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2024 Lexus LX600 F Sport - Wild Luxury Sport SUV!

  • Published on Apr 14, 2024
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    What's New for 2024?
    The LX was completely redesigned for 2022 and has been little changed since. The 2024 model year sees but one update: the Ultra Luxury version's rear-seat entertainment system now comes with wireless Bluetooth headphones.
    Pricing and Which One to Buy
    The price of the 2024 Lexus LX starts at $93.915 and goes up to $134.490 depending on the trim and options.
    LX600: $93,915
    LX600 Premium: $101,865
    LX600 F Sport: $108,125
    LX600 Luxury: $109,865
    LX600 Ultra Luxury: $134,490
    Engine, Transmission, and Performance
    The LX600 is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.4-liter V-6 engine that makes 409 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. A 10-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive are both standard. Given Lexus's penchant for hybrid powertrains, we wouldn't be surprised to eventually see a gas-electric setup under the LX's hood, similar to the V-6 hybrid used in the 2022 Tundra pickup, but so far the company has made no move to offer it. On the road, the twin-turbo V-6 provides ample power and the refined presence that’s expected in a luxury vehicle. In our testing, the LX600 hustled to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds, which will be more than enough for most drivers. The four-wheel-drive system includes a low range for when the going gets tough, although the fixed running boards would be vulnerable in serious off-road scenarios. Most LX600 models deliver a compliant ride, although that relaxed suspension means this tall schooner lists in turns. The F Sport model’s firmer suspension quells that tippy tendency somewhat but results in more ride harshness.
    Interior, Comfort, and Cargo
    Inside, the LX oozes luxury, starting with a wide center console between the front seats that creates a cozy cockpit environment. Quilted leather upholstery, a leather-wrapped dashboard, wood trim, and smoked-chrome accents imbue the LX’s cabin with a luxe ambiance. The front thrones earn top marks for comfort although they can't give you a massage, unlike those in most other luxury SUVs. The entry-level Standard trim comes with room for five in two rows of seats; the mainstream Premium, Luxury, and F Sport trims come with a third row of that increases passenger capacity to seven. The top-spec Ultra Luxury model is more for the chauffeured set with a four-seat layout that eliminates the third row and features dual reclining captain's chairs in the second row divided by a center console, plus rear-seat entertainment displays and wireless smartphone charging capability.
    Read More www.caranddriver.com/lexus/lx
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  • @hungle-zo3cz
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    I can only say two words: So beautiful

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    Very good!

  • @WayApp
    @WayApp Month ago +4

    Stylish driving excellence

  • @user-fy2vz3tu9x
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    Beauty and reliability...

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    So love ❤️

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    Nice one

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    Chiroyli mashina

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    nice car

  • @angKhoaVoPham
    @angKhoaVoPham Month ago +1

    Please review vinfast(vf7,vf8,vf9)

  • @mohsen4782
    @mohsen4782 Month ago +1

    بسیار زیبا اگر خدا بخواهد به زودی میخرم💙💙💙💯👌

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    You know how to film a vehicle my friend

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    اهنا في الاهواز لم استطع اتخيل حتي املك مثل هذا السيارة ، بس الله كريم و نعم الكريم
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  • @user-ed8ks8yw2h
    @user-ed8ks8yw2h Month ago +5

    The small window glass in end is uglly better to have straght glass body in end both sides like range rover it be more wild good look

    • @cmoore7821
      @cmoore7821 Month ago

      Range rover is piece of $**t.

    • @ebengapierre8826
      @ebengapierre8826 4 days ago

      Wewe unakiwanda chakutengeza gari ulisha wai tengeneza gari ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • @carloscarvalho6619
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    Será que tem a venda no Brasil???

  • @dextersmithbsee
    @dextersmithbsee 10 days ago

    Buttons everywhere!!

  • @user-gv8yj9ku3p
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    It's just the most trusted brand in the world

  • @MarsRangerTIGR
    @MarsRangerTIGR 28 days ago

    Not bad 👍

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  • @user-gv8yj9ku3p
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    Lexus the best!!!!!

  • @albertchalwe221
    @albertchalwe221 4 days ago

    So beautiful, how much in US$ dollars

  • @DdFf-ox5tg
    @DdFf-ox5tg 24 days ago

    السيارة هذي بالخليج مثل الذهب مستحيل ينزل سعرها ولها عشاق بالملاين

  • @peter27241
    @peter27241 Month ago

    If size LX570 is good and design OK but the mirror looks unlikely up to the corner very good

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    • @danialibray
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    • @user-wj2dt1sz8w
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      Куда японцам УАЗ буханка это машина века один раз сделали и на сто лет это техническая уровень

  • @tombrown8443
    @tombrown8443 24 days ago +1

    As Lexus owner last decade. RX350, LX, IS350. Lexus really need to up their game in info system. Hideous with those outdated mino screens. Goes same for rx, is (which hasnt been updated for years)

  • @seymur_astara6059
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  • @OppoA-un1ut
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    How much?

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    Yeh top model hai

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  • @viermalvier4x4
    @viermalvier4x4 Month ago

    I hope this Lexus comes to Europe.

    • @olympbarca3313
      @olympbarca3313 29 days ago

      Actually this car is in a russian shop

    • @viermalvier4x4
      @viermalvier4x4 29 days ago

      @@olympbarca3313 OK. THX. I hope he finds his way to Europe

  • @albertchalwe221
    @albertchalwe221 4 days ago

    Why not ? models in RHD,(Right Hand Drive)

  • @nudz502
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  • @Olesnica24
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    What wrong with breaks, smaller than corolla's

  • @user-uw3ff2gh2z
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  • @user-xn3ny1fg1u
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    very good je m appelle pango yorick je suis gabonais

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    Nerde lan bu arabalar🤣😎

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  • @nonamedude3217
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    Китайцы в сто раз лучше делают и дизайном и технологиями. Похоже япония сдулась.

    • @danialibray
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      Не смеши иван🤣

    • @nonamedude3217
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      @@danialibray мой иван в твой хлебальник не влезет, а если влезет, то твоя рожа треснет

  • @TheDarlowiak
    @TheDarlowiak 22 days ago

    Hate those open god damn cup holders symmetry and balance lost , so American .

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  • @northerners2828
    @northerners2828 Month ago +1

    Too many buttons..😅

  • @MercOne
    @MercOne Month ago +1

    It's nice, but it's chopped liver next to the Range Rover and new Infiniti QX80.

    • @user-gv8yj9ku3p
      @user-gv8yj9ku3p Month ago +3

      It's just the most trusted brand in the world

    • @MercOne
      @MercOne Month ago

      @@user-gv8yj9ku3pYep and still looks like crap next to the competition.

    • @nastassiaalcius1010
      @nastassiaalcius1010 13 days ago +1

      Reliability and pricing for maintenance for lexus are unmatched 🙌🏾...

  • @pootytang203
    @pootytang203 Month ago +12

    Lexus lost something after the late 90’s and they need to get it back!!!

    • @ms-uh2tw
      @ms-uh2tw Month ago +1

      Yeah the shape and quality of the car

    • @ms-uh2tw
      @ms-uh2tw Month ago +3

      They all
      Look like soccer mom cars

  • @olxon6412
    @olxon6412 Month ago

    Как же неприятно смотрятся татуировки на руках,удалите их пожалуйста!!!

  • @eroildocortes4973
    @eroildocortes4973 Month ago +2

    Una. Pantalla. Pequeña y. Fea. Como siempre. Hace. Toyota. 😮

  • @ilhomjonusmonov9314

    Здравствуйте. Я. Авто. Дизайнер

  • @user-tu5xk6jh9e
    @user-tu5xk6jh9e Month ago

    Лексус и есть лексус. Всегда хорош был. Технологии на месте не стоят .

  • @China4x4
    @China4x4 Month ago +1

    a very rushed product.....no kdss whatsoever

  • @neptuno7351
    @neptuno7351 23 days ago

    Deportivo 😂😂😂 que tendra de deportivo ? El nombre nada mas .

  • @romanvakhrushev8361

    Где купить?

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    Дешевка все дешевое

  • @markwagner4909
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    I can’t believe anything coming out of Russia

    • @DavidNeculai-xk4cs
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    • @Laurentiussss
      @Laurentiussss Month ago

      I'm from russia, and if you have money, you can buy any car, there no sanctions

    • @markwagner4909
      @markwagner4909 Month ago

      @@Laurentiussss use your money to stop Putin

    • @danialibray
      @danialibray Month ago

      @@LaurentiussssКазахам скажи спасибо, благодаря им вы ещё можете хоть что-то купить и не отставать от развитого мира

    • @Laurentiussss
      @Laurentiussss Month ago

      @@danialibray спасибо за что? разве вы не берете наценок за то что перевозите сюда? просто зарабатываете на ровном месте и наглеете

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  • @user-sh7ic5rc1t
    @user-sh7ic5rc1t Month ago

    У такой машины за такие деньги и такой большой косяк, как нажимать на кнопки стеклоподьемников когда между кнопками и подлокотником расположена ручка закрытия двери, это провал эргономики, дальше даже смотреть не стал😂😂😂

  • @user-nx4cc9jg3r
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    한국에선 볼수없는 차 수입좀 해라

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    디자인만 틀리지 바퀴4개는똑같네!어쩌라는거지ㅠㅠ

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    ما شاء الله تبارك الله

  • @K42023
    @K42023 7 days ago

    How the Toyota LC300 looks great from the front , and then the US gets this?🫤 Is this payback for Hiroshima and Nagasaki ?

  • @user-yd8ee1br1m
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