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Inside Emma Roberts’s Charming Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • Published on May 18, 2024
  • Today, AD is welcomed by Emma Roberts to tour her charming Los Angeles home. When The ‘American Horror Story’ star and her son moved into their new home, she enlisted AD100’s Pierce & Ward to work their magic on the space. Rich florals and luxurious velvets pair with vintage furniture creating a cozy environment for Roberts to kick back and relax. Roberts was excited at the idea of making her very own grown-up dollhouse and with an extensive doll collection, her home has become just that. Ready for a new chapter in her new home, Roberts couldn’t be happier with how the space turned out. “I have a picture of the day we moved in,” Roberts says, smiling. “I’m holding him and it was the most sunny California day, and we were in front of the blue door of our new house. I just remember feeling like we are exactly where we need to be.”
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    Joni and Graham | Henry Diltz | Henry Diltz Photography
    Deborah Harry, "In the Loft" NYC 1980 | Maripol
    Joni Mitchell in Pool | Master Photographer Norman Seeff
    Director: Meg Sutton
    Director of Photography: Grant Bell
    Editor: Leticia Villarinho
    Talent: Emma Roberts
    Producer: Skylar Economy
    Line Producer: Joe Buscemi
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    Talent Booker: Tracy Shaffer
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    Post Production Supervisor: Andrew Montague
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Comments • 1.3K

  • @sajithdilshan
    @sajithdilshan Month ago +7096

    This has to be one of the most normal, real, cozy and beautiful celebrity house I’ve ever seen. I want a house like that

    • @cdow9032
      @cdow9032 Month ago +39

      I agree! So cozy and beautiful ❤

    • @martinhare6085
      @martinhare6085 Month ago +49

      Agree. I believe normal = livable 😅

    • @maude6604
      @maude6604 Month ago +54

      I keep telling myself that but then i'm like.... maybe its just one of their 5 houses? haha

    • @Valenpiscinne
      @Valenpiscinne Month ago +9

      I AGREE! and i loved it

    • @maryabdel-malik656
      @maryabdel-malik656 Month ago +4

      I totally agree

  • @gotenx8740
    @gotenx8740 Month ago +5441

    This house has so much more personality than the other celebrities mega mansions

    • @darlingj5792
      @darlingj5792 Month ago +76

      no cause this comment is on EVERY AD videos, maybe celebrities are humans too, maybe they have houses where they live normally idk just sayin

    • @Jessica-ym2mx
      @Jessica-ym2mx Month ago +26

      lol, it's just another house designed by Pierce + Ward who consistently have clients featured on Open Door

    • @gunsal9891
      @gunsal9891 Month ago +9

      Not necessarily.Nor everyone like cluster. I personally love minimalistic set up houses with neutral colors. That doesn’t mean that I have no personality or others have no personality.

    • @AthalieM
      @AthalieM Month ago +5

      @@Jessica-ym2mx exactly. I really like Pierce and Ward but this is textbook their aesthetic/personalities. I mean, the way she talks about some of the rooms is as if she had nothing to do with their design and didn't see them until they were finished.

    • @DIYDazzleNails
      @DIYDazzleNails Month ago +6

      everyone says this on every single AD video lmao every celebrity's house looks like this...

  • @allysonherrera5141
    @allysonherrera5141 Month ago +1813

    emma robert’s WANTING to get woken up by her dolls is such an emma robert’s thing

  • @leonkane8570
    @leonkane8570 Month ago +1276

    The doll wall has to be one of the most personal moments ever in the Open Door series. love it

    • @annjohnson8437
      @annjohnson8437 Month ago +9

      Agree, but even as an adult, dolls still creep me out, LOL! ❤

    • @SoneBlink
      @SoneBlink 29 days ago +4

      @@annjohnson8437 You should be creep out of humans, not dolls lol.

    • @jmbwithcats
      @jmbwithcats 27 days ago +1

      @@SoneBlink Creepiness is usually subconscious, and not a logical or rational thing.

  • @Nancy-sf2pl
    @Nancy-sf2pl Month ago +3819

    This house looks straight out of a children’s fairytale book. So warm and magical. 😍

    • @avatartrading
      @avatartrading Month ago +15

      it looks like someone's grandma's house lol...

    • @jendictive
      @jendictive Month ago +25

      @@avatartradingthat doesn’t negate what was said by the person you replied to

    • @yellowmellow7748
      @yellowmellow7748 Month ago +18

      ​@@avatartradingand ain't nothing wrong with that
      Also.. it's called being authentic, having personality and giving zero fcks about what everyone else thinks coz you like it

    • @etherealdepths
      @etherealdepths Month ago +5

      Love that you mentioned the book bit because Emma is SUCH a bookworm, she was definitely inspired by the handheld portals

    • @Dma118
      @Dma118 Month ago +3

      The witches house in Hansel and gretel… creepy

  • @garrettzjohnson
    @garrettzjohnson Month ago +2122

    She seems like she actually lives there and does the things she says. Love it

  • @AbysmalOceans
    @AbysmalOceans 27 days ago +341

    "it's never looked like this before"
    she's so real for that.

    • @emmka300
      @emmka300 24 days ago +2

      She is so real for pretending like she doesnt have a regular cleaner 😂

    • @carter3369
      @carter3369 17 days ago +1

      They try to make themselves relatable so you will buy what they are trying to sell you.

  • @johnhaxby306
    @johnhaxby306 Month ago +677

    so nice to see a celeb who doesn't think they need some massive garish obnoxious house to impress people or prove that they made it. it's a perfect house.

    • @sweetsade3168
      @sweetsade3168 29 days ago +5

      I don’t think she makes that much money to afford a massive luxury mansion.. am I wrong?

    • @marvin5140
      @marvin5140 29 days ago +13

      ​​@@sweetsade3168 she's literally the niece of julia roberts she could afford that even if she was jobless (but ive also read that she earns around 150k per episode)

    • @eloeden2056
      @eloeden2056 28 days ago +19

      @@sweetsade3168she’s been working since she’s a teen and is related to wealthy people by her parents, she can afford most mansions

    • @michellebenetvideos
      @michellebenetvideos 23 days ago +5

      ​@@sweetsade3168she's been starring in films for the last 20 years so yes she makes a ton of money. She worked non-stop for a really long time. Project after project. She's probably worth at least 20 million dollars.

  • @denisegaston
    @denisegaston Month ago +2700

    Love that Emma Roberts has a fun hobby of collecting dolls and is just happy to show everyone

    • @ben0789
      @ben0789 Month ago +20

      I'm just glad they are not those creepy dolls you would see in a horror flim

    • @marvinraphaelmonfort8289
      @marvinraphaelmonfort8289 Month ago +17

      plus her choices are very madison montgomery but a lil kookier and bit less glam but i live. perfect coven vibe with the cobweb chairs 🖤

    • @mae_liii
      @mae_liii Month ago +13

      @@ben0789Idk Blythe seems pretty creepy to me 😅

    • @Diametricallyopposed00
      @Diametricallyopposed00 Month ago +2

      4:19 except she had no idea how to pronounce Mab Graves name properly…. 🙄 it’s not “mob” lol

    • @shirleybekins3617
      @shirleybekins3617 Month ago +2

      OMG I collect those too! Love it!

  • @florianduffo143
    @florianduffo143 Month ago +989

    I wasnt expecting queen Chanel to live in this kind of house 🤣 I love it, so homey and cosy unlike other megamansions

    • @roninamoon
      @roninamoon 29 days ago +2


    • @alphaTrader.oo1
      @alphaTrader.oo1 27 days ago +2

      she have huge Chanel collection?

    • @florianduffo143
      @florianduffo143 27 days ago +7

      @@alphaTrader.oo1 haha no, Chanel was the name of a character she played in scream queens and lets just say she definitely had rich and tacky taste 😅

  • @LieselBee_
    @LieselBee_ Month ago +410

    I'm obsessed. I love that she credited her designers so much while still taking credit for the bits of her personality everywhere. I wish it were longer!!!

  • @dannisherman5008
    @dannisherman5008 Month ago +272

    I had no opinions about Emma before watching this video. I now am in love with her. What she finds chic: fascinating. The way she’s telling us about mismatching side tables like it’s the craziest and most genius thing in the world: incredible. Having her office in her washroom: iconic

    • @MarnieGolde7
      @MarnieGolde7 Month ago +12

      Love her style. Don’t like her history of domestic abuse…

    • @user-jv9fl4uw4l
      @user-jv9fl4uw4l 23 days ago +4

      @@MarnieGolde7​​⁠not that it makes everything okay but emma had bruises on her legs in July 2013 when the incident with Evan occurred. This insinuates they were both abusive to one another

    • @Kakariko44
      @Kakariko44 21 day ago

      ​@@user-jv9fl4uw4lNo. Bruises on knees indicate accidental bruising, like bumping into something. In intentional injury cases bruising and injuries can mostly be seen on the face (which is what Evan had). Police also only arrested her, and according to police representative that was after interviewing them both and after interviewing witnesses. It was clear that only she abused him.

  • @dacyloffduty3398
    @dacyloffduty3398 Month ago +956

    Now this house actually looks lived in. The different colors and textures made this house so comfy and quaint. I really like Emma's style.

  • @lilb0yb1ue
    @lilb0yb1ue Month ago +272

    Love that our Scream Queen has little pops of horror around her house!

    • @ev5793
      @ev5793 25 days ago +1

      that was the vest part imo!

  • @caleb700
    @caleb700 Month ago +128

    I love how it's not EXTRAVAGANT. it's just a house and it's filled with what she loves and cherishes and not just ridiculous over the top expensive stuff. She's so down to earth and obviously doesn't let fame/her job change who she is as a person. Her house feels loved in and not just for show.

  • @creoloko
    @creoloko Month ago +184

    This was so unexpected, very enchanting style, it feels so genuine and unpretentious, every room is full of character, every inch of the house really wear’s the uniqueness of her mind and soul.

  • @hollywoodjack6203
    @hollywoodjack6203 Month ago +1537

    A little "grandma's house"😂, but at least it's cozy and well used. Looks like a real house to live in and not like an art project like many others on this channel.👏🏻

    • @velmascientista7026
      @velmascientista7026 Month ago +34

      Some version of this comment is under every celebrity's video tho😮

    • @cdow9032
      @cdow9032 Month ago +3

      Everything comes back around

    • @mareveloimery
      @mareveloimery Month ago

      I was going to type this exact comment haha ❤

    • @lrzbhnsn
      @lrzbhnsn Month ago +1

      Fully agree on this

    • @1bwash
      @1bwash Month ago +13

      For sure! But she seems sincere in how she's sentimental about different things. The little stool and the ceiling wall paper for her son is precious.

  • @MB-by9jz
    @MB-by9jz Month ago +382

    Okay- I thought she was great before, but after seeing this… she is freaking phenomenal…

    • @arelycarrillo5938
      @arelycarrillo5938 Month ago +7

      she’s racist and problematic

    • @Anna-te5qc
      @Anna-te5qc Month ago +11

      Maybe you are problematic

    • @khep23
      @khep23 Month ago

      @@Anna-te5qc You support women hitting and abusing men?

    • @leeluvslife
      @leeluvslife Month ago +9

      @@arelycarrillo5938 that word has lost all meaning in 2024. Emma's a doll.

    • @eveningstar8581
      @eveningstar8581 Month ago

      @@arelycarrillo5938saying this is like saying the sky is blue lol! Because of jokers like yourself, this word is absolutely nothing anymore! Doesn't exist. Not a big deal. Come up with something new🥱

  • @diabmetry1574
    @diabmetry1574 26 days ago +9

    This is a grandma's house... And I am absolutely here for it.

  • @feulps
    @feulps Month ago +61

    I've always felt something unique / exquisite about this girl, but now i'm sure, she's so out of the box, full of originality, love her

  • @Jennimo_
    @Jennimo_ Month ago +239

    aw she is so sentimental, it's adorable

    • @1bwash
      @1bwash Month ago +14

      Completely! And it feels very sincere. Sometimes on these the celebrities will tell a story and you can just tell they're exaggerating it so they can seem more down to earth.

  • @tatendamatondo6649
    @tatendamatondo6649 Month ago +525

    The interior is so comfortable and homely

  • @thelovelounge_
    @thelovelounge_ 13 days ago +4

    I'm not gonna lie, that house is just perfect. It's more centered towards the nature theme which is something that I'm a huge fan of.
    Her doll obsession really got me off guard. I respect her for being candid about it. 💙

  • @meid9158
    @meid9158 29 days ago +23

    Finally a celeb house that’s not all white, grey, beige and marble top counter. The house has soooo much character and personality with amazing little trinkets and vintage pieces! I love it ❤. It actually looks like someone lives in it

  • @maggdaddy
    @maggdaddy Month ago +406

    I adore the whimsy of it all, so refreshing in a sea of cookie cutter mansions.

  • @sallysweetman4854
    @sallysweetman4854 Month ago +363

    This is one of my favourite episodes, you can see Emma's personality coming through and it looks like a family really lives here, love it!

  • @alezarwilliams
    @alezarwilliams Month ago +39

    This was so genuine, you can tell she came full circle and understand her own taste and filled the house with memories that mesh well 😭. BEAUTIFUL!

  • @Tia.K.C
    @Tia.K.C Month ago +69

    So much personality ❤. Are we shocked that someone who thrives at horror and comedy looks forward to her dolls coming alive at night? 😂 love her ❤

  • @gememaable
    @gememaable Month ago +209

    We love character! We love personality! We LOVEEE

  • @ylvalindback3734
    @ylvalindback3734 Month ago +162

    oh I love Emma Roberts even more now

  • @cincinnataliee
    @cincinnataliee Month ago +20

    This house has a bunch of genuine personality, not forced. LOVE Emma!

  • @rosiedust9317
    @rosiedust9317 Month ago +57

    is this house my style? No but it has charm, it looks lived in and it's unique to emma...so it's perfect. LOVE THIS!

  • @bridgetbradley8861
    @bridgetbradley8861 Month ago +146

    Stunning. And that shot of the ship chandelier at the end?! Magical.

    • @henry_evan
      @henry_evan Month ago +11

      my jaw dropped when they showed that chandelier. I really wish they could have showed more of it lol oh well

  • @laurenmeisner2260
    @laurenmeisner2260 Month ago +193

    Not what I expected to see when I hit play - I love it!! Can't go wrong with Pierce and Ward 👌 Shout out to the pool - 10/10

  • @DpanditaB
    @DpanditaB Month ago +24

    I don't know what i was expecting but it definitely wasn't this. I am absolutely in love with every corner of the house. WOW!!!!!!!!

  • @melplaylists
    @melplaylists 22 days ago +4

    this house is soo cozy and beautiful, i especially love how emma mentions her interior designers/ other artists throughout the video genuinely so thoughtful and sweet

  • @musicandartaddicted
    @musicandartaddicted Month ago +115

    It's like walking trough a cool museum, but being allowed to touch the exhibits!
    I really enjoyed watching how she expresses her love with this house and her family!

  • @Mandixmx
    @Mandixmx Month ago +243

    Did she say her staple drink she makes is “pouring champagne”? Lmao I love that

  • @meshzy13
    @meshzy13 Month ago +9

    She is so quirky and eccentric, I didn't know that lol. I would live in this house, except for the dolls but makes perfect sense for our Witch Queen

  • @mallorygraf8574
    @mallorygraf8574 Month ago +8

    All I know about Emma Roberts is that she is that she has a famous aunt and she is working actress. Well, now I know more and am so glad I went on AD tour. What a lovely and whimsical house...and I absolutely adored the mug collection and loved the little knocker mouse, so original and cute.

  • @ximenacebreros3321
    @ximenacebreros3321 Month ago +96

    Unique. So refreshing to see the owners personality actually displayed though out the house. Lovely.

  • @naurrrre
    @naurrrre Month ago +72

    one might expect emma roberts’ house would be minimalist neutral and beige, but this is a nice surprise

  • @heatherc.5760
    @heatherc.5760 27 days ago +5

    Her pool is the best I have ever seen, the fact it reminds me of a lake or waterfall area u would go n visit with family n camp vibes gives it such a warmth refreshing look n more ppl should be inspired to doing their pool like this.

  • @hk3126
    @hk3126 Month ago +10

    it’s so cute seeing her talk about her dolls lolll she’s adorable

  • @gabrielle2829
    @gabrielle2829 Month ago +98

    I love how it just seems very cosy and ordinary!

  • @elisabethbalog2048
    @elisabethbalog2048 Month ago +30

    Ugh I love her so much. Her house is 100% beautiful and cozy.

  • @toagoodhome46
    @toagoodhome46 Month ago +24

    Choc full of personality and warmth. One of the best I’ve seen, so cosy. LOVE IT!!

  • @SoneBlink
    @SoneBlink 29 days ago +5

    As a doll collector myself, i love that she's a collector! her dolls are dreamy.

  • @DesireeDore
    @DesireeDore Month ago +34

    And this is absolutely my favorite house tour 😍 yeah it might not always be that clean but you know those are her books and actual doll collection.

  • @kimstadtherr
    @kimstadtherr Month ago +55

    I think this might have been one of my favourite tours so far 😊

  • @luzvalverde8236
    @luzvalverde8236 28 days ago +8

    This woman is literally full of CULTURE! People might think she's shallow or something like that but, but genually, she's so amazing and very smart!

  • @rachelle6611
    @rachelle6611 Month ago +14

    this has to be the most sincere Open Door everrr LOVED watching this! 🩷

  • @pinkpills
    @pinkpills Month ago +20

    I love how nervous she got in this interview shes such a doll so so pretty too

  • @JavaBeanJean
    @JavaBeanJean Month ago +33

    One of my fav homes, it actually looks like she lives in it with her personality all over. It’s super cute/hommie.

  • @DivyaJoan
    @DivyaJoan Day ago

    This house is so cozy and rustic. I loved the gazebo, the pool, Rhodes' room...basically everything.

  • @firkalali5302
    @firkalali5302 14 days ago +1

    One of the most charming, eclectic, retable and unpretentious celebrity houses ever.

  • @mae_liii
    @mae_liii Month ago +31

    I would not have expected her to have a doll collection! So fun 😊

  • @chanelalonzo-argeropoulos2941

    I’ve never related more to an AD house tour 😍🥰

    • @jilliand.2184
      @jilliand.2184 Month ago +4

      Oh my gosh - same! This was such a pleasant surprise.

  • @winfrednyaga7597
    @winfrednyaga7597 Month ago +2

    I just love how excited everyone gets sharing their spaces, this one especially felt very personable, and functional!!

  • @janiemangrum6090
    @janiemangrum6090 Month ago +6

    This is the first day of the rest of my life I spend watching this video over and over and over again

  • @gustavodelgado5716
    @gustavodelgado5716 Month ago +20

    I love her style and she is so effervescent and clearly involved in the space and her son's life!! LOVE

  • @user-gw9rw5ei8m
    @user-gw9rw5ei8m Month ago +25

    I feel like I fell into an enchanted Storybook Land or something

  • @tobydpy1562
    @tobydpy1562 Month ago +5

    She’s so lovely and effortlessly comforting. I love her so much

  • @dcdszgage2125
    @dcdszgage2125 Month ago +5

    This might be my favorite hour tour yet! So warm and cozy. Personal touches are perfect. Love love love.

  • @saphiagegamyang1172
    @saphiagegamyang1172 Month ago +18

    The timeout chair 🪑 also that butter dish. Obsessed.

  • @user-lp2zn3ux1x
    @user-lp2zn3ux1x Month ago +31

    It doesn't look like a rich person's house. Love this!

  • @DeborahHendrickson-wt7eu

    She’s so lovely, in her own way. Her house is absolutely beautiful, and she’s got everything set up so perfectly. She’s very welcoming too. Amazing!

  • @andredollasign
    @andredollasign Month ago +2

    this house has so much personality , u can tell emma is very in touch with her childhood and now shared it with her now son. so cute!!!

  • @dialdominic
    @dialdominic Month ago +45

    Love how unique and eclectic it is! So much more interesting than the average mansion usually displayed.

  • @oliviafaalnik4982
    @oliviafaalnik4982 Month ago +11

    STUNNINGGGGG I never want to watch a white box ad video again thank you

  • @geoc1005
    @geoc1005 29 days ago +3

    Love the warm English-in-the-country feel, the beigey tones and coziness of this house! Such a gorgeous contrast to the stark all-white surgical suite-like modern interiors so common today, especially on the west coast. Also nice how she constantly credits her designers... Beautiful. 😍

  • @dxamelia
    @dxamelia Month ago +3

    I just love how genuine she is!

  • @dnwalkingoneggshells
    @dnwalkingoneggshells Month ago +37

    Gorgeous. Everyones saying grandmas house but all i see is well decorated and chic

  • @LanaBlakely
    @LanaBlakely Month ago +11

    So charming i'm obsessed

  • @fc4660
    @fc4660 Month ago +4

    She worked with the integrity of the house and retained its character super cute

  • @TheVintageVibeeee
    @TheVintageVibeeee Month ago +2

    I wish we all preserved vintage things and lived like that. Her pool is so beautiful and her son's room ceiling was enchanting for sure❤

  • @lauraritchie2052
    @lauraritchie2052 Month ago +26

    Wow! Not at all what I would have expected. Very cozy and personal.

  • @aw9712
    @aw9712 Month ago +4

    This has truly been my FAVORITE AD video. Ever.

  • @KBBSims
    @KBBSims Month ago +2

    I already knew I loved Emma Robert’s but this solidifies it forever in my mind. She is so iconic. Dolls? Vintage collectibles? Even for mug collection? Yes please! Looks wonderful! ❤

  • @andrewrichard9017
    @andrewrichard9017 28 days ago +1

    Absolutely gorgeous. Such a warm, cozy vibe. Love how un-Californian it is: Darker tones in colors and woods, not obsessed about bringing in as much light as possible. The pool and landscaping are spectacular. A very east coast vibe. The designers really captured her personality and made it look livable and lived in.

  • @pattyblom
    @pattyblom Month ago +6

    Just casually showing the ship chandelier at the end 😳 such a cool piece

    • @sarasays...850
      @sarasays...850 Month ago +2

      That was seriously a cool piece!! Wish she had time to talk about.

    • @pattyblom
      @pattyblom Month ago +1

      @@sarasays...850 would have loved to hear the story about that one for sure

  • @lwhite8545
    @lwhite8545 Month ago +17

    Love her style. Everything is so thoughtful and inspiring. My favorite by far!

  • @hannahcouture3514
    @hannahcouture3514 26 days ago +1

    I just love her. And this house is straight out of a fairytale. Whimsical, warm, eclectic, elegant. Absolutely Obbbsessed!

  • @ceciliab5409
    @ceciliab5409 Month ago +4

    OMG I loooove her house!! Glad to see a celebrity house so normal, cozy, and classy.

  • @kaylatrim-lee6935
    @kaylatrim-lee6935 Month ago +16

    Not what I expected, but undeniably enjoyed

  • @UncleCharlieLover
    @UncleCharlieLover Month ago +2

    This was by far my favorite featured house tour I have seen on here. Gorgeous, personal and so cozy. I‘m obsessed 😍

  • @olivewright7461
    @olivewright7461 27 days ago +1

    She’s got such a childlike energy I love it. Her son & her must have so much fun

  • @spacebug
    @spacebug Month ago +10

    I absolutely love this house. Such an incredible display of uniqueness, creativity, and charm. The haters in the comments are just dull and bitter ☹️

  • @marizgarcia2802
    @marizgarcia2802 Month ago +3

    I love that she still has her things as a kid, the stool and the time-out chair.

  • @veem6663
    @veem6663 Month ago +1

    i usually just play ad tours to have it play in the background - but this one! omg i can't stop watchingggg! her house is so cozy and homeyyy!!

  • @user-qi3hf8ko3q
    @user-qi3hf8ko3q Month ago +10

    That was beautiful. The fabrics, the wallpaper, the tile, the stripes!!!

  • @yananurgalieva7103
    @yananurgalieva7103 Month ago +13

    omg that ship on the ceiling!

  • @Metalcherrytree
    @Metalcherrytree Month ago +10

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  • @karlalopez2046
    @karlalopez2046 5 days ago

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  • @shareorshelve
    @shareorshelve Month ago

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  • @nicholasofficial4141
    @nicholasofficial4141 Month ago +7

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  • @Obedspoem
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