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Minecraft, But Anything You Hold Turns OP

  • Published on Apr 11, 2021
  • Minecraft, but any item you hold turns OP... Can I beat Minecraft like this?
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    This is a Minecraft 1.16 challenge where I speedrun and beat the ender dragon. instead of a Minecraft Speed runner VS Hunter, this is a 'Minecraft but' challenge...
    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises
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  • Bazerk
    Bazerk  Year ago +517

    After ur done watching my best video yet... I just posted on Instagram (@Bazerk). Following 3 people back that go like and comment on it!

  • cindy corcoran
    cindy corcoran Year ago +504

    He’s good at Minecraft but the only thing he doesn’t know is everything

  • Grand Priest
    Grand Priest Year ago +29

    bazerk : uses sword and bows askin how to kill it without dyin, speedrunners : we aint need no armor we need bEdS

  • [insert name here]
    [insert name here] Year ago +88

    "That's got to be the *worst* pirate I've ever seen"

  • seema pahwa
    seema pahwa Year ago +10

    This guy is motivated to prove himself btw love it!!

  • GEVids
    GEVids Year ago +1071

    anyone else notice he has 22 bows in the end? 😅

  • Simbula
    Simbula Year ago +8

    pov: you saw the tiktok and searched this up

  • Gameflamingo
    Gameflamingo Year ago +58

    Everyone talking about how this dude can't find gravel, but can we talk about how he REALLY needed the netherite at the dragon?

    • Gameflamingo
      Gameflamingo Year ago

      @Insensitive _ The netherite only sometimes negates knockback, not always. The ender dragon gave knockback because the game decided not to negate it

    • Insensitive _
      Insensitive _ Year ago

      Why did the ender dragon gave him knock back??? With full netherrite

    • Gameflamingo
      Gameflamingo Year ago

      @Guinea songs Do you really think I'd make that comment without beating the ender dragon with at highest, iron equipment?

    • Guinea songs
      Guinea songs Year ago

      You need creative be quite

    • Joseph Hoban
      Joseph Hoban Year ago

      He had full netherite but he still died like 5 times lol

  • Creativezito
    Creativezito Year ago +185

    Bazerk don't know the dragons breath thing from the dragon hurts him LMAO

  • Spiderduy !
    Spiderduy ! Year ago

    Bazerk: Watching Tutorial for Netherportal
    His Netherite Pickaxe: Am I a joke to you??

  • Roxy Mobasser
    Roxy Mobasser Year ago +43

    2:37 I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • cozyeditz
    cozyeditz Year ago +1

    Bazerk:Acts Like A Pro
    Also Bezerk:What Is That Purple Stuff

  • Prattube
    Prattube Year ago

    His editor is amazing And so is bazerk

  • savvymoon
    savvymoon Year ago +5

    "We need to find a good lava pit, then we can make a Nether"

  • Anjali Garg
    Anjali Garg Year ago +103

    Bazerk: where is gravel
    Me: bro when you are holding 3 iron you ran past gravel

  • SoaR Milo
    SoaR Milo Year ago +700


  • AppAndMaya
    AppAndMaya 8 months ago

    This guy died 5 times battling in the end for us and said he’s the best 3 times omg he’s insane

  • Yannick Okken
    Yannick Okken Year ago

    7:40 This man has 30 enderpearls in his hand. He passed the rules of minecraft

  • Arian Demukaj
    Arian Demukaj 9 months ago

    Bazerk:I'm the master I'm the best
    2 moments later
    Bazerk:That is my first time,I'm so stressed from normal aka crouch bringing

  • Carp cat
    Carp cat 11 months ago

    Imagine how he beat ender dragon in survival😂

  • townny
    townny Year ago +28

    “Idk what gravel looks like!”
    You’re not alone, i also dont know what it looks like.

  • Eliot Halimi
    Eliot Halimi Year ago

    I love it how he is so happy when he mlg clutches I'm happy too though

  • FAYD1234
    FAYD1234 Year ago +2

    3:40 i laughed so much

    APEX BABY Year ago +1

    he calls himself the master but then also calls diamond armor iron armor😂🤣🤐

  • Ts_ lazzer
    Ts_ lazzer Year ago +1

    Love seeing botzerk (bazerk) play Minecraft 😂

  • AMni Ilyas
    AMni Ilyas 11 months ago

    Golden tools: Am I a joke to you?

  • Jacob Brobst
    Jacob Brobst Year ago

    This man is stressed slow bridging with op armor

  • Diversidty
    Diversidty 11 months ago

    2:32 dude i cant stop laughing 😂😂😂

  • Se3nRj4ck💯
    Se3nRj4ck💯 Year ago +8

    Been loving the minecraft vids keep it up👍

  • Iamkuroi_kuma R6
    Iamkuroi_kuma R6 11 months ago

    You remind me of when i started minecraft keep going you'll get better

  • Damien Guay
    Damien Guay Year ago

    you could upgrade 2 at a time put somthing in your offhand it will work

  • maueddu
    maueddu 9 months ago

    imagine not knowing what that "purple stuff" was

  • ♥︎ Mrs. Piano Girl ★

    This is my first time watching Bazerk and I already subscribed 😂

  • Makayle
    Makayle Year ago +52

    Bazerk: "Let's watch a tutorial on how to make a 'Nether' !"
    Me: huh..?!

  • Cainan Tucker
    Cainan Tucker Year ago

    I love watching BA zero waste his gold on a child

  • I have a fork
    I have a fork Year ago

    the peak of new gen gamers encountering dream:

  • Amin Barceloni
    Amin Barceloni Year ago

    He could've crafted an iron block and double it.

  • Youssef Abdelbaky

    You could have just smelted the nether gold w silk touch to get an entire gold ore

  • Itz_Fort PlayzYT
    Itz_Fort PlayzYT Year ago

    Imagine if wisp played this lol

  • Kezia Benguric
    Kezia Benguric Year ago

    Your can see that he has nearly even played Minecraft like he needs mods in order to win

  • Cody Bryan Gomez
    Cody Bryan Gomez Year ago +3

    bazerk: "Takes forever to beat the ender dragon"
    dream: "kills ender dragon like 500 times with 4 people chasing him"

  • Kaesyn Panthana Brayden Deason

    I like how everything skipped gold

  • andomy_
    andomy_ Year ago +40

    6:29 bazerk the poor lad didnt know crouch bridging exists... what will happen if he sees telly bridge

    • mokiyo
      mokiyo Year ago


    • mokiyo
      mokiyo Year ago

      @Samuel Ogunde it's physically impossible but it's called Andromeda bedging

    • AikoMations
      AikoMations Year ago

      @Coral The Hi Girl yeah he was crouching and placing a block but he doesn't know he can't fall if he is crouching

    • Coral The Hi Girl
      Coral The Hi Girl Year ago

      He was crouch bridging?

    • Samuel Ogunde
      Samuel Ogunde Year ago

      Imagine him seeing that head hitter sprint bridging I don't know what its called

  • Bacon8876
    Bacon8876 Year ago +1

    pvp tip: dont spam the weapons in java edition

  • Tenielle Williamson

    i’ve done this and i got a freaking god apple when i was crafting and when i made a house i was about place a chest then i turd in to a ender chest and i was happy

  • ירדן לוי
    ירדן לוי Year ago +1

    1:46 You have gravel next to you!

  • Redux
    Redux 4 months ago

    At 3:40, he says - " I'm full in Iron armour "
    Minecraft : Am I joke to you ?

  • 9yocheese
    9yocheese 8 months ago

    6:40 wow Bazerk almost sweared

  • Sport king 🏀🏈

    I like how he says he is full iron armor when he is in diamond armor 😂😂😂

  • Pratyush Kumar
    Pratyush Kumar Year ago +1

    He just does water bucket in a wrong way, and say he is the best 😂

  • Draglord
    Draglord Year ago +20

    Bazerk: “calls mineshaft railway”
    Also bazerk: “calls andesite gravel”

  • ergün mustafa
    ergün mustafa 10 months ago

    he is good, just he need learn EVERYTHING.

  • Lucky Luke
    Lucky Luke Year ago

    Is it just me or is berzek just really chill

  • Phantom_playz
    Phantom_playz 6 months ago

    I just passed gravel near the start when he got in the cave lol

  • Drew Scale
    Drew Scale Year ago +1

    He has 22 bows in the end 😂

  • Phantom Slayer
    Phantom Slayer 6 months ago

    He should've holden the golden apples and made them notch apples

  • derekgod999 E
    derekgod999 E Year ago

    11:45 “that’s a lot of damage”

  • foxymrprate
    foxymrprate 2 months ago

    If you have silk touch and you mine gold in the nether you can smelt the ore for more

  • 25x_pul24
    25x_pul24 Year ago +1

    Bazerk:Oh we made it’ll ladies
    Me: he wants to impress the ladies

  • Brian Mckenzie
    Brian Mckenzie Year ago +4

    Bazerk: finds a mineshaft. Also bazerk: calls it something else

  • Oliver Rogers
    Oliver Rogers Year ago

    There was no way he had that luck

  • I will come to your house and steal all ur cooCHIe

    You need beds to kill the ender dragon too

  • Dominic Letzring
    Dominic Letzring Year ago

    It probably would of been quicker to make the portal with mined obsidian

  • Gaming Is Great
    Gaming Is Great Year ago

    I couldn’t even beat Minecraft with this lol

  • Tasiim Diliza
    Tasiim Diliza Year ago +14

    So Bazerk just casually walks up to an end crystal and punches it

    • Mohamed Ellakany
      Mohamed Ellakany Year ago +2

      You're supposed to put a block to Protect you and then punch the end crystal

    • Gak is cool
      Gak is cool Year ago

      That is what your supposed to do

  • Bukurie Abazi
    Bukurie Abazi Year ago

    Bazerk: Who's the best?
    Me: Not you at least.

  • Just an FNF Player xD

    Axes deals more damage than a sword on java

  • Florian Martin
    Florian Martin Year ago

    How did he die so many times in the end, HE WAS IN FULL NETHERITE

  • Derpy
    Derpy Year ago +16

    When the bow didnt get any enchantments and instead duplicated -_-

  • Rediernexoryan
    Rediernexoryan Year ago

    Says he’s the best but dies like 5 times

  • Flower Fred
    Flower Fred 9 months ago

    *casually throws sword in lava

  • CrookMoto
    CrookMoto Year ago

    Anybody wondering why he didn’t use a Grindstone on his Silk touch pickax🤦‍♂️

  • Xavier Hwang
    Xavier Hwang Year ago

    purple stuff is dragons breath. you stand in it, you take damage. your welcome

  • Maryam Shelazi
    Maryam Shelazi Year ago

    I laughed so much when he said full iron armor but it was diomond

  • Veronique Ira Sebandal
    Veronique Ira Sebandal 8 months ago

    That purple stuff is what you call dragons breath.

  • soap mactavish
    soap mactavish Year ago

    He made a iron sword but could've made a diamond sword

  • Juniors Channel
    Juniors Channel 11 months ago

    Are we all going to forget that he's playing to Call of Duty multiplayer intro sound in Minecraft

  • Pez_Zep
    Pez_Zep Year ago +5

    Me when he sees him looking up tutorials for the portal: wait a minute, I just noticed something.
    Me who’s also on ipad and can do it: *am pro*

    • Pez_Zep
      Pez_Zep Year ago

      @ito Cool same with me :)

    • ito
      ito Year ago

      Bruh that ez for me

  • skullzy7048
    skullzy7048 Year ago

    worse than me fighting the ender dragon holy moly

  • why
    why 8 months ago

    You should put netherite armour on

  • MxnielXx💜
    MxnielXx💜 Year ago

    He can just smelt the ore its way easier

  • DrewTheGamer
    DrewTheGamer Year ago +3

    Bezerk : Whos the best???
    Comments : Dream

  • Juice
    Juice Year ago

    how do you do this map it’s sick

  • Goofy dog
    Goofy dog Year ago

    Bruh should have somthing in his offhand every time so he gets double

  • V V 10
    V V 10 Year ago

    1:40: this is not gravel 1:45: walked near gravel

  • Night Darkness
    Night Darkness 9 months ago

    Should he do Professional Coach in Minecraft

  • Griffin Massingill
    Griffin Massingill Year ago +8

    Him bridging without crouching is so funny

  • Miqkua
    Miqkua 4 months ago

    “What is that purple stuff?”
    Me: “Dragon breath”.

  • let zoro navigate

    He had 14 eyes of ender and then he clipped some stuff out and then he had 64 eyes of ender

  • beluga
    beluga Year ago

    Is this the tutorial every minecraft noob looks too🤣😂

  • Ecadz
    Ecadz Year ago +1

    5:30 you can smelt gold nether ore

  • [ROA] Vidolce Geography [🇹🇷]

    bazerk : plays minecraft instead of among us

  • King
    King Year ago +4

    Him saying ok the best was the funny part also the bows and the gravel XD

  • M O C H I _ P O T A T O

    Why didn’t he make the iron into iron blocks at the beginning 😅

  • cart3r and t31lan
    cart3r and t31lan 10 months ago +1

    1:20 bazerk you don't know what gravel is?

  • Bobthegoldfish_64
    Bobthegoldfish_64 Year ago +5

    Berserk:*mins andisite thinking it’s gravel*
    Every one else:lol

  • Ronald Nkusi
    Ronald Nkusi 8 months ago

    its okay if you dont know what gravel looks like

  • balotelli
    balotelli 2 months ago

    Love your videos keep going

  • Garrett Sparks
    Garrett Sparks Year ago

    3:40 I’m so smart 1second later calls Diamond armor iron armor