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Tom Brady on football journey, life after the rings, lessons, being a dad & self growth | The Pivot

  • Published on May 13, 2024
  • Big Big Day!! As the guys said, the end of our MixTape Era now the album drops....To kick off our new partnership with Fanatics, hosts Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor, and Channing Crowder sit down with none other than the 7x Super Bowl champion and NFL icon, Tom Brady. While the world has seen glimpses of Tom's personality, most recently on Netflix's "Greatest Roast of All Time", The Pivot Podcast dives deep into who Tom really is off the football field and beyond the headlines and storylines.
    Reflecting on last week and his takeaways from doing the roast with former New England teammates and coaches, Kevin Hart and other celebrity comedians, Tom is learning to let go of the control he used to have as Quarterback and learning to live in the grey area of life, learning but improving on the decisions he makes each day. Having some regrets by not looking at the full picture of the roast, he is focused on being the best parent he can to his 3 kids always. Fanatics and The Pivot gift TB with a special memorabilia from the 1981 NFC Championship that brings him back to the innocence of his childhood when his reality was just a dream but a dream ignited by passion for football and love for competition leading him to be one of the greatest to ever step on the field.
    After commanding the field for 22 years, Tom became a master of the sport, but our conversation reveals how he continues to evolve as a man, friend, and father away from the game. He discusses the importance of personal growth and reflects on the lessons learned throughout his illustrious career with a strong focus on the quality time with his kids and being there for them in anyway possible.
    Opening up about the profound influence his parents had on him, instilling his drive and motivation to succeed from a young age. From his humble beginnings to his meteoric rise in the NFL, Tom shares the difference makers in his life that kept him focused and determined throughout his career.
    To celebrate Fanatics Sportsbook going live in its 20th state, starting from 14th May for 20 days, they are offering over $5m in customer bonuses as well as a number of extra special surprises along the way. Simply download the app to get involved. This episode is brought to you by Fanatics along with Cymbiotika, the #1 leading Wellness Brand creating the best, high-quality supplements without any artificial fillers or toxins. Get 20% off the supplements taking the industry by storm using code Pivot20.
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Comments • 1.9K

  • @CantEditDaTruth
    @CantEditDaTruth 12 days ago +2338

    them boys got tommy

  • @spydaman3331
    @spydaman3331 12 days ago +1570

    After that roast Tom needs to be around some wholesome positivity 😂

  • @lifeisgood5698
    @lifeisgood5698 8 days ago +60

    Tom Brady isn't gonna do these interviews with everyone. Pivot is top 3 podcast. Period!

  • @iamlonia
    @iamlonia 12 days ago +562

    He was ready to talk and needed some brotherhood. This is the first time I’ve heard him engaged, excited and open. Like it’s not the burden of another interview. I wish it was longer

    • @missrd395
      @missrd395 11 days ago +15

      Yeahh it felt a little short, but yeah exciting episode!

    • @joebaca5894
      @joebaca5894 11 days ago +9

      You are such a smart and wise woman. I agree 100%.

    • @jamhotchicken
      @jamhotchicken 10 days ago +8

      try and seek some more out hes done alot of awesome interviews and content over the last 3-4 years honestly

    • @bbd1920
      @bbd1920 10 days ago +7

      I started out saying, "Let me listen to 5 minutes." An hour later, I am sad it's over! I love Brady, but I could listen to these guys interview a rock. Best sports podcast by a lot...

    • @iamlonia
      @iamlonia 10 days ago +1

      @@bbd1920 same here ! I ❤️this podcast… the world needs more positive content

  • @LetMeMuse
    @LetMeMuse 12 days ago +829

    As a day 1 watcher. I’m so proud

    • @peaceistheanswer275
      @peaceistheanswer275 12 days ago +9

      Tom doing all these shows like the Roast and the Pivot because he’s trying to keep his name in the atmosphere. Since Pat won another championship a few months ago, Tom knows Pat will probably become the GOAT when it’s all said and done. So Tom is pulling an MJ like when MJ put out the Last Dance to try and stay at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to the GOAT conversation

    • @Ahtaht227
      @Ahtaht227 12 days ago +2


    • @Ahtaht227
      @Ahtaht227 12 days ago +19

      @@peaceistheanswer275what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

    • @jannjackson8461
      @jannjackson8461 12 days ago +3

      Me too!

    • @pimpsoda1
      @pimpsoda1 12 days ago +4

      And there's a special appreciation of how this all came to be.

  • @ericawalker5712
    @ericawalker5712 12 days ago +619

    They got Tom!!!!!! know this is about to be legendary so proud of where the Pivot continues to go 🔥

    • @robertkoyier2609
      @robertkoyier2609 12 days ago +4

      They all football players

    • @peaceistheanswer275
      @peaceistheanswer275 12 days ago +2

      Tom doing all these shows like the Roast and the Pivot because he’s trying to keep his name in the atmosphere. Since Pat won another championship a few months ago, Tom knows Pat will probably become the GOAT when it’s all said and done. So Tom is pulling an MJ like when MJ put out the Last Dance to try and stay at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to the GOAT conversation

    • @mykv9912
      @mykv9912 11 days ago +1

      ​@@peaceistheanswer275delusional lol stop reaching

    • @marktimmons478
      @marktimmons478 11 days ago +1

      @@mykv9912 🤣🤣 Facts! I read that comment above and like man someone is smoking that good stuff! Until Mahomes can have a come back like Brady did against the Falcons in the Super bowl he'll never pass Brady for me anyways. That Super Bowl cemented who the real GOAT was. Mahomes is great but I think he'll end up being #2 behind Brady.

    • @spmn3170
      @spmn3170 11 days ago

      The fact the pivot got Tom before Jules speaks volume to how far the Pivot has grown. Edelman been asking for Brady...even joked about it to Payton. I need Shannon Sharpe to do this next with Tom so it can be 3 hrs.

  • @bauerpower83
    @bauerpower83 8 days ago +20

    Tom so smart. The whole country hated him because he beat everyones team. So he does a roast lets everyone bash him so people are done going at him now he can just focus on being a broadcaster without being booed everywhere. Genius

    • @hurricanestarang
      @hurricanestarang 4 days ago

      His humility is by far the most impressive part about him. I'm just a regular dude working 7-3:30, watching sports everyday after work, and I feel like I could just watch a game and talk sports with him. Probably the most personable superstar (other than Gretzky) in any sport, all time.

  • @ChiseledAdonis
    @ChiseledAdonis 12 days ago +233

    The biggest takeaway has to be what Tom had to say regarding his parents specifically his father. Oftentimes parents discourage their children because they can't wrap their mind around achieving that level of success when more often than not the child just wants that encouragement and approval of their parent.
    If we all think back to our own individual childhood when we look at the times our parents didn't support us even if we were to have failed, having their support would have meant more than victory itself.

    • @scratchpenny
      @scratchpenny 10 days ago +3

      Right on.

    • @JPoct21
      @JPoct21 10 days ago +1

      What’s good chiseled!

    • @yllkahadri7351
      @yllkahadri7351 9 days ago +1


    • @hurricanestarang
      @hurricanestarang 5 days ago

      Growing up I would always look forward to those drives back home after football practice. My dad would drill me with all the things he saw me doing, the whole time he never realized he was my greatest coach.

    • @kylecornwell4196
      @kylecornwell4196 4 days ago +1

      This the boy love your your RUclips page It’s awesome. I just found a random comment from you as a Steelers fan it’s hard to like Tom Brady, but I respect him

  • @miamihurricane36
    @miamihurricane36 12 days ago +673

    Wtf Tom Brady,
    Pivot podcast salute 🫡

  • @mr.cookie7308
    @mr.cookie7308 12 days ago +203

    One of the rare interviews Tom has done. That just goes to show you the class and caliber of this awesome show.

    • @scratchpenny
      @scratchpenny 10 days ago +3

      I think he respects other sports guys the most. I've noticed that with him over the years.

    • @hugh-jasole
      @hugh-jasole 10 days ago +3

      His Howard Stern interview from 2020 was amazing too

    • @TJ-ml4oy
      @TJ-ml4oy 10 days ago +2

      I heard that he doesn't do interviews because he is self-conscious because he farts too much

    • @Abarlow724
      @Abarlow724 9 days ago +1

      The show honestly sucks, their guests make the show. Too much race baiting

    • @jopar4869
      @jopar4869 9 days ago

      Julian is mad as hell, Belichick goes on McAfee, Tom goes on here 😂

  • @juliusa4583
    @juliusa4583 8 days ago +12

    Tom still wanna play. He is a real one.

  • @GoonLagoon8
    @GoonLagoon8 11 days ago +76

    Tom Brady with his mindset Talkin football on Sundays will be Epic✊🏽

  • @christopherkritikos8085
    @christopherkritikos8085 12 days ago +384

    Freddy T is just impressing me with candour every time and his interview skills are just becoming consistently brilliant. Keep up the good work.

    • @cliffwidener7700
      @cliffwidener7700 12 days ago +8

      That water-fast gave him that healthy autophagy glow

    • @pooh4025
      @pooh4025 12 days ago +28

      I don't care what he does I like him in general he is just a humble human.

    • @restEZmo
      @restEZmo 11 days ago +7

      Fred is Dope🤙🏾

    • @skinkskankskunk2864
      @skinkskankskunk2864 11 days ago +1

      And Miles Jack wasn't down!

    • @1yungez
      @1yungez 10 days ago +3

      He came a longgggg way

  • @rkang99
    @rkang99 12 days ago +452

    Julian punching the air right now 😂😂

    • @jonmolina948
      @jonmolina948 12 days ago +29

      He can get Belichick. They can throw shade at TB.

    • @dnell32516
      @dnell32516 12 days ago +5


    • @uzi978
      @uzi978 12 days ago +34

      He'll get Tom... someday. Games With Names actually beat out The Heights for the #1 sports pod last week, maybe that will get Tommy on there.

    • @jonmolina948
      @jonmolina948 12 days ago +12

      @@uzi978 Maybe they’ll get Gronk too. The most subliminally gay trio in NFL history.

    • @Ahtaht227
      @Ahtaht227 12 days ago +2

      Lmao 😂

  • @user-fw6vv6nd4q
    @user-fw6vv6nd4q 11 days ago +63

    Love you guys. I am 80 year old mother, grandmother and great grandmother and I have been watching you guys from the beginning. My all-time favorite interview is with Mike Tomlin, but you guys knocked this one out of the park. I was always on the fence about Tom Brady, but I’m off the fence now this show gives you the opportunity to know a person. Again Love you guys.

  • @escobargreene4484
    @escobargreene4484 11 days ago +109

    As a die hard dolphins fan and season ticket holder for 29 years. I couldn’t stand TB12 but after this interview as a football fan it was an honor to be have the opportunity to see him play at all those home games in Miami and witness greatness. Im even more admirable of the person.

    • @diegomagellan
      @diegomagellan 10 days ago +6

      Your dolphins always gave him a challenge and didn't roll over like the bills or jets.

    • @bklynzcoco
      @bklynzcoco 10 days ago +7

      Everyone nfl team that Brady hasn’t played for feels this way

    • @user-ih2tm1xp3k
      @user-ih2tm1xp3k 10 days ago +2

      The pivot podcast is really good

    • @pedrogates3189
      @pedrogates3189 9 days ago +1

      I feel the same way as a jets fan dude really is the goat

    • @Paul-wu7xd
      @Paul-wu7xd 9 days ago +1


  • @uzi978
    @uzi978 12 days ago +101

    Love how Brady signed Channing's football "Congrats on getting lucky" 🤣🤣

  • @datsapaddlin
    @datsapaddlin 12 days ago +302

    Tom getting his full blown media personality running

    • @JordanJMyers
      @JordanJMyers 12 days ago +30

      It's his preseason before he's in the booth lol

    • @datsapaddlin
      @datsapaddlin 12 days ago +2

      @@JordanJMyers I know

    • @justincoates8596
      @justincoates8596 11 days ago +3

      I feel that

    • @LuckyStrike94_
      @LuckyStrike94_ 11 days ago +1

      Right lol I fuck with it

    • @EAFSQ9
      @EAFSQ9 11 days ago

      I mean, when the NFL is working through a minority ownership deal between Brady and the Las Vegas Raiders, of course the media personality is going to be full bore
      guy needs to make $$$$

  • @Mattieb_23
    @Mattieb_23 10 days ago +7

    I’m a die hard falcons fan.. TB broke our hearts.. but you got to respect this man…. He is a legend ..💯👌

  • @dionsimeon9959
    @dionsimeon9959 7 days ago +6

    I can't believe this doesn't have 40 million views.

  • @billyortiz1046
    @billyortiz1046 12 days ago +159

    Respect to the Pivot for landing this!

  • @sergioforty5
    @sergioforty5 12 days ago +114

    What Fred Taylor said at the end to Tom was dope!!!

  • @Drop9071
    @Drop9071 6 days ago +4

    This may be one of the best interviews I've ever seen when it comes to a post career athlete. What a great moment in time.

  • @MaineOffGrid.
    @MaineOffGrid. 8 days ago +11

    The GOAT. There’s probably only one (living) person who I have never met before but love dearly for giving me so many years of great memories of watching football, and it’s TB12.
    Football will never be the same for me again without him on the field.

  • @miketootall5286
    @miketootall5286 12 days ago +107

    Bro I never knew TB12 was this cool the NFL used to paint him as this villain but Tom is literally just one of the guys. I have a new found appreciation for him. Respect to the Pivot 💪🏾

    • @boston1976
      @boston1976 12 days ago +8

      I didn't realize he was seen as a villian😂 I've been a TB12 ride or die for 23 yrs. When he retired, I lost interest in the NFL 😂

    • @darrenbootay3340
      @darrenbootay3340 11 days ago +2

      Villian to everyone else who isn’t a patriots fans he’s our hero

    • @Manny-nm8dh
      @Manny-nm8dh 11 days ago +2

      Some players know how to turn it off. Football is what he did and not who he is.

    • @taggangmember
      @taggangmember 10 days ago +1

      Bill was the reason they were hated lol

  • @davisdantione
    @davisdantione 12 days ago +181

    this will be a classic for sure

  • @tatro222
    @tatro222 12 days ago +38

    freddy is such a good character, he asks super deep questions and questions that hit much harder then just surface level ones. Starting your questions off with asking tom about his mental health is a true show of how good of a dude that guy is

  • @ChinsLein
    @ChinsLein 10 days ago +31

    It's incredible how intently everyone listens when Tom speaks. Tom has a great deal of insight.

  • @simheadacademy2569
    @simheadacademy2569 12 days ago +324

    I used to hate Tom Brady… only because he played for the Patriots who always were winning! Now that he is retired I actually miss the guy. I have so much memories and nostalgia with this cat on Madden games and IRL watching games on Sunday and all the SBs.

    • @Far7rom
      @Far7rom 12 days ago +23

      Same here. Eventually I just said fk it and started betting on him to win.. I got a nice 💰 from his bucs run. Dude really is the goat.

    • @MeBihhhh
      @MeBihhhh 12 days ago +3

      @@Far7romthe bucs run where he had 4HOFers to throw to? 😂
      He’s great but if that’s what did it for you then you probably don’t know ball

    • @user-ql8kk6fh5k
      @user-ql8kk6fh5k 12 days ago +2

      Yeah I hear you. As soon as he left the Pat’s and I got to see who he really was I was like that is my guy!!!! 👍🏾 God Bless my brother. 👍🏾

    • @coreejacobs4780
      @coreejacobs4780 12 days ago +7

      Lol, that’s how I felt about Kobe 😢

    • @Far7rom
      @Far7rom 12 days ago +2

      ​​@@MeBihhhh​​@MeBihhhh @MeBihhhh listen bro. I live in tampa..... I moved here a year after we won with gruden. We didn't win a thing again until brady got here. And when he left , baker Mayfield Inherited that exact team and didn't win a gdm thing..

  • @ChrisB7102
    @ChrisB7102 10 days ago +19

    The Pivot has actually and honestly changed my life. I love these dudes.

  • @1VetsVision
    @1VetsVision 11 days ago +8

    When Brady stepped into the arena, y'all knew! 🐐

  • @GodWillMusic
    @GodWillMusic 11 days ago +17

    “Them ninjas got Tom Brady on dat biiii” 😂 that’s exactly what I just said to myself!! Man it’s up!! Definitely happy for Freddy T!! Super humble and never got the recognition he deserved. Look how being humble pays off!! Great job fellas

  • @Zachboulden
    @Zachboulden 10 days ago +5

    I love that Tom is actually like the coolest guy ever

  • @eyoung74
    @eyoung74 12 days ago +72

    It’s amazing how when Tom talks everyone listens with intent. Tom is very insightful.

  • @user-iv1sz4cf5t
    @user-iv1sz4cf5t 12 days ago +31

    Tom Brady is a cool guy. I never followed him but I knew he was good. My biggest respect for him was when he left Patriots and won a championship without them. Now that's what I called "I will prove you guys wrong" I can tell he has morals, character and values.

  • @tyjordan9685
    @tyjordan9685 11 days ago +12

    Fred Taylor talking to Tom about his seasons with him 54:35 was the most wholesome part of the video that’s real grown man shit “accountability “ amazing interview

  • @deevelynoliphant1723
    @deevelynoliphant1723 12 days ago +72

    I was not expecting them to have Tom Brady on today this is not a podcast this is like a regular tv talk show I love the pivot a great an very interesting interview blessing to you guys

  • @judegoodman918
    @judegoodman918 12 days ago +76

    This is massive, been here since the start of the pivot. Love to see the guys shining!
    Winners stay on 🙌🏿

  • @HakTunes
    @HakTunes 11 days ago +20

    Tom is really Captain America. He just the man….you can’t front! On and off the field! Damn near perfect!

  • @sm44july
    @sm44july 8 days ago +4

    Tom is hella chill, thanks for getting him to speak like this guys

  • @sonoftheallfather4215
    @sonoftheallfather4215 12 days ago +57

    👀👀👀The Pivot has done it again!

    • @weezyg5084
      @weezyg5084 12 days ago +2


    • @MeBihhhh
      @MeBihhhh 12 days ago +3

      Kareem hasn’t done this show so I have 0 idea who you are referring to when you say goat

    • @sonoftheallfather4215
      @sonoftheallfather4215 12 days ago +1

      @@MeBihhhh Touche!🤷🏾‍♂️ 🏈 🐐

  • @richierich4330
    @richierich4330 12 days ago +53

    Brandon Marshall somewhere punching the air at their success. He dropped the ball big time. Great interview as alway

  • @deedeejones3564
    @deedeejones3564 5 days ago +2

    I will never understand why anyone would hate Tom Brady. He is the GOAt! You can't hate the man for being as great and blessed as he is! FAVOR ain't FAIR. He worked hard and deserved all the success!

  • @wes2816
    @wes2816 12 days ago +11

    I love how majority of us used to hate Tom and now that he’s retired and we see how cool he actually is, we all love him 😂

  • @iwanngotcoopertemple
    @iwanngotcoopertemple 11 days ago +5

    Tom takes over interviews.. in a good way

  • @char1346
    @char1346 12 days ago +11

    I love how Tom made a joke about Jags😂😂

  • @rodneywilliams3326
    @rodneywilliams3326 11 days ago +38

    I know Brandon Marshall got to be the biggest fool on earth right now with all the egg on his face the pivot has blown IAA out the stratosphere

    • @isthatdave55
      @isthatdave55 7 days ago +5

      he is somewhere punching the air right now

    • @Yaya_P
      @Yaya_P 6 days ago +4

      I thought it, you said it lmao

    • @waltersalas1791
      @waltersalas1791 4 days ago +3

      He's on suicide watch. 😅😅😅😅

    • @robbieez4
      @robbieez4 2 days ago

      No medicine cabinet for him😅😂😅​@@waltersalas1791

    • @lucasbergeron672
      @lucasbergeron672 2 days ago

      Brandon sucked on the pod always cutting people off in the middle of stories

  • @mambamentality9119
    @mambamentality9119 7 days ago +7

    Tom Brady’s intensity is off the charts 📈 and the crazy thing is he’s trying to contain it 😂😂😂

  • @SP-oh6je
    @SP-oh6je 12 days ago +22

    I'm so proud of these guys! To get Tom Brady to be on your podcast after the roast before anyone else can interview him is genius.

  • @raymondjones5909
    @raymondjones5909 12 days ago +41

    Born in New England i got to see this man dominate for years on TV and live at Gillette Stadium. Salute to the pivot for this episode

  • @damerecarlock991
    @damerecarlock991 12 days ago +25

    Hated Tom Brady, as a Raven, and it wasnt until his 5th ring that i respected him. And now seeing his human side over the last 5 years or more, hearing how people who hated him and then hated how they loved him as a teammate. Made me like him even more. Then he won again then won at TB. He is the GOAT

  • @vitosmith8195
    @vitosmith8195 8 days ago +4

    That's my boy Tb12 been a Patriots fan since 2001...When the won the Superbowl against all the odds....I didn't have a team to pull for so me pulling for the under dogs was right up my alley ..And 22 years later I could have ever imagine the success that Patriots would have .... Amazing run...Go Patriots...

  • @tonyj797
    @tonyj797 12 days ago +140

    This is the 1!! I don't think he's done any podcast interviews.

  • @Ibfstar
    @Ibfstar 11 days ago +19

    Admitting how the roast affect his kids was one of the most vulnerable things he mentioned. He is who he says he is.

  • @SupermanHopkins
    @SupermanHopkins 11 days ago +7

    Was reading the ESPN story about the Brady roast when they said, "Brady appeared on the Pivot Podcast." Immediately stopped reading the story and opened RUclips. Y'all finally got the GOAT on the show! 😀🐐

  • @user-go1sd9so8n
    @user-go1sd9so8n 7 days ago +4

    Talking to these guys probably gave him that locker room feeling of just being around the team

  • @cecilsmith1531
    @cecilsmith1531 12 days ago +33

    Congratulations, my brothers. The Pivot got The G.O.A.T. And he's a cool a$$ joker too. I'm so proud of what The Pivot is accomplishing. Keep putting in that work. 👍🏾

  • @jablonowskibrandon
    @jablonowskibrandon 12 days ago +71

    Went to Tom Brady's roast now I'm here for this. Life's good

  • @SS_1730
    @SS_1730 11 days ago +11

    First time watcher. One of the best podcasts I’ve heard/ seen. Better than some famous radio hosts.
    Super well organized, paced & thoughtful questions.
    Great listeners - just let Brady talk & didn’t interrupt him/ their guest. Really Appreciated that no one spoke over each other

    • @SS_1730
      @SS_1730 11 days ago +2

      And the convo & questions flowed naturally. Great transitions & active listening (Which is so difficult to do & most interviewers not good at)
      Great job!

    • @bbd1920
      @bbd1920 10 days ago

      I always leave their podcasts, feeling like I just had a conversation with my 3 best friends.

  • @QwsdCwni
    @QwsdCwni 9 days ago +4

    Among the few interviews Tom has conducted. That just serves to highlight the elegance and quality of this fantastic production.

  • @maksimoscristiano9718
    @maksimoscristiano9718 12 days ago +16

    The end may have been the best part of the whole interview.
    Giving love and seeing the Jerseys of Channing, Fred, and Ryan. Then Tom signing the Jerseys and the football that Channing intercepted from him was awesome

  • @sostdm617
    @sostdm617 12 days ago +48

    Man i thought you guys couldn't do any better with the guests y'all had the past three years now y'all have the 🐐 Goat salute Ryan Channing and Fred this is going to be great and break the Internet for sure

  • @PeachCobblerGobbler
    @PeachCobblerGobbler 8 days ago +4

    This might be the most unexpectedly amazing episode. Tom seems to be a perfect fit in this environment. Glad he finally gets to do all this fun stuff

  • @glennmarley6989
    @glennmarley6989 8 days ago +5

    Spectacular interview! Fred, Ryan and Channing all with very different personalities but clearly are sharp and insightful. Tom would not have done the interview if he didn't respect all of them. He seemed very much at ease and glad to be there from the start to the finish.

  • @LydellBaker
    @LydellBaker 12 days ago +30

    The Pivot is so legendary

    • @elizabethgodfrey1033
      @elizabethgodfrey1033 12 days ago

      Brandon Marshall is still the visionary! He deserves his credit, too. Now, let’s not leave his vision out! 💐💥💕

  • @zrack3245
    @zrack3245 12 days ago +48

    An honor to see the journey these guys been on. From cameos on I AM ATHLETE so starting their own business endeavors and having a podcast with some of the biggest celebs in the world. Excited for whats to come👏🏼👏🏼

  • @BobBrown-np1zb
    @BobBrown-np1zb 10 days ago +5

    The BEST of the very BEST. Tom Brady. 7× super bowl champion. GOAT

  • @shimmergangfitness5880
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    As a Day 1 Pivot fan, I am proud. We did it Joe 😩😩😩😍😍😍😂😂

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    CONGRATULATIONS ON FANATICS!!! You guys deserve it!!

  • @hisnamecaleb4054
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    Tom Brady looks so much different outside of pads glad I was able to watch his incredible career

  • @KingPetty901
    @KingPetty901 11 days ago +16

    To be so successful but yet so humble is amazing

  • @KellyK1000
    @KellyK1000 10 days ago +3

    I'm so impressed with how articulate TB is!!! Very impressive communicator

  • @tamarajones8229
    @tamarajones8229 12 days ago +10

    I love how they interview, I love how they play off each other. How real they are with each other. I cant say I am a super fan of football but I always tune in when they have a new guest.

  • @jamarkusw7064
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    tom’s got a crazy demeanor. never been actually shocked by a personality until now.

  • @latoyajibodu5498
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    Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr will always be the 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

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    Why the hell does this guy just look so damn perfect yo 😢😂

    • @cSTEPHEN855
      @cSTEPHEN855 12 days ago

      Plastic surgery lol

    • @7andi59
      @7andi59 11 days ago

      @@cSTEPHEN855 Plastic surgery can never make you look that good, taking care of your body and being super healthy does. You should try it 😉

    • @tylerdurden9920
      @tylerdurden9920 10 days ago

      @@cSTEPHEN855 you think so? I was just thinking the typical women model type lifestyle. Not in a negative way but his diet is great in terms of healthcare and your skin. He also played football so that's his exercise. He's also used to his ex wife who was a model. So it's probably easier for him to stay consistent with these model face care. Lmfao.
      He's also very happy. I'm thinking injections of all sorts cause i know some models hit up dermatologists so often for minor things like a big zit. Get it slightly injected and it goes away so fast. also, his face is just muscle. Low bf% and a consistent active lifestyle. When i talk about the ways of a model. I'm talking about ALL the little things that they do. Moisturize skin, exfoliate with the right stuff, sun screen when you go out. Lmfao just everything dude. Good hydration and consistency. Models try to sleep well and just relax so they don't stress and end up with bags under their eyes. I mean some of them go through some crazy stuff but I had a friend who had one of those perfect face skin. She told me that she used to sleep with gloves on cause she didn't want to risk scratching an itch on her face during the night and irritating her skin. At first that sounds crazy but i guess that's just what some people do for beauty. Tom Brady probably goes through some type of skin care ritual and doesn't skip a beat. Lmfao

  • @djromieromeofficial
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  • @Coach_Wane
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    I love to hear men. Speak on their fathers being their hero. As a man who loves his dad. And my dad being my hero. I warms me to hear that

    • @basman9560
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      That’s the way it should be men’s should lookup to their fathers not mothers

  • @jdavis334
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  • @starwarstheme1
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  • @user-mm2bv5dv5c
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    I think for most of us fans, players, or just people had some type of hatred for Tom and/or the Patriots whether they won or lost. But what we are all coming to realize is just how much of a part of our lives he has indirectly been a part of, whether we liked him, hated him, couldn't careless or rooted for him, it's been over 25 years of hearing Tom Brady this or that, and unfortunately he sounds like a stand up, wholesome dude that we all can relate too

  • @lilrjswag
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    This going to get 1 million views in 1 min

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  • @isaiahrholt
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    • @KL-oz8wz
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  • @Poiboy82
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    • @user-wf5kc4tv7z
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  • @andrewphillips749
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    Tom is in the zone he is showing his true self these days. I am an Eagles fan and of course I hated his ass but these days I respect him because he was a hell of a competitor.

    • @diegomagellan
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      Least you got him back for the Donovan and TO Superbowl

  • @vidpic8311
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    Tom's personality is so different now that he has retired I like this version of Tom Brady ❤

    • @boston1976
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      Don't think he's "different." Just continuing evolving!

    • @BRAVITS
      @BRAVITS 11 days ago +3

      He's literally the same, you just were busy hating...

    • @diegomagellan
      @diegomagellan 10 days ago

      He was always like that, Belichick and the patriots made their players subdue their individuality for the *team*

  • @wesleyaarons4293
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