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Fortnite Camouflage Hide & Seek!

  • Published on May 18, 2022
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Comments • 656

  • @Bazerk
    @Bazerk  Year ago +370

    NAAAAHHHH NO WAY I walked past Zisc 7 times without noticing him...

  • @2Swifty
    @2Swifty Year ago +110

    Zed went CRAZY on the edits 😮‍💨

  • @Melt
    @Melt Year ago +225

    The ending of this was the best thing I have ever seen LMAOO

  • @TxnsGaming
    @TxnsGaming Year ago +63

    Crazy Video Loved it!

  • @Dark-PLaZmA
    @Dark-PLaZmA Year ago +15

    Amazing hide and seek there's really good hiding spots in the map for some competitive plays thanks bazerk

  • @T5G
    @T5G Year ago +93

    haha I was so hidden in this I didn't even make it in the video

  • @debrabaker8043
    @debrabaker8043 Year ago +32

    bazerk: walks pasts like everybody 7 times me: laughing so bad

  • @rubique_
    @rubique_ Year ago +14

    The snowy biome had some of the BEST hiding spots 👀

  • @Kaidoz
    @Kaidoz Year ago +15

    this was crazy

  • @tanqr747
    @tanqr747 Year ago +2

    This video was really funny and really fun god bless you Bazerk

  • @clxpeek
    @clxpeek Year ago +3

    At this point we all know that bazerk is half blind💀

  • @itsflashyjunior8054

    love your vids keep up the good work!

  • @Lessferr
    @Lessferr Year ago +2

    I like how Bazerk’s RUclips Logo is taped on his shirt 😂😂😂

  • @dylanvargas3512
    @dylanvargas3512 Year ago +3

    Congratulations Melt For the $500

  • @YBDc4
    @YBDc4 Year ago +2

    Much love bro ur content is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @GamerBoy-rj3wc
    @GamerBoy-rj3wc Year ago +1

    4:15 made me laugh 😂

  • @timothypark8472
    @timothypark8472 Year ago +3

    you are actually my favorite youtube ever!!!! i love the vidssss i love it so much I'm laughing so much! thank you for ht content

  • @FireHead117
    @FireHead117 Year ago +3

    this is hands down my favorite video!!!

  • @flutterdash9528
    @flutterdash9528 Year ago

    This is so cool, I want to give it a try

  • @kimdavison7834
    @kimdavison7834 5 months ago

    Love your videos❤

  • @Tripenator
    @Tripenator Year ago +3

    My day gets better every time you upload! Ong

  • @BmoGem
    @BmoGem Year ago

    Bazerk you walked past so much ppl 😂

  • @theslayerraven394

    Bazerk: how do you feel about losing $500?
    The person who got out 3rd: nOoOoOooOoO

  • @mccreamyfan6998
    @mccreamyfan6998 Year ago

    such a banger just like u

  • @Semihgroen
    @Semihgroen Year ago

    Best Hide and Seek! 👍👍🤩

  • @Lane_
    @Lane_ Year ago +4

    zed so good, banger vid

  • @monk4353
    @monk4353 Year ago +4

    I like your haircut it’s clean 😊

  • @RyanCoomer
    @RyanCoomer Year ago

    at a buffet, i personally sneak corndogs into the buffet so others can enjoy them. I hide 6 corndogs in my jacket pockets. it then, is a joy for me to see other patrons of the establishment eat my corndogs thinking they were part of the bufffffff!!!

  • @kickrocksorgetsocked3308

    He didn't snitch in the game but bet he would IRL the whole group would IRL so i would have still popped him XD

  • @ItsJaden1
    @ItsJaden1 Year ago

    The best hide and seek video yet

  • @holographic7727
    @holographic7727 Year ago +1

    I wanted Txns or melt to win they are the only ones I watch

  • @zxxmzz2317
    @zxxmzz2317 Year ago

    I love bazerk ❤️‍🔥

  • @wiscthegoat2589
    @wiscthegoat2589 Year ago +2

    This is so sick

  • @My2cents.
    @My2cents. Year ago +1

    One doesn’t experience self transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈

  • @gbraz1021
    @gbraz1021 Year ago

    hi im a big fan keep up good work

  • @donaldlunara5653

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    John 3:16 .

  • @raccoonnova1201
    @raccoonnova1201 Year ago

    bazerk you are my favorite youtuber on youtube

  • @savannahm8487
    @savannahm8487 Year ago

    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life." -John 3:16(bible) "the wages of sin is death"-Bible. Therefore God the judge has given man the death sentence due to man's sin, but because of God's mercy, he gave himself(god incarnate/jesus)to die on a cross for the sins of the world. That means he paid our fine and if we trust in him God can legally let us go guilt free in court/judgment day and have everlasting life with Him!
    "Go and sin no more!"-Jesus

  • @abdielmorales1380

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  • @mccreamyfan6998
    @mccreamyfan6998 Year ago

    i like how milos skin is blue and hes on a green tree

  • @donaldlunara5653

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    We were dead in our trespasses and sin.
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  • @skeletongaming3148

    Nice Game play brother 😈

  • @life-jj1ur
    @life-jj1ur Year ago

    bazerk I hope you read this... you have now became my favorite youtuber

  • @DaveTheUseless
    @DaveTheUseless Year ago

    I thought the thumbnail was a picture of the 12 oz Mouse
    I should put my glasses back on

  • @ocinymarius
    @ocinymarius Year ago

    Dude I love your videos

  • @Lobaboy
    @Lobaboy Year ago

    Bazerk is like this ain’t no mr Beast 😂😂

  • @donnawilson9562
    @donnawilson9562 Year ago +1

    Why do Milo and Zisc look like twins lol

  • @polarbushboi
    @polarbushboi Year ago

    I’m glad you uploaded

  • @iiTay
    @iiTay Year ago

    I wanna join on this pleasee it looks so fun

  • @nataliakruk61
    @nataliakruk61 Year ago

    I subscribed today and I keep watching all ur vids🙂

  • @omobolanleagboke636

    keep it up

  • @blixar_yt252
    @blixar_yt252 Year ago +3

    Bro this man is a legend sup to this man so he can get 1.80 million subscribers

  • @Egypt_killa322
    @Egypt_killa322 Year ago +1

    this ain't no mrbeat 💀😂

  • @yuvraj6104
    @yuvraj6104 Year ago +1

    Fun fact - his t-shirt logo is A put in tape

  • @Varaxito
    @Varaxito Year ago +1

    I don't know much English but I like your videos ❤️

  • @snowedsav5828
    @snowedsav5828 10 months ago

    Bro sizl went in as Travis Scott and tried to blend in with a brown tree and it worked ☠️

  • @bazrice77
    @bazrice77 Year ago

    Love you and your the best trickshoter

  • @Juno006
    @Juno006 Year ago

    Omg the content 😂

  • @lowqualitygremlin

    Me:notices orba has a lightsaber arent those gone?

  • @MorePurePlays
    @MorePurePlays Year ago

    awesome video

  • @landoncole2518
    @landoncole2518 Year ago +1

    Great vid

  • @addisonjacobson7342

    You are also the best fortnite RUclips ever

  • @nicholaslangbraten6048

    Did he deadass just hide as a black guy in front of a tree

  • @dj6205
    @dj6205 Year ago

    Hey Bazerk you are the funniest fortnite RUclipsr ever can you do Minecraft build competition again

  • @skrtvroom
    @skrtvroom Year ago +2

    Bazerk get ready for all the bot comments😃

  • @fazechaos9600
    @fazechaos9600 Year ago

    this vid was fire

  • @addicted458
    @addicted458 Year ago +1

    i swear when i saw this channel like 3 weeks ago you had 598k subs am i trippin.

  • @JPEager
    @JPEager Year ago

    I Love you you are the best hide and seek RUclips's ever

  • @hollygreene7541
    @hollygreene7541 Year ago

    Anybody else notice that he taped the logo to his shirt

  • @elfredthegamer2813

    Let go the king came back

  • @JustinandAriel
    @JustinandAriel Year ago +1

    If ur early and see this have a good day/night

  • @jaudynmikkelsen4171

    You are the beast

  • @azizalrefai6357
    @azizalrefai6357 Year ago

    Nice vid

  • @-_lychdeaxty_-9774

    1:05 look carefully...

  • @JPEager
    @JPEager Year ago

    How did you not look behind that white bord

  • @prestonhockey6880
    @prestonhockey6880 11 months ago

    No way you can not see them😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • @elyy1x492
    @elyy1x492 Year ago +1

    My bro NorCal Scotty 🤝🏾

  • @amsopro_yt9985
    @amsopro_yt9985 Year ago

    bruh nevermind
    it was a bird🤣😂

  • @eldreamdecast8238

    Funny video bro

  • @TJ_Trex
    @TJ_Trex 6 days ago

    Is nobody going to talk about this 1:05? Gets a lil gassy

  • @elguachochino1141

    Okay why is he using Travis Scott to hide in a tree 🤨

    @SCHARKBAIT11 Year ago

    it was the "we do note care" for me

  • @lucho2235
    @lucho2235 Year ago

    i wanted zisc win!

  • @xd12silver5
    @xd12silver5 Year ago +1

    Best video ever

  • @matanfox7981
    @matanfox7981 11 months ago +2

    1:04 wtf is this edit 💀💀

  • @genki_stars3992
    @genki_stars3992 Year ago +1

    Simba mr thunder whoa! 💣 he aims from Mongolia courts
    Boo Moses

  • @Bedo_abosdera
    @Bedo_abosdera Year ago

    Bazerk do you remember the banana army 🧐🧐🧐

  • @tallspooderman4233
    @tallspooderman4233 4 months ago

    Milo with the -110 iq

  • @klutchshot
    @klutchshot Year ago

    Banger video

  • @weddy.
    @weddy. Year ago

    amazing video - weddy

  • @SparkgamesYT193
    @SparkgamesYT193 Year ago

    LMAOOOO when to found milo the edit 1:05

  • @kodiandfunnymems7661

    I love you bazh

  • @Sizl
    @Sizl Year ago +281

    I'm suing melt after this...

  • @walteradolfsson9081

    Du är bäst

  • @migle3378
    @migle3378 Year ago

    the end

  • @imlegitsubbbingtoeveryonew1980

    Congrats to everyone Who is early And Who Found this comment

  • @sa7ebzhx78
    @sa7ebzhx78 Year ago

    What is the map code?

  • @lincolnadkins9880
    @lincolnadkins9880 Year ago +3


    • @Bazerk
      @Bazerk  Year ago


  • @sebsebasgaming3361

    He just found someone

  • @Valeria_is.valid..

    This is so cool