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I met Logan Paul in real life...

  • Published on Sep 18, 2021
  • I met Logan Paul in London, in real life. It was awesome.
    Edited by Tom + Wilbur + Elodie (@elodiegif on twitter)
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  • Tom Simons
    Tom Simons  Year ago +73

    Subscribe!!!!! Thanks so much :)

  • Leia Kasta
    Leia Kasta Year ago +9

    The second hand embarrassment I get watching this is amazing. Also Wilbur calling Logan out for catcalling while hiding on the floor of the bus is amazing and very appreciated.

  • Quackerz

    Wilbur is so respectful, polite, and by far the kindest person in this stream. 😂

  • Fairy_Fluffles

    Logan is like your mom's ex. He's fun and cool and lets you do things your mom wouldn't let you...but he you know......doesn’t care too much about you.

  • rannussy

    Wilbur is the type of guy to see logan abandoning tommy and say: "is anyone gonna beat him off camera?" and not wait for an answer.


    My respect for Wilbur absolutely skyrocketed when he called Logan out for catcalling saying that its mysogenistic he is an absolute king

  • cyrus_theH1GH

    I love how everyone recognizes how shitty logan is, joking or not, and how respectful and caring wilbur is throughout the vid

  • 🐐
    🐐 Year ago +7

    As a Twitter user just said: “Tommy isn’t socially awkward, he’s awkardly social.”

  • Connor Allen

    We can all respect Wilbur at the end for being a big bro and taking Tommy to get ice cream👍

  • Moshroomba

    Personally Logan gave off creepy weird catcaller vibes, and i know he was probably playing things up for the camera - but genuinely I'm glad wil was there to make sure nothing super bad happened

  • Moon_The_Magical

    Wilbur at the end convincing Tommy to get ice cream after he is disappointed is really sweet! Also Wilbur crawling under the seats of the bus is such a mood.

  • TogaSimpRoki

    I can feel Wilbur’s anger through my phone and he’s not even on screen half the time

  • MishM
    MishM  +531


  • Kawaii_Foox
    Kawaii_Foox Year ago +2

    Tommy: having fun

  • Stain
    Stain  +1

    When Tommy said “I’m georgenotfound” and the girl said “With dream?”, Tommys little “mhmm” with his face expression was the BEST!!

  • Greg Greenwood

    My respect for Wilbur for saying I don’t like this guy is: 📈📈

  • Megan Schulz

    “The said the devil would be attractive”

  • Grace Reads

    Tommy: ADHD Child

  • alex
    alex Year ago +3

    everybody say “thank you wilbur” for looking out for tommy this entire video