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  • Published on Dec 22, 2022
  • Amelia meets Phoebe Bridgers for a date in a Chicken Shop
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Producer: Georgie Goadsby
    Executive Producer: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Cam A: Jack Ayers
    Cam B: Joe Madden Sound Op: Paul O’Hare
    Editor: Joe Bolger Conform: Lewis Ashley
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley and Ashleigh Kybert
  • EntertainmentEntertainment

Comments • 1.4K

  • @daphnemerkaba
    @daphnemerkaba Year ago +11938

    I would love to see Aubrey Plaza on a chicken shop date.

    • @sapphicism
      @sapphicism Year ago +376

      PLEASE both of them would be deadpan lmao their awkwardness and dry humor would just be bouncing off each other and i would give Anything to see it

    • @lunaangelica92
      @lunaangelica92 Year ago +27


    • @SirEmrik
      @SirEmrik Year ago +64

      Of all suggestions I've heard, this might be the best, it'd be like vegeta vs Son Goku

    • @wh1skeybud
      @wh1skeybud Year ago +17

      that would be iconic

    • @LanaJulie33
      @LanaJulie33 Year ago +6


  • @Nancy-sf2pl
    @Nancy-sf2pl Year ago +7325

    Sorry but the cut from her saying “no” about wanting to kill her dad, to the HALAL sign is hilarious 😭😭😭😭

    • @tbonesteak1481
      @tbonesteak1481 Year ago +233

      If she says yes, it should have cut to haraam

    • @alliepaige5260
      @alliepaige5260 Year ago +66

      Peak cinema

    • @Sirmackerel
      @Sirmackerel Year ago +3

      This was the best moment

    • @mbjgaming9061
      @mbjgaming9061 Year ago +55

      And the cut from her saying yes about whether the skeleton costume promoted an unhealthy body image, to the come hungry leave happy poster 😂

    • @myni82
      @myni82 11 months ago +28

      You know what makes it more funny.?
      In my language HALÁL means literally death.

  • @rachelk.6313
    @rachelk.6313 Year ago +8950

    Phoebe is an evil genius. The Drake episode she pitched sounds miraculous.

  • @calvirose
    @calvirose Year ago +10603

    The fact that this is only 6 mins long is criminal 😭

    • @danielmunoz8420
      @danielmunoz8420 Year ago +14

      1.2k likes and no reply’s? Lemme fix that rq

    • @gemmarossall3297
      @gemmarossall3297 Year ago +29

      it’s just not long enough!!!!!!

    • @1zxtv
      @1zxtv Year ago

      Likely because this chick seemed hella boring and didn't give much to work with.

    • @a.kaumba5731
      @a.kaumba5731 Year ago +7

      They definitely left us wanting more 😅

    • @JonathanUnicorn
      @JonathanUnicorn Year ago +7

      Yeah it'd be great to see all the cut out parts

  • @Krustenkaese92
    @Krustenkaese92 Year ago +12746

    Phoebe has one of those faces, where you know exactly what she looked like as a child, even if you've never seen a childhood photo of her

    • @ellwee3709
      @ellwee3709 Year ago +692

      Yeah. Found it. The weirdest comment.

    • @AdamSmith75th
      @AdamSmith75th Year ago +1031

      That’s…weirdly specific but also extremely accurate wtf

    • @yves9929
      @yves9929 Year ago +7

      @@01919 no that‘s not it

    • @ellenkmann
      @ellenkmann Year ago +47

      Actually, tou probably have seen her as a kid. She is covered by a drawn ghost on the Stranger In The Alps album cover

    • @darkmatterlover
      @darkmatterlover Year ago +149

      yall just say anything

  • @moonriverinc7896
    @moonriverinc7896 Year ago +1660

    seeing the chicken shop man at 2:48 really healed my soul. He just looks so sweet and handsome, and he totally slayed the pose.

  • @alice.in.chains
    @alice.in.chains Year ago +4536

    phoebe laughing at corny skeleton jokes is my new favourite thing

    • @herpescurebymolemenherbs
      @herpescurebymolemenherbs Year ago +1

      This was a great video, full of information. Thank you very much!!

    • @NazriB
      @NazriB Year ago

      Lies again? New Foodcourt Chicken Rice

    • @michaelwaters3859
      @michaelwaters3859 Year ago +1

      @@herpescurebymolemenherbs ikr these chicken shop dates are super informative

  • @jasmin3e
    @jasmin3e Year ago +6702

    omg pheobe not liking cats has shook me to my core..

  • @kvinettaf09
    @kvinettaf09 Year ago +1110

    I love how Phoebe's openness to everything counteracted Amelia's usual sharpness hahaha

  • @reaganbuskey5628
    @reaganbuskey5628 Year ago +2211

    I saw Phoebe at Coachella and idk if it was because I was exhausted or the nature of her voice but I instantly started crying when she started singing. Shes so pure.

    • @Andyyoureastar
      @Andyyoureastar Year ago +24

      Ok this is a whole vibe😂😂 I can see myself in the exact situation reacting the same way

    • @discopumps
      @discopumps Year ago +55

      Is exhausted the new word for mdma

    • @sabrinabell8097
      @sabrinabell8097 Year ago +3

      I also cried seeing phoebe at coachella!! Chinese satellite got me

    • @karihomevideo
      @karihomevideo Year ago +7

      my friend had never listened to her before and as soon as she started singing kyoto he was sobbing with me

    • @reaganbuskey5628
      @reaganbuskey5628 Year ago +1

      @@karihomevideo kyoto is my favorite song, i definitely know the feeling :)

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +8169

    Hello everyone! I hope you liked my date with Phoebe!! She is so wonderful, so happy to meet someone who also doesnt like cats and I am actually still wearing my skeleton costume...This is also my last date of 2022! Thank you so much for all the love and support this year. The amount of dates ive been on has cause me some emotional motion sickness but i do feel one step closer to finding the love of my life - See you in 2023 for more dates xoxoxox

    • @Libertymaeedwards
      @Libertymaeedwards Year ago +9

      Amelia Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year I love your videos ❤️❤️🎅🏻☃️❄️🎄

    • @luckyprovenstar
      @luckyprovenstar Year ago +43


    • @kerrmason9655
      @kerrmason9655 Year ago +71

      the lightbulb in your head that goes off when phoebe gives you the drake chicken shop date idea is peak cinema

    • @BigGotti
      @BigGotti Year ago +3

      I would friend zone tf out of Phoebe. She seems like the type of woman down to watch football and just kick it lol…that’s my toxic trait 🤦

    • @EveryTacoInLA
      @EveryTacoInLA Year ago +1

      PB3 or bust!

  • @pathwaysoftheheart
    @pathwaysoftheheart Year ago +2853

    “people post a photo of them with their eye missing and a bunch of stitches and be like ‘my silly cat’” IM LAUGHINH SO HARD

    • @ngweso
      @ngweso Year ago +48

      she was so real for that

    • @LisaPellegrino
      @LisaPellegrino Year ago +49

      "What's the draw?"

    • @supernatural5354
      @supernatural5354 Year ago +16

      I have like 25 cats and zero stitches but more importantly, how is she friends with Taylor Swift?

    • @heyyoitsmebrian
      @heyyoitsmebrian Year ago +1

      @@supernatural5354 bc game recognizes game

  • @Hannah-fm5vx
    @Hannah-fm5vx Year ago +1022

    The fact that Phoebe has done research into being buried alive just makes sense…I love her

    • @Andyyoureastar
      @Andyyoureastar Year ago +15

      Honestly sounds like a song lyric of hers??? But maybe I’m just thinking of the murder in Garden song😂😂

    • @Hannah-fm5vx
      @Hannah-fm5vx Year ago +6

      @@Andyyoureastar haha totally, had that same nonchalant macabre that she slips into things

  • @Denybreakdown
    @Denybreakdown Year ago +930

    Amelia's range of reactions to Phoebe's Drake-no show date idea was PRICELESS

  • @aytekinkalkan1860
    @aytekinkalkan1860 Year ago +488

    Her saying she doesn't wanna kill her dad anymore and him dying a week later... I'm crying

  • @isabelmontenegror
    @isabelmontenegror 4 months ago +108

    Watching this after Paul's date it's hella funny

  • @xRichieWess
    @xRichieWess Year ago +557

    "okayyy, LEGEND" that ending killed me hahah

    • @k3yd478733fyhew362hy
      @k3yd478733fyhew362hy 29 days ago

      Honestly same, I don't understand why people are doing dates with people they don't know? I am only eating out with people I've eaten out.

  • @deborahyang1678
    @deborahyang1678 Year ago +2757

    Phoebe seems unhinged in this and I love it

    • @oxiary
      @oxiary Year ago +57

      yeah Phoebe is absolutely insane but this is exactly why she will always be invited to the cookout

    • @progressivedemagogue8480
      @progressivedemagogue8480 Year ago +9

      How is she unhinged lol, she's just bright..

    • @astralnight3493
      @astralnight3493 Year ago +5

      she's not unhinged at all,

    • @oxiary
      @oxiary Year ago +18

      @@astralnight3493 not unhinged, but def doomer gf vibes

    • @leolovehouse6565
      @leolovehouse6565 Year ago +13

      @@astralnight3493 saying youve never been on a date with a person you havent already slept with qualifies as unhinged haha

  • @idot148
    @idot148 Year ago +371

    The dynamic of Amelia cracking jokes and Phoebe being dead serious is hilarious

  • @PiaRxxxx
    @PiaRxxxx Year ago +130

    "I think there was someone buried alive in Italy not that long ago" - This could be the first line of a Phoebe Bridgers song 😂

  • @imautisticnowwhat
    @imautisticnowwhat Year ago +3569

    She seemed like such a cat person 😩

    • @redroots3103
      @redroots3103 Year ago +22

      Yes I know! 😔

    • @PaulaJimena
      @PaulaJimena Year ago +35

      I can't believe it 🥲😭

    • @gokham33
      @gokham33 Year ago +172

      No she seems like a cat turned into a person, loving cats is actually dog behaviour cats don't care about anything

    • @elise7407
      @elise7407 Year ago +45

      @@gokham33 why is this kind of accurate

    • @daryl9905
      @daryl9905 Year ago +27

      @@gokham33 Lie. My cat loves me very much, shows me incredible affection.

  • @Musicpediapedia
    @Musicpediapedia Year ago +277

    “Do you think Normal People is overrated” 😭 the timing of this

    • @lv-bz4zg
      @lv-bz4zg Year ago +80

      and the next thing is “how do you get over heartbreak?” bro

    • @amvg1008
      @amvg1008 Year ago +13

      There's conflict of interest in asking her that question

    • @Ed-cc7do
      @Ed-cc7do Year ago +6

      I am not wholly convinced PB was in on the joke - or rather not every aspect of it.

    • @pepperminterica
      @pepperminterica Year ago +2

      can someone please explain the joke I'm new here 😔

    • @amvg1008
      @amvg1008 Year ago +8

      @@pepperminterica she was engaged to the actor on that series, and it's arguably overrated

  • @kristoforc
    @kristoforc Year ago +365

    Amelia's chain of facial expressions after the Drake idea is hilarious. I've replayed them like 10 times to try to decipher each one lol. Incredulous to Shock to "I'd consider it" lol.

  • @mirandawatson99
    @mirandawatson99 11 months ago +100

    comforting to know phoebe also had the "ash and tobacco in an ordinary drinking recipient" betrayal experience

  • @indiecowan33
    @indiecowan33 Year ago +73

    the "um... actually--HAHAHAHA" after she asked if it was herpes was the cutest ever ahahah

    • @erinocallaghan.x
      @erinocallaghan.x 2 months ago


    • @UnBesoDeCristal
      @UnBesoDeCristal 2 months ago

      ​@@erinocallaghan.x Even if she did, she wouldn't now? It's not a permanent thing luv

  • @nicholasastor2184
    @nicholasastor2184 Year ago +1313

    I guess it’s cannon Phoebe and Amelia hooked up

  • @Mayciann
    @Mayciann Year ago +110

    from the music she makes and her aesthetic persona, I was NOT expecting her to be such a "bruh girl" but I LOVE it

  • @rilexlyes8758
    @rilexlyes8758 Year ago +183

    Pls get jodie comer on this!!

  • @katherinem5416
    @katherinem5416 Year ago +62

    The accidentally drinking your dad’s tobacco chew spit from an unsuspecting bottle is the most esoterically relatable moment unfortunately

    • @bigmistqke
      @bigmistqke Year ago

      @@ameliadimoldenberg1 3rd time a charm

  • @bloopbloopbloopbloopbloop

    How is this so perfect and yet only 6 minutes long. You guys are soulmates

  • @malishkakannamwar4105
    @malishkakannamwar4105 Year ago +158

    THIS WAS SO FUN they match each other's energy literally perfectly their humour complements each other's so well

  • @cinnamonrollss
    @cinnamonrollss Year ago +149

    Two queens coming together to maximize their joint slay

  • @Brianac23
    @Brianac23 Year ago +114

    …. Phoebe has crazy BDE wtf 💀 was nottt expecting her to look/act like this based off her music tbh

    • @fajarzakri4936
      @fajarzakri4936 Year ago +8

      It’s that Leo energy!

    • @Brianac23
      @Brianac23 Year ago +1

      @@fajarzakri4936 I like it 🥴🤣 got me a lil crush lol

  • @gregwoodin5630
    @gregwoodin5630 Year ago +124

    Amelia’s face after she said ‘you’re dead to me’ 😂 that’s commitment to the joke

  • @ImSpartacus811
    @ImSpartacus811 Year ago +146

    4:55 Phoebe's ruthlessness has Amelia literally speechless and I love it.

  • @graciekinsey2735
    @graciekinsey2735 Year ago +224

    I did not want this video to end

    • @fatfreddy4176
      @fatfreddy4176 Year ago

      You have an adventurous enviable life and will live for a long time.

    • @herpescurebymolemenherbs
      @herpescurebymolemenherbs Year ago

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  • @jojounareal
    @jojounareal Year ago +42

    “I haven’t been on a date with someone I haven’t already had sex with.”
    “….okay, Legend”

  • @caylah597
    @caylah597 Year ago +352

    Amelia coming through with the merch ideas! 💯

    • @PoisonedApathy
      @PoisonedApathy Year ago +4

      Funnily enough, Taylor Swift has already sold tissues as merch. True story. lol

    • @tvrbob8681
      @tvrbob8681 Year ago +3

      I worked at a funeral home that gave out tissues with their name and logo. I can put her in touch with the vendor.

  • @poetrry
    @poetrry Year ago +152


  • @PaintedCuriosities
    @PaintedCuriosities Year ago +64

    The editing is so perfect, just like everything else in this video

  • @ryanjudice2699
    @ryanjudice2699 Year ago +9

    This should have been way longer!! It was so good as always

  • @FoolyAndCooly
    @FoolyAndCooly 10 months ago +6

    phoebe seems so chill. and her music is fantastic man

  • @triangularshape8399
    @triangularshape8399 Year ago +90

    Hi could you please add subtitles? I'm not a native English speaker and it's really hard to understand some things you guys say (RUclips CC don't work properly)

  • @HappyNBoy
    @HappyNBoy Year ago +94

    I know it's not exactly the shtick of the show, but if after Phoebe said the "never been on a date with someone I hadn't already slept with" line, the response had been "Glad we didn't break your streak" I would have died.

  • @Joffe.
    @Joffe. Year ago +92

    idk how amelia is so threatening while staying so passive

  • @Conorwestpfel
    @Conorwestpfel Year ago +159

    Incredible final date of 2022! 😄🌟

  • @EveryTacoInLA
    @EveryTacoInLA Year ago +3

    Such an amazing episode! Love it.

  • @btetschner
    @btetschner Year ago

    A+ video!
    I have never been to this channel before and never know what to expect, but great interview and conversation!

  • @golden.333
    @golden.333 Year ago +38

    Stuck at home in Texas due to a winter freeze. Gonna binge some CSD episodes (again) 😅. Thanks Amelia for warming up our souls, we appreciate you!!! 💗🍗💗

  • @119841
    @119841 Year ago +440

    Phoebe not liking cats lets me know no one’s perfect

  • @claudia2053
    @claudia2053 Year ago

    This was good. I wish it was longer!!

  • @emmahackbarth8372
    @emmahackbarth8372 Year ago +21


  • @lotusmilano
    @lotusmilano Year ago +5

    This is one of the few I’ve watched that actually felt like what dates feel like

  • @poetrry
    @poetrry Year ago +66


  • @markiebraly5266
    @markiebraly5266 5 months ago

    This one of my favorite ones I’ve seen

  • @caitlynomalley536
    @caitlynomalley536 Year ago +4

    This is the best duo ever, I am so here for this!

  • @Denybreakdown
    @Denybreakdown Year ago +16

    "Do you think Normal People is over rated?"
    That got me

  • @B1gC4st
    @B1gC4st Year ago +5

    Need these to be longer! ten minutes minimum, we're missing so much b-roll!

  • @jayla.marquez
    @jayla.marquez Year ago

    I need an extended version of this interview

  • @MatuaLazuli
    @MatuaLazuli Year ago +1

    Omg! Thank you for this! 🔥🥰🔥🥰🔥🥰

  • @RubyStar4
    @RubyStar4 Year ago +7

    Her expressions healed me

  • @chrisstrong7777
    @chrisstrong7777 Year ago +65

    The answer on Phoebe’s dad hits harder now

  • @elisazouza
    @elisazouza Year ago +1

    Unexpected duo aaaaaa also you love her grateful dead tshirt

  • @eloiseeloise5057
    @eloiseeloise5057 Year ago +2

    She’s got such a relaxing feel, like not in a boring way at all but in a way that makes u feel calm around her or when u watch vids of her on yt I guess 🤭

  • @-roossss-
    @-roossss- Year ago +12

    Two legends!! Went to Phoebe's show in Amsterdam and it was amazing ❤

  • @ElizaH753
    @ElizaH753 11 months ago +5

    its like the golden retriever/ cat bff combo. the barbie and the goth friend combo. so good.

  • @user-mr1fg3yp1f
    @user-mr1fg3yp1f 4 months ago

    This might be fav episode , adorableness overload!!

  • @caras4766
    @caras4766 Year ago +1

    I could’ve watched an hour of this!

  • @dariangrewe4417
    @dariangrewe4417 Year ago +4

    The iconic line at the end.

  • @TokidokiTraveller
    @TokidokiTraveller Year ago +6

    I want an hour of this 😭

  • @sarahtonin2621
    @sarahtonin2621 Year ago +1


  • @greeenappleflavour

    Finally good subtitles!!!! English isnt my first language im so glad i get everything now. Like Rosalia said in some vids you guys sometimes just sound like Hrglujjs. Pleaaaase add subtitles to all your vids also the old ones im begginng!

  • @avabooth7122
    @avabooth7122 Year ago +30

    i’m so grateful this video exists

  • @ixcheli99
    @ixcheli99 Year ago +11

    I love how everyone always looks like they’re there super early or just came back from a sleepover

  • @user-lw1bs8dz9m
    @user-lw1bs8dz9m Year ago +1

    i’ve prayed for days like these

  • @jojounareal
    @jojounareal Year ago

    PHOEBE!!!!! i’ve been waiting, queen!

  • @Norkaisa1
    @Norkaisa1 Year ago +54

    Amelia!! Nice to see you back we missed you🤗

  • @alexandra1328
    @alexandra1328 Year ago +18

    The collab we didn’t know we needed

  • @sofiapamp
    @sofiapamp Year ago +1

    i need an hour long version of this

  • @seazaid
    @seazaid Year ago +1

    im glad my tears over her songs make her happy 😔🙏🏼

  • @bisoustear
    @bisoustear Year ago +114

    my two remaining brain cells during an exam

  • @Denybreakdown
    @Denybreakdown Year ago +20

    It says something about how big Chicken Shop has become that even the dates are invested in what the final date would be for that perfect ending

  • @comebackbehere89
    @comebackbehere89 11 months ago +1

    i’ve watched this a billion times and i’m not stopping anytime soon

  • @christinarose5325


  • @VitalityARK
    @VitalityARK Year ago +25

    phoebe not being a cat person is her only red flag

  • @SalaWalter
    @SalaWalter Year ago +11

    Phoebe’s laugh is adorable

  • @benallen4591
    @benallen4591 Year ago +1

    This is amazing!

  • @lanadelreyismom
    @lanadelreyismom Year ago


  • @bekah7019
    @bekah7019 Year ago +19

    i saw phoebe live and cried so much at moon song ive had to get a tattoo inspired by it on me to commemorate the fact that it’s the one song to always make me sob. thank u phoebe

  • @AB-oy5on
    @AB-oy5on Year ago +110

    This is the closest I'll get to my dream, a date with Phoebe Bridgers. I'm still very happy ❤️

  • @avaaminor
    @avaaminor Year ago

    favorite artist with my favorite series??? oh my goshhhhh

  • @philphilphil
    @philphilphil Year ago +1

    Omg love both these two

  • @nikkis7375
    @nikkis7375 Year ago +78

    Me watching with my cat sleeping on my chest “I don’t like cats either” us 🫢😞

    • @paola6812
      @paola6812 Year ago +15

      Phoebes biggest red flag 🚩 tbh

  • @Stormy_69
    @Stormy_69 Year ago +5

    I came to watch me some Phoebes but I'll stay and watch some more Amelia's Chicken shop dates - I like the format.

  • @stephanierenee6934

    wait waitttt this one is so good😭💕

  • @mayaramirez9244
    @mayaramirez9244 6 months ago

    I've seen this so many times but the more I watch it the better it gets

  • @emilyrosenstein71
    @emilyrosenstein71 Year ago +4

    The ending was so perfect…. “Okay legend”

  • @johnepimen6462
    @johnepimen6462 Year ago +5

    been waiting all day for this, DID NOT DISSAPOINT

  • @theswiftieava
    @theswiftieava 7 months ago

    it’s true, pheobe made me cry when i saw her live (but it healed my soul)

  • @natjb101
    @natjb101 Year ago +1

    Amelia, you answered my prayers with this one