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  • Published on Feb 2, 2023
  • Amelia meets Fumez The Engineer for a date in a Chicken Shop
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Co-Written by Ania Magliano
    Producer: Georgie Goadsby
    Executive Producer: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Cam A: Jack Ayers
    Cam B: Tayo Yusuff
    Sound Op: Paul O’Hare
    Editor: Sinah Keller
    Conform: Lewis Ashley
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
    Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley, Ashleigh Kybert & Miracle Hurd
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Comments • 595

  • @lindsayelizabeth3206
    @lindsayelizabeth3206 Year ago +5447

    I get all my dating tips from Amelia. So far I haven't had a second date, but I'm sure things will turn around soon.

  • @hannahdigitals
    @hannahdigitals Year ago +6463

    I’m convinced that if this was a phone call he would be lying on his stomach, kicking his feet in the air and blushing

  • @wesleyjazz87
    @wesleyjazz87 Year ago +2434

    “Your sauce is barbecue” had me rolling 😂

  • @kwekuunusual3473
    @kwekuunusual3473 Year ago +2950

    The awkward scene of the manager/attendant staring at the camera always gets me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @k1.772
      @k1.772 Year ago +18

      iwl there's no need 😂😂

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +12

      Every time 😂

    • @kwazz_1208
      @kwazz_1208 Year ago +7

      we have the same name lol ghana bro

    • @kwekuunusual3473
      @kwekuunusual3473 Year ago +5

      @@kwazz_1208 lol yeahh bro🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

    • @starboy1859
      @starboy1859 Year ago +4

      feels intimidating don’t mess with boss man

  • @nz7777
    @nz7777 Year ago +2354

    I’m aspiring to be as confident as Amelia in all life situations.

  • @ergyvq
    @ergyvq Year ago +1056

    nobody's talking about how actually impresssing the dragon hand thing was????

    • @dimilton3166
      @dimilton3166 Year ago +15

      Dude, I know! It looked legit!

    • @manar97matroud
      @manar97matroud Year ago +2

      Its actually a snake, dunno where she got dragon from🤣

    • @kittyinpink
      @kittyinpink Year ago +10

      It had horns tho🐲 I believed it😂

    • @christihaltom4872
      @christihaltom4872 Year ago +2

      That's also my party trick 😂

    • @bigben42
      @bigben42 Year ago

      @@christihaltom4872same, I learned it from a 90s book on ninja shit lol

  • @keefabara
    @keefabara Year ago +1380

    Fumez: "My thing's eye contact."
    Amelia: *instantly looks away*
    It was subtle but I caught it 🤣🤣🤣

  • @mando3061
    @mando3061 Year ago +744

    "You lost me with that whole dragon thing." Classic Amelia throwing the guest off with her randomness.

  • @khalilahd.
    @khalilahd. Year ago +987

    Not Amelia rapping better than most of the professionals these days 😂😂 also Barba-cute is my new favorite pickup line

  • @gradeaadventurer
    @gradeaadventurer Year ago +525

    i LOVE his lack of reaction to the shit she's pulling bc it adds to the awkwardness 😂😂😂

    • @asiah7352
      @asiah7352 Year ago +7

      This one is actually awkward lol

  • @Itsabyah
    @Itsabyah Year ago +261

    Her trying not to piss herself laughing when his face drops at the dragon hand 😂

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +1850

    Hello everyone ! So happy Fumez took a break from the Pluggin In studio for a date with me. What did you think of my rap? I thought it was 10/10 wow I’m so multitalented. Valentine’s Day is coming up which means there might be another date very soon……❤ love you all xxxxx

  • @thriller008
    @thriller008 Year ago +318

    Sheesh, Amelia carried this one too hard

  • @lathan.
    @lathan. Year ago +268

    "You lost me with that whole dragon thing" how many potential relationships have failed since the dawn of time with that one line 🤣

  • @sarahbland1253
    @sarahbland1253 Year ago +187

    at this point, amelia's having even more fun than the dates haha

  • @harleyquiinnnn
    @harleyquiinnnn Year ago +205

    Amelia is looking better than ever ngl ✨ the glow is unreal

  • @sarawright1196
    @sarawright1196 Year ago +83

    This girl is so charismatic I haven't heard of half the people she dates/interviews but I always enjoy & I'm here & I keep watching cuz they're talking to her, she brings something special, not everyone has these endearing qualities & charm ...plus funny as

  • @lmznour1645
    @lmznour1645 Year ago +314

    Ryan Reynolds would be incredible on this show, I don’t know why I just thought of that

    • @juliane2102
      @juliane2102 Year ago +9


    • @sophiastangg
      @sophiastangg Year ago +8

      No kidding you’re on to smthng

    • @sunshynea5151
      @sunshynea5151 Year ago +7

      They will play off each other so well. I would love to watch that. Amelia let's make it happen!

    • @top5tings
      @top5tings Year ago

      Nah leave us white boys alone becky

    • @Drexxaal
      @Drexxaal Year ago +1

      Yep! Because his got a fast mouth 2! It would b hilarious! He thinks his funny because he hasn't met this killer n she would dead pool him!

  • @meganledford9709
    @meganledford9709 Year ago +124

    It was going so well and the she busted out the hand dragon! Maybe save that for the second date 😂

  • @justinkeenswijk9049
    @justinkeenswijk9049 Year ago +233

    Amelia can lowkey rap tho😂👏🏾at first i thought she would just rap some nonsense, but Girl got bars tho😂❤️

  • @userk3
    @userk3 Year ago +69

    Now we need an Amelia Plugged in w/ Fumez

  • @TrojanThugMusic
    @TrojanThugMusic Year ago +12

    Top tip, That Dragon thing is more impressive when you're in a darkish room and you do it against a wall so you can see the shadow of your hands. That's why he didn't get it.

  • @tracyj2886
    @tracyj2886 Year ago +66

    Cheers to those of us who are used to the question, “Are you always like this?” !!!!❤ love me some Me-lia!!

  • @kathrichards6947
    @kathrichards6947 Year ago +243

    he was quiet, but obsessed with you. Tried to play it cool but he wanted to kiss you so bad after the dragon bit.

  • @ARC--eh5zt
    @ARC--eh5zt Year ago +12

    the dragon was terrifying Amelia should've put a jumpscare warning

  • @mascode1
    @mascode1 Year ago +23

    These interviews get better every time!

  • @mghfuny1483
    @mghfuny1483 Year ago +76

    I need these videos to be 15 minutes long. Why 5 minutes?😭😭

    • @lyndamc.c4150
      @lyndamc.c4150 Year ago +13

      Cause nothing happened fr 😬 He really wasn't giving anything, not receptive at all, Amelia carried that one solo...

    • @ellem8990
      @ellem8990 Year ago +1

      @@lyndamc.c4150 they all are about this short, even if the guests are good

    • @marydet815
      @marydet815 Year ago

      @Mimi Kiko 😁😆😆😅😂😂🤣

  • @jawbreaker8033
    @jawbreaker8033 10 months ago +6

    He couldn’t believe what he saw when Amelia did the dragon thing🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @sanflowersun5200
    @sanflowersun5200 Year ago +49

    His stare😂 and ngl this is the funniest Chicken shop date!😭

  • @luzdani11
    @luzdani11 Year ago +624

    A date with central cee is gonna happen. Just got to speak it into existence 🙏

  • @Reesie.
    @Reesie. Year ago +16

    I am SCREAMINGGGGGG 😂 😂 😂 😂.. when he said you got to believe in your sauce and amelia is like ''and your sauce is barbeque'' pshhhhh... That had me differently. LOVE IT.

  • @OnlyNanz
    @OnlyNanz Year ago +113

    Barbe-cute took me out 😆
    Fumes is actually a funny guy😎 catch him when hes waved lol bless breda💯

  • @MadailinBurnhope
    @MadailinBurnhope Year ago +6

    he's so nice and respectful

  • @ezzar8165
    @ezzar8165 Year ago +12

    Amelia looks extra cute in this date!!
    Love the strawberry vest! ❤

  • @amandaleigh2954
    @amandaleigh2954 Year ago +23

    That rap was straight fire tho

  • @di7787
    @di7787 7 months ago +2

    I love this look of hers so much ❤️

  • @billiemcgregor4585
    @billiemcgregor4585 Year ago +25

    Can you cook? No , I can do other things, I can make a dragon with my hand 😂😂😂😂😂 that part got me laughing on my back

  • @Themis103
    @Themis103 Year ago +12

    It’s this kind of dry humor I freaking love it’s perfect

  • @alistair.thompson
    @alistair.thompson Year ago +9

    This was so well written. Laughing out loud!

  • @gabrielacanto1771
    @gabrielacanto1771 Year ago +1

    I love you and your Interviews 🥰

  • @drewsky8997
    @drewsky8997 Year ago +19

    Amelia got BARS!!!

  • @Drexxaal
    @Drexxaal Year ago +5

    My God she is ice cream on a perfect day! That rap was so good n ended w his name, incredible! She is amazing n this date was a delight! Lovely young man!

  • @craigyoungson9454
    @craigyoungson9454 Year ago +4

    Loving the jumper!

  • @ndtrx
    @ndtrx Year ago +11

    Amelia carried this ep
    Also she ATE with that rap

  • @nattyrom1069
    @nattyrom1069 Year ago +1

    This hair color looks amazing on Amelia😍

  • @private3m053
    @private3m053 Year ago +4

    I love this one, you never fail to make me laugh lmao

  • @ashleighbowyer8959
    @ashleighbowyer8959 Year ago +15

    That can’t be off the top 😂 Amelia!! Who knew wow 🤩 she must’ve picked up some magic interviewing all these rappers

  • @paulafaria9102
    @paulafaria9102 Year ago

    This is one of the best ones

  • @greezieeez7796
    @greezieeez7796 Year ago +16

    "your sauce is barbecue" 😂😂😂😂

  • @ElliaPerez
    @ElliaPerez Year ago

    I loveeee these videos 🥰

  • @santanawilliams5945

    This is the best one yet

  • @itsmukhtarabdi
    @itsmukhtarabdi Year ago +1

    Your Chicken Shop Date Videos is cool Amelia🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @KimboGayle
    @KimboGayle Year ago +2

    This is the funniest one I've seen in a long time. I was creasing at the dragon bit. 😭😭

  • @bluemacaroons
    @bluemacaroons 10 months ago

    these r so funny! 👏

  • @TBUK292
    @TBUK292 Year ago +2

    Cant lie these videos are low key hilarious

  • @paigemiller7333
    @paigemiller7333 Year ago

    this is one of the best ones ive seen in a while. LOL AMELIA!

  • @vanmax1363
    @vanmax1363 Year ago +3

    He was so impressed by your bars.

  • @jordanlaitinen5127
    @jordanlaitinen5127 Year ago +4

    Loved this one 😂

  • @hamandcheesedandwich

    Amelia if you do a chicken shop date with Pedro Pascal I will literally die

  • @Tarynnnnnnnx33
    @Tarynnnnnnnx33 Year ago

    My fav RUclipsr!!

  • @itsmuff2466
    @itsmuff2466 Year ago

    lads just chilling i rate it

  • @nofal.
    @nofal. Year ago +2

    we need 30-minute videos, Amelia, please.

  • @lucamakedrillsongs7834

    I love how he's shades are just what is the best thing I've seen

  • @Nikki-qw7zo
    @Nikki-qw7zo Year ago +8

    Hahahahhahaha! I love these! Amelia, you and I might be the same girl. I’ve always been like this on a first date because obviously show your true self right off the bat. I have been ghosted after first dates a handful of times and I was lucky enough to find a guy that’s obsessed with me. Now I have to go back and tell him that I actually didn’t survive off of road kill when we first met. I bought all my meats from the grocery store. But, if he accepted me for that then I think he’ll still be accepting that I might just be a liar. 😊

  • @ebunoluwaa
    @ebunoluwaa Year ago +5

    The way he said "you lost me with that whole dragon thing" 😂🤣😭🐉

  • @Katy-sh3ru
    @Katy-sh3ru Year ago

    This was one of my faves 😄

  • @Kevin.Anthony3
    @Kevin.Anthony3 Year ago +7

    My guys face when Amelia made the dragon with her hands 😂 Gold.

  • @MaduChannel
    @MaduChannel Year ago +2

    I love this woman

  • @spencelefe
    @spencelefe Year ago +8

    This one is a classic :)

  • @_the_real_gloria_

    This one is my favourite yet ❤😂

  • @halfmanamazing549
    @halfmanamazing549 Year ago +9

    Amelia definitely got bars 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @jowotjo
    @jowotjo Year ago +4

    You never fail to put a smile on my face , thankyou for that. Keep it coming. X

  • @aleh70
    @aleh70 Year ago +2

    Okay, but why did those bars go so hard 👏🏽

  • @24kilobytes
    @24kilobytes Year ago +5

    Plugged in with Fumez 🥶

  • @Transpired
    @Transpired Year ago +2

    it's all about the taste!

  • @sb.5vm
    @sb.5vm Year ago +10

    Get Amelia on plugged in 🔥🔥

  • @karmicabundance9598

    "If you say to a girl hey and she thinks you're dead.. That is peak for you" 💀💀🤣🤣

  • @niccoomar9569
    @niccoomar9569 Year ago +6

    Amelia is smooth with it ahaha

  • @heathergreyy18
    @heathergreyy18 Year ago +1

    new video let's gooooo ameliaaaa

  • @KaitlynTornello
    @KaitlynTornello Year ago +3

    Amelia’s got bars… my favorite person ever

  • @elisazouza
    @elisazouza Year ago +1

    the strawberry knit jumper i neeeed

  • @IGazeYouInTheHaze
    @IGazeYouInTheHaze Year ago +1

    I want the bloopers

  • @bandaid.bandit
    @bandaid.bandit Year ago +2

    Richard Ayoade on here would be so epic omggggg Amelia

  • @discopumps
    @discopumps Year ago +1

    vibes are immaculate

  • @juliane2102
    @juliane2102 Year ago +29

    We need a date with Doja Cat, Ryan Reynolds and Tyler the Creator

    • @Katy-sh3ru
      @Katy-sh3ru Year ago +1

      Imagine one with Bob Mortimer 😍 🤣

  • @chanbaekforever13
    @chanbaekforever13 Year ago +14

    : did you have a rap?
    : I could maybe rap for you now
    And here I thought she's gonna do the "my money don't jiggle jiggle" just for fun haha

  • @SkunkGrinder
    @SkunkGrinder Year ago +10

    I'm not gonna lie, that dragon trick would have been a great alternative for me instead of her being able to cook. I mean, you can always put boiling hot water into a pot noodle and do some toast. Not everyone can create a dragon with their hands though. Super impressive 👍

    • @Gintoki_Madao
      @Gintoki_Madao Year ago

      You can always just use your hands and make a dragon

    • @SkunkGrinder
      @SkunkGrinder Year ago +2

      @@Gintoki_Madao I honestly can't though.

  • @northmob9206
    @northmob9206 Year ago +1

    Best episode in years

  • @ezdave2929
    @ezdave2929 10 months ago +2

    lmao, dragon with my hands is got to be the pinnacle of this whole thing, Fumez reacted appropriately imo.

  • @angelajunwa
    @angelajunwa Year ago

    I didn’t want this to end

  • @vincentbynumbers
    @vincentbynumbers Year ago +2

    i learned that hand dragon thing has a kid and have NEVER SEEN ANYONE else do it... or knew that it was a dragon. nice!

  • @rgncajun21
    @rgncajun21 Year ago +4

    Honestly would’ve liked to have seen his reaction to ur sauce is bbq 😩

  • @rfmarler
    @rfmarler Year ago

    That was a classic ❤

  • @anomalymadeit1670
    @anomalymadeit1670 Year ago +4


  • @jackyc6919
    @jackyc6919 Year ago +8

    our queen gracing us with a new date. love to see it.

  • @maipelon
    @maipelon Year ago +1

    When he was looking at the dragon 🤣🤣🤣🤣 yo I’m creasing.

  • @MightyEFX
    @MightyEFX 11 months ago

    love it

  • @marianaortegon7374
    @marianaortegon7374 Year ago +1

    Amelia rapping was the best thing ever

  • @tmxnna
    @tmxnna Year ago +1

    ' your source would be barbeque'
    istg i actually love Amelia 😭💀

  • @Av4nQuisH
    @Av4nQuisH Year ago +2

    sometings off with fumez i always felt it no idea why 😂