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I made FLAPPY BIRD in DUMB programs

  • Published on Apr 10, 2024
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    Art created by @Dachi.art / dachi.art

Comments • 4.4K

  • @AlanStryman
    @AlanStryman Month ago +12957

    honestly because file explorer's "pixels" are so huge, you cant possibly mess up the hit box, its the optimal competitive game engine

    • @kiwifork
      @kiwifork Month ago +422

      dude im so locked in on file explorer

    • @patrickt101
      @patrickt101 Month ago +441

      Waiting for Doom in file explorer to drop😈

      @EEEEEEEE Month ago +17


    • @stan-ox6no
      @stan-ox6no Month ago +84

      @@patrickt101prob already has

    • @HarnaiDigital
      @HarnaiDigital Month ago +23

      It's so interesting. I also made this game but in unreal engine 5. With RTX on. Ofcourse in my channel though

  • @sorak185
    @sorak185 Month ago +4652

    "Trust me to break fucking File Explorer."
    Bro, Explorer breaks itself just by existing.

  • @Chris_Cross
    @Chris_Cross Month ago +564

    ChatGPT not being able to follow basic instructions like "remove the --------" but being able to generate code to play a game in File Explorer is the most ChatGPT move ever.

    • @idontfuckinknowdude
      @idontfuckinknowdude 24 days ago

      ChatGPT can’t see what it writes. Therefore, images are fucking beyond it.

    • @animoun.v2
      @animoun.v2 15 days ago +15

      ascii art is apparently very hard for an text based ai ig

    • @idontfuckinknowdude
      @idontfuckinknowdude 15 days ago

      @@animoun.v2 well yeah try painting with your eyes closed, severe dementia, and only being able to paint a line at a time

  • @WilliamJohnstonA23
    @WilliamJohnstonA23 Month ago +1118

    This is the coding version of “Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave with a box of scraps!”

  • @raelsadd6378
    @raelsadd6378 Month ago +10914

    trying to work with chatgpt is like trying to work with a child who hates you, but sometimes, his mom comes over and yells at him to stop acting like a child and do what he is supposed to do, but she has to keep going into the other room because she can't miss her shitty reality TV show.
    edit: im not some nerd who edits to say thanks for all the likes. go cry about it.

    • @austinhager7413
      @austinhager7413 Month ago +583

      Don't forget about if you talk with language over pg it just goes you said a naughty word I'm not talking to you

    • @alezzanders988
      @alezzanders988 Month ago +235


    • @exodusdonley77
      @exodusdonley77 Month ago +144

      @@austinhager7413 I have literally never had that happen what kind of things are you saying lmao

    • @kristinborn8882
      @kristinborn8882 Month ago +10

      @@alezzanders988 lol yea

      @EEEEEEEE Month ago +15


  • @oftenbetterthanone
    @oftenbetterthanone Month ago +2301

    "We've already solved this by calling it a feature" This line is going to change my life for the better, I can feel it.

  • @patkundesu
    @patkundesu Month ago +422

    Tohou fans: if it exists, you can play bad apple in it
    Code Bullet: if you can draw on it, it's a game engine

    • @Stusheep
      @Stusheep Month ago +47

      Can’t forget: If it’s hardware, it can play doom

    • @3DSCarnaje
      @3DSCarnaje Month ago +3

      While I'm not entirely sure what you're referencing, can you blame them? That song is great.

    • @patkundesu
      @patkundesu Month ago

      ​@@3DSCarnaje You can try searching for "Bad Apple played on everything"

    • @1a2z
      @1a2z Month ago


    • @applesource8261
      @applesource8261 Month ago +7

      @@Stusheep Didnt they manage to play doom on DNA? So its more a: If it can display binary, it can play doom.

  • @SgtSupaman
    @SgtSupaman Month ago +428

    I like how he treats "move the pipes through the bird" like it's a huge breakthrough when that is literally what he did in every previous version and is exactly how the real game of Flappy Bird works.

  • @skeetsmcgrew3282
    @skeetsmcgrew3282 Month ago +6692

    Omg dude. you talking to ChatGPT like an abusive college professor absolutely killed me omfg

  • @BakaDani
    @BakaDani Month ago +2659

    6:34 "Every time we run it, it seems to fuck up in a unique way" has to be the best and most relatable quote from a programmer I've ever heard.

  • @Marcus-Jones
    @Marcus-Jones Month ago +96

    The premier pro line. "it's got everythning you need. EXCEPT FOR THE ABILITY TO NOT CRASH ALL THE TIME!!!!". I felt that.

    • @kilgorezer
      @kilgorezer 9 days ago

      81 likes and no replies? Let me fix that.

  • @Aabergm
    @Aabergm Month ago +36

    This gives me "everything is a smoke generator is you use it wrong enough" vibes. I love it.

  • @gammagames1413
    @gammagames1413 Month ago +1841

    “If you cannot Flap the Bird, Flap the Pipes” goes unironically so hard.

    • @IceMcFried
      @IceMcFried Month ago +53

      Had me crying so hard from laughter i thought my belly was going to burst. The sheer idiocy of it all, and the fact that most programmers go through this thought process in one way or another had me in a choke hold 🤣

    • @averonisgaming9023
      @averonisgaming9023 Month ago +28

      @@IceMcFried I can confirm, there are some really roundabout ways to think in order to code things lmao

    • @KayJblue
      @KayJblue Month ago +15

      I flap my pipes whenever I can’t flap a bird 💀

    • @reyariass
      @reyariass Month ago

      @@KayJbluecould you flap my pipes? :D 😂

    • @paulgoogol2652
      @paulgoogol2652 Month ago +3

      ​@@KayJbluei got only one but I flap every day.

  • @DoktorTaiko
    @DoktorTaiko Month ago +1686

    CB: "The games are going to become increasingly stupid".
    -Starts with the file editor
    Me: "If that is the least stupid, this will be an interesting journey."

      @EEEEEEEE Month ago +4


    • @vaderdudenator1
      @vaderdudenator1 Month ago


    • @endymionselene165
      @endymionselene165 Month ago +14

      Well, was it.
      The first one was the best, the second one was the funniest, and the third one was the worst.

    • @RekySai
      @RekySai Month ago +5

      That's because python is where it's program and ran and the file explorer is nothing but the user interface. He simply added a user interface to Python and then tricked you into thinking program languages are running onset program.

    • @mau2k3
      @mau2k3 Month ago

      I wanted to commentate the exact same

  • @JasonNL_
    @JasonNL_ Month ago +42

    "MOVE THE PIPES, THORUGH THE BIRD!".... "Yeah that didn't work" had me rolling 🤣

  • @wildmaknae_
    @wildmaknae_ Month ago +45

    That "no." to ChatGPT just sent me to the orbit omfg I have tears from laughing

  • @thegardenofeatin5965
    @thegardenofeatin5965 Month ago +2109

    In Paint, use the rectangle and circle tools instead of drawing lines. Two clicks for a circle, two clicks for a rectangle.

    • @teddy-behr
      @teddy-behr Month ago +237

      YEAH I was gonna say, why didn't he just use the circle tool????

    • @tarfeef101
      @tarfeef101 Month ago +264

      lol why use "shapes" to make shapes amirite

    • @mcblaggart8565
      @mcblaggart8565 Month ago +186

      But then it wouldn't be creating such beautiful art!

    • @Temperans
      @Temperans Month ago +33

      Wouldn't it be 3 click due to changing the shape?

    • @luiginotcool
      @luiginotcool Month ago +16

      @@Temperansonly have to change shape once or twice per frame

  • @_Fizel_
    @_Fizel_ Month ago +1268

    Him forgetting what key to stop/start the auto clicker, and forgetting to turn it off before moving the mouse is the most on brand thing ever.

    • @archerelms
      @archerelms Month ago +68

      It even has a setting to hold the mouse in place which of course he didn't use lol

    • @YeahEsCereal
      @YeahEsCereal Month ago +9

      I use a button on my mouse to turn it on and off

    • @linklover7077
      @linklover7077 Month ago +1

      I've done this smh 😂

    • @monad_tcp
      @monad_tcp Month ago +1

      Its very fun when he does it.
      I use auto-hotkey and I always put a timeout on my scripts as a escape hatch if the scroll-lock led is off

    • @skeleton_craftGaming
      @skeleton_craftGaming Month ago +1

      I don't know about what program he is using but Auto hotkey. If you set the delay to anything less than 50 milliseconds, it just stops processing your input, so you can't turn off the auto clicker...

  • @Just_Being_Honest
    @Just_Being_Honest Month ago +165

    I love how he even included a custom song “I’m coding flappy bird.”
    Apparently, there are multiple custom songs used in the video.

    • @khelsan
      @khelsan Month ago +45

      ai generated

    • @tunfugl37
      @tunfugl37 Month ago +15

      Made by ai. Takes 2 sec

    • @DaMastaMax
      @DaMastaMax Month ago +7

      @@tunfugl37 what ai?

    • @mntmntmnt
      @mntmntmnt Month ago +21

      Art theft moment

    • @Casual-Yohoho-Enjoyer
      @Casual-Yohoho-Enjoyer Month ago +44

      ​@@mntmntmntI'd say using AI for 5 seconds of essentially meme music is probably still on the moral side

  • @eski___7435
    @eski___7435 20 days ago +2

    I love the fact that the ai song creator is so obvious in this video. It makes it more enjoyable knowing you used a tool to make a song while using other tools to make a game. 😊

  • @kratangg-arang
    @kratangg-arang Month ago +569

    It’s pretty efficient to skip straight to madness by calling file explorer a game engine, instead of having a gradual implosion to insanity this time around.

    • @Aurirang
      @Aurirang Month ago +46

      The worst thing aabout this is, that the file explorer was actually the smoothest of them. :D

    • @kratangg-arang
      @kratangg-arang Month ago +2

      @@Aurirang because it’s a game engine, of course!

  • @tyhayter5022
    @tyhayter5022 Month ago +1616

    3:18 I'm making flappy bird (version 1)
    3:54 It's pipe time (version 1)
    8:27 I'm making flappy bird (version 2)
    14:10 It's pipe time (version 2)

    • @GlitchedAce
      @GlitchedAce Month ago +111

      Replying to be able to find this again later.

    • @michael_v2624
      @michael_v2624 Month ago +75

      thanks I was trying to analyze how he did that.
      Udio looks like, but stable audio and suno are pretty interesting.

    • @davidbarnes2533
      @davidbarnes2533 Month ago +9


    • @wertacus
      @wertacus Month ago +8

      Can we pin this, thx

    • @x_8643
      @x_8643 Month ago +2

      Ayo same ​@@GlitchedAce

  • @delightfullyyummy
    @delightfullyyummy Month ago +4

    I almost died of laughter during your use of the ChatGPT 'game engine'.

  • @nedmacallen
    @nedmacallen Month ago

    Loving all the open sauce mentions I have been hearing! Your like the third channel with week I have heard announce they are going.

  • @OriginaIJoke
    @OriginaIJoke Month ago +558

    Some day I’m gonna say in the group chat “if you can’t move the bird through the pipes, then move the pipes through the bird” like it’s some insane philosophical shit

    • @OliverJacobs-rp1pj
      @OliverJacobs-rp1pj Month ago +3

      It is

    • @vSouthvPawv
      @vSouthvPawv Month ago +10

      Out of context, this reads like sage advice to anally swallow the toilet if you're constipated like Kirby on his worst day.

    • @nokti...
      @nokti... Month ago

      ​@@vSouthvPawv pardon me. what the fuck

    • @vSouthvPawv
      @vSouthvPawv Month ago

      @@nokti... It's a long way to say "make sure you drink enough water".

    • @aroma_star3117
      @aroma_star3117 11 days ago

      I mean, technically this is a very simple application of the theory of relativity...

  • @HistoryVideoGamesMiscStuff

    Honestly, 20 years ago, I made a plane game in University where moving the environment around the camera was how I managed it.
    Or to quote Cubert Farnsworth: "The engines don't move the ship at all. The ship stays where it is, and the engines move the universe around it."

    • @cirkulx
      @cirkulx Month ago +9

      beautiful quote

    • @thacuber2a03
      @thacuber2a03 Month ago +22

      that's how OpenGL renders things

    • @SlawcioD
      @SlawcioD Month ago +13

      many games in 8 bit era were done that way.

    • @elephantoChan
      @elephantoChan Month ago +3

      relative motion when its real

    • @bryanmullins379
      @bryanmullins379 Month ago +8

      This is also how games like outer wilds were made.

  • @bakkominator4308
    @bakkominator4308 Month ago +3

    Hell ye! I love this stuff. I’ve made Flappy Bird in Sysmac Studio for Omron PLC’s and it turned out awsome. Almost made a YT video of it but don’t think a lot of people care about Structured Text and industriel controllers and HMIs

  • @tramographyMCR
    @tramographyMCR Month ago +15

    The amount of AI you used in this video is crazy
    I only noticed when the music started lol

  • @agentstache135
    @agentstache135 Month ago +532

    11:52 in the machine’s defense you asked it to remove lines that were 6 hyphens long; whereas the lines you wanted removed were only 5 hyphens long

    • @konayasai
      @konayasai Month ago +48

      Obviously it's done for comedic effect here, but I wonder if ChatGPT can be used to emulate flappy bird if you don't speak to it like an overgrown toddler.

    • @patrickrobertshaw7020
      @patrickrobertshaw7020 Month ago +15

      @@konayasai and if you used gpt4 instead of 3.5

    • @codingidiot6754
      @codingidiot6754 Month ago +16

      @@konayasai have you never used chatgpt?

    • @colby1398
      @colby1398 Month ago +16

      @@konayasai It doesn't make a difference. AI isn't real yet and is still stupid as fuck. None of them can actually "think"

    • @ghfgh_
      @ghfgh_ Month ago +1

      @StevieNockmanbro fix your bot it’s fine and all except the fact that code bullet doesn’t use a camera let alone a professional one
      And the idea is if this made up character is inspired by code bullet they probably want to make content similar to his so they probably wouldn’t use a camera or a professional one

  • @HighTechToast
    @HighTechToast Month ago +552

    "Ok, remove the dashes."
    "Aight, bet."

      @EEEEEEEE Month ago +1


  • @paulohenriquecorrea7199
    @paulohenriquecorrea7199 26 days ago +2

    I lost everything with the "If you can't flap the bird then flap the pipes"

  • @sjfsr
    @sjfsr 2 days ago

    I love your idea. I've done crap like this before, but you took it to the extreme. Nice

  • @seanritzenthaler9208
    @seanritzenthaler9208 Month ago +307

    "It's pipe time" is both a wonderful bop with a hilarious double meaning.

    • @Corn0nTheCobb
      @Corn0nTheCobb Month ago +6

      I agree, but thanks for letting us know that you understood the double entendre

    • @samanthagriffinv2.08
      @samanthagriffinv2.08 Month ago

      That’s called a double entendre

    • @lolexguy
      @lolexguy Month ago

      "lets fill her up" at the beginning

  • @jayxd2763
    @jayxd2763 Month ago +1064

    Anything can be a game engine if it's doom

    • @hackanimator12
      @hackanimator12 Month ago +26

      if it can run doom*

    • @xanmiddents6207
      @xanmiddents6207 Month ago +21

      E. Coli screen goes hard

    • @HydraKittten
      @HydraKittten Month ago +30

      Didn't Doom get an official port for a lawn mower?

      @EEEEEEEE Month ago


    • @Fdragon1337
      @Fdragon1337 Month ago +18

      ​@hackanimator12 funny you mention that. There is a doom map that has a different doom in it that you can play with a keyboard in the game.

  • @gammavector79
    @gammavector79 27 days ago

    This is the best video I've ever seen. I got here via algorithm while trying to problem solve an issue with a-star pathfinding. Decided this video would probably be a nice little break from the wretched frustration of my existence. Watching you play Flappy Bird: MS Paint Edition restored my will to live. What a beautiful world this Earth is, with people like you living on it.

  • @Listener11111
    @Listener11111 Month ago +2

    5:52 the use of the song is super relevant 'cause just like Simone turned herself into an abomination trying to make herself beautiful, CB's regularly turns his code into an abomination trying to make it work
    (oh and if u draw a parallel between cannibalism and copy-paste, programmers do HELLA LOT OF CANNIBALISM)

  • @axis8396
    @axis8396 Month ago +123

    "It's kinda different every time we run it but we've already solved this by calling it a feature" is definitely a quote I'm going to use at some point

  • @thomas.02
    @thomas.02 Month ago +159

    5:12 you either die a bird or live long enough to see yourself become the pipe

  • @JuicemanGravy
    @JuicemanGravy 28 days ago

    I have so much fun watching these videos. Thanks

  • @a.j.outlaster1222
    @a.j.outlaster1222 Month ago +4

    The interaction shortly after 10:30 is really funny to me! 😂

  • @SqurtieMan
    @SqurtieMan Month ago +286

    13:39 The reason Premiere Pro crashes all the time is because you update it. 2021 version is orders of magnitude more stable than the current version, which is why I use 2019 version

    • @Maestro_Himself
      @Maestro_Himself Month ago +46

      This is the most accurate description of adobe's products that will ever exist.

    • @Grimeaper
      @Grimeaper Month ago +3

      Man adobe after affects is such a Maya. Premiere works for basic stuff though at least though I forget which version mine it was covered in salt so it is fine either way. I use Davinci mostly now shit is free and does what I needs.

    • @jleo1
      @jleo1 Month ago +4

      Doesn't Adobe force update apps? Meaning the only way you can have a stable program is through piracy?

    • @Grimeaper
      @Grimeaper Month ago +4

      @@jleo1 I prefer keeping it salty. Besides adobe earned it fuck em.

    • @jleo1
      @jleo1 Month ago +3

      @@Grimeaper lol yeah no judgement, the only reason I bought it was coz I was getting sick of searching for torrents… and also because adobe offered me a very good deal to stop pirating it lol

  • @nicholas_obert
    @nicholas_obert Month ago +460

    Flappy bird on Google Sheets. You can attach js scripts to documents and have specific functions executed when an event is triggered (e.g. the document is opened/edited). App scripts can read and modify documents live and the changes are updated instantly, so this would make for a "great" game engine.

    • @wilkgr
      @wilkgr Month ago

      Flappy bird on GIMP - it has support for python scripts!

    • @CST1992
      @CST1992 Month ago +13

      RIP history

    • @MossyBee
      @MossyBee Month ago +14

      microsoft excel would work

    • @shadoww7301
      @shadoww7301 Month ago +3

      @@MossyBee yucky microsoft, google sheets better

    • @RetroDotTube
      @RetroDotTube Month ago


  • @ReachSkyla
    @ReachSkyla Month ago

    Always happy to see a new code bullet video

  • @soapstone_vendor
    @soapstone_vendor 2 hours ago

    Now do it on a human brain.
    Flappy bird on a cyborg human braincell computer... The brains are being provided by FinalSpark, you send them your code, they run it, brain plays flappy bird!
    Good luck!

  • @tu_redmage
    @tu_redmage Month ago +364

    At first I thought Code Bullet had put real effort into his videos by either making music or hiring someone else to do it. Then I remember this is Code Bullet and it's definitely just AI.

    • @Unimportant0
      @Unimportant0 Month ago +12

      lmao same

    • @tabithal2977
      @tabithal2977 Month ago +32

      The music is too coherent to be ai in my opinion

    • @moonlight2870
      @moonlight2870 Month ago +7

      It's probably ai generated

    • @BtaraDev
      @BtaraDev Month ago +11

      At first I thought the music was "sono ai" but I think it has too many filters for swearing and stuff.

    • @Wave_Duck
      @Wave_Duck Month ago +3

      It only has filters for sexual things, i think@BtaraDev

  • @TalkySteak
    @TalkySteak Month ago +228

    Is anyone going to tell him that Paint has a shapes feature for quickly drawing perfect circles? No? Me either. For real though, this was impressive, inspiring, and funny. Love the content.

    • @normalchannel2185
      @normalchannel2185 Month ago +7

      The shapes feature probably doesnt mesh well with the python code

    • @Tvngsten
      @Tvngsten Month ago

      ​@@normalchannel2185 I think it does, pyautogui can click and drag

    • @Joseph125
      @Joseph125 Month ago +3

      Paint has layers now. You could just move the pipe layer around.

  • @aucuneoriginalite1818

    Thats impressive how the best gaming engine out of these is litterally file explorer

  • @someguy459
    @someguy459 Month ago

    bro you do some such crazy create sht and you really inspired me to make my own stuff thanks so much!!!!

  • @Plaegu
    @Plaegu Month ago +737

    Two Code Bullet videos in one month?! This is unheard of!
    But seriously love your videos and appreciate you💜

    • @Gavmitch315
      @Gavmitch315 Month ago +6

      Is this the start of a new era of code bullet uploading more

    • @charleswalls4543
      @charleswalls4543 Month ago +12

      Were you also around for the year of zero uploads?

    • @Plaegu
      @Plaegu Month ago +10

      @@charleswalls4543 I was…. It was a dark year.

    • @THEWolfBlade3622
      @THEWolfBlade3622 Month ago +7

      and not just in 1 month, within 2 weeks

    • @inhaleaesthetic
      @inhaleaesthetic Month ago +6

      It's because AI is doing all of his "work" now

  • @spencershumpert1227
    @spencershumpert1227 Month ago +147

    I think the reason gpt wasn’t moving the [] or “pipes” was it interpreted > as pipe because that symbol is used in some context as a pipe like piping data

    • @tarfeef101
      @tarfeef101 Month ago +23

      maybe redirect, usually | is pipe

    • @IceMetalPunk
      @IceMetalPunk Month ago +24

      No, I think it's more likely that the problem is *GPT can't see what its output looks like*

    • @double7s41
      @double7s41 Month ago

      Can i pipe my data into you

    • @roymustang7031
      @roymustang7031 Month ago

      | - this is pipe no??

    • @WlatPziupp
      @WlatPziupp Month ago +1

      @@roymustang7031 Ceci n'est une pipe

  • @toniweak
    @toniweak Month ago +6

    Implementing Suno to make the custom songs is just such a nice touch

  • @PixelNodeDev
    @PixelNodeDev Month ago +1

    You have inspired me to try to make a bunch of other games in file explorer like: pong, tetris, breakout, snake. I'll upload I video on them soon, wish me luck!

  • @gracefoskett9563
    @gracefoskett9563 Month ago +220


    • @stealthy25_
      @stealthy25_ Month ago +6

      ah yes, a cultured one i see

    • @Pancakepal6773
      @Pancakepal6773 Month ago +3

      You're so right

    • @fuucaran
      @fuucaran Month ago +3


    • @piranha1337
      @piranha1337 Month ago +1

      in germany you can buy wrenches and bras at a coffee store, so...

    • @thenotbestplayer1432
      @thenotbestplayer1432 Month ago +1

      ​@@piranha1337why the fuck would you buy a wrench in a coffee shop??????

  • @alexi4829
    @alexi4829 Month ago +186

    Flappy Bird on an oscilloscope would be cool because of how oscilloscopes relate to early games, specifically a game called "Tennis For Two" which was actually made and demonstrated before Pong which is what basically everyone points to as the 'first computer game' - there are a lot of "firsts" depending on how you define it, I had to write a whole essay on this in collage and let me tell ya there's a lot of neat stuff

    • @Dkgow
      @Dkgow Month ago

      Flappy Bird is the modern day Bad Apple

    • @bsmith6276
      @bsmith6276 Month ago +12

      Pong is more like the first successful computer game, in the sense that it actually had an existence that expanded beyond being a proof-of-concept sort of thing.

    • @sharptree7900
      @sharptree7900 Month ago

      🤓 but also cool

    • @archerelms
      @archerelms Month ago +2

      ​​@@bsmith6276 True, which I think is a big part of what they meant by it depending on how you define it

    • @ryanmccampbell7
      @ryanmccampbell7 Month ago

      @@Dkgow the Bad Apple meme's still going strong. And it's only like 4 years older than flappy bird.

  • @hrmalte
    @hrmalte Month ago

    The soundtrack is fire! Please release full version flappy song!

  • @ZAXT7
    @ZAXT7 Month ago +1

    Honestly I love this guy, he just makes my day. He deserves more recognition.

  • @terrivel11
    @terrivel11 Month ago +245

    If you haven’t seen him, Magic the Noah is like, a game design wizard for Google Slides. I started an attempt to copy his format to do my own version for some buddies, and I have to say, we are probably the top 2 Google Slides game designers in the world.
    Not that there’s a lot of competition. It’s a pool of 2.

    • @user-ud8zy2dv1k
      @user-ud8zy2dv1k Month ago +34

      i'm running a ttrpg entirely off google slides. it's a pool of 3. i concede to noah on the top spot, but have no way to judge your work for second place.

    • @catguy2971
      @catguy2971 Month ago +1

      na mate 3

    • @martinshoosterman
      @martinshoosterman Month ago

      The funny thing is, Google slides is definitely a game engine as Noah has proven.
      But PowerPoint is low-key a serious game engine.
      A few people have made half decent 100% fully functional games in PowerPoint.

    • @enderproyttttttttt
      @enderproyttttttttt Month ago +7

      @@user-ud8zy2dv1k Tis' a pool of 4.
      Well, soon at least.
      Since i have to rhyme to speak in ye olden yeast,
      I don't know if i'll be coherent-east.
      All i know is i'll soon make a D&D in google slideast,
      So pool of 4, it shall soon be-ast

    • @TrueWolves
      @TrueWolves Month ago +2

      I've dabbled in it too!

  • @Akkuatica
    @Akkuatica Month ago +391

    two code bullet uploads in one month? splendid

  • @ethanmoore428
    @ethanmoore428 Month ago

    it has been a long time since i've had to literally bite my hand to stop me from laughing at work. you arguing with chatgpt and asking it to do something and it saying "ok fixed" but nothing changed is such a mood take your like

  • @LePascal5333
    @LePascal5333 Month ago +91

    The sequence from 15:29 to flapping the pipes was the most I've laughted all year

  • @joeschmoe2129
    @joeschmoe2129 Month ago +504

    Holy shit the daddy's got the milk

      @EEEEEEEE Month ago


    • @-datque-1410
      @-datque-1410 Month ago +2

      𝐇𝐞 𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐬

  • @DylanSargesson
    @DylanSargesson 4 days ago

    Paint Flappy Bird is just next level. I bet the original developers never inagined the pipes wildly changing shape and colour as they travelled across the screen.

  • @DrCoomer_1
    @DrCoomer_1 Month ago +1

    It's interesting to see how far you can push software to work in a way its not intended.
    Excel is a prime example, it's literally a game engine

  • @NuclearSpring
    @NuclearSpring Month ago +85

    5:29 Code Bullet rediscovers vector graphics

    • @C.I...
      @C.I... Month ago +7

      He just re-invented the vectrex

  • @karlohorcicka7388
    @karlohorcicka7388 Month ago +58

    This is next level gane development. You draw the game as you play it unlike others who play in a drawn game. Magnificent

    • @BrunodeSouzaLino
      @BrunodeSouzaLino Month ago

      You mean like you had to do with the Atari 2600 47 years ago?

  • @domedin9894
    @domedin9894 Month ago +1

    Not even code bullet was brave enough to conquer visual basic.

  • @vvitch-mist20
    @vvitch-mist20 11 days ago

    I remember when the game first came out, and it's pretty funny seeing it still get recreated today.

  • @justanothergamer64
    @justanothergamer64 Month ago +49

    Code bullet screaming at chatgpt through text is amazing

    • @stm7810
      @stm7810 Month ago +2

      it will end the conversation if I try that.

  • @OoXNikoXoO
    @OoXNikoXoO Month ago +42

    14:56 this is exactly why the first thing after reinstalling windows for me allways will be going into the sound mixer and muting system sounds

    • @thomasphillips885
      @thomasphillips885 Month ago +5

      Because you run a script to move a clip to the play head in Premiere Pro?
      System sounds can be useful sometimes

  • @vyrv6719
    @vyrv6719 Month ago +1

    Code bullet, I'm trying to post this on as many programmer channels that are familiar with neat as I can. A certain family member of mine is a relatively high leveled(terrying international server security specialist level, aka he has over 15 different closet sized and 2 room sized servers in their house) coder. He and some of his colleagues are trying to implement a drunken idea we had.
    An epigenetic version of neat, and an interlocutory to train an optimizing AI for those functions and their weight of reward.
    Basically, genetic evolution is reinforced by changing actual traits of the player DURING generations. We quite literally become worse at making more of ourselves if we do stupid things, are overly stressed, or enter a worse environment, but also get outsized rewards defined by those same systems and their previous inputs. These rewards are also not instanced. They are multiplied by time, so it even tries to allow creatures to avoid the 'dip' issue of their seek function. They are less likely to get stuck in a 'good' spot while looking for the 'best' spot, because epigenetics punishes more based on how long a bad condition has been in effect on the 'player'.
    It's a multiplier on the speed of genetic evolution, and they were unaware of anything in AI right now remotely close to modeling the interaction between epigenetic rewards systems and the genetic 'overlord' reward system between generations, although one of them says he thinks the top ones have already implemented this in back of house.
    Anyone who can throw some more code into the community that makes this closer to available... well that's why I'm mentioning it. There's someone out there who will hear this and figure this out.

  • @squingly
    @squingly Month ago

    honestly the paint one was so incredibly charming top tier loved it

  • @Rocktherock5475
    @Rocktherock5475 Month ago +39

    9:07 “I didn’t change anything but it works”

    • @johnpotatosmith
      @johnpotatosmith Month ago +3

      As a programmer I can confirm this is how computers work

  • @ScottBeeson
    @ScottBeeson Month ago +81

    The MS Paint version is pure art. It's beautiful.

  • @gemtun2
    @gemtun2 Month ago +11

    14:18 ITS PIPE TIME 🔥🔥🔥🗣🗣

  • @ThatOneLinguisticsNerd

    Imagine you’re a naïve AI and this guy shows up and starts yelling at you to make the lazy man flappy bird for him

  • @kristinborn8882
    @kristinborn8882 Month ago +28

    3:18 song of the year

  • @soulsmanipulatedinc.1682

    For the MS paint version, the "secondary color" option represents the back color. Changing that option would also change the color you get from a Contr+A+delete, which might have been a more effective method of screen clear, with less code.
    Anyway, impressive work. I always lve the missery you put yourself through for these videos.

    • @kahlzun
      @kahlzun Month ago +4

      i dont know why he didnt use the circle and rectangle tools, would have made his life much easier

    • @davidanalyst671
      @davidanalyst671 Month ago +1

      how hard would draw a white box as big as the screen be?

    • @kahlzun
      @kahlzun Month ago +2

      @@davidanalyst671 click box tool. Click white. Click top-left pixel. Drag to bottom right pixel. Release.

    • @lulu111_the_cool
      @lulu111_the_cool Month ago

      ​@@kahlzunyeah. Because paint totally did not even fucked up to change the color in time.

    • @soulsmanipulatedinc.1682
      @soulsmanipulatedinc.1682 Month ago +1

      @@kahlzun You'd also need to plan for the async between paint and python, so you'd need to add a few delays between each instruction that gives a good chance of instructions not being ignored.

  • @Walllur
    @Walllur Month ago

    first of all, great work, I always have fun with your videos xD.
    Regarding paint flappy, maybe, you could've taken advantage that the right click paints with Color 2 and left click color 1, so you can have bird in color 1 and pipe y color 2. and draw left click bird and tight click pipes.
    Option 2: use invisible select and move (it takes the color 2 as the invisble color) might have been faster to move than re-drawing each frame XD (but then gotta save every position of the draw and after move).

  • @AeroLowdown
    @AeroLowdown Month ago

    I've never been into coding, myself, but these vids are just so damn goofy- love them

  • @pak-gg5601
    @pak-gg5601 Month ago +86

    5:53 Was not expecting a mild NieR Reference in my Code Bullet Video.

  • @julianlaval136
    @julianlaval136 Month ago +41

    The Flappy Bird remix hits hard 🤙🏼
    The video idea is great a part 2 would be awesome. Also I love your editing !

  • @KillerKatz12
    @KillerKatz12 Month ago

    "If you can't flap the bird....
    Flap the pipes!!!!"

  • @_XRMissie
    @_XRMissie Month ago

    The music you added is absolutely hilarious but unironically good

  • @sp-syn
    @sp-syn Month ago +153

    Yo that flappy bird song is 🔥

    • @tpd1864blake
      @tpd1864blake Month ago +24

      🎵It’s pipe time, it’s pipe time 🎵
      🎵It’s, pipe time, it’s piiipe time🎵

    • @jamuspham8322
      @jamuspham8322 Month ago +1

      Original sound track is crazy

    • @pb_monkey
      @pb_monkey Month ago

      It's fucking pipe time 😂​@@tpd1864blake

    • @davidanalyst671
      @davidanalyst671 Month ago +5

      no it sucks. Code bullet said its flappy bird song, and then the lyrics of the song were its flappy bird time. Code bullet found an AI music generator. And he prompted it to make terrible music

    • @PhantomlyReaper
      @PhantomlyReaper Month ago +3

      @@davidanalyst671 of course it's not going to be grammy winner, but it adds an extra layer of uniqueness to his videos and I found it hilarious

  • @danielholida7511
    @danielholida7511 Month ago +14

    As someone that consistently swears at chat gpt when using it myself, I laughed so fucking hard starting at around 13:12

  • @keloku
    @keloku Month ago +1

    Excel would be so incredibly easy especially with macros enabled. Scaling it up / zooming out and getting detailed drawings could be funny and see how much quality you can put into it before you have issues.
    Microsoft word would be a funny challenge. You could also use macros with it, and probably use actual images and move them? Positioning would be funny and difficult, but I think it could make a decent game engine.
    The easiest or most challenging idea I have. RUclips as a game engine. Sure you can just write the whole game into the webpage. But how about only using existing elements and have the RUclips video box be the bird and suggested videos be the pipes. Hitting the pipe changes the "bird" into the suggested video. Then you can navigate RUclips as a flappy bird?

  • @w1ll.vr.
    @w1ll.vr. 6 days ago

    15:55 i love how the bird just disappears 💀

  • @walllicsade
    @walllicsade Month ago +60

    10:46 can't wait to see flappy bird in wolfram alpha

  • @Onaterdem
    @Onaterdem Month ago +48

    5:53 Simone's intro fits here so incredibly well that I'm genuinely impressed

  • @illuno--bf8dx1bw5j
    @illuno--bf8dx1bw5j Month ago +1

    Lmao, the chat gpt is confused but it's got the spirit 😂😂😂

  • @cguser
    @cguser Month ago

    I now believe in the will power, even thought the software he tested is not meant for game engine. But, you can do anything if you willing to do so. We can call it MVP of flappy bird, using other software as game engine. It kinda works! Thank you for your hard work. Stay hard bro!

  • @BL4Z3-B01
    @BL4Z3-B01 Month ago +40

    we need an extended version of "pipe time"!!!

  • @samuelmendlowitz7276
    @samuelmendlowitz7276 Month ago +55

    The “it’s pipe time” song got me 😂

  • @befana666_vods
    @befana666_vods Month ago

    i did not know that it can become more worse and more funny than beating nerds in tetris but good job u did it. loved the vid

  • @insanoorange
    @insanoorange Month ago

    I haven't seen this guy in years his content has improved a lot. Really impresive coding bro 👍

  • @developersean
    @developersean Month ago +14

    "Morale was low, I hit rock bottom." That's relatable.

  • @glymjerlackless8605
    @glymjerlackless8605 Month ago +21

    The Chat-GPT segment gets even funnier if you have enough of an understanding of the internal mechanisms of how an LLM works. The guy is basically screaming his head off at a fish for its inability to fly.
    Essentially, Chat-GPT and other LLMs don't "perceive" text in the way that humans do, rather, groups of characters are fed in together as single units of information. Meaning that it's extremely difficult for it to actually judge how well it fulfills the requirements.
    If you want to trip up Chat-GPT, asking for ASCII art of basically anything that it hasn't seen often enough to memorize "verbatim" is one of the easiest ways. You can also just ask it close to trivial questions about individual characters in the prompt, like asking it to spell a word backward or count the number of "a"s in a sentence.

  • @thuanpham3205
    @thuanpham3205 Month ago

    I laughed the shit outta me watching this video, love your content

  • @eduardokerber2931
    @eduardokerber2931 27 days ago

    I assume that the paint one would work better using forms instead of lines, specially if there are shortcuts to them.
    Also, you can have two colors selected, one for right click and another for left click, so that help the yellow pipes problem

  • @mrmandanvan3793
    @mrmandanvan3793 Month ago +38

    Gotta love the choice of music whenever he is actually working on the game

    • @vektor451
      @vektor451 Month ago +2

      pretty sure it's ai, at least for the lyrics