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Minecraft, But Anything You Hold Turns OP

  • Published on Apr 11, 2021
  • Minecraft, but any item you hold turns OP... Can I beat Minecraft like this?
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    #MinecraftChallenge​ #Minecraft​ #MinecraftBut​
    This is a Minecraft 1.16 challenge where I speedrun and beat the ender dragon. instead of a Minecraft Speed runner VS Hunter, this is a 'Minecraft but' challenge...
    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises
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  • @Bazerk
    @Bazerk  3 years ago +513

    After ur done watching my best video yet... I just posted on Instagram (@Bazerk). Following 3 people back that go like and comment on it!

    • @Mamiboss122
      @Mamiboss122 3 years ago +19

      My mom said if I hit 1k subs before the end of the year I will get a ps5 and I really want it❤️

    • @animedemon8011
      @animedemon8011 3 years ago +18

      @@Mamiboss122 No one cares😑

    • @aidan13
      @aidan13 3 years ago +4

      4th reply

    • @gremlinbaby
      @gremlinbaby 3 years ago +4

      I follow u I will

    • @Theololxa
      @Theololxa 3 years ago +2


  • @GEVids
    @GEVids 3 years ago +1069

    anyone else notice he has 22 bows in the end? 😅

  • @akaMilo
    @akaMilo 3 years ago +687


    • @ceegeetee
      @ceegeetee 3 years ago +24

      Let’s see how many subs I can get from this comment
      Current Subs 5400

    • @kraken_maps
      @kraken_maps 3 years ago +20

      @@ceegeetee get outa here

    • @booleyab
      @booleyab 3 years ago +2

      hi milo

    • @namekiannerd4994
      @namekiannerd4994 3 years ago +3


    • @Fazkiller
      @Fazkiller 3 years ago +2

      How many subs can I gain from this comment: current 2,01k

  • @anjaligarg931
    @anjaligarg931 2 years ago +102

    Bazerk: where is gravel
    Me: bro when you are holding 3 iron you ran past gravel

  • @creativezito8500
    @creativezito8500 3 years ago +187

    Bazerk don't know the dragons breath thing from the dragon hurts him LMAO

  • @Lix
    @Lix 3 years ago +145

    im late to this art of a video😭

  • @vidolce_geography
    @vidolce_geography 3 years ago +12

    bazerk : plays minecraft instead of among us

  • @insertnamehere7042
    @insertnamehere7042 3 years ago +87

    "That's got to be the *worst* pirate I've ever seen"

  • @grandpriest8341
    @grandpriest8341 2 years ago +29

    bazerk : uses sword and bows askin how to kill it without dyin, speedrunners : we aint need no armor we need bEdS

  • @TxnsGaming
    @TxnsGaming 3 years ago +196

    This is amazing😂

  • @roxysmob
    @roxysmob 3 years ago +44

    2:37 I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • @andomy_
    @andomy_ 3 years ago +40

    6:29 bazerk the poor lad didnt know crouch bridging exists... what will happen if he sees telly bridge

    • @samuelogunde6839
      @samuelogunde6839 2 years ago

      Imagine him seeing that head hitter sprint bridging I don't know what its called

    • @coralthehigirl1505
      @coralthehigirl1505 2 years ago

      He was crouch bridging?

    • @MMStudios_.
      @MMStudios_. 2 years ago

      @@coralthehigirl1505 yeah he was crouching and placing a block but he doesn't know he can't fall if he is crouching

    • @megumulberry
      @megumulberry 2 years ago

      @@samuelogunde6839 it's physically impossible but it's called Andromeda bedging

    • @megumulberry
      @megumulberry 2 years ago


  • @Sinpulainen
    @Sinpulainen 2 years ago +8

    pov: you saw the tiktok and searched this up

  • @Makayle
    @Makayle 3 years ago +51

    Bazerk: "Let's watch a tutorial on how to make a 'Nether' !"
    Me: huh..?!

  • @joancamales6763
    @joancamales6763 3 years ago +84

    1:29 the funniest thing I've ever seen

    • @joancamales6763
      @joancamales6763 3 years ago +2

      The clip of a kid knocking himself out is the name of the vid if your looking for it

    • @katynguyen4313
      @katynguyen4313 3 years ago +1


    • @ishaan1982
      @ishaan1982 2 years ago +1


    • @gd_snper
      @gd_snper 2 years ago +1


  • @gameflamingo497
    @gameflamingo497 2 years ago +58

    Everyone talking about how this dude can't find gravel, but can we talk about how he REALLY needed the netherite at the dragon?

    • @josephhoban6596
      @josephhoban6596 2 years ago

      He had full netherite but he still died like 5 times lol

    • @SavTheSwag
      @SavTheSwag 2 years ago

      You need creative be quite

    • @gameflamingo497
      @gameflamingo497 2 years ago

      @@SavTheSwag Do you really think I'd make that comment without beating the ender dragon with at highest, iron equipment?

    • @insensitive_5
      @insensitive_5 2 years ago

      Why did the ender dragon gave him knock back??? With full netherrite

    • @gameflamingo497
      @gameflamingo497 2 years ago

      @@insensitive_5 The netherite only sometimes negates knockback, not always. The ender dragon gave knockback because the game decided not to negate it

  • @savvymoon
    @savvymoon 2 years ago +5

    "We need to find a good lava pit, then we can make a Nether"

  • @IvoryIto14
    @IvoryIto14 3 years ago +48

    Bazerk never playing Minecraft my dude- he be like: 💧👁👄👁💧

  • @LaughsInNervousness
    @LaughsInNervousness 3 years ago +15

    i wish real life was like that.....

  • @sclass.5
    @sclass.5 2 years ago +27

    “Idk what gravel looks like!”
    You’re not alone, i also dont know what it looks like.

  • @Miqkua
    @Miqkua 2 years ago

    “What is that purple stuff?”
    Me: “Dragon breath”.

  • @ethanT2
    @ethanT2 3 years ago +64

    The people who are actually first are busy watching the video

  • @cozyeditz2926
    @cozyeditz2926 2 years ago +1

    Bazerk:Acts Like A Pro
    Also Bezerk:What Is That Purple Stuff

  • @King-ow6rc
    @King-ow6rc 2 years ago +4

    Him saying ok the best was the funny part also the bows and the gravel XD

  • @defulty_ace41
    @defulty_ace41 3 years ago +43

    11:08 he goes “who’s the best I’m the best who is I am..... uhhh we died” I couldn’t stop dying of laughter

    • @juvonlindsay
      @juvonlindsay 2 years ago

      "I couldn't stop dying of laughter" got me laughing

  • @SvgMns
    @SvgMns 3 years ago +6

    “What’s your favorite app?”
    Like: RUclips.
    Reply: Tiktok.

    • @ZombiesHomestead
      @ZombiesHomestead 3 years ago


    • @Mamiboss122
      @Mamiboss122 3 years ago

      My mom said if I hit 1k subs before the end of the year I will get a ps5 and I really want it❤️

  • @veroniqueirasebandal5391

    That purple stuff is what you call dragons breath.

  • @LordeeezNutz4049
    @LordeeezNutz4049 2 years ago

    Me:In your back LOL

  • @madmancommentary6509
    @madmancommentary6509 3 years ago +47

    my boy with monthly uploads😂😴😂😴 and imagine a heart from bazerk😮😍

    • @Fazkiller
      @Fazkiller 3 years ago +2

      How many subs can I gain from this comment: current 2,01k

    • @Bazerk
      @Bazerk  3 years ago +31

      I got very sick after the last upload 😭🤘I swear I’m back tho!

    • @Mamiboss122
      @Mamiboss122 3 years ago +1

      My mom said if I hit 1k subs before the end of the year I will get a ps5 and I really want it❤️

    • @TheDisposw
      @TheDisposw 3 years ago


    • @madmancommentary6509
      @madmancommentary6509 3 years ago +1

      @@Bazerk lmmao and didn't even expect a heart and reply😅

  • @kingofdespair5350
    @kingofdespair5350 3 years ago +19

    Bazerk: “calls mineshaft railway”
    Also bazerk: “calls andesite gravel”

  • @coconuttv4960
    @coconuttv4960 2 years ago +1

    the purple stuff from the dragon is magic

  • @byndjamzei1518
    @byndjamzei1518 2 years ago

    He be boxing up to scrim against that ender dragon 🥶

  • @griffinmassingill3851
    @griffinmassingill3851 3 years ago +8

    Him bridging without crouching is so funny

  • @tasiimdiliza
    @tasiimdiliza 3 years ago +15

    So Bazerk just casually walks up to an end crystal and punches it

    • @gakiscool5988
      @gakiscool5988 3 years ago

      That is what your supposed to do

    • @mohamedellakany9062
      @mohamedellakany9062 3 years ago +2

      You're supposed to put a block to Protect you and then punch the end crystal

  • @damchanbounnathisak6118

    bazerk in 1:47 you walk passed the gravel :LOL

  • @jamesgames8776
    @jamesgames8776 3 years ago

    “Was up ladies wassup”

  • @SvgMns
    @SvgMns 3 years ago +31

    To the 1 Person that'll read this: “You're cool and adorable stay safe”.

  • @derpy2
    @derpy2 3 years ago +15

    When the bow didnt get any enchantments and instead duplicated -_-

  • @firekarma5178
    @firekarma5178 2 years ago

    "im the best whos the best im the best" *dies*

  • @yeetusoatmealraccoon8110

    9:35 ooohhh we made it ladies we made it lol

  • @seemapahwa6180
    @seemapahwa6180 3 years ago +11

    This guy is motivated to prove himself btw love it!!

  • @defulty_ace41
    @defulty_ace41 3 years ago +17

    9:37 he goes we made it ladies just literally made me shat myself I laughed so hard

  • @andomy_
    @andomy_ 3 years ago +6

    5:50 man netherite doesn't make piglins get mad at u because NETHERITE IS MADE OUT OF GOLD MAN

    • @RaffyTheTiger
      @RaffyTheTiger 3 years ago +2

      @SuperFrogHero the reason gold makes piglins neutral is because it makes them think your one of them as they wear gold only not netherite normally

  • @x_pul
    @x_pul 2 years ago +1

    Bazerk:Oh we made it’ll ladies
    Me: he wants to impress the ladies

  • @se3nrj4ck37
    @se3nrj4ck37 3 years ago +9

    Been loving the minecraft vids keep it up👍

  • @defulty_ace41
    @defulty_ace41 3 years ago +6

    12:05 he goes “homie just choke slammed me.... bucket bucket bucket yes I did it” bro I was like what Bc he missed the clutch and was happy abt it😂😂

  • @BlaCatPlus
    @BlaCatPlus 2 years ago +1

    1:46 You have gravel next to you!

  • @FAYD1234
    @FAYD1234 2 years ago +2

    3:40 i laughed so much

  • @bobthegoldfish_6492
    @bobthegoldfish_6492 3 years ago +5

    Berserk:*mins andisite thinking it’s gravel*
    Every one else:lol

  • @uptiteclan1077
    @uptiteclan1077 3 years ago +11

    when u realise at the beggining he had silk touch and fortune???

  • @dynamitepickle5114
    @dynamitepickle5114 3 years ago +1

    Bazerk: my hands are sweating right now. Me: just crouch boiiiiiiii My mind: bazerk noob

  • @amniilyas6840
    @amniilyas6840 2 years ago

    Golden tools: Am I a joke to you?

  • @emmalieuwes2568
    @emmalieuwes2568 3 years ago +3

    Normale Minecraft. : i'm bad in THIS
    Cheating with mods. : who is the best

  • @drtronn9618
    @drtronn9618 3 years ago +10

    The amount of times he died in the end 😂

  • @midzymel_
    @midzymel_ 3 years ago +1

    This is my first time watching Bazerk and I already subscribed 😂

  • @mornebritz827
    @mornebritz827 2 years ago

    Bazerk:great now we have iron armor!

  • @Freddy_Fastbear
    @Freddy_Fastbear 3 years ago +6

    this is pretty much the mincraft speed run mod

  • @lukabusak1951
    @lukabusak1951 3 years ago +4

    I love that he's now very chill but in among us he's like WWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOW

  • @gv16391
    @gv16391 3 years ago +1

    bazerk: who is the best i’m the best next second ☠️

  • @Specter_wyd
    @Specter_wyd 2 years ago +1

    Love seeing botzerk (bazerk) play Minecraft 😂

  • @brianmckenzie3547
    @brianmckenzie3547 3 years ago +3

    Bazerk: finds a mineshaft. Also bazerk: calls it something else

  • @Prophesemes
    @Prophesemes 2 years ago +4

    Is there a way to actually play this challenge?
    Please I need it

  • @rachaelbromage2438
    @rachaelbromage2438 3 years ago

    i didnt expect you to beat the dragon gongrats

  • @yannickokken4966
    @yannickokken4966 2 years ago

    7:40 This man has 30 enderpearls in his hand. He passed the rules of minecraft

  • @Hardquest8
    @Hardquest8 3 years ago +5

    Me when he sees him looking up tutorials for the portal: wait a minute, I just noticed something.
    Me who’s also on ipad and can do it: *am pro*

    • @ito4991
      @ito4991 3 years ago

      Bruh that ez for me

    • @Hardquest8
      @Hardquest8 3 years ago

      @@ito4991 Cool same with me :)

  • @lestir
    @lestir 3 years ago +3

    SHEESH ur hair epic

  • @bukurieabazi9810
    @bukurieabazi9810 2 years ago

    Bazerk: Who's the best?
    Me: Not you at least.

  • @idkwhatimdoing__
    @idkwhatimdoing__ 2 years ago +1

    Bazerk: I’m the besttt!
    *dream is typing…*

  • @syan2319
    @syan2319 3 years ago +3

    he’s not good at the game, but he did it! I couldn’t have done better.

    • @Giyuus_Wifey
      @Giyuus_Wifey 2 years ago

      Did I ask?

    • @syan2319
      @syan2319 2 years ago

      @@Giyuus_Wifey was I talking to you?
      did anybody ask for your opinion?
      are you trying to start an argument?

  • @codybryangomez8452
    @codybryangomez8452 2 years ago +3

    bazerk: "Takes forever to beat the ender dragon"
    dream: "kills ender dragon like 500 times with 4 people chasing him"

  • @spiderduy6458
    @spiderduy6458 2 years ago

    Bazerk: Watching Tutorial for Netherportal
    His Netherite Pickaxe: Am I a joke to you??

  • @nugget8529
    @nugget8529 3 years ago

    Beserk “ let’s make a nether”
    Me “ he means a nether portal right?
    It’s called a nether portal not a nether XD

  • @jonmaicollopez5267
    @jonmaicollopez5267 3 years ago +3

    He's back😁

    • @Mamiboss122
      @Mamiboss122 3 years ago

      My mom said if I hit 1k subs before the end of the year I will get a ps5 and I really want it❤️

    • @hyrdroclan9837
      @hyrdroclan9837 3 years ago

      JT! scamming I saw u on a other comment

    • @Mamiboss122
      @Mamiboss122 3 years ago

      @@hyrdroclan9837 am not scamming but ok:(

  • @hayden8407
    @hayden8407 3 years ago +4

    “Stop some of you haven’t subscribed so please subscribe”
    Like come on Bazerk who the hell isn’t subbed

  • @starflame...2214
    @starflame...2214 2 years ago +1

    When people forget about gold-

  • @nicholas3702
    @nicholas3702 Year ago

    Him: *says diamond hat but it’s a diamond helmet*
    Me: Um no.

  • @jesuskobesbaby183
    @jesuskobesbaby183 2 years ago

    Tell me that you only play Minecraft for content without telling me you play Minecraft for content:

  • @jonahgry7331
    @jonahgry7331 3 years ago

    Imagine when you touched under the schoolbench and you felt that chewed gum.
    There you have this type of videos

  • @victoriathompson120
    @victoriathompson120 2 years ago

    Bazerk: full iron armor. Me: noob

  • @connerlane4629
    @connerlane4629 2 years ago

    I have never seen someone bad and good at the same time

  • @luckyluke6104
    @luckyluke6104 2 years ago

    Is it just me or is berzek just really chill

  • @NotShadeRblx
    @NotShadeRblx 2 years ago +1

    12:28 he be like yaaaaas I'm the best
    Dream be like- Am I a joke to you? 😑

  • @mrcrazyboi9217
    @mrcrazyboi9217 2 years ago

    He knows about the fact that he can trade with piglins but doesn’t know that ghasts can kill

  • @danieldias6953
    @danieldias6953 2 years ago

    This Man Does Not Even Know What A Ghast is

  • @gamingisgreat736
    @gamingisgreat736 3 years ago

    I couldn’t even beat Minecraft with this lol

  • @xavierhwang3706
    @xavierhwang3706 3 years ago

    purple stuff is dragons breath. you stand in it, you take damage. your welcome

  • @namanadhikari4085
    @namanadhikari4085 2 years ago

    “Let’s make a neather”

  • @ianroblox4940
    @ianroblox4940 3 years ago

    *we gotta find a lava pit cause we gotta make a nether* LOL

  • @Slickyy.
    @Slickyy. 2 years ago

    Imagine if wisp played this lol

  • @dmx3k99epiczack4
    @dmx3k99epiczack4 3 years ago

    Bezerk:In full diamond
    Bezerk,Okay now we are in full iron
    Bazerk oh fk

  • @yummycoolman3316
    @yummycoolman3316 2 years ago +1

    12:40 eyyy yoo chill

  • @RaffyTheTiger
    @RaffyTheTiger 3 years ago +1

    The amount of times he said IM THE BEST

  • @makaylapotato3751
    @makaylapotato3751 2 years ago

    lol the gravel part

  • @kail_296
    @kail_296 2 years ago

    “Can I hit it from the back?”

  • @beastgohan2187
    @beastgohan2187 2 years ago

    New famous line I,M THE BEST

  • @VV-sc4sd
    @VV-sc4sd 3 years ago

    1:40: this is not gravel 1:45: walked near gravel

  • @SuperJane0000
    @SuperJane0000 2 years ago

    Says I’m the best: dies to a end crystal

  • @5lilsocks781
    @5lilsocks781 2 years ago +1

    Lol when he said the comments lol

  • @prettyMfmcpe
    @prettyMfmcpe 2 years ago

    Bazerk:I'm the master I'm the best
    2 moments later
    Bazerk:That is my first time,I'm so stressed from normal aka crouch bringing

  • @afemboy777
    @afemboy777 2 years ago

    Minecraft should add this as a setting