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Dozens Of Cars Stolen From Dodge Dealership During San Leandro Looting

  • Published on May 31, 2020
  • In one of the cities hardest hit by civil unrest, looting and destruction, a San Leandro car dealership was taking stock Monday of the damage and loss from looters, including the theft of dozen of new cars. Kiet Do reports. (6/1/20)

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  • Clutched_392
    Clutched_392 2 years ago +126

    As a dodge owner, this hurts. It takes so much to to finally save up for a car you’ve been working for. And these people are using someone’s death as an excuse to steal them for free. Disgusting.

  • MOB Squad Gaming
    MOB Squad Gaming 2 years ago +195

    I’m dying the “dollar store mostly untouched” 😂

  • Ken Cur
    Ken Cur 2 years ago +23

    I went to steal one but couldn’t find one in my desired specifications, which frankly is ridiculous, so I promptly complained to Dodge.

    • MikeHawk
      MikeHawk 6 months ago +1

      Sounds about the IQ of those types

  • daytripperarrabal
    daytripperarrabal 2 years ago +44

    Imagine being American and apologetical to these people because you're AFRAID of them lmao

  • cminton1535
    cminton1535 2 years ago +20

    These protesters had the biggest platform in history to make a real change and this is what is done. A thief will always be a thief.

  • labaizs
    labaizs 2 years ago +144

    every single one who was stealing should be held accountable.

    • anastasia beaverhausen
      anastasia beaverhausen 5 months ago

      @bung holeo the PURGE is coming to america,, SOON!! im ready, are you?

    • bung holeo
      bung holeo 2 years ago

      Eason Whittaker every time a cop kills someone , everything is free and no laws for a week

    • Eason Whittaker
      Eason Whittaker 2 years ago +1

      DAVID P So ur telling me people stealing millions of dollars worth of cars is justified because some cops ARE MEAN?

    • Eason Whittaker
      Eason Whittaker 2 years ago

      Bonon Von Landaburg nigga what?

    • Pēteris Vimbsons
      Pēteris Vimbsons 2 years ago +1

      Vislabākais ka tie retardi neiedomājas, ka visām dīleru mašīnām ir izsekošanas iekārtas😂😂

  • W0LF B3AT5
    W0LF B3AT5 2 years ago +235

    **sees other expensive stores being looted**
    “The Dollar Store; glass broken, but untouched.”
    Okay...now that’s kinda funny.

    • Spoiler Alert
      Spoiler Alert Year ago +1

      No they looted them and 5 below as well.

    • Vince's Channel
      Vince's Channel Year ago +1

      @A. L.M. you don’t get justice for completing terroristic actions. Those people just don’t have brains doing all of that

    • stingy
      stingy 2 years ago

      most of the looters only steal items with value...ofc they wouldn't rob a dollar tree not worth it

    • Suzie cream cheese
      Suzie cream cheese 2 years ago

      Maximus sorry it’s still funny!

    • SirJames I Gamerfuzion
      SirJames I Gamerfuzion 2 years ago +5

      because the only thing looters can afford are items from the Dollar store so they want a place to still somewhat pay at and will prop earn the funds with the stolen goods

  • Kenny Marlin
    Kenny Marlin 2 years ago +34

    They got me when they said the dollar store was practically untouched

    • Steve Guzman
      Steve Guzman 2 years ago

      @GallowsPole805 Bwhwawawahaha

    • GallowsPole805
      GallowsPole805 2 years ago +9

      Only things left on the shelves at most of these stores was Father’s Day cards and sunscreen

  • 12lb. toothbrush
    12lb. toothbrush 2 years ago +149

    And when a suspect gets pulled over in a stolen Hellcat .... Raycisss !

  • Andrew Christiansen
    Andrew Christiansen 2 years ago +317

    I literally got a Black Lives Matter commercial at the end of this segment.

    • Marshall Foreman
      Marshall Foreman Year ago +2

      I never saw any of this on CNN , MSMBC OR RACHEL MADDOW SHOW

    • Andrew Christiansen
      Andrew Christiansen 2 years ago

      @To live and Die in LA At least I cant accidentally burn my dads house down in a riot. I know where he lives.

    • Kei Key
      Kei Key 2 years ago +2

      @To live and Die in LA Where's the difference? Blm is a move denouncing racism Against blacks and blacks show they don't care about their community welfare. So conclusion? People should just laugh at blm, it is clown movement. And hypocrisy at it's finest because they use Floyd as a marthyr while he was a criminal, and now , people are shown that there was a reason for blacks being racially profiled

    • luis jaime
      luis jaime 2 years ago +1

      Befoe the vid started 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Mubie Loize
      Mubie Loize 2 years ago

      Don't be cheap get youtube premium

  • Erjan Nahan
    Erjan Nahan 2 years ago +618

    It's not for justice, it's a pure crime

    • Ian B
      Ian B 6 months ago

      @Buddy Revell Have you ever even met a Native American? They're Patriots. Fool. This land is a land of together. Stop trying to separate us. My grand father is 100% blood native. Stop trying to tear us apart. He'd slap you for your terrorism

    • FireDemon 216
      FireDemon 216 Year ago

      @Huckleberry Harrison What

    • Amity Mortem
      Amity Mortem 2 years ago

      Pure haha

    • lerret
      lerret 2 years ago +2

      These crimes aren't being done in the name of George Floyd. It's just crime happening concurrently. Crime is done at an opportunist level. Did you expect crime to stop because we're in the middle of a pandemic and countrywide/global protest? If this was done by the same people protesting then you'd have a point, but since you have no proof that it was this is a pointless attempt at a connection.

    • PasscodeAdvance
      PasscodeAdvance 2 years ago

      It's a game now

  • CodeRedDefense.com
    CodeRedDefense.com 2 years ago +462

    "This is domestic terrorism" Indeed.

    • Walker Martinez
      Walker Martinez Year ago

      You clearly have no idea what domestic terrorism is

    • Sammy2016!
      Sammy2016! Year ago

      @monee jimmerson it was a run down truck stop, fire started in truckers shower, located upstairs near a pool table at around 10pm on a Friday night probably around summertime. I dont think the owner enjoyed burning his truck stop down with his bank deposit money stuck in the safe. He pleaded with firefighters to take hoses to the inside of the building rather than spray the rear outside wall, so I don't think he burned it down.

    • monee jimmerson
      monee jimmerson Year ago

      @Sammy2016! becuz he burned down his own shit karma

    • Sammy2016!
      Sammy2016! Year ago +5

      @Nismo Cash I dont think you realize most insurance companies wont pay for 100% damage or theft. A competitor business that I worked near burned down and the insurance company only paid for 30% percent of the damage.

    • luis jaime
      luis jaime 2 years ago +2

      And like the kkk. But they are actual terrorists dating back decades 🤯

  • Jesse
    Jesse 2 years ago +2

    0:49 I love how he didn’t even go thru the broken window just unlocked the door😂

  • Manchu Ratt
    Manchu Ratt 2 years ago +9

    That is what No Justice No Peace means. "If I suffer, I'll make sure they all suffer."

  • Manny Z
    Manny Z 2 years ago +17

    Imagine stealing cars at a dodge dealership and you leave with a sxt Charger 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    • Alex Flores
      Alex Flores Year ago


    • Calo
      Calo 2 years ago


    • jonathan ross
      jonathan ross 2 years ago +1

      Probably because none of them can drive stick so they can’t leave with other chargers

  • Eric Colby
    Eric Colby 2 years ago +267

    We need more people like Gloria, that ask themselves what they can do for their community, not what they can take from their community

    • haha IoI haha
      haha IoI haha 2 years ago +2

      She was raised by an uncle tom

    • Monkey Wrenching
      Monkey Wrenching 2 years ago +4

      tak1ek9la - she is AMERICAN!!! Doubt she’s ever even seen Africa outside of her TV.

    • tak1ek9la
      tak1ek9la 2 years ago +9

      And she was African American. She’s a great person bless her soul.

  • ImanuelChartenz
    ImanuelChartenz 2 years ago +49

    they stealing cars now OMG this is whole another level of criminality.

    • Jonothan Doezer
      Jonothan Doezer 2 years ago


    • Mr. Alligator
      Mr. Alligator 2 years ago +1

      @J J they taking the phrase "riding around like it's legal " to a whole new level bruh lol

    • Mr. Alligator
      Mr. Alligator 2 years ago +1

      @J J they taking the phrase "riding around like it's legal " to a whole new level bruh lol

    • J J
      J J 2 years ago +2

      Happened in Santa Monica too. Probably other places we aren't hearing about.

    • AlsteinLe
      AlsteinLe 2 years ago +1


  • WhalesTasteGreat
    WhalesTasteGreat 2 years ago

    Guarantee you'll find a lot of those cars in the dealers, and their relatives, driveways and garages.
    Dealers never waste a good Insurance opportunity. Seen it a few times where they double up on hail, hurricane, tornado damage.

  • dean yilmaz
    dean yilmaz 2 years ago +34

    And they were all returned the following night after realizing they were driving Dodges.

  • Harold Sawyers
    Harold Sawyers Year ago

    That's Crazy, I Feel Like We Living In The Day's Of The Purge.

  • Anon Doe
    Anon Doe 2 years ago +741

    Big props to the owner for calling it what it is: DOMESTIC TERRORISM

    • horse cars
      horse cars 2 years ago

      aj b no matter what rich or poor your trash if you stole during the riots that's what it was. Hope they get caught now thats the real justice!!!

    • Alex Gonzalez
      Alex Gonzalez 2 years ago

      So what the Police have been doing to unarmed citizens is called
      Murder and thats the main reason this is happening . Do not get it confused.

    • Lauri Ellonen
      Lauri Ellonen 2 years ago

      @aj b Many small business can't afford to have a insurance.

    • manoloprpr
      manoloprpr 2 years ago

      He was probably forced to apologize and now faces civil rights investigations. Because Hispanics have “never been marginalized”, and he too enjoys white privilege”..

    • mehdi houasse
      mehdi houasse 2 years ago

      aj b insurace won’t cover anything if the state is out of control

  • I Called It
    I Called It 2 years ago

    Damn how do you know there is going to be protests and still leave the keys in the dealership

  • thaintriguing1
    thaintriguing1 4 months ago

    Dollar store manager: “please don’t loot, please don’t loot, please don’t loot”
    Reporter: “the dollar store remained untouched”
    Dollar store manager: “whew” 😰

  • Gary1978.
    Gary1978. 2 years ago

    Makes me sick to my stomach people acting like this. Take these looters and remove there citizenship. They will all be shitting bricks then when they have to move to a different country.

  • The Pink Snob
    The Pink Snob 2 years ago

    How would they even know where the keys were?And where the key safe was? 🤔

  • Ed Mira
    Ed Mira 2 years ago

    That’s just F UP people always manage to turn something good into something horrible.

  • Jay
    Jay 2 years ago

    I wish I was there 😩

  • 6Agent47
    6Agent47 2 years ago

    Cities should take responsibility as well by giving businesses relief services to help recover the business losses.

  • Wyatt Earp
    Wyatt Earp 11 months ago

    Some people on here are making fun of the Dodge name, I drive a 99 Dodge intrepid and it still on the road and hasn't given me any issues, it's all on how you drive and maintain the car

  • Trang Parsons
    Trang Parsons 2 years ago +87

    Thank you to those in the community who came out to help in the aftermath. 😢

    • Tigiste
      Tigiste 2 years ago

      @Truth Defender Bum

    • Butter 225
      Butter 225 2 years ago +2

      Truth Defender that’s a bullshit excuse and everyone knows it

  • Hi'im'Wil
    Hi'im'Wil 2 years ago

    Stop just showing one store getting looted, there are several more going on during day and night time! Stop hiding it from the public.

  • Nelson King
    Nelson King 2 years ago +136

    These are those peaceful protesters I saw on CNN and MSNBC.

    • Mr Ike
      Mr Ike 2 years ago

      Man it’s shook

  • Thomas Stuart
    Thomas Stuart 2 years ago +8

    That's amazing! 50 Dodge cars started up.

  • teja naidu
    teja naidu 2 years ago

    Sad for him 😢

  • Mihad Alzayat
    Mihad Alzayat 2 years ago +47

    Who woulda thought, the path to justice is causing so much injustice to innocent people who never did anything to you.

  • Rave
    Rave Year ago +1

    I wonder in the 6 months how many of them have been sent to jail?

  • Wavvysiah
    Wavvysiah Year ago +2

    Poor hellcats🤦🏽‍♂️ probably brand new and they were doing burnouts

  • Dad Dad
    Dad Dad 2 years ago +1

    Ohh. Hopefully when they get caught maybe some good person can bail them out.

  • Kyle L.
    Kyle L. 2 years ago

    Unfortunate for the business owners and employees, but I can't but laugh that Dollar Tree's front door was broken and untouched

  • Andrew Villanueva
    Andrew Villanueva 2 years ago +353

    What does this have to do with the protest. These people are just criminals.

    • johnwillyn
      johnwillyn 2 years ago

      @Huff Huff you'r rigth have someting to do with floyd. They are criminals just like floyd ;)

    • Electrodude
      Electrodude 2 years ago

      Nothing, this isn't the protest, they abuse the death of Floyd to steal some overpriced child labor ugly Gucci bag!

    • Papa Bear
      Papa Bear 2 years ago

      @acslater017 no excuses.

    • vayden1991
      vayden1991 2 years ago

      @haha IoI haha not really, people arent paying attention to the "peaceful protests" you fucking lost that when people started rioting, you know how they're now covering the rioting, and not protesting now? you lost your chance now. ignorance is fucking amazing.

    • J K
      J K 2 years ago

      @Susan Ananda That could be because China is a Communist Country and will shoot or put criminals in places that weren't meant for people! Especially considering after the CCP released the Virus(CCP-VIRUS, COVID-19, Novel Coronavirus whatever) they were basically abducting people off of the streets and subjecting them to testing whether they wanted it or not! So Obviously they wouldn't be stupid enough to try looting and rioting! Be another Tiananmen Square all over except with more tanks and more military presence!

  • Dennis Hayes
    Dennis Hayes 2 years ago

    Man, he never should have told the news they had trackers on them. That's how you find the thieves red-handed . Time to build more jails for the thieves

  • Michael Roblin
    Michael Roblin 2 years ago

    I completely agree with the owner! What did this resolve? Nothing!

  • keagan mark
    keagan mark 2 years ago +11

    Not a dodge fan, but I hope they get the car back intact and the looters go to prison for life

    • lux ferrare
      lux ferrare Year ago

      And their thumbs taken.

    • skeletonwizard8
      skeletonwizard8 Year ago

      @David Banner Yea, lets just murder every cop because of one man's mistake!

    • mk2spitfire
      mk2spitfire 2 years ago

      Career criminal is innocent? Weird...

    • Anthony Zou
      Anthony Zou 2 years ago +3

      David Banner ok but how does stealing shit help that promote that lmao

    • David Banner
      David Banner 2 years ago

      How about the police go to jail for life for killing innocent people

  • Ronda lee Still
    Ronda lee Still Year ago +1

    Be careful cause it might be some of your own employees involved

  • Micheal Schumacher
    Micheal Schumacher 2 years ago +88

    This hurts as a gearhead myself i hate these people

    • Ian B
      Ian B 6 months ago

      Did you know you have a right to citizens arrest them Penal Code 837 PC!!!

    • Daniel R
      Daniel R 2 years ago

      Same here, engines not broken in, probably floored it on start up 😥

    • N Flores
      N Flores 2 years ago +1

      I worked for my hemi.

    • nonsense15
      nonsense15 2 years ago

      All this does is exacerbate tensions and takes the focus off what these protests were supposed to be about.

    • King Dj-Slim
      King Dj-Slim 2 years ago +6

      Stupid asses doing all this which is pointless. This has nothing to do with a protest these idiots destroyed all that stuff for nothing.

    HELL KAT 2 years ago

    Sounds like insurance fraud to me. Gained access to a locked safe that's out of customer view. I bet that dealer was hurting bad.

  • Big Ding
    Big Ding 2 years ago +60

    He needs a few rooftop Koreans to protect his store.

    • BeachBum
      BeachBum Year ago +4

      @Aviator During the LA riots Korean store owners got on their roofs with their weapons to protect their businesses from looters tons of videos and memes of it

    • Aviator
      Aviator 2 years ago

      Jelly roll rider oh thx

    • Ducati Rider
      Ducati Rider 2 years ago +3

      It’s a donut operator reference about the la riots.

    • Aviator
      Aviator 2 years ago +1

      What’s a rooftop Korean

  • ToneZone99
    ToneZone99 11 months ago

    Imagine all the cost and fines those people are paying now. Sheesh!

  • Last king
    Last king 5 months ago

    Imagine stealing a hellcat at dodge dealership just to get caught stealing from dollar tree and catch a charge 😂.

  • Chris Stokes
    Chris Stokes 2 years ago +207

    Items that were not taken from stores were Fathers Day cards and work clothes.

  • Nanoscape30
    Nanoscape30 2 years ago

    I feel sorry for the owner of the place what a mess gives me A headache 😞they don't call it a hellcat for no reason thats one bad kitty

  • City원
    City원 2 years ago +4

    0:50 unlocks door to get in even when doors already broken open lmao

  • Wayne C
    Wayne C 2 years ago

    Criminals taking advantage, protesters stop police to help. ! Sad reality!

  • Ariel Sandoval
    Ariel Sandoval Year ago

    All for a Hellcat….priceless. Those things costcan arm and a leg.

  • Tabitha Rose Freeman
    Tabitha Rose Freeman 2 years ago +26

    This is ridiculous, these ppl worked hard for their dreams of being business owners, just to be taken away in the blink of an eye.

    • haha IoI haha
      haha IoI haha 2 years ago

      @Daunts Yup it's not easy. Too many people want freebies these days!

    • haha IoI haha
      haha IoI haha 2 years ago

      @Epic Gaming scenes l have a career. If you want one too and are willing to put out the effort then you deserve it. You gotta go out and get it though. No one is going to hand it to you unless you're born into as rich family that'll spoil you. You gotta get out there and get what you deserve.

    • Daunts
      Daunts 2 years ago +1

      @haha IoI haha what he meant to say is my family didnt work hard enough for a job to support my family so we will resort to looting and stealing for our income that we dont normally get

    • Epic Gaming scenes
      Epic Gaming scenes 2 years ago +3

      @haha IoI haha get a job lowlife

    • haha IoI haha
      haha IoI haha 2 years ago +2

      Gotta go get what you deserve sis. It's not just the so called white man that gets to have nice things. Times are changing!

  • leb nikon
    leb nikon 2 years ago

    God bless the people who helped clean up the next day after the people looted the sneaker store and car dealership. The cameras will catch every person who stole from these places!

  • HappyQuails
    HappyQuails 2 years ago

    Seeing the unexpectedly high valuation of Dodge vehicles is amusing, and a reflection of effective advertizing and the perceptions furthered by social media.

  • Alon Nir
    Alon Nir 2 years ago

    There should be a special place in hell for the ones who destroy nice cars

  • yolo dolo
    yolo dolo Year ago +2

    Damm that's a huge loss. 50 hellcats at 100k each.

  • Samuel F
    Samuel F 2 years ago +128

    That’s messed up man. Those are people lives and their businesses.

    • theflanman86
      theflanman86 2 years ago

      Kenn's Instagram At: i000 you sound like another 70 IQ animal

    • haha IoI haha
      haha IoI haha 2 years ago

      Are? You mean were lmao

    • Patrick Riarchy
      Patrick Riarchy 2 years ago +1

      @Vince Black
      Insurance company's wont honor any of these claims.

    • Patrick Riarchy
      Patrick Riarchy 2 years ago

      @Yeah Okay
      People of all races get killed almost daily by police. Get a new broken record to spin.

    • Mia C
      Mia C 2 years ago +2

      And car dealerships are hurting so bad right now. You remember about ten years ago when the rescission was going on and car dealerships and lots of people on this country were hurting so bad now so many businesses are struggling through this covid 19 virus and hurting us all and they do this shiit!And it's all being supported by celebrities to and other leftist idiots! I cannot wait tell they go to their mansions and steal their cars and rob and loot their mansions and destroy them than attack them and see if they still support it and want to ask for donations to bail them out than! I cannot stand celebrities they disgust me and I'm Black. All these people disgust me they are so evil. All these people being abused and hurt and attacked murdered and killed robbed and business destroyed all in the name of George Floyd is the irony. Claiming they are protesting because of violence and brutally yet they are doing it themselves and hurting us all! Ad all this co signed by dumb celebrities that sit up in their mansions yet if they were robbed and looted and their businesses destroyed and their families and them their wife and their parents attacked like people are being attacked at their businesses and everywhere they would not like it. But it's ok to do to us and hurt and attack us and all in this mans name! I'm am so fckin disgusted right now. To these people they just want free Tv's and stuff they do not care who they hurt or what they do to others and using this mans name to do it. For celebrities it is just political and how many likes they can get they don not really give a shiit about us. Just like that one famous rich guy he said to burn stuff up and was supported it but than when they came to his neighborhood he told them go home you animals get away from here. So hes telling them go do this in your own neighborhood and terrozie hurt and rob people and destroy teir stuff business and jobs but leave us and our neighborhoods and our businesses we own and our stuff and people alone go to your neigbhoods and hurt other people and we will support you and bail you out but don't do it here. Funny the irny from them. Maybe we are socialist and we feel celebrities have too much money for themselves and too much and need to spread that around and stretch it out to everybody so lets go t take from their houses and businesses how about that?! We can rob their houses and businesses than attack beat them up or kill like they are doing to businesses owners and workers than after we are done robbing and damage their whole house we will set it on fire and take or destroy their cars after beating them and their wive with big wood planks and kicking and stomping them in the face and body and premeantly injuring them and possibly killling them. And than they can bail us out and set up a go fund me for us peace loving protesting people : ) Maybe we should have no police than people can do and take what they want and destroy, rob, home invasions rapes and assaults and you know some of the first places they would go to is all those celebrities on the hill and starts attacking their houses and them lol These celebrities are pathetic they want it oh they will get what they want no police to protect them and allll their body guards they got that are trained like police some are former police officers won't be able to hold the lych mob. So they will get what they want and wish for and support. Oh I forgot they only support it happening to us regular folks not them or in their neighborhood communities right? They might get what they want one day and I hope one day soon and it will come to them what they want and support. All these deatths everyone hurt in this and abused and businesses destroyed is n them! And on them because they support it even though they will try to blame everyone else when they said they support it and will even bail people out doing this. But don't do it to them right? Lets go to the celebrities houses and mansions in the hills and do it. They don't believe in guns or police so we can do it and they support it and will even bail us out. We see what happens when no police or they can't control it robbery, damage destruction, murder, home invasions ,rape, assaults all go up. This is what celebs are supporting and they want let it go to their neighborhoods than. Let it go to their houses and apartment buildings they are already going to houses in the suburbs next lets go to the celebrities in the hills and all in California lets go to their houses and neighborhoods how about that? Since they support it and all. Lets go spread some of that wealth from them no one persons should have millions lets go rob their houses and cars and beat them to a pulp possibly killl they will be fine they have insurance and a hospital right? Because that's what they say so lets go do it to them and their businesses. The only time I support this is doing this to the celebrities that support this and going to their rich neighborhoods and gated communities and doing this. Lets go. Then they can bail us all out. Or they gonna be like that sports caster that said to burn it all down he said burn the shiit down and rob but than when they come to his neighborhood all of a sudden he says get back you animals and to go home. Go home and do this in 'your' neighborhoods don't rob, loot and assault us rich celeb just everybody else. The fckin irony. Lets go do it to them what they support and see if they still support us doing it in their neighborhood and bail us out. And all the deatths destruction people being hurt and terrorized and fear and broke into an brutalized them and their stores is all on the fault of other celebrities and libs politicians and anyone like this supporting and co sighing this shiit all this is on them. I hope they are proud of themselves and happy now. And all this robbing, looting, damaging and destroying, home invasions, raping and brutal assaults that are premeantly damaging and killling people is all in the name of this guy which is the irony too also. I hope they are proud of themselves these evil people that are doing it and evil people that are supporting it and pushing it and encouraging it.

  • LAV1320
    LAV1320 2 years ago

    I hope they are caught by those trackers in the cars... and go to prison

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown 2 years ago

    How can anyone condone such criminal destructive behaviour. They need to be locked up and throwaway the key.

  • Mlogan11
    Mlogan11 2 years ago

    If the Dodge dealership saw the crime wave approaching and hand enough time to start parking cars to block the driveway, when they left, why didn't they take the master keys with them? That would have stopped all the cars getting stolen at once.

  • sergio gonzalez
    sergio gonzalez 2 years ago

    May I see some more evidence like actual surveillance camera video please 🧐

  • Master Try
    Master Try 2 years ago +76

    Damn, I feel so bad for the owner, that's almost 5 million dollar asset just got robbed smh.

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person 2 years ago

      @T. Gibson car sales have actually hardly been effected. People have had more time to shop during CoVid.

    • Mario Henriquez
      Mario Henriquez 2 years ago

      I think it's more the damages at the property and the stolen parts only that can reach the 2 millions, cars with the taxes added are like 3millions and the personal cleaning and the damages cars are almost 1 1 1/2 million. 6 1/2 stolen to this business. Antifa deserves to be wiped out from Earth.

    • Democrats are Terrorists
      Democrats are Terrorists 2 years ago

      @Brian Long no most insurance doesn't cover riots

    • Brian Long
      Brian Long 2 years ago +2

      All those cars are insured

    • Matti G
      Matti G 2 years ago

      @T. Gibson Wow...haha, youre not wrong. All the sudden there is a car shortage at Chrysler...and insurance gets a bail out.

  • Crazcompart
    Crazcompart Year ago

    You might as well write all those stolen cars off... By the time they're found, they'll either be stripped or burned to the frames!

  • Kuya mong Chubby
    Kuya mong Chubby 2 years ago

    Wondering if the city will have the money to cover these businesses.. I hope the looters and vandalizing people gets karma

  • McDonald Mollusca
    McDonald Mollusca 2 years ago

    They didn’t take any “Fix It Again Tony” [FIAT] models . Discerning shoppers..

  • Aquele Inconveniente
    Aquele Inconveniente 2 years ago +1

    every public figure empathasing with the protesters should be made to pay for this crap...

  • rideronthewhitehorse
    rideronthewhitehorse 2 years ago +417

    LOOTERS AKA THIEVES... i wish people would call it like it is..

    • Hugo karlson
      Hugo karlson 2 years ago

      ghetto-pimp-thugs......we wuz kangz...that's the full name!!😂

    • carmichael moritz
      carmichael moritz 2 years ago +1

      most people are criminals .

    • carmichael moritz
      carmichael moritz 2 years ago +1

      inside job

    • JIMJIM
      JIMJIM 2 years ago

      At least the business owner is white looking!

    • A Krenwinkle
      A Krenwinkle 2 years ago

      I prefer to call them Activist Appropriators. :)

  • Mark K
    Mark K 2 years ago

    Why did they keep the keys on site, the manager should have taken all the keys home!

  • Diana 0000
    Diana 0000 2 years ago

    Omg ! Im so sorry this happened . I don't understand how people could do this they innocent people that works so hard! These are Lueders they are losers!

  • Commander Red
    Commander Red 2 years ago

    These shameless looters will never amount to anything in life, they can't respect a movement bcoz they don't respect themselves.

  • sk8punk318
    sk8punk318 2 years ago

    If there’s no police then civilians should be able to defend themselves using deadly force. Saying “please don’t rob me and my store” doesn’t seem to help.

  • Sandy_Matt_
    Sandy_Matt_ 2 years ago +18

    Thing that hurts me the most is that you know there is someone that doesn't know how to use a manual transmission.

  • Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez 2 years ago +1

    In memory of George Floyd 🙄

  • Outofthisworld
    Outofthisworld 2 years ago

    Don't forget since quarantine started,dealers lost millions of dollars...they need to recover somehow because all the cars been sitting..dealers could have used this situation to fraud insurance companies

  • Franklin Alvarado
    Franklin Alvarado 2 years ago +1

    Man I’m never going to get another stimulus check

  • George So
    George So 3 months ago

    What a beautiful peaceful culture! Pillars of the community all of them. With their benevolent contributions to society, there is nothing they can’t accomplish. Let’s all give them our full love and support. Despite all the statistics and hateful propaganda being shoved in our faces everyday, the obvious truth is plain for decent human beings to see.

  • Nick Prater
    Nick Prater 2 years ago +22

    "I woke up this morning and said, what can I do for my community?" Powerful words that all of us should learn to think more often.

    • Omegathehusky
      Omegathehusky 2 years ago +2

      @Eye Yam Sofa King Stew Paid what would be funny if they panned up the camera showing her wearing new shoes pulled up in a hellcat xD

  • Charles Wang
    Charles Wang 2 years ago

    i feel really sad from bottom of my heart. But, i experienced worst customer service in this dealer ship, i checked Yelp and i am not the only one and only 2 star. i think this is reason. why it dosen't happen to Honda or Ford just beside Dodge. think about that. wait for it ?

  • Frank Denardo
    Frank Denardo 2 years ago

    Any of the cars recovered?

  • Jayaguru
    Jayaguru 2 years ago

    They are Hurting their Own People ... Lack of Compassion for Fellow Citizens

  • Shikhar Verma
    Shikhar Verma 2 years ago

    i feel bad for the man

  • Rohit Bhatti
    Rohit Bhatti 2 years ago +19

    This breaks my heart because this takes away from the actual message of the protest

    • Tewthpaste
      Tewthpaste 2 years ago +1

      @Kate's Place *yes, but mostly black. People was putting sign up on their business saying "Own by black" just so they can feel safe about their business not getting looted.*

    • Kate's Place
      Kate's Place 2 years ago +1

      Tewthpaste come on...that’s not true. We had ALL races looting here in Minneapolis. There are lawless people in all colors (just like there are good people of all colors).

    • itwasaliens
      itwasaliens 2 years ago

      @Carl Kpsplucky wait, are you saying that anyone who is not a fascist is a terrorist? Hmmmm...

    • Desiree Salas
      Desiree Salas 2 years ago

      @Tewthpaste And still they tell us we're not seeing what we actually are seeing smh

    • Carl Kpsplucky
      Carl Kpsplucky 2 years ago

      Tewthpaste An actual terriost group called “antifa” started looting and destroying property first.
      I understand you want to believe white people can do no wrong, just search “antifa” on Twitter. You’ll see just how many white people bresk the law.

    DANTE BELGIAN MALINOIS 10 months ago +1

    They steal 50 cars before the Police arrive? That makes me lol literally!

  • Real Coolest Bello
    Real Coolest Bello 2 years ago

    What goes around comes around😳

  • Whin Fuentes
    Whin Fuentes 2 years ago

    Respect came from the person who want respect..they did crime how you respect that kind of person.

  • chris lucas
    chris lucas 2 years ago

    So you block the entrance and leave the keys , anyway this is just a frenzy of criminals , who are taking advantage of a situation and insulting all hard working people .

  • hmc2s
    hmc2s 2 years ago +1158

    When the streets of Syria are now safer than the streets of the USA.

    • lucid’s alt
      lucid’s alt Year ago

      @eastlos24 How is this racist?

    • sdq sdq
      sdq sdq 2 years ago

      @Manolo Vlogs u meant " wild " west .ha !

    • Sioax Aeriken
      Sioax Aeriken 2 years ago

      @Lark Turner You steal in the middle east, at least in some places, they cut off your hand, literally. Steal again and you lose your other hand, like even the dumbest shit can be stolen and you will loose your hand.

    • trapISD0pe
      trapISD0pe 2 years ago

      @MisterTwister Get cancer.

    • Howard Zzh
      Howard Zzh 2 years ago

      Karma will hit back the US, like always!

  • Adilene Ramirez
    Adilene Ramirez 2 years ago

    So disrespectful ! 😡🤬

  • Flentric
    Flentric 2 years ago

    damn i would love to use a muscle car

  • swaggerboy740
    swaggerboy740 Year ago

    I wish I was there

  • Lk Mcle
    Lk Mcle 2 years ago

    Why would the owner leave all those keys in the building.. Hello he could have went to the dealership and got the keys before this happened.. Im not trusting this guy at all... I own a dealership and all keys are well hidden all the time and all cars have GPS and. Won't start without a key code... Inside job... He'll get the insurance money but he knows where the cars are..... Total BS

  • Jefferson Tapangan
    Jefferson Tapangan 2 years ago

    Damn. This is really out of hand.

  • Mike Hileman
    Mike Hileman 2 years ago

    What was the point of this? Destroy a man's business?

  • NoEye Deer
    NoEye Deer 2 years ago +1

    😅 daaamn, that dealership one is the next level haha

  • Edwin b
    Edwin b Year ago

    What this Dealership owner should have done is take all the car keys home with him to prevent the theft of multiple vehicles

  • Grimmeyy
    Grimmeyy 2 years ago +373

    People destroying nice things cause they can’t have them.

    • Kenneth McBride
      Kenneth McBride 2 years ago

      @Grateful 2019 even if they went to college, most still bring home 50,000 a year.

    • Adog Gdog
      Adog Gdog 2 years ago

      @irob rf .....ain't nobody reading all that 😀

    • Mid South 2 Strokes
      Mid South 2 Strokes 2 years ago


    • Mark W
      Mark W 2 years ago +2

      @Grateful 2019 Not everyone who has a slave history in this country steals or is a thief. I don't steal and am not a thief-- my ancestors were slaves, I know plenty of Black folks like me who are hard-working and not thieves.

    • Mark W
      Mark W 2 years ago +1

      @phillyhebrew215 Stealing is wrong. Nothing justifies that.

  • Nick 1117
    Nick 1117 Year ago

    Shout out to Gloria for being the real MVP of the situation