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I Got A Macro Cheater To Float The Banana Army

  • Published on Aug 16, 2020
  • I Got Ryft The Famous Macro Cheater (he isnt a cheater) To Float The Entire Banana Army...
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Comments • 3 197

  • Bazerk
    Bazerk  2 years ago +2095

    Guys, I know ryft isnt a macro cheater... the title is a meme.

  • Killa_colt Gods
    Killa_colt Gods 2 years ago +37

    He doesn’t have a macro he just has a good gaming chair

    • cope
      cope 2 years ago

      no he uses code flea and and a godly gaming chair

  • stephen_scootz
    stephen_scootz Year ago +9

    I love how he says that ryft macros because he doesn't know how to fast edit himself

  • Carbon
    Carbon 2 years ago

    Idc if serpent's a cheater or not, i enjoy his content and ryft deserves at least 5 million subs, he's a very good content creator

  • Cracked- xz
    Cracked- xz 2 years ago

    if we find out that ryft is a macro he is still good

  • Nico bain
    Nico bain Year ago

    Ryft doesn’t use macros he’s just good and insane at editing

  • 813 FISHIN
    813 FISHIN 2 years ago +210

    Let’s switch it up: the whole banana army floats a macro Cheater.

    • 813 FISHIN
      813 FISHIN Year ago

      @Mythical Clan Ik lol

    • Zyxify
      Zyxify 2 years ago

      @ツfish Tiko it's called quad binds not 4 binds

    • Stacy Taylor
      Stacy Taylor 2 years ago

      Uhhhhh Same profile

    • Andy Gongora
      Andy Gongora 2 years ago +1

      Yoooo subscribe to mrbeast

    • 813 FISHIN
      813 FISHIN 2 years ago +2

      Thank you bazerk

  • Atreyu Rowe
    Atreyu Rowe 2 years ago

    I am glad to see our leader can clap a macro hacker

  • Jsn_eg8ng Gaming
    Jsn_eg8ng Gaming Year ago +1

    He does not macro he just edits fast 💨

  • ryo
    ryo Year ago +7

    i can float people without a macro and I’ve started playing since 3 days...

    • Stealex
      Stealex 11 months ago

      I can almost float on my Xbox

    • Retro1614
      Retro1614 Year ago

      Same but my keyboard kinda broke


    Berserk: 1v1's ryft ryft: *dies instantly*

  • Goofy _Kev
    Goofy _Kev 2 years ago +272

    Fun fact: ryft doesn't use macro he just have a better chair than u 😂 😂 😂

    • Smooth Boxd
      Smooth Boxd 3 months ago

      Haha I think we know that bazerk was being sarcastic 🤌😂😂😂

    • Yandel Fausto
      Yandel Fausto 2 years ago


    • Godly_xdl
      Godly_xdl 2 years ago

      @David St. Onge lol 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    • ilylaw
      ilylaw 2 years ago +1

      I heard he stands up😳

    • GøātedCOD
      GøātedCOD 2 years ago

      Nah he use code flea... SIKE he uses Bazerks code :)

  • Rayyan
    Rayyan 2 years ago +1

    Streamer: laughing when they die
    Everyone else: being mad when they get killed

  • Shadow_wxrld
    Shadow_wxrld 2 years ago

    Just imagine how many macro cheaters there would be if it was on Console

  • SQ (real)
    SQ (real) 9 months ago

    God damn, I wish more banana army video existed... even after all these years I am still a banana

  • tev2nbtc
    tev2nbtc 2 years ago

    He's not macroing he just has a good gaming chair

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic 2 years ago +95

    Ryft: *I don’t Macro*

    • ayees
      ayees 2 years ago

      @The Devourer Of Souls handcam

    • DRAXE
      DRAXE 2 years ago


    • Zeat
      Zeat 2 years ago

      Check desc

  • Not_Dubs-_- Tips and News for Fortnite

    He isnt a macro cheater lol

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool Year ago

    It was so fun playing with you berserk

  • rxzers
    rxzers Year ago

    He’s not a macro cheater tho 😂

  • SkarSpiral
    SkarSpiral 2 years ago

    He doesn’t use macros he’s just good

  • Ryft
    Ryft 2 years ago +2787


  • gadiel omar
    gadiel omar 2 years ago

    He's not a macro cheater he can just edit fast

  • Flxxpy
    Flxxpy 2 years ago +1

    Ryft edits like it's nothing it's insane

  • SilentsSlayer...
    SilentsSlayer... 2 years ago +21

    2019: a AIMBOT cheater JOINED MY LOBBY and this happened...
    2020: a MACRO cheater JOINED MY LOBBY and this happened...

  • Dynamic Declan
    Dynamic Declan Year ago +1

    Ryft does not macro he is just very good at editing

  • Team Acres
    Team Acres 2 years ago +1496

    Only people who didn’t come from TikTok can like this.

  • frankee topping
    frankee topping Year ago

    Never say that ryft is a macro cheater he is just a God as editing

  • BH-Kawiy
    BH-Kawiy 2 years ago +37

    Ryft installed macros to his hands

  • Amanda Pomicter
    Amanda Pomicter Year ago

    Ryft doesn’t use macros he the fastest editor in the world

  • Pateus 標
    Pateus 標 Year ago

    He's not macroing. He just use quad binds edit🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Soap
    Soap 2 years ago +156

    I'll never run into a macro cheater because I'm too bad to be put into the same lobby as them😎

  • Notrex
    Notrex 2 years ago

    At the start he literally exposed rift😂

  • Aimee B
    Aimee B Year ago

    Ryft doesn’t hack he just has a good gaming chair

  • Carly_Sutton
    Carly_Sutton Year ago

    Ryft is not cheating he’s just fast at editing

  • Teodor Masini
    Teodor Masini Year ago

    fun fact: Ryft isn't macro cheating

  • imabeastboi
    imabeastboi 2 years ago +13

    1:50 I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • btpc1
      btpc1 2 years ago +1

      Me too 😂😂

  • Pattywantstrophy on fe2

    He’s not a macro cheater he’s just good

  • SwAgg_Rxft YT
    SwAgg_Rxft YT 2 years ago

    Ryft doesn’t Macro he just practices

  • Andi Rozhgar
    Andi Rozhgar Year ago +6

    He is not using macro he’s just a fast clicker and using E

    • Gamerxxy
      Gamerxxy Year ago +1

      Read the first coment

  • antisocialvlxxzy
    antisocialvlxxzy 2 years ago +3

    Imagine building up to place a launch pad and it is just floating in the air

  • NF
    NF 2 years ago +4

    ryft: *sees title*
    also ryft: *Sweats nervously*

  • Riley Jackson
    Riley Jackson 2 years ago

    Ryft doesn’t macro he is just good

  • Flat Head
    Flat Head Year ago

    People calling Ryft a macro cheater:
    Their skin:DEFAULT

  • Vrizy
    Vrizy 2 years ago

    Bruh he’s not a makro he’s just good

  • Sarah Stringer
    Sarah Stringer 2 years ago +32

    Ryft dosnt use macros he just been trying hard watch his video how

  • Linda Toms
    Linda Toms 2 years ago

    How the frick does he edit so fast with out a mackro

  • CosmicBrownie
    CosmicBrownie Year ago

    Ok I thought you were actually saying he was a cheater😂

  • No clickbat
    No clickbat Year ago

    Ryft doesn't macro he is god of editing still his hands pain don't say that

  • Fade 122
    Fade 122 Year ago

    Yesterday I made someone flote for the first time I was so happy I cryed

  • TheGreenTeletubby
    TheGreenTeletubby 2 years ago

    Fun fact: ryft has a good gaming chair

  • Yiggy
    Yiggy Year ago


  • O and B
    O and B 2 years ago

    Ryft doesn’t have macros
    It’s official

  • Georgia Krana
    Georgia Krana 2 years ago

    Ryft is amazing ans isnt macro cheater❤

  • Syrex
    Syrex 2 years ago +47

    i heard “macro cheater” more than 50 times this week

    • Michael White
      Michael White 2 years ago

      Me to

    • Mikkel Breiler
      Mikkel Breiler 2 years ago

      it's just one of those things. as an exgf once tried to tell me about moving to a new job and not staying with me. Really girl ? one hour commute makes you dump your bf ? I'll help you pack and I will throw in stuff you made me buy too.

    • L'Paz
      L'Paz 2 years ago


    • 10 Youngballer
      10 Youngballer 2 years ago

      Same still

    • Alfredo Trochez
      Alfredo Trochez 2 years ago

      SyrexFN fr

  • stefancfc
    stefancfc 2 years ago


  • Opcop Gaming
    Opcop Gaming 2 years ago +1

    Rift isn’t a macro cheater though

  • bale
    bale Year ago

    Ryft is not a macro cheater he can edit so fast as bhe notluc❤

  • Nohab
    Nohab Year ago

    Ryft do not macro he is just a god at editing

  • MJCobz
    MJCobz 2 years ago +46

    I feel bad for the 4 year olds who don’t have a YT account so they can’t like and sub... they’re probably wondering why they still have their ninja headband,

    • Rawa Shad
      Rawa Shad 2 years ago

      Hi mjcobz

    • Zequa
      Zequa 2 years ago

      MJCobz the legend himself

    • zangarrr
      zangarrr 2 years ago

      MJCobz it is you!

    • Rando
      Rando 2 years ago

      You comment on every faze Kaz vid

    • unknownability
      unknownability 2 years ago

      You're famous in the fortnite community do u know me

  • Playgamerbox745 :3
    Playgamerbox745 :3 Year ago +3

    Man, lil shrimp really wanted those 20 kills huh.

  • Udi Edreyi
    Udi Edreyi 2 years ago

    Ryft edits for a year or more he’s not cheating he’s just good

    $PEED $OUNDS Year ago

    He isnt hacking he just have a gaming chair

    WFF CLAN 2 years ago

    He’s not a macro cheater 😾

  • Cross W Farm
    Cross W Farm 2 years ago +6

    Ryft doesn’t use macro, he edited that fast even before people started using macro or even found out about it.

    • Wavvyxbl
      Wavvyxbl 2 years ago

      @Cross W Farm oh thats makes since

    • Cross W Farm
      Cross W Farm 2 years ago

      Wavvyxbl I was just stating that to anybody who didn’t know if he really did macro or didn’t, I know what a joke is

    • Wavvyxbl
      Wavvyxbl 2 years ago +1

      its called a joke

  • Mrrandom ???
    Mrrandom ??? 2 years ago

    Only true ogs now rift doesn’t macro he has handcam to prove it

  • Kate Saovanee
    Kate Saovanee 2 years ago

    Bh luc can do more faster than ryft

  • jsvecero
    jsvecero 2 years ago

    OMG bazerk won against a fast editor

  • Ruhaan Naveed
    Ruhaan Naveed 2 years ago

    Ryft Is not macroing he is God at editing

  • ground pincher
    ground pincher 2 years ago +4

    Love How he gets vídeos That don't even seem interesting but makes so freaking them so goooooddddd

  • AJ Allen
    AJ Allen 2 years ago

    He’s acully not a macro player he’s proven it

  • error303
    error303 2 years ago

    Actually Ryft is Macroing he just has the edit binds as Macro Bind 😂

  • Fxtal Playz
    Fxtal Playz Year ago

    He doesn't macro honestly he has handcams

  • fake fragile
    fake fragile Year ago

    He's good he does not macro

  • Deace
    Deace 2 years ago +4

    2:54 there was just too much for my brain to register 😂

  • Suke
    Suke 2 years ago

    but ryft isnt a macro cheater:(

  • daffy duck
    daffy duck Year ago

    Me: this was shorter than expected.
    Them: that's what she said

  • Anna Aluko-Fostine
    Anna Aluko-Fostine 2 years ago

    ryft does not macro lol he is just the fastest editer

  • The Roblox Commando

    Ryft should get a world record for fastest editer in fortnite

  • 6hxdowz
    6hxdowz 2 years ago +8

    Oh shit Tiko better call flea to double his edit speed😳

  • Team J
    Team J Year ago

    This Is So Funny Lol Trolling Bananas This so hilarious. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • KBI Promotions Photography

    Rift don’t macro he just has a good gaming chair thank you beset much

  • Sarae Tiarre
    Sarae Tiarre Year ago

    I was about to say he isn't a macro cheater till I read his comment

  • The Claapz
    The Claapz 2 years ago

    Bazerk make your vids longer it isn’t enough content

  • Traud
    Traud Year ago

    Wait, did u say one of the best macro cheaters 'RYFT'... Ryft ain't a macro cheater

  • Jay Mateja
    Jay Mateja 2 years ago +1

    Ryft is just super fast at editng

  • Leonardo Worden
    Leonardo Worden 2 years ago

    He just a god for eveyone who calls them. Macro and he just has good gaming chair

  • Mystical_dubs
    Mystical_dubs 2 years ago

    Lyft isn't macro just because he has fast edits that hes been playin fo 1 year in edits

  • Ravi
    Ravi 2 years ago +3

    The content we NEEEEEEDDD💥

  • Kaizo
    Kaizo Year ago

    Nah he just has a good gaming chair

  • x2 lee
    x2 lee 2 years ago

    Lol about to say his the best editer in the game not a macro but he has been called out 4 using 1 same with me I just edit fast

  • Dahlia Sale
    Dahlia Sale Year ago

    ive been watching ryft for a long time and he ain't cheat gh

  • Hzyden
    Hzyden Year ago

    Love how ryfts in there

  • Andi Rozhgar
    Andi Rozhgar Year ago +1

    If rift was hacking he would’ve gone bad by now and macro

  • Cameron Jordan
    Cameron Jordan Year ago +2

    His percentages at 0:21 make no sense

  • Abdalrahman Alalami
    Abdalrahman Alalami 2 years ago

    Guys imagine if tiko reacted to this vid

  • Angie Bouwer
    Angie Bouwer 2 years ago +1

    Ryft isn't a macro user fam he's just INSANE

    • Ian Awad
      Ian Awad 2 years ago

      He might u never know

  • Padoo
    Padoo 2 years ago +4

    1:50 just what i was waiting for

  • Qt gamer Vids
    Qt gamer Vids Year ago

    bazerk is cracked lol XD

  • Rosa Alejandre Maldonado

    Ryft isn’t macroing he just god good if he was macroing it was like one second edits and his is a two second edit