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AMELIA REPORTING AT THE GOLDEN GLOBES | Andrew Garfield, Anya Taylor-Joy, Letitia Wright

  • Published on Jan 10, 2023
  • Amelia meets the nominees and guests at the Golden Globes. Reporting from the red carpet and talking to Hollywood’s finest:
    Andrew Garfield, Anya Taylor-Joy, Letitia Wright, Ayo Edebiri, Greg Tarzan Davis, Henry Winkler, Guillermo De Toro, Harvey Guillén, Paul Dano, Niecy Nash, Daisy Edgar Jones, Baz Lurmann, Julia Garner & F. Murray Abraham
    Executive Producer: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    US Producer: Joselyn Hughes
    UK Producer: Liv West
    Dick Clark Productions: Jeremy Lowe and Melissa Montemagni
    Camera: Michael Alvarado and Michael Bolten
    US Editor: Kim Dana
    UK Editor: Rob McGuire
    Audio: Dani Kim
    Social Content Lead: Jade Whiteley
    Social Media Manager: Ashleigh Kybert
    Writers: Zoe Dimoldenberg and Albie Swingler
    Researcher: Debi Kohos
    Runners: Julianna Nguyen and India Mitchell
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Comments • 1.1K

  • @saramanas51
    @saramanas51 Year ago +32374

    Just imagine how good would be andrew’s chicken shop interview

    • @iwannatalkalot3415
      @iwannatalkalot3415 Year ago +183


    • @BEe-hi4my
      @BEe-hi4my Year ago +1523

      He’s smitten. He pulled out astrology unprovoked.

    • @GiraffeFeatures
      @GiraffeFeatures Year ago +223

      How do they know eachother? Missed their history entirely.

    • @1307PSON
      @1307PSON Year ago +606

      @Imperious she interviewed him on the GQ carpet recently and they just have incredible comedic chemistry 🤣🤣

    • @svckshinesunflower1959
      @svckshinesunflower1959 Year ago +42

      oh God, i would be so happy 😂

  • @pablomur3869
    @pablomur3869 Year ago +7221

    Love how Amelia's and Andrew's chaotic energies matched😂😂

    • @sakibmiah9186
      @sakibmiah9186 Year ago +37

      Yup the underrated duo we never expected we needed

    • @rachaela4150
      @rachaela4150 Year ago +16

      And their outfits! Hues of golden orange in a sea of black

    • @sentosaco
      @sentosaco 2 months ago

      Haven't the foggiest of what they were talking about, but I understood.

  • @ashleycss
    @ashleycss Year ago +9461

    Really rooting for Andrew’s chicken shop date !!

    • @Missjunebugfreak
      @Missjunebugfreak Year ago +215

      Me too! They have so much chemistry already it's adorable.

    • @tae7x
      @tae7x Year ago +64

      Yes! I'll be the first 10 views lol

    • @gpizza3871
      @gpizza3871 Year ago +3


    • @Drexxaal
      @Drexxaal Year ago +11

      He is so in love w her it might b dangerous! That nervous energy might choke on a chicken nugget n he'd have 2 Spiderman, so hot, himself 2 safety, while Amelia keeps eating cause, well, chicken nuggets!!!

    • @makuletingaue
      @makuletingaue Year ago +1


  • @sammchale-north1157
    @sammchale-north1157 Year ago +10899

    Guillermo rubbed Amelia’s lucky egg. Then won a golden globe. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

  • @Emily-wz8vg
    @Emily-wz8vg Year ago +1724

    “I only ever wanna see you.” “What?” Lmao I would have had the same reaction 😂😂

  • @eelsallad333
    @eelsallad333 Year ago +8391

    amelia dressed better than half the celebs on the carpet slay

  • @3bellam
    @3bellam Year ago +10321

    I love how much celebrities open up around her, it's so charming

    • @krusher74
      @krusher74 Year ago +99

      She got all the brits, i bet most off the americans didnt even give her a chance. (The fonze got it though)

    • @mirelvtl8830
      @mirelvtl8830 Year ago

      big part of it it's because she's a woman

    • @NonsensicalSpudz
      @NonsensicalSpudz Year ago +58

      also the lack of generic interview questions that always get asked... basically not boring stuff bit like hot ones

    • @NonsensicalSpudz
      @NonsensicalSpudz Year ago +2

      @@krusher74 2:35 shes american

    • @scarletwidows
      @scarletwidows Year ago +13

      @@NonsensicalSpudz amelia is british

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +9338

    WOW everyone! What an exciting time! I was overwhelmed when the Golden Globes asked me to report for them from the red carpet! It's always been a dream of mine to do this. I am so thankful to everyone here who has watched and shared my videos ! It's because of you that I am in Hollywood right now living my best best life. Hope you enjoy my convos with everyone! Love you all ! woooooo xxx

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +19

      So proud of you!! ❤

    • @bekind4803
      @bekind4803 Year ago +17

      You were CLASS! Never change. I'm so pleased for you xx

    • @may4557
      @may4557 Year ago +11

      amelia you looked like a freakin QUEEN!!! congrats on believing in yourself that's what also got you there :)

    • @natugcabrera98
      @natugcabrera98 Year ago +14

      Omggg we need the andrews chicken shop interview🤩

    • @radmyp.804
      @radmyp.804 Year ago +6

      You were amazing!
      I'm a huge fan of your work. Please give us more chicken dates.
      Sending love from Croatia🇭🇷

  • @nightview93
    @nightview93 Year ago +5044

    amelia is so down to earth with everyone, protect her at all costs

  • @donwhitty
    @donwhitty Year ago +3683

    Amelia getting on with Henry Winkler was so smooth

  • @Meerkat000
    @Meerkat000 Year ago +4994

    Henry Winkler is a absolute amazing personality, so genuine.

    • @anitapricecheck9554
      @anitapricecheck9554 Year ago +104

      I know an actor who’s worked with him that said he’s the nicest guy he’s ever worked with

    • @caniz80
      @caniz80 Year ago +16

      nice guy

    • @edtcreative
      @edtcreative Year ago +24

      Literally seems like the nicest guy

    • @iwantcandy7
      @iwantcandy7 Year ago +1


    • @jackflash743
      @jackflash743 Year ago

      im sure i read only very recently henry winkler had died, hope im mistaken

  • @solarforest
    @solarforest Year ago +1022

    I like the trend of people like Emma and Amelia getting to do interviews at events like this. Way more personable.

    • @anaisabelribeiro2721
      @anaisabelribeiro2721 Year ago +43

      It's the only way to get youg people even remotely interested in these events!

  • @simi_loye
    @simi_loye Year ago +1113

    I love Amelia and Andrew's friendship now 😂

  • @Nunofyabizzzzz
    @Nunofyabizzzzz Year ago +2445

    She really worked her way up! So proud of her!

    • @missqt48
      @missqt48 Year ago +10

      Not hard when you’re born in wealth.
      Same as Stacey Dooley.. connections get you places these days!

    • @deadinthebed963
      @deadinthebed963 Year ago

      Stacey dooley in wealth? I thought she was estate

    • @j.c7719
      @j.c7719 Year ago +19

      Stacey Dooley grew up poor and working class on a council estate in Luton, she didn’t have connections

    • @charlottec9858
      @charlottec9858 Year ago +13

      @@missqt48 If you’re going to act a victim, at least get your facts straight. Have fun staying stuck in life with that mindset.

    • @-ucanthandledatruth01-12
      @-ucanthandledatruth01-12 Year ago

      @@missqt48 You would've been better of mentioning the fact she is a white female and that most cultural appropriation operations are lucrative for white people. Look at Charlie Sloth, Tim Westwood and many others who simply use black people, black culture, black art and black creativity as their commodity/resource. Our nations were their stepping stones to develop themselves just as a black person/black people can be to he development of a white person/white people.

  • @hannahdigitals
    @hannahdigitals Year ago +1811

    They grow up so fast, I feel like a proud mom

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +24

      Same 🥹 she’s come so far you love to see it ❤

    • @golden.333
      @golden.333 Year ago

      Yesss... I'm in the states and I'm so proud of her getting more and more recognition over here. Really do feel like a proud mom 🥺.

  • @megantheewolf
    @megantheewolf Year ago +1808

    Loved. This.
    You've GOTTA get Garfield on CS after all that chemistry!! Come on!! 😆👏🏻🍗🥚

    • @emilydykman8357
      @emilydykman8357 Year ago +11


    • @vincentbynumbers
      @vincentbynumbers Year ago +14

      for real... so much sexual tension.

    • @brianj3663
      @brianj3663 Year ago +1

      @@vincentbynumbers I really want to see these two bone, haha

    • @vincentbynumbers
      @vincentbynumbers Year ago +1

      @@brianj3663 🤣🤣🤣

    • @sibilansnel
      @sibilansnel Year ago +2

      What, I swear he's rejecting her as hard as possible. Each time they meet he tells her all the reasons he doesn't want to see her

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube Year ago +1739

    odds on amelia trying the "drop in" for the next chicken shop date 👀

  • @nothog
    @nothog Year ago +290

    Henry saying "Hey Amelia" so stern like they are friends is so cool

    • @lolawants2008
      @lolawants2008 Year ago +6

      That’s not what stern means :)

    • @lolawants2008
      @lolawants2008 Year ago +1

      Unless it’s a new slang I’m just not hip to, lol. Entirely possible

    • @nothog
      @nothog Year ago

      @@lolawants2008 after googling I think it's close enough. I'm not sure what else eoild have worked there

    • @lolawants2008
      @lolawants2008 Year ago +4

      @@nothog stern is how you would talk to someone you were scolding. You think “Hey Amelia” sounded- Def: “serious & unrelenting, especially in the assertion of authority & exercise of discipline”…? Not even trying to be mean that just makes no sense whatsoever. He said it sweet & casual, warm & friendly- the opposite of the world of “stern”.

    • @nothog
      @nothog Year ago +1

      @@lolawants2008 I think I do just mean with purpose, like the way he annunciated himself was very formal like a friendship had already been developed previous

  • @pinkldy101
    @pinkldy101 Year ago +691

    Anya saying “put yourself first, everybody is lucky to have you” made me break up with my bitch ass boyfriend so thank you Anya ♥️

    • @calmacc1728
      @calmacc1728 Year ago +24

      Oh damn good for you ahhahah

    • @WalkingPaceWP
      @WalkingPaceWP Year ago +13

      Ehhh not really sure some random celeb should inspire you to break up a relationship. Unless it wasn't a serious thing cause that's tough.

    • @Matt-gq1ti
      @Matt-gq1ti Year ago +2

      nobody cares

    • @00imz
      @00imz Year ago +34

      @@WalkingPaceWPregardless of who it comes from it’s good advice 😭😭

    • @WalkingPaceWP
      @WalkingPaceWP Year ago +2

      @@00imz yeah u rite. BRB about to end my marriage over something a celeb said.

  • @belladonnastevie3841
    @belladonnastevie3841 Year ago +615

    I love that they seemed all friends, they all treated her so warmly and comfortable. She has such a fun presence and some even called her name before even talking to her

    • @chilli-iceolive-abode2447
      @chilli-iceolive-abode2447 Year ago +21

      To be fair actors are very good at acting all chummy and turning on the charm when the cameras are on. Sadly I'd imagine most of them are being disingenuous, but it's nice they keep up the image for us.

  • @aquablushgirl
    @aquablushgirl Year ago +189

    I think Garfield has a crush

  • @selispeks
    @selispeks 6 months ago +40

    Fun fact for viewers, she researches every celebrity in attendance so she knows what to say if she gets to interview them 🤯 She has to be a literal genius. Amelia, you are hilarious. You are a gem. I need you to read me 😂

  • @violetslit
    @violetslit Year ago +272

    amelia's "WHY??" at 3:44 made me laugh so hard LMAO

  • @firstlast9846
    @firstlast9846 Year ago +310

    *Nah I don’t think people understand how big of a W this is* going from interviewing British rappers to Golden Globes is crazy

  • @a120068020
    @a120068020 Year ago +957

    Came here for Amelia's vibe more than the movie people. Love her approach to interacting with celebrities, very disarming. Bit like a guy who can rap about his money.

  • @nzd3742
    @nzd3742 Year ago +801

    I love that she had someone hiding behind the flowers and handing up the egg whenever it was needed. Must've looked a bit odd for everyone walking past!

    • @functioncreep
      @functioncreep Year ago +18

      I think they are just an assistant crouching out of view - which is probably a common sight at those gigs

  • @missladymac92
    @missladymac92 Year ago +251

    Andrew's future (I hope) interview would def be series finale

  • @nathvlogz
    @nathvlogz Year ago +945

    YOU and Emma Chamberlain as interviewers are legit THE best congrats to you Amelia!!! Hope you do another dope gig soon.

    • @gabbym333
      @gabbym333 Year ago +42

      Keke Palmer is also really good. She has great energy

  • @xxxmochibaby
    @xxxmochibaby Year ago +316

    I loveee Andrew’s interactions with Amelia!! 😂😂 pls do a chicken shop date!!

  • @wolfridsson7239
    @wolfridsson7239 Year ago +387

    Best red carpet report I've seen honestly. I just love how laid back Amelia manages to be no matter who's in front of her.

  • @ok_alii
    @ok_alii Year ago +79

    you know what, Andrew’s chicken shop date would be too powerful

  • @MRLawson1234
    @MRLawson1234 Year ago +54

    Henry Winkler and Amelia meeting and interacting is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen

  • @tabithamarie6481
    @tabithamarie6481 Year ago +53

    andrew's "wait" at 1:07 is fucking killing me💀

  • @selenaq24
    @selenaq24 Year ago +430

    Amelia and Daisy’s energy 🤌😂

  • @FRESHawele
    @FRESHawele Year ago +171

    Letitia's "BA.KER.LOO?!" 😂 I avoid that line like the plague

    • @melaniesantillano2326
      @melaniesantillano2326 Year ago

      she was FLABBERGASTED

    • @aprilloves1303
      @aprilloves1303 Year ago +11

      DEAD line... that rusty old tube needs an upgrade

    • @StaminaMC
      @StaminaMC Year ago +8

      She reacted exactly the way she should have, I did much the same sat here! 😄

    • @sabrina63
      @sabrina63 Year ago +5

      Letitia be tripping with the Victoria Line too, tbh

    • @yemio1005
      @yemio1005 Year ago

      The answer should have been Jubilee line 🙄

  • @katymcvay2088
    @katymcvay2088 Year ago +51

    Amelia is so authentic and genuine. I think this is a prime example of how being yourself can get you so far. Absolutely love all her interviews and chicken shop dates. I can't wait to see what she does in the future.

  • @nik_nak89
    @nik_nak89 Year ago +33

    That was a cheeky hand on your hand at the beginning oooooh 👀

  • @belladonnastevie3841
    @belladonnastevie3841 Year ago +457

    We need more interviewers like her and less interviewers like Variety and E! Where they only ask fashion questions and literally asked poor Jenna to do the Wednesday dance like 247 times. Be fun and charming, they’re working as well they’re not going to give you gossip, they’re media trained. Ask fun questions!

  • @crowekirstin1
    @crowekirstin1 Year ago +47

    Amelia you're so transparent you're doing a sneaky, long-range, genius marketing campaign for Andrew's chicken shop date

  • @xoxogossipgoat21
    @xoxogossipgoat21 Year ago +43

    You and Andrew,,,,,,,I’m falling on the floor

  • @injsctu
    @injsctu Year ago +43

    When Andrews chicken shop i respectfully need you to release it uncut i want a whole hour of you two

  • @fernandajuarez6861
    @fernandajuarez6861 Year ago +55


    • @isabella-a-a-a
      @isabella-a-a-a Year ago +10

      How are people not talking about this more??? The chemistry was palpable I HAVE to see him on CS now

  • @tearsofxsaturn
    @tearsofxsaturn Year ago +187

    Amelia's charm and down to earth personality really attracts everyone, including me.

  • @cheappoetry2798
    @cheappoetry2798 Year ago +72

    Winkler being down to earth fills my heart with joy

  • @ratdad6665
    @ratdad6665 Year ago +68

    So proud of you so happy for you so excited to see you shine

  • @bree8762
    @bree8762 Year ago +31

    Guillermo del Toro saying goodbye to the egg was so precious

  • @srhhippler
    @srhhippler Year ago +47

    I freaking love this girl, such a good interviewer always entertaining, non awkward-feeling to watch (except only sometimes), and so down to earth. Love you Amelia!

  • @loveinthematrix
    @loveinthematrix Year ago +192

    So refreshing to see Amelia in such a stuck up-ish industry. Love this delightful weird person ❤

  • @kalevstheworld
    @kalevstheworld Year ago +35

    The lucky egg really came in handy for Guillermo that night

  • @Simonesayshi
    @Simonesayshi Year ago +73

    I want to see how the Garfield x Dimoldenberg saga continues

  • @brookemcbride5830
    @brookemcbride5830 Year ago +7

    Andrew’s got a big ole crush

  • @nib95
    @nib95 Year ago +29

    Her interviews are spot on with how spontaneous and open they are, but the camera angles, lighting and mic quality let it down.

  • @ziveisenstodt2477
    @ziveisenstodt2477 Year ago +8

    I love that the camera is this far away because I've never realized how uncomfortable it is to walk around on that carpet like check out how angry everybody looks in the background

  • @jkymerridew
    @jkymerridew Year ago +15

    7:33 Laeticia's genuine outrage the Bakerloo line had me rolling. 🤣🤣

  • @neivilde.1242
    @neivilde.1242 Year ago +8

    you don't wanna know how many times i've seen amelia and andrew's interviews

  • @urban_chameleon6061
    @urban_chameleon6061 Year ago +25

    I love how they kept going back to the chemistry they had 😂😂😂

  • @BenDPB
    @BenDPB Year ago +6

    He is so smitten with her!

  • @eabmr6516
    @eabmr6516 Year ago +56

    Amelia, you look absolutely stunning! So proud of how far you've come. And that impromptu Wednesday dance with Henry Winkler is EVERYTHING.

  • @lous111
    @lous111 Year ago +125

    Henry Winkler is just the best.

  • @lauraeliza
    @lauraeliza Year ago +21

    'that's not a question..?'
    '....why' 🤨

  • @ionasmith1998
    @ionasmith1998 Year ago +198

    Jesus Amelia is doing so well!

    • @himynameis3664
      @himynameis3664 Year ago +17

      I thought it was gonna be a skit with her trying to get celebrities attention for an interview, but no she's full on interviewing these people and recognised by Henry Winkler! She's making her way up the ladder

    • @user-sk4wf3ve6z
      @user-sk4wf3ve6z Year ago +10

      @@himynameis3664 it was a skit,all the people in the video are paid actors

    @JBGVDSSSV Year ago +53

    okay now i just need amelia and emma chamberlain interviewing people at the next met gala and my life will be complete

  • @melaniebroussalian3431


  • @sobi-94
    @sobi-94 7 months ago +5

    Amelia doesn't interview the conventional way, she's a gentle soul. I think she's really funny and makes people feel at ease with her presence so the awkwardness is actually really charming and sincere

  • @soori777
    @soori777 Year ago +122


  • @khalilahd.
    @khalilahd. Year ago +93

    Oh my god, not our girl moving on up the ladder. You love to see it 🥹👏🏽👏🏽

  • @englandcalling9721
    @englandcalling9721 Year ago +124

    What a delight. I'd be amazed if anyone you spoke to, has forgotten their 'little chat'. You looked amazing, and it's nice seeing glitterati feel relaxed enough to, 'sort of' be themselves. Roll on the Oscars.

  • @euannocap1328
    @euannocap1328 Year ago +103

    This felt even more awkward than usual and I loved it

  • @Ana-ib1tv
    @Ana-ib1tv Year ago +18

    Guillermo saying bye to the egg is so sweet 😂

  • @tonysopranosimulator
    @tonysopranosimulator Year ago +43

    no but whoever would’ve thought she’d go from sitting at chicken cottage with ghetts back in the day, to the golden globes. inspirational asf

  • @Hannah.hkp6
    @Hannah.hkp6 Year ago +67

    I’m so amazed at how kind every is

  • @cmbmcb7091
    @cmbmcb7091 Year ago +23

    HARVEY GUILLEN matched the energy PERFECTLY

  • @cinna4462
    @cinna4462 Year ago +29


  • @sapph1re333
    @sapph1re333 Year ago +117


  • @alejandroallday
    @alejandroallday Year ago +18

    “I’m looking for love here as well” hahah she’s awesome.

  • @xylovoi
    @xylovoi Year ago +26

    I just love how sincere and humble Murray is 8:16

  • @clydebrogue718
    @clydebrogue718 Year ago +73

    Amelia is a gift to the red carpet

  • @amogoftea5227
    @amogoftea5227 Year ago +20

    "Like a capybara in the wild" SIR-

  • @SummerMensahMusic
    @SummerMensahMusic Year ago +37

    What good vibes with the Garfs!!

  • @revision7685
    @revision7685 Year ago +8


  • @nicolecasado4939
    @nicolecasado4939 Year ago +31

    Henry is the sweetest omg I luv him

  • @denlue9058
    @denlue9058 Year ago +25

    Had my fingers crossed for Aubrey Plaza to show up.

    • @Rai_S82
      @Rai_S82 Year ago +17

      Could you imagine the double awkward energy?! Amazing.

  • @idin.aazami
    @idin.aazami Year ago +24

    You’re absolutely phenomenal Amelia!! You have such a fantastic approach to interviewing ✨✨ Thank you for making the Golden Globes so special ⭐️

  • @Allsportssss
    @Allsportssss Year ago +26

    Henrey winkler is such a cute old chap i love him😂

  • @naomimoore9533
    @naomimoore9533 Year ago +30

    😱 you looked stunning queen! We need more interviews with you on red carpets.

  • @kmcd3322
    @kmcd3322 Year ago +2

    Andres Garfield is OBSESSED.

  • @Alina_bt
    @Alina_bt Year ago +28

    talking to Amelia brings out the best in people

  • @geniusonyeo
    @geniusonyeo Year ago +12

    Amelia with this golden looks... Omg she's stunning 😭✨

  • @gojostarrr
    @gojostarrr Year ago +31


  • @Rosewtr_
    @Rosewtr_ Year ago +117

    Omg, Amelia, I hope you and Tish have a chicken shop date, lol
    -I laughed too loud when Tish pointed out they don’t feed everyone at the Golden globes, lmao-she’s serious about her food 😆

  • @nataliel2149
    @nataliel2149 Year ago +19

    I had never heard of her before today but now I love her! So endearing and genuine!

  • @harmoni.e
    @harmoni.e Year ago +6

    I wish more amazing things such as this woman's interviewing skills popped up on my feed. I smiled all the way through. Plus you looked absolutely stunning!! 👏🏾

  • @MadameToadstool
    @MadameToadstool Year ago +10

    These are the only kinds of interviews I ever want to see 👏🏻

  • @Drexxaal
    @Drexxaal Year ago

    That was adorable Amelia! So warm n welcoming u 2 them, them 2 u n I loved that lucky egg u had 2 offer, so kind n the way it popped up, great skills n lastly, a penguin! I nearly cried! Missing home is tough so lovely touch n loved that Leticia ate it! Great work n yes u looked beautiful!!!

  • @Rosewtr_
    @Rosewtr_ Year ago +13

    Amazing Amelia! 🤗🤩☺️ All of these interviews were so great! You look like you had a great time! 😊

  • @lizanoelle2643
    @lizanoelle2643 Year ago +42

    amelia and sean evans are the two prime examples of good interviewers

    • @minaDesuDesu
      @minaDesuDesu Year ago +2

      Hell yeah! People keep calling out E. Chamberlain, but S. Evans is the one that make people feel in their zone just like Amelia

    • @lizanoelle2643
      @lizanoelle2643 Year ago +1

      @@minaDesuDesu exactly!! sean and amelia have that natural charm and wit that makes interviews work so well

    • @e11a222
      @e11a222 Year ago

      i need her on hot ones SO BAD

  • @schim516
    @schim516 Year ago +23

    I loved this! You are such a natural and put people at ease! Well done!

  • @jaaasminnnee
    @jaaasminnnee Year ago +1

    the way they remember and recognize u!!! this is so cool

  • @felipesanchez3310
    @felipesanchez3310 Year ago +14

    I am so incredibly proud of this woman.

  • @brooklyncurrys
    @brooklyncurrys Year ago +3

    the chemistry with answer is immaculate honestly