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  • Published on Apr 13, 2024
  • Cash Nasty, Josh Richards, and Boogie take on Cam Newton, Imdaviss, and Friga! Who takes home the trophy?
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Comments • 943

  • @DeeCANN0N
    @DeeCANN0N Month ago +1556

    Boogie is basically Shaq with a 3 Pointer playing against middle schoolers!!! 💯🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥

    • @DeeCANN0N
      @DeeCANN0N Month ago +27

      Facts!!! 💯🤣🤣🔥🔥

    • @andrescutler774
      @andrescutler774 Month ago +95

      @@DeeCANN0Nbro forgot to use his alt

    • @rugrat7769
      @rugrat7769 Month ago +5


    • @Neyshtradamus
      @Neyshtradamus Month ago +36

      It’s crazy he never really reached his full potential in the NBA I feel like

    • @meachy1
      @meachy1 Month ago +6

      Shaq can shoot 3s 😂

  • @yyyremix
    @yyyremix Month ago +1184

    Friga's right too, Boogie was going maybe 50% lol 😂

    • @cream6344
      @cream6344 Month ago +190

      Nah more like 30% lol he really ain’t trying

    • @gurshankhela934
      @gurshankhela934 Month ago +131

      Less than that. He could've destroyed em in the paint.

    • @razor2880
      @razor2880 Month ago +40

      fr idk why he not in the NBA rn

    • @jamesonedwardsii4943
      @jamesonedwardsii4943 Month ago +47

      10% you could tell he’s not olayimg at game speed

    • @AmpNewstv
      @AmpNewstv Month ago +46

      He’s only step backing and shooting 😭😭 if he wanted to end the game he could’ve took a screen from Davis side everytime

  • @YaBoiJern757
    @YaBoiJern757 Month ago +545

    This was basically a shoot around between frig and Boogie

    • @Rokkstxrdevon
      @Rokkstxrdevon Month ago +32

      Frig was actually trying tho boogie was going 30% it’s levels to it

    • @xeno9
      @xeno9 Month ago +53

      @@Rokkstxrdevon friga took a 1 legged 3 bro nobody was trying in this garbage tournament lmao

    • @Lillean
      @Lillean Month ago +7

      @@xeno9ong shi was so boring to watch

    • @ChatterBoxBran
      @ChatterBoxBran Month ago +21

      @@Rokkstxrdevon friga is a college hooper boogie was nba of course he dont need to try as hard

    • @Jn-gx4nq
      @Jn-gx4nq Month ago +2

      @@Rokkstxrdevonfrig was not trying at all😭 a RUclips content creator vs an nba player you’d forsure think they’d be on different levels

  • @lionelkade1441
    @lionelkade1441 Month ago +562

    Boogie just showed there levels to this basketball thing man he wasn’t even trying to

    • @biizzlle
      @biizzlle Month ago +35

      Not just his skill hes three times everyone’s size except cam

    • @toptiertech7291
      @toptiertech7291 Month ago +22

      @@biizzllethat had nothing to do with the passes he was making

    • @Bythebartalk
      @Bythebartalk Month ago +32

      ⁠@@biizzllebruh he was shooting tho, I could see if he was posting them up lol

    • @raygarcia2119
      @raygarcia2119 Month ago

      ​@@Bythebartalkshooting against cones calm down boogie garbage ☠️☠️☠️

    • @SageO6PathzGON
      @SageO6PathzGON Month ago +9

      yet people in the video b4 this deadass commenting friga as good as max strus 💀
      and u dont know ball if u dont think friga is league caliber LOL

  • @JiDion
    @JiDion Month ago +675


  • @jruss400
    @jruss400 Month ago +146

    Boogie really playin at 37 percent

  • @seangray248
    @seangray248 Month ago +457

    😂😂 friga calling game and choked is the funniest shii 😂😂

    • @erickmartinez9850
      @erickmartinez9850 Month ago +74

      He's a great hooper, but he's a highlight chaser. He could've taken the easy win, yet he chooses to take dumb 3s for the highlights. He's been doing this since forever. It's like he sees game, blacks out, yells "game time," and selfish mode kicks in. 😂 I've seen it work, but it fails most of the time. 🤦

    • @yoitsSmitty2004
      @yoitsSmitty2004 Month ago +16

      @@erickmartinez9850”selfish mode” corniest thing I’ve read today, you don’t hoop

    • @mo3bandz91
      @mo3bandz91 Month ago

      @@erickmartinez9850u yappin rn😂

    • @krazekid8668
      @krazekid8668 Month ago +21

      @@yoitsSmitty2004friga fan lmfao

    • @yoitsSmitty2004
      @yoitsSmitty2004 Month ago

      @@krazekid8668 Rather be a Friga fan over a Basement dweller like you🤣

  • @jamesonedwardsii4943
    @jamesonedwardsii4943 Month ago +72

    “Cash you the little version of me”
    Cash is never going to let that one go. He’s going to be bragging the rest of his hoop career on being lil boogie 😭😭😭

  • @kongdaddy
    @kongdaddy Month ago +81

    Boogie might get a contract shooting like this 😂😂😂

  • @mikebjr7
    @mikebjr7 Month ago +12

    14:45 "It's a terrible shot but an even dumber foul" 😂😂

  • @jhood619
    @jhood619 Month ago +178

    cam newton is hilarious

    • @81ELDIN
      @81ELDIN Month ago +20

      Love him bruh , also the fact he wearing that hat while hooping got me crying 😭

    • @bambiboi3244
      @bambiboi3244 Month ago

      Boogie was bullying him all game

  • @jordanezzelle1718
    @jordanezzelle1718 Month ago +353

    josh richard’s is a walkin cone

  • @bigrudd9346
    @bigrudd9346 Month ago +237

    Ok so a 6ft 10" with a 7/2 wingspan and a 3pt shot. Oh, he still balls daily and is nba ready. This was all silly.

    • @Abineetbluestar
      @Abineetbluestar Month ago +6

      He’s 7ft

    • @bigrudd9346
      @bigrudd9346 Month ago +21

      @@Abineetbluestar My bad, I was off on his wingspan, it's 7ft 6. Gawdam!

    • @s.a.f.7191
      @s.a.f.7191 Month ago +15

      Yea in a casual game….nba is a WHOLE nother pace. He has to play defense, run the court, set picks. And still shoot with other…*check notes* 6’8-7ft players…lol.

    • @SageO6PathzGON
      @SageO6PathzGON Month ago +9

      @@s.a.f.7191 yet there were people on the other video saying and STILL arguing friga is as good as max strus 💀 and saying u dont know ball if u think friga cant make it to the league.
      yet boogie isnt lol. when a team like the pelicans has a single player over 6 9.

    • @loverofhumanity
      @loverofhumanity Month ago +6

      @@s.a.f.7191 exactly. The reason cousins cant play in the nba anymore isnt skill, its pace. The nba is so fast compared to any other level of ball. Even many elite d1guys who are the best of the best struggle to keep up. levels to the game as they said.

  • @dereks7745
    @dereks7745 Month ago +17

    Whoever said Boogie was going 50% is crazy. Dude was probably going 10 percent and still dominating.

  • @MarvyG23
    @MarvyG23 Month ago +213

    Cousins should be helping a playoff team in the playoffs

    • @user-hi4vw9mu5o
      @user-hi4vw9mu5o Month ago +8

      Wishful thinking. Way past his prime and injuries piled up. Friga is the best player here and he was D3…don’t let it fool you.

    • @dorseyscott2114
      @dorseyscott2114 Month ago

      Lmaoooo stop it, Friga is the best player ? You either trolling or you’re an idiot

    • @michaeljordan5655
      @michaeljordan5655 Month ago

      @@user-hi4vw9mu5obro what

    • @gdvlogz6089
      @gdvlogz6089 Month ago +34

      ​@@user-hi4vw9mu5o bro boogie was only shooting cuz its op af if he goes on the block

    • @RonnieM90
      @RonnieM90 Month ago +30

      ​@user-hi4vw9mu5o Cousins is 33. He would be younger than Steph, Klay, Draymond, and CP on the Warriors. He would be younger than Harden, Westbrook, PG, Tucker, and Plumlee on the Clippers. He would be younger than KD, IT, Gordon, and Young on the Suns. He would be younger than Beverley, Brook, Dame, and Crowder on the Bucks. The list goes on.

  • @Jahkiyn
    @Jahkiyn Month ago +30

    Cash looking like a 5’11 Dennis Rodman with all those offensive boards

    • @dorseyscott2114
      @dorseyscott2114 Month ago +2

      Cash wishes he was 5’11

    • @Jahkiyn
      @Jahkiyn Month ago +1

      @@dorseyscott2114 he’s like 5’10 he ain’t that short

  • @Gametime_824
    @Gametime_824 Month ago +54

    Boogie showes everyone levels but its always an honour to play with or against an NBA Player

    • @Jn-gx4nq
      @Jn-gx4nq Month ago +1

      This gotta be the corniest comment ever. Everybody knows there’s different levels from a regular hooper and a pro.

    • @archangel323118
      @archangel323118 Month ago +1

      ​@@Jn-gx4nq Not everyone knows. You will be surprised how many idiots thinks they can play better than nba bench warmers when they are actually light years away

  • @ikatokiyazaki2343
    @ikatokiyazaki2343 Month ago +76

    Boogie carried cash to a ring

    • @stevenrosario8859
      @stevenrosario8859 Month ago +25

      Cash did his thing, he grabbed rebounds, had like 7 points in the 2 games

    • @freakyyfunky
      @freakyyfunky Month ago +1

      you mean josh?

    • @TheInferno0099
      @TheInferno0099 Month ago

      ​@stevenrosario8859 and people were saying cash was going to have a hard time guarding cash which I'm not saying it was easy but cash gets cooked more by quick players like Raye

  • @sylvesterwinter7283
    @sylvesterwinter7283 Month ago +45

    Called it from the start when I saw cousins was in this 😂😂 man's should still be in the league, lakers need a big who can stretch the floor 💯 🤔🤔

    • @sjeasley9594
      @sjeasley9594 Month ago +3

      Bruh talk to em.

    • @Domoisland
      @Domoisland Month ago +5

      Lakers gotta big warriors need a big

    • @user-hi4vw9mu5o
      @user-hi4vw9mu5o Month ago +2

      Man people tripping. The lakers DID have boogie already, we don’t need him. What’s next? Bring melo back? score 12 and give up 20 isn’t winning basketball.

    • @sjeasley9594
      @sjeasley9594 Month ago +2

      @@user-hi4vw9mu5o Boogie got hurt that season and didn't play at all, so tell the whole story. Also, no one is asking him to play major minutes. Depending on the matchup/game situation, he could give you 7-10 min a game. He's at least as good as the 15th player on the Lakers roster.

    • @user-hi4vw9mu5o
      @user-hi4vw9mu5o Month ago +1

      @@sjeasley9594 with the attitude you get with boogie, no he’s not better than the 15th player. Plus refs have zero tolerance for that dude. He’s cooked.

  • @heso504
    @heso504 Month ago +31

    Boogie could play for my Pels right now. Next time y’all do this, make sure every squad has a ex NBA player. Y’all wildn lol

    • @youngphix508
      @youngphix508 Month ago +2

      greg oden or scalabrine would be cool

    • @slicfangas3283
      @slicfangas3283 Month ago

      Who boogie guarding his legs washed-out

    • @TheRealNitsuj13
      @TheRealNitsuj13 Month ago

      They had Paul Pierce in the previous game; but dude didnt hit a single bucket.

    • @bambiboi3244
      @bambiboi3244 Month ago

      @@TheRealNitsuj13bro has been retired for like 10 years boogie still hoops daily big difference

    • @demauriewebster4997
      @demauriewebster4997 Month ago +1

      Boogie should’ve won MVP with New Orleans, it’s a shame his knees gave up on him at that time, he was ballin

  • @jordanezzelle1718
    @jordanezzelle1718 Month ago +182

    cousins needa contract asap

    • @trexxis812
      @trexxis812 Month ago +52

      Cuz he beat Cam Newton and some RUclipsrs?

    • @duahaun123
      @duahaun123 Month ago

      He a lil out of shape. gotta do some conditioning. but tbh idk

    • @wrldplug1900
      @wrldplug1900 Month ago +11

      @@trexxis812i meann when u like at it like dattt💀

    • @A11Gravy
      @A11Gravy Month ago +13

      No he don’t he not in the league for a reason…

    • @Soulstealermari
      @Soulstealermari Month ago +6

      @@trexxis812like u can do better quit hating 😂

  • @DavonMoney-fn6yv
    @DavonMoney-fn6yv Month ago +14

    Cam the whole game “ ayyyyy ayyyyyy AYYYYYYYYY”

  • @Quisentertainment
    @Quisentertainment Month ago +21

    Boogie a bucket and great defense by cash and that 3 point shot was much needed from you 💪🏾🏀

  • @JProfit
    @JProfit Month ago +3

    Can't wait for more great content from you guys 🍻

  • @jupiterkristof
    @jupiterkristof Month ago +4

    I was waiting for this to uplaod

  • @Idealnferno
    @Idealnferno Month ago +3

    Boogie out there balling with the kids. He does give back 😊

  • @user-no4cw3fd1f
    @user-no4cw3fd1f Month ago

    That was a good game👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿best yt basketball I seen a min no trash talk just straight hooping

  • @ace_829
    @ace_829 Month ago +11

    boogie gotta be back in the league n go on a team like the heat 🔥

    @BOFREQUENCY Month ago +12

    Cam just a pure athlete willing to go against the Best 🤞🏾🔥

  • @quavohuncho4075
    @quavohuncho4075 Month ago +6

    Cam gettin me mad asl bro not even trying he coulda guarded boogie better 😭😂😂

    • @Amiri3456
      @Amiri3456 Month ago +1

      What do you expect him to do he did better then 99 percent of humans that aren’t basketball players

    • @HoodieBLK
      @HoodieBLK Month ago

      Im pretty sure cam's team had to play back to back games prolly with a small break whilst boogies team had more time to rest so they were prolly more tired

  • @Datman02
    @Datman02 Month ago

    that was amazing, Davis..... my brother. you were GREAT! keep it up brother.

  • @jameelhenry5399
    @jameelhenry5399 Month ago +1

    Cam is funny on the court😂🤣😭.. "NOOO".. The hat didn't fall off once lol.. & Friga talking big Spicy to Boogie 😭😭😭 I'm here for it all

  • @roba5098
    @roba5098 Month ago +3

    Cash is the perfect teammate for Boogie! Cash does all the dirty work and Boogie focuses on offense.

  • @caydenjamesshields3232

    The “YOOOOOO” just never gets old

  • @jeffreycamp9165
    @jeffreycamp9165 Month ago

    Actually was looking forward to this

  • @killathraxx3036
    @killathraxx3036 Month ago +2

    Cam Newton out there averaging 13.2 AYYYYYEEEEEs, 9.4 NAAAAOOOOOOOs, and 8.7 DAYUMMMMMs a game 😂😂😂😂

  • @tyillest
    @tyillest Month ago +12

    Cam, get in the damn Paint 💯

  • @JoseVargas-bs8gx
    @JoseVargas-bs8gx Month ago +57

    Friga acting like he is on that level.

    • @PabloJustChillin
      @PabloJustChillin Month ago +17

      Log off for me goofy

    • @Zephlynnation
      @Zephlynnation Month ago +10

      He like that he can give a good run vs nba players just like he did in the second game

    • @LAVKAI
      @LAVKAI Month ago +2

      He’s just being competitive.

    • @raybohlander5502
      @raybohlander5502 Month ago +15

      Friga is nice... but you're right he ain't messing with nba players

    • @bazthebayga
      @bazthebayga Month ago

      he is

  • @IncodHQ
    @IncodHQ Month ago

    This was some great content

  • @relivec
    @relivec Month ago +2

    This is a perfect example of a pro vs a amateur street baller. That shooter’s touch won’t leave you for a looong time. Boogie shot his way to victory at will while the amateur lost consistency after he got hot for a couple minutes.

  • @sniperaaronn
    @sniperaaronn Month ago +5

    cam when friga made that shot 12:50 😂😂😂

  • @Asian4528
    @Asian4528 Month ago +22

    Boogie still playing pro it wasn’t even fair

  • @josephcarswell24
    @josephcarswell24 Month ago +2

    Boogie being so mature in the face of disrespect. I just feel glee and joy. Send this man to Detroit to teach Duran some tricks

  • @kisscrank
    @kisscrank Month ago +2

    Ppl forget how dominant he was before injuries. Man's was putting up crazy stats in SAC

  • @chorizo3434
    @chorizo3434 Month ago +3

    Friga trying to control the game even when he doesnt have the ball is what led to his team losing. Davis is calling for a screen and Friga is yelling show me something lol

  • @alexbishop4808
    @alexbishop4808 Month ago +8

    Friga should’ve hit boogie w that “ we do the same thang “ !

  • @YaBoiJern757
    @YaBoiJern757 Month ago +13

    Who is this Josh dude.. bro hoop like a praying mantis

    • @bofi1280
      @bofi1280 Month ago +1

      Praying mantis is crazy 😂

  • @Lasallewilliams623
    @Lasallewilliams623 Month ago +22

    Boooooogggieee neeeds to be back in the league asap

    • @SeanSniped
      @SeanSniped Month ago +2

      He’s not good bro

    • @HoodieMelo467
      @HoodieMelo467 Month ago +10

      ​@@SeanSniped he's better than you

    • @SeanSniped
      @SeanSniped Month ago +4

      @@HoodieMelo467 I’m not a 6’10 NBA player

    • @IsThatNas
      @IsThatNas Month ago +5

      @@SeanSniped exactly, so shut up

    • @Amiri3456
      @Amiri3456 Month ago

      I’m guessing because of his injuries he can’t keep up with a high paced nba offense

  • @vaso577
    @vaso577 Month ago +14

    13:03 Thats when they lose the game, as much buckets Friga put on he cost them the game. Shoulda been smarter as the leader of the team and play it safe and patient but decided to get cocky for the highlights and took all bad shots after that thinking they had game 2 on their pockets. Boogie showed them theres level, he a BUCKET!

    • @Jn-gx4nq
      @Jn-gx4nq Month ago

      Bro why people like you corny ah shi. “There’s levels to this”🤓☝🏽 who thinks an nba player is anywhere similar to a regular hooper. You do realize it’s called “Content Creator” games right they playing for the fans and content he can care less about winning.

  • @dennistang5935
    @dennistang5935 Month ago +3

    It's crazy people are surprised that DeMarcus Cousins, a multi-time NBA all-star, cooked a D3 player and a NFL player.

  • @brootal4234
    @brootal4234 Month ago +9

    This series was too short.

  • @whoistafari
    @whoistafari Month ago +8

    Davis only has one move 😂😂😂 he was spamming the same move the whole game.

  • @silveremie
    @silveremie Month ago +3

    Boogie a beast!!

  • @burntchicken5529
    @burntchicken5529 Month ago +3

    Cash told the camera man to give some space 😂😂 3:34

  • @Juicepluggedin
    @Juicepluggedin Month ago +1

    Damn boogie was going crazy but wasn’t at the same time levels baby levelllsssss

  • @KobeBean-dz8ed
    @KobeBean-dz8ed Month ago +2

    This is how we used to use boogie in 2k miss him in the league man

  • @bankrollwoundz
    @bankrollwoundz Month ago +3

    Put boogie back in the league man!!!

  • @KingChavo700
    @KingChavo700 Month ago +1

    Shoutout boogie for letting everybody have fun😂

  • @eMCEe131
    @eMCEe131 Month ago

    Great! Just wish there were more people in the crowd to hype it up.

  • @ishowspeedplug2845
    @ishowspeedplug2845 Month ago +46

    whoever said cam could guard cousins is quite asf now , where yall at??

    • @Ben2bwild
      @Ben2bwild Month ago +23

      Who tf said that? 😂😂

    • @ishowspeedplug2845
      @ishowspeedplug2845 Month ago +17

      @@Ben2bwild trust me man they gone now , they disappeared like ghost. They not saying a damn thing .

    • @ishowspeedplug2845
      @ishowspeedplug2845 Month ago +8

      @@Ben2bwild there was a dude who said he’s bigger than curry so he should be able to guard cousins it was insane

    • @Ben2bwild
      @Ben2bwild Month ago +10

      @ishowspeedplug2845 that's crazy. Do they not realize Boogie is a 6'10" center? Lol he's not some lil point guard

    • @Johnwilkesbooth10
      @Johnwilkesbooth10 Month ago +2

      This cousins at maybe 15-20 percent effort too

  • @Basketballguy-et9fe
    @Basketballguy-et9fe Month ago +3

    My boy Cam!!!

  • @ineverwinanything4259

    "Ref! I touched the cap!" 😂😂😂

  • @paulbusbey6241
    @paulbusbey6241 Month ago

    Friga smack talkin' Cousins! lol. Good times. That was a fun watch

  • @keithjonesjr7997
    @keithjonesjr7997 Month ago +4

    Boogie unstoppable 😂😂

    • @slicfangas3283
      @slicfangas3283 Month ago

      He's a former first round draft pick being guarded by a football player wearing a hat don't nobody need that the Big 3 ain't even calling stop it Boogie Career is over he better go to 🇨🇳

  • @sirhoopalot1125
    @sirhoopalot1125 Month ago +2

    Friga really tricked people into thinking he was going to the league and got a following off it 😂 he’s not the only one

    @DJDUBBINTINE Month ago +1

    Sacramento kings boogie my favourite . Man was a force ! When he went to pelicans i thought him and AD were gonna be unstoppable

  • @wizardmari3497
    @wizardmari3497 Month ago

    This is wild 😂😂

  • @kingmoney05
    @kingmoney05 Month ago +3

    High top fade hat with basketball clothes is crazy..

  • @olisaiweanya7527
    @olisaiweanya7527 Month ago +2

    Bro cousins. I can't even be surprised he is pro for a reason.

  • @Aaron-nc5br
    @Aaron-nc5br Month ago

    seeing cousins playing with some effort is amazing, you can tell he kicked it to like 60% in second game when they were down; this was a good finals, I wish it went game 3

  • @ThatWrapperDude
    @ThatWrapperDude Month ago

    Man boogie a baller for life!!! Boy has a jumper that’s so clean

  • @Money_coach_
    @Money_coach_ Month ago +4

    Y’all gotta stop saying Friga is league material. He played in the TBT tournament and didn’t do much against pros and D1 guys. He could get minutes at a low division one MAYBE. He’s just not athletic enough and is too slow for the nba and he wouldn't be able to guard anyone. yall wild ! if he was NBA material he would be there! His following is big enough and they know who he is .

  • @jamorripollard6172
    @jamorripollard6172 Month ago +2

    Boogie bro we need you in LA😢

  • @SouthernDrinkSlinger

    0:51 even made Boogie smile for a sec

  • @MessyBrand
    @MessyBrand Month ago +1

    That’s tough content

  • @Duece-_-
    @Duece-_- Month ago +8

    basicly a 1v3

  • @vaughnbrown4878
    @vaughnbrown4878 Month ago +3

    Having a former nba player is too much of an advantage. He scored almost all their points

  • @Leroy.786
    @Leroy.786 Month ago +1

    I like that format of pro athlete, hoops content creator, and other influencer.. it's like pick up at the park; you got your bigs, your bucket getters, and them 'others[Grady's]' ..
    That's my try at a Meka breakdown

  • @rosselliotcreations
    @rosselliotcreations Month ago +2

    Love seeing friga humbled 😂

  • @JayJay-hq5wz
    @JayJay-hq5wz Month ago +10

    Man Why Boogie Playing He Supposed To Be Getting Ready For The Playoffs 😂

  • @zenkai8247
    @zenkai8247 Month ago +5

    How come all the other teams get a NBA vet but Friga gets a football player 😂 handicapped tf outta his team

    • @dvo9882
      @dvo9882 Month ago +5

      Friga having an NBA player wouldn’t be fair. I think the teams were pretty balanced.

    • @Douberrr
      @Douberrr Month ago +1

      ​@@dvo9882 no it wasn't cousins wasn't even trying having a big that can hoop vs a guard that can hoop is a big difference. And the big that can hoop was in the nba.

    • @dvo9882
      @dvo9882 Month ago

      @@Douberrr So? Nick young was a guard in the NBA and Friga beat his team. Cousins and Friga both carried their team. This is CREATOR LEAGUE not NBA.

    • @Douberrr
      @Douberrr Month ago

      @@dvo9882 I’m saying a big is more important in a 3s game then a guard

  • @AmpNewstv
    @AmpNewstv Month ago +1

    It’s Level to this shi

    @FLAWLESS_VIZION Month ago +1

    We already knew Boogie was comin' to take care of business!!! It's still crazy to me a lot of people didn't know He was like that!!!
    GG's Friga you tried!!! Lol

  • @21Luvs
    @21Luvs Month ago +2

    Still saying it Boogie should still be in the NBA I’ll take him any day over any big man currently in the league

  • @missingotaku2763
    @missingotaku2763 Month ago +10

    Boogie and friends fr

  • @therealwavysoles
    @therealwavysoles Month ago +1

    Boogie should be in the league rn

  • @coleturner5665
    @coleturner5665 Month ago

    Take off the hat Cam, we hoopin bro!! 😂💪🏾

  • @Abineetbluestar
    @Abineetbluestar Month ago +3

    I ain’t gonna lie cam sold friga’s team so bad he was doing cardio out there

    • @Douberrr
      @Douberrr Month ago +1

      You act like any body else on that team could guard cousins better than cam did.

  • @josephbryant5781
    @josephbryant5781 Month ago +4

    This is kinda like that one time when Kanye played against a bunch of guys in wheelchairs

  • @moescolla
    @moescolla Month ago

    Boogie did a little cooking 😁

  • @joshuacarter5676
    @joshuacarter5676 Month ago

    Big cuz!!!

  • @nofreehooks
    @nofreehooks Month ago +3

    Boog never even went to the paint! Bruh could’ve posted up every position and nobody could’ve done anything about it!

  • @fathercreamdaddy292
    @fathercreamdaddy292 Month ago +3

    Josh out there just running around 😂😂 gotta do what you gotta do

  • @Godlovesu591
    @Godlovesu591 Month ago +1

    I like how boogie is showing mercy because he could easily play down low and now one would have a chance

  • @user-wy5zs1oh9u
    @user-wy5zs1oh9u Month ago +1

    Boogie bussing they a$& 😂

  • @ishowspeedplug2845
    @ishowspeedplug2845 Month ago +23

    cousins shut davis up so quick lmao,

  • @ChorizoFungis
    @ChorizoFungis Month ago +23

    One view in 60 seconds, fell off

    • @Jackhrad
      @Jackhrad Month ago +1

      @@rell660he’s joking😭

    • @rell660
      @rell660 Month ago +1

      @@Jackhrad Ah I didn't know. He must quoting the haters.
      Got it.

  • @Sackings15
    @Sackings15 Month ago

    Y'all know boogie needa be in the league still💯👑

  • @Next22Chapter
    @Next22Chapter Month ago +1

    Boogie looking like he ready 😤

  • @MaddieLivingston42069

    Legit way better than The Big 3