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Fed up homeowner confronts car thief in his driveway

  • Published on Apr 7, 2024

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  • @manny5186
    @manny5186 Month ago +189165

    Dude handled the thief, got ran over by a car and still got a pic of the plate. What a savage

    • @GamerRangerX
      @GamerRangerX Month ago +1331

      if the plate is legit

    • @Miles1784
      @Miles1784 Month ago +2197

      Handguns people. Handguns

    • @jeremiemcguigan-bp8ys
      @jeremiemcguigan-bp8ys Month ago +769

      He even kicked the door shut on the truck perfectly then lands on his feet and starts snapping pics😂

    • @gurjeetsembhi7193
      @gurjeetsembhi7193 Month ago +273

      Didn’t even shake a bit and just walked off

    • @shayluv73
      @shayluv73 Month ago +226

      Getting his butt whooped, I betcha they won't come over there again!!🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • @08lefavor
    @08lefavor Month ago +146394

    Laid a beatdown, avoided being murdered by a car, got the evidence on two cameras and walked away. All barefoot. You sir are a badass

    • @SergioLopez-zc5bv
      @SergioLopez-zc5bv Month ago +1054

      Now try and get the lazy cops to do something. A person I know had video of the offender and found him. The court issued a warrant, but the cops would not arrest him because they don't do "home arrests" anymore. Check their policy, they only arrest in public or when a person is pulled over.

    • @jaaandro
      @jaaandro Month ago +112

      ​@SergioLopez-zc5bv well i think you could blame that on the fact that most people have guns nowadays. and they're dumb enough to use them. 2nd ammendment at work :)

    • @SergioLopez-zc5bv
      @SergioLopez-zc5bv Month ago

      @jaaandro More like mandatory-quota-female-hire system and civilians becoming cops that have no business wearing a badge. If you can't handle doing the job of arresting people, then you don't belong in the police force. That is a more appropriate answer and not blaming gun owner's rights.

    • @daprince3559
      @daprince3559 Month ago +133

      ​@@jaaandro2 brain cells??

    • @jaaandro
      @jaaandro Month ago +24

      @@daprince3559 fine asl????? why we giving facts about ourselves???

  • @kchambers777
    @kchambers777 3 days ago +798

    Had the nerve to yell for help🙄

  • @susancummings-voncluck9046

    The driver should be charged with attempted murder while committing a felony.

  • @scoobs8290
    @scoobs8290 Month ago +213974

    Way to stack attempted murder on top of vehicle theft

    • @maxthibodeau3627
      @maxthibodeau3627 Month ago +1758

      he was defending his friend, i give points for not just abandoning his friend like most do.

    • @qud3913
      @qud3913 Month ago +14206

      ​@@maxthibodeau3627so honorable, lol

    • @Thedisciplemike
      @Thedisciplemike Month ago

      😂😂😂 how about, dont drive your friends around to rob people? That might also be more friendlike ​@@maxthibodeau3627

    • @Ghenjiro
      @Ghenjiro Month ago

      ​@@maxthibodeau3627 🤡

    • @tempakilla
      @tempakilla Month ago +7577

      ​@maxthibodeau3627 you defending people who take from others. Imagine if they still chopped away hands 😅

  • @Brispluggz
    @Brispluggz Month ago +28358

    Screaming help after an attempted robbery is insane

  • @sheena1096
    @sheena1096 15 hours ago +27

    The homeowner is so calm, and the way he jumped on top of the car was amazing

  • @smoothsilkyappeal
    @smoothsilkyappeal Day ago +13

    The Fact that this guy came outside with NO WEAPONS speaks volumes.. the calmness and focus.. he didn’t miss..if it wasn’t for that car interruption.. He would’ve had that thief gifted wrap for the cops😂😂

  • @ProxCQ
    @ProxCQ Month ago +108007

    From car theft to attempted murder. So smart.

    • @darkrevenger04
      @darkrevenger04 Month ago +1628

      Actually attempted Grand theft auto to attempted murder

    • @junatah5903
      @junatah5903 Month ago +669

      ​@@darkrevenger04 you know that grand theft auto is car theft right?

    • @rendnx
      @rendnx Month ago +369

      ​@@junatah5903he was calling it what it's actually called, stealing a car is grand theft auto. meaning u shld call it GTA not stealing a car

    • @SenkaBandit
      @SenkaBandit Month ago +601

      He’d be in jail for a few days and then released. Probably a blue state

    • @SmickyD
      @SmickyD Month ago +98

      Doesn't matter they will get a stern talking to if anyone even cares to look for them.

  • @markb4890
    @markb4890 Month ago +22577

    Him screaming help as he was getting man handled was beautiful 😂

    • @chacehood
      @chacehood Month ago +36

      Quick thinking by the driver

    • @spoiledmilk2198
      @spoiledmilk2198 Month ago +248

      @@chacehoodmore like the driver wasn’t thinking at all

    • @jaebrewster1826
      @jaebrewster1826 Month ago +20

      More like it was an assault.

    • @James_Randal
      @James_Randal Month ago +209

      ​@@jaebrewster1826an assault? Ain't no way your defending a CAR THIEF.

    • @ol_YaK_lo
      @ol_YaK_lo Month ago +79

      ​@James_Randal he meant the getaway driver hitting the car owner will now face assault with a deadly weapon charge, a hit and run charge, attempted vehicular homicide charge....etc... etc... kid went from only attempted grand theft auto to a litany of extra charges...🤣🤣🤣

  • @Eycatsz
    @Eycatsz 3 days ago +9

    😮I’m so happy you’re ok! 😊 you have everything you need. I hope our justice system worked here!

  • @margaridadepina5726

    Can't get any better, all in one take ! Fearless guy is a ninja, bravo 👏 🏆

  • @southali
    @southali Month ago +7671

    He is yelling help because thieves are cowards. They live their lives on other's hard work and time. Good on this dude.

    • @tarik158
      @tarik158 Month ago +132

      ALL thieves are cowards. You have to be to be ok to take something that someone else worked hard to obtain.

    • @zakzanella1442
      @zakzanella1442 Month ago +30

      Yes. Thieves are cowards. You have to be to be to be to be to be to be and more of what the original comment said again….

    • @adamtedder1012
      @adamtedder1012 Month ago +3

      This seatle they probably would save him.

    • @AD-hs4cw
      @AD-hs4cw Month ago +12

      I agree but the problem is him doing this almost got him squashed and his truck got destroyed..

    • @kelperdude
      @kelperdude Month ago +45

      Welcome to another blue city.

  • @bamazing2731
    @bamazing2731 9 days ago +2209

    Driver should be charged with attempted murder. Immediately.

    • @stinkyfish8357
      @stinkyfish8357 7 days ago +32

      10 years minimum

    • @tonibarnes2036
      @tonibarnes2036 6 days ago +23

      If caught he will be

    • @AmyRice-tj6lk
      @AmyRice-tj6lk 6 days ago +58

      With this being Seattle, Washington the homeowner was probably charged with assault

    • @sonjabrantley5462
      @sonjabrantley5462 6 days ago +12

      I can’t hit the like button enough

    • @Gamingeek14
      @Gamingeek14 6 days ago +11

      Yeah and then get a slap on the wrist from the judge with probation

  • @playwithjay8315
    @playwithjay8315 Day ago +10

    the audacity to yell for help 😢

    • @DylanSarment
      @DylanSarment 13 hours ago

      Could you not her him gasping for air and being choked?💀

  • @amiekellogg2
    @amiekellogg2 3 days ago +2

    That robber is lucky to have such a good friend.

  • @chrisj.miller9947
    @chrisj.miller9947 Month ago +43288

    the fact that he yelled help was insane

    • @michaelflury4434
      @michaelflury4434 Month ago +857

      Yeah those like him yelling for help don't like it when the target can and will fight back and the thief can't fight what so ever

    • @Omnent
      @Omnent Month ago +657

      Victim mentality lol

    • @tanonymous2557
      @tanonymous2557 Month ago +115

      But he did have help; and got away.

    • @danbarron8072
      @danbarron8072 Month ago +75

      OMG, how insensitive! That guy screaming help was probably just try'n to provide for his baby's momma's! Just imagine if this had been Texas where that overly aggressive vehicle owner would have been allowed to use a pew pew!

    • @Guitarial_arts
      @Guitarial_arts Month ago +61

      What a coward

  • @cacogenicist
    @cacogenicist Month ago +18424

    Dude has his phone out immediately after taking a ride on the hood. Impressively calm and focused.

    • @Bldzera
      @Bldzera Month ago +368

      ong bro was locked in for that plate, slick w it

    • @wolf2966
      @wolf2966 Month ago +6

      @@dylanharding9126wouldn’t stand in court

    • @ouzaitheronin
      @ouzaitheronin Month ago +18

      @@wolf2966sometimes it’s better to let them go

    • @Just_Pele
      @Just_Pele Month ago +94

      @@wolf2966 It would here in TN, where 2A is supreme. 👍

    • @wolf2966
      @wolf2966 Month ago +6

      @@Just_Pele judging off the scenario no it wouldn’t

  • @FabulousatFortyPlus

    This guy right here, the owner of the truck the fabulous man that made this recording my guy is like a superhero

  • @bunny19-xk5mj
    @bunny19-xk5mj Day ago +1

    He jumped on the car at the very last sec and saved his Life❤ He is genius👍👍

  • @IceCubeInMyIceTea
    @IceCubeInMyIceTea Month ago +16716

    Screaming help but then talking smack when he was getting in the car speaks volumes

    • @kajekage9410
      @kajekage9410 Month ago +53

      I can't tell what he is saying, can you? I want a follow up on this.

    • @DDStankPaCC
      @DDStankPaCC Month ago +215

      ​@@kajekage9410the theif was silent . The owner of the truck said "oh I gotcha GOOD" As he records them and their getaway vehicle.

    • @landonstainbrook1183
      @landonstainbrook1183 Month ago +81

      @@kajekage9410let me in let me in… that’s what I heard

    • @kajekage9410
      @kajekage9410 Month ago +43

      @@DDStankPaCC man, I want a follow-up to this.

    • @Jsv_1021O4
      @Jsv_1021O4 Month ago +71

      ​@@DDStankPaCCYou not hear the dude literally whining?😂😂 That was the thief not the owner

  • @chickenindoubleC
    @chickenindoubleC Month ago +5098

    I never thought I'd find someone screaming for help in such a pitiful way so satisfying. That man is a unit.

    • @Vinny-no9bd
      @Vinny-no9bd Month ago +22

      Ahh yes but then at the end, he used the learned from Rap N word.

    • @hybrid1880
      @hybrid1880 Month ago +28

      “Police! Help! Police! Help!” lol. They will help you now.

    • @jessefoster8981
      @jessefoster8981 Month ago +21

      ​@@Vinny-no9bdsounded like he said, "do it again dickhead", but my ears aren't the best lol. Definitely called the jacker something though lol

    • @bobbyhill4118
      @bobbyhill4118 Month ago +2

      He’s like an impala that went around trying to piss with probably not a lion, but a far more important animal, that’s for sure.

    • @ofalynharris
      @ofalynharris Month ago +20

      Right that little bitty child squeal for help made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Don't punk out know little guy. keep that same energy you had before he pop up on you 😂😂

  • @Av8r6o4
    @Av8r6o4 3 days ago +14

    james bond aint got nothing on this home owner

  • @hemavathim6846
    @hemavathim6846 53 minutes ago

    This dude deserves a award from the govt in a most flashier way possible.... Spend money on this guys and inspire people to be brave.....

  • @DrumFFx
    @DrumFFx 13 days ago +3480

    the scream for help is so satisfying

    • @BazColne
      @BazColne 11 days ago +43

      It was balm on my ears. What a wimp.

    • @lyngi2024
      @lyngi2024 11 days ago +37

      That was hilarious! He was calling for help as if he was not the problem. Satisfying indeed. I hope the home owner is ok and will see justice for this crime.

    • @coffeekelly1169
      @coffeekelly1169 10 days ago +22

      Well, that went from carjacking to attempted murder

    • @marcellolannes9788
      @marcellolannes9788 10 days ago +1

      Verdade 😂

    • @edwingarcia4321
      @edwingarcia4321 10 days ago +3

      Did hear me asking for
      Police ? lol hop the homeowner is okay

  • @hxm98
    @hxm98 27 days ago +2800

    dude was screaming for help while he was getting his ass beat but acts hard when he wasn’t 😭😭😭

    • @crisnarland3450
      @crisnarland3450 27 days ago +68

      every "thug" in highschool

    • @jonathanbarragan6256
      @jonathanbarragan6256 27 days ago +9


    • @blasianbombflower8828
      @blasianbombflower8828 26 days ago +11

      @@crisnarland3450 you went to them safe high schools, it was shooting in stabbings at mine

    • @ericmcdonald9803
      @ericmcdonald9803 26 days ago +13

      @@blasianbombflower8828 very cool

    • @lilwigga4507
      @lilwigga4507 26 days ago +9

      @@blasianbombflower8828 yea i doubt more then one incident happened but go head and brag! my school had the same thing happened and basically shut down so ik how it works

  • @samimd5352
    @samimd5352 Day ago +3

    Hats off bro great job

  • @KarmArose88
    @KarmArose88 2 days ago +2

    the “ helppp HeLpPpP “ is so pathetic. I’m glad the owner wasn’t badly injured.

  • @kjetilknyttnev3702
    @kjetilknyttnev3702 29 days ago +4533

    Attempted murder on top of theft. Thats a solid 25 years in prison. Good life choices, bro.

    • @lecherojr
      @lecherojr 28 days ago +113

      lol, it would have to be prosecuted and we all know it won’t be

    • @null480
      @null480 28 days ago +89

      LMAO nobody's getting prosecuted in seattle

    • @nightfall22
      @nightfall22 28 days ago +45

      I was just about to type what was said twice before I got here 😂 nothing is happening in Seattle. He could have used deadly force and they would have jailed the homeowner

    • @gamerrevoluton
      @gamerrevoluton 28 days ago +14

      Are any of you from Seattle? Is it really that bad?

    • @null480
      @null480 28 days ago

      @@gamerrevoluton yes and yes, the district attorney's office was completely taken over by pro crime activists and non violent crimes are entirely unprosecuted now. Violent crimes may be prosecuted but it's a crap shoot, definitely won't be if the criminal is part of an "oppressed group"

  • @brandonc808
    @brandonc808 22 days ago +2437

    went from a misdemeanor to felony vehicular assault and attempted murder real quick

    • @candiseclower9957
      @candiseclower9957 20 days ago +17


    • @honeybee6858
      @honeybee6858 20 days ago +19

      Forgot that he had to fix his own car too lol

    • @fabrixioable
      @fabrixioable 20 days ago +6

      Is there any way in USA law that he could be charged if he started to fire at them after that?

    • @mitchellbaxter6314
      @mitchellbaxter6314 20 days ago +28

      @@fabrixioable It's not USA law; it would depend on the state, and whether he fired while the car was coming at him or driving away. In Democratic states, he might be arrested, but in Republican states, he'd get a medal.

    • @DarkAbyss-em5ly
      @DarkAbyss-em5ly 20 days ago +3

      ​@fabrixioable I would hope that would be self defense this would be a rather clear case especially since they clearly caught the attempted homicide and carjacking as long as he doesn't hit sometimes fatal on purpose or permanently cripple anyone he would have been fine with a few warning shots

  • @moniquethomas8469
    @moniquethomas8469 2 days ago +2

    That's so messed up I feel bad for the owner I hope they found those people who did that

  • @kbro7484
    @kbro7484 17 hours ago

    That's impressive. Hands down the best composure I've ever witnessed.

  • @jennyburkey8343
    @jennyburkey8343 20 days ago +1742

    It’s the yelling from dude “”Help Help”” like he was the one getting robbed 🤣

  • @timothyg3063
    @timothyg3063 Month ago +3221

    That went from a misdemeanor theft to felony attempted murder.

  • @pamelacooper2419
    @pamelacooper2419 3 days ago +5

    My hat is off to you!!!!!!!!

  • @vilmacamacho9809

    He had enough time to take his phone out of his pocket, access camera and take a photo of the care, plates and assailants. Good for him. God bless him.❤❤❤❤

  • @boosieboo9700
    @boosieboo9700 27 days ago +3208

    And you just turned a 2 years sentence into a 10 real quick

    • @WikDgunner
      @WikDgunner 26 days ago +185

      If its california he turned a catch and release into 1 year probation.

    • @slickgiraffe6650
      @slickgiraffe6650 26 days ago +28

      @@WikDgunner when did this happen? Name a specific instance.

    • @soren_prod
      @soren_prod 26 days ago +40

      It’s Seattle I doubt anything happens

    • @Kk_8563_
      @Kk_8563_ 26 days ago +2

      ​@@WikDgunnerright man 😂

    • @amygrimes6438
      @amygrimes6438 26 days ago +1


  • @onahu88
    @onahu88 Month ago +18111

    Oh bud, now it’s not just car theft, that escalated to attempted murder

    • @user-ht6cd1sb2d
      @user-ht6cd1sb2d Month ago +86

      Um, actually, the correct terms are tresspassing in a conveyance, vehicular assault, and whatever the cost of the damages to owners' property are. So, probably get a suspended license 2-5 years probation

    • @quincyjohnson8806
      @quincyjohnson8806 Month ago +221

      ​@@xxspeakerboxx😂😂😂 not really just state law. Also even deeply blue states still see hitting people with cars assualt with a deadly weapon.

    • @sportsdomination9729
      @sportsdomination9729 Month ago +242

      @@user-ht6cd1sb2dYeah, no. Vehicular assault is a much lighter charge that’s used for accidents or small bumps. This was straight up attempted vehicular homicide.

    • @tehmarok
      @tehmarok Month ago +40

      ​@@quincyjohnson8806This deep into these crazy people outting themselves and you still bother using reason and logic with them... you're a saint. 😂

    • @IratePuffin
      @IratePuffin Month ago +5

      Aggravated assault

  • @classyladychick1234
    @classyladychick1234 3 days ago +6

    This guy has to have been in the military

  • @gabgacha
    @gabgacha Day ago

    His boy didn't leave him. That's something else to be observed.
    Alot of people would have bailed. The victim became the aggressor and successfully defended his property. Good video.

  • @tyler3876
    @tyler3876 17 days ago +4306

    They just turned attempted robbery into attempted murder. Congrats

    • @beegchunguz7425
      @beegchunguz7425 16 days ago +109

      Seattle mosgt likely: Arrests homeowner for preventing theft

    • @davespin9034
      @davespin9034 15 days ago +19

      Criminals aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed

    • @mgazzz219
      @mgazzz219 15 days ago +2

      @@davespin9034 thats why they goin to prison

    • @hankevans6811
      @hankevans6811 15 days ago +1

      You can’t rob a vehicle you can’t rob an unoccupied house you can burglarize it

    • @certifiedjordan9030
      @certifiedjordan9030 15 days ago +7

      @@beegchunguz7425 thank god I live in texas

  • @bigmoose8215
    @bigmoose8215 22 days ago +2235

    Went from a car theft to a hit and run, attempted murder with a deadly weapon real fast. Boys gonna be spending 20+ years in prison with those felony charges

    • @amandacowley5306
      @amandacowley5306 22 days ago +111

      Unfortunately in this day and age in some states they will only get a slap on the wrist.

    • @ChickenPaulYT
      @ChickenPaulYT 22 days ago +67

      They'll be booked and released the same day. After about 300 times of doing it, they might get house arrest

    • @foxredwings
      @foxredwings 21 day ago +4

      Are you saying he you get out the next morning?

    • @Wickersham78
      @Wickersham78 21 day ago +14

      @@ChickenPaulYTnot with attempted murder charges

    • @Mileal76
      @Mileal76 21 day ago +19

      ​@@amandacowley5306 especially in Washington, you can all but guarantee that they are out on bail rn.

  • @nephipaul963
    @nephipaul963 11 hours ago

    Now that's a real friend .

  • @lynnhiggins7340
    @lynnhiggins7340 19 hours ago

    total respect to the car owner...❤

  • @FiringLazor
    @FiringLazor Month ago +2016

    i loved hearing him yell "PLEASE, HELP!" like that.

    • @flyflip87
      @flyflip87 Month ago +17

      I thought he said police... I was like "you got some nerve being the one to want to call the cops"

    • @shidatruth1515
      @shidatruth1515 Month ago +8

      He actually said KYLE.. Kyle .. help .. Kyle help😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • @thomasfoss9963
      @thomasfoss9963 Month ago

      "Kyle" is going down for attempted murder, and burglary when he is caught-- These punks are lucky that the phone wasn't a .44 Magnum----

    • @thomasfoss9963
      @thomasfoss9963 Month ago +10

      When "Kyle" is caught, he's also looking at attempted vehicular homicide---

    • @guthealthexplained3194
      @guthealthexplained3194 Month ago +1

      Me too brother. 😂

  • @KYJs
    @KYJs 24 days ago +1319

    well thats a fun way to turn 6 months in jail into 15 years..

    • @frankkopyta643
      @frankkopyta643 24 days ago +24

      Getting 15 years, that depends on what state this is. Some states will let you out after they book you. No need for bail.

    • @undiscoveredshorts
      @undiscoveredshorts 24 days ago +33

      @@frankkopyta643All states will let you out after bail, but the court date says otherwise. This would indeed be 15 years or more for attempted murder, highly doubt he would even get out on bail.

    • @richa.s9912
      @richa.s9912 23 days ago +6

      Thousands of years jail no food and water.

    • @BIshup95
      @BIshup95 23 days ago +1

      Not in chinada..

    • @kelseagail_xo
      @kelseagail_xo 23 days ago +2

      The way he kicks the truck door closed thoooooooo what a guy !!!!!!!

  • @kimhaynes2873
    @kimhaynes2873 3 days ago +1

    So sad absolutely horrible I’m so glad the homeowner didn’t get hurt

  • @evangelinewilliams814
    @evangelinewilliams814 23 hours ago

    You deserve an award. You went over the top.

  • @deanmendoza6310
    @deanmendoza6310 Month ago +19148

    From burglary to attempted murder!

    • @tommyt414
      @tommyt414 Month ago +252

      Dude almost ran his accomplice over too 😂

    • @mrguy3746
      @mrguy3746 Month ago +190

      The usual suspects, are u surprised?

    • @MisterUrbanWorld
      @MisterUrbanWorld Month ago +115

      Funny even suburban W H I T E Kids are even doing car theft. You know times are hard 😂

    • @MisterUrbanWorld
      @MisterUrbanWorld Month ago +125

      ​@@mrguy3746these are suburban white kids, lol

    • @TheSergio1021
      @TheSergio1021 Month ago +89

      ​@@MisterUrbanWorld alright man, calm down with the racism

  • @jonathanfernandez5051
    @jonathanfernandez5051 Month ago +2050

    Mad respect for that homeowner man dude you still up for your stuff. I hope they got busted

    • @crystalsmith2836
      @crystalsmith2836 Month ago +17

      Only the one dude driver not caught yet

    • @BB-oh5vm
      @BB-oh5vm Month ago +5

      ​@@crystalsmith2836 Looked like a girl with long hair. Maybe a dude with long hair who knows

    • @crystalsmith2836
      @crystalsmith2836 Month ago +16

      @BB-oh5vm yeah he has been caught driver has not they will get him it will happen

    • @Ty-1452
      @Ty-1452 19 days ago +1

      I don’t know if I have any respect for him. He nearly got killed over stuff. Do you have any idea how much pain his family would have had to live with if he had died ?!

    • @crystalsmith2836
      @crystalsmith2836 19 days ago +8

      @Ty-1452 I have mad respect for him he has put 18 years of his life into this country for u. Pain let's talk about that missing out on holidays birthdays special memories going to war twice watching his friends get blown up in tanks fighting a war that was caused by our own government in the first place. Everything we as his family missed out on for him because he fights for u. So yes mad respect for my brother for trying to teach someone enough is enough.

  • @breeze8756
    @breeze8756 Day ago +1

    Now THAT'S a real American!!!!

  • @6363Jennifer1
    @6363Jennifer1 17 hours ago

    Omg, poor guy, Thank God you're ok.

  • @chrisdeyo5392
    @chrisdeyo5392 25 days ago +2461

    Love the thief yelling for help lol, the homeowner is dishing out the only help you need.

    • @karmic5101
      @karmic5101 25 days ago +14

      LMFAOOOOOO I just died on the inside reading this dude 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can't stop watching it

    • @leemarsden2557
      @leemarsden2557 25 days ago +3

      also they guy was asking for help to the driver whos called kyle with sounds of it lol

    • @NubiasLamb
      @NubiasLamb 25 days ago +2

      😂🤣😂🤣 facts

    • @csurams84
      @csurams84 25 days ago +4

      He was giving him work 🤣🤣🤣. I started choking on my pizza

    • @anthonygibson660
      @anthonygibson660 25 days ago +3

      Brave but foolish

  • @simonkeel3030
    @simonkeel3030 Month ago +1501

    The fact that the guy had the presence to take out his phone camera after almost getting killed by the car is pretty amazing.

    • @jasonsuthern6326
      @jasonsuthern6326 Month ago +13

      I thought he whipped out his gun

    • @moatazimad4964
      @moatazimad4964 Month ago +3


    • @craigdarby9533
      @craigdarby9533 Month ago +19

      He knew "camera man never dies".

    • @Gianni523
      @Gianni523 Month ago +1

      That's a gun not a phone camera dude and the flash you see is an underbarrel flashlight on his pistol 😂 funny mistake you made though bro no disrespect

    • @mq4626
      @mq4626 Month ago +2

      hes a leftist.. what do you expect..

  • @sofyrelocs2691
    @sofyrelocs2691 3 days ago +3

    He said not today. I got time for the shenanigans.

  • @MMIrish
    @MMIrish 19 hours ago

    My best friend is a beautiful single woman and lives in Seattle. It made me so happy to see this. Glad to know men like this exist up there. And if this guy is single… just saying my best friend is single and lives in Seattle.

  • @JijoThomas-kh6qu
    @JijoThomas-kh6qu Month ago +3912

    This homeowner has some big balls. Salute.

    • @user-cm9wm7tg2p
      @user-cm9wm7tg2p Month ago +5

      And messy drawers😂😂😂

    • @stevenk628
      @stevenk628 Month ago +12

      Big balls 😂 what are you scared of some 15 year olds breaking into your car?

    • @loganfirstman7014
      @loganfirstman7014 Month ago +1

      Yeah, he could hardly walk

    • @yipribadi
      @yipribadi Month ago +22

      Might not have been the wisest move in case the robber was armed. I would have only confronted if I at least had a firearm.

    • @marcocarrillo446
      @marcocarrillo446 Month ago +29

      ​@@stevenk628 the age is absolutely not important the fact is that we all thought they had guns

  • @BootsOrion
    @BootsOrion Month ago +2907

    Car theft, attempted murder, leaving scene of accident.. Reckless/careless endangerment, vehicle damages, accessory to crime.. Idiots just earned ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    • @ratillecebrasquedubitantiu4451
      @ratillecebrasquedubitantiu4451 Month ago +54

      Young scholars.

    • @crimsoneros933
      @crimsoneros933 Month ago +13

      Dude, 5/5 for you, too. They got the bad side of it.

    • @TheSvRoma
      @TheSvRoma Month ago +56

      In Canada they will be free the next day, in two days they will be doing the same

    • @konstruct11
      @konstruct11 Month ago

      Do you know if they’re rested they’re just gonna be released it’s Seattle that is attempted murder by the way, but if you’re a tax citizen, you don’t get rights if you’re a bum that steals from other people apparently you’re the best type of person they want to promote thank you DA in Seattle

    • @larryk5823
      @larryk5823 Month ago +13

      I hope I get picked for that jury!

  • @Astroo13
    @Astroo13 Day ago +1

    salutes what a soldier

  • @Celrah
    @Celrah Day ago

    Something tells me him showing this evidence to the police will go terribly wrong for him. But, kudos to him for his spontaneous reaction. Well done sir for protecting what’s yours!

  • @shoover2889
    @shoover2889 Month ago +3039

    Trying to run someone over because YOU got caught is a special kind of insane.

    • @CBAGamerz
      @CBAGamerz Month ago +67

      Imagine getting caught so you start screaming for help

    • @HypnoticSock
      @HypnoticSock Month ago +38

      They're thiefs, not intelligent😂😂

    • @jadon6995
      @jadon6995 Month ago +14

      have you ever heard of criminals

    • @fangsabre
      @fangsabre Month ago +32

      I had some dude shoot a gun at me for something similar.
      I didn't call the cops tho, I called family.
      Pretty sure that guy is buried somewhere in the Nevada desert now

    • @ryanharkness1753
      @ryanharkness1753 Month ago +22

      Democrat intelligence

  • @SuburbanRuralist
    @SuburbanRuralist Month ago +15977

    Turned a year in jail/prison into 20 years for attempted murder with a vehicle. ..

    • @chrisshaffer2949
      @chrisshaffer2949 Month ago +756

      Not in that city they will be out in a year

    • @clarkkent7638
      @clarkkent7638 Month ago +509

      Both would be pushing daisies where I'm from.

    • @freqonnaleash5288
      @freqonnaleash5288 Month ago +263

      Not even a year. Be out w/o bail and let go with a stern lecture

    • @warframewarframe5095
      @warframewarframe5095 Month ago +151

      @@freqonnaleash5288they won’t even be confronted

    • @jacklunsford7528
      @jacklunsford7528 Month ago +138

      They might spend a few hours in county timeout until they are let free to do it again

  • @michellehession1103
    @michellehession1103 19 hours ago

    I love how that man stayed calm enough to take out his phone and get the license plate. I would not have been calm enough to remember my phone.

  • @destro_0411
    @destro_0411 19 days ago +843

    him crying for help. Priceless

  • @colinfruend5537
    @colinfruend5537 Month ago +1657

    Dude went from being a criminal to begging for the police to help him in about 3 seconds.

    • @nay9705
      @nay9705 Month ago +4

      I thought he said “Scully” so it makes sense it was police 😂
      Hope they got caught

    • @dillonlavelle2634
      @dillonlavelle2634 Month ago +2

      It sounded like he was saying Malik, the other guys name. It’s definitely hard to hear

    • @jacobdeason3199
      @jacobdeason3199 Month ago

      Hilarious 😂😂😂

    • @yakopc6600
      @yakopc6600 19 days ago +1

      What? You think he was calling for police's help?
      Not the other crook who was right there?
      Occam's lost razor?

  • @markolean6815
    @markolean6815 3 days ago +4

    Never Surrender

  • @donnaleesoucy
    @donnaleesoucy 3 days ago +10

    Not the thief turn victim.. help what? Your criminal behavior?
    Nah. Kuddos to the owner!

  • @vipernarc1
    @vipernarc1 Month ago +1522

    The driver needs to be charged with attempted murder with a deadly weapon.

    • @MrBesmir7
      @MrBesmir7 Month ago +20

      At least 10 years for the driver..3 year's for thief😅😅😅

    • @cornixdemetrius7883
      @cornixdemetrius7883 Month ago +10

      Their mistake was keeping the number plate on

    • @local_hotpotato
      @local_hotpotato Month ago +11

      Wouldent it be Attempted Vehicular Manslaughter?

    • @Visceralreality
      @Visceralreality Month ago +12

      BOTH need to be charged for it, they both took part of the act.

    • @Radkination
      @Radkination Month ago

      ​@@MrBesmir7it's WA.... they'll get cashless bail and unsupervised probation.

  • @Itsloco314
    @Itsloco314 13 days ago +2287

    Dude breaking into this man's car has the nerve to say "Help police" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @retierashia
      @retierashia 12 days ago +50

      He’s saying “Help please”

    • @rustyshackleford8643
      @rustyshackleford8643 12 days ago +18

      Actually, I thought he was saying "Malik" ! Yelling his friend's name who is driving the car

    • @sergeykhadyev
      @sergeykhadyev 12 days ago +1

      Такое не возможно в России

    • @user-fl9bt5yw6l
      @user-fl9bt5yw6l 11 days ago

      I’m pretty sure he’s saying don’t leave.

    • @Itsloco314
      @Itsloco314 11 days ago +1

      @@retierashia Makes sense lol

    @CHICREHABADVICE 3 days ago +3

    And then walked it off like Clint Eastwood!!!

  • @derrickhayward596
    @derrickhayward596 17 hours ago

    This dude is a legend 💪 GODS power right there !!!

  • @aarondavis5000
    @aarondavis5000 4 days ago +2339

    He even kicked the truck door closed before it hit him! Dudes a ninja.

    • @claragould4654
      @claragould4654 3 days ago +32

      Hollywood couldn't make this stuff up!

    • @NotGilmore
      @NotGilmore 2 days ago +14

      Survival instincts kicked in

    • @fstlnetrip
      @fstlnetrip 2 days ago +8

      bro was in the moment

    • @fstlnetrip
      @fstlnetrip 2 days ago +6

      bro got hit by car traveled 10ft never touched the ground

    • @PrimateSoul
      @PrimateSoul 2 days ago +2

      Nice I noticed that after you said it

  • @safertobeanonymous2224
    @safertobeanonymous2224 Month ago +1935

    He saved his friend from a car theft charge by committing attempted murder.
    Smart criminals…

    • @notyak
      @notyak Month ago +8

      "Smart criminals" 😂

    • @alexanderjurgeleit9761
      @alexanderjurgeleit9761 Month ago +5

      There isn't any smart thief...hope they were arrested and not getting uncharged often heart from blueStates

    • @Anonymoose0523
      @Anonymoose0523 Month ago

      Go big or go home

    • @cheekfinesser
      @cheekfinesser Month ago +7

      @@alexanderjurgeleit9761 home owner definitely got those plates in 4K so safe to say they’re fucked.

    • @bakabaka73
      @bakabaka73 Month ago +1

      And he got right in range for the camera to see all his details.

  • @JulioTirado-vq3ui
    @JulioTirado-vq3ui Day ago +1

    He did the right thing to protect his property he owns

  • @quintinpowell3569

    Dude is brave to confront multiple thieves in the middle of the night with no weapon.

  • @HollywoodSnob_
    @HollywoodSnob_ Month ago +2212

    Jumping on the car saved his life. But then he even kicked the door of his car and then he pulled out his phone... amazing reactions and good working brain.

    • @QuestionAll365
      @QuestionAll365 Month ago +39

      And bare footed to say the least

    • @jamesdouglas3631
      @jamesdouglas3631 Month ago +24

      That adrenaline rush is something

    • @7kidstv105
      @7kidstv105 Month ago +28

      Im convinced this dude is john wick

    • @Enju23
      @Enju23 Month ago +14

      @@jamesdouglas3631not just adrenaline rush, one has to be able to remain calm to utilize it, otherwise you could’ve just folded under that

    • @scratchmonkey
      @scratchmonkey Month ago +11

      That door kick turned me gay, what a badass

  • @DigglerTVx
    @DigglerTVx Month ago +2698


    • @Ritzcrkrz96
      @Ritzcrkrz96 Month ago +29

      Caught in 4k 💀

    • @95key
      @95key Month ago +24

      He ain’t no joke that is tough and smart and brave. That’s who I want on my team. Delta Force level bad ass.

    • @astralenlightenment1743
      @astralenlightenment1743 Month ago +1

      Is landscape mode more focused or what?

    • @squid8420
      @squid8420 Month ago +3

      @@astralenlightenment1743no bro landscape means sideways

    • @botandrew1
      @botandrew1 Month ago +9

      ​@@astralenlightenment1743more field of view

  • @just__pizza5639
    @just__pizza5639 Hour ago

    Bro is a King 👑

  • @CulunBoy-ii8bq
    @CulunBoy-ii8bq Day ago +1

    A very brave man

  • @matt2817
    @matt2817 Month ago +2018

    Driver should be charged with attempted murder.

    • @chrisbuentello9023
      @chrisbuentello9023 Month ago +58

      He will be if he gets caught.

      @JJXJOLINA Month ago +11

      @@chrisbuentello9023I think that they get some stupid ppl like that u see there faces

    • @ting2222
      @ting2222 Month ago +32

      The car owner might get charged for endangering the thief when the situation was already deescalated and running away, in California.

    • @MaxMax-wc2ms
      @MaxMax-wc2ms Month ago

      @@ting2222 In the state of NY, these days, most of the people in prison, are the victimes that tried to defend themselves when being mugged.

    • @imnotmarthastewart8120
      @imnotmarthastewart8120 Month ago +5

      @@ting2222sadly this would not surprise me. 😔

  • @andrewdaley5480
    @andrewdaley5480 Month ago +6945

    He only saved him because he knew he would snitch on him

  • @williamsteinhour4876
    @williamsteinhour4876 4 hours ago

    Hats off to the homeowner!! Didn’t scream like the little punk. Sounds like the car was damaged and shouldn’t be too difficult for the police to track down!! 😮😮😮
    I’d like to buy this guy a beer!

  • @monkeywithgun3161
    @monkeywithgun3161 Month ago +1823

    Lil bro didn't want to get out of the car because he knew he would've gotten his ass beaten even in a 2v1

  • @Barnes6083
    @Barnes6083 24 days ago +852

    The screams of help are so satisfying to hear

    • @assassinlexx1993
      @assassinlexx1993 23 days ago +10

      Lucky homeowner didn't put multiple holes in your chest.

  • @janicebaker2813

    Lord , restore this young man (victim) 100 times over 🙏🏾

  • @420highboi4
    @420highboi4 27 minutes ago +1

    She had the nerve to talk crap to the homeowner after screaming help like a girl

  • @Kyxel
    @Kyxel Month ago +848

    Hit and run, attempted murder, car theft, trespassing? 4 in one combo, my man.

    • @TheBarnett
      @TheBarnett Month ago +3

      If he can possibly identify them

    • @skipa4638
      @skipa4638 Month ago +4

      He’s got the video we watched and the one off his phone with their faces and license plate

    • @gameonln6077
      @gameonln6077 Month ago +7

      ​@@TheBarnettthe car they have looks nice
      So it belongs to them or a family member or they stole it.
      So owner taking picture was a good thing as the car can be tracked

    • @forests.9597
      @forests.9597 Month ago +1

      Saul must be giving those 2x1 discounts again 😂

    • @r0br33r
      @r0br33r Month ago +1

      Topped it off with the cherry at the end pre-peelout "hit him again" oof

  • @coolcobracommand
    @coolcobracommand Month ago +1070

    This dude is a G. Almost died and still calm as hell in the end

    • @jgamez106
      @jgamez106 Month ago +19

      He also kinda saved the dude robbing him. I woulda “accidentally” kept him behind the car as it reversed

    • @bnyang84
      @bnyang84 Month ago +9

      Bro was in the military.

    • @deithencry4564
      @deithencry4564 Month ago +1

      Agreed, dude took that front bumper like a champ

    • @elizabethr4107
      @elizabethr4107 Month ago


  • @danieltownsend15
    @danieltownsend15 14 hours ago

    That is a true friend

  • @ericschmidt1741
    @ericschmidt1741 9 hours ago

    This man is a 🐐

  • @jackwood107
    @jackwood107 Month ago +3790

    The fact he did this in the rain, with no shoes on, tackled the guy, restrained him, got run over but jumped it, survived and then had the calmness to film the incident and get all the information he needed was so smooth, absolute G. 👏

    • @McGeezle
      @McGeezle Month ago +13

      He literally didn't restrain him otherwise the car wouldn't have hit him

    • @cookiewaa
      @cookiewaa Month ago +8

      He was cold with it, too. What a chad.

    • @KindCountsDeb3773
      @KindCountsDeb3773 Month ago +3

      @@cookiewaa Hollywood could use him as a stunt man. coool

    • @kaylacook7139
      @kaylacook7139 Month ago +12

      @@McGeezlehe was still restrained at one point

    • @zoomingby
      @zoomingby Month ago +4

      Yeah, risk your life over some replaceable possessions. Absolute G.

  • @williamray4512
    @williamray4512 Month ago +7510

    The fact that these 2 drove off unharmed and alive upsets me.

    • @mista-ys5if
      @mista-ys5if Month ago +308

      And probably didn’t get caught

    • @Staysilent6317
      @Staysilent6317 Month ago +185

      I feel as if someone should be heading to the E.R. And not the victim

    • @jkuebler89
      @jkuebler89 Month ago +369

      ​@@BlackHeadSplittera thief is a thief, and nobody likes one, regardless of the color.

    • @bananafish7976
      @bananafish7976 Month ago +156

      ​@@BlackHeadSplitter Bro, he literally wished that they were dead. What more could he possibly say?

    • @YeshuaReignsSupreme
      @YeshuaReignsSupreme Month ago +50

      ​@@BlackHeadSplittersilly person

  • @peepsmaster8180
    @peepsmaster8180 Day ago +1

    That guy really said homies for life 😂

  • @SatanAzerath
    @SatanAzerath Day ago

    You made someone mad as hell when they're willing to run out onto the ice with no shoes or pants!!

  • @Imis-tw2gf
    @Imis-tw2gf Month ago +976

    Bruh the homeowner is an absolute unit 🥶

  • @kingchadthegigeth
    @kingchadthegigeth Month ago +1724

    To try to rob a car then cry “police, help” when you get caught is next level crazy.

    • @devonnotz9898
      @devonnotz9898 Month ago +44

      I think he said "please help" to his freind

    • @Hirohito_iLoveYou
      @Hirohito_iLoveYou Month ago +14

      Please help, not police help

    • @Longnima
      @Longnima Month ago +7

      Shoulda said it’s just a prank bro

    • @groovygamers1
      @groovygamers1 Month ago +4

      Idk how you heard police

    • @sphinx8404
      @sphinx8404 Month ago

      Generation Z mindset. Purest form of victim mentality, bet his next move was blame it on biden, or the system. Either way, this is the future.

  • @Aliciabpd
    @Aliciabpd 3 days ago

    What bravery!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 hope they were arrested!

  • @stef2005
    @stef2005 Day ago +6

    Очень смелый, мужественный, сильный.. Доя меня он герой!!!! Здоровья ему и удачи ❤❤❤

  • @pinkTonya24
    @pinkTonya24 Month ago +2514

    I like how the homeowner wasnt even afraid of the criminals trying to run him over again. He was getting THAT PLATE NO MATTER WHAT !!

    • @karlagarcia1851
      @karlagarcia1851 Month ago +14

      They were young punks

    • @bill_bardi
      @bill_bardi Month ago +26

      ​@@karlagarcia1851 said by the woman that would've shat herself if in the same situation

    • @jzmott82
      @jzmott82 Month ago +3

      Faces too

    • @tomc8930
      @tomc8930 Month ago +16

      The tag number isn’t going to help, the pictures of the faces will be the difference maker here!

    • @Maro005
      @Maro005 Month ago +11

      ​@@bill_barditake your hate of woman somewhere else, why would you even bring that up? Those guys were punks, get help, get checked, you're obviously biased against woman.

  • @MWakefield82
    @MWakefield82 Month ago +2117

    The perfect example of the modern day criminal. Break into your property and then cry for help when they get the business.

    • @quentinAxe
      @quentinAxe Month ago +26

      It’s always been like this ?

    • @EpsteinsRope
      @EpsteinsRope Month ago +16

      You're correct. No need for the question mark. ​@@quentinAxe

    • @joshelguapo5563
      @joshelguapo5563 Month ago +29

      Criminals are cowards

    • @LiquidDaylight
      @LiquidDaylight Month ago +2

      ​@@joshelguapo5563Are you brave enough to become a criminal?
      Edit: For the love of all that isn't serious, this comment was only meant as a joke ♥

    • @julespilla4
      @julespilla4 Month ago

      Big facts😂