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Notorious Member Of 'San Quentin 6' Killed In New Folsom Prison Riot

  • Published on Aug 12, 2015
  • An inmate involved in a bloody 1971 San Quentin escape attempt that left six dead was killed during a riot at New Folsom prison. Betty Yu reports. (8/12/15)

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  • Terry 13
    Terry 13 3 years ago +136

    Doesn’t seem like many people care what happened to him. Guess what neither do I !!

    • Big Lazy
      Big Lazy 2 months ago

      I feel the same way with people like TRUMP 😂

    • Pangur Ban
      Pangur Ban Year ago

      Yup; me too.

    • nivek yentrouc
      nivek yentrouc Year ago

      His family was devastated... Now they can sue the state and the loser will be worth a million dollars to them.

  • freedoms2010
    freedoms2010 5 years ago +137

    Why do i have the feeling the TV reporter wanted me to cry over this. It made my day actually.

    • freedoms2010
      freedoms2010 7 months ago +2

      @Nathan Masso - Yep... that pretty knock me out and i still trying to recover, but, everybody is pulling his own weight so thanks for the kind word.

    • Nathan Masso
      Nathan Masso 7 months ago

      @freedoms2010 Sorry Mate

    • freedoms2010
      freedoms2010 9 months ago +2

      @Comment Beast - Well, my 24 yo son died last year if you really want to know...

    • Comment Beast
      Comment Beast 9 months ago +1

      And how has life been for you these past 4 years?

  • Widowsson abif
    Widowsson abif 6 years ago +28

    So sad to hear of his death and departure from prison. Poetic justice!

  • Widowsson abif
    Widowsson abif 6 years ago +2

    So sad to hear of his death and departure from prison. Poetic justice!

  • Bryan
    Bryan 4 years ago +7

    great work to the staff at Sam Quentin and inmates involved the world thanks you

  • Frank Reynolds
    Frank Reynolds 3 years ago +170

    The only reason he didn't have violence for the last 30 years because he was by himself

    • columbusohio72
      columbusohio72 Year ago

      In a snitch unit. You cant be alone in san quentin

    • G G
      G G Year ago

      Yup. Exactly

    • Frank Rodney
      Frank Rodney Year ago


    • Dan Kirchner
      Dan Kirchner Year ago +1

      @Otto Matic exactly -im an old man now but 30 years ago -look out lol

    • Jose Mendez
      Jose Mendez Year ago +2

      Have you seen the video
      Prison Stories - Getting Jumped Over Jelly Beans
      It’s hilarious and crazy! 🔪

  • Scott McLaughlin
    Scott McLaughlin 5 years ago +25

    Sounds like real justice caught up with him.

  • CynicalJester
    CynicalJester 5 years ago +79

    Was in solitary the past 45 years...
    Of course he wasn't involved in any violent acts.

  • What The
    What The 6 years ago +486

    So 40 years in a cage 24/7, then a 2 week taste of the outdoors then got killed, karma'd hard

    • Drew Bus
      Drew Bus 5 months ago +1

      @Mateo Calderon SERIO!

    • kefkahkefkah
      kefkahkefkah 5 months ago

      @Rolando Mota lol he was old school bgm wtf u talking about

    • Fat Security Guard👮🏽
      Fat Security Guard👮🏽 2 years ago

      Is a cali thing stupid

    • AKAndrea
      AKAndrea 2 years ago +1

      pullupseattle He was high ranked BGF also. He’s a part of a group that War with the Aryans at times.

    • Mateo Calderon
      Mateo Calderon 2 years ago +10

      He was killed by the aryan brotherhood for a hit he did 30 to 40 years ago and for disrespecting them on the tier in the shu for the past 30 years. So as soon as they were all let out the shu onto the mainline they went after him. Naturally.

  • Nick O'Halloran
    Nick O'Halloran 4 years ago +306

    “His family was devistated” 😂😂 bruh he was serving a life sentence and was a rapist murderer

    • jwzero
      jwzero 6 months ago

      @MERCY His black brothers knew he was falsely accused punk MF

    • jwzero
      jwzero 6 months ago

      @MERCY falsely accused

    • jwzero
      jwzero 6 months ago

      @Geronimo Majin Bro he wasn't one stupid

    • dirtyballs32
      dirtyballs32 7 months ago

      @jwzero bullshit

    • jwzero
      jwzero 7 months ago


  • Roger Nunez
    Roger Nunez 4 years ago +30

    "his family is devastated" said the cons Attorney, I imagine the families of the 3 guards were devastated also.

    • MsRotorwings
      MsRotorwings 5 months ago

      “Devastated”? He had no family left. He was alone, long forgotten. His attorney is full of BS.

    • The Don Italianesque
      The Don Italianesque 2 years ago

      Probably tiny hat wearing

  • Stewart Lee
    Stewart Lee 5 years ago +112

    so sad - that a good, honest, hard working tooth brush had to be sacrificed and end up buried in a sack of shit. RIP brushie

  • Steven McCutcheon
    Steven McCutcheon Year ago +19

    I love feel good videos like this!

  • Silenciobob
    Silenciobob 4 years ago +33

    RIP. He seemed like a stand up guy. I’m sure he will be missed lol

  • Irish2u
    Irish2u 6 years ago +70

    This guy made "Many" enemies while in prison and in 4A, You know many wolf tickets were sold and came the day to collect, I don't care who you are and how tough you think you are you can be had and he won't be missed by many...and prison life goes on.

    • Nikia Clifton
      Nikia Clifton 3 years ago +1

      @the bob it means barking or talking like you are a big mean dog, trying to sale people on the idea that you are tough until someone calls your bluff.

    • ComplexBlackness
      ComplexBlackness 3 years ago +2

      @Bryon Stephens You don't know history of you think he was a cell Warrior. If he was a Cell Warrior, why did the AB try time and time again to kill him?
      Why did the COs try to set him up for decades?
      He was one of the San Quentin Six, do some research on that. That's one of the reasons why he was killed.
      You can't be a cell soldier/warrior when you have COs, a well known prison gang, etc trying to for decades to kill you.
      The AB and COs hated him so much they tried and conspired for over 40+yrs to get him. That should tell you something about the work he put in on them.
      Then they needed the help of the Southern Mexicans and COs just to get him.

    • the bob
      the bob 3 years ago +2

      what does wolf ticket mean? Im an aussie and don't know anything about yanky jail slang

    • Steven Jones
      Steven Jones 4 years ago +1

      Irish2u ur damn right! I get exactly what ur saying. Nd to be blatantly honest only ppl who will get what u ment, r ppl who've done time!

    • Paul R
      Paul R 4 years ago

      Irish2u 9

    RAMMSTONE 6 years ago +641

    All sex offenders should be targeted. He got justice.

    • kefkahkefkah
      kefkahkefkah 4 months ago

      @Street Knowledge he was killed as favour cause he was bgf

    • Solo Habib
      Solo Habib Year ago

      @Nasty Akiva the Game Crasher Here goes the atheist white boy

    • old sensei
      old sensei Year ago

      @T K W of course he would never tell you where he is my friend

    • old sensei
      old sensei Year ago

      @Harsh Truth is that right ...you poor baby..you never got laid...no one likes you.awww

    • old sensei
      old sensei Year ago

      @Nasty Akiva the Game Crasher your a weak loudmouth....thats not our problem

  • Famlive winnerscircle
    Famlive winnerscircle 5 years ago +5

    that type of Past never goes unnoticed it will catch up to you whenever the time is right. Hope he got right with GOD

  • Amanda Fraser
    Amanda Fraser Year ago

    Don’t have to protect inmates they deserve to be where they are smh

  • Jimmy Barnum
    Jimmy Barnum 5 years ago

    you can't run from your past you will pay in the end. everybody pays for the wrongs you do

  • W T
    W T 2 years ago

    If this man felt his life was in Jeopardy all he had to do is tell the staff to put him in protected custody. It was him that chose not to do this and he paid with his life. This attorney is an ambulance chaser that is only out for his pocket book.

  • strange0eye
    strange0eye 5 years ago +1

    Live by the sword die by the sword. You reap what you sew.

  • Ground Pounders Place
    Ground Pounders Place 4 years ago

    Maximum security is not really secure when there is a general population where inmates can interact.

  • C Rabbit
    C Rabbit 5 years ago +1

    Gone and forgotten.

  • Mralmn Thwyfemnin
    Mralmn Thwyfemnin 5 months ago +1

    "Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword."

  • El Gringo
    El Gringo 6 years ago +34

    he was one of the founders of the Black Guerilla Family. The surenos (southern Hispanics) and the Aryan brotherhood (whites) knew they would score major points within their organizations if they killed him. I was told by someone who was at this particular jail at the time of the stabbing that Hugo was killed within minutes of being on the mainline.

    • Drew Bus
      Drew Bus 5 months ago

      @Antonio O So why would he go MAINLINE?

    • DeeJay18
      DeeJay18 5 months ago

      he was killed becuase he on racist shit while in the shoe.

    • Warrior of Yeshua
      Warrior of Yeshua 7 months ago

      @Antonio O your brother is an idiot! Plain and simple!

    • Fab Val
      Fab Val 3 years ago

      @Antonio O what was the reason ?

    • tijgerprintje57
      tijgerprintje57 4 years ago

      @Antonio O what did your brother do to get in prison?

  • Thomas Norman
    Thomas Norman 6 years ago +8

    I escorted him to a attorney visit in 1974 at San Quentin...must have been his time to go being released into the exercise yard with other inmates

    LUKAS 4 years ago +8

    Slashed the throat of a prison guard and taxpayers are supposed to pick up the bill for keeping him alive.
    What a joke for a justice system. At least another inmate served him some justice.

  • xNHx
    xNHx 4 years ago +4

    The reporter forgot to mention his original reason for being there (rape) an automatic death sentence in any prison.

  • Nate Garis
    Nate Garis Year ago

    Justice was finally served!

  • nahmanini sithole
    nahmanini sithole 3 years ago +7

    "And his family is devastated over this."

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller 5 years ago

    I wouldn't go out of my way to protect him either no fault to his not guilty family but if he killed multi members of my family I wouldn't lift a finger to help him and a police force is a family remember he still has a family someone's mom or perhaps son still miss him

  • Boss of the World
    Boss of the World 2 years ago

    Justice is served,,,,, Shame on the FAMILY,,SHAME SHAME SHAME.

  • J S
    J S Year ago

    I think that if an inmate can get life for killing another inmate, then the gaurds/staff that transfer a pc inmate to general population should be held accountable for murder as well. They know what they're doing.

  • The pages of Killa Klown

    I’ve been through the California prison system and I garuntee his death had nothing to do with his fame and everything to do with his sex crime

  • brotherskeepers111
    brotherskeepers111 4 years ago

    Justice served

  • 42 Straight Years In
    42 Straight Years In 3 years ago +1

    He should have requested an out of state transfer. Might would've prolonged his life.

  • Shaun Perez
    Shaun Perez 4 years ago

    aww poor guy

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 4 years ago

    You live by the sword, you die by the sword....

  • Celestino Cantera
    Celestino Cantera 4 years ago


  • SmarterThanYouThink
    SmarterThanYouThink 3 years ago +57

    They Set His Ass Up!💯✔

  • Strategic Intelligence Analysis

    If you can not extend right and wrong to the convicted you have no right to convict.

  • dress2impress1000
    dress2impress1000 2 years ago

    They waited almost 45 years for him to get out of solitary confinement , damm! They wanted him gone!

  • ambulldog111
    ambulldog111 4 years ago

    He got sent to yard after 40 years in solitary because couple of the fellas in the bay, took the state to Federal Court claiming that ,indeterminate SHU, ( solitary confinement indefinitely in a security housing unit) is cruel and unusual punishment .... which it most definitely is.. try doing 40 years without any type of human contact..WELL...the State lost..... and they have been doing SHU kick outs ever since

  • yuowatcher
    yuowatcher 6 years ago +17

    killed several people and was not executed? what kind of justice is that. he keeps killing, alas, killing not those who objected execution of bastards.

  • demaan 33
    demaan 33 Year ago +17

    "They shanked him" lol it sounds funny coming from a legit news reporter

  • brownredxx
    brownredxx 5 years ago +46

    Protect him, why?

  • Gambetas #1
    Gambetas #1 4 years ago

    Justice was made, but why took too long???

    CALI LOVE 6 years ago +238

    Lmfao he was clean for 30 years no shit not much things you can do in solitary

    • Bosco Da Pro
      Bosco Da Pro Year ago

      @Robert M what part was a threat🤦 sounds lik ur remedial. Try not 2 eat crayons

    • Bosco Da Pro
      Bosco Da Pro Year ago

      @Robert M u gonna stop me.. Exactly

    • kranky kritter
      kranky kritter Year ago

      @I Hate Fags those Minecraft prisons are the worst . Those 3 minutes must of seemed like an eternity . I'm glad that you survived.

    • I Hate Fags
      I Hate Fags 2 years ago +3

      I was locked in a minecraft prison for three minutes and fifty two seconds.

    • Bosco Da Pro
      Bosco Da Pro 2 years ago

      LOL iv neva been on the west coast n I know that BS... Down here in Florida cats n guards get wet up from the food port flap... Sooo I know Cali wit all they racial structure wettin shit up.... Plus fool was a rappo so he stripes 2 an up n coming Young buck

  • tcr333
    tcr333 3 years ago +1

    How likely the guards may have encouraged this with un spoken assurances that whoever killed wouldn't have drugs seized in a cell search? Slashing a guard throat in jail would surely make you a lifelong target for revenge by every guard in the jail?

  • Safeway Admin
    Safeway Admin 5 years ago +3

    excellent job done


    Live by the gun, Die by the sword

  • Gary Jordan
    Gary Jordan 3 years ago

    Beef Ain't Never Squashed, But Sometimes It Do Die Down 🤐

  • Mr. Shivers
    Mr. Shivers 3 years ago +1

    I can actually understand from their standpoint not feeling downgrading him to gen pop could've been a reward for good behavior. How long can you punish someone in the same fashion and not consider it torture

  • Yes No
    Yes No 5 years ago

    justice served 30+ years late

  • sly cat
    sly cat 5 years ago

    his family is devastated.....ahhhh that's a shame...

  • Tulare County Oscar Cop Watch

    The guards thru him to the Lions👁️

  • Barmitsva
    Barmitsva Year ago

    Mi tío, rest in piece mi gran

  • Armand Rodriguez
    Armand Rodriguez 6 years ago +588

    45 years too late.

    • Blake Morrison
      Blake Morrison Year ago +2

      He spent those 45 years in solitary thats worse than if he just died

    • Jack Hasselhoff
      Jack Hasselhoff 4 years ago

      super honest investigator he was killed for being a rapist 30s time in solitary wont change that old age wont afford u clemency he got his issue

    • nunyer beeznaz
      nunyer beeznaz 5 years ago +8

      why do we store our social errors ??? Recycle and compost.

    • Michael Reyes
      Michael Reyes 5 years ago

      Jason H. hahaha

    • Jason H.
      Jason H. 5 years ago +34

      That's what you get when Steve Harvey is your attorney...

  • Mele Ofahengaue
    Mele Ofahengaue 4 years ago +1

    That looked like B yard in front of canteen window. Man im glad i made it out of there. Level fours are no joke people, stapings are the norm in level four prisons. yards. Kids stay in school. Graduate and get a job dont do nothing too stupid or youll be stuck in a 10×6 cell everyday you wake up. If your lucky maybe they'll let you out for 4hours.

  • Joe Leon
    Joe Leon 4 years ago

    o my gosh . im here 😢 so sad! lmfao sike. wgaf?

  • Nav1 PI
    Nav1 PI 2 years ago +1

    Poor Hugo, after 45 years in solitary confinement, he does on a dusty yard. But he lived a full life.

  • Sean Manwill
    Sean Manwill Year ago +1

    Rest in Pieces!👍👏👏👏

  • Michael Baldwin
    Michael Baldwin Year ago

    45 years late the guards set him up👍

  • Dr. Manhattan
    Dr. Manhattan 5 years ago

    "A lot of people focus on the 1971 incident"... Hmm I wonder why. They really should just shrug off rape. What the hell is wrong with this man defending a rapist.

  • The Native Shoshone
    The Native Shoshone 4 years ago

    he died the way he lived.

  • waaazup D
    waaazup D 5 years ago

    live by the sword, die by the sword

  • Jack Reacher
    Jack Reacher Year ago

    The guards were probably laughing at a murderer getting killed,it's called justice.

  • TooSick2Di3
    TooSick2Di3 2 years ago +1

    He killed 4 prison guards and was still alive after? No death sentence? I would imagine it would’ve been kill on sight when captured.

  • lemon fish
    lemon fish 5 years ago

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  • Baldi Locks
    Baldi Locks 5 years ago +50

    I love a happy ending

    • J M
      J M Year ago

      @rodnie struiken
      So everything he did inside the walls and outside the public should be forgotten? Nah. This is karma.

    • Baldi Locks
      Baldi Locks Year ago

      @rodnie struiken ❄️

    • rodnie struiken
      rodnie struiken Year ago +1

      You know. As I'm reading all the comments and see how people react to the fact that a man was murdered in jail and it's celebrated shows how disgusting you all are. No empathy that a human live was taken away. No understanding that a murder was committed in a jail. The place were something like this should never happend and you celebrate?? No wonder things are more dangerous in jail than on the streets! Good luck all of you.

    • Cynthia Russo
      Cynthia Russo Year ago +2


  • Alicia Canales
    Alicia Canales 3 years ago

    That was a set up from the corrections officer for pay back for what he did to there fellow officers

  • Demented One
    Demented One 5 years ago +1

    i feel cheated, no video of the event :(

  • Tom johnson
    Tom johnson 4 years ago

    So much for maximum security.

  • Jon Williams
    Jon Williams 4 years ago

    No history of violence ? Good attorney believes in his client until the end.

  • Kane Pyrovifo
    Kane Pyrovifo 5 years ago

    made my day

  • The Skys The Limit
    The Skys The Limit 4 years ago +2

    Amazing that f#@&%#g oxygen thief lived that long.

  • Enlightenment For Europe

    Protect? Since when did a killer of law enforcement need any protection? He got what he deserved....

  • Harry Jones
    Harry Jones 3 years ago

    Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.

  • Robert Duran
    Robert Duran 2 years ago

    Have you guys ever heard when your number's up that's right no relaxing in prison everybody pays the price take that to the bank the death penalty inmates rule not Gavin Newsom

  • Wil Robles
    Wil Robles 3 years ago +1

    He should have stayed in solitary confinement.

  • OneStepBeyond
    OneStepBeyond 3 years ago

    Good ! One less burden on the hard working taxpayers

  • Neckcutter
    Neckcutter 2 years ago

    He was turning his life around geez the timing just awful

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 7 months ago

    Those guards were probably corrupted and disrespected him so people who aren’t in prison wouldn’t know.

  • Jose Dominguez
    Jose Dominguez 5 years ago

    The family is devastated what a joke he got what was coming

  • Cameron Angel
    Cameron Angel 4 years ago

    Not hard to kill an old man r.i.p. Yogi

  • Anon Anon
    Anon Anon 5 years ago

    That's not Betty Yu reporting. That is Elizabeth Cook from CBS

  • Shelly Mancilla
    Shelly Mancilla 4 years ago

    Eye for an eye....Karma got to him. He got what he deserved!!

  • jorge ramirez
    jorge ramirez 5 years ago +2

    sooner or later,but we all gotta go some day,some way.

  • J-Dogg Wong
    J-Dogg Wong Year ago +1

    Dude was like 100 years old

  • Jason
    Jason 5 years ago

    Hope it really hurt.

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood 2 years ago +172

    "Another con shanked him" lmao

  • don't tread
    don't tread 4 years ago +1

    /guards are happy & let let happened for killing 1 of them.everything happens for a reason . he did not get released in gen pop by accident,trus & believe that. gr8 job on tha shanking 🔪 👍...

  • 40 Life
    40 Life 2 years ago

    It's the CODE. Plolice got their CODE. The STREEt/PRISON got theirs. That's why police officers fight tooth and nail to stay out of prison and being prosecuted for their bad deeds. The minute they enter those gates. That blue code flies out the window. You live in a different world now. So Don't be a corrupt cop and hold those who are corrupt accountable

  • Hisheem King
    Hisheem King 2 years ago

    Live by it die by it....shut it up he knew the rules

  • Lloyd Tapia
    Lloyd Tapia Year ago +4

    All you needed was the violen music in the back ground when his lawyer was talking.

    WHO DAT NATION 4 years ago

    No escape from gods punishment!!!!

  • Rikk Kazz
    Rikk Kazz Year ago

    His family is devastated? Maybe they should have raised and supported him in a normal way. Thugs like that lost the rails at some point. The family needs to be accountable for failing him. No excuses. Repeat violent thugs are not good people. Fitting justice here, or so it seems. Bu-bye Felicia.

  • kalel 311
    kalel 311 3 years ago

    There is no such thing as safety in a prison

  • tsfcancerman
    tsfcancerman 5 years ago

    what about a cell with its own shower/toilet/telephone/little air slot/room that way no prisoner can ever get to another prisoner, when do prison builders learn this.

  • Legion
    Legion 2 years ago +1

    The system got tired of protecting him