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First Week Back In LA... Did We Make A Mistake?

  • Published on Dec 3, 2023
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    Hope you have a great day!

Comments • 1.3K

  • @missybabii456
    @missybabii456 14 days ago +1556

    I have a 3 year old son. And believe me when I say , you’ll be back in Colorado in the blink of an eye. The toddler phase comes so quickly. I still can’t believe my son is 3 now. I’m so happy that you and Shane are going to experience the beautiful roller coaster of parenthood. Cherish every moment, big or small, and don’t forget how strong your love for each other is now , because keeping that connection and communicating through parenthood is so important. Love you guys , best of luck ✌🏾❤️.

    • @TessMac
      @TessMac 14 days ago +22

      Fantastic advice! I’m a mama of a now 23 year old & I unequivocally agree. But I’ll add: savor all of the moments & memories as they truly do grow up so quickly. The time & years fly by…Just live in the moment & love on those kiddos. 🤍🙏🏻🥰

    • @woopwoop1236
      @woopwoop1236 14 days ago +12

      when i tell you from 3 to 6 went even faster, im not even joking.. i still see my 6 year old as a tiny 3 year old :( lol

    • @AfterDarkParanormal
      @AfterDarkParanormal 14 days ago +18

      My daughter just turned 16, and I SWEAR, I just brought her home yesterday. Enjoy the boys!!! You are gonna be the best dads!!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU BOTH!!!

    • @dalriadajohannsen
      @dalriadajohannsen 14 days ago +5

      This is actually great advice.

    • @mermaiddiyartist8119
      @mermaiddiyartist8119 14 days ago +12

      They will want the safety of Colorado 😂 so the boys can just run.

  • @larissafeltus6013
    @larissafeltus6013 11 days ago +81

    I love that Ryland is like so soft boy and loves to be glammed up and femme - but he is such the man of the house. Winterizing , blowing out sprinklers. I love the duality . Slay king

  • @gwynjones6736
    @gwynjones6736 13 days ago +362

    the way Riley just stands there while ryland dries her off is just so cuteeee. you can tell all the animals trust ryland it’s so wholesome

    • @kimberlystockamp8009
      @kimberlystockamp8009 13 days ago

      😅 9:44 9:44 😅😅😮😅😅😅😅😅 9:44 😅😅

    • @AngelaEAwesome
      @AngelaEAwesome 13 days ago +3

      It looked like she wanted to enjoy it but also sad she was in trouble.

  • @stephaniesimmons6113
    @stephaniesimmons6113 14 days ago +439

    I am a mom of twins, and I can't stress this enough. Keep them on the same schedule with feeding and sleeping. If you don't, you will never sleep. I hope this bit of advice helps you guys

    • @haleygolden990
      @haleygolden990 13 days ago +5

      As another twin mom I agree with this!!! I wish I could just chat with them about some things for the first few month I’m on month 5 and it’s been crazy but some tricks I found that work sooo well I want to tel them 😅

    • @haleygolden990
      @haleygolden990 13 days ago

      Month 4**

    • @leesadavies9911
      @leesadavies9911 13 days ago

      I’m a mum of twin girls keep them on the same sleeping and feeding schedule as this will help you to have a little break.

    • @karleybrown1664
      @karleybrown1664 13 days ago

      They are hiring a night nanny as well!

    • @meganlove8773
      @meganlove8773 13 days ago

      That’s funny I have 2 sets of twins 12 months apart and when I kept them on the same schedule I never slept but as soon as I let that go I sleep so much better. My older set will be 2 next month and my younger set 1 next month

    @COME_TO_GET_ME2 12 days ago +38

    I love when you guys go shopping in your vlogs, especially the Christmas shopping. Always so fun to watch. Please more shopping vlogs of Shane and Ryland!

  • @maniicKITTYY
    @maniicKITTYY 13 days ago +74

    I can't believe after two decades I'm watching Shane become a father. You two are so great. Sending love to you & your families. And your little babies. It makes me so emotional - nearly choked up. I'm so happy for you both. ❤

  • @annieb3883
    @annieb3883 14 days ago +491

    I can’t believe the boys are going to be born so soon!!! I wish you two nothing but happiness and love as you start this crazy journey called parenthood. I think whatever decision that you make on where you’re going to live is what’s best. You guys know your lives better than we do. Happy thanksgiving Shane and Ryland ❤❤
    PS Ryland nesting is the cutest thing ever

    • @TurboGoesCraxy
      @TurboGoesCraxy 13 days ago

      Idk what happened to Shane’s dog uno what happend to him

    • @jerrywestin3447
      @jerrywestin3447 13 days ago

      Well said!

    • @kaitiebugxxo6
      @kaitiebugxxo6 13 days ago +1

      @@TurboGoesCraxynothing happened to him? Ryland literally showed him in the first part of the video

    • @ScenicFilm8k
      @ScenicFilm8k 13 days ago


    • @TurboGoesCraxy
      @TurboGoesCraxy 13 days ago +1

      @@kaitiebugxxo6 really maybe I missed it imma watch it again (edit) ok I just watched it idk how I missed him thank uuuu

  • @user-jv3xw6jj6n
    @user-jv3xw6jj6n 13 days ago +83

    Can I just point out how much of an amazing parent ryland already is. Riley going into the water and while drying him ryland is expressing he’s silly but also acknowledging he had fun which is important. Love it! ❤

  • @GoGirl311
    @GoGirl311 13 days ago +77

    MOM TIP: Wait to buy formula until you get a recommendation from the pediatrician. Some babies can't take certain formulas because it hurts their tummies

    • @kole0429
      @kole0429 6 days ago +1

      arent they gonna have to buy formula asap since they arent able to produce milk themselves?

    • @micahbrown9301
      @micahbrown9301 6 days ago +5

      @@kole0429 once the boys are born they’ll be able to experiment with different pre mixed formulas that the hospital carries before they take them home to see what’s best for them. It’s never a good idea to stock up until you know for sure what they can take because then you just end up having a bunch of formula that you can’t use 9 times out of 10.

  • @teb1939
    @teb1939 14 days ago +125

    you both are going to be great dads! but please do not be upset if parenting doesn’t come naturally. once your newborns come, it’s such a different way of living that it takes natural adjustment, and that looks different for every parent. you two have prepared so much and have truly done everything you can. so excited for this next milestone in your lives.

  • @BellaTheUnloved
    @BellaTheUnloved 13 days ago +19

    I love Ryland’s response when Shane picks up the cheetah print ornaments… he’s such a 60yr old woman when it comes to water tok, fashion, his tumblers, and decor. Ryland be patient, he may out grow it! Lolz!

  • @taylormarks7416
    @taylormarks7416 14 days ago +80

    I CANNOT wait to watch these 2 wonderful men become fathers. How exciting!! Can’t wait!! Parent hood is fun!!

  • @cindygallagher5367
    @cindygallagher5367 14 days ago +228

    I am having such a shit day. I have been crying all day. Thank you Shane and Ryland for helping to put a smile on my face for a bit.

    • @Emma_78
      @Emma_78 14 days ago +18

      Having a crappy day myself. Hope your day gets better, take care ❤️

    • @annacandage2125
      @annacandage2125 14 days ago +13

      I am also working through some stuff, we’re gonna be okay friends❤️

    • @shadowspond3488
      @shadowspond3488 14 days ago +10

      Sending Hugs your way

    • @OsnapitzMitsy
      @OsnapitzMitsy 14 days ago +7

      Sending so much love and positive energy your way ❤

    • @RealGlowup
      @RealGlowup 14 days ago +2


  • @iheartshaneandjeffree
    @iheartshaneandjeffree 13 days ago +41

    Why am I literally getting tears in my eyes seeing those Christmas stockings for the boys! I swear to God, the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done with my life is be a mother. You’re going to love it. Buckle up, it’s also challenging but they are my entire heart. Also Ryland, that hair is looking amazing 🖤🖤 can’t wait to see you guys as parents. You are going to be amazing 🖤

  • @livingdeadgirl12090
    @livingdeadgirl12090 12 days ago

    I am a mom to a 3 going on 4 years old. It goes by so fast. I am so excited for you and Shane. You are going to be great dad's. The first Christmas is going to be magical and something you both remember. They won't understand Christmas until they are about 3 years old. That's when you see them light up and the wonder in their eyes. My son is Autistic. He doesn't fully understand it, but the joy I see on his face when he opens up his gifts fills me with so much joy. Take it all in. They are only little once. I hope you and Shane have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • @bijou3000
    @bijou3000 11 days ago +1

    I laugh every Christmas season because my daughter is a lot like Shane in that when she gets a gift for someone and wraps it up, she -wants- needs to give it to them right away, instead of waiting for the holiday. There are very few surprises from her on Xmas Day, but that's okay. The spirit of giving really is the thing that brings her joy, and I love that. It's funny to see Shane do the same thing.

  • @morganockrassa7451
    @morganockrassa7451 11 days ago

    I just had twin girls 2 months ago. I'm sure you've heard it over and over, but keep them on a schedule with eating and sleeping!! It has been a huge saving grace for my husband and I. We just set an alarm every 3 hrs to feed. You will be sleep deprived, but you got this, guys! It's hard but so rewarding I promise 😊

  • @3AmandaR1017
    @3AmandaR1017 13 days ago +1

    I can't believe that Shane & Ryland are really about to have BABIES!!! After SO MANY YEARS of practically growing up with you both (I'm 32), I never expected the day with babies to come, yet its SO CLOSE to happening. I am so excited for you and future videos!! LOVE YALL SO MUCH!!!! 🥰💕💕

  • @Deflower-me-tap
    @Deflower-me-tap 13 days ago +69

    You two are going to do great. When it starts to kick in, you feel amazing. You feel like even when you are dead tired, you did it, you’re a DAD and that feeling makes everything else worth it. You will be tired, some days more than others. Youll question how you got there, but it won’t last long. You’re entering one of the best stages of your life and relationship and you put so much love into this being possible.

  • @robynmcewen7492
    @robynmcewen7492 13 days ago +2

    I wouldn't pick your formula before baby is here, they may not tolerate it well, I usually recommend that new parents try out samples and see what fits them best! Every baby is different and the way they handle formula is different too ❤ just a recommendation

  • @meaghannfoley6678
    @meaghannfoley6678 8 days ago +2

    I’m watching an old vlog from your first walk through of the Colorado house… the old owners in the video said “oh my god the twins are here for you” (the twin deer)!!!! What a huge sign that was knowing that you two are expecting twins a few years later.. who woulda known! I thought it was such a sign back then.

  • @crystalinabacteria3430

    I started watching you both with my daughter when she was at school. She introduced me to Shane & it went from there. She left to go to University & now lives away from me. I watch you as a comfort as I miss her loads. It's nice to watch both my daughter & you both living your lives. Can't wait to see the next chapter ❤❤❤

  • @linzee6448
    @linzee6448 13 days ago +1

    infant swim lessons are also taught to keep a baby floating on their back in the water if for whatever reason that would be needed. It's very popular in California due to the sheer amount of underground pools :) I am so excited for you both

  • @jessicasmith4820
    @jessicasmith4820 14 days ago +44

    Ryland trying to convince us that California is great for a whole video lol...I just miss the Colorado vibes so much, can't wait for baby vlogs, and I agree with Shane about the tree ❤❤ #teamrealchristmas
    Also, don't buy formula until they're here, they could not be tolerant to one and have other sensitivities, so don't stock up until you know what works. ❤❤

    • @michellek2057
      @michellek2057 14 days ago +3

      Good call about the formula. Been there, did it wrong.

    • @marvelousmimi87
      @marvelousmimi87 14 days ago +5

      Lmaooo so true. Ryland, stop trying to make California happen

  • @nicoleparker4317
    @nicoleparker4317 13 days ago +7

    the effort you guys put in to still film vlogs for us despite all these life changes… thank you for bringing us along this journey

  • @sbaby4572
    @sbaby4572 13 days ago +1

    Ryland and Shane,
    I need to comment to tell you how impactful these Vlogs are for me. I am in an abusive relationships that consumes my entire life and these vlogs bring me so much joy and happiness. Thank you, can’t wait for the babies.

    • @cindzee
      @cindzee 13 days ago +1

      ooo you should call into the podcast for advice

    • @Lav640
      @Lav640 13 days ago +3

      I know this isn’t easy, but I hope you’re able to leave. There are many orgs that will help you get out 💚

  • @coffeetime3823
    @coffeetime3823 13 days ago +12

    I just love how they bring their pets with them when they go back and forth! Also they are going to be wonderful parents.

  • @altcrew8747
    @altcrew8747 12 days ago

    I’m SO excited for the baby boys and to see you become Dads 🥹🖤

  • @deenashy8404
    @deenashy8404 13 days ago

    Mom of twins here........get them on the same schedule and keep it that way. Same feeding time, same bath time, same SLEEP time. Otherwise it'll never stop and you will be exhausted. Being first time parents and having twins is TOUGH. Take help when it's offered and don't be afraid to ask for help too. Once I got my twins on the same schedule, everything else fell into place.

  • @kimshan3101
    @kimshan3101 14 days ago +70

    Ry Ry puppy is my favorite part! Watching her be so happy living her best life warms my heart! Get that pond girl!

  • @user-vc2jk6gr8p
    @user-vc2jk6gr8p 11 days ago

    I can’t wait to see how this is for them they are going to grow and give them so much happiness!! Y’all are going to be very good parents together ❣️🤪

  • @AliciaLynn2
    @AliciaLynn2 13 days ago +52

    You should wait to get their formula until after they’re born because you don’t know if one or both may have a sensitive stomach or might be allergic to specific formulas.

    • @nereidaquesada5432
      @nereidaquesada5432 11 days ago +1

      I was about to write the same thing 😅

    • @AliciaLynn2
      @AliciaLynn2 5 days ago

      @@nereidaquesada5432 I obviously realized after I commented this that he already bought it lol but it can always be returned I guess

  • @anoukluca1921
    @anoukluca1921 11 days ago

    Ryland and Shane, I know it's sad to leave but for the new baby's, I understand why you stay there for the time. it's for them and know that it's not for ever, plus a beautiful home waiting for the familie that you both are creating. Love both your video's as always

  • @barbnorton
    @barbnorton 13 days ago

    “This may be the first house that I have no bad memories in.” ~That is so beautiful and something to be cherished.👍🏽💜💕 Thank you for sharing your move and… getting ready for Christmas.🎄

  • @robervin9107
    @robervin9107 14 days ago +105

    Rylands hair has made him more angelic. Love it

    • @hannakinn
      @hannakinn 13 days ago +2

      Ryland is handsome and pretty too. It always amazes me how he looks like a hot guy then just a shave and a wig and he's beautiful.

  • @domeniquephotos
    @domeniquephotos 14 days ago +82

    Rylands going to be the best MomDad ever 🎉

  • @koverbaugh91
    @koverbaugh91 12 days ago

    Rylands going to be such a good mom ❤️

  • @Michii-Lynn
    @Michii-Lynn 9 days ago +3

    I have an almost 2 month old living here in Colorado and Im loving it for her! The seasons changing, cuddling up with her when it snows, the friendly people… it’s so wonderful. Once your twins’ newborn stage has passed, I think you’ll never want to leave Colorado again lol 😂 Anyway, you both are going to be amazing dads! I’m so excited to see your family grow!

  • @Amelialove00
    @Amelialove00 11 days ago

    I genuinely feel like they were made for each other 🥺❤️ they are the cutest couple ever

  • @ariellafranchino4989
    @ariellafranchino4989 13 days ago +1

    You guys could probably do the drive the same day they’re out of the hospital because they should sleep for 3 hour intervals. Just stop every 3 hours to feed/change them and have someone sitting in the back to watch them should be safe. They’re very sleepy the first few days and it might be easier than if u wait a week or 2.

  • @Brookerulezz
    @Brookerulezz 14 days ago +43

    I am so excited about them babies & Ryland is definitely nesting with all this decluttering and organizing. I am so excited. ❤

  • @MainlyAngels
    @MainlyAngels 13 days ago


  • @ZoeyAlexandria-fc7ci
    @ZoeyAlexandria-fc7ci 13 days ago

    You get him an experience. Go out of your comfort zone and do something he wants to do but you haven’t really wanted to. It’ll be worth it to him and he’ll appreciate that more than any gift you could buy ✨🖤 love you guys

  • @tanyataylor7469
    @tanyataylor7469 14 days ago +19

    I think we are sad to see u leave the house BECAUSE u have had such happy memories there ❤ I myself love all the videos with Rylands family (especially his grandmother - I loveee her!!)
    I hope LA brings only happy memories as well! ❤

  • @abbyhagerty
    @abbyhagerty 13 days ago

    I can’t wait for like Christmas vlogs because you guys just make Christmas time feel like Christmas for me.

  • @robyn2356
    @robyn2356 12 days ago

    Shane is such a big kid. You both will make awesome parents!

  • @pigletrainbows7824
    @pigletrainbows7824 14 days ago +321

    All I wanna say is PLEASE get a pool fence not just for the California house pool but also for the pond at the Colorado house ❤ love you both and cannot wait for this next stage in yalls life!

    • @Rylandvlogs
      @Rylandvlogs  14 days ago +229

      We will for sure before they even start crawling❤️

    • @pigletrainbows7824
      @pigletrainbows7824 14 days ago +19

      @Rylandvlogs OMG Ryland I cannot believe you replied to my comment! I hope you and Shane know I meant that with all the love in the world! 🥰 my family is intense about drowning stuff because my mom lost a cousin and I lost a cousin to drowning.

    • @nursehoney6815
      @nursehoney6815 14 days ago +28

      @@Rylandvlogs Although my pool is fenced in & completely safe, we have an alarm that we turn on & off with a light switch, if anything hits the water, the alarm goes off & it is incredibly loud lol. Our alarm is on anytime that we are not in the pool. It’s just an added plus for comfort ❤ Also, get your babies in swimming lessons as SOON as they’re old enough, the earlier, the better. Those lessons teach them how to save themselves if they fall in, another sense of security is added, it’s all worth it! Congratulations on your new babies 💙💙

    • @mermaiddiyartist8119
      @mermaiddiyartist8119 14 days ago +3

      Yep. It’s a whole thing. My Aunt almost died back in the day bc she drowned in her parent’s pool

  • @emmapotts1082
    @emmapotts1082 13 days ago

    All I can say is schedules and repetition!!! 🎉 you guys will do amazing. The newborn faze flies by ❤

  • @BugandBuns
    @BugandBuns 14 days ago +1

    Im pregnant with my first and due Dec 24th, im so excited to see your journey into parenthood and not feel so alone in it 🥲

  • @roseynicole8665
    @roseynicole8665 13 days ago

    My recommendation is lots of petroleum jelly. That was a life saver with my littles, especially when you have boys. Applying it a lot can help prevent booty rashes and keep their skin nice and protected in general. Also just good to have around in general for cradle cap or dry skin. 🥰 Good luck guys! You’re gonna do amazing!

  • @ashleygonzales3756
    @ashleygonzales3756 14 days ago +9

    You guys save my day, I was totally slacking, not wanting to get on the treadmill. Then, turn on RUclips and ..... BAMMM... my favorite people right there. Thanks for being here to to pick my spirits up and get me on track. Love u both ❤❤❤

  • @SmooshieGamingAL
    @SmooshieGamingAL 13 days ago

    Absolutely love the vlogs. Been watching Shane for 10 years, so amazing how you guys are going to be dads!!

  • @FruityLiana
    @FruityLiana 12 days ago

    It’s so exciting seeing you guys get everything ready for the babies 💖😍 Sooo excited for you! 💖

  • @parkjkookie1831
    @parkjkookie1831 14 days ago +19

    Been patiently waiting the arrival of the boys. No need to show them to the world unless you decide to. Dont let ppl pressure you into doing so. 😊wishing you all a safe and healthy delivery next month or before you never know 😊

  • @Ingrid.Taylor
    @Ingrid.Taylor 13 days ago

    Omg my cheeks hurt from how much Im smiling. So excited for you both!!

  • @labaranski
    @labaranski 13 days ago +26

    Vicki is truly the kindest woman in the world.❤️ I just love her!

  • @MoonBeamLight
    @MoonBeamLight 13 days ago

    Please make sure to put a small gate around the pond in Colorado for when the boys are toddlers and preschoolers. (And the pool in Cali). Teaching them to swim as babies would also be super helpful! Although I love your guy’s life in Colorado, my heart will always love Cali too. I moved here ten years ago from the east coast and absolutely love it. I love both places for you guys for different reasons. Your hair looks so good Ryland!

  • @saraheiben5911
    @saraheiben5911 13 days ago +1

    New drinking game: take a shot every time Ryland says “Mamas,” “girlies,” “gorgeous,” or makes that weird inhale pig-squeal sound (you know the one)

  • @tortugasal
    @tortugasal 13 days ago

    Ryland, you are so sweet and loving with your animals. I really feel like you will be a good Dad.

  • @TessMac
    @TessMac 14 days ago +12

    Try to plan one more quiet weekend with just you two together. Because you may not truly get another opportunity to do so for many years! You’ll have other AMAZING memories & moments. But just take a little time to cherish your love for one another. 🥰🥰

  • @sonya420.
    @sonya420. 13 days ago

    Omg I’m so excited for the babies, like a proud auntie or something lol
    But I’m just so excited for you both and watching you guys shop for the babies is so cute 🤗 I know you guys are gonna be great parents🫶🏽

  • @jamiewimett5999
    @jamiewimett5999 9 days ago

    I'm so excited for y'all to become parents! I know when my husband and I had our son it completely changed our lives. But I truly feel like y'all complement each other and will be equal parts fun and strict parents and it's going to be amazing to see!!!

  • @Meganhaskinss
    @Meganhaskinss 13 days ago +1

    Here’s my biggest piece of advice… MYLICON gas drops absolutely SAVED my life with my first two.
    Gripe water didn’t work for either of mine personally, ever kiddo is different though. Plus you can use mylicon when they’re fresh out of the womb. Have it on hand, it’s the best!

  • @melinabobina1503
    @melinabobina1503 13 days ago +1

    Take a shot every time Ryland says “mamas” 😂

  • @ksliceenterprises9258
    @ksliceenterprises9258 14 days ago +6

    Thank you for starting early Vlogmas! I look forward to getting in the Christmas spirit with you guys every year and I know you’ll prob not be able to go fully into December with the twins coming. So this early start is very much appreciated! We put up our decorations last night so I got very excited when your video dropped 😊

  • @amberdean374
    @amberdean374 13 days ago

    You both are going to be wonderful parents!!!! I’m so happy and excited for you!!!! ❤❤

  • @nekopii
    @nekopii 13 days ago +1

    It's making me emotional to see Ryland and Shane buying baby stuff 😢😢

  • @sarafina7067
    @sarafina7067 13 days ago

    so happy for you guys! what an exciting new chapter !!! xo

  • @mariashimajiri2182
    @mariashimajiri2182 13 days ago

    I'm so excited for you two! You will be the best parents ever ❤ Good luck on your parenthood journey 🎉

  • @juliestorie955
    @juliestorie955 14 days ago +26

    So excited for the boys! Don't buy too much of one formula One or both of the boys might be sensitive and need a certain kind. Also I suggest having a couple preemie sized outfits seeing as they're twins and most likely will be early. My son was born at 35 weeks and was in preemie clothes for the first month of his life he was 5 lb at birth. Can't wait for y'all to be Daddy's!

  • @melsmith4527
    @melsmith4527 11 days ago

    Ry you are such a beautiful soul, can’t wait for you both to experience parenthood, its so hard but the absolute best!!!

  • @joranks52
    @joranks52 13 days ago

    Aww Shane when he said it's the best 2years of his life and no bad memories and I can't wait to see your baby's I'm so excited for you both I love you both love Jo from the UK ❤️💋

  • @RinasAMaker
    @RinasAMaker 13 days ago

    The only thing I have to say about the California vs. Colorado thing is I understand because it does give you the opportunity to not “grab and run” with them from the surrogate, especially if she’s willing to pump for them. I think I remember you saying it’ll be an open relationship with her. The one concern I have is it can be very hard to change their home and routine at that age. I’m beyond excited to see you as Dads. I think Jet & Max are going to have such great lives full of so much love. Don’t forget they’ll have millions of internet Aunties with loads of advice. I’m excited for them to be here! ❤

  • @TdScar
    @TdScar 13 days ago

    I’m so happy to know you guys plan be to back in Colorado for the holidays next year because that house just seems like the one you know 💕 and you guys just seem so much happier and relaxed

  • @fanpiresam482
    @fanpiresam482 14 days ago

    I'm so excited for you guys and so happy you have your family there for support, it takes a village.

  • @parismcivor
    @parismcivor 14 days ago +20

    So excited for you and Shane! The holidays will be even more magical once your boys are here ❤

  • @chlswilliscroft
    @chlswilliscroft 14 days ago

    My son will turn 2 in January and i cannot believe how fast it went. The first 6 months were a blur of like the same days everyday. Once he stayed crawling and playing it finally felt real, like wow I'm a parent now. And now he's got an attitude and copies everything i say. Have fun!

  • @heyyhazy
    @heyyhazy 13 days ago

    so happy for you both!! can't believe that time is just about here!!! :)

  • @BrehSniper
    @BrehSniper 14 days ago +1

    When Ryland was drying Riley off with the Christmas music, it really was giving lifetime Christmas movie

  • @7sh7er7
    @7sh7er7 13 days ago

    You guys make life livable. Just saying. Really needed this today, thank you.

  • @Ace-bb1bm
    @Ace-bb1bm 13 days ago

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  • @shannonh1928
    @shannonh1928 14 days ago +17

    Can I just say it truly warms my heart everytime they travel for a long time that they take the pets with them. Truly shows what amazing and kind humans they are ❤

    • @Charlie_835
      @Charlie_835 13 days ago +1

      I was in disbelief to see that they could just take them on the plane with them ??! Is this normal??

  • @peytonfitzgerald8833
    @peytonfitzgerald8833 13 days ago

    Best thing about a stroller is you’ll always have a cart 🤪 y’all might would use a wonderfold wagon a lot when the boys are toddlers ❤
    Also my babies loveeeed Bobbie. Give it time for their little tummies to adjust, gas drops are life

  • @raisingrose8982
    @raisingrose8982 13 days ago

    Im so excited for you two to become dads! Word of advice from a mom who used formula, don't buy too much. More than likely youll need to switch them to new formula a few times before you find one that agrees with their tummies. Best of luck!

    @HEADEDWESTWARD 13 days ago +2

    I hope Ryland understands that Shane is going to be a typical man when the babies come, and is going to be useless and do absolutely NOTHING, and will also expect to be taken care of like a child as well, like he already does. Ryland is definitely going to have to be the mom, and not only keep up the house, like he already does, take care of all of the animals, like he already does, but on top of that take care of 2 babies at the same time, because Shane is a f****** child. I hate when I see dads do hardly anything, and they don't appreciate the mom's hard work, and if they are left with the babies by themselves, they can't even handle it.

  • @jadesaddler2727
    @jadesaddler2727 14 days ago

    I’m so excited for y’all! Being a parent is sooo rewarding but it goes by so fast! Take so many pictures and videos even if you don’t post them. You will be thankful you did when they get older! 🫶🏽

  • @emmalouise3988
    @emmalouise3988 9 days ago

    I hope everything works out for you as parents. It's a huge step! No going back! I can't get pregnant myself and I'm in my 30s but I'm praying everything will ve everything you've dreamt of and more

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    @olivia.77 14 days ago +17

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  • @KillTheCupcakes
    @KillTheCupcakes 13 days ago +1

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  • @Heather_Andrew
    @Heather_Andrew 13 days ago +1

    A thought, you could get a mid-sized still potted/rooted local pine and plant it this year as a celebration of the Boys' first Christmas... you could even continue doing that each year as a tradition for their birthdays.

  • @miralyn808
    @miralyn808 12 days ago

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    @Josie_Dolly98 12 days ago

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  • @iEatcandy.
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    🎅These 🌲Christmas VLogs🎋 I wait every year for & never disappoint !!!!!!
    Shane is rocking his cool jacket, funny as always. Ryland giving his Chill go with the flow VIBES. The most wonderful time of the year, Christmas &👶Baby🍼 shopping, what could be better!!!!!!

  • @skarlitbegoniahz
    @skarlitbegoniahz 10 days ago +3

    It’s heartwarming to see how well you care for your animals. They’re so at ease and trusting of you.

  • @sauceymom
    @sauceymom 13 days ago +1

    I seriously wanna cry, you’re gonna be amazing parents! I’m so beyond excited for you, you and Shane only know what’s best for you! Who cares what others think, whatever’s healthiest and happiest for you to get thru the nb stage, 3, 6, 12 months etc you’re gonna be so great and do so great! Everything’s gonna be magical, exhausting, overwhelming, but most of all fulfilling! Thinking of you all 🥰❤❤

  • @AdriHearts88
    @AdriHearts88 14 days ago

    I think it’s only because LA energy is very off. And we saw how hard it was on Shane, so I just think it was nice to see the place where Shane became whole again. Also, family is near by, I think Colorado as a whole has been a blessing. But either way, as long as you are happy. 😊💕

  • @kimmie7379
    @kimmie7379 13 days ago

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  • @mariap5496
    @mariap5496 13 days ago +1

    The fact that you both are taking thai step to give a better good for your babies says alot on how amazing daddies you guys will be. Not alot of people prioritize infant life but you guys are so over the top on precaution, and safety. I love you both and cannot imagine the day you guys will cuddle up on your big teddy couch all snuggled up. Enjoy the freedom right now ans hug your pets like no tomorrow because it will get chaotic. 😅

  • @xxanabananaxx
    @xxanabananaxx 13 days ago

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  • @katieperryman7502
    @katieperryman7502 13 days ago +8

    I can’t wait to see you both be parents. I can’t help but to think shane will be great at the late nights and ryland will be wonderful at early mornings ❤ perfect balance