes in movies,you are called sexy,bold n celebrated.this ideas n mindset created by the media n entertainment industries have fucked up our young generations.young girls these days strips every chance they get to get likes n attention on insta or any other social medias in the name of body appreciation.its like selling your body to earn likes.if they really want to appreciate n love their bodies why not appreciate in their private space,why put it on the internet for the whole world to see.booties facing the camera is more than the faces facing the camera nowadays.whoever started this body appreciation bullshit n made nudity ok has brain washed young minds.

    • Patience Curtis
      Patience Curtis 2 years ago

      Not if you don't have consent to film the person.

  • Elkamil Mohammed
    Elkamil Mohammed 9 months ago

    One of the most professional journalist I have ever seen in my life. That's journalism!

  • Max Sparks
    Max Sparks 4 months ago

    As with the drug trade, we know unequivocally that the practice will continue legal or not. If legal, in both cases (as with alcohol) the trade can be regulated to better protect our fellow citizens who work in the trade and those who are their customers. In the vast majority of sexual experiences between non married (and in a lot of those within marriages) consenting adults I believe there is a trade of sex for some type of compensation (dinner, alcohol, companionship, jewelry, a dress, new shoes, etc.). That as a society we make the experience illegal only if the participants don’t pretend there is no exchange of favors seems to me blatantly hypocritical, illogical and supported by very little in the way of reason.

  • caj11 1
    caj11 1 Year ago

    Well done news piece. Very open minded interviewer.

  • bunga mawar
    bunga mawar Year ago +1

    Love the interviewer. If the owner of the brothel does it with the right regulation, less chances of people getting trafficked and exploited. I dont promote the job but its important for the workers to have safe working environments and conditions.

    • Phil Johnson
      Phil Johnson Year ago

      The problem is that it will inadvertently make women who are under financial pressure choose the easy way out by trying the prostitution "addiction" for couple of times till their problem is fixed. Little do they now, that prostitution or porn is like an easy-money addiction that make you lose your self-confidence to do any other respectful job . It's easy to get in, but once you're hooked, it's not as easy to get out.

  • Nicole Tupa
    Nicole Tupa 2 years ago +2196

    When I was younger I worked at one of these in Toronto, I made 150$ for every 30 minutes. I had about 8 to 12 customers a night each for 30 mins, sometimes more. It was legal, no sex, the men were very respectful and followed the rules. Most of them were single and couldn't get women, some just wanted the company of a woman to talk to, and a lot were unhappy in their marriages (dead bedroom), then I got some of the older senior men who lost their wives or divorced or just don't have time for dating, and then the young men. It's good money.. but I had to be drunk every night to do it. It was a dark time in my life. I'd never go back there, no matter how much money. But everyone is different.. some people can handle it. Definitely not for everyone, but those who can handle that life it's good money. Better than being on the street, this is safe.

    • C W
      C W 24 days ago

      The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    • Ahmad Abdourahman
      Ahmad Abdourahman 26 days ago +1


  • Astrid Mustika Syamsuri

    "you said that so casually!"
    the interviewer reaction is mine & I just love she just listen ,that's important

  • Cecilia Cute
    Cecilia Cute 6 months ago +1

    1 ❤️ Hermosa eleccion DRISEX.Uno de mejor
    2 (elecciones ) 9.5/10
    3 ( culturales ) 9.3/10
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos

  • Monu Singh
    Monu Singh Year ago +1

    it's really disheartening that developed countries have such dark side & at the same time its terrifying

  • Blessed🙏🏾
    Blessed🙏🏾 2 months ago

    💝Peace and love to all my you tubers that commented on the professionalism of the journalist or I wouldn't have watched this. I feel sorry for the ones dragged into this lifestyle against their will. Be blessed be safe all.✌️

  • Tay Barker
    Tay Barker Year ago

    I just spent 7 months living with a sex worker in Vegas. These guys she had to see were awful. One time she was all bruised up and she was scared of someone coming to the apartment. I urged her to get out of this life, it’s no good. But no use. People in her circle fuck with benzodiazepines and all sorts of stuff. She was a complete wreck. She could do so well with one good man but I guess she’s hooked to the lifestyle. It’s so sad. That friendship did not end well. She accused me of stealing her keys and wallet when I proved I didn’t but I guess she assumes everyone is as messed up as she is.

  • Levana
    Levana 7 months ago +4

    Dennis Hoff sitting there, pretending he’s a business man, when he’s only a pimp. The women are still made to feel not good enough? “I didn’t get picked but that’s okay” She didn’t have time to hide the look on her face. Sad. Hope she realizes they psychologically manipulate her to feel bad. Praying for them all.
    If it’s legal, why aren’t the pimps from née York and every where moving here? This has a STRONG mob cringe to it. She’s terrified to give any answer but a positive one. She’s probably been used since she was a child. Sad world we live in.

  • Shequantae Smith
    Shequantae Smith Year ago +103

    “What you’re asking is already is already happening, adding laws would only make it safer” THIS

  • Davlat Shermatov
    Davlat Shermatov 2 months ago

    "I am a legal pimp" 😂😂😂 that was hilarious

  • Karim Jovian
    Karim Jovian 2 years ago +1623

    I did a show with that host, worked with her a lot. Great to see how far she has come. 🙌🏼

    • Stormeey World
      Stormeey World 2 months ago

      What the name of reporter damn she's so good kudos to her

    • Arbo
      Arbo 7 months ago

      @chicken isindeedmystyle the sira (biography of Mohammed) and the hadiths.

    • chicken isindeedmystyle
      chicken isindeedmystyle 7 months ago

      @Arbo I'm not a Muslim anymore, but where do you guys get this info from?

    • vin Lennox
      vin Lennox 9 months ago

      @Chandra Mongilong yes. But just a question. For you. Do you think we can judge these women by their occupation?
      Does their bravery as human beings not impress You?

    • vin Lennox
      vin Lennox 9 months ago +1

      @Epel Stan why does it have anything to do with religion etc?
      Hell... I'm a Christian. It's my culture. Whst that means to me ? It's part of me. Same goes to you. How much of it I believe, literally? Not much.
      But i believe IN it.
      And these ladies have amazing life stories. They put themselves out there. They are brave human beings.
      That is the real thing here. I think.

  • Local Jess
    Local Jess Year ago

    Every job involving customer service involves risk and burnout.
    It's difficult understanding other people's choices

  • Ashley Schooner
    Ashley Schooner Month ago

    Interviewer was very professional and non-judgmental. I think making it legal in a safe and controlled environment is so much better than women pimped out and abused by pimps and their clients and addicted to drugs.

  • Kasun weerathunga
    Kasun weerathunga 11 months ago

    The reporter and the interviewees are different as chalk and cheese.I've a huge respect to this reporter in this video..❤

  • Ginger Updates
    Ginger Updates 3 months ago

    Really love and respect the interviewer ❤️

  • Ava MacPhetridge
    Ava MacPhetridge 3 years ago +1617

    No one seems to understand why the owner gets half the money. But he has to use it to keep that property going. One of the women who works there did a tour of the area. There's a pool, multiple poolside suites, a bar, performance area, barns for the horses she owns, security spots, rooms for each lady, a kitchen where they're served breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a laundry area, a doctor's office on-site, and SO much more. It's a very nice place for the women to be, but money has to go towards it. The money ultimately goes to them, because all those areas and resources allow them to be in a safe environment and keep working.

    • whatever_ImAGirl
      whatever_ImAGirl 3 years ago +1

      I love how the people trying to defend the """victims"" of prostitution actually treat them like babies instead of grown women who take pride in their job. I thought it was my body my choice

    • whatever_ImAGirl
      whatever_ImAGirl 3 years ago +1

      @M. A. plus safety which is a huge part! As the owner said prostitution is very dangerous if it's not regulated so they're actually very privileged (they know it and he knows it too !)

    • whatever_ImAGirl
      whatever_ImAGirl 3 years ago +1

      Thank you...... that's logic 101

    • ntnrocket1
      ntnrocket1 3 years ago

      @F M I think Dennis left some sort of plan to keep the company going after his death. He had at least 3 brothels that I am aware of.

    • Hamza Younis
      Hamza Younis 3 years ago

      @fetchstix™ i can see why you dont wanna marry women or men today, you dont wanna marry evil and bad people and live in a bad marriage, and im not saying you even need to marry at all to be happy, but this lifestyle promoted in the video is without doubt wrong and bad, it is like saying poison might not be something you want, but i want it alot, no you dont. it isnt comparing apples and oranges, it is comparing evil with good, and again it can be good to not marry, as i said, but it is never good to sell your body for sex, i get that in some cases women are forced by men to do this, but overall if people choose to do this, it is wrong and bad.

  • Boonah
    Boonah Year ago +2

    anyone else think its weird that the owner of the ranch decribes himself as a libertarian, but raves about the need to obtain a license from the government?

  • Craig Colean
    Craig Colean 5 months ago

    The interviewer is gorgeous and I applaud the ladies for using what God gave them. I would visit the Bunny Ranch if I could afford it and wasn't already married. My wife is a 10 in my mind and I cherish her like a Queen. I would love to have a night with the Blonde just to have the experience and have in my mind for whenever I need it.

  • Ron J
    Ron J Year ago +15

    This happens in every part of world, sad to say that we are just a failed society. Wish god gives power to whomever that can end these. I don't have that power, all i can do is stop watching porn. I feel shameful

  • K L
    K L 5 months ago

    have this organized like most of japan - it becomes a viable option instead of being exploitation. And especially since american men don't respect their objects (let alone other humans, especially when they are not also men), it is paramount for it to be regulated and for them to have physical protection (also why foreigners are more or less outright banned from these establishments in Japan). If only we had humanity in and drew a line for others instead of waiting them to be able to assert their own, wouldn't it be fucking nice if we were considerate, just, empathetic?

  • Joseph Paul
    Joseph Paul 3 years ago +1831

    The host is a gifted journalist. I hope she becomes a national news anchor someday.

    • Rosanna Berckley
      Rosanna Berckley 3 years ago

      @Katyxo Says who?

    • Mo Plays
      Mo Plays 3 years ago +1

      Doe Wilber whatcbout the kkk ?

      SLYSOFLY 3 years ago +1

      National news ruins journalists

    • Ryan Javier Ortega
      Ryan Javier Ortega 3 years ago +1

      VIP ARMY BLINK Word on the street is ISIL is going out of business.

  • Muhammad Musaddiqe Umais

    Good on you sister. These were heart wrenching stories. Especially when I saw you hug that lady when she said even we are humans that was so satisfying. That’s why Islam brought you the solution it’s so clear that marry 1-4 women so that you can protect them and give them what they deserve a reputation of being a wife they never be called as sex workers and take their and their children responsibility in your life. It’s so simple I wonder why people don’t read n understand (human manual)Quran it has clear message. It has no contradictions no hate in it. Don’t draw lines just after watching Islamophobe on media each individual do your part. ‘Research’.

  • Brew Bronski
    Brew Bronski Year ago +7

    What I am amazed at is .. the level of intellectuality of the people involved in this area, they can find a better job..

  • Abby Olson
    Abby Olson Year ago +6

    “Drug ridden business” as if there aren’t customers and workers snorting sum in the room😭😭😭

  • Peter G
    Peter G Year ago +2

    In New Zealand when it was legalised it basically disappeared from the streets overnight. You would have to go looking for it.

  • shaheer Khattak
    shaheer Khattak 2 years ago +954

    Journalist is pure and respectful. Respect for journalists like her. Stay safe stay blessed sister.

    • The truth seeker
      The truth seeker 6 months ago

      She's not your sister.

    • vatem
      vatem 2 years ago +1

      Crimea River rude lmao

    • Aisha Safi
      Aisha Safi 2 years ago +3

      @user Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Everyone is different. What's your problem with someone speaking a different language if you don't understand then ignore it.

  • Brody Babes
    Brody Babes 7 months ago

    People are not giving any credit to the ladies who decide to work in this profession. It's obvious they are in compleat control of themselves and what they decide to do with their bodies and time. Props to them. To each their own when given a choice.

  • alaska 68752
    alaska 68752 3 months ago +1

    Job well done and presented to the public. Very honest, very real.

  • Nichole Smith
    Nichole Smith 3 months ago

    Honestly could see myself doing this only cause of the fucked up life I’ve had
    And I don’t trust any man so I don’t see myself getting married this all goes deep way deeper I’m happy I have a family that does not allow me to turn to those things or be on the streets

  • Erik de Jong
    Erik de Jong 7 months ago

    I wish I could be a girl and live my life to the fullest being a sex worker.

  • Lsabael0.2
    Lsabael0.2 3 years ago +11371

    The host is so educated now that’s empowering

    • No Sir
      No Sir Year ago

      @adam jason This verse do seem bad WITHOUT CONTEXT... the context is that there was a war between believers of Islam and non believers (king worshipers) that was the context of the verses, stop pushing false narrative about Islam

    • Moeez Khalid
      Moeez Khalid Year ago

      @sachyktothea If her religion was so oppressing as you believe then she wouldn't have been here in the first place. But she is here after following the religion, it means the religion is not oppressing.
      Please improve your intellectual level...

    • Milos
      Milos Year ago

      She ain't oppressed, she wearing it on her free will. If she was oppressed she wouldn't be able to make this kinda documentaries. Dont blame the religion but the traditions and culture. Did u see how the hasidic jews live???Christians in some places??? Educate yourself before attacking others

  • ༒☬NǟզʊɛɛռᎰʊƈᏦɢɨʀL☬༒꧂

    *i love the second **Brisex.Uno** look cute* ❤
    Megan: "Hotter"
    Hopi: "Sweeter"
    Joonie: "Cooler"
    Yoongi : "Butter"
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente#垃圾

  • Dew drops G
    Dew drops G Year ago

    The best interviewer I have ever seen, she poured all the informations to our hearts smoothly without even knowing us. In my life for the first time I agree to legalization of the prostituting. Well done

  • Leyla Celikkanat
    Leyla Celikkanat Year ago

    The reporter did a great job 👏🏼!. Talking about prostitution why don’t they make it illegal on the streets but legal indoors? Wouldn’t that save many lives? All together I think they shouldn’t do it regardless but it’s a better option

    • My life matters
      My life matters Year ago +1

      Prostitution happens all the time. A man will take a woman out on a date and pay for the dinner, movie tickets, popcorn, buy her whatever clothing and shoes she wants from the mall. After spending 3 or 400 dollars in one day, that man expects something in return.
      Thats stupid, spending all that money for a few sexual favors just to be broke the next day, smh. A lotta these guys need to start using their hand more often and save their money.

  • Stephanie Bateman
    Stephanie Bateman Year ago +1

    The journalist did a great job!

  • Chef Bambit
    Chef Bambit Year ago +4

    I mean he made some points when something is legal it's easier to regulate

  • 2nd Amendment
    2nd Amendment 10 months ago

    It’s legal, supervised and I believe it fair enough. Just like in South America like Curaçao and some in Mexico.