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KSI Attacked Me...

  • Published on Oct 10, 2021
  • I met KSI, Wilbur Soot & GeorgeNotFound at a secondary school in London. What a weird day
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    Edited by Elodie (elodiegif on twitter)
    Camera work by James (jamez_framez on insta)
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  • Tom Simons
    Tom Simons  11 months ago +65014

    guys i literally cannot show in the video what he sent LMAO, please stop asking it will get me banned

  • KindaElijah
    KindaElijah 11 months ago +17959

    I can't get over the fact that Tommy's helmet camera angle is just hilarious

    • GoldBlockzrYT
      GoldBlockzrYT 17 days ago

      He got them goofy angles

    • priyanka manoj
      priyanka manoj 20 days ago

      I cant stop laughing at that

    • C0re
      C0re Month ago

      the fact that when i read this comment there was 69 replies 😎

    • Harry *_0
      Harry *_0 8 months ago +1


  • Pepper Johnson
    Pepper Johnson 9 months ago +1269

    The way Will came running over when Tommy was sitting on the floor and immediately asked "what do you need?". He's such a big brother 😂

  • Just_A_Guy
    Just_A_Guy 7 months ago +430

    I like how Tommy’s humor is broken, and we all still laugh

    • JasChan
      JasChan Month ago

      @NoName yea lmao

    • NoName
      NoName Month ago

      @JasChan lol I think most of the viewers are ksi supporters

    • JasChan
      JasChan Month ago

      @Just_A_Guy cause ksi

    • Just_A_Guy
      Just_A_Guy 3 months ago +4

      @JasChan if its not funny to why’d you click?

    • JasChan
      JasChan 3 months ago +1

      its funny to u

  • Riki Wang
    Riki Wang 8 months ago +278

    KSI: “Is that kinder surprise?”

  • LadWithTheHat [LWTH]
    LadWithTheHat [LWTH] 6 months ago +136

    "you're weirdest infinite"
    "you're weirdest times ten."
    "infinite beats times ten. _you lose"_
    that part had me wheezing

  • Lilarella
    Lilarella 11 months ago +2630

    People are like "Omg tommy is so socially awkward"
    No- no, hes awkwardly social.

    • ً
      ً 11 months ago

      He makes everyone feel like their socially awkward

    • Liahna Hight
      Liahna Hight 11 months ago

      I'm just awkward

    • kyo.
      kyo. 11 months ago

      Yup lol

    • Sketchingismy4te
      Sketchingismy4te 11 months ago

      no he's socward

    • p00f_1
      p00f_1 11 months ago +1


  • semi ayub
    semi ayub 9 months ago +182

    George is the best friend I have ever seen. Mad respect to George for being such an amazing friend.

  • °Kool Kaylie°
    °Kool Kaylie° 7 months ago +34

    George is literally being a therapist in the middle of a bike riding session.

  • Tillbut
    Tillbut 6 months ago +20

    I love how George legit gives tommy life advice when he gives up

  • A
    A 6 months ago +13

    6:35 i love how ksi nearly breaks character lol

  • Caitlyn Allen
    Caitlyn Allen 11 months ago +2175

    "I can batter him I'm just choosing not to."
    So much about Tommy makes sense now.

  • STEM K- Gordon M. Arias
    STEM K- Gordon M. Arias 9 months ago +16

    these guys literally made my day lmao 😂😂

  • Phoenix Rockeagle
    Phoenix Rockeagle 9 months ago +13

    This is hilarious, my 10 year old brother learned to ride a bike that was too big for him, without a helmet, in an hour. Granted, he didn't have someone yelling at him when he crashed lol.

  • whyulooking
    whyulooking 7 months ago +5

    I love how george encourges ppl, like Tommy in this situation.

  • depressedbaby
    depressedbaby Month ago

    I’ve watched this video 1000 time and I’m still so proud to see Tommy actually ride a bike

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich 11 months ago +4518

    “i can batter him i’m just choosing not too” slowly backs away

  • Alex
    Alex 6 months ago +11

    KSI:”mocking Tommy”
    Tommy:ur a grown man

  • qwer
    qwer 2 months ago +3

    Man hands down to the most funniest times ten video I've ever seen . Everytime I feel sad i come back here and end up crying but with laughter . Thank you Tom

  • CorvusGaming
    CorvusGaming Month ago +2

    George and Wilbur actually trying to help Tommy in a good way is so comforting I wish I had a big bro like that ;-;

  • Emerald Empire
    Emerald Empire 6 months ago +1

    "I can batter him Im just choosing not too"
    *KSI slowly backs away*

  • kez
    kez 11 months ago +4016

    George: “Violence is not the answer.”
    Me, immediately going: “It’s the question, and the answer is YES.”

  • Arianna
    Arianna 16 days ago +2

    i love how when motherinnit said she could batter him
    ksi was scooting away 🤣

  • Darshil Jain
    Darshil Jain 7 months ago +4

    Alternative title : Ksi being THE MAN for straight 10 minutes.

  • • K0use! •
    • K0use! • 6 months ago

    I have finished having a laughing fit over the fact that ksi was scared of Tommy's mum and the fact that she sounded dead serious when she said i would batter him but I'm choosing not to. I'm not the only one who thinks that was funny right?

  • Roman Paguio
    Roman Paguio 8 months ago +1

    Seeing Tommy square up with JJ is one of the best things I’ve seen in my life😭

  • Dog
    Dog 11 months ago +2869

    Tommy not knowing how to ride a bike is such a gamer which never goes outside stereotype

    • Toasty Toast
      Toasty Toast 4 months ago

      True Gamer Chad Moment.

    • Elsie Castulo
      Elsie Castulo 5 months ago

      Even I'm 7 I can still ride a bike

    • ashtσn oloi ×͜×
      ashtσn oloi ×͜× 5 months ago

      Tommy not knowing how to ride a bike at 17 is not a stereotype it's sad

    • BlipLmao
      BlipLmao 11 months ago

      @Danger Hurd I’m 13 and learned when I was 9 lol

    • Danger Hurd
      Danger Hurd 11 months ago

      I don’t know either I am 12 is that bad

  • M I S O S O U P
    M I S O S O U P 9 months ago +1

    Tommy: crying in a Beautiful angle

  • Ircusing
    Ircusing Month ago

    Tommy is the kind of guy that sees a bike and asks: "Is anyone going to eat that?" and not wait for an answer

  • Ally Edits
    Ally Edits 21 day ago +1

    The fact Tom can’t ride a bike at first, and im younger doing mountain biking is very concerning

  • Harsh Vijay Kamble
    Harsh Vijay Kamble 9 months ago +1

    Tommy's mother to KSI: Tell him I can batter him, but im choosing not to.
    KSI: *_Slowly Backs away_*

  • amelia
    amelia 11 months ago +8654

    “I could batter him, im just choosing no to.” -Motherinnit. A true perfect human being.

    • seyed abdul kader ameer buhari
      seyed abdul kader ameer buhari 2 months ago

      Vilons is not the answer it's is the question and the answer is yes

    • technoblade live on
      technoblade live on 2 months ago

      U know what
      It should be ---ksi and mommyinnit next time in the creator clash

    • Akaza🍩
      Akaza🍩 3 months ago

      @Türkiyeyi seviyorum that is not supposed to be here

    • Erly Cambas
      Erly Cambas 3 months ago

      What about chad

    • amelia
      amelia 5 months ago

      Why am i still getting notifs

  • Sharmila Warepam
    Sharmila Warepam 6 months ago +1

    Moral of the story : Never let KSI be your teacher

  • AfroGamer09
    AfroGamer09 2 months ago

    I love how ksi looks so uncomfortable when tommys around

  • Fxzer0
    Fxzer0 6 months ago

    The man : DO IT AGAIN
    Tommy’s brain : I have never felt so un treated in my life

  • AnnusUnus
    AnnusUnus 8 months ago

    i never thought tommy learning to ride a bike would be so funny.

  • Bombay Potato
    Bombay Potato 11 months ago +4486

    "I can batter him, I'm just choosing not to"
    - Every mum ever

  • RestlessTaylor
    RestlessTaylor 8 months ago +1

    How to ride a bike:

  • HolyNootNoot👑🎗
    HolyNootNoot👑🎗 3 months ago +2

    Been watching ur vids to cheer me up after the passing of techno and u cheered me up alot ty tom!

  • AceLoves_bLuE
    AceLoves_bLuE 4 months ago +1

    George giving therapy to Tommy and making it sound like a drama show

  • Ameen Arfan
    Ameen Arfan 8 months ago +1

    I Love How Tommy Wore George Not Found Merch...True FriendShip ❤️🔥

  • Sylvester Outze
    Sylvester Outze 11 months ago +2112

    Tommy’s mum saying “tell him i Can batter him Im just choosing not to is the best shit ever

    • Turkey Armwrestling
      Turkey Armwrestling 7 months ago

      Ksi got ptsd flashback from his own childhood

    • Muffin
      Muffin 11 months ago +6

      The slipper is the punch
      The belt is the uppercut

    • hello i dont know
      hello i dont know 11 months ago +6

      lmao maybe tommy is worried about ksi getting battered and not actually his mum being angry xd

    • Logan Felix
      Logan Felix 11 months ago +3

      @Zocmysock maybe it's because they're british

    • mythical_beast_fn
      mythical_beast_fn 11 months ago +1

      So true

  • Maya Manke
    Maya Manke 9 months ago +1

    i like how the whole smp treats gogy like hes the most precious thing ever

  • Shoo Sky
    Shoo Sky 7 months ago +1

    Tommy making KSI sing the speedrun tune had me rolling!!! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ICEcold human
    ICEcold human 8 months ago

    The whole "i am the bike and the bike is me" bit is always funny no matter how many times you watch it

  • 『 𝙱𝙼𝙾! 』
    『 𝙱𝙼𝙾! 』 6 months ago +2

    "Violence is never the answer."
    "Violence is a question."
    "And the answer is yes."

  • Mogi
    Mogi 11 months ago +18663

    Until this day I had actually never seen anyone drag a bike like Tommy did.

  • Blue Rain
    Blue Rain 9 months ago +1

    "real life but KSI makes it 10000% funnier"

  • PSD_Dub
    PSD_Dub 8 months ago +1

    Wilbur- *sees ksi has flashbacks* “He’s not gonna hit me again is he?”

  • Sweptgamer12
    Sweptgamer12 8 months ago +2

    Tommy meditating
    I am just confused of what I just watched

  • Lara Koppenhöfer
    Lara Koppenhöfer 7 months ago

    This is f perfect, me laughing my ass of: I know how to ride a bike since I’m 3 😂 (without anyone or any help)

  • mad576
    mad576 11 months ago +1470

    Mommyinnit: " i can batter him but i choosing not to"
    KSI: *Backs away slowly*

    • mountain
      mountain 10 months ago

      @RafX Kind of sad tbh

    • 26 Mic
      26 Mic 11 months ago

      My homie I make entertaining vids as well

    • loloo
      loloo 11 months ago +1


  • GR33N_GH0ST
    GR33N_GH0ST 8 months ago

    I laughed the whole time but I honestly just feel bad for Tommy

  • SeditaveMender9
    SeditaveMender9 2 months ago +1

    I just absolutely love KSI’s yelling it’s hilarious! 😂

  • C418
    C418 8 months ago +1

    I understand Tommy when i first tried i failed but i learned on a mountain bike. Im still waiting for my tall bike so uhhh yeah i feel you Tom i fell down lots of times until you learn to balance

  • Cathy Beltran
    Cathy Beltran 8 months ago

    0:49 when Tommy runs it literally looks like he is running like a robot for me

  • Grace McClean
    Grace McClean 11 months ago +2168

    Wilbur: *rides bike with no hands*
    George: *does a jump on the bike*
    Tommy: *_falls over_*

    • GroovySharkBait
      GroovySharkBait 11 months ago

      Its scripted

    • Georgia Brown
      Georgia Brown 11 months ago +1

      guys come on george just pulled up his handlebars lol thats not a jump

    • Xavier Dcosta
      Xavier Dcosta 11 months ago +1

      @matilda winder a jump is when you go in the air on the bike, like go off a landing and there might be like a 1m gap in between... not lifting the front wheel in the air

    • Robbinsnest
      Robbinsnest 11 months ago +2


    • wohhhh_
      wohhhh_ 11 months ago +1

      great success

  • meezla !!
    meezla !! 6 months ago

    "I can batter him I'm just choosing not to"
    tom and his mom are so in sync

  • Mohammed Elsaqa
    Mohammed Elsaqa 8 months ago +1

    I remember when I was 6 years old
    I learned how to bike in 10 seconds
    Bro it's not that hard

  • Lumpycap
    Lumpycap 2 months ago +1

    gogy : *"Violence is not the answer...ok?"*
    tommy : pushs KSI..... "bitch"

  • Yaboymello
    Yaboymello 8 months ago +2

    Tommy’s mum: “ I can batter him if I want to”
    KSI: leaves the scene quietly…

  • OrangePotatoes
    OrangePotatoes 11 months ago +16606

    George: giving tommy a spiritual pep talk
    Tommy: makes zombified humming noises

    • The Reality Filter
      The Reality Filter 11 months ago +1

      Now that's what I call a sausage party. LGBTQ+ Good for you boys good for you.

    • Jetster26
      Jetster26 11 months ago

      @complete video here FAKE GET OUTTA HERE

    • Wise
      Wise 11 months ago +2

      Don’t forget the kinder egg surprise

  • Mr. Polar
    Mr. Polar 6 months ago

    The funniest thing ever is that when tommy collabs with funny youtubers LMAOOO

  • Crazy4gamin09
    Crazy4gamin09 5 months ago +1

    "I can batter him but I'm choosing not to"😂😂😂

  • Grant DeFor
    Grant DeFor 6 months ago

    this is the collab we didn’t know we needed

  • Daniultra
    Daniultra 8 months ago +1


  • Gamma Ikazune
    Gamma Ikazune 11 months ago +3674

    Everyone: "KSI is literally teaching a child how to ride a bike"
    Me: "Why was George in a cage?"

  • AstroBanana8008
    AstroBanana8008 9 months ago

    Ksi was so fucking hilarious 😂

  • WILB-
    WILB- 5 months ago

    “Dribble king, dribble, let it out!” Why did I laugh so much-

  • KieDie Studio
    KieDie Studio 7 months ago

    4:07 anyone noticed how they were like in a descending order when they fell.
    George was still upright, Tommy was crouching and Wilbur was rolling XD.
    And Also, in 4:10 Wilbur looked so hilarious and ded when he rolled

  • シ︎𝓛 𝓪 𝓵 𝓪 シ︎

    I LOVE THE WAY TOMMY SAYS ''just take me, take me, He will just crack'' ABOUT GEORGE LMAOO

  • Hollowhead
    Hollowhead 11 months ago +3682

    Mommyinnit: "I can batter him but I'm choosing not to"
    KSI: *regrets life decisions*

    • Lisa K.
      Lisa K. 6 months ago

      @• D a i s y • Literally the end lmao

    • mountain
      mountain 10 months ago +2

      It because the thing that Tommy's mum said reminded him of his childhood, Kind of sad tbh

    • Benssly
      Benssly 11 months ago

      KSI slowly backing away.

  • Luca Arruda 🦆
    Luca Arruda 🦆 8 months ago +12

    When the karate kid has had enough: 3:19

  • Soy is kool
    Soy is kool 8 months ago +2

    Don't feel bad tommy. I learned how to ride a bike when I was 10 . . . and lemme tell ya, the world knew, and i hated it. I was just like you when I frist figured out how to ride a bike. But in my darkest time gogy came to me, and i became one with the bike. Just like you. You're not alone.

  • Mysterious Creator
    Mysterious Creator 7 months ago +2

    he instantly switched it to KSI attacked me instead of KSI teaches me how to ride a bike

  • BlueBerry Cotton Floss
    BlueBerry Cotton Floss 9 months ago +2

    Okay KSI is actually really funny XD

  • Sophie Lecras
    Sophie Lecras 11 months ago +2679

    George: therapist
    Tommy: an ACTUAL child
    Ksi: the teacher that can’t calm down
    Will: supportive brother

  • Alberto George
    Alberto George 6 months ago

    This is some top tier character development. Tommy started the video as a 6"3 Alpha Male, At the end of the video he became a 6"3 Alpha Male who could (kinda) ride a bike.

  • NicoTheRealGoat
    NicoTheRealGoat 6 months ago

    Tommy’s just like: I dont even deserve the suprise.
    And just throws away the trash into nowhere

  • Nicole Farrelly
    Nicole Farrelly 2 months ago

    I was litteratly crying watching trying to ride a bike 😂

  • Mr. Dark
    Mr. Dark 7 months ago

    When you're dutch and you're thinking about wtf they are trying to do, cycling isn't that hard

  • ImJustNicole
    ImJustNicole 11 months ago +2206

    Tommy’s mum: I can batter him, I'm just choosing not to
    Ksi: *Slowly steps away*

    • mountain
      mountain 10 months ago +1

      It because the thing that Tommy's mum said reminded him of his childhood, Kind of sad tbh

    • Cuber Clown
      Cuber Clown 11 months ago +1

      lolololol this was an op video

    • ExplodingSteve
      ExplodingSteve 11 months ago +9

      and we never saw ksi again

    • solemn
      solemn 11 months ago +8

      nobody can beat the wrath of mum

  • Eimmy Garcia
    Eimmy Garcia 8 months ago

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that Wilbur was like “he isn’t gonna hit me again is he?” Or something like that

  • Александра Лебедева

    Tommy's mum: I can batter him I'm just choosing not to
    KSI: slowly backs away

  • Help me get 1k subs
    Help me get 1k subs 7 months ago +1

    I haven't watch tommy in a long time it's good to see his videos appear in my recommendation.

  • Big potato
    Big potato 8 months ago +2

    9:33 I’m laughing so hard 😂

  • Ryan
    Ryan 11 months ago +1033

    I like how Wilbur is always in his vlogs, to be his “guardian”

    • 09SpacePlays
      09SpacePlays 11 months ago +3

      Guardian Soot

    • Something I guess
      Something I guess 11 months ago

      Tommyinnit secret channel

    • Türkiyeyi seviyorum
      Türkiyeyi seviyorum 11 months ago

      разливал популярные напитки под землей и бросал ментос - ВИДЕТЬ ВЗРЫВ!

  • daniel Irl
    daniel Irl 8 months ago

    "I've never rid a bike in my life"

  • Riuke com
    Riuke com 7 months ago

    wilbur: where are we gonna find a george?
    server: *"A caged George has appeared!" "save it!"*

  • Footpicker
    Footpicker 8 months ago +2

    Its so funny how tommy is friends with the oldest dream smp memmbers

  • Alex
    Alex 6 months ago +3

    KSI:I’m so exited to see u ride
    Tommy:sensei ur a b*tch

  • Winn
    Winn 11 months ago +2610

    “Tell him I can batter him I’m just choosing not to” got me laughing to hard 😂

    • Quackity stannn
      Quackity stannn 11 months ago

      Tommyinnit new channel

    • reuben
      reuben 11 months ago +1

      jj started walking backwards real fast

    • 有夠凸凸凸
      有夠凸凸凸 11 months ago

      I have so much respect for motherinnit

    • Gaboskiee
      Gaboskiee 11 months ago +2

      KSI better watch out lmao

  • Տ᙭ᗰᑭᒪY_ ᖴ᙭TIᗰᗩ

    -*Sensei, you're a bit¢h!*
    -Tom Simons 2021

  • Alex
    Alex 6 months ago +1

    KSI:I’ve seen unborn children ride better than u
    Tommy”interups KSI”Uve seen unborn children!!!???

  • Bobyn -Carey
    Bobyn -Carey 7 months ago

    5:32 is exactly like my dad trying to teach me how to ride a bike (I still can’t)

  • The Enticci
    The Enticci 9 months ago

    No wonder why dream keeps trying to kill Tommy, Tommy just hummed loudly while looking a George XD

  • BlobPlan
    BlobPlan 11 months ago +2268

    Ksi: Walks away slowly

    • Crewmate..
      Crewmate.. 11 months ago

      Tommyinnit secret channel

    • Aleisha Draws
      Aleisha Draws 11 months ago

      lonely sandwich stole your comment 😔

    • Davy Boi
      Davy Boi 11 months ago +3

      Yeah I already knew that happened in the video, you don't have to comment it

  • Sydney From Pluto
    Sydney From Pluto 6 months ago

    It's so weird to see someone struggling to ride a bicycle

  • Colin Rogers
    Colin Rogers 9 months ago

    I didn’t think tommy couldn’t ride i bike until I remembered.
    “Oh yea! He’s tommy.”

  • Dark Mark
    Dark Mark 8 months ago

    I literally laugh where KSI was like “I’ve seen unborn children ride better” like what the f*ck