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  • Published on May 13, 2024
  • 1 year ago, I quit RUclips. Today I unquit.
    On May 14th, 2026. I will do whatever the top comment is on this video. No exceptions. Please AT LEAST make it interesting. Don't tell me to like, do a silly dance.
    Original Soundtrack: song.link/musicforall
    My Gear: www.bio.site/anthonypo
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  • @yung-eggy
    @yung-eggy 12 days ago +35640

    1. create your own political party
    2. get a team of highly educated politicians and political analysts
    3. run for congress
    4. win

  • @nikolamalesevic8541
    @nikolamalesevic8541 12 days ago +2089

    i graduate in May 2026, pay my tuition

  • @sameergill-raza711
    @sameergill-raza711 9 days ago +226

    The Return of Anthpo (2024)

  • @Twilight12000
    @Twilight12000 8 days ago +70

    get married and ,have a child raise them to be a nasa scientist , and divorce your wife and reveal to them that you have another secret family and your other child is your current childs boss.❤

  • @sambromberger2400
    @sambromberger2400 12 days ago +5613

    Hike the entirety of the Appalachians (Penn to Georgia) with as many of the Rutgers era friends as you can convince and wear the Perry the Platypus costume the whole way

  • @doothi
    @doothi 12 days ago +4328

    find the one piece

    • @sunnymarklee
      @sunnymarklee 12 days ago +13

      omg i love ur videos what are you doing here

    • @mz9500
      @mz9500 12 days ago +9

      Yoo this won

    • @user-et4qf7is6j
      @user-et4qf7is6j 12 days ago +10


    • @surraiyakhan5410
      @surraiyakhan5410 12 days ago +9


    • @mercy.84
      @mercy.84 12 days ago +7

      Omg I just clicked from your Anthpo video this is such a full circle moment. I would LITERALLY pass out of y’all did a collab PLEASEEE😭😭

  • @afangirlaholic
    @afangirlaholic 8 days ago +31

    Oh my God...this year has been so hard on me. It was my last year of college and I will admit that I always found your videos comforting. My graduation is in 8 days and I'm scared and sad. Even if this wasn't an announcement of you coming back to RUclips (which it is and I'm SO excited), I would've still felt how I feel right now: that my journey has come full circle. Thank you Anthpo for being there for me through my ENTIRE college journey. Much love💜

  • @LeonardoIdono
    @LeonardoIdono 10 days ago +108

    Bro like 3 days before this announcement I went back to watch a bunch of his old videos and got really sad and depressed. Thank you for coming back!
    Ps. New vid is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🗣️🗣️🗣️💯💯💯💯

  • @hanseinarfuglum8858
    @hanseinarfuglum8858 12 days ago +10725

    It took you four years to graduate from college, but only one year to graduate from real life adulthood? Mad respect.

    • @lynashmcmash4427
      @lynashmcmash4427 12 days ago +92

      Yes youtubers age backwards a little

    • @SunshineRainbowWhitePony
      @SunshineRainbowWhitePony 12 days ago +61

      2:12 any chance we can get anthpo to remove that one, brian passed away

    • @behelit1997
      @behelit1997 12 days ago +3


    • @ma.2089
      @ma.2089 12 days ago +5

      The weirdest part of him graduating college was knowing where he went

    • @djsaidez271
      @djsaidez271 11 days ago

      @@SunshineRainbowWhitePony we'd need a standalone top comment for him to notice probably

  • @benvolio5415
    @benvolio5415 12 days ago +1840

    Go across the world in only the Perry the Platypus costume and place a picture of Fat Yoshi at each of the seven wonders of the world

  • @ahumps4367
    @ahumps4367 9 days ago +291

    Idk what's more crazy GOJO coming back in the recent JJK chapter or MY SWEET PRINCE ANTHONY PO COMING BACK OF COURSE

    • @SakuraScythe
      @SakuraScythe 8 days ago +3

      Keep hoping brotha 🙏🙏🙏

    • @kaybeeva
      @kaybeeva 8 days ago +17

      Nice Spoilers bro🤝

    • @SakuraScythe
      @SakuraScythe 8 days ago +7

      @@kaybeeva Dw the guys just delusional, nothings confirmed

    • @FuzionGamr
      @FuzionGamr 7 days ago

      @@SakuraScythe idk man it looked alot like gojo

    • @FuzionGamr
      @FuzionGamr 7 days ago

      @@SakuraScythe wrong. I typed out a whole thing but accidentally exited so im just gonna youre wrong

  • @LeiaI_Bel.
    @LeiaI_Bel. 8 days ago +11

    Am I the only one that thinks he suspiciously looks like a certain roadwork guy that tried to kill Santa and had a vampire ddy?
    Anyway, legally marry Phillip Vu and travel to the Seven Wonders of the world whilst you balance hiding treasures, running a campaign to become President of a country (and succed), and finish One Piece from beginning to end with your beloved Phillip as you attempt to enamour him with your Perry the Platypus costume during the journey. I shall also kindly grace you with these words: please.

  • @PhillipVu
    @PhillipVu 12 days ago +69868

    Legally Marry Me.

  • @benoftheweek
    @benoftheweek 12 days ago +20682


  • @ashm003
    @ashm003 10 days ago +5

    This is probably the best news i've gotten in a while. Welcome back, anthpo!

  • @qwertymcflurry3013
    @qwertymcflurry3013 9 days ago +156

    1. Go to Thailand
    2. Become a full-fledged Shaolin Monk
    3. Challege Jake Paul.
    Do this in 5 years.

  • @AdamHC47
    @AdamHC47 12 days ago +5479

    This is what the second coming of Jesus would feel like

    • @ZelturLive
      @ZelturLive 12 days ago +172

      you say that like this isn't the second coming of jesus

    • @LynCubed
      @LynCubed 12 days ago +87

      this IS the second coming of jesus

    • @jackattack7895
      @jackattack7895 12 days ago +35

      It will be awesome and even more hype 😎😎✝️

    • @Deviousmelani3
      @Deviousmelani3 12 days ago +10

      ​@@ZelturLiveexactly 🔥

    • @llkedici6049
      @llkedici6049 12 days ago +10

      THERE IS JUSES 2!!??

  • @thepicferret
    @thepicferret 12 days ago +1434

    Run for president.
    (Doesn't matter where, when or how, just make it happen)
    Hello anthpo, you have inspired so many and I am sure that you will change many more lives once you become president 🙏
    Thank you for everything you have done and everything that you will do in the next two years I appreciate you a ton.

  • @S0n1CRul35
    @S0n1CRul35 8 days ago +4

    I've never seen you< I just found your channel ob my homepage and that simple "hello" got me interested XD

  • @aoifeclancy120
    @aoifeclancy120 10 days ago +2

    So glad you're back! Can't wait for this new adventure!

  • @fru1ty_punch
    @fru1ty_punch 11 days ago +1962

    "welcome back, Anthpo" we all say in unison

  • @TheAnimeMen
    @TheAnimeMen 12 days ago +24457

    Watch One Piece in ONE SITTING

  • @nayawhite3005
    @nayawhite3005 9 days ago +40

    THE YARD BUSSTOP AHHH (fellow ru rah student here) so happy ur back!!!!

  • @Pritarha
    @Pritarha 9 days ago +2


  • @Its_Roni0108
    @Its_Roni0108 12 days ago +2359

    HES BACK!!!!!!!!!

  • @Asian_Boii
    @Asian_Boii 12 days ago +10774

    Fly to a small town in Thailand, get accepted by their people, learn the language, train in Muay Thai for a year and a half, fight in a tournament, win the tournament, return to the USA and join the UFC, stay in shape and go undefeated in your weight class, retire and do an interview saying this comment was the reason you fought so hard

  • @LiamjacobDavid
    @LiamjacobDavid 5 days ago +2


  • @mr.thumbsup8335
    @mr.thumbsup8335 12 days ago +2573

    Anthpo calling Aisha and Weston the best couple on the internet is so real yet so unexpected

  • @zmanzilla1445
    @zmanzilla1445 12 days ago +1125

    Genetically engineer yourself to photosynthesize, gaining the ability to sustain yourself solely through sunlight, blurring the lines between human and plant biology.

    • @SunshineRainbowWhitePony
      @SunshineRainbowWhitePony 12 days ago

      Can we get anthpo to remove or censor the brian goodbye video? That video was him dying

    • @Serryy
      @Serryy 12 days ago

      Poison Anthpo

    • @-Teague-
      @-Teague- 12 days ago

      ​@@SunshineRainbowWhitePony yo what are you talking about?

    • @alexmoment3
      @alexmoment3 11 days ago

      @@-Teague- Brian barczyk made a goodbye video as he was dying from cancer..

    • @-Teague-
      @-Teague- 11 days ago

      @@alexmoment3 hm, I can understand why that would be sensitive, but that entire section seems to be a gag anyway.

  • @Jaspersimp
    @Jaspersimp 9 days ago +1

    I had one of the worst days of my life today and you really just made it better

  • @moiTheRai
    @moiTheRai 8 days ago +1

    damn I missed you, it's good to have you back

  • @takeachonce3276
    @takeachonce3276 12 days ago +920

    put on an off Broadway production of Hamilton with your friends!!

  • @saltyghost3998
    @saltyghost3998 12 days ago +471

    Make a full, high budget, feature length movie and try and get it to play in the theatres or go to a streaming platform

  • @Zuchitis
    @Zuchitis 5 days ago

    I’m so glad your back you’ve been my favorite RUclipsr for mad long nobody competes with the personalized experience you produce

  • @lucus1340
    @lucus1340 10 days ago

    This is my first video I’ve ever seen of you, but u seem like a nice guy so welcome back!

  • @kitcatq4915
    @kitcatq4915 12 days ago +573

    Start a college
    A fully functional college
    whtever majors you want
    wherever you want this
    start a college and teach people how life can be good

    • @Lucien_M
      @Lucien_M 12 days ago +13

      You mean college?

    • @samrowan7803
      @samrowan7803 12 days ago +30

      I feel like this one is good especially since you misspelled college and now all he has to do is make an art project using a variety of different parts stuck together

    • @heypassthecheesecake4413
      @heypassthecheesecake4413 12 days ago

      This sounds so dope.

    • @kitcatq4915
      @kitcatq4915 12 days ago

      @@samrowan7803 well would you look at that

    • @debrachambers1304
      @debrachambers1304 12 days ago +1


  • @citruslllad
    @citruslllad 11 days ago +1722

    please just don't burn out again, man. watching your last video kinda broke my heart with how absolutely exhausted you sounded. remember that youtube isn't everything & make time to take care of yourself

    • @andrewman19
      @andrewman19 11 days ago +7

      Yeah honestly I hope he does more than 24 videos

  • @serena6679
    @serena6679 2 days ago

    ur atla videos are my fave vids to come back to

  • @skooskii
    @skooskii 4 days ago +2

    Legally become a part of the royal family, then run 100 miles in 24 hours, after this, progressively become good at 3 of the skills you have always wanted to achieve, then win a competition in all of these skills. after this, get yourself a 6 pack and become one with nature, and spend 2 months living in a forest. To conclude this, watch every Anthony Po video, and watch the entirety of One Piece in one sitting, like TheAnimeMen suggested, thanks for the suggestion
    Made this the top comment PLEASE!!!

  • @Tomer_Tzukert
    @Tomer_Tzukert 12 days ago +512

    Bring back the entire antpho cinematic universe for the final video and just have fun that’s all I want. Maybe a crazy power point night. Like really crazy. REALLY CRAZY. Love you man

  • @HorchataSoto
    @HorchataSoto 12 days ago +933

    When the world needed him most, he returned!!

  • @sekaii1505
    @sekaii1505 9 days ago

    anthpo! man i missed ur vids! finally ur back

  • @AsijkDniw
    @AsijkDniw 9 days ago

    I felt that I wouldn't be able to make videos when you left, but now that you're back, I'm very happy and grateful. Thank you very much!

  • @_JAKE64_
    @_JAKE64_ 11 days ago +389

    Matpat the next day: (uploads video titled welcome back internet)

  • @OfflineTV
    @OfflineTV 12 days ago +2304

    welcome back

    • @ppoppoz
      @ppoppoz 12 days ago +8

      omg hi

    • @cloakingz
      @cloakingz 12 days ago +3


    • @Patriciadiko
      @Patriciadiko 12 days ago +55

      Holy shit, Micheal Reeves coworkers

    • @sotis2
      @sotis2 12 days ago


    • @jaeden9115
      @jaeden9115 12 days ago +35

      @@Patriciadikocant believe its lilypichus boyfriends colleagues channel

  • @AudreyR1
    @AudreyR1 6 days ago

    No like I'm actually crying rn cuz I'm so happy you're back💕💕💕

  • @Second_Coming_of_Lebron_James

    Move to a mysterious village in Thailand and master the art of ju-jitsu

    • @patrickj.mccarthy4409
      @patrickj.mccarthy4409 12 days ago +8

      How many young people are we going to force to move to Thailand and master martial arts?

    • @ammomusic5319
      @ammomusic5319 12 days ago +1

      pretty sure jiu jitsu isn't from thailand... maybe he can still find someone there to teach him idk

  • @DigitalAanimations
    @DigitalAanimations 9 days ago


  • @GwiloViou
    @GwiloViou 9 days ago

    Greetings again, Anthpo! You were sorely missed!

  • @citrinesanimations
    @citrinesanimations 11 days ago +1211


    • @greenboy466
      @greenboy466 11 days ago +18

      Wait, that was him?!?!

    • @jaspertaylor2810
      @jaspertaylor2810 11 days ago +49

      I don't think so, Cheeseball Man is a lot shorter and also inexplicably buff

    • @spoon8316
      @spoon8316 11 days ago +1


    • @jcg974
      @jcg974 11 days ago +1

      When was that said? Did I miss it?

    • @Tarro57
      @Tarro57 11 days ago +17

      @@jcg974 Pretty sure it's the very first scene of the video

  • @isso_yep
    @isso_yep 11 days ago +308

    steal the mona lisa

  • @yourboisanslmao4795

    Good to see you back mate. Hope you're doing fine❤❤❤

  • @samburns4717
    @samburns4717 8 days ago

    this is so funny watching because i now go to rutgers and recognize all the spots you record in on campus

  • @Vailskibum
    @Vailskibum 11 days ago +735


  • @gradynoblin6278
    @gradynoblin6278 12 days ago +94


  • @foomzoomproom6408
    @foomzoomproom6408 7 days ago +1

    Anthpo don't gimme false hope.

  • @smefer
    @smefer 10 days ago

    Welcome back king.
    (also atrioc shoutout for doing better wahoo!)

  • @RainRio
    @RainRio 11 days ago +756

    I think you should do something huge in scale. Like, “conduct an orchestra in Central Park and invite all your fans to come with picnic blankets” kind of huge

  • @liam_riley
    @liam_riley 11 days ago +529

    Host a live concert showcasing your original soundtrack with a full orchestra and a professional conductor. Black tie sort of event

    • @suozziville7837
      @suozziville7837 11 days ago +3

      this needs more likes

    • @sarahrich769
      @sarahrich769 11 days ago +4

      *cough cough* I'm a music major *cough cough* if this wins anthpo please let me be in the orchestra (begging)

    • @e4ana
      @e4ana 11 days ago +1


    • @oshiul4u
      @oshiul4u 11 days ago +2

      damn, this really needs more likes. this is one hell of a grand finale.

  • @bwplayz8250
    @bwplayz8250 3 days ago

    An every episode of invincible would be lit

  • @-totallynotme-
    @-totallynotme- 10 days ago +1


  • @malmalthompson
    @malmalthompson 12 days ago +308

    Cinematic world tour where you travel and visit every single member of the ACU 🙏

  • @SushiTrap313
    @SushiTrap313 11 days ago +430

    “You guys found my address and sent me nice letters”
    I was not expecting that

  • @H.M._
    @H.M._ 2 days ago

    omg ANTHPO!! Ur back, I’m gonna love this year just bc of u and the content that has always put a BIG SMILE on my FACE 🥹, wish u an amazing week and thx for coming back!! 🫶🔱

  • @mortemwentbang
    @mortemwentbang 9 days ago +1

    I want you to know it made me so happy to you call those people losers and encourage the growth of Atrioc and Andrew

  • @virgobutcaye
    @virgobutcaye 7 days ago

    cheeseball man to anthpo to koury sisters timeline is crazy

  • @arcdominion2009
    @arcdominion2009 11 days ago +486

    your goodbye video is was preparing for my senior year, now im graduating

    • @ritzboo9490
      @ritzboo9490 10 days ago +3

      Same here been watching this dude since I was in middle school, now graduating high school

    • @ooooriley3128
      @ooooriley3128 10 days ago +1

      same graduation is tommorow for me

  • @xXDogeNgamerXx
    @xXDogeNgamerXx 12 days ago +130

    Go to the moon, confirm whether the moon is made out of cheese or not, return.

  • @gtmobadboy7993
    @gtmobadboy7993 Day ago

    Go on one final adventure with all the people in the avatar parody, but also with a bunch of the other friends that starred in these OG videos.

  • @L3_cHat
    @L3_cHat 10 days ago

    I’ve literally never seen you in my life but welcome back to the internet :) I want to see your content more

  • @beaksters
    @beaksters 11 days ago +97

    They doxxed him, this is the one time i’ve ever seen that work.

  • @ynneb522
    @ynneb522 11 days ago +1149

    buy a boat and name it the USS Anthpo and then get all of the characters apart of the ACU and go on an epic adeventure across the Caribbean like yall r pirates

  • @germwarden7658
    @germwarden7658 8 days ago

    im so glad to see you back

  • @_APerson101
    @_APerson101 10 days ago

    Welcome back!! We missed you

  • @pelegwolfsohn8089
    @pelegwolfsohn8089 12 days ago +421

    As a proud Rutgers Student. I am so happy you are back Anthpo. And you 100% correct on all the takes you had there.

  • @mollyay
    @mollyay 10 days ago +1095

    beginning of the video you can see a crowd cheering. a very familiar crowd. a crowd of which a certain cheeseball man graced with his presence. anthpo is cheeseball man.

    • @deltaloner3649
      @deltaloner3649 9 days ago +75

      I saw that and looked up the interviews cheeseball man did with press, and they have the same eyes, and cheeseball man sounds like anthpo doing a bad Canadian accent

    • @cwb074
      @cwb074 9 days ago +21

      honestly wouldnt be surprised

    • @solar.1a
      @solar.1a 9 days ago +7


    • @jennyjenny1553
      @jennyjenny1553 8 days ago +6

      His bracelet, his necklace, his mannerisms,Hanbon in the interview he did. Hanbon in his TikTok video at the concert

    • @dengc8973
      @dengc8973 5 days ago

      That is actually insane

  • @kat_stone.0749
    @kat_stone.0749 10 days ago

    Welcome back!! We missed you!! :D

  • @5yed182
    @5yed182 8 days ago

    brother I love the cinematography of this video

  • @powerslamma
    @powerslamma 12 days ago +264

    Live three months inside the Perry the Platypus costume, force someone else to live three months inside a Dr. Doofenshmirtz costume at the same time, and live together. Bother your friend every day in the Perry costume and try to stop him from doing whatever he is doing daily, as if you were stopping him from harming the tri-state area.

    • @koraoyadondon5142
      @koraoyadondon5142 12 days ago +3

      OK THIS IS GENIUS AND SO EVIL I would go insane so quickly in those suits

    • @the_random6826
      @the_random6826 12 days ago +2

      Imagine living in the same town as these two people. Incredibly hilarious.

    • @MrNoMaidenz
      @MrNoMaidenz 12 days ago +1

      I wouldn't mind becoming the sacrificial doofenshmirtz if this becomes the top comment and if Anthony allows it.

    • @notminty2123
      @notminty2123 12 days ago +1


  • @JoeJenkins
    @JoeJenkins 11 days ago +437

    Welcome back king 👑

    • @SunshineRainbowWhitePony
      @SunshineRainbowWhitePony 11 days ago

      2:12 any chance we can get anthpo to edit this one out? This was brians farewell dying vid

  • @druvvy
    @druvvy 3 days ago

    Him coming back feels like a stunt maneuver BUT I DON'T CARE I LOVE UUU ANTHPO AND WHERES HANBON AND THEM

  • @sincerely-roxas
    @sincerely-roxas 9 days ago

    I... I just got serious deja vu. Jesus 😭 I'm glad you're back, man, but I FORESAW THIS YEARS AGO‼️‼️‼️

  • @ortbert
    @ortbert 11 days ago +76

    Legally forfit all mortal possessions to dan povenmire

    • @Csrumk
      @Csrumk 11 days ago +12

      nice try Dan Povenmire

    • @LPSCANDY10
      @LPSCANDY10 11 days ago +4

      nice try Dan Povenmire

  • @BugsyFoga
    @BugsyFoga 12 days ago +112

    Bro really said “just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.”

  • @pericsimion6642
    @pericsimion6642 10 days ago +1

    My eyes genuinely lit up with excitement

  • @Jojo05716
    @Jojo05716 10 days ago +1

    So glad you're back could you do JoJo part 3?

  • @Jireninyourrecommendations
    @Jireninyourrecommendations 12 days ago +154

    Anthpo returning back to youtube was not in my 2024 bingo card. Nonetheless,.glad to see that you're back.

  • @EE_etcetera
    @EE_etcetera 12 days ago +312

    Man shouted out the Glarketer Big A. Big respect!

  • @Icefrompacificocean


  • @charliecheadle9154
    @charliecheadle9154 21 hour ago +1

    -Seduce Andrew Tate
    -Proceed to steal one of his Bugatti’s
    and then proceed to completely ghost him afterwards in the span of 8 months 😀👍

  • @RemasterExpert
    @RemasterExpert 12 days ago +156

    Purchase a spot for an ad to rickroll a stadium full of people on live national tv

    • @SunshineRainbowWhitePony
      @SunshineRainbowWhitePony 12 days ago

      2:12 can we get anthpo to remove that one, he died

    • @nica7049
      @nica7049 12 days ago +1

      I’m writing this comment here because I want this comment to be the selected one, and hopefully the algorithm puts it up higher

    • @vaninarosales3376
      @vaninarosales3376 12 days ago

      ​@@nica7049I second this

    • @nicolebello
      @nicolebello 11 days ago

      This would be historical!!!

  • @failure2thrivebaby
    @failure2thrivebaby 11 days ago +385


  • @Clydey69
    @Clydey69 9 days ago +1


  • @MAY0R.
    @MAY0R. 20 hours ago +1

    bro thought he came back exactly a year later but he forgot about leap year

  • @starlosa
    @starlosa 12 days ago +139

    You should meet Anthony Padilla and form the Anthony Council

  • @ChickenTrendy
    @ChickenTrendy 12 days ago +46

    Run for president under the name “big dawg”

  • @Jacob-fx2ou
    @Jacob-fx2ou 8 days ago +1

    your video should be Disturbing students as Perry the Platypus

  • @ily.nebulae2557
    @ily.nebulae2557 9 days ago +1

    Run down the street covered in pb&j

  • @kaliasepulveda
    @kaliasepulveda 12 days ago +89

    Learn how to DJ, create a whole persona for your DJ set and have DJ lore (incorporated with the music). With friends tell a story of your adventure/create a short film along the way for content ofc. And through every visit to a college campus(plz UCI) you then throw a rave where you "battle" DJ's from that capmpus, when u win the DJ battle it means you have claimed that "battlefront" to defeat the enemy (of your choice can be like Katie from Horton hears a who idk) and can even gain friends to travel with you along the way and the main event is when you battle "yourself" big twist or can be anything but then you get to have your moral story of spreading happiness.

  • @theflabbergasterer8340
    @theflabbergasterer8340 11 days ago +37

    Saying Tom Scott and Matpat copied you for clickbait is wild and reminds me exactly why I missed Anthpo so much