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How to Make Spur Gear on a Lathe Machine - expert tips from a pro!

  • Published on Jan 14, 2023
  • How to Make Spur Gear on a Lathe Machine - expert tips from a pro!
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  • @josenersohernandezquezada4210

    Exelente trabajo Aceves usamos cosas y no sabemos cómo se hacen Dios bendiga siempre esas manos laboriosas

  • @karlhawley342
    @karlhawley342 Year ago +3

    that is a hundred-year-old technology in the USA and if he would have machined it right, the heat goes in too the chip and not in the part.

  • @HARDE247
    @HARDE247 11 months ago

    Nice job,,

  • @ulugbekmuhitdinov2663


  • @abypaby555
    @abypaby555 Year ago


  • @WowSkills
    @WowSkills Year ago

    Bhai jan Aap ka nmbr mil sakta hai?

  • @bruiladebeen5671

    The tooth of the gear and all the edges are rough. This doesn't look like a finished product, maybe for low intensity use.