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Inside One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Final-Ever Designs | Unique Spaces | Architectural Digest

  • Published on Jan 15, 2024
  • Today AD travels to Connecticut to tour Tirranna, one of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s final designs. Considered one of the greatest architects of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright produced over 1000 designs in a career spanning 70 years, revolutionizing architecture in the United States. A pioneer of organic architecture, Wright believed any building should exist in harmony with its inhabitants and surroundings-a concept that runs through the veins of Tirranna. Join Stuart Graff, president and CEO of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, as he walks you through one of the final designs of Wright’s career.
    Archival Photos:The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives (The Museum of Modern Art | Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, New York) All rights reserved.
    Additional Drone Cinematography:Udor Photography, DBA ; Marsha Charles and Albert Safdie, Coldwell Banker listing agents
    Director: Skylar Economy
    Director of Photography: Eric Brouse
    Editor: Tristen Rogers
    Talent: Stuart Graff
    Producer: Joel Ahumada
    Associate Producer: Chloe Leung, Brandon Fuhr, Pita Taing
    Production Manager: Melissa Heber
    Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila
    Camera Operator: Lauren Pruitt
    Drone Operator: Ian Dudley
    Sound Mixer: Jeff Gaumer
    Production Assistant: Shahid Barraza
    Post Production Supervisor: Andrew Montague
    Post Production Coordinator: Holly Frew
    Supervising Editor: Christina Mankellow
    Assistant Editor: Justin Symonds
    Additional Drone Cinematography: Udor Photography, DBA
    Marsha Charles and Albert Safdie, Coldwell Banker listing agents
    Special Thanks: Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
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Comments • 526

  • @reggieongoogle3583
    @reggieongoogle3583 4 months ago +1435

    Can we have LESS celebrity OpenDoors episodes, and MORE of this?

  • @sangambora8655
    @sangambora8655 26 days ago +73

    AD doing a favor to humanity by covering these Frank Lloyd Wright gems, hopefully there's more of these videos to come

  • @NilkkiNikke
    @NilkkiNikke 4 months ago +382

    I like how warm that house feels, a nap in there during the rain must be something else.

    • @deleteddata6671
      @deleteddata6671 Month ago

      Warm? It’s dark and cold. All Wrights houses are.

    • @outofthefoxootf979
      @outofthefoxootf979 8 days ago +1

      @@deleteddata6671 Even one of the most renowned architects to ever grace the earth can't please everybody.

    • @greer545
      @greer545 6 days ago

      It's single glazed with no drapes.
      It looks freezing. If a house can't keep you warm it has failed its primary function

    • @deleteddata6671
      @deleteddata6671 5 days ago

      @@outofthefoxootf979 the most renowned; hath “graced the earth” bestowing warmth on urbanites and troglodytes alike 🤩

    • @luks303
      @luks303 2 days ago

      ​@@outofthefoxootf979 and its specially difficult to please pretentious armchair critics like the one above

  • @imcrankyy
    @imcrankyy 4 months ago +414

    Would love a video like this for each one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses!!

  • @luxelist
    @luxelist 4 months ago +464

    I have a deep admiration for Frank Lloyd-Wright's philosophy. This house took my breath away, it blends in with the nature surrounding it so seamlessly. This video was such a soothing watch.

  • @HomeAtLast501
    @HomeAtLast501 4 months ago +152

    When you look at the distant shots of the house, looking across the water, you can see that Wright perfectly matched the color of the concrete blocks to the color of the surrounding boulders, which is one of the primary mechanisms for integrating the house to the land, to give you the feeling that the house is growing up out of the ground.

  • @nervun8097
    @nervun8097 4 months ago +36

    I love how time hasn't changed Wright's original idea of coexistence with nature but rather it has made this connection stronger by helping the building "settle in" the surrounding environment and become one with it.

  • @butterflysun
    @butterflysun 4 months ago +38

    To be surrounded by nature is to be surrounded by peace.

  • @michaelnicola5210
    @michaelnicola5210 24 days ago +3

    This is so much more than a house, it would be a shame to not think more of it as a repository of feelings in nature, immersive and alive. Not all such places visually thrive in winter, this embraces it and because of the materials allows it, encourages it to invite you in. Cool concrete when it is hot, warm Philippine mahogany when it is cold, creating multiple environments to inhabit. Thank you so much, AD for producing this with such respect and awe.

  • @floridaproductions
    @floridaproductions 4 months ago +135

    What a fantastic narration of this property.Just a wonderful,special property.Thank you very much !

  • @angelapleasants8285
    @angelapleasants8285 4 months ago +84

    His architecture was ahead of its time and very well-made. ❤

    • @SpockvsMcCoy
      @SpockvsMcCoy 4 months ago +7

      Wright used high quality materials... however some of his houses and buildings have leaky roofs and structural problems (cantilevered designs).

  • @woj3pl668
    @woj3pl668 4 months ago +42

    One of the most beautiful houses I've ever seen. Perfectly organic and inviting.

  • @jokerace8227
    @jokerace8227 4 months ago +17

    Even compared to his other designs, this place is quite the masterpiece.

  • @bdadamovicz
    @bdadamovicz 4 months ago +32

    It's curious how structural design elements were brought up so often when this is one of Wright's biggest weaknesses and a leading reason why so many of his building were demolished or in need of massive repair. Granted by this point in time much of the engineering aspect was likely done by other people within his agency after learning his earlier mistakes. At this point in time in the US architecture and engineering were largely learned at a company and not a university. University education in engineering was largely a product of the space race.
    Still as a designer there are few that compare to the beauty of many of his designs. Prairie School and American Arts and Crafts design is in my opinion some of the premier architectural design ever.

  • @shaggybreeks
    @shaggybreeks 4 months ago +20

    WOW! I've been a fan of Wright for decades and never knew about this house. It's beautiful beyond words. OMG!

  • @PARoth2011
    @PARoth2011 4 months ago +58

    Riveting and spiritually soothing and I finally understand the “why” of small bedrooms and narrow hallways opening into large, open living spaces. It’s breathtaking how the land and water perfectly frame this exquisite house…just wow.

  • @vinceburden4395
    @vinceburden4395 4 months ago +16

    An architecture that impacts the natural setting of the place is like a falling leaf in an uninterrupted ground but at the same time has a lot of impact on how humans live alongside the environment. I really admire Wright's philosophy to his architecture.

  • @ericmoore571
    @ericmoore571 4 months ago +11

    Usually i prefer large English country houses, but this is so peaceful and serene. I love everything about it.

  • @gonippon
    @gonippon 4 months ago +15

    This reminds me of Japanese garden very much. I posted videos in my channel about it.
    The chain that rain is falling along it can be seen in temples in Japan very often.
    It is incredible design and felt the respect of the nature.

  • @mdeem355
    @mdeem355 Month ago +2

    I love this place because it’s serene, carefully built, and cautious to the property.

  • @opusnone1
    @opusnone1 4 months ago +11

    What a perfect blend of architecture and nature

  • @anitahamlin2411
    @anitahamlin2411 4 months ago +18

    I had never seen this one. The architecture really shows who designed it.

  • @KimSincox
    @KimSincox 4 months ago +6

    Thank you for creating this very "Zen" video - beautiful, intentional, quiet, enlightening. Will definitely watch more than once!

  • @PeterEconomy
    @PeterEconomy 4 months ago +39

    Amazing house and Stuart Graff gave the best tour ever!

  • @malunachow
    @malunachow 4 months ago +12

    Despite different space needs, including the height of the rooms, the whole thing enchanted me, and the story about this "place to live"/"place in life" is very beautiful and valuable. So calming, beautiful, and holistic.

  • @TheMattsterling
    @TheMattsterling 4 months ago +23

    Thank you for sharing this awe inspiring structure. I am a huge fan of FLW and this is just a feast for the eyes.

  • @zovalentine7305
    @zovalentine7305 3 months ago +2

    Rest in peace 🙏
    Frank Lloyd Wright
    8 June 1867 ~
    9 April 1959⚘

  • @pearpenguin
    @pearpenguin 4 months ago +21

    Ha, I thought he said "Toronto" and I didn't know Wright had a structure named Toronto. Locally many people here pronounce the city name exactly like this. Spelled Toronno or Toronna

  • @Nicolaspurr
    @Nicolaspurr 4 months ago +20

    Such an interesting piece, beautifully narrated.

  • @rollinwithunclepete824
    @rollinwithunclepete824 4 months ago +7

    I never knew of Tirranna. I love Falling Waters but it seems more fantasy... difficult to live in. Tirranna looks like so comfortable... single panned glass aside ;)

  • @stevenvarga
    @stevenvarga 4 months ago +5

    That greenhouse area is beautiful!

  • @Cre-Art
    @Cre-Art 4 months ago +5

    Beauty, comfort, appreciation for the materials and for natural landscape elements. Perfection.

  • @SpockvsMcCoy
    @SpockvsMcCoy 4 months ago +1

    I love how skylights and both the transom and clerestory windows break up the mass of this house.

  • @steventheo69
    @steventheo69 4 months ago +2

    For a very long time, I have admired the architecture of FLW, with Falling Water being my favorite. This house just became my new favorite. I love everything about it. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • @dre9814
    @dre9814 4 months ago +14

    Currently for sale in New Canaan (CT) for $7 million... has been on the market about 8-months but appears to be pending sale.

  • @donjuan150
    @donjuan150 4 months ago +4

    Wonderfully narrated and educational video of a masterpiece.....I have never heard of!!

  • @MikeKobb
    @MikeKobb 4 months ago +3

    Beautiful place. The landscape architecture is exquisite as well.

  • @sleepykat9
    @sleepykat9 8 days ago

    I'm reading Ayn Rand's Fountain head, who her main character is based off of Frank Lloyd Wright. I now have a deeper appreciation for the book along with quintessential architect. ❤

  • @mjgreeneaudio
    @mjgreeneaudio 4 months ago +2

    Beautiful video and stunning architecture. Thank you for allowing us into this amazing space.

  • @jaybirdsf
    @jaybirdsf 4 months ago +14

    Beautiful video, insightful narrative, thoroughly informative-- and a FLW house with which I was completely unfamiliar. Bravi, tutti!

  • @edcomedian357
    @edcomedian357 4 months ago +4

    Beautiful! I agree why isn't modern architecture one with nature?

  • @marklerfald
    @marklerfald 4 months ago +1

    Thank you AD. My heart was racing as Mr. Graff toured us through the property and explained Wright’s signature elements. This video is a treasure and a wonderful homage to FLW.

    • @alanprobsten2858
      @alanprobsten2858 4 months ago

      Your heart raced when you watched this video? You dweeb

  • @Brian-yf7uf
    @Brian-yf7uf 4 months ago +2

    That long passageway with the glass panels reminds me of the house in "Ozarks". Love that house

  • @hailey_holmez
    @hailey_holmez Month ago +1

    I hope that someone who appreciates gardening can own this house next! Seeing all of these empty planters just makes me wonder if this is what he wanted his legacy to be. Expensive houses without the touches of love he intended

  • @jimmy7879
    @jimmy7879 4 months ago +1

    Quite stunning, beautiful, serene. Thank you for creating and sharing this.

  • @melissahyatt9626
    @melissahyatt9626 29 days ago

    I’m so in awe of this. Such peace and serenity.

  • @bcookmusic
    @bcookmusic 4 months ago +9

    Exquisite! Love his design here.. Enjoyed every second of this.. Great tour. Well done 👏👏

  • @theshypersistence
    @theshypersistence 3 months ago +3

    Beautifully presented! Poetic and reverent just like the house itself 🍂

  • @r.k.2823
    @r.k.2823 4 months ago +5

    That incredible structure is like a beautiful sonnet by the way it tells a story.

  • @tonyallen2797
    @tonyallen2797 4 months ago +9

    Simply astonishing.

  • @jdkingsley6543
    @jdkingsley6543 13 days ago

    I absolutely love spaces like this.

  • @jeevaniv9692
    @jeevaniv9692 3 months ago +1

    This house makes me emotional for some reason

  • @julie9159
    @julie9159 4 months ago +2

    Whatever is going on in your life, that may be troubling, causing you sadness or sorrow. Watch this. The gentle pace, music, and narration, all wrapped around, the sheer beauty of the building and its setting, will just, if even for a short time, melt troubles away.....

  • @alisonamaryllis111
    @alisonamaryllis111 4 months ago +2

    Lovely commentary articulating so much of what I think about how one might live. Thanks.

  • @mi1stormilst
    @mi1stormilst 4 months ago +2

    This is an amazing property thank you for presenting it so effortlessly.

  • @AppealToHeaven
    @AppealToHeaven 4 days ago

    Enchanting! Concur with other comments: more of this, less celebrities

  • @josephpiskac2781
    @josephpiskac2781 4 months ago +4

    Frank Lloyd Wright is Heaven on Earth! I am a retired architect living in a RAM Promaster City Van. I feel the 50 sq. ft. for my van interior has some of the charm of Wright's design in my van interior and it's relation to nature.

  • @markgettemeyer1145
    @markgettemeyer1145 2 months ago

    Nice job with this, AD. Beautifully done feature.

  • @JoeNielsen44
    @JoeNielsen44 4 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful and serene! Just watching this video stirred many emotions.

  • @mallurypollard7815
    @mallurypollard7815 2 days ago

    Juxtaposition: every architects and architecture enthusiasts favorite word.

  • @dfarmer4201
    @dfarmer4201 3 months ago

    Genius. Beautifully filmed and presented. Thank you.

  • @brandonkatona7734
    @brandonkatona7734 4 months ago +2

    Amazing, i'm in complete awe. Love FLW so much

  • @josephinebrevig8748
    @josephinebrevig8748 26 days ago

    The filming itself is so soothing…a sensory experience ❤❤❤ Beautiful

  • @blackie8306
    @blackie8306 4 months ago +2

    Terrific and informative video. Simple and straightforward analysis of the ideas behind this design. Can you please do more videos with this narrator and in this visual style on other FLW's houses.

  • @melindafriesen
    @melindafriesen 28 days ago

    The beauty and peace! Seeing the pond makes me think of the phrase, as above, so below. You see the obscured image in the pond only to lift your gaze to the perfected structure above.

  • @baba-vh7hb
    @baba-vh7hb Month ago +1

    grand master's Frank Lloyd Wright

  • @cosimavonliebenau8317

    I feel such peace and pleasure watching this video

  • @anitchlikadze3451
    @anitchlikadze3451 4 months ago +3

    Frank Lloyd Wright ❤️‍🔥

  • @edwardbrady8410
    @edwardbrady8410 4 months ago

    Amazing video. Thanks for sharing.

  • @GoldLeafPress
    @GoldLeafPress 4 months ago +7

    I have gone to like 3 of his houses! It is though cramped when you go inside.

    • @theoldman2821
      @theoldman2821 4 months ago

      I have been inside over 30. I don't think you know what you're talking about.

  • @EvasNan2020
    @EvasNan2020 3 months ago

    I mean...just beautiful and so inspirational, thankyou x

  • @newry12
    @newry12 28 days ago

    Thankyou for sharing this amazing house.

  • @Marc_prime
    @Marc_prime 4 months ago

    Gorgeous video thank you

  • @danielduarte2139
    @danielduarte2139 28 days ago

    The most beautiful house I have ever seen. It is art! I want to see a video of each season of the year to see how the house changes with the environment.

  • @thespectator1243
    @thespectator1243 17 days ago

    I will probably never live in such a beautiful place.
    But it fills my hearth with joy, knowing it exists. :)
    I hope that - with new technologies such as 3D house printing emerging - in the future most houses will be similar in nature (no pun intended) as the ones designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
    As many people as possible should be able to live in such homes. :)

  • @peace4myheart
    @peace4myheart 4 months ago +5

    Beautiful. I wouldn't want to live there bc I don't want to ruin such a piece of art.

  • @rubberdc
    @rubberdc 4 months ago +4

    This is a beautiful building , and as i watched the film the haunting sound of the music and water just made my eyes glaze over . so soothing .

  • @linlee5162
    @linlee5162 4 months ago

    Warm & Cozy….love❤

  • @baldassarealessi1007
    @baldassarealessi1007 3 months ago

    Thank you video brilliant compliment

  • @gustavoadolfopalmavasquez3643

    Hermosa Casa, Bello lugar!!!

  • @solarei.architecture
    @solarei.architecture 3 months ago

    A dateless design philosophy, a building that works with nature, environment, standing the test of time. A design approach that will always be relevant, no matter what’s in and out of fashion.

  • @ekaterinazakharova779
    @ekaterinazakharova779 4 months ago +3

    Thank you AD for this type of content!❤🎉🎉🎉 Adorable!!!

  • @bmwgary
    @bmwgary 4 months ago +1

    Very Cool - I live a couple towns away on a similar river.

  • @user-kh6mk4gg8y
    @user-kh6mk4gg8y Month ago

    Joyous!!...thank you...dgp/uk

  • @AndSendMe
    @AndSendMe 4 months ago +4

    Stuart Graff was CEO of the foundation during the time of its conflict with the FLW School of Architecture. The foundation is changing the priorities and agenda set by Wright toward an agenda Wright himself did not set.

    • @toddlevin
      @toddlevin 4 months ago +1

      But the FLLW Foundation's only job and mission is to maintain the public reputation of Wright and protect the use of his name and likeness in copyrights. As far as the actual buildings go, that is under the auspices of The FLLW Building Conservancy in Chicago, an entirely different entity.

    • @AndSendMe
      @AndSendMe 4 months ago +1

      @@toddlevin Your answer about the Foundation's mission ought to be intended as irony, but apparently you are serious. I suggest you look into the mission and history a little more deeply.

    • @AndSendMe
      @AndSendMe 2 months ago

      @@williamtaylor5193 Yes, both are symptoms of underlying cultural changes, as is modern conservatism as well.

    • @williamtaylor5193
      @williamtaylor5193 2 months ago

      Another "living document" proponent are we?@@AndSendMe

  • @buddystewart2020
    @buddystewart2020 20 days ago


  • @dontwantem
    @dontwantem Month ago


  • @xfhghe
    @xfhghe Month ago

    I think that FL Wright really shines given a rural natural setting. Tirranna fits that bill.

  • @easybusy78
    @easybusy78 4 months ago

    Such a great analysis

  • @user-lr7gm6rk7u
    @user-lr7gm6rk7u Month ago

    amazing video!

  • @Symmetre
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  • @MelodyProsser
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  • @kathlenewang539
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  • @midnighteternalsoul
    @midnighteternalsoul 4 months ago +5

    FLW was more of an artist than an architect, IMO. I've yet to see one of his homes that used materials or fabrication methods that weren't mind-bogglingly foolish. The anecdote where a resident called him to complain about a roof leak so bad there was a waterfall landing on the homeowner's desk, and his response was "Move your desk" suggests he was more interested in how a house "felt" than how it functioned.

    • @theoldman2821
      @theoldman2821 4 months ago

      I have seen over 150 Frank Lloyd Wright houses it's obvious you don't know what you're talking about.

  • @lisag.6599
    @lisag.6599 28 days ago

    Wow, what a place.

  • @beilultesfom958
    @beilultesfom958 4 months ago +1

    so beautiful

  • @mdeem355
    @mdeem355 Month ago

    Thanks for this.

  • @BenjamintheTortoise
    @BenjamintheTortoise 4 months ago +2

    Stunning and serene ✨

  • @DougPettey-yg6dq
    @DougPettey-yg6dq 22 days ago

    Thank you!

  • @adecraig8607
    @adecraig8607 4 months ago

    The curve of the windows is beautifully reminiscent of Earthship designs.