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  • Published on Feb 11, 2023
  • Amelia meets the nominees and guests at the 2023 BRIT Awards. Reporting from the red carpet with RUclips Shorts! #BRITsUnseen
    Stormzy, Aitch, Charli XCX, Rina Sawayama, Wet Leg, Charli XCX, Mimi Webb, Ashnikko, FLO, Olivia Neill, Declan Rice, Cat Burns, Kojey Radical, Kim Petras, Slawn, Becky Hill & MNEK, Loyle Carner, Jessie J, BBCC, Shania Twain, David Guetta,
    Presented and written by: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Exec producer: Liv West
    Producers: Mike lienard & Dan Morbin
    Co-writer: Ania Magliano
    Camera: Mike lienard & Kinmen Young @ Rise Media
    Sound Op: Ben Taggart
    Rob McGuire
    Mark Lunt (Shorts) @ Rise Media
    John Box (Shorts
    Katie Milsom (Shorts)
    Set Design: The Or / We Make Stuff Happen ltd
    Social Content Lead: Jade Whiteley
    Social Media Manager: Ashleigh Kybert
    Runner: Sarah Lienard
    Amelia’s Glam:
    Wardrobe: Chloe Griffin
    Makeup: Grace Macartney
    Hair: Ellie Fox
    Dress: Vivienne Westwood
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Comments • 392

  • @hannahdigitals
    @hannahdigitals Year ago +4912

    I need Amelia stationed at every red carpet event from now on

  • @danielle.w774
    @danielle.w774 Year ago +1733

    Always love seeing Amelia and Aitch😂

    • @rabsi1234
      @rabsi1234 Year ago +18

      I felt tho that their vibe was off compared to other times, or am i tripping?

    • @danielle.w774
      @danielle.w774 Year ago +50

      @@rabsi1234 yeah it was a little. Maybe he’s trying to behave as he has a girlfriend now🤣

    • @rabsi1234
      @rabsi1234 Year ago +9

      @@danielle.w774 does he!?

    • @danielle.w774
      @danielle.w774 Year ago +7

      @@rabsi1234 yess🫣

    • @kaigaming5453
      @kaigaming5453 Year ago +9

      I laughed when he was like where's my Rolex 🤣🤣🤣

  • @m41289m
    @m41289m Year ago +2102

    I'm always wondering how Amelia looks so amazing in every red carpet, then I remember that she went to one of the best fashion schools in the world

    • @user-hv9gp6ff5e
      @user-hv9gp6ff5e Year ago +8

      Which school?

    • @m41289m
      @m41289m Year ago

      @@user-hv9gp6ff5e Central Saint Martins

    • @pickle_pearl
      @pickle_pearl Year ago +75

      @@user-hv9gp6ff5e central saint martins

    • @kathrynvinson
      @kathrynvinson Year ago +72

      and she's wearing vivienne westwood

    • @toni3762
      @toni3762 Year ago +81

      She also studied fashion communication so she knows what’s up

  • @lvoui
    @lvoui Year ago +822

    amelia and rina make such a good duo. we need a chicken shop date!!

    • @diamond82737
      @diamond82737 Year ago +22

      Yeeessss. we also need twigs too

    • @lvoui
      @lvoui Year ago +4

      @@diamond82737 absolutely

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +1585

    Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great Sunday! I had the best time at The Brit Awards making some new friends and bumping into a few exes, as per usual! I was feeling very generous last night which is why i gave out so many gifts. I think most of them went down very very well

    • @krusher74
      @krusher74 Year ago +5

      I cried due to a lack of beef monster munch!

    • @kristie979
      @kristie979 Year ago +3

      Love you Mimi xo

    • @reemahmed2104
      @reemahmed2104 Year ago +7

      that was a great video Amelia! i hope you had a blast and hope you're having a chill Sunday

    • @Libertymaeedwards
      @Libertymaeedwards Year ago +6

      Amelia can I get a shoutout I love you Amelia and Aitch ❤️❤️

    • @lynzrbs5769
      @lynzrbs5769 Year ago +2

      Can we just park the Aitch stuff now ! Over it

  • @elisazouza
    @elisazouza Year ago +449

    Omg Amelia and Rina going to the same school is iconic and them not knowing they were gonna be famous

    • @pfhrmb
      @pfhrmb Year ago +18

      Pretty much every male prime minister went to Eton.
      It's not by coincidence.
      Nepotism is a thing. The rich look after each other.

    • @karinlelengboto1937
      @karinlelengboto1937 Year ago +4

      marylebone girlies

    • @oliviajonsson7144
      @oliviajonsson7144 Year ago +13

      @@pfhrmb isn’t their school a state school though?

  • @azeemalahi7128
    @azeemalahi7128 Year ago +675

    We gotta get Amelia to the OSCARSS!!! Rihanna and Amelia, PHEWWW

  • @AA-qb7ni
    @AA-qb7ni Year ago +756

    Proud of Amelia to making it to all the red carpets lately. She deserved it 👑

  • @bessie5002
    @bessie5002 Year ago +556

    this type of interview brings out a fun side of celebs and that's always exciting to see

  • @Zippyheru
    @Zippyheru Year ago +92

    You can't deny the chemistry between Aitch and Amelia ❤

  • @Alishaa1100
    @Alishaa1100 Year ago +117

    Even Charlie xcx ships it, she knows what’s up- loving the hair btw

  • @reemahmed2104
    @reemahmed2104 Year ago +314

    the day Amelia interviews Harry Styles is the day the internet is gonna be broken for good

    • @SurrenderToTheFlowTarot
      @SurrenderToTheFlowTarot Year ago +24

      Drake. The day Amelia goes on a date with Drake, the internet will break.

    • @reemahmed2104
      @reemahmed2104 Year ago +3

      @@SurrenderToTheFlowTarot YESS

    • @UrMom-jn1mj
      @UrMom-jn1mj Year ago +5

      the world is gonna light up in flames if that man ever goes near amelia

  • @ef9375
    @ef9375 Year ago +202

    She seems more confident in this than ever. This was so good

  • @freyadrewett9145
    @freyadrewett9145 Year ago +97

    The fact that wet leg respected the lucky egg and absolutely CLEANED UP isn’t a coincidence 👀👀

  • @Mia-bo1rx
    @Mia-bo1rx Year ago +144

    I can never get enough of her interviews! and I can never get enough of her and Aitch, seriously I could watch hours of them together 🥹

  • @PeacechanNation
    @PeacechanNation Year ago +31

    That moment in 3:03 when Charli realized it’s the different kind of poppers 😂❤🎉

  • @alexacosta3655
    @alexacosta3655 Year ago +45

    It's 2023 and it's the first time I hear David Guettas voice 11:15

    • @ka_yleigh
      @ka_yleigh 11 months ago +1

      right. i was so shocked when he spoke 💀 was not expecting him to sound like that.

  • @naomi4847
    @naomi4847 9 months ago +11

    Kojey Radical had me smiling when he said "If there's a free bar * laugh laugh* empty it" 😭😭🤣🤣

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube Year ago +1212

    Not Stormzy saying ‘I’ll pencil u in’ 💀

  • @grandunification
    @grandunification Year ago +91

    Charli is a woman of the people ❤️❤️❤️

  • @elijahlevi
    @elijahlevi Year ago +60

    I swear to god aitch always has tht special place in Amelia’s heart 😂

  • @jesusjuice429
    @jesusjuice429 Year ago +20

    I love how everyone knows they can act goofy around her and be comfortable ❤

  • @rosehatter2
    @rosehatter2 Year ago +42

    Amelia, you and Aitch have crazy good chemistry together.

  • @denarendall
    @denarendall Year ago +12

    Amelia is THEE red carpet interviewer. She has the best dynamic with everyone!

  • @sallylujah
    @sallylujah Year ago +7

    this is the happiest I've seen Stormzy that whole night

  • @combosure
    @combosure Year ago +28

    Can we talk about how amazing she looks😍

  • @policethatmoustache89

    So wish she could have given Matty and/or the guys I Hate Matty Healy shirts 😂

  • @savirrschannel
    @savirrschannel Year ago +28

    i never clicked on a notification so fast, i’ve been waiting for the brits interview with the exes!! (and i’m happy to see declan here!) go amelia!!😘😍🔥

  • @redhoneytea
    @redhoneytea Year ago +49

    aitch and amelia are a top tier pairing

  • @jamielee8342
    @jamielee8342 Year ago +30

    need more FLO AND AMELIA NOW

  • @nataliebecky
    @nataliebecky Year ago +77

    Amelia needs to have more footballers on the show! Mason Mount, Declan Rice & Christian Pulisic would be so fun to watch

  • @nixelpixel
    @nixelpixel Year ago +35

    The brits are crazy. I love it

  • @dominiqueeden
    @dominiqueeden Year ago +13

    "If 10 people tell you something is whack then it's whack." Words to live by.

  • @marissateisher8141
    @marissateisher8141 Year ago +19

    I'm so glad I found you on here, quickly becoming my favorite RUclips channel🎉

  • @callumsmith7404
    @callumsmith7404 Year ago +10

    Aitch and Amelia are so dope together

  • @suzanertlmeier5983
    @suzanertlmeier5983 Year ago +11

    Amelia is contributing to so many artists I was not aware of. So happy I discovered her!

  • @mariella3172
    @mariella3172 Year ago +32

    Omg Charli is us and we are Charli!

  • @Beth27002
    @Beth27002 Year ago +39


  • @happymi3l
    @happymi3l Year ago +3

    why are you actually the best interviewer you’re so chill and fun

  • @rihannalvr
    @rihannalvr Year ago +15

    I need a chicken shop date with Stormzy

  • @morgzz97
    @morgzz97 Year ago +4

    Queen of the red carpet interviews !!❤️

  • @uniquelady1234
    @uniquelady1234 Year ago +45

    Amelia looked absolutely gorgeous ❤️

  • @dallaslindsey4865
    @dallaslindsey4865 Year ago +31


  • @anjalo
    @anjalo Year ago +11

    chaotic good :D + amelia looks so good, love the dress too

  • @kifflom4032
    @kifflom4032 Year ago +10

    The ending was perfect.

  • @not.gracey
    @not.gracey Year ago +34

    will we finally get the date with stormzy?!

  • @LilyJohn96
    @LilyJohn96 Year ago +10

    She's so different with Aitch it's so funny

  • @combosure
    @combosure Year ago +1

    been waiting for this 🔥

  • @DevoteddreamerD
    @DevoteddreamerD Year ago +1

    Every single red carpet needs you

  • @susybarbosa
    @susybarbosa Year ago +12

    i was waiting so bad to see matty and amelia together again

  • @aquablushgirl
    @aquablushgirl Year ago +19

    Don't give a shit about red carpet interviews unless they are with Amelia and they are like this.

  • @Libertymaeedwards
    @Libertymaeedwards Year ago +9

    Amelia I love your videos I love watching the Brit awards I love you Amelia and Aitch I love your videos and your music Aitch ❤️❤️

  • @katedawson4860
    @katedawson4860 Year ago +2

    Amelia, please release more footage!

  • @jhart1127
    @jhart1127 Year ago +6

    Amelia you're so warm and lovely and fantastic at your job 🥂 you always make me howl. Well done girl xx

  • @bowdowntojules
    @bowdowntojules Year ago +9

    Aitch is always beet red around you, Amelia. Give the boy a chance already! LOL

  • @ememlove2145
    @ememlove2145 Year ago +5

    LOLLLL where’s my Rolex….😂

  • @dogs4life291
    @dogs4life291 Year ago +32

    Amelia, you're always the best antidote for all the gloom & doom currently. Thankyou, love this, love you, slay 🩷

  • @innerjewels
    @innerjewels Year ago +18

    Shania Twain!!! Repping Canada 🇨🇦

  • @kyleexwhy
    @kyleexwhy Year ago +6

    the david guetta interaction- im crying😭😭😭😭

  • @brobrodery2373
    @brobrodery2373 Year ago +4

    Amelia please would you start putting subtitles in your videos? it's hard out here for ESL speakers

  • @Raas987
    @Raas987 Year ago +1

    How can you not love this girl man

  • @nickyroseroshini
    @nickyroseroshini Year ago +2

    10:55 = best moment 😂😂
    The OH OK is too much 🤣🤣🤣

  • @darklinaendgame
    @darklinaendgame Year ago +3


  • @lany9784
    @lany9784 Year ago +1

    Amelia looks gorgeous, and so sweet giving comments on the outfits too 💙

  • @teddyf3960
    @teddyf3960 Year ago +5

    We were ROBBED of a Amelia x Matty interview 😭

  • @scarlettm3889
    @scarlettm3889 Year ago +8

    This is her best look to date

  • @Zanesh
    @Zanesh Year ago +14

    Watch David Guetta sample that recorder solo in his next number 1 hit 💥 raw talent

  • @siennapatt432
    @siennapatt432 Year ago +7

    Charlie xcx speaks for us fr

  • @ChillyMilly908
    @ChillyMilly908 Year ago

    glad to see Amelia and with back together

  • @kamilabellorin
    @kamilabellorin Year ago +13

    i need amelia and harry styles

  • @rociopppp
    @rociopppp Year ago +2

    Amelia is SERVING !!

  • @toomessy
    @toomessy Year ago +14

    Rina Sawayama looks AMAZING. I need her.

  • @shelbymckenny2654
    @shelbymckenny2654 Year ago +1


  • @lathan.
    @lathan. Year ago +3

    He's still not biting, wish I was that hard to get, respect!

  • @sharzpindi
    @sharzpindi Year ago +33

    I'm sad that there was such a short moment with Ashnikko🥺 the rest was so funny and loved it😂❤

  • @RoTaylorsVersion
    @RoTaylorsVersion Year ago +1

    The queen did it again!

  • @freshtaax4144
    @freshtaax4144 Year ago +1

    3:26 omg floooo

  • @thibdln
    @thibdln Year ago +5

    Needed to watch more from Ashnikko

  • @KiwiPokerPlayer
    @KiwiPokerPlayer Year ago +20

    That background display was sick!. Big up to whoever designed and built it. Smooth interview with Shania famous-as-fuck Twain too. Amelia is the best in the business at this point, it's not even close.

  • @RalphUrmel
    @RalphUrmel Year ago +1

    Where does one get those funky mics

  • @Sam-lr9oi
    @Sam-lr9oi Year ago +16

    I haven't watched a ton of football since lockdown got me out of the habit/ritual, but wow Declan Rice is like a real grownup now and very handsome

  • @adda6030
    @adda6030 Year ago +5

    We’re waiting for that Harry Styles encounter babes, you’re gonna make it

  • @listentome271
    @listentome271 Year ago +4

    Cat burns!!!! So excited for her didn’t expect to see her

  • @ellwee3709
    @ellwee3709 Year ago +10

    Loyle Carner was having none of it

  • @mrsrobot1829
    @mrsrobot1829 Year ago +11

    Stormzy date, Amelia let's make it happen!💕

  • @juanitaleak6482
    @juanitaleak6482 Year ago +1

    Omg classic 😂😂😂😂 I ❤️❤️❤️Amelia she brings it every time.

  • @henrietta9394
    @henrietta9394 Year ago +2

    The Matty Healy poster in the back is class 😭

  • @graced5990
    @graced5990 Year ago +13

    wish matty was there

  • @skylar8685
    @skylar8685 6 months ago

    Her friendship with Rina is so cute

  • @chanbaekforever13
    @chanbaekforever13 Year ago +2

    "he's avoiding me"
    Matty' still upset about the kiss😂
    Do you think I have forgotten?~

  • @vanessag5449
    @vanessag5449 Year ago +3

    Stormzy is great 😂❤

  • @kingslayer4989
    @kingslayer4989 Year ago +8

    low how charli thought it was a different kind of poppers and then she realized
    OOOH- oh...

    • @kildogery
      @kildogery Year ago

      I totally caught that too.
      Party girl!

  • @jennb8203
    @jennb8203 Year ago +1

    Was hoping for more Loyle Carner 🫠

  • @mubangachibanga149

    Luther VanKojey 😂😂…how very thoughtful Amelia 😅

  • @toni3762
    @toni3762 Year ago +1

    Definitely Best dressed award show of this year

  • @liviarrcha
    @liviarrcha Year ago

    9:14 was hilarious

  • @itsmukhtarabdi
    @itsmukhtarabdi Year ago +3

    You're so cool Amelia so cool🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @susanswanson5487
    @susanswanson5487 6 months ago +1

    When she said no n n n n n no and then it was Jessie J is so funny

  • @maryseptihet
    @maryseptihet Year ago +13

    Aitch would be UNBELIEVABLE at improv

  • @lolsaXx
    @lolsaXx Year ago +1

    Amelia's looking gorgeous!