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  • Published on Jan 19, 2023
  • Amelia meets Kehlani for a date in a Chicken Shop
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Executive Producer: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Co-Writer: Ania Magliano
    Cam A: Jonathan Moore
    Cam B: Tayo Yusuff
    Sound Op: Paul O’Hare
    Editor: Rob Mcguire
    Conform: Lewis Ashley
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
    Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley and Ashleigh Kybert
  • EntertainmentEntertainment

Comments • 2.1K

  • @girishgowda7661
    @girishgowda7661 Year ago +4101

    "the closet was glass" had me wheezing. 💀

  • @yalitam
    @yalitam Year ago +17610

    “If you like it, I love it” is such a strong phrase. I feel like she worded that perfectly and no one is talking about it.

    • @lisarose2320
      @lisarose2320 Year ago +222

      100% that stood out to me also

    • @Maazin5
      @Maazin5 Year ago +190

      My grandma used to say that all the time

    • @elisaajiri9795
      @elisaajiri9795 Year ago +19

      For real

    • @wordswithkay
      @wordswithkay Year ago +353

      It’s pretty common saying haha it’s a very fitting good mentality

    • @ailynnmckae1130
      @ailynnmckae1130 Year ago +416

      It’s a African American saying, it been used for decades.

  • @nadias4560
    @nadias4560 Year ago +3363

    How is no one talking about Kehlani showing up with bouquets?? 😭 I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen ANY of the men show up with anything. Women 🥰🥰🥰

    • @fizko5350
      @fizko5350 Year ago +41

      Yungblud did

    • @DrWei1111
      @DrWei1111 9 months ago +4

      Uno reversal... They showed up with something but off cam 🤔

    • @milesscarfo2521
      @milesscarfo2521 4 months ago

      nah that some bs. I didnt realize she was gay til halfway thru the vid

    • @Dreamworld789_
      @Dreamworld789_ 4 months ago +2

      She’s the only girl that did, yet you say “women” I’m lost lol

    • @dodoof9525
      @dodoof9525 3 months ago

      So have none of the women lol?😂😂

  • @hokshii
    @hokshii Year ago +8905

    ugh the eyes, the head tilt, the smooth voice, the smoother lines. kehlani has it ALL 😩💘

    • @apotomus5116
      @apotomus5116 Year ago +16

      Must be good looking for European standards...

    • @ash-hm4bt
      @ash-hm4bt Year ago +79

      @@apotomus5116 I’m Hispanic and she’s very fine to me too

    • @harleyquiinnnn
      @harleyquiinnnn Year ago +150

      @@apotomus5116 wth is that supposed to mean, she looks good to everyone with eyes

    • @dionbomers1312
      @dionbomers1312 Year ago +69

      @@apotomus5116 found the incel

    • @ramziiiii
      @ramziiiii Year ago +8

      Plastic surgeries lol
      It's super clear

  • @BeaMarinX
    @BeaMarinX Year ago +7345

    amelia: you're current
    kehlani: let's keep it that way
    screaming, kicking, crying

  • @piscesdaydreams2
    @piscesdaydreams2 Year ago +19526

    Amelia wasn’t awkward for once which makes me think she’s actually into Kehlani.

    • @mariaokhapkina6971
      @mariaokhapkina6971 Year ago +755

      I feel it's the opposite, they didn't really vibe so Amelia acted normal

    • @yunjin1stfan
      @yunjin1stfan Year ago +202

      @@mariaokhapkina6971 i shouldve been there i wouldve made the energy different

    • @llimettime
      @llimettime Year ago +739

      @@mariaokhapkina6971 lol people vibing means they're not into each other? She wasn't awkward BC Kehlani wasn't trying to put her in her place like the guys do

    • @kindnessloveandgrace
      @kindnessloveandgrace Year ago +318

      how could she not be into Kehlani 😂

    • @conleche4065
      @conleche4065 Year ago +74

      It’s more of a character than actually her. That’s the problem when your face is your name.

  • @blackrockergurl09
    @blackrockergurl09 Year ago +567

    When she pulled out the Don Julio bottle my mind automatically went to “don Julio made me a fool for you” 😂😩

  • @isabelk17
    @isabelk17 Year ago +587

    Amelia’s little laugh and eye roll at 3:30 looked so genuine and cute aw

  • @catarinadls2074
    @catarinadls2074 Year ago +3976

    Kehlani’s lil side eye when she said “I’ll try anything once” 😭

    • @chrisss4real
      @chrisss4real Year ago +190

      We was all thinking "fruity?" 😭😭

    • @emilym9390
      @emilym9390 Year ago +84

      i alr know what she was thinking 😭😭

    • @wonderwoman1700
      @wonderwoman1700 Year ago +37

      I belted out loudddd 😂

    • @CourtTV.
      @CourtTV. Year ago +6

      I was looking for this

    • @de.voured
      @de.voured Year ago +7

      immediately thought of her one song “first position”

  • @khalilahd.
    @khalilahd. Year ago +2580

    “Touching your heart and your ass” lmfaoooo My girl Amelia was ready to risk it ALLLLLL 😭😭.

    • @A.Rahman..
      @A.Rahman.. Year ago +16

      @Clodagh yup it's a widespread problem nowadays. So annoying to see bot comments be the top ones

    • @nixthrice
      @nixthrice Year ago

      who wouldn't

    • @jaystinson8071
      @jaystinson8071 Year ago +4

      that Don Julio 😂😂

  • @sebbesebbner8987
    @sebbesebbner8987 5 months ago +81

    im rewatching after i watched basically everything and midway thorugh i paused and thought "is this the best episode?" kehlani couldnt have been more likeable cant with this

  • @Jumbaride
    @Jumbaride Year ago +414

    Their banter did not miss a beat; zero dead air. 🔥

  • @3lttlbrds
    @3lttlbrds Year ago +6176

    I've never seen Amelia so flirty, they flowed so well! This was supposed to be an awkward date yet it wasn't in the slightest, Kehlani's energy totally conquered it 😅❤️

    • @MrJohn0fficial
      @MrJohn0fficial Year ago +2

      My name 🙌

    • @TaroMaro-nx2zl
      @TaroMaro-nx2zl Year ago +10

      I think the elbow alternative threw her off a little, Amelia's always got some joke ace up her sleeve 😂

  • @icarlyrocks1011
    @icarlyrocks1011 Year ago +4458

    “Touching your heart and your ass” this is exactly the kind of inspirational episode we all need. Thank you Amelia ❤️

  • @jvhunt6319
    @jvhunt6319 Year ago +37

    Never heard Kehlani’s speaking voice. Gosh its attractive af, the smoky rasp🤤

  • @seanmichaelmitchell8698

    Their chemistry is actually so so good wtf

  • @tralala88
    @tralala88 Year ago +1697

    "Am I a bad influence? I'm into it" 🤣 so many good lines from this date. I love the chemistry x

  • @Missjunebugfreak
    @Missjunebugfreak Year ago +2282

    This is the first time I've seen a Kehlani interview and I'm liking her playful charming energy. She's a vibe.

    • @princessp9580
      @princessp9580 Year ago +23

      She’s like this at concerts too

    • @tekla_
      @tekla_ Year ago +2


    • @kidfazer
      @kidfazer Year ago +2

      She’s from the bay. A lot of women are like that out here

  • @barryispuzzled
    @barryispuzzled 10 months ago +107

    Amelia's very good at not appearing shocked by anything. Maybe it's the confidence knowing that she's quick thinking enough to talk her way out of anything.

  • @maru6409
    @maru6409 5 months ago +33

    i love kehlani's laugh she's so lovely

  • @juancelop
    @juancelop Year ago +4021

    Kehlani made Amelia more nervous than ever after years of her doing dates 😭! She probably outwit the champion and made Amelia smile and nervous with her flirtatious energy 😂! WAY TO GO AMELIA AND KEHLANI!

    • @lucifersmother
      @lucifersmother Year ago +132

      Amelia didn't seem nervous at all haha I thought they matched each other's energy

    • @davidblaine4real
      @davidblaine4real Year ago +30

      I was just thinking this is the first time Amelia isn't nervous

    • @OfficialRoses
      @OfficialRoses Year ago +14

      amelia was not nervous lol

    • @dreamingbig98
      @dreamingbig98 Year ago +11

      She wasn’t nervous lol you gotta watch more dates

    • @edtcreative
      @edtcreative Year ago +2

      If anyone could turn Amelia, it's probably K 😂😂

  • @OCAnnaMaria
    @OCAnnaMaria Year ago +1102

    the way she so calmly said “I’m a raging gay” had me in tears 😂

  • @dayaniboatman3557
    @dayaniboatman3557 Year ago +34

    Kehlani makes me flustered and this whole episode I was beyond flustered lmao

  • @MerkGGs
    @MerkGGs Year ago +81

    I've caught a few Kehlani performances over the last few years
    and im glad that people are getting to see how great she is.
    big personality and so talented.
    and so good live

  • @Jade-ml2ng
    @Jade-ml2ng Year ago +2900

    I think Kehlani made Amelia bicurious after this date 😂She emits so much flirtatious energy I love it

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +55

      Without a doubt 😂😂

    • @starrr365
      @starrr365 Year ago +47

      She was already bicurious after the Joy Crookes episode😭

    • @qtaylor2747
      @qtaylor2747 Year ago +20

      she was feeling darkoo too

  • @APCruzShip
    @APCruzShip Year ago +1997

    Kehlani had me blushing FOR YOU. This was iconic.

    • @kiaadams104
      @kiaadams104 Year ago +4

      She looks... idk man. Did she get her chin and lips done? .. that's rough.

    • @zarrystylik8048
      @zarrystylik8048 Year ago +26

      @@kiaadams104 she literally looks the same hater

    • @kiaadams104
      @kiaadams104 Year ago +2

      @@zarrystylik8048 naw pimpin she was baby faced before. looks different. maybe she lost alot of body fat or got work done

    • @kiaadams104
      @kiaadams104 Year ago

      @@zarrystylik8048 lemme guess, you call anyone who doesnt share your world view a "hater" right? lol

    • @zarrystylik8048
      @zarrystylik8048 Year ago +18

      @@kiaadams104 she’s getting older and that can happen weirdo

  • @ta9891
    @ta9891 Year ago +8

    "what's your go to flirt"
    "I just be lookin 😏"
    That is smooth af

  • @doctorcrummy
    @doctorcrummy Year ago +9

    “If you like it I love it” perfect answer to avoid that cancel 😂

  • @jojobunny9717
    @jojobunny9717 Year ago +1391

    I need a 10 hour version immediately.

  • @GoHydrateBitch
    @GoHydrateBitch Year ago +442

    As a person who has experienced the Kehlani eye contact....that shit will have you forgetting your own name. I almost forgot to inhale.

    • @Phelokazii
      @Phelokazii Year ago +5

      When & how did it happen

    • @GoHydrateBitch
      @GoHydrateBitch Year ago +23

      @@Phelokazii I met them in ATL at a M&G for BWR!

    • @avaprod.8622
      @avaprod.8622 Year ago +1

      Can you explain how it went?!

    • @fairygrrl45
      @fairygrrl45 11 months ago +1

      Is there a blog? 😩😭🥴 where are the details pls feed us 😢

  • @no-cz7js
    @no-cz7js Year ago +8

    They’re flirting so much this has me blushing and kicking my feet in the air my little wlw heart

  • @aiyanaechols
    @aiyanaechols Year ago +16

    This was such a genuine conversation. 3:40

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +7554

    Hello everyone! I hope you love my date with Kehlani. This has been a long time coming! I feel like that went very well hehe. Can't wait to go surfing but now I am off out to the shops now to buy some lotion xxx see you next time

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +210

      Don’t forget your chaps and moisturized elbows!

    • @adamdjouhri6900
      @adamdjouhri6900 Year ago +23

      Speaking xxx we want a date with Kim Petras love

    • @yunjin1stfan
      @yunjin1stfan Year ago

      not so fast.. come back here and tell me what she smell like 🤰🏽

    • @radmyp.804
      @radmyp.804 Year ago +6

      That was great!💕💕
      If only you could bring Sam Smith or Taylor Swift

    • @ThiccKimmyGibbler
      @ThiccKimmyGibbler Year ago

      Amelia would YOU join a cult??

  • @HotDogBunss
    @HotDogBunss Year ago +626

    Kehlani's overflowing confidence is what I thrive for. "If you like I love it"

  • @rahmaabdi7868
    @rahmaabdi7868 Year ago +46

    There’s soo many good lines in this kehlani is such a vibe and her and Amelia go soo well together. ❤️❤️

  • @preecelyy
    @preecelyy 6 months ago +10

    There should've been a longer version of this date fr!!! It was soo fun 😅💯

  • @realmaxxine
    @realmaxxine Year ago +245

    She didn’t mention Drake once on this date, kehlani won 😂

  • @ef3052
    @ef3052 Year ago +774

    'I have a magnet at home, it's a baguette' 😂😂😂 I died!
    Also these guys have so much chemistry jheezus

  • @Gorgeousbaebeauty
    @Gorgeousbaebeauty Year ago +8

    5:34 when she started singing lmaooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @tlea3916
    @tlea3916 Year ago +18

    absolutely loved this. wow, best one yet for sure. that was...incredible. i never wanted this to end...

  • @harleyquiinnnn
    @harleyquiinnnn Year ago +363

    KEHLANI TALKING ABOUT THE LESBIAN DOC OMG. this google doc is famous, and it really is so, so good, it also made me realize big time i was much more into women than i thought

    • @harleyquiinnnn
      @harleyquiinnnn Year ago +17

      @@chromeuserisme3551 oh is it? i didnt realize. i'm bisexual with a preference for women yet i always try to convince myself into thinking i'm straight and it helped me make it much more clear for me a large part of my "attraction" for men is actually compulsory heterosexuality. i didnt feel the biphobia personally

  • @larissarodrigues1234
    @larissarodrigues1234 Year ago +898

    This was the first date that REALLY felt like a date 🤣🤣 I love me some Kehlani 😩💖💖

  • @idontknow.8764
    @idontknow.8764 Year ago +13

    these videos are incredible i need them to be longer 😭

  • @mando3061
    @mando3061 Year ago +14

    At 1:37
    "I'm a titty magnet."
    "I've got a magnet at home, it's of a baguette..." 🤣🤣

  • @toria7242
    @toria7242 Year ago +674

    Andrew’s in trouble - this was one of the best dates in a while for real 😂

  • @sandyava.
    @sandyava. Year ago +172

    kehlani’s voice is so soft 🥹

  • @msNatWilly
    @msNatWilly Year ago +40

    This is the best one so far. Undeniable chemistry!

  • @gazthebomb
    @gazthebomb Year ago +1

    One of the best episodes!!

  • @calebtalksyt
    @calebtalksyt Year ago +225

    BROOO the energy of this date is unmatched

  • @Uhhitschan
    @Uhhitschan Year ago +327

    We actually need a second date video with Kehlani 🙏🏽

  • @josel7870
    @josel7870 Year ago +14

    This is was definitely my favorite episode. The chemistry was on point ❤️

  • @vickys16vs
    @vickys16vs Year ago

    Definitely my new favorite episode!!

  • @hannahdigitals
    @hannahdigitals Year ago +40

    I’m begging for a chicken shop date with one of the chicken shop men behind the counter, their awkward eye contact with the camera has me intrigued

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +4

      Lmfaooo don’t give her any ideas 😅

  • @Isa-te4qq
    @Isa-te4qq Year ago +52

    The “Yeah, lamb” got me dying 😭

  • @elifromtheblock408
    @elifromtheblock408 Year ago +5

    The banter here is next level. Best video to date. Love them both🤣🤣🤣

  • @skylarbennett6150
    @skylarbennett6150 4 days ago

    Kehlani strikes fear into the hearts of millions. She’s too fine, she’s too cool, she’s too real.

  • @samanthaturrin3344
    @samanthaturrin3344 Year ago +334

    This has made me fall In love with Kehlani even more

  • @mobojen
    @mobojen Year ago +357

    When i thought I couldn’t possibly be more in love with kehlani, this chicken shop date video comes out, and my heart is racing. I'm having heart palpitations

  • @unicornzrreal1985
    @unicornzrreal1985 Year ago +3

    Kehlani is a sweetheart. This hair color suits her well, please keep it!

  • @ctrl5498
    @ctrl5498 Year ago +1

    never thought i needed this omfg thank you so much

  • @SOI-wl2lo
    @SOI-wl2lo Year ago +376

    😂😂 Amelia’s confidence has actually soared, and I’m here for it 😅😅😂

  • @IanJacobyandcompany
    @IanJacobyandcompany Year ago +206

    legit great chemistry on this one. Kehlani is a real one. I used to eat at the burger spot she worked at in oakland when she was on the come up!

  • @dopecutie3x
    @dopecutie3x Year ago

    omg this needed to be longer

  • @allhailtheratking

    i actually really like these interviews. they are such a fun way to get to know the interviewee

  • @yeracontra
    @yeracontra Year ago +94

    This date got me nervous and blushing and I'm not even a part of it 😂😂😂

  • @yunjin1stfan
    @yunjin1stfan Year ago +16

    2:43 "is it intense? a lot for you?" "no i can handle it.." "ou she like me yall.." crying

  • @aminathomas7345
    @aminathomas7345 Year ago

    Loved this episode

  • @tulansui6910
    @tulansui6910 Year ago

    Just saw kehlani live tonight in Melbourne Australia so had to watch this 😊❤

  • @Obibopbop
    @Obibopbop Year ago +61

    Kehlani passed the vibe check 100% 👑

  • @AlwaysBeTactful
    @AlwaysBeTactful Year ago +178

    i dont know her but i actually love love her personality..the way she answers the questions very smooth and sexy. When she busted out the Compulsive Heterosexuality i was like woooow. Will like to hear more from her.

    • @SuKiJpB
      @SuKiJpB Year ago

      Her music is equally smooth and sexy

  • @dennylekstrom4517
    @dennylekstrom4517 Year ago +2

    Omg, I love you Amelia. Your content is top shelf and you are UNIQUE!!! This interview was 🔥🔥🔥

  • @fairygrrl45
    @fairygrrl45 11 months ago +3

    I love to be crazy with the little shoulder shake and kehlani genuinely being like “I love it” KILLED me
    I feel like she really enjoyed this! Im melting 🫠

  • @wildcard04
    @wildcard04 Year ago +69

    Amelia’s character development on these dates have been amazing to witness 😌

  • @udunmandukwe7162
    @udunmandukwe7162 Year ago +221

    i will be rewatching this video everyday of my life. please play it at my funeral

  • @jenniferjoseph7570
    @jenniferjoseph7570 Year ago +6

    Absolutely loved this. You both are stars🎉❤

  • @melaninbody555
    @melaninbody555 Year ago +12

    I Love you so much, Kehlani. Your music has helped me through some of the toughest days in my life. I take myhatt off to you, Kehlani. Frfr. I named my daughter Kahlani because of you. Love from Montreal, Canada 💕

  • @Elizabeth-vc5tz
    @Elizabeth-vc5tz Year ago +39

    i hope a kehlani date is an annual thing bc i need a new ameliaxkehlani crossover each year, the next episode needs to be her teaching you to surf

  • @SayHiTsahai
    @SayHiTsahai Year ago +148

    Amelia’s singing at the end had me dying 😩😂

  • @sophialapidus2389

    UGH best guest, too funny, love her

  • @magicknight13
    @magicknight13 Year ago +19

    I need more of these two!!! I love their connection and chemistry! "I just be lookin"😂😂 and I won't try lamb either!!!

  • @IdaValery
    @IdaValery Year ago +113

    This was my favorite date! Mostly bc I love Kehlani but also bc she has wonderful chemistry with everyone.

  • @liveloveaubree
    @liveloveaubree Year ago +18

    Kehlani might not want to admit it but this is a power couple

  • @kristophersonx
    @kristophersonx Year ago +1


  • @alinacirstescu4696

    Amazing. Incredible. Outstanding.

  • @valeriamarrerodiaz1911

    3:30 the closet was glass LOL ! KEHLANI, had me at that

  • @officialbabygrim
    @officialbabygrim Year ago +140

    She still has the same confidence/talent from when she was on AGT. So proud of her! 🎉

  • @hrmouchshotrage63
    @hrmouchshotrage63 Year ago +1

    I LOVED it !!

  • @keyanatinae
    @keyanatinae Year ago +1

    I loved every minute of this.

    @INDIG0ATBREEZY Year ago +38

    So no one’s gonna talk about how beautiful Amelia looks

  • @StateofKait
    @StateofKait Year ago +54

    I could listen to them for HOURS, the banter is top notch

  • @hopefoster9367
    @hopefoster9367 Year ago

    Love this energy

  • @jackson_made
    @jackson_made Year ago

    LOVE THIS !! and love kehlani ❤️❤️

  • @damienglynn
    @damienglynn Year ago +12

    2:16 the look to the camera, lol

  • @Awesomeness9137
    @Awesomeness9137 Year ago +57

    Wow what a good date. I feel like this was the most comfortable and natural and easy date I’ve seen Amelia on

  • @tiki-tots
    @tiki-tots Year ago

    I could rewatch this everyday.

  • @mistydouglas2874
    @mistydouglas2874 Year ago +2

    Sooo was just searching Kehlani & this popped up.. omlord I'm in tears 😂😭😂💖🙌 love the vibe between you both you crack me up 😂💖

  • @Bootlegsupercar
    @Bootlegsupercar Year ago +43

    I know we love Awkward Amelia but I really enjoyed what felt like a casual and comfortable conversation between her and Kehlani

  • @jaijackso
    @jaijackso Year ago +20


  • @EboJ13
    @EboJ13 Year ago

    I really enjoyed this. Amelia is wonderful. LOVE Kehlani 💙

  • @niyylee7721
    @niyylee7721 Year ago +4

    “ i heard donjulio makes you a fool” i immediately started singing 💕😭