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Joji Sets His Face on Fire While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Sep 20, 2017
  • Joji. Pink Guy. Filthy Frank. This week's guest is an artist of many names and many mediums. But one thing you can always count on him for are sick memes and an avant-garde sensibility about the glories and pitfalls of this strange place we call "the Internet." So what better place to unpackage it all than a black room inhabited only by a bald man and some dangerously hot chicken wings? Welcome to Hot Ones with Joji, people.
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    Season 4
    Episode 10
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Comments • 46 811

  • devilman.
    devilman. Year ago +12903

    Joji is literally the definition of the class clown when he gets home.

    • Michal Babor
      Michal Babor 22 days ago

      He is definition je of a legend

    • Sadflix
      Sadflix Month ago

      @LPSchaf like others have said, the whole point of filthy frank was to be that class clown, stop thinking everything's totally grown up and deep and nothing you like can be compared to childish things even when the entire point of it is to be childish

    • Lore
      Lore 5 months ago +1

      @LPSchaf fr, he a genius

    • LordKaedehara
      LordKaedehara 7 months ago +1

      @LPSchaf Oh yes, the difference of the two words.

    • devilman.
      devilman. 9 months ago +3

      @Perfect Male that was me too brother. Thankfully I figured soon that was bs and I should stop, much better off now 🥴

    FBIBLOCKEDMEMES Year ago +8635

    "I eat the memes"
    "I shit the memes"
    "Without the memes I will die"
    True art at its finest

    • Anton Chigurh
      Anton Chigurh 2 days ago

      Why has God abandoned us

    • Crummy Club
      Crummy Club 25 days ago


    • Binnacle
      Binnacle Month ago

      I skipped to exactly that part after reading

    • T. Miyc
      T. Miyc 2 months ago

      I just listened to Pink Season today and my head is in a dark place at the moment... but in a good way

    • Mutia Dwi Maharani
      Mutia Dwi Maharani 2 months ago

      yet Tap on a clip to paste it in the text box.Tap on a clip to paste it in the text box.

  • Blusher
    Blusher Year ago +2876

    Joji: *oh fuck this shit is killing me*
    still Joji: but im hugry tho

    • m6cky
      m6cky 14 days ago

      @ZinxTheSlayer what video

    • Blusher
      Blusher 2 months ago

      @ZinxTheSlayer FRR!!!!!!!!

    • ZinxTheSlayer
      ZinxTheSlayer 2 months ago +2

      He'll eat a rat if he's hungry
      Literally we've seen him do it

    • Rahmat Hidayah
      Rahmat Hidayah 3 months ago

      Eyy bous

    • TrashcanJOE
      TrashcanJOE 8 months ago +8

      He’s definitely eaten worse dishes and DEFINITELY lost his appetite for those dishes

  • TheCatFan21
    TheCatFan21 Year ago +3955

    *Watching Joji die*
    Sean, casually sipping his water: "I've been there."

    • TheCatFan21
      TheCatFan21 4 months ago

      @TheShadowChild [Idiot] ah, a regular Jekyll and Hyde situation.

    • TheShadowChild [Idiot]
      TheShadowChild [Idiot] 4 months ago +1

      thats not joji dying, its frank trying to take over

      LABZSTS 6 months ago

      @Cosmo lol yeah that's why I included it. Maybe he said he loved us

    • Cosmo
      Cosmo 6 months ago

      @LABZSTS ohh man np ! It couldn't be n-word cuz as a filthy Frank he has already said it too many times lolol

      LABZSTS 6 months ago

      @Cosmo Well he said it's the first time he's said it, so we can rule out most slurs (including the n-word). I literally couldn't think of what it could be

  • RedLemons
    RedLemons 2 years ago +34158

    Normal people: He's normal now
    Franku fans: He's weird now

    • SK1DZZZ
      SK1DZZZ 19 days ago

      He is weird now

    • Ireth Barajas
      Ireth Barajas Month ago


    • Toad IsBad
      Toad IsBad Month ago

      @Native Engine .

    • Leon88
      Leon88 3 months ago +1

      i mean as a filthy frank fan, i support whatever the guy wants to do. ill laugh at his filthy frank vids and vibe to his joji music. but the thing that's pretending to be him now... nah.

    • Black Ice
      Black Ice 4 months ago


  • neko
    neko 3 months ago +515

    I hope joji now feels the pain I went through when he released glimpse of us

    • WellGoodMorninMax
      WellGoodMorninMax 24 days ago +4

      You can hate all day but man that is one of the best pop ballads of all time

    • Ray Ray
      Ray Ray 3 months ago +13

      bruh i literally can’t not cry when i listen to that song but like joji in this video, i keep going for more and listen to it over and over. i love it so much but hate that i do.

    • Tim
      Tim 3 months ago +7

      it seems like he did...

  • Seby Sebastian
    Seby Sebastian 10 months ago +165

    Joji, don't be sad that you didn't make the change quicker... man, you were and you are a damn legend and a fucking crazy dude who made a lot of people frustrates that you dare to exist more then a day and for the others, you were more then the light of the sun shining on our sinfull souls
    Man, take care of you, be happy and for all the filthy frank and pink guy fans... we wait and crave for your comeback to doing filthy shit and pink seasons.
    All in all glad you are happy with your life ❤

    • Hellraiser
      Hellraiser 2 months ago +1

      @bamnr tell em he's delusional

    • bamnr
      bamnr 2 months ago +2

      he's never coming back

  • linkfain1
    linkfain1 2 months ago +40

    I can whole heartedly respect the fact that he continued to trudge through all the pain and only say "I'm so hungry tho." What a beast.

  • MD GeeZ
    MD GeeZ 8 months ago +214

    Funny how he puts on a pair of glasses, parts his hair, puts on a button-up shirt and convincingly ages 20 years

  • Camilo Rodriguez
    Camilo Rodriguez 2 years ago +11409

    Joji seems like the guy who would make tortillas with dead rats

  • Aurelio El Keep
    Aurelio El Keep Year ago +76

    He's not just a meme lord he's a former youtube king

  • Squicx
    Squicx 9 months ago +54

    Joji legit took the word “meme” and redefined it. I don’t think we’d have the type of memes now if it wasn’t for Joji’s contribution

    REMUS 6 months ago +34

    Its feels good to see him as the person who he really is i feel like i know him much more now

  • J Ro
    J Ro 11 months ago +378

    Joji: **clearly in immense pain** What is this, whole milk? Whole milks the best.

  • Ariel Guetta
    Ariel Guetta 2 years ago +54657

    This is the same guy who taught me how to say the n word in Japanese when I was seven

  • Krabs :3
    Krabs :3 Year ago +551

    5:28 And that's the smile we've been missing XD

  • WellGoodMorninMax
    WellGoodMorninMax Month ago +2

    This guy deserves to be famous. He’s one of the most down to Earth people on YT and he’s so talented

  • Erika Dee
    Erika Dee Year ago +489

    “ my taste levels are pretty white”
    He says looking into the eyes of a white man that eats extremely hot sauce every week.

    • smellslikerain
      smellslikerain 3 months ago +1

      He says looking into the eyes of a white man that eats wings with extremely hot sauce, every week.

    • ZeroByte
      ZeroByte 6 months ago +7

      As a white guy who finished a plate of 50 Star hot (on a 1-5 scale) Thai food, I must represent my people.

    • xSaorix
      xSaorix 6 months ago


  • j
    j 7 months ago +56

    My classmate in high school and his friend would always quote frank and just giggling when it gets too lewd. The last day he attended class he was still joking about filthy frank's videos. He's been gone for 5 years now because of autoimmune complications. God bless his soul and thanks frank/joji for always making him laugh when he was still here

    • Bingle
      Bingle 26 days ago

      Nothing I could comment could make a difference, but I wish you the best. He sounds like he was a good guy.

  • Amcern Gaming
    Amcern Gaming Year ago +16645

    This is literally the only interview on the entire internet where Joji actually freely mentions and talks about Filthy Frank and Pink Guy

  • Jhokvir
    Jhokvir Month ago +2

    Great episode, loved to hear from Joji. also the moment at 16:31 had me rolling on the floor laughing, Sean is so casual it gets me everytime

  • Diogenes
    Diogenes Year ago +1862

    "We bullied a guy in an elevator and that set another guy in the elevator off
    It escalated to an intense level"
    I wonder if that pun was intended

    • Possibly
      Possibly Month ago

      I only hear classical music

    • Kimmey Royal
      Kimmey Royal 3 months ago

      @SpaghettiToast me lol the black in me resists the urge to be curious every time😂

    • SpaghettiToast
      SpaghettiToast 7 months ago +4

      Is it just me or does anyone else go into an elevator and see a basement button for a building and think, where does this lead? Like i cant be the only one who is like "oh shit theres a basement? what do they keep down there?"

    • Cameron
      Cameron Year ago +1


    • r/Whooosh if gay
      r/Whooosh if gay Year ago +20

      The most intense is the basement

  • Mark Denzel
    Mark Denzel Year ago +208

    I bet there's still chicken hearts under his fridge

    • Bingle
      Bingle 26 days ago

      I bet they've gone rotten and created a fungi ecosystem down there

  • Ohcheesy
    Ohcheesy 8 months ago +12

    Mans created the harlem shake, dissapears and becomes a massive youtube star. Then he dissapears again and becomes a massive alternative r&b artist. I dont think people realize how amazing this man is.

  • REPORTER IJN Aoba Chan
    REPORTER IJN Aoba Chan 2 years ago +23021

    It’s weird hearing his normal voice and not sounding like a 30 pack heavy smoker.

  • SethLuvsYou
    SethLuvsYou Year ago +64

    joji: in pain because of the heat. also joji: "is this whole milk?"

  • E Dub
    E Dub Year ago +18

    I saw an episode where u went to Japan with Joji & he showed u his favorite snacks + Ramen noodles etc & gave input on the culture. I would love to see more of these if possible. I think thats ur next move Sean, Around the world with Sean. When this Covid disaster clears up of course👏

  • Jorell Dye
    Jorell Dye 9 months ago +15

    His meme presence on RUclips is so drastically different from his romantic, soul-searching music. What a strange fellow.

  • CinnaPurin
    CinnaPurin Year ago +11

    Yay Joji you made it through! What a fighter.
    Also 5:00 damn I’m sorry, I kinda know how much it sucks and I wanna break all 10 fingers of the guy who did this to you.

  • atomic_guy35
    atomic_guy35 3 years ago +16624

    Joji seems like the guy who would wear a pink suit in public

  • Average Phonk enjoyer
    Average Phonk enjoyer 2 months ago +5

    i have deep respect towards joji ,when i was young and school didnt went well i watched his videos and i had to laugh ,now hes into music and he is doing a good job.great interview also .

  • carrotcake2904
    carrotcake2904 Year ago +6

    he seems like such a down to earth guy

  • waffle
    waffle 3 months ago +1

    what a guy. hes honestly inspiring

  • Scoundrel SFB
    Scoundrel SFB 10 months ago +20

    I know this guy... He was the first one who greeted me when I entered the Rice Fields. A bit brash, but overall a great dude.

  • BoogalooShrimp
    BoogalooShrimp 5 years ago +1898

    I like when Joji reaches for the milk so does Sean, cause he a good host and wont make the guests feel bad.

    • CHP Stannis
      CHP Stannis 3 years ago

      I noticed that right off and was looking for this comment.

    • SabakuJoseph
      SabakuJoseph 3 years ago +5

      recently discovered this channel and am surprised how much of a good host/person he seems to be

    • Danny Hipolito
      Danny Hipolito 3 years ago +10

      No shame in getting milk. No shame in that

    • Anime profile picture
      Anime profile picture 3 years ago +1

      Lmao that happened in the video right as I read your comment.

    • Jonathan Kim
      Jonathan Kim 5 years ago +24

      Or maybe he was waiting for Joji to reach for the milk first so that he himself doesn't look like a wimp

  • Christian Olson
    Christian Olson 5 months ago +7

    He was such a funny, one-of-a-kind creative that we have to just appreciate what he provided for us. I’m thankful Filthy Frank happened even though I was a bit bitter when he stopped making videos, as many of us were. He’s really a great musical talent, as well. I think some of the most bitter Filthy Frank fans would admit that. He’s an awesome guy and I envy his immense talent and his effortless ability to be generally cool and funny.

  • Christian King
    Christian King 8 months ago +9

    I need to see this interview done again now that his music has taken off even more so. Nectar is so damn good.

  • Chase N
    Chase N Year ago +150

    This man taught me how to talk to japanese girls the RIGHT way.
    "Ecchi shiyou" has won me so many japanese girls, and i will forever be in debt.

    • TrashcanJOE
      TrashcanJOE 8 months ago +5

      @It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan. i don’t know how many god damn times I laughed at him saying “my neighbor saw me with a sign that says I eat ass”
      I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so hard or so much at anything else ever

    • It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan.
      It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan. Year ago +9

      Remember to follow up with the good ol' "Ketsu wo taberu".

    • Cosmo
      Cosmo Year ago +1

      What does it mean ??? Ecchi shiyou??

    • Bry
      Bry Year ago +6

      Yeah, and the Kancho

  • Magnolia Route Productions

    I really hope he is doing well now in life. Always a cool guy

  • Stan Kira
    Stan Kira 2 years ago +23593

    This man is probably the only youtuber whos music career did not fail
    edit: and ksi

    • Desert Rain Frog
      Desert Rain Frog 5 months ago

      I've never heard anyone mention KSI or Joji's music. Ever. Fellas aren't exactly on the radio.

    • SauceNado
      SauceNado 9 months ago

      Jj olabuni olamunji

    • le4che henry
      le4che henry 10 months ago

      Charlie puth

    • Impunity to dream
      Impunity to dream 11 months ago

      Justin Bieber

    • AutomHatter
      AutomHatter 11 months ago

      Didn't The Weeknd get his start on RUclips as well?

  • Squanchy
    Squanchy Year ago +12

    I love that he sips at the same time as Joji, as well his "is that whole milk, wholemilk's the best" killed me!

  • sexy muscular man
    sexy muscular man 5 months ago +6

    im so happy he knows how good he was at what he did

  • Andres does youtube
    Andres does youtube 2 months ago +1

    I miss him being funny but he made a choice and I respect his choice that why I find him a really good contact creator/music artist

  • Jeje
    Jeje 7 months ago +18

    "I just didn't know if people would embrace the serious stuff, I wish I had the self-confidence to switch earlier"
    thanks for the words Joji

  • dee nuts !!
    dee nuts !! 2 years ago +22145

    Joji: “My taste levels are pretty white”
    Also Joji: *has eaten cake with hair,vomit cake,raw sewage squid,and other gross stuff*

    • Fillet_Fish
      Fillet_Fish 3 months ago

      He also ate chocolate from someone’s mouth

    • Roland
      Roland 3 months ago

      hes a W

    • Slinky White
      Slinky White 4 months ago

      @worm thats kinda racist...

    • SP
      SP 5 months ago

      Common British food

  • Polandball (dead channel)
    Polandball (dead channel) 8 months ago +1

    I just want to say, congrats to Joji for reaching Hot Ones

  • Audrey Oddity
    Audrey Oddity 3 months ago +1

    he's 4 real, i respect him. so lyrically poetic. what's not to love?

    HERO SPEEDY 6 months ago +5

    homie makes great music and has a good sense of humor. love him.

  • Christopher Sobel
    Christopher Sobel Year ago +1

    I love all of it. What an inspiration that guy is

  • Atticus Stark
    Atticus Stark 4 years ago +2290

    Can we appreciate how this interviewer asks a question, listens to Joji's answers and stories, and just lets him talk? He doesn't fake Fallon-laugh over everything he says or do the O'Brien interrupt. Legend

    • Kyle
      Kyle 2 months ago

      Sean will go down in history as the worlds best interviewer. An absolute gem.

    • waah
      waah 4 months ago

      @Spokesman its just a niche and one with a lot of comedic potential. Nobodies watching this because of how good Shawn is at eating hot sauce and at no point is he bringing attention to it. What a weird and sad take lol

    • switchtopus
      switchtopus 4 years ago +1

      Bryce Cloniger and how he will drink milk along with joji to make him feel better

    • Kyle Leung
      Kyle Leung 4 years ago +1

      Last half about the Fallon and O'Brien is so damn true. Especially Jimmy Fucking Fallon, makes me sick with that awkward trigger by his own joke laugh.

    • ckc-rinse
      ckc-rinse 4 years ago

      i love them both. mainly george

  • Tiffany Fahey
    Tiffany Fahey Year ago +4

    I think filthy frank and Joji both deserve there own episodes lmao

  • Shubham kaushik
    Shubham kaushik 2 months ago +1

    Man just crying and doing interview with so ease. Claps to him👏🏻

  • fortressonahill
    fortressonahill 10 months ago +4

    The internet needs him more than ever. But he deserves better.

  • The Alcoholic Apologist
    The Alcoholic Apologist 2 months ago +5

    I sit back, I sit back and I desperately await the return of filthy Frank one day, one day he will be back I know this in my heart

  • milanobios
    milanobios 5 years ago +2268

    I like how joji looks like a normal person without the pink guy suit

  • ChampionKai
    ChampionKai Year ago +93

    This is the same guy who spent several hours bullying a dude in a wheelchair before stealing said wheelchair and taking it for a joy ride

  • IceAndFireBoy
    IceAndFireBoy Month ago +1

    I have experienced the spiciness of some chillies that are in this, but none of them were as spicy as his content once was.

  • LPSchaf
    LPSchaf 11 months ago

    This man is a treasure to the world.

  • Tristen Daniels
    Tristen Daniels Year ago +10

    Legit takes these wings like a champ. At least when compared to a lot of other guests

  • Marl Kalone
    Marl Kalone Year ago +9079

    He's half Australian, grew up in Japan, but speaks with an American accent. 😂

    • William Cheng
      William Cheng Year ago

      He's Soviet lol

    • Christian Vlone
      Christian Vlone Year ago

      Mr. Blue Sky

    • Eyy Dude
      Eyy Dude Year ago

      @All Colors Are Entombed In Black Look up his wikipedia. You're wrong.

    • All Colors Are Entombed In Black
      All Colors Are Entombed In Black Year ago

      Canadian, not aussie

    • Eyy Dude
      Eyy Dude Year ago

      @Marcyy ? That doesn't:t make sense. Half Australian, grew up in Australia, and speaks in an Australian accent. How is that the opposite?

  • bdan
    bdan Month ago

    Such a chill dude. I wonder what he had to go through to create pink guy as an outlet. There’s gotta be some sort of story about trauma, coping, recovery, and finding himself.

  • Consumed by deceit
    Consumed by deceit Year ago +26

    This was an awesome interview
    I only knew about this guy cause of his “NYYYEEEEESSSSS” video lmao
    But he’s well spoken insightful and his serious music is actually well composed

  • thesaiyanape _21
    thesaiyanape _21 20 days ago

    After being able to see him I perform live here in Houston Wednesday night and rewatching a bunch of his videos makes me really want to meet him in person

  • Zippert
    Zippert 3 months ago +7

    i feel like this should be re-made joji has gone really far in his music career and it would make a much better video

  • Thebionicbasher
    Thebionicbasher 2 years ago +6980

    Joji: "I have never tested how far I can go"
    Filthy Frank: "That's a goddamn lie"

    • EonServo XA
      EonServo XA 2 years ago

      Thebionicbasher I know, I was saying that you can’t compare spice to something that’s gross and not spicy.

    • Thebionicbasher
      Thebionicbasher 2 years ago

      @EonServo XA I mean, I'd rather kilograms worth of spice than hair or bodily items imo.

    • EonServo XA
      EonServo XA 2 years ago +1

      I mean, hair cake isn’t spicy

    • Bing Soy
      Bing Soy 2 years ago +2

      if you listen to his music you'd understand this.... Filthy frank: Yeah right Yeah right.

  • Hope
    Hope 7 months ago +8

    I literally only knew him from the song slow dancing in the dark I had no idea about all these avant- grade aspects of him, so cool and inspiring!!!

  • ChimiBomba
    ChimiBomba 9 months ago +5

    This is the best episode of this show in my opinion. It really stands to me and my cousin.

  • - Spicy_avocados
    - Spicy_avocados 7 months ago +1

    I love how hes so honest in this

  • Kenny De La Cruz
    Kenny De La Cruz 7 months ago

    2022, and his music is banger, I love this guy, need to do a newer video, and yes we embrace him how he is!!!

  • y2kooter
    y2kooter 3 years ago +18794

    Filthy Frank: *sounds like he smokes 600 packs of cigarettes each days*
    Joji: *sounds like a sweetie pie*

    • TrevorKn
      TrevorKn 2 years ago +1

      For a guy that once was purposely a douche in public he ended up being a really chill guy

    • TheNutYT
      TheNutYT 2 years ago

      @no, this is patrick Patrick?

    • Niklas Vilhelm
      Niklas Vilhelm 2 years ago

      16.000th like

    • Sweet Pumpkin pie
      Sweet Pumpkin pie 3 years ago +1

      Kiowanation no he doesn’t sound HE IS 🤣

    • PigMafia
      PigMafia 3 years ago +1

      @Casandra Aguiniga I am happy for george. He's folliwing his passion and doing what he's always wanted to do.

  • FM
    FM 10 months ago +3

    Joji is a genius. thats all, carry on.

  • Abishek Official
    Abishek Official 29 days ago

    i love how his voice gets higher and higher after going through every hot sause

  • CursedRed
    CursedRed Year ago +1

    It’s so weird to hear Joji aka Filthy Frank with a normal voice instead of his iconic voice that you always hear in his videos. Also RIP Franku you’ll be missed.

    WOLF KING GAMING 9 months ago

    Joji seems like the type of person to shit in someone's cereal and say "i'm not sorry", shake the person's hand while they are in a state of shock from what they just witnessed, then MJ moonslide out of the house and I respect him for it....

  • Alex McCorkle
    Alex McCorkle 2 years ago +1503

    I feel like Joji made that big switch at a perfect time. If he were to keep making Filthy Frank vids now, the algorithm would have deleted every one of his new videos. He’s a very talented man and for him to make such a major switch and do it as well as he did confirms that he is and always will be a legend

    • WHIPTY
      WHIPTY Year ago +1

      @onism So true. It's like once an era we get the perfect dude to do that style of humor lol I love the evolution each time too, someone is always raising the bar and pushing the envelope to keep it fresh and new for each generation. like you said, the jokes and humor just stop landing after awhile. We should just do a Ted Talk together on this subject 🤣

    • WHIPTY
      WHIPTY Year ago

      @onism agreed 100%, it would be like if Tom Green tried to bring it back. These are lightning in a bottle characters that can easily overstay their welcome, it's great to see most of these characters pull out at the right time. I think we can expect the same from Eric Andre soon.

    • Mixedbag 456
      Mixedbag 456 2 years ago +22

      It would take a goddang miracle for youtube to find a way to redeem themselves after everything they've done.

    • Jelani Lambert
      Jelani Lambert 2 years ago +25

      i will never forgive youtube EVER

  • Carlos Leigh
    Carlos Leigh 2 months ago

    I hope they do this again to see how much he's changed over 5 years

  • Zaytoon
    Zaytoon 9 months ago +6

    This person has a really beautiful face and I like his expressions.

  • Dingus Beans
    Dingus Beans Month ago

    We need this man back on music

    DARK FLAME MASTER Year ago +4

    The last question hits him hard,but we loved you and support you even if you let pink guy retired.

  • xeon
    xeon 2 years ago +6035

    Frank: let me out
    Joji: ok just a little

    • Me when The
      Me when The 2 years ago

      Almost did at 10:45

    • rumi
      rumi 2 years ago


    • Frost Borner
      Frost Borner 2 years ago +1

      Nice detail you picked😃😃

    • Skeep
      Skeep 2 years ago +2

      Zero two❤❤❤

  • Rice Cooker
    Rice Cooker 5 months ago

    Honestly what a dude, it’s amazing.

  • Aleburma
    Aleburma 8 months ago +2

    Sometimes i forget he was a meme star, he has really good songs. I looooove his music.

  • Xavier Washington
    Xavier Washington 8 months ago +1

    Ur not dead, but ur never forgotten, a true icon. 5th and 6th grade me binged tf out of your videos

  • Ryan Kirk
    Ryan Kirk Year ago

    How can you not love this dude

  • Miguel
    Miguel 2 years ago +6923

    Can't believe K-pop fans tried to cancel him for trying to change his past

    • derpy dumptruck
      derpy dumptruck 10 months ago

      So dumb, he being filthy frank should have made them want to do a collab even more 🥴

    • filthy frank.5
      filthy frank.5 10 months ago

      @Miguel I dont

    • filthy frank.5
      filthy frank.5 10 months ago

      Tf his past was perfectly fine

  • Secret_Package 666 📦

    When they are eating the hot wings makes me hungry 😋

  • thisisfine
    thisisfine 11 months ago +18

    18:25 it meant george was in a depressing pit of shitting out memes. And moving on from that had been too difficult to do because there was a real possibility that his fanbase will go batshit crazy and stress him out more.
    He's being polite.
    See that 20:30

  • winter
    winter 11 months ago +1

    this is definitely one of the best hot ones episodes of all time

  • Nintendope
    Nintendope 2 months ago +1

    It's so odd, he's so different, he just looks like he's living a better life

  • JimmyExists
    JimmyExists 5 years ago +10582

    he sounds so much nicer than you would expect him to

    • Noble Cyborg-Savage
      Noble Cyborg-Savage 2 years ago

      Well he's playing a character

    • Michael Gifford
      Michael Gifford 3 years ago +4

      Joji is just a character he plays

    • Sean Haney
      Sean Haney 3 years ago +14

      @Andrew He's fantastic at switching into/staying in character.

    • sixela keller
      sixela keller 3 years ago

      JimmyExists you mean his voice or his attitude?

  • sisyfu
    sisyfu Month ago

    would love to see him back for a second round

  • dedpxl
    dedpxl 3 months ago +1

    20:00 lol look at Sean, the heat is getting him too. Face red, eyes watering.
    It always amuses me how they have to hide his reactions in these videos. You'll notice the camera barely shows him when they eat and you never see him reaction or even hear him respond to how hot it is.

    MMIII 2 months ago +5

    When Joji ate the wings with Da'Bomb hot sauce he became frank for a second 🤣

  •  Channel
    Channel Year ago +1

    2017: This guy looks like he'd go around in a pink suit screaming at people
    2021: This guy looks like he'd be a pretty good musician

  • J. T.
    J. T. 5 years ago +3417

    Poor Joji😂 He was really trying his hardest to get through each wing. I'm also so glad he got interviewed because I genuinely want to know more about Joji as a person apart from Filthy Frank.

    • J. T.
      J. T. 5 years ago

      Tiago Lageira he was sweatin real hard😂

    • Tiago Lageira
      Tiago Lageira 5 years ago +2

      Jenny T dat sweat though

    • Anna
      Anna 5 years ago +1

      Jenny T I

    • Davy Smith
      Davy Smith 5 years ago +1

      Jenny T; you are one of the few people apart from myself who wants to know more about "The Man Behind The Meme" AKA Filthy Frank.

    • Esko Carl
      Esko Carl 5 years ago +1

      He's a cool dude. His outfit pisses me off with the chains and beanie 😂 but nah he's a fucking legend

  • gunkankyuu
    gunkankyuu 3 months ago +1


  • NomNom
    NomNom Year ago +107

    Joji: eats wing and has a stroke
    Sean: no emotion
    Joji: Ey BoSs, I HABE CANCER BOSs

    • amphitrite
      amphitrite 10 months ago +1

      @Obamium idc tbh I'm not from the ones that beg him to come back I just thought it'd be fun to do if I was him and I don't mean necessarily publicly

    • NomNom
      NomNom Year ago +2

      @amphitrite leegend

    • amphitrite
      amphitrite Year ago +4

      if I was him i'd be sarcastically dropping lore lines all day tbh

  • kibster
    kibster 9 months ago +32

    joji: talking about sexual harassment in his country. Editor: lets put in some goofy ass music

  • Asain Man
    Asain Man 5 months ago +4

    I think the reason why joji wouldn't do another one of these is either he's just done with it or the hot sauce almost peaked a stress nerve since the man can get seizures due to stress.

  • Best Reddit Stories
    Best Reddit Stories 2 years ago +5963

    It just goes to show you that the “normal” kid sitting next to you in class could really be hiding a completely batshit crazy alter-ego deep down

      AESHANEA 2 years ago

      Cause of you i had to Macbeth in our English class

    • Blockless Cheese
      Blockless Cheese 2 years ago

      Dont expose me

    • NFS&P Barrister
      NFS&P Barrister 2 years ago

      'You'll have to be a little crazy, to live in this crazy world"- "crazy" -Seal.

    • Random Human
      Random Human 2 years ago

      @13Kr4zYAzN13 Same! In 6th grade I was silent and proper, and when a girl picked me as a science project partner and after a while she came up to me and said "you know, I picked you because I thought you were normal" and I was like guuuurl

    • JcMimetheShine
      JcMimetheShine 2 years ago

      Yea Joji is a crazy Ego