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Tony Hawk and Sean Evans Take on the Paqui One Chip Challenge | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 24, 2022
  • Tony Hawk is no stranger to pain after three decades of professional skateboarding. But how will he and Sean Evans survive Paqui’s 2022 One Chip Challenge®? The rules of this competition are simple: Take a bite of a blazing Carolina Reaper and Scorpion Pepper-laced tortilla chip and see just how long you can last before reaching for that glass of milk. Watch the skate legend eat what he describes as “the remnants of a terrible house fire,” and see how long Sean can last at his fourth rodeo. Expect blue tongues and a lot of tears.
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Comments • 5 168

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  Month ago +1262

    Would you eat this chip?! 🔥🔥🔥

    • Ben Leach
      Ben Leach 12 hours ago

      I've had this chip and survived a hour with no milk

    • Scoobydunb
      Scoobydunb 17 hours ago

      I have it's absolutely awesome my mouth was on fire

    • Mikis Life
      Mikis Life 20 hours ago +1


    • sixgunslingin
      sixgunslingin Day ago


    • Joann Le
      Joann Le Day ago +1

      The stomach pain after is not worth it. I will never do it again lol

  • Django
    Django Month ago +7020

    Tony, calm as anything; "I see why this is a challenge..." What a legend.

    • Joshua
      Joshua 12 hours ago

      The chip was afraid of him

    • Just Walk
      Just Walk 3 days ago

      @snailbutch yeahhhhh okayyyy pal😂 you aren’t tough, trust me

    • christian6455
      christian6455 4 days ago


    • BrutalTalent
      BrutalTalent 5 days ago

      @Raziel Moreno nah

    • Raziel Moreno
      Raziel Moreno 13 days ago

      @XboxorMat Nah. Tony Hawk is overrated.

  • Mookyyzed
    Mookyyzed 2 days ago +15

    Tony's composure is a testament to his success. Cool as a cucumber under pressure. Being able to control your emotions while under extreme duress like this is not natural. Impressive

  • OnlyOneChanc
    OnlyOneChanc 3 days ago +13

    My boy Tony aging with grace, he's still so down to earth. I loved this.

  • no name mcgee
    no name mcgee 16 days ago +178

    shows how pro tony really is, being able to compartmentalise pain so you don't get overwhelmed at the moment is an ability that can be acquired only through experience and hard work

    • Monte Lee My P.O.V
      Monte Lee My P.O.V 15 hours ago

      @Taaha Siddiqui Yes I was trying to tell them what it was for but I think they thought I was lying/scamming. I even gave them the direct link

    • Dr Bowelrod PhD
      Dr Bowelrod PhD Day ago

      If you bounce hard enough off a planet a few times, pain becomes less of an issue.

    • Taaha Siddiqui
      Taaha Siddiqui Day ago

      @Jodi Ramirez that's what I'm saying

    • Jodi Ramirez
      Jodi Ramirez 3 days ago +1

      @Taaha Siddiqui I aint mad at him, I'm mad at the 20 people that didnt give money for the kitty. They just wanted to watch a man suffer.

    • Taaha Siddiqui
      Taaha Siddiqui 4 days ago +4

      @Monte Lee My P.O.V you did that for 40 minutes infront of 20 people and all they raised was 50 bucks for the kitty smh

  • Jaco Steyn
    Jaco Steyn 3 days ago +4

    Everytime I see something of Tony Hawk, and just hearing what he has done or gone through, I am mesmerized. Hes been my hero since high school. And he handled this Chip like the legend he is.

  • johnniewalker23
    johnniewalker23 Month ago +5143

    Come on man, Tony killed this challenge! I feel like he put Sean out of his misery. Y'all are both crazy.

    • bar tard
      bar tard Day ago

      i wouldn’t say that lol sean was still interviewing him during it lol

    • 29.
      29. Month ago

      no correlation between the two

    • Doodle Mavrak
      Doodle Mavrak Month ago +1

      Tony is the man lol

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago +2

      It's Tonys channel now..

    • Xtal
      Xtal Month ago +2

      I'm not huge into skateboarding but Tony Hawk is the man, he's like the awkward skateboarder we all knew in high school that just went full dedication and became the best to ever do it.

  • Bryce Covey
    Bryce Covey 16 days ago +100

    First time I’ve seen someone be calmer than Sean 😂😂😂

  • Persiah 777
    Persiah 777 Month ago +155

    Hottest challenge ever and Tony Hawk: "I'm feeling a little flush" 😂

  • Benjamin Lawson
    Benjamin Lawson Month ago +13

    Honestly this is one of the best media bits in the history of the world. Breaking down humans in such an un-natural way, is so amazing. Sean Evans has got to be one of the best media interviewers in history. Just his pure drive to always continue to ask questions during such a painful moment will continue to drive me back to Hot ones in any capacity. Thank you for the years of continuous pain and suffering. Thank You Hot Ones, Thank You Sean Evans, Thank you Hot Ones behind the scenes staff.

  • Bones Smith
    Bones Smith Day ago +1

    Tony is a tough S.O.B. A lifetime of pain for his art has made him the way he is... a Legend.

  • Samuel Benson
    Samuel Benson Month ago +1497

    I just love Tony so much. He has such a calming presence.

    • rawi vee
      rawi vee 3 days ago

      Yeah a real hunk

    • j
      j Month ago +1

      @Dietreich Rios Exactly... Not sure what he is talking about.

    • j
      j Month ago +2

      @TB Huh? I have been skating 16 years and have never heard anyone say that.

    • Shelby Seitzinger
      Shelby Seitzinger Month ago

      He's been through some serious pain. I figured he would be fine for this.

    • bigbubbano23
      bigbubbano23 Month ago

      Truly under appreciated as an athlete even with all hos accomplishments

  • Tom Boy
    Tom Boy Month ago +26

    The one chip challenge should be done more. This was a great episode.
    Loved it

  • Nicholas Bolin
    Nicholas Bolin 20 hours ago

    I'm so impressed. I tried the one chip challenge after having eaten reaper jerky and ghost pepper hot sauce. I was nowhere near prepared. These two are amazing, i was completely destroyed by one bite. I immediately couldn't handle it. They're super heroes.

  • Brian Tan
    Brian Tan 15 days ago +30

    i just did the challenge and i have never felt such intense unimaginable stomach pain... it's kind of nice to see that spice master sean evans also is getting destroyed but also i feel that

    • Jose Sanchez
      Jose Sanchez 6 days ago +6

      The stomach pain was the hardest part of the challenge, never again am i eating it. I couldn’t even stand or walk straight because it was so painful, like someone squishing your guts from the inside

    • pumpkinhwa
      pumpkinhwa 7 days ago +4

      same i was honestly debating going to the hospital or something because the pain was excruciating

    • jay jay cabrera
      jay jay cabrera 11 days ago +2

      Tell me about it did this at work worst decision

  • Anna L
    Anna L 5 days ago +13

    Tony ROCKED IT. He looked like he was not even affected 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tom M
    Tom M Month ago +1635

    Seeing Sean this affected by the chip is scary knowing his experience with super spicy food.

    • El De la Chevy
      El De la Chevy Day ago

      How’s Jenny

    • 2395WagnerHousesApt2C
      2395WagnerHousesApt2C Day ago

      I did it today. And it was pretty bad. But after like the 5 minute mark it starts becoming less bad. I got to 10 minutes and after that it was easy to get to an hour. But I'm experiencing the after effects now. 😂

    • Jeff Martinez
      Jeff Martinez Day ago

      Just had the chip today. Could not finish it, didn’t even know this was a thing…my kids told me to try it and was surprised there was actually 1 chip…I cracked half of the chip and just started chewing. Very powdery, which made it difficult to swallow. Then I was pounding water 25 seconds later…nope I’m good.

    • JG2
      JG2 2 days ago

      @Nitro1000 Da bomb is soft lol, it’s not that hot it just taste bad it’s very acidic. I poured some all over my hot Cheetos

    • JustinBeBussin
      JustinBeBussin 2 days ago

      @Jaysen Gomez yea man the actual heat isn’t the worst it’s the pain man my tongue and stomach was in PAIN

  • John Doe
    John Doe Hour ago

    Tony was beyond hilarious the whole time. Truly the GOAT.

  • nICK zOTO
    nICK zOTO Day ago

    I was laughing so hard through the first minute 😂😂 was almost like they both took some kind of drugs and they were on a bad high 🤣

  • Eduardo Aguirre
    Eduardo Aguirre Month ago +16

    I didn't last a whole 5 minutes and I have alot of respect for Tony Hawk and his spicy tolerance

    • TheSeasOfEnvy
      TheSeasOfEnvy 2 days ago

      @CMulkey469 it sped up to catch up between cuts - it's not a live event so there's be moments of nothing interesting happening and they'd just skip past those in the video (but time keeps running, obviously)

    • CMulkey469
      CMulkey469 7 days ago +1

      Neither did they! They listed 3min4sec! Watch the timer! It would speed up significantly at times!

  • WookInc
    WookInc Month ago +14

    I cant believe the calm and collectiveness Tony Hawk is radiating. I literally bought this chip 2 days ago thinking it would be a fun thing to do... I got the chip in my mouth and chewed twice and couldn't get it out quick enough.. I can do HOT! This is un real! 2 thumbs up to these crazy guys.

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger Month ago +1384

    Honestly, it’s kind of a funny relief to see Sean get humbled over some spice. It’s rare, but always a pleasure when it happens 😂

    • Name Looper
      Name Looper Month ago +5

      Yeah, you know he's literally tried more $picy $hit than most sane humans have...and to see him battle through it lets you know that chip ain't no chump.

    • Philo Merrill
      Philo Merrill Month ago +2

      It just feels weird to watch

    • linda
      linda Month ago +13

      That’s why I like to rewatch the Chili Klaus videos

    • Orion
      Orion Month ago +49

      the occasional reminder that he is, in fact, human

  • Logan Hardy
    Logan Hardy 27 days ago +14

    After trying this challenge, Tony’s ability to stay calm is extremely impressive

  • Megan Hansen
    Megan Hansen 26 days ago +14

    Tony Hawk is a straight legend. I've never seen Sean so affected! My question is why did they keep the gloves on for so long? Seems dangerous lol

  • SirGunther 0001
    SirGunther 0001 19 days ago +8

    I did this challenge with my dad. He had to stop and get milk after the 5 minute mark. I lasted the whole hour without eating or drink. It is definitely a experience. I found that it helps for me to take steady, deep breaths. It was so hot i could feel my face and teeth tingling, kinda like when your foot falls asleep. I regularly eat Carolina reaper salsa with my Paqui ghost pepper chips and have built up a very notable resistance to spicy food, however, the one chip challenge is definitely not for the faint of heart.

    • Brayden Crickenberger
      Brayden Crickenberger 17 days ago +3

      I had to hit water instantly, and it evacuated my stomach along with a nice nosebleed to really make me feel like I was about to die

  • Jonathan Brunner
    Jonathan Brunner Month ago +5

    Wow Tony Hawk has a high pain tolerance! I’m a chili head and I wouldn’t even be able to do that.

  • Mark Willard
    Mark Willard Month ago +1274

    Tony hawk is a national treasure. Had mad money since he was 17. Still seems down to earth. And the king of the skateboard

    • george arevalo
      george arevalo 18 days ago

      For real

    • TzunSu
      TzunSu 19 days ago

      Weirdly enough, he didn't. He talks in an interview about how how when he got his check for the second Tony Hawk game, he was suddenly making millions, and he was making a pretty normal salary before that.

    • HiddenEagle1990
      HiddenEagle1990 23 days ago

      @Nene lucky you. My favorite back in the day was Chad Muska and only recently learned about Rodney Mullen who is basically the best ever.

    • oidoy
      oidoy 23 days ago

      Im sure being rich then going broke also humbled him

    • Nene
      Nene 23 days ago +1

      @HiddenEagle1990 I miss skating): I remember meeting Bryan Herman and Andrew Reynolds. My favorite street skaters. It was a honor to hang out with them .

  • Tino
    Tino 10 days ago +1

    the way tony handled this he’s such a G for that

  • Finn Dugan
    Finn Dugan 16 days ago +1

    I did it with my friends today broke it into peices, and still it is insanely painful without something cold 🥶 and it tastes horrible.

  • Lucy B
    Lucy B 5 days ago

    I tried this once, but I only got maybe a 1cm of the chip into my mouth and for 15 minutes I was standing with my tongue out under the coldest running water!
    I can't even imagine how much this had to hurt. WOW!!!

  • LostAngeles
    LostAngeles 9 hours ago

    I took the smallest amount of this chip and almost passed out and I love spicy food . Becareful with this chip guys

  • Brent Talley
    Brent Talley Month ago +1431

    I love that Sean's coping mechanism at this point in his life is to try to interview someone lol. The best way his brain can handle the heat at this point is to refocus itself on another person. It's a very cool and interesting thing.

    • ColoradoStreaming
      ColoradoStreaming 10 days ago

      That and the weird hand gestures.

    • Fox Mulder
      Fox Mulder Month ago

      I want to put him in different extreme challenges and see if he defaults to it

    • Tyler McCann
      Tyler McCann Month ago +2

      It works though. My buddy had me try flatline hot sauce, and being on my phone looking at memes and it really helped

    • Mr. J
      Mr. J Month ago

      Almost like that's his Job!

    • Brent Talley
      Brent Talley Month ago +4

      @Jake Garcia give Sean and Nardwuar funding and microphones and watch the world change for the better lol

  • Jaded Jay
    Jaded Jay 12 days ago +1

    Absolutely one of my favorite Hot ones and there wasn't even any wings on this one! 😆

  • Nicholas Borman
    Nicholas Borman 23 days ago +5

    Tony is a beast. No Emotion. Love it😁

  • LuckyBreaksBowling
    LuckyBreaksBowling Month ago +41

    I just did this today, I made it a minute 36 seconds felt like I was gonna die and my stomach is in a huge amazing of pain… 10/10 recommended😐horrible experience everyone should have

  • Shpongle
    Shpongle Month ago +2

    As someone who used to skateboard, to be someone like tony hawk, you have to be so composed and be comfortable with the uncomfortable. I wasn’t surprised at all that he passed it like a champ.

  • Brian E. C.
    Brian E. C. Month ago +795

    seeing Sean is such discomfort just amplifies how epic Tony Hawks mindset is. the guy just knows how to focus through the pain

    • [BTRS] supagamer
      [BTRS] supagamer 18 days ago

      @theshapeexists that's not even the point I was making but okay buddy thx for the info nobody asked for

    • theshapeexists
      theshapeexists 18 days ago

      @[BTRS] supagamer every skater isn't Tony hawk. Tony has been very badly injured many times over the last 40 years. Ill take a shinner over a fractured skull any day.

    • Luca
      Luca 21 day ago

      Well, that and they cheated with the timer. Watch from 10:40 - 10:50.

    • Hollis Williams
      Hollis Williams Month ago +2

      I used to skate and had some really painful falls, almost nothing else is as painful.

    • [BTRS] supagamer
      [BTRS] supagamer Month ago +3

      @Ruben Alexandre yeah every skater has

    JINDIGO 2 days ago

    I’ve had literally a corner piece of one and to this day I’ve never had anything tht hot 😂

  • Busta DG
    Busta DG 6 days ago +1

    I just ate this exact same chip I didn’t feel nothing for the first 2 hours but after that I started feeling stomach pain and I had to go to the hospital

  • Soylent Pozole
    Soylent Pozole Month ago +1

    Tony is crushing that challenge like an absolute fiend. Mad respect.

  • Solothkar of Trinsic
    Solothkar of Trinsic 28 days ago

    You guys are legend. This is such an honor that you shared this moment with us, thank you.

  • Podsixia
    Podsixia Month ago +1439

    Sean asked the exact question I had - Tony's pain tolerance has been hardened by 4 decades of regular excruciating injuries.

    • VikingJulian
      VikingJulian Month ago +5

      Tony's harder than a coffin nail after all those years slamming into the pavement. He could have tortured Sean for an hour just hanging in there lol.

    • Moto Fox
      Moto Fox Month ago +2

      Pain tolerance is a sliding scale.

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago +1

      @Sancholi Nah, a boss is sean evans, TH is inhuman.

  • Dave Guy
    Dave Guy 11 days ago

    Tony Hawk is a beast, loved his games growing up he's the best nice job

  • Bronson Bowers
    Bronson Bowers 22 days ago +2

    Shawn had a way harder time with this then I thought he would. Tony killed it, legend.

  • mo514
    mo514 27 days ago +1

    Gonna do this challenge later with my cousin who did the hot ones 10 wing challenge with me, he said he hallucinated near the end, I cant wait 😂🔥💀

  • Jessie Oh
    Jessie Oh 9 days ago

    Respect to you both. 💯

  • Danman
    Danman Month ago +884

    “I see why this is such a challenge” - Tony, perfectly composed, saying it only to make Sean feel better

  • Adam Holcomb
    Adam Holcomb 3 days ago

    I did the challenge they had them at my local 7 eleven and it’s killer but I made it through a hour without drinking 🔥🔥💀⚰️💯

  • TheCommunistLad
    TheCommunistLad 5 days ago

    Done this challenge too many times to say tony handled it like a G 👑

  • Waltuh
    Waltuh 6 days ago +1

    I just tried this a couple hours ago the spice is really bad for about 5 mins but around the half hour mark your stomach will begging to ache for at least an hour. It was the most painful stomach ache of my life

  • Mr.Cave28
    Mr.Cave28 26 days ago

    Just did the challenge with 8 of my friends. 2 of them lasted the hour and I couldn't believe it

  • Jonathan Mayer
    Jonathan Mayer Month ago +841

    Tony Hawk shows why he is timelessly cool. The man can handle anything.

    • ItsMeNala
      ItsMeNala Month ago

      @Andrea Rosas nope I have no idea who he is just thought this vid looking interesting

    • TheBenjamincs
      TheBenjamincs Month ago +1

      Tony = GOAT

    • Kool-Aid Man
      Kool-Aid Man Month ago +6

      @Andrea Rosas
      I can barely recognize my acquaintances in public, celebrities are a hard ask

    • Squarebodyscottsdale
      Squarebodyscottsdale Month ago +11

      @Andrea Rosas any real fan of his would, he's aged quite gracefully.

    • Joe Sutinen
      Joe Sutinen Month ago +7

      @Nick Leite Look it up, he's been stopped before and told he looks just like Tony Hawk

  • WigWoo1
    WigWoo1 12 days ago

    What you should do is pour Apollo sauce on the chip when you eat it

  • Cunty McCuntface
    Cunty McCuntface 7 days ago

    i had not seen these yet for some reason and i can say after having done this challenge myself that watching sean struggle harder than his guest is highly amusing.

  • Terry D-Town
    Terry D-Town 15 days ago

    I had it today and as I expected my eyes were extremely watery. Aside from that the heat itself wasn’t that bad. By the 5 minute mark the heat lingered ever so slightly but my eyes were watery for another 5 mins. Better than I expected.

  • Jim
    Jim 20 hours ago

    Gotta love Tony. Really good dude

  • KanzKanz
    KanzKanz Month ago +706

    Good grief. Tony Hawk is so incredibly composed. Folks have had a meltdown with this challenge every single time. And this dude is like all chill. Even Sean was struggling just a little. What an absolute legend, Tony Hawk.

    • Alex Salinas
      Alex Salinas Month ago

      @krste3000 exactly xD

    • krste3000
      krste3000 Month ago +4

      @Alex Salinas eating it slower only makes it worse.

    • Logan Schmidt
      Logan Schmidt Month ago +1

      I did this challenge like 2 years back and had the worst stomach pains for a solid 24 hours...

    • Aidan Thompson
      Aidan Thompson Month ago +1


    • Quantum Shhhhart
      Quantum Shhhhart Month ago +12

      skaters know how to handle pain like few others.

  • MsDiversity3
    MsDiversity3 9 days ago

    I can't lie This tasted pretty INTENSE!🥵🔥 & I'm a spice head! 😫🤣 Lol

  • Daddy’s World Official

    My daughter and I just did it and it didn’t go well! I couldn’t even think! So freakin hot!!!

  • Colossul Titan
    Colossul Titan 6 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 absolute legend Tony,made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂

  • Ryan Walter
    Ryan Walter Month ago

    I ate the chip and went an hour and a half without a drink or anything to eat. It was tough in the beginning, but after 20 minutes, it really dies down.
    Love the vid and love the channel, please keep up the amazing work

  • James Downey
    James Downey Month ago +847

    This was epic and pure/raw! TH: "I'm feeling a little flush" while Sean is losing it. So nice to see someone can be more calm and collected than the host. And Sean's attempt at an interview question makes me wonder if he actually planned to interview or of some Id subconscious reflex kicked in while his higher order got knocked out by the chip. I loved this episode.

    • DaveL
      DaveL Month ago

      @Rahul Ramachandran need to do this show on the move.
      "It's 1:24pm and we're gonna give Sean the next wing"
      Sean: Randomly interviews old lady buying a newspaper

    • Marci_ idc
      Marci_ idc Month ago +3

      He also noticed how well TH was taking the Chip. First thought i had was how is he doing this when Sean cried after a few secs. Anyone wouldve asked that tbf :D

    • Rahul Ramachandran
      Rahul Ramachandran Month ago +63

      It's probably a Pavalovian response for him now...eat something spicy and his brain churns out quality interview questions, lol!

  • Tone Jud
    Tone Jud 21 day ago +2

    Tony hawk is my all time favorite person and we are lucky to live In a world where he exist. 🤟

  • Abdul
    Abdul Month ago

    What a guest brought on the show! 10/10 choice picking the legendary Tony Hawk!

  • Jacob Dupree
    Jacob Dupree 20 days ago +1

    Tony Hawk has reached the level of Master Pro. Dude is a pure legend!

  • MLGB0Yz
    MLGB0Yz 4 days ago

    I did the challenge and survived the hour, I was totally phased, but I road it out because it was an experience, plus it didn’t really hurt at all after 10 minutes and my stomach only slightly burned, no diarrhea or anything.

  • DavoFulisic
    DavoFulisic Month ago +232

    It’s quite refreshing to see Sean suffering more than the guest 😂

  • David Alvarado
    David Alvarado 22 days ago

    tony is a beast!! love you both. great video!

  • Charles Masden
    Charles Masden 27 days ago

    Sean usually you're the one showing up the guest but Tony killed it on this one

  • Sentra Zyven
    Sentra Zyven 9 days ago

    I just did this with some friends and it was PAINFUL!! I only ate a half and I was out for 30 minutes

  • Blaise Collins
    Blaise Collins Month ago +16

    I did this this weekend. I think I only lasted like 45 seconds after swallowing, so I like their rule of timer starting at first crunch as it took a solid minute to work up the courage to swallow it.
    I eat habaneros off the bush in the back and fairly frequently add ghost peppers to my food; I thought this would be easy…it was not. My reaction was closer to Sean’s…immediate sweating, head high/nausea, regretting every decision in life up to that point. The thought to prank someone with the chip didn’t even cross my mind until hours later.
    On the bright side, the heat subsided after about 10 minutes and then it just feels like there is a smoldering lump of charcoal in your stomach for the next 12h. Thanks the gods for bidets!

    • Fronto Narnar
      Fronto Narnar 24 days ago

      I’ve had the one chip every year it’s been out, I’ve yet to try the blue one even though I have it. The stomach pain has ALWAYS been the worst part by far. I’ve had a couple no reactions over the years, UP UNTIL, it hits the stomach, then it is just the worst feeling ever

    • BootyAbolisher
      BootyAbolisher 25 days ago +1

      The stomach pains were the worst part for me. Like a secondary wave of aches and nausea. Maybe it’s my fault for trying it on an empty stomach

  • MLSoccerox
    MLSoccerox Month ago +604

    The man, the myth, the legend, Sean Evans and the guy that looks like Tony Hawk.

    • z DOC
      z DOC Month ago

      Wow. The education system has failed you all so badly.

    • Agent InstaKill
      Agent InstaKill Month ago

      Great comment!! I was thinking the exact same thing. 😂 he looks exactly like that skateboarding guy

    • MLSoccerox
      MLSoccerox Month ago

      @Dillon Floyd thank you

    • Dillon Floyd
      Dillon Floyd Month ago +11

      This is phenomenal 😂 for anyone who isn't up to speed on the birdman; he has been super famous for over 30 years and instead of instant-recognition he CONSTANTLY gets "you look like that skateboarder guy! What's his name?" Without them actually realizing he is Tony Hawk.

    • Jack The Human
      Jack The Human Month ago


  • Dedegin
    Dedegin 10 days ago

    I would love to do next years chip with Sean haha

  • Abe Z
    Abe Z 12 days ago +2

    Just a legend through and through.

  • Cameron Shredz
    Cameron Shredz 29 days ago +1

    I did this at work yesterday with some coworkers and me and one other guy lasted an hour without drinking or eating. I felt like a freaking badass and invincible. Cut to 30 min later and I'm home on my bathroom floor writhing in pain for about 10 min. I legit considered calling an ambulance haha. The most intense pain in my stomach I've ever felt in my life and I've had an appendix rupture. I would take the spice 10 times out of 10 over the stomach pain that followed

  • mike obryant
    mike obryant 27 days ago +7

    When you've take that many slams, you start to register pain a little differently

  • Cho Koon
    Cho Koon Month ago +556

    Tony is like the eldest teenager there is 😂

  • tyo789
    tyo789 17 days ago

    Two legends 🔥🔥

  • Michael McDermott
    Michael McDermott Month ago

    I love me some Paqui! I have had a hard time locating them in the last couple years. The nacho and haunted ghost pepper are the best.

    • 👉mavricktech on Instagram
      👉mavricktech on Instagram Month ago

      Thanks for watching, you have been randomly selected from among the winners for the day. Message me on telegram to claim your prize. 🥳

  • renan cruz
    renan cruz Day ago

    I did this chip about 2 weeks ago. I didn't have a drink for 1 hour after eating chip. Then about houd and half after drinking something. I started sweating profusely, my vision got blurry, stomach starting hurting, my head started pounding. 2 weeks later I'm still having headaches. But I did it and will never do that again lol.

  • Instathrill
    Instathrill 11 days ago +1

    Sean literally fighting for life from like 30 seconds in, and Tony is just like hes riding an elevator all chill hahahaha

  • Luis Zuniga
    Luis Zuniga Month ago +902

    Sean is so used to asking questions when suffering through the spice that he just started to interview Tony 😂 “Are we doing a interview rn?!” - Tony

    • palmeristo
      palmeristo Month ago +5

      @Non Dual Brahmin Nardwaur around snoops joints can't of been easy 😄

    • Non Dual Brahmin
      Non Dual Brahmin Month ago +3

      He is so far along as the record holder that no one will ever come close to the epic feat that is talented interviewing in such gritty conditions. The legend of legends in the spice game… 👑

    • kris m
      kris m Month ago +4

      That was great too 🤣

    • Doinstuffman
      Doinstuffman Month ago +79

      That was the real Pavlovian response lol

  • M P P
    M P P 4 days ago

    Tony is such a cerebral guy. Always enjoyable to hear him speak

  • daniel curtis
    daniel curtis 3 days ago

    The man the legend himself, Tony Hawk!!

  • devils nevercry
    devils nevercry 19 days ago +1

    I did this last night... and I can honestly say Tony Is SO impressive

  • Matt Trafford
    Matt Trafford 9 days ago

    I just bought this from the grocery store....seeing Sean like this makes me veryyyyy nervous 😳

  • Eric Stanger
    Eric Stanger Month ago +849

    Tony's pain tolerance is very very high! That was beyond impressive 👏 If Sean is showing that much pain I can't even imagine how hot it is!

    • Alex Gilbert
      Alex Gilbert 3 days ago

      ive eaten this chip, its hot af, they both seem super composed all things considered

    • Jeffrey Davis
      Jeffrey Davis 3 days ago

      I ate a little piece and felt like I was gonna have a heart attack

    • Pablo Murf
      Pablo Murf 7 days ago

      @Ella Elliott exaggerated

    • Turmnllyrc
      Turmnllyrc 10 days ago

      @Choppa Productions it barely helped

    • Choppa Productions
      Choppa Productions 10 days ago

      @Turmnllyrc milk bro milk

  • duncan ecclestone
    duncan ecclestone Month ago +1

    This honestly one of the more visceral reaction I've seen Shaun have on this show

  • Leonard Ceres
    Leonard Ceres 3 days ago

    yeah i did this today. I’m a spicy food kinda person. I haven’t eaten eggs without hot sauce in decades. Not to mention various other peppers. But this was like squirting pepper spray down your throat. 😮

  • Fam B
    Fam B Month ago

    Tony did such a good job 🔥👍🏼 legend

  • Jay
    Jay 2 days ago

    Just love tony hawk so much, this was dope

  • Andreas Nolte
    Andreas Nolte Month ago +558

    Wow, I never saw Sean really, really going nuts while his guest seems to be ok ;)
    Tony, what a great job! You took it so calmly!!!

    • Zac Sells
      Zac Sells Month ago +3

      Hawk has broken/sprained so many bones in his career as a skateboarder, hes used to dealing with horrible pain.

    • W Daniel
      W Daniel Month ago +5

      It’s cause he goes easy on the bomb while the guests usually eat the whole thing

    • Ray Payne
      Ray Payne Month ago +17

      Sean's reaction made me reconsider 🤣

  • Carly Julie
    Carly Julie 23 days ago

    They were unbelievably calm about it compared to all the other reactions I’ve seen

  • Robert Conahan
    Robert Conahan Month ago +16

    Never seen Sean even flinch let alone tear up. Wow. No joke! 😢

  • Luis Moreno
    Luis Moreno 25 days ago

    I ate this chip earlier. I am nowhere near as powerful as these two legends! 👏👏👏

  • luckystriker
    luckystriker 15 days ago +1

    Tony Hawk soaring above lesser mortals with his composure and calmness 👍

  • IceManHG
    IceManHG 23 days ago

    Tony handled it like a champ!

  • True Rhymes
    True Rhymes 3 hours ago

    There's dread in Even's Eyes when he says "you ready to pop this open" 🤣

  • Hernan Cruz
    Hernan Cruz 9 days ago

    I just did this a couple days ago and it was no joke! Lasted the hour somehow. It was really only terrible for about 10 mins

  • Andrew Elias
    Andrew Elias 2 days ago

    I had a tiny bite of one of these and my mouth felt like it was on fire. I can’t imagine eating a whole chip and not immediately vomiting.