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Santa Clara County Jury Sides With Woman Slammed Against Car By Deputies

  • Published on Jul 26, 2016
  • A Santa Clara County jury awarded $40,000 to a woman who was slammed against her car after being pulled over by deputies. Andria Borba reports. (7/27/16)
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  • Cat Daddy
    Cat Daddy 2 years ago +1855

    A man that size that slams a woman that size into a car like that is a straight-up coward.

    • Sovereign Citizen LEO
      Sovereign Citizen LEO 4 months ago

      @Vivian S - It's unlawful to just stop in the middle of the road (in this case Foothill Expressway with a speed limit of 45 MPH and where people might travel up to 55 MPH. That definitely constitutes Reasonable Suspicion to pull her over. It's also against the law to drive to slow/ impede traffic. And if she slammed or tapped on his ticket book, his behavior was understandable (although maybe excessive).
      The question I have is whether or not his lights and siren were on. There is no indication of that in the video. If so, her actions may have been more explainable/ understandable (trying to pull over with cyclists in the way). If not, then perhaps she was just the stereotypical "bad asian driver". Anyway, there was nothing I saw (or that we could see) which warranted such behavior by the cop.

    • Tin Barn Ranch
      Tin Barn Ranch 4 months ago

      @XEL SCNS Hold onto that thought.....until you get your turn at abuse by cop.

    • Tin Barn Ranch
      Tin Barn Ranch 4 months ago

      @Sovereign Citizen LEO I'm sure she's had more than 1 black eye from "hero" here.

    • Tin Barn Ranch
      Tin Barn Ranch 4 months ago

      @Mel Smith Nope. You have just seen where you tax dollars go......to pay lawsuits.

    • Ty Bell
      Ty Bell 4 months ago

      P.U.S.S.Y.! I couldn't be the Brother, Father, or Husband of this lady.. These COPS & the Sheriff would pay dearly! 40K would only be the beginning.

  • B3AR
    B3AR 7 months ago +243

    That’s a good attorney, articulate and every word chosen with care. Glad she had someone like him to represent her.

    • Hokahey
      Hokahey 3 months ago +1

      @Tom R I was thinking popcorn. Like, Orville Redenbacher. They are probably the same guy, though. lol

    • wopalongcassidy
      wopalongcassidy 6 months ago

      @alilacherruse What do you call those two pigs on the bottom of your shoe?

    • Stroka Reviews
      Stroka Reviews 6 months ago


    • Three Wise Monkeys
      Three Wise Monkeys 6 months ago

      Wish he would help Luis Sanchez.

    • alilacherruse
      alilacherruse 6 months ago +1

      Q/What do you call a hundred dead Attorneys at the bottom of a lake?
      A/A good start.

  • smurfcrusher
    smurfcrusher 6 months ago +7

    Wow, she's donating the 40K to a charity. I think it's pretty clear who the good people and the bad people are in this case

  • Ron Knaus
    Ron Knaus 7 months ago +20

    "She touched my ticket book, and I feared for my life!" Way go police,,,come on!!!

  • James Radcliffe
    James Radcliffe Year ago +2

    Look at how the rage just exploded from this cop when she touched the ticket book. He could not wait for any excuse to rip this woman out of her car and start the violence. People you had better wake up. These cops in this country are NOT right in the head. The union protects sociopaths and the sociopaths drive out the normal cops who don't want to play their psychopathic games.

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith 2 years ago +1013

    What's even more scary is that the senior police felt this was nothing extraordinary. In other words such violence is commonplace!

    • Peter Morffew
      Peter Morffew 3 months ago

      Thats US for you. If the criminals don't get you then the police will.

    • fran smith
      fran smith 4 months ago

      all cops are sadistic ,psychopathic bullies that get their rocks off hurting and killing citizens. pigs are like rabid dogs.

    • Lemon$kunk
      Lemon$kunk 5 months ago

      @Kai Gottwald the higher ups are what allow this

    • Lemon$kunk
      Lemon$kunk 5 months ago

      @Sachs Gs250 yup unless it’s their woke trash offspring🤣

    • Lemon$kunk
      Lemon$kunk 5 months ago

      @Timothy Star not with cash and eye for an eye blow the badge up off his chest and leave a steamy hole shot clean thru

  • HaveFun
    HaveFun 6 months ago +2

    Donating the $40K sends a clear message of the depth of this woman's character!

  • Bronco Will
    Bronco Will Year ago +2

    I support most law enforcement, but I've had numerous instances with this department. They're corrupt as hell.

  • raross6119
    raross6119 7 months ago

    Watching these videos really changes your mind about police growing up in a family of cops things have changed a lot people are really scared of cops these days changes are absolutely necessary

  • Uni Verse
    Uni Verse Year ago +1

    They can “justify” just about anything 🤮

  • Fishin 4 Bogey
    Fishin 4 Bogey 2 years ago +1171

    "She touched my ticket book, and I feared for my life!"

    • Dada Julius
      Dada Julius 5 months ago

      Like seriously? Did she touch his ticket with a Gun ? The cop deserves to be disciplined. Absolutely ridiculous.

    • fayesdiscovery
      fayesdiscovery 6 months ago

      I laughed too hard at this

    • Dennis D
      Dennis D 6 months ago

      @Bhimsen Luchooman - little anthony d is a boot licker lover or a crooked cop too. hide behind the blue line of lies and crookedness.

    • Micheal Calvin
      Micheal Calvin 6 months ago

      @Kingdom Living 100% this is very well said, we live in a country founded and controlled by gangsters. Nothing more nothing less. When the gangsters are fat and pockets are full they care not, but if they are not full and pockets not brimming to the top? They are coming to rape, murder and steal.
      You hit the nail on the head with the sad truth, no matter what you do, unless you join the gang, you are food for the gang and one day they will eat.
      You cannot deviate from the principles in your foundation, who can walk without earth to stand on? None of us.

    • Micheal Calvin
      Micheal Calvin 6 months ago

      @Anthony D. Don't be a police officer if you can be overpowered by a 100 pound person who is sitting in a car. WTF lol work at a grocery store with your scared ass.

  • 396375a
    396375a 7 months ago

    My father was a young police reporter in the late 1940's, and he told me of the widespread corruption by a lot of the cops back then. Fast forward to 1968 when his car was stolen, and then recovered in NY City. We drove from Ct, I was 12 at the time, and then he was told at the precinct where he needed someone to sign off on release of car that a "contribution" was needed. He didn't have enough money on hand, and he never got the car back.

  • Judy Johnson
    Judy Johnson 6 months ago

    It's waaaay past time the cops involved start being required to personally pay these settlements. They will never transform from the criminals with badges they are into what they're actually supposed to be --- not until they suffer the consequences of their own actions.

  • Brett Lawson
    Brett Lawson 4 months ago

    I generally support law enforcement and am thankful for the work they do. That cop is a disgrace and should be terminated and sent to prison. He’s a thug who was just waiting for an excuse to beat up a small woman who irritated him.

  • David Benner
    David Benner 6 months ago +3

    $40,000? The deputies should still be sitting in prison and their combined pension plans awarded to the woman! And another $10,000,000 confiscated from the law enforcement union's fund!

  • David Brock
    David Brock 2 years ago +193

    It's so sad to see harmless people abused by the very people that are supposed to "protect & serve".

    • Frankie TheBull
      Frankie TheBull 4 months ago

      yeah and then you see someone like that coward Rittenhouse gets treated so nicely after he just shot a bunch of people. 🙄 If you're White, you'll be alright apparently.

    • Chris Warner
      Chris Warner 6 months ago +2

      I've seen and experienced far more sucky cops than reasonable ones. They're trained to think they are the balls. But it only turns them into gutless pricks

    • The Dude
      The Dude 6 months ago +1

      Horrible people. Definitely need a job chopping wood away from people. Fcktards

  • Timothy Garrett
    Timothy Garrett 5 months ago

    You know I have to agree, I find more and more were seeing police using unnecessary and excessive force against people and some people have either physical or mental issues and need to be handled a little more gently yet they treat everyone the same it doesn’t matter if you’re six or 70 they use the same type of brutal force against everyone.

  • Rich B
    Rich B 5 months ago

    Can you imagine a world where cops actually respect citizen’s?
    Yea. Me neither.
    Earning the hate one person at a time.

  • King Of Heaven
    King Of Heaven Year ago

    This was uncalled for, what is going on with these cops, it seems it's all over the country that their getting out of hand! Don't they realize their costing the county's lots of money, that is costing the taxpayers! It's time to revamp these police departments all over the country! And if they don't like their job, well then it's time to quit. Their making good policemen look bad.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 7 months ago

    It's about time that people, take time out to see how some in law inforcement. Are out there breaking the law that they're supposed to uphold. But it's not just in law inforcement, there's alot of people that are holding jobs, that they shouldn't have. But there so many, it would take a life time to find them all. We need to find another way, to make sure that we can stop bad people from getting in jobs like this. We must also look into who's is the one who hired them?

  • Ty ismy middlename
    Ty ismy middlename 3 years ago +206

    If this is justified I'm truly terrified of what the cops can get away with!!

    • Circus Brains
      Circus Brains 3 months ago

      that's because you'd been programmed . i hope your worldview has become more realistic. peace

    • Travis Bohanan
      Travis Bohanan 5 months ago

      It’s time now to use guns against them.

    • Gokush Kameha-ha-ha
      Gokush Kameha-ha-ha 6 months ago +1

      Bro they murdered a nurse while she was sleeping, and got away with it
      Remember Brianna Taylor's

    • Rai
      Rai 6 months ago

      Oh it’s just like beating their wives, really

    • Diana Sterling
      Diana Sterling 6 months ago +1

      dont go to California, that is why there is an exodus. pulled over 14 time and relieved 1 ticket, which entailed 5 cop cars and them wanting my pic. I see why she didnt go into the court...i could use therapy. Still cry and look to hide for my life!

  • Robert Baldwin
    Robert Baldwin 6 months ago

    I’ve looked and I can’t find any information about these two tyrants being publicly executed for their traitorous actions. I sure hope I’m just missing something because that is the only justice for what happened.

  • Shivas Irons
    Shivas Irons 5 months ago

    God bless that jury!

  • L Martin
    L Martin 7 months ago

    Absolutely Shameful!!!! Two Big Bullies beating up on a 90 pound lady. You don't just sign up to the force just because you want to. A character POLYGRAPH and background check should be done. Thank GOD for the cameras that they forgot about during their clear hatred.

  • Greg Kasza
    Greg Kasza 6 months ago +2

    Yep, that’s who the cops are. Great job earning the hate.

  • Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor 2 years ago +559

    Oh look the cops "investigated" themselves and found themselves innocent of any wrong doing... So very shocking. 😒

    • Jose Becerra
      Jose Becerra Year ago +5

      Police trash

    • cathal butler
      cathal butler Year ago +7

      Very wrong...but not shocking at all, it’s what we have all come to expect from US cops.

    • Nicolas Ruvalcaba
      Nicolas Ruvalcaba 2 years ago +14

      Yup, Bonnie investigating Clyde, or better yet, lets have the crackheads investigate where the missing crack went...makes perfect sense to me..

  • Domingo Navarro
    Domingo Navarro 5 months ago

    So, we live in a society where we all have to tolerate a woman who just doesn’t want to cooperate, and waste Law Enforcement’s time. She’s allowed to not respect boundaries, but her’s are sacred ground. This ought to be done the right way, and actually have Laws that specifically spell out those “extra” rights that women today, do enjoy. This would clarify the matter most efficiently.

  • Kay Stephan
    Kay Stephan 11 months ago

    If you're a normal person and you violently drag someone out of their car like that and slam em against it you'd be charged with assault and jailed.
    But if you're a cop it's perfectly fine and the taxpayers pay for your mistakes. What a load of BS.

  • Soundhealer
    Soundhealer 7 months ago

    Unacceptable. Lock these monsters in a cage, fire their supervisor and the supervisor's boss.

  • Phu cue
    Phu cue 6 months ago

    So much for protect and serve ! So much for police de-escalation training ! So much for freedom ! It's a police state complete with qualified immunity !

  • Gid Dree
    Gid Dree 7 months ago

    Cops escalate small stuff like this way too many times, way too much....you can literally die for having a air freshener hanging from your mirror, or an expired tag.....that's insane ☝️

  • M_autoguy_Cali
    M_autoguy_Cali 7 months ago

    They should be fired. Unbelievable over-reaction to what looks to be a 90 lbs woman. They’re obviously unable to control themselves. Shameful.

  • StormRider
    StormRider 6 months ago

    As soon as I see someone acting like a fool like she did, I side with the cops.

  • Rusty
    Rusty 2 months ago

    Oh yeah that little lady really deserves to be treated like that!! And they wonder why people hate the cops!!

  • TheColosiss
    TheColosiss 2 years ago +330

    Such big strong heroes! I feel so safe!.... 40,000 dollars we have to pay as tax payers. Every dollar should come out of the police pensions.

    • Robert Adams
      Robert Adams 3 months ago +1

      Each officer should be required to get 'malpractice" insurance, like doctors. However, if their insurance goes up, their pay does not and they have to cover the increased premiums themselves. Bad cops will eventually not be able to afford to be cops (and you can be sure that insurance company's will follow them from job to job so they won't escape scrutiny at new jobs, as currently happens)!
      Plus, they should not be allowed to quit or retire while under investigation!

    • TH
      TH 6 months ago +4

      They should have been fired.

    • William Mullen
      William Mullen 7 months ago +6

      @Richard Foister It'll end if you force it to. one garbage officer at a time.

    • jim smith
      jim smith 7 months ago +6

      it should come out of those two deputies pockets

    • Richard Foister
      Richard Foister Year ago +2

      That ain't going to happen. An that's why this stuff will never stop. Nobody sends anyone to Congress with that goal in mind. So it's never going to change. It's easier to payout our $ than to vote in someone who will push for the officers to pay for their brutality.

  • jumpernco1 Stites
    jumpernco1 Stites 5 months ago

    If the cops were on such an important mission, why did they stop when they clearly had a route to proceed on. I have ran "Code #" hundreds of time and found that people do strange things like sometime stopping directly inform of you. As a cop you are required to think under some very challenging circumstances. These cops today are assholes. Definitely need training to do the job correctly.

  • Shimxi Ninahi
    Shimxi Ninahi 6 months ago

    How cop escalation pays the charities! Even though you have PTSD from these thugs you got them noticed. Santa Clara County got a stinky problem that smells all the way up the chain, too! Disgraceful! Why was she arrested and treated like that in the 1st place when she couldn't pull over?

  • Jim Bishop
    Jim Bishop 10 months ago

    Justice served god bless her

  • Xander Harris
    Xander Harris 6 months ago

    I feel so safe knowing these officers r on the street.

  • Al Bundy
    Al Bundy 4 years ago +2417

    Why doesn’t the police union or there pension funds cover these payments for excessive force? Why do we have to pay for this?

    • JohnnyReb
      JohnnyReb Month ago

      Because we lay down and take it instead of rising up and fighting back BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
      abolish qualified immunity. Introduce those scum cowards to rule # 7.62 subsection 5.56

      JANET ALLISON 3 months ago

      Were they sacked ?????

    • iworms
      iworms 4 months ago

      Because ACAB

    • Michael Dunar
      Michael Dunar 5 months ago

      Unfortunately, because we collectively allow it and their is too much corruption and malice to ever do anything about it. What we need is every citizen to become auditors in their daily lives by always having a camera video and knowledge of our Constitutional rights. These two have no right stepping anywhere near a gun or batch.

    • Charlie Chamberlain
      Charlie Chamberlain 6 months ago

      @charlesschirripa yed

  • jorge acosta
    jorge acosta 6 months ago

    I like to see these cops be held accountable for their actions that's an assault and violation of our constitution time for jail

  • George Megaw
    George Megaw 6 months ago

    It’s a shame that Santa Clara taxpayers footed the bill for these deputy’s misdeeds -- rather than paid personally or extracted from pension funds. It will NEVER change until there are consequences….and the chief sounds like she’d make a better secretary - shuffling papers. It’s all disgusting actually.

  • ______I Love you
    ______I Love you 6 months ago

    Can you imagine how they treat someone who commits a crime?

  • Mike Elek
    Mike Elek 4 months ago

    Dash cams, body cams and citizens recording video now provide accountability that wasn't available before. Without this video, this victim's case would have gone nowhere, and the male deputy would have been free to mistreat citizens, depending on his mood that moment.

  • pMp Rei
    pMp Rei 2 years ago +744

    The first time that money is taken out of their salary IT STOPS!!

    • Kevin Malcolm
      Kevin Malcolm 5 months ago

      Cop was like 6'7" ? Asian lady 5'2".

    • The Dude
      The Dude 6 months ago

      Yup these idiots will be singing like canaries about their fellow gang members

    • Michael Waninger
      Michael Waninger 7 months ago

      They'll just get insurance if they lose qualified immunity. Assault, battery and kidnapping is what they did and they should do the same time I would get if I did it or you. Then it will change not before.

    • Raelene Hernandez
      Raelene Hernandez Year ago


    • Steev Rawjers
      Steev Rawjers Year ago

      @SF 475 we also definitely need a lot of police jailed

  • RelativExistence
    RelativExistence Year ago

    We need to start petitions to get the money taken out of cops pension. WE AS PEOPLE SHOULDNT BE PAYING FOR AN INSTITUTIONS MISTAKES THATS INSANE

  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez 6 months ago +1

    They pay $40,000 but it’s still not just us until both sheriffs lose their job never ever to work in law enforcement in any other state they are hardheaded they have a bad temper we don’t need animals like that to be roaming around with all kinds of weapons they should be placed in a cage bad behavior

  • Willie Longbotham
    Willie Longbotham 7 months ago

    Police who would treat my family member like that would find their career at an end, due to catastrophic physical trauma...

  • 835YT
    835YT 5 months ago

    I cannot for the life of me understand what would posses some one to want to BRUTALIZE another person like that ??? What twisted demented Character flaws would one need to posses to act like that ... they both couldn't wait to man handle that woman ?? I mean I don't get it especially when the only thing she did was YIELD to them in the first place ... In my state you are required to pull over and slow down or stop for emergency traffic?? what made them so mad that they felt the need to harass her???

  • bullard73
    bullard73 2 years ago +781

    I feel so much safer knowing these cops are out there protecting me from small Asian women.

    • indigenous warrior_187
      indigenous warrior_187 5 months ago

      @Kingdom Living ., Sorry, but as a indigenous Cha Ro Kay (Cherokee) native, America is the land and it's natural natives. What you are referring to is the corporate "U S of A," which is a business established by pale-immigrants on N. American soil. That would be pale immigrants who killed off powerful negroe-native land owners, and took over their land & wealth during the 18 & 1900s, in the period known as COLONIALISM (forced conversion).
      Now today, they walk around calling themselves Americans, when they are U S citizens (immigrants). Americans are redskin-natives; NOT "Blacks" tribal natives. We are not "black!" We are indigenous! By calling yourself "black," you give pale immigrants the law over you. Why, because you have VOIDED your indigenous rights which contain natural law, by identifying as a color, and NOT a national (native-American).

    • smurfcrusher
      smurfcrusher 6 months ago

      @Kingdom Living the people working in meat processing plant are working with dead animals. They are no longer living beings

    • Snake slayer
      Snake slayer 6 months ago

      The Ukrainian front needs brave warriors like those two people .

    • Fu Fighter
      Fu Fighter 7 months ago

      @Kingdom Living what do you think white people do.. they stole from the Natives, genocide them, and called it justified. America was founded on murder like you said.

    • glykgluk reee3
      glykgluk reee3 7 months ago +1

      Small asian women be out on the prowl! Minding their own bussiness and touching tickets!

  • marcus sterling
    marcus sterling 10 months ago

    Wow….just from the video, they went out of bounds and she deserves more than 40K….
    C’mon blue line, you can do better

  • Pennypack MTB
    Pennypack MTB 5 months ago

    Those involved in the internal investigation that rubber stamped this abuse as JUSTIFIED, needs to loose their job along with the officers involved. No one who thinks this is justified, or commits an act of such abuse, should be aloud to be in a situation for a repeat. After all, we the tax payer pay the lawsuit.

  • Koji 888
    Koji 888 9 months ago

    She was overly feisty,. Grabbed the officers ticket book, and “lipping off”. But that’s no reason to lose your temper and pull her out of the car. Can’t just push her against the car for taking your service equipment.

  • Jody Vanliew
    Jody Vanliew 7 months ago

    Sadly this is the state of law enforcement these days . Total tyrants .

  • Legless Wonder
    Legless Wonder 2 years ago +385

    Cops should have to personally pay her AND go to jail for assault and battery

    • Jesus Rodriguez
      Jesus Rodriguez 6 months ago

      @NeverEnoughPyro40 they aren't "employees" like everyone else. They are public servants. Some cops are decent humans but majority are a bunch of dumb ass cowards that get away with being pieces of shit because they wear a badge

    • RobVoyles
      RobVoyles Year ago

      @NeverEnoughPyro40 wrong.

    • nitramr
      nitramr 2 years ago +3

      @Bob Quattrini But, but, the good officers feared for their lives, right?

    • NeverEnoughPyro40
      NeverEnoughPyro40 2 years ago +1

      That would be great! And when you screw up at your jobs all of you can also be held responsible and sued personally! Loose your homes, 401Ks, and everything else! I am against Police brutality but use your fuckin heads a little bit!! Police are employees just like everyone else!

    • flatlandjason
      flatlandjason 2 years ago +3

      Silvio Manuel Absolutely!! We are required by law to have insurance to drive a vehicle. When a person becomes financially involved with something they are doing, that person tends to be more cautious of their actions.

  • barney fife
    barney fife 7 months ago

    In 1975 I got my class a commercial driver's license, and on the written test was a question. If you hear a siren coming up on you and if you can't pull over what should you do? The answer was (just stop) this cop should know this.

  • Terry Dixon
    Terry Dixon 7 months ago

    This is a heads up for those police officers that want to be above reproach; you have to report fellow officers! This issue is never going to go away unless you ferret out those that abuse their authority! I know reporting fellow officers is something that probably want happen but at the very least...talk to the offending officer and tell them how you feel!

  • Tom C.
    Tom C. 4 months ago

    It is amazing how much these official cowards like to brutalize small, weak women.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 months ago

    Something happens in the brain.
    I think that as a cop you continually focuse on bad guys until you see everyone as a bad guy.
    Spend all your time in the sewer and pretty soon everything starts to look like a turd.

  • arm
    arm 3 years ago +51

    The ending was beautiful.. it takes a really kind and good hearted person to take something so negative and make it positive for others

  • Thomas Rick Smith
    Thomas Rick Smith 6 months ago

    My God ! Unbelievable! Who the hell hires these officers?

  • AG O
    AG O 7 months ago

    Total BS by the SC Sheriff's Dept. to treat this woman like this and I'm glad she won her case. I was just driving along Foothill yesterday and you do have to watch for cyclists when pulling off to the side and if you've never been pulled over (I have;-)) it's possible to panic and stop in the roadway like she did. Hopefully these red hot cops down there will cool their jets some after this.

  • Robby Bee
    Robby Bee Year ago +1

    40 k isn't enough, awards need to be so high the department doesn't have a choice they HAVE to fire the bad cop

  • Frankie TheBull
    Frankie TheBull 4 months ago +1

    notice how the other officer didn't even question her fellow officers behavior, she just jumped into DICTATOR mode and cost that city a ton of money.

  • Michael Devito
    Michael Devito 4 years ago +83

    Citizens shouldn’t need to de-escalate the police. These are the worst types of police officers, the type who drive around looking only for excuses to protect themselves.

  • Korakatk
    Korakatk 7 months ago

    wow just wow, and those coward cops are probably still out there.

  • WildersHoney
    WildersHoney 11 months ago

    Better be a charity that holds cops accountable and keeps the government in check!

  • Daniel Gaddis
    Daniel Gaddis 7 months ago

    Well now imagine if you was her husband or her father or her brother or any of her family how much respect would you have for the police now?

  • SunMoonStars
    SunMoonStars 4 months ago

    Cops need therapy, or a new job. We need to audit their school records and see if they were hurting their classmates.

  • Subie and Friends
    Subie and Friends 4 years ago +29

    It's disgusting how you can spend days ,weeks watching so many different videos of cops using excessive force and yet nothing is being done to stop it

  • J z
    J z 5 months ago

    There needs to be reform at Police Academies and and all municipal, county , state law enforcement agencies. People need to petition and or write to their senators to pass laws making law enforcement personally liable for unprovoked and unjustifed assaults on citizens. There is way too much abuse of police powers.

  • crscts
    crscts 4 months ago

    Should have gotten 400K. Despicable behavior by thugs that the taxpayers employ. Cops need to carry their own professional liability insurance, just like any professional, business or contractor.

  • Pat Watson
    Pat Watson 7 months ago

    Sooner people start fighting back the sooner we get rid of law enforcement,I use to support them,but anymore they don't serve the public they serve whatever pays them the most

  • Zombie
    Zombie 10 months ago

    She donated her winnings charity. That's a real life hero in my book.

  • Chris
    Chris 2 years ago +187

    I can’t imagine how he treats his own wife

    • Kris Dunwoody
      Kris Dunwoody 7 months ago

      Chances are, even with the judgement against them, they still have kept their jobs.

    • Kris Dunwoody
      Kris Dunwoody 7 months ago +1

      I have heard, but not sure facts are correct but looking at this Video the facts are most likely correct, that Male Cops are more abusive to their Wife's and do it more often than regular (i.e. non-Cops) men. A gal at the local store, looked like make-up was applied over bruises (could see lightly under thin make-up).

    • Michael Robinson
      Michael Robinson 11 months ago +2

      She probably rules the roost. Emasculating him. So, he takes it out on much smaller women.

    • Erich Von Manstein
      Erich Von Manstein Year ago +1

      @Brian Schirmer yes, it is my understanding that its among the high 80% . Hmm🤔 can we say warning signs

    • Erich Von Manstein
      Erich Von Manstein Year ago +10

      What wife?

  • Brad Phil
    Brad Phil 4 months ago

    I really feel like how the cops hire is they just do a search engine for known domestic violence abusers and then they just go hire them

  • Blackredneck
    Blackredneck 7 months ago

    Everything a cops does by their boss is justified , Everything.

  • Chief Snarl Snortz
    Chief Snarl Snortz 6 months ago

    $40,000? Insane! Make it Hurt …. Especially in CA!

  • Roy Crissman
    Roy Crissman 7 months ago

    We see a lot of this on RUclips. I get it, people are drawn to videos of this sort. These deputies should be fired, and yes I wish the money would come from the departments pension fund. But the truth of the matter is there is a very small percentage of cops that are this violent and Unworthy of the badge. They truly give good officers a bad name.

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 2 years ago +130

    The cops are so out of control, it’s ridiculous!

    • Goose Steppa
      Goose Steppa 2 years ago +4

      They will show their SS badges soon.

  • rhoonah
    rhoonah 6 months ago

    Until the police start holding their own accountable, they will never have the full faith and trust from the public. I can't fathom senior leadership looking at this video and finding it justified because the woman stopped in the roadway and then touched a ticket pad. What I find even more disgusting if the female officer in the video apparently doesn't mind helping a man beat up another woman.

  • neal baker
    neal baker 6 months ago

    The driver starts swinging her arm at the officer, looks like she might have touched the officer. And, that's a no no.

  • George McAdams
    George McAdams 7 months ago

    Fire them both, no pension or benifits, never work in law enforcement ANYWHERE EVER AGAIN !

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez Year ago

    She deserved much more. The both cops should be fired and prosecuted and serve time in prison. They are crooked and brutal as seen in the video

  • sammysame
    sammysame 7 months ago +1

    All Police abuse of FORCE lawsuit settlements must be paid from the POLICE PENSION FUND - NOT from TAXPAYERS. These are criminals

  • Rick Deckard
    Rick Deckard 4 months ago

    Those "officers" should serve jail time for assault. The fact that the department had no problem with this behavior proves that the entire department is nothing more than a government funded crime syndicate.

  • BigCountryMower
    BigCountryMower 6 months ago

    Definitely used excessive force and should be fired/prosecuted. However, you should never, ever touch an officer during a traffic stop, it'll probably lead to bad times.

  • Chris
    Chris 6 months ago

    Even "if" she pushed the ticket book back, which is what I bet happened? Still overkill. She's just one of thousands who got a drivers license when too timid to drive.

  • Hope Mags
    Hope Mags 2 years ago +29

    Sick of seeing cops being abusive actions!

  • Terry Alford
    Terry Alford 7 months ago

    Typical that they tried to justify this mistreatment of a citizen. Police must be made to pass a constitutional course, or fail to get the job as police. You must know a person's rights . Wearing that badge does not make you right automatically

  • Thomas Stecyk
    Thomas Stecyk 7 months ago

    You all know, apprehension and incarceration, that is all. That stop should have gone better. Or you could have just said move on. If you are trying to gain public trust and respect, that was not the way.

  • Dada Julius
    Dada Julius 5 months ago +1

    Why are these cops so violent? They are like big dynamites waiting to be ignited ! Those cops deserve to be punished and sent for weeks of proper training on how to handle people in the society.

  • Lanre Oshisami
    Lanre Oshisami 11 months ago

    These are the reasons some of these troopers die of heart attack when they're doing too much. Ask Oklahoma's state troopers Daniel who kick the rocks in 2018. Stop power tripping yourselves too much.

  • K S
    K S 2 years ago +62

    Disgusting behaviour from police
    I kinda get it now
    As to why people in the u.s have risen up against police brutality

    • JohnnyReb
      JohnnyReb Month ago

      Maybe some day.. Americans will introduce those scum cowards to rule # 7.62 & rule # 5.56

    • Garry Ellison
      Garry Ellison 6 months ago +1

      Not risen far enough.

  • Joec17ms203
    Joec17ms203 6 months ago

    Had a friend of mine that got pulled out of car and slammed to the ground. 60 year old woman. Just for calling 911 on her abusive boyfriend that was friends with the deputies. Now she is scared of the police. Will not call them for anything. They should go to prison.

  • Toasty!
    Toasty! 7 months ago

    5 years later, cameras are still catching this behavior daily.

  • Jason Swiatkowski
    Jason Swiatkowski 7 months ago

    Why was the officer speeding down the road with his lights on in the first place? It must not have been much of an emergency if a woman not pulling over fully was more important.

  • Whenyouknowbetter
    Whenyouknowbetter 6 months ago

    What would a civilian receive if they slammed one of these two cops exactly how they did it with this lady? Prison time I assume.

  • Tim Kaldahl
    Tim Kaldahl 4 months ago

    I don't understand how officers running lights and sirens have time to pull over a car if they are responding to an emergency.

  • jamie hammond
    jamie hammond 6 months ago

    People say police have a hard job,
    I agree, so it takes a certain kind of person to be a police officer. So don't become a police officer unless you can handle yourself in a proper manner.