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Will These Plumbers Properly Fix a Water Heater Leak?

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • Can these repairmen fix a simple water heater leak or will they try to sell us an expensive replacement? Inside Edition rented a house in Montclair, New Jersey, for an entire month, tricking it out with cameras and then calling the fix-it guys to see what happened. The footage was transmitted in real time to a remote command post. In Inside Edition's second installment in a special series of investigations, we created a simple water heater leak, then called a variety of different plumbers to see what they would do.

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  • Dylan
    Dylan Year ago +7378

    Why not promote the plumber's business who fixes it and was honest .

    • Marcus Brown
      Marcus Brown Month ago

      Because that would be too much like right and media goes for “sensation “

    • GamePlaysForDayz
      GamePlaysForDayz Month ago

      Gotta expose the bad ones to make them more honest or run out of business so there's more good ones and less people getting scamed

    • David Corsi
      David Corsi 2 months ago

      @John Roman they promoted the name of 3 companies they brought in BEFORE the test of plumbers to verify to Inside Edition there was nothing wrong with the water heater other than the nut. THEN they brought in 7 plumbers who didn't know what was going on but were honest and found the problem (didn't say any of their names) and 2 plumbers who said it needed a new heater (and said their name.)

  • David DaCosta
    David DaCosta Year ago +652

    It is definitely true that this happens daily especially in the service industry. However, I hate how so many people did the right thing but the IE team wouldn't stop "auditioning" until they found a couple screw ups. This world is always seeking out the worst among us - good guys get the least love/attention.

    • MRauTObt
      MRauTObt Month ago

      @Andrew Ugh, I just hate when a woman stops me from scamming some poor family from thousands of dollars. How dare she. 🙄

    • chunky9791
      chunky9791 Month ago +1

      @B.B.S 1:33

    • chunky9791
      chunky9791 Month ago

      @Jay sleeper2 Yea ain't life great, what's the point if every single thing you purchase or buy you need to talk to or get 2,3 opinions for

    • Renee Poling
      Renee Poling Month ago


    • Ramen Omirice
      Ramen Omirice Month ago

      @Andrew it wasn't a mistake and they deserve it lmao stop making it what it is not lol

  • Chris B
    Chris B 8 months ago +243

    I'm a plumber, I work in my family's over 50 year old plumbing business, and I'm sick and tired of scumbags like those 2. Plumbers, or any contractors, that screw people make all the rest of us look bad!! One of the things my Dad always told me was "whatever's fair and honest son, whatever's fair and honest."

    • Chris B
      Chris B 2 months ago

      @Ben J Decatur

    • Ben J
      Ben J 2 months ago

      @INDRID COLD what blockage?

    • Ben J
      Ben J 2 months ago

      Which city do you live in?

    • Chris B
      Chris B 2 months ago

      @Joey Baby It can be a great career choice, the difficult thing is finding a great person/ company to start with. I've known several nightmare experiences that people have had with some dishonest plumbing companies.

    • Joey Baby
      Joey Baby 2 months ago

      @Chris B do you recommend plumbing I'm thinking about getting in the trade

  • thegreatandini1
    thegreatandini1 2 months ago +83

    My water heater had a problem a few years back and I was quoted between $600 - $800 to fix it so I had my brother in law (a fix everything kinda guy) look at it, he left and came back 20 minutes later, fixed it in under 3 minutes and said "don't worry about paying me, the part was under $3 dollars."
    Always get a second opinion without telling the next guy you had it looked at already and then research it. Sooooo much can be taught on RUclips for free that will save you hundreds.

    • Edgar Espinosa
      Edgar Espinosa 2 months ago

      Doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting ripped off. That can be the service fee for an honest technician. That technician has to pay, taxes on that money, maintain his work vehicle, tools, gas, insurances etc. I am a technician my self and not the cheapest in town. I’m not out to rip people off but I won’t do a service call for cheap or free.

    • Bluke
      Bluke 2 months ago +1

      I'd apply this to most things excluding Gas and Electric though in regard to using youtube to try DIY it...

    • Todd Van Prooyen
      Todd Van Prooyen 2 months ago +1

      I like that I should keep that in mind.

  • BakedFlan215
    BakedFlan215 3 years ago +4627

    The first guy should get a raise, he didn’t even charge a service fee

    • Toyan Tha OG
      Toyan Tha OG 27 days ago

      @myyriad thats like a $40 fee today 😂

    • chunky9791
      chunky9791 Month ago

      @Boss Gibbs So what does ethnicity have to do with his attitude & service he provided? I agree with you, but Muslim fellow?

    • Berzerk Bankie
      Berzerk Bankie 2 months ago

      His boss took it from his pay

    • Fritz Donnerschlag
      Fritz Donnerschlag 2 months ago

      A raise from charge nothing?

    • simmysommy
      simmysommy 2 months ago

      I would have at least covered his fuel to get to the property

  • jim yeats
    jim yeats 4 months ago +56

    Love the overall premise of the series, but I would find it much more rewarding if they recognized the good plumbers instead of focusing on - and cornering - the more shady plumbers.

  • Scuba J
    Scuba J Year ago +160

    Always be honest. My buddy does HVAC, does everything 100% right, always gives a good price. He has so much work he can't keep up with it all.

    • Scuba J
      Scuba J 5 days ago

      @Do NGF I said honest. Not free

    • Todd Van Prooyen
      Todd Van Prooyen 2 months ago

      A model I should live by.

    • Bruce Miller
      Bruce Miller Year ago +10

      I am a cabinet guy and busy til the end of the year. Quality before quantity, Always.

  • Чебурашка
    Чебурашка 2 months ago +41

    The water heater in my parent's house was around 50 years old. Built with the house in the 70's and they replaced it last year. Nothing wrong with it. Just got a more efficient one during a remodel.

    • Neil Kurzman
      Neil Kurzman 2 months ago

      @Red Recliner
      My 1976 white heater lasted barely 15 years. The development warned everyone to replace them since they were leaking everywhere. My next Sears one lasted 20-25 years.
      My A.O. Smith is seven years old. I doubt it’s going bad next year.
      As for the original person with the 50-year-old water heater, gas or electric?
      Or maybe oil. You didn’t bother to ask.

    • Red Recliner
      Red Recliner 2 months ago +3

      Yea no water heater will last that long ever again. Old heaters built to last. New ones built to fail after 8-10 years.

  • Astro
    Astro Year ago +74

    “He said it was 100% broken.”
    “Well he’s 100% wrong”
    😂 that got me!

  • GrubbyNelson
    GrubbyNelson 2 years ago +2853

    I love how Lisa comes in with the wrench and fixes it like she’s a master plumber

    • Daviana Alford
      Daviana Alford 2 months ago +1

      “Isn’t that amazing” I got flashbacks to my mom showing me how to do something I could’ve easily done 🤦‍♀️🤣

    • M̸a̸y̸h̸e̸m̸
      M̸a̸y̸h̸e̸m̸ 2 months ago

      With a mic

    • Ryan Fredericks
      Ryan Fredericks 2 months ago +1

      Apearently she is compared to these guys

    • Weenie Hut Jr's
      Weenie Hut Jr's 5 months ago +3

      Hi GrubbyNelson. I know you won't reply but you need to be super careful. You're not careful enough and I just want to touch base with you to let you know you need to be more careful. God bless.

  • Ruthay
    Ruthay Year ago +82

    "He said its 100% broken!" "Well I think he's 100% wrong"
    That was a smooth plumbers comeback!

  • Eric Fortune
    Eric Fortune Year ago +10

    I wonder how many of the experienced plumbers knew they were being set up? The problem was just too obvious for most homeowners to miss. There's no water on the floor and most folks probably wouldn't notice a difference unless they spend time in the basement and happen to see it.

  • AmishTerrorist17
    AmishTerrorist17 2 months ago +3

    There's only a few things with water heaters you need to pay attention too.
    1. You may want to annually drain and fill the tank in case of sediment collecting at the bottom. You may need to vaccume sediment out of bottom as well.
    2. If you have a water softener system, you're introducing salt which can corrode the elements and anode rod more quickly. So when doing a sediment dump just do a visual inspection.
    3. Manually check the pressure relief valve to verify it can open and close properly. Otherwise replace.
    You do that and you'll get 15+ years on alot of these water heaters.
    Besides that

  • Tatumwithlove
    Tatumwithlove Year ago +4

    My dad was a plumber and he had clients that would call him for a second opinion. This happened all the time. He never stooped to their level and would expose the scammer to his customer. He was an honest handyman.

    • Ali
      Ali 7 months ago

      Your dads amazing

  • Cernuis
    Cernuis 3 years ago +11767

    I enjoy watching people attempt to rip someone off and get humiliated,

    • Keith McGuinness
      Keith McGuinness 6 months ago

      “I’m Lisa Guerrero with Inside Edition!” Then they run like cowards! 😆

    • S Pe
      S Pe 7 months ago

      What about her trying to set hard workers up and waiting their time.

    • Amelia Daugherty
      Amelia Daugherty Year ago


    • BIG Carpet flour
      BIG Carpet flour Year ago

      @IG Westcoast idk

    • IG Westcoast
      IG Westcoast Year ago

      @BIG Carpet flour They're forced to do what?

  • ExDestroyer
    ExDestroyer 4 months ago

    As someone who is one a college plumbing course and has done work experience in the field on subjects like this I can actually agree with the last company but not how it handled it he should of explained a little more into it but the company was right sometimes it is cheaper overall to replace… however yes a simple inspection would of proven the real fault

  • Zayne Ali
    Zayne Ali Year ago +6

    I love easy fixes, I hate scammers with a passion!

  • Jay Kesner
    Jay Kesner Year ago +2

    If I saw a leaking supply line for a heater I could just tighten it but my first instinct would be to change the supply line because why else would it just start leaking unless it was old or defective. I wouldn’t change the heater though that’s crazy.

  • Heath N
    Heath N 6 months ago

    I had something very similar happen. I moved in my home, the hot water heater is like new, I just needed the pipes hooked to it that were already under the house. The plumber tells me my entire homes plumbing needs to be redone and it'll be a half days work and 1200 dollars lol. I called a retired plumber the next day and he fixed it in 20 MINUTES for 40 dollars. Stay safe out there

  • Nizzy
    Nizzy 3 years ago +1083

    Inside edition, please make more of these videos, like the garage door, the air vents, the water heater.

    • Synthesist
      Synthesist 2 months ago

      Air vents? Like the hit game amorgos?

    • Berry McGregor
      Berry McGregor 2 months ago

      i just got hit like this on my garage door spring, i hate bait and switch

      WERNUTZ 3 years ago +4

      They expose a couple but wonder how many honest workers precious time, time for actual customers, gas ain't cheap. For the honest people who the reporters don't show and the honest one's they film. The honest people should be give a hundred or two for their time and gas wasted.

    • Arielle Mendez
      Arielle Mendez 3 years ago +1

      @khalil’s Heat and air conditioner repairthey said LIKE those videos

    • Serious Dopamine
      Serious Dopamine 3 years ago +6

      Water heater? Did you even watch the video...

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith Year ago +18

    I hope they rewarded the honest plumbers by either giving them some 5 star reviews, some referrals or whatever

  • Ben J
    Ben J 2 months ago +1

    I called the two top companies in my city and both said that they’ll need to change the water heater - $2300 and the other just made up a reason that my pipes aren’t up to code😂😂, so they’ll need to do extra work. I know everything is up to code because the house isn’t even 10 years old 😆 Called up an independent plumber, he charged $200, and fixed it

  • Tregeta
    Tregeta Year ago +7

    This went a lot different than other plumber videos I've seen with cameras set up in the house.

    • OK
      OK Year ago

      usually someone is holding the "hidden camera" in the videos you're talking about though ;)

    VAGRAM VARDANYAN 8 months ago +1

    It would have been nice if they mentioned the name of the good plumbers instead of just naming the rotten ones, especially the one plumber who wouldn’t even charge a service fee or any kind of fee for coming out, that guy deserves to be recognized.

  • Mixwell1983
    Mixwell1983 3 years ago +3820

    Shady plumber inspects water heater.
    *"sorry maam but you're going to have to buy a new house"*

    • Ferdinand Pipers
      Ferdinand Pipers 2 months ago

      Oh man this is good

    • BlueFox
      BlueFox Year ago


    • Justin Hill
      Justin Hill Year ago

      🤣I’m ded

    • G
      G Year ago


    • Mike Panklang
      Mike Panklang Year ago

      I had an hvac tech do the same thing to me.
      Me: I need a new circuit board.
      Hvac tech: No, you need a whole new system.

  • caliguy1500
    caliguy1500 2 months ago +11

    "The last company said it was old so its fair to say it needed to be replaced." I bet they wouldn't think it was so fair if they had to pay the 1700 bucks to replace a perfectly good "old" water heater.

  • Robert Kaiser
    Robert Kaiser 2 months ago +10

    My oldest brother got caught in one these exposes with a refrigerator repair! He was the only one that did the right thing lol

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith Year ago +1

    I'm a plumber, and a "plumber" calling it a "hot water heater" is someone I wouldn't trust whatsoever.

  • PlayGames3000
    PlayGames3000 Year ago +1

    This channel have so many good videos, I honestly love watching these vids, so entertaining 🙂

  • Glitchy
    Glitchy 3 years ago +7335

    “It’s not broken”
    “Yes it is”
    It’s a simple spell but quite unbreakable

  • d0g3
    d0g3 3 months ago

    lol you guys made a lot of "plumbers" mad, but this is entertaining watching these people get mad because they were wrong
    100% entertainment
    5 stars

  • watchingthecrazyworld

    Great job. Too bad we can't see how well the reporters and "journalists " do their job and broadcast that as well. My guess is the lying plumber is more honest.

    • Steve Gardner
      Steve Gardner 11 months ago

      The reporter told the bigger lie here. “My hot water heater is leaking”

  • Ricky Winthrop
    Ricky Winthrop Year ago +2

    As a plumber it is heartening to see how many of us didn't try to rip anyone off....honesty is the only policy. Dishonorable people always get theirs....

    • Trolling Godd
      Trolling Godd Year ago

      Oh really?
      Thats why theirs millionaires....lmfao

  • David Cortessi
    David Cortessi Year ago +15

    The fact that he didn't even do anything and immediately said she needed a new water heater actually made me mad, and made it even worse where he kept on saying " definitely, 100 %" I'm so glad he got exposed 2:32

  • Trizzedy
    Trizzedy 3 years ago +2787

    The people who did the right thing should earn $100

    • Gravy B
      Gravy B 2 months ago

      More than that. Doesn't even cover a service call. The company I work for charges $155 an hour

    • Lue MN
      Lue MN 2 months ago

      @YouCantHitATarget YoureNotAimingAt Looking at the video I think if there is a leak it should be replaced, especially it being and older unit. The problem was that the fitting was loosened. Normally when an old waterheater starts leaking from a fitting it problably it is problably corroding and the rest of the unit is on it's last leg.

    • YouCantHitATarget YoureNotAimingAt
      YouCantHitATarget YoureNotAimingAt 2 months ago

      @Lue MN That's 12 months (1 year) of RUclips Premium to fix the problems!!!

    • K0LD 504
      K0LD 504 2 months ago +1

      To the people who think service calls should be free if the fix is easy, GFY. You get charged a 2 hour minimum for a tripped breaker.

    • Ex0rz
      Ex0rz 2 months ago

      @Yurik Farba Its 100 $ to come and check what the issue is... Then some more for fixing the issue.

  • Alex Gavinchuk
    Alex Gavinchuk Year ago +1

    So my question is, how often does an old water heater start to leak on it's own and not need replacing?

  • Louie Alouie
    Louie Alouie 2 months ago

    I didn’t even know plumbers sell water heaters themselves. Weird. My roommates brother is a plumber with the Union and when our water heater blew up we had to buy a new one ourselves and he installed it, however he was never like “lemme sell u a water heater”

  • raz
    raz 2 months ago

    I am very glad to see that my father is not one of these plumber's who lies telling others false information.

  • Lyn Rowan
    Lyn Rowan 7 months ago

    I love these videos of catching the scammers!

  • Beach Addict
    Beach Addict 5 months ago

    This doesn't just happen with plumbers, it can also be hard to find a honest mechanic.

  • Jake Farm
    Jake Farm Year ago +6

    I’ve worked with a lot of plumbers throughout the years and I can only remember only a couple out of many who had integrity, honesty, who weren’t lazy liars trying to rip people off. By the way I work maintenance so Ive gone through a lot of plumbers. Despite 100s of plumbing company’s you’d be lucky to find even 1 honest company not trying to rip you off.

    • Cortez Butay
      Cortez Butay 9 months ago

      @Arasaka Aoki yes it is in high demand. You can make upwards of 4000 a week.
      Look to be an apprentice somewhere, then to continue on to a journeyman. If they do on the job training even better.

    • Arasaka Aoki
      Arasaka Aoki Year ago

      @Jake Farm hey buddy, is plumber a high demanding job? I'm a high school graduate, planning to join the work force now, I'm currently caught up with choosing between plumber, construction worker and welding, do u have any advice?

    • Jake Farm
      Jake Farm Year ago +1

      ​@Jason Smith Crappy jobs don't justify scamming others. If that's how a person views their job and their life then they need to make a drastic life change or at least get some new perspective on their situation. I have done some pretty nasty jobs when I did plumbing and a lot of back breaking jobs too but at the end of the day it's a blue collar job what does one expect? But I did always enjoy the work I did and the people I was working for and always kept a moral code of having honesty, integrity and right and wrong. It's not difficult even when the job is difficult.

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith Year ago

      It’s literally a crappy job what do you expect, suck out a couple septic tanks and then talk!

  • George Benevides
    George Benevides Year ago

    The last plumber, company said their plumber wanted to replace the whole water heater because it was old. The plumber should have been honest at first and say the heater is old and recommends replacing the water heater. They should be showing or naming the company when they arrive so we know which plumbers were crooked and which were honest.

  • Chase Latimer
    Chase Latimer Year ago

    I understand what they’re trying to do but if I was one of the plumbers that came over fixed the problem then realized I just wasted my time I would be disappointed because I could have fixed someone’s actual problem

  • Davien Parker
    Davien Parker 2 years ago +3952

    "Is it broken?" "Yes." "So it's not broken."

    • salmon_akasall
      salmon_akasall Year ago +1

      @Chicken Code ok

    • PZ20JacobCouttsRogue
      PZ20JacobCouttsRogue Year ago


    • Andrei Gabriel Marayag
      Andrei Gabriel Marayag Year ago +1

      "Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes."

    • phil
      phil Year ago

      I'm a plumber and of other trades I all ways make a inspection first if the hot water system is leaking see where it's coming from see if the heater is still heating water if. If its heating fine.and only a small leak I fix the leak. Only replace it if necessary not just to make a profit. I all ways check first the best way to fix the problem before even thinking about replacing it.

    • Chikosa Ngwira
      Chikosa Ngwira Year ago


  • 🧋Tokuko🧋
    🧋Tokuko🧋 Year ago +14

    Moral of the Story: Always do what's right, because it may catch up to you later on.

    • Steve Gardner
      Steve Gardner 11 months ago

      So…don’t create a ruse to try to signal your virtue?

    • Patrick Coombe
      Patrick Coombe Year ago +1

      Or immediately in this case

    ANDROLOMA 2 months ago

    I've saved myself thousands in plumbing costs by being a plumber. And made more by plumbing for those who didn't know plumbing.

  • SP
    SP Year ago +5

    They should put the honest plumbers on tv with their companies

  • Dillon Qaphsiel
    Dillon Qaphsiel Year ago +2

    I’ll be honest I didn’t even know you could fix a water heater. I thought you just had to get another

  • Jeversons
    Jeversons 3 years ago +3893

    “I didn’t wanna fidget with the thing” bro thats your job, you’re meant to fidget with it til you find the problem

    • William D
      William D 7 months ago

      @daaneel the rubber washer in those flexible water heater supply lines corrode and fail over time causing them to leak

    • daaneel
      daaneel 7 months ago +1

      To be honest, that fitting should have been tight when it was installed. There’s really no reason for that fitting to just randomly come loose or start leaking. It is a possibility that tightening it harder could have cracked something due to over tightening it. What if that happened? Probably be responsible for replacing the unit on their own dime.

    • William D
      William D 7 months ago

      Not really. He’s just the salesman. The same difference between a car salesman and a mechanic

    • Andrew Cano
      Andrew Cano Year ago

      @AV 57 I agree

    • The Dude
      The Dude Year ago

      and it's deez nutz HA

  • Dino F.
    Dino F. Year ago

    When you find a craftsman that treats you right, cherish them. Pay them!

  • Anthony Von
    Anthony Von 2 months ago +4

    When I did this type of work if I found stuff like that I didn't even charge the customer a penny. That builds good customer relations and positive word of mouth.

  • Lee B
    Lee B Year ago

    Option 1. Tighten the nut on the flexible supply line, no warranty due to the black rubber parts in the ball valve and supply line. Recommend, Option 2 get rid of the shark bite ball valve and flexible supply line and go back with sweat ball valve and copper pipe like the hot side, warranty, Option 3. Replace water heater due to it's age bringing it up to code, warranty.

  • Beth Hope
    Beth Hope Year ago +11

    This JUST happened to me!!!
    I had NO hot water and the PROFESSIONAL plumber quoted me $800.00 to FIX my tank.
    I had a handyman from church who changed out the heating element for $10.00 and then would only accept $10.00 as payment.v total repair, parts AND labor: $20.00 TOTAL. !!!!
    BTW, I am elderly and disabled on fix income so this really was a BLESSING. !!

    • Sara Luttrell
      Sara Luttrell 4 months ago

      My company charges 180 for the first hour then 160 every additional hour

    • Drew
      Drew 6 months ago

      @MICI Ya, Minimum charge for us is 350 I am pretty sure.

    • MICI
      MICI 6 months ago

      @Drew for real. My company charges 400 bucks to unclog a kitchen sink

    • Drew
      Drew Year ago +1

      800 is a little much, but if you expect people to drive to your house and fix something for 20 bucks you're off your rocker lol

  • M LKER
    M LKER Year ago +1

    thanks for sharing... good info and i love you confront them before leaving.... so they know they were wrong.

  • Glenn Lopez
    Glenn Lopez 2 months ago

    Great work! Next time, Inside Edition should do one about how some news casts fake getting ripped off by a paid actor when they can’t find catch people ripping them off, cos they too dumb to use a hidden camera.

  • Herz US
    Herz US 4 months ago

    Wow i am electrician and never lied on my customers in fact I always advise them not to do things not necessary be honest and you will get trust and loyalty from your customers

  • Phil Leonetti
    Phil Leonetti Month ago

    This is comedy. I used to be a auto mechanic at a independent shop. I had to "play Ball" if I wanted a pay check. Needless to say ... I no longer work there and do my own repairs

  • Trey K
    Trey K 3 years ago +439

    Yeah I swear our plumber scammed us he came over three times before our pump was fixed

    • Chad O'Dell
      Chad O'Dell 3 years ago

      @Mentally Ill Dark Jeroid Im sorry? Come again?

    • BigT 187
      BigT 187 3 years ago +4

      LOLOLOL such an underrated comment

    • Zelda Williams
      Zelda Williams 3 years ago

      Dang!!! 🤪 Those service fee can cost more than getting the whole damn toilet repaired! 🤨

  • alcapi robi
    alcapi robi Year ago +4

    I'm a Plumber & buddy was "absolutely 100% wrong" for holding onto that gas pipe like that

  • Will4Reals
    Will4Reals Year ago

    I have been in sales my entire professional career and do you know how to handle this scenario? Mam I noticed that the bolt was leaking from the top and it just needed a little tightening. As of right now everything else looks in good working order but I do want to make you aware this is an older water heater. When it does need to be replaced I am not going to charge you for the visit today I just simply ask I am the first person you call when its that time, does that sound fair to you? Not only do you eventually get this customers business but will refer you to neighbors, friends, colleagues etc. It's shocking how short sighted people can be sometimes!

  • LooxGood
    LooxGood 2 months ago

    So when you have leaking boiler, it is way more prudent to replace it. I would never imagine someone would purposely unscrew the joint so it would leak so that you can take a hidden camera shows. When I see a leaking boiler, my suggestion will be to have it replaced rather than trying to fix it.

  • Joshua
    Joshua 2 months ago

    This is why I do almost all my own repairs. I hate contractors for this very reason. Most of them only care about making more money off you. Kudos for the one that saw the issue and fixed it without a service fee.

  • Xxsniperdragon
    Xxsniperdragon 5 months ago

    My water heater was 850 because it had all the safety and the alerts and everything nice but a regular water could cost you from 400 to 700 depending on the gallons

  • TMS 2000
    TMS 2000 Year ago

    My husband replaced our water heater, in FL, with a new one cost us price of water heater that's all. It was somewhere around 2013 and we bought new 1 from Home Depot for about $100-$150 , if I'm remembering Correctly, it's still working great today.

  • Marie-Michelle Gray
    Marie-Michelle Gray 2 months ago +2

    Just curious, to pick these experts, did you put their company through the test first to ensure their company wouldn't try and be dishonest? Or did they come in knowing they'd be on camera and how it would look?

  • Constitutions Way 2A

    You guys have to understand in most companies they send out a plumbing advisor who is not a licensed plumber and works under a master plumbing license so they can’t touch the water heater!

  • Randall James
    Randall James 2 years ago +51

    I am a retired plumber and was ALWAYS looking for simple repair. An AO Smith water heater is a top quality unit. In this case I might have added Teflon tape to the fitting if it wasnt chrome plated brass. Brass doesn't need tape.

  • DriveThruChristian
    DriveThruChristian Year ago +2

    I hate when news stations do videos like this.. basically an advertisement for big companies. Plenty of shady contractors out there yes, but you’d be surprised if you played the same trick on some of those big companies employees. They call Craigslist guys basically (obvious scammers) just to make the big companies look better. Anyone can be shady!!!!!

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker Year ago

    Lisa became so popular with the show that the scammers become honest just for that one particular service call.

  • Spoolin Reelz Fishing

    My expansion tank had a rust spot on the bottom and clearly was leaking from that rusty spot, flick to the tank you could hear the bladder was shot. $50 fix, unscrew old tank, put on new tank. I had a company come just to see what they suggest lmaoo, “your hot water heater is bad, you have hard water and it rotted the inside”, gave me a quote for $3,400. Hahahaha I just asked them to leave and I fixed it myself for $50

  • William Waite
    William Waite Year ago +46

    imagine a doctor like this.
    patient: comes in with hiccups.
    doctor: oh yeah, your heart is broken. gotta replace it. that's gonna be about $200,000. cash or card?

    • Rocket Pencil
      Rocket Pencil Year ago

      That's just America?

    • Sheer
      Sheer Year ago

    • Allen Wilson
      Allen Wilson Year ago +2

      @Bonus YT
      I had a bad case of hiccups it turned out to be a heart attack. Not a funny situation

    • Allen Wilson
      Allen Wilson Year ago +1

      I had a bad case of hiccups it turned out to be a heart attack. Don't be so quick to make a joke

    • Allen Wilson
      Allen Wilson Year ago +2

      I had a bad case of hiccups, it was actually a heart attack don't be so quick to make jokes

  • Vainian Craze
    Vainian Craze Year ago

    Well according to the national plumbing code that water heater can't be worked on until 1 it has a thermal expansion tank installed 2 it has a drip pan installed underneath of it.
    3. Disconnect box has to be within 10 ft of the breaker box which I don't see there so it needs a disconnect box.
    So yeah if I'm there you're going to have to get all that done before I touch it.

  • Jersey Joyride
    Jersey Joyride 3 months ago

    The second he said "In my professional opinion", I would have loved to see them bring the other plumbers down explain why he's lying. 😲

    TTP LLC 7 months ago

    Tell the contractor due to past bad experiences if he is okay with you to setup a camera where they will be doing the repairs.
    Then place a tray or rug in front of the camera and ask them to place every single replaced parts on it without walking away with it. This will prevent them from swapping your possible "good parts" with bad parts they might already have in their vehicle, then sold yours to someone else later. If they deny your request, dismiss them and call the next repair company.

  • A Moment With Animals
    A Moment With Animals 6 months ago

    I just got a quote from a plumber to replace my hot heater which is the same size as this one 👆 and the price was only 900 ,so these two weren't only getting over on you but they were ripping you off too.

  • T C
    T C 3 years ago +628

    Guy: It’s broken
    Lisa: No it’s not
    Guy: *complete silence* uuuhhh yes it is
    Edit: Thanks for the likes

    • 0 0
      0 0 3 years ago +2

      @PawzzigTV right because it would be "better" for his wallet.

    • PawzzigTV
      PawzzigTV 3 years ago +1

      @DunkinNugget but the guy wanted them to buy a new one cuz it would be better

    • DunkinNugget
      DunkinNugget 3 years ago +1

      @PawzzigTV Hey, I've worked on computers before, old and new. I would never look at your OLD pentium based PC and tell you it's broken. I would explain that it's possible to fix something but your OLD pentium PC would probably be best to replace. See? I'm sorry but you're trying to justify bad business practices. That idiot found the leak, he found what was wrong and still pushed them into buying a new one, that's called being shady. Omitting details like that is not what you would call, fiduciary.

    • PawzzigTV
      PawzzigTV 3 years ago +3

      Well he thought it was broken because why would it be loose unless someones touched it so he thinks it will break after its tightened

    • scs.classics
      scs.classics 3 years ago +2

      Correction : yes it is

  • wolverinefangowings

    I'm less annoyed by the scammers than I am by the people calling it a "hot" water heater.

  • blitzblutz
    blitzblutz Year ago

    I recently worked for an HVAC company and they would laugh at how the boiler could've been saved. But the technicians got paid a good commission to sell so they is what they did.

    • Ryan Burgwin
      Ryan Burgwin Year ago

      That's why its a terrible idea for a company to pay their tradesmen commission. Pay them hourly, and they have no motive to lie.

  • GuitarxWolf
    GuitarxWolf Year ago +5

    *calls plumber to tighten bolt*
    Plumber: “Looks like it’s broken….going to have to replace your whole house, that going to be $890,000 please.”

  • goblins are real
    goblins are real Year ago +1

    Hey at least they gave him a reasonable price. We charge 2 grand and up for a water heater replacement.

  • King of Kings
    King of Kings 2 years ago +22

    This is exactly what I'm afraid of. and I feel bad for the people that have been conned and the incoming people that will become a victim. something needs to be done

  • Daniel Dalan
    Daniel Dalan 2 months ago

    I honestly don’t think they’re trying to scam us, they just don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. I have a dodge challenger, and had a small fidget going on with my shifter. The Dodge salesman and repairman told me I needed to buy an entirely new shifter system for $1000. What I didn’t know, was the road I used to live on was too bumpy, and was causing my shifter to act weird. The second I moved, the shifter fixed itself! Ridiculous to think that someone would’ve charged me $1000 for something that didn’t need to be fixed

  • newkingd0m
    newkingd0m 8 months ago

    While the crooked plumbers show themselves I can say this video is slightly misleading. As a plumber when a customer calls me out to a job I diagnose the issue and give them their options which is repair or replace and the pro/cons of both. But if you intentionally set up a problem and I got to the job and diagnose it and see that it’s leaking and it’s a fresh leak I would not trust the item to hold even tho you might of just loosened it and set me up I don’t know that, I would automatically assumed something failed. I always use the best products and cannot afford to take a risk on a item that “might” have a leak.

  • Tomorrow Maybe
    Tomorrow Maybe 2 months ago

    Well to the last plumber who said it was 100% broken. I can understand where he is coming from if he's assuming that was already tightened and still leaking. That would be an accurate assumption to assume that if it was tightened and still leaking something is broken. But what he should of done is said I tightened this we'll see if it still leaks if it does we will have to consider other options.

  • Tony TRAN
    Tony TRAN 6 months ago

    At 3:14 made me laugh a few minutes 😅😅😅
    Lisa: what’s your response?
    True plumber: well he’s absolutely 100% wrong
    Me: well that replaceable😅

  • Paul Janssen
    Paul Janssen 2 months ago

    Usually if it's leaking like that and it's been properly tightened you would assume that there was something wrong with the fitting or the hot water heater may have a crack. Remember the fitting was supposed to be tightened properly in the first place you would think it come loose by itself.

    • derik right
      derik right 2 months ago

      Don't assume. It takes less than a minute to inspect it and then give an answer. Jesus, this isn't rocket science here.

  • mike rotch
    mike rotch Year ago

    I had the clutch replaced on my go kart and when i got it back i found out they took out the air filter completely and left it, could have caused more problems

  • kml Lmk
    kml Lmk 2 months ago

    I literally install water heaters everyday and get payed hourly. To see these guys try to finesse people over a loose water line is ridiculous 🙄 if you can't fix a simple leak don't even call yourself a plumber

  • Carmen Piphlife
    Carmen Piphlife Year ago +3

    I like how Lisa doesn’t know a single thing about water heaters. She just says “it’s broken”.

  • Crystallaxx
    Crystallaxx 2 years ago +19

    Respect to the guy who didnt charge a service fee. Great guy, hope his business is succesfull.

  • Nick Nieves
    Nick Nieves 2 months ago

    Firstly, this was New Jersey so real shocker there. Second, it would probably have been more beneficial to viewers if we knew who the honest plumbers were and who the shady ones were so people know who not to call.

  • Ritchie Valens
    Ritchie Valens 6 months ago

    Love the feeble excuses once people have been caught out, and the lying companies

  • joe sevi
    joe sevi 8 months ago +1

    Wish they would give a list of the honest ones. Everyone here would call them.

  • LocalTerrorist
    LocalTerrorist 2 months ago

    I like how all she says about the honest plumber is "good job guy 😀👍"

  • Bence
    Bence 3 years ago +5817

    When Lisa Guirerro is in a thumbnail, y’know it’s gonna be a banger.
    Edit : Holy jesus, I’ve never had this much likes before!

    • Sung Jin woo
      Sung Jin woo 2 years ago

      Ben Joo ur welcome good job every one ☝🏻

    • Germany
      Germany 2 years ago

      Ben Joo honestly

    • BenNguyen253
      BenNguyen253 2 years ago

      Chubzz she’s as hot as the water

    • Xavier and Adriana
      Xavier and Adriana 3 years ago +1

      When you get a lot of likes - never make an edit acknowledging you never got that many before.

    • Christopher Turner
      Christopher Turner 3 years ago +1

      Good grief man you popular

  • Yummy Spaghetti Noodles

    You guys should do one on dealership repair shops. They're scamming people like mad and nobody is talking about it!

  • Rigo Manjarrez
    Rigo Manjarrez 8 months ago

    Imagine how many of these dishonest people work out there everyday in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, doc cleaning you name it

  • TotallyAPilot
    TotallyAPilot Month ago +1

    "I really didn't want to fidget with things." Isn't that part of being a plumber?

  • Dustin Carpenter
    Dustin Carpenter Year ago

    I wonder how those consultant plumbers would have acted if no cameras were there and going through the same investigation process

  • ocho27
    ocho27 2 months ago

    As a former Harley Davidson tech if the customer was still in the building when I’d service his/her bike I would physically show them the issue or other issues that will need attention. If they were not there I would call them and ask if I can send them pictures of what attention their bikes need like brakes, tires, leaks, etc. I’d take a quick minute to write up a quote before hand too. It was not “up-selling” for me since I didn’t get paid commission and @ $10/hr(🙄another story there). Just honest work.