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Inside a New York Mansion With a Frank Gehry Roof | On The Market | Architectural Digest

  • Published on Dec 27, 2023
  • Today AD travels 2 hours north of New York City to tour 46 Ledgerock Lane, an immense 10-acre home perched on the Hudson River. Inspired by the work of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the property is lined with five kinds of wood, and countless types of stone, while legions of windows offer uninterrupted views of the river beyond. One of only a handful of properties built on the Hudson River, the house is a rarity since the law now prohibits building new homes less than 100 ft from the riverbank.
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Comments • 460

  • @tworailtoby
    @tworailtoby 5 months ago +985

    Frank Lloyd Wright would NEVER.
    ***Edited: WE DID IT FOLKS! Architectural Digest edited the title to remove the reference to FLW. Order is restored in the universe.

    • @TheIsm5
      @TheIsm5 5 months ago +25

      you beat me to it

    • @davidcattin7006
      @davidcattin7006 5 months ago +48

      Said that before I saw your comment. It's almost awful; don't think it's going to age well at all.

    • @dugebuwembo
      @dugebuwembo 5 months ago +11

      This 👆🏿

      @DEATHBYFLYINGCDS 5 months ago +14

      You have to keep in mind, he was limited by materials. He would never because, he could never

    • @WorldCupWillie
      @WorldCupWillie 5 months ago +11

      I course he would never. He was too busy flying planes with his brother.

  • @evoandy
    @evoandy 5 months ago +672

    Wright is twirling in his grave because someone thinks his architecture inspired this

      @DEATHBYFLYINGCDS 5 months ago +1

      Take a look at falling water as well as his colombian works

    • @ColdbrewNet
      @ColdbrewNet 5 months ago +8

      “Twirling” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @Cwrong
      @Cwrong 5 months ago +33

      @@DEATHBYFLYINGCDSif you think this is even close to falling waters you need to reevaluated your architectural opinions.

    • @fragout9575
      @fragout9575 5 months ago +7

      ​@@Cwrong thank you for saying that! I sincerely hoped someone other than myself would speak up!!

      @DEATHBYFLYINGCDS 5 months ago

      @@Cwrong Compare the interior layout sometime.

  • @foxwilliamulder
    @foxwilliamulder 5 months ago +330

    this is literally the antithesis of Frank Lloyd Wright

  • @millcity9711
    @millcity9711 5 months ago +561

    Wright would be appalled by this monstrosity.

    • @SB-xt5jk
      @SB-xt5jk 4 months ago +18

      His whole MO was having the architecture fit into the surroundings. This… this doesn’t do that.

    • @truerthanyouknow9456
      @truerthanyouknow9456 4 months ago +2

      YESSS. Thank you for pointing that out!

    • @creolelady182
      @creolelady182 4 months ago +2


    • @creolelady182
      @creolelady182 4 months ago

      Frank is rolling over in his grave @@SB-xt5jk

  • @Bow503
    @Bow503 4 months ago +159

    Why does it feel so chaotic though? I'm lacking composition and harmony. it really reminds me of a massive hotel, that couldn't stop adding stuff, building a block next door every time opportunity shows.

    • @emrej2527
      @emrej2527 4 months ago +2

      Yes! I totally felt like it’s in this most serene calm setting but feels the total opposite of calming

    • @VanDerPol
      @VanDerPol 4 months ago +1

      Hotel was what I thought too

    • @MikeVallely-cx4ku
      @MikeVallely-cx4ku 4 months ago

      Because it is chaotic, it’s a disaster

  • @gametri-eq6lj
    @gametri-eq6lj 4 months ago +36

    this house will look gorgeous under water

  • @janusquiamco7128
    @janusquiamco7128 4 months ago +14

    I‘ve never seen natural materials come together in such a cold, unwelcoming way. Can people really relax in this house?

  • @stevenkatz
    @stevenkatz 5 months ago +111

    Terrible finishes. Way too glossy. They're cold. It's really uncomfortable looking. Wish there was more warmth in the materials/finishes.

    • @ColdbrewNet
      @ColdbrewNet 5 months ago +5

      The heavily varnished finishes are that of a hotel lobby or commercial space, needed in areas of high traffic and general public use.

  • @deidrecalabro5725
    @deidrecalabro5725 5 months ago +68

    Miami vice monstrosity on the Hudson 😢

    • @nunya___
      @nunya___ 4 months ago +1

      LOL Until you said that I didn't know how to place this horror so exactly in words. *still laughing.

  • @vickitollemache5000
    @vickitollemache5000 5 months ago +181

    This is the opposite of FLW inspired. Looks like a house that some hotel group built.

    • @ColdbrewNet
      @ColdbrewNet 5 months ago +15

      Hotel lobby and conference room vibes for sure!

    • @joannaprevost426
      @joannaprevost426 4 months ago +3

      I thought it looked like a upscale Hotel. Kind of sterile feel to it. They probably just let the designers go to town.

  • @mattmayo3539
    @mattmayo3539 5 months ago +84

    I see a slip and fall/trip hazard across the entire house. The picture above the bed in the primary room is all I need to see to know everything about the owner. 😂

    • @behuman5725
      @behuman5725 5 months ago +5

      I went back in the video to see lol. Yes slip and fall for sure

    • @mirabella2154
      @mirabella2154 4 months ago +1


    • @eso8451
      @eso8451 4 months ago +1

      Yes, but they do look like a nice happy couple...I hope they are.

    • @cpi23
      @cpi23 4 months ago +1

      In the painting it looks like the lady has tiny legs and is riding on his shoulders

  • @michaellyons296
    @michaellyons296 4 months ago +317

    Indeed, Frank Lloyd Wright would never…. It is a violation of all the natural environment. There is nothing organic, unlike all the FLW locations I’ve visited. I grew up near Hyde Park, and there’s a reason homes can’t be built on its shores…. This monstrosity dominates the landscape and Wright believed that structures should be part of it. He designed his to incorporate natural elements such as rocks, trees, and water features, blurring the boundaries between the interior and exterior. There is no blurring, this is a spotlight of nepotism!

  • @peko1967
    @peko1967 5 months ago +22

    that... portrait of the owners over the bed

  • @Renzsu
    @Renzsu 4 months ago +30

    It looks like a massive (fancy) office.

  • @TheStockwell
    @TheStockwell 5 months ago +39

    "Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright" in the same way "Ice Ice Baby" was inspired by Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure." 🙄

  • @N2LADIES55
    @N2LADIES55 4 months ago +5

    Such a grotesque display of wealth and it's sacrilegious to allude it to any of Frank Lloyd Wright's homes.

  • @jeremycovelli
    @jeremycovelli 5 months ago +44

    the interior looks very... 90's

  • @aliceterrick
    @aliceterrick 5 months ago +100

    Having money doesn't mean having taste: the level of tackery is far too much...

  • @60srock
    @60srock 4 months ago +168

    Architectural Digest needs some history lessons on architecture.

  • @runnerkid100
    @runnerkid100 5 months ago +33

    How is this remotely inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright? The glut of materials pallet and the LOCATION! Never in a thousand years would he have done that to the landscape. What an insult.

  • @drumcircler
    @drumcircler 5 months ago +38

    Fancy! Whoever had the megabucks to build this had enough megabucks to grease the local authorities. The 100’ setback rule long predates this building, not to mention septic setbacks. Payola.

    • @bessycorrales6405
      @bessycorrales6405 4 months ago

      Nothing new. Selling out their soul and nature to the highest bidder.

    • @eso8451
      @eso8451 4 months ago +1

      I wondered! I found the original 2021 listing ($45m) mentioned on Lohud... The build was grandfathered in -- when owners Monica and Jacob Frydman purchased the initial five acres of their now 10.7-acre estate in 2005, there were already three connecting structures in place on the rock ledge. They eventually demolished those buildings, and the new 14,800-square-foot limestone and glass house was erected within the footprint of the previous structures, allowing it to be grandfathered in.

  • @davidcattin7006
    @davidcattin7006 5 months ago +25

    Penny-pinching is “Jacob Frydman’s method of doing business,” said David Wright, the lawyer for the company APF Fire Protection, citing a measly $6,700 bill. “Especially with regard to this project, he failed to pay several contractors, threatened lawsuits, or both.”

  • @nickthaskater
    @nickthaskater 4 months ago +14

    Nothing says Buddhism like a gaudy 20,000 sq. ft. tribute to tasteless materialism.

  • @norsepunk1075
    @norsepunk1075 5 months ago +21

    Frank lloyd wright would know better than to build on that site I live near this house and i can say without a doubt that after a heavy winter that house will be under water. In the spring the hudson river rises several feet and overflows its banks . This monstrosity would be improved by ending up on the bottom of the river !

    • @RedwoodGeorge
      @RedwoodGeorge 4 months ago +3

      Frankly, a think coating of silt on all that limestone would make it look a lot more natural, Wright would approve.

  • @theshypersistence
    @theshypersistence 4 months ago +6

    I get that it's all sales talk, but seeing FD Roosevelt sitting at that modern dining table as a little boy is really a stretch by any imagination 😂

  • @RobinPalmerTV
    @RobinPalmerTV 5 months ago +54

    Absolutely vile. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  • @tomindenver1331
    @tomindenver1331 4 months ago +51

    Classic Frank Lloyd Wrong.

  • @donnaandre7633
    @donnaandre7633 5 months ago +34

    I can’t help but think some people have too much money. With all of the poverty in the world this just seems over the top.

    • @thowl7065
      @thowl7065 4 months ago +4

      He said they didn't even live in this house. They lived in the city. Way too much money. It's a shame so many have no homes.

    • @PortugalZeroworldcup
      @PortugalZeroworldcup 4 months ago

      Henry Hobson Richardson, Frank gehry , Buckminster Fuller, are also architects

  • @foxwilliamulder
    @foxwilliamulder 5 months ago +19

    "mansion" and "Frank Lloyd Wright" do not belong in the same sentence

  • @factssupportinglife
    @factssupportinglife 5 months ago +3

    All those idols are unsettling😮

  • @chickenringNYC
    @chickenringNYC 5 months ago +9

    That "sunken" living room will be a real sinker when the river flows over

  • @Jazzy-n-NYC
    @Jazzy-n-NYC 4 months ago +4

    Love all the Buddha sculptures, I remember the story of him going on his sacred path to accumulate as much wealth as, oh, wait, never mind.

  • @tiffanypage9077
    @tiffanypage9077 Month ago

    This is a a beautiful montage and marriage of contemporary yet modernization of traditional design . This is beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful footage.

  • @emrej2527
    @emrej2527 4 months ago +94

    It’s so sad that the property is at such a gorgeous location and was decorated so tastelessly. It’s such a shame, so much potential gone to waste.

  • @anomicangora4206
    @anomicangora4206 5 months ago +48

    Wow! If the words "tacky" and "gauche" were to be defined in pictures, this house would be the perfect definition!! Ugh, ugh, and double ugh!! 🤢
    Besides that, the colors are horrendous! All in all, it's a monstrosity.

  • @Recondo1967
    @Recondo1967 4 months ago +4

    Eyesore on the Hudson!

  • @MrCWells3000
    @MrCWells3000 4 months ago +101

    Yeah, no.
    This property is sprawling and grandiose, yet sterile and bloodless. FLW’s designs had soul.

    @RAREFORMDESIGNS 4 months ago +9

    Originally listed at 45M now reduced to 25M.

    • @ettajfan5882
      @ettajfan5882 4 months ago +5

      And not even worth that.

    • @Pirrelli8
      @Pirrelli8 4 months ago +1

      25 Million is a bargain for this type of Opium.

    • @eso8451
      @eso8451 4 months ago +1

      Thanks, I found the 2021 listing mentioned on Lohud at $45m: Ledgerock house, edge of the Hudson River, Hyde Park, Dutchess County. Designed by New Orleans architect Lee Ledbetter for Monica and Jacob Frydman, a real estate investor (Frydco Capital Group). Now the Frydmans want something smaller and more manageable for less entertaining, more travel and time with their grandchildren.

  • @juliahayman2179
    @juliahayman2179 5 months ago +31

    Is the frank Lloyd Wright inspiration here with us? Also, who wants to be that close to the Hudson river especially with climate change causing rising rivers?

    • @realdata8624
      @realdata8624 4 months ago

      The only climate change is in your Brain

    • @ettajfan5882
      @ettajfan5882 4 months ago +3

      It's awful in every way. Screams "look we have money"!

    • @kevinbryant1059
      @kevinbryant1059 4 months ago +2

      And that’s the rub. When people like Al Gore, Bill Gates, etc. start selling their beach-front mansions, THAT’S when I’ll worry about climate change raising sea levels!

    • @creolelady182
      @creolelady182 4 months ago

      I said the same thing

  • @loveforeignaccents
    @loveforeignaccents 5 months ago +77

    Nice on the outside. I would love to be so secluded but would definitely decorate the interior a lot differently.

    • @NawDawgTheRazor
      @NawDawgTheRazor 5 months ago +13

      Feels sterile, more museum than house. Gives the vibe of the snobbish arrogant NYC rich person.

    • @michemiche1764
      @michemiche1764 5 months ago +5

      I was just thinking the same thing. Very stiff and dark inside.

    • @DrSabha
      @DrSabha 4 months ago +3

      Agreed. Nothing to do with FLW. Nothing naturalistic.

  • @ColdbrewNet
    @ColdbrewNet 5 months ago +39

    TEMU / Wish / Great Value®️ Frank Lloyd Wright
    Seriously, I get the FLW “inspired”, but, for me, there’s something off with this. I believe it’s the furnishings. While luxurious, they’re too contemporary and have a commercial office space or showroom type of vibe. I do love the style and pitch of the roof and the levels, but there’s a lot going on here. Less is more.

  • @abc123fhdi
    @abc123fhdi 5 months ago +46

    I'd be concerned if the Hudson ever overflows it's banks that house will go under.

    • @swschilke
      @swschilke 5 months ago +6

      Came here to ask how often it has been flooded because of rising river level 😂

    • @LostMySauce
      @LostMySauce 5 months ago +13

      That's why they have those 100ft requirements for new builds now

    • @davidcattin7006
      @davidcattin7006 5 months ago +4

      When you're this rich, you don't care ;o)

    • @Futhi.Johnson
      @Futhi.Johnson 5 months ago +2

      That's my concern too

    • @btimec5290
      @btimec5290 4 months ago +2

      if only

  • @prex4373
    @prex4373 4 months ago +2

    Cleaning the bathroom mirror is a chore enough sometimes. Those windows would be ignored until the end. lol

  • @jaclynrachellec
    @jaclynrachellec 5 months ago +7

    It's giving HOTEL.

  • @user-eh6hr5kf4i
    @user-eh6hr5kf4i 4 months ago +5

    Frank would be rolling over in his grave. He was all about organic architecture and blending into the natural landscape. This is the antithesis of Lloyd-Wrights design philosophy

  • @balorklub
    @balorklub 5 months ago +5

    Maybe I'm just a little Tipsy but at first i thought Jeff Bezos was the guy showing us around 😅

  • @GreenAppelPie
    @GreenAppelPie 5 months ago +17

    Maybe Japanese inspiration, but there absolutely no FLW. Absolutely nothing, the owners are delusional

    • @carrieohio
      @carrieohio 5 months ago

      But FLW liked Japanese influence.

    • @carrieohio
      @carrieohio 5 months ago

      The way the bedroom wall didn't go all the way to the ceiling was sorta FLW. The warm color palette.
      I'm glad they didn't do a FLW kitchen or the Cherokee Red.

  • @BrandonDoyleMN
    @BrandonDoyleMN 5 months ago +7

    How much is the flood insurance on this place?

  • @lollirace
    @lollirace 4 months ago +3

    I think its perfect for jazz nights 🖤

  • @gkoogz9877
    @gkoogz9877 5 months ago +17

    A security nightmare

  • @cmoto1
    @cmoto1 4 months ago +1

    The backlit stone bar is really the only thing I liked. I hope they have some way keeping their privacy with all those windows.

  • @ThePanacon
    @ThePanacon 5 months ago +22

    This is an architectural atrocity. This place looks as cold as the heart of my ex.

  • @tumejorpose
    @tumejorpose 4 months ago +3

    This looks more inspired by Cali architecture. Growing up in the Hudson Valley, the Hudson River can definitely flood and snow is a thing in Upstate NY so this design is not the most practical...

  • @BwInNewJersey
    @BwInNewJersey 4 months ago +3

    So much potential but they just missed it. The aesthetic is chaotic and fragmented.

  • @MrPhotodoc
    @MrPhotodoc 4 months ago +2

    That's gonna take a maintenance and service staff on site 24/7.

  • @InJesusNameAmen143
    @InJesusNameAmen143 5 months ago +5

    Whats the PRICE on this Dump ?

  • @user-lr6ze7dg2k
    @user-lr6ze7dg2k 5 months ago +2

    I'm freezing cold just looking at it

  • @user-fg8it6kp3e
    @user-fg8it6kp3e 4 months ago +2

    Frank Lloyd would hate this

  • @goldenlabelstudio
    @goldenlabelstudio 4 months ago +5

    It actually feels like an interior design showroom…something you’d see in Merchandise Mart Chicago. It feels completely staged.

  • @copiouscat
    @copiouscat 4 months ago +2

    It looks soo busy inside and out 😮‍💨

  • @Darsig67
    @Darsig67 5 months ago +6

    Awesome place to live

    • @EarlLedden
      @EarlLedden Month ago

      or visit as a guest. Count me in.

  • @carlosdesuchil
    @carlosdesuchil 4 months ago +2

    C'est magnifique!

  • @MateoQuixote
    @MateoQuixote 5 months ago +12

    This house is so cold feeling and somehow looks so dated? It looks like the worst trends of the 90s. Kinda gaudy kinda tacky. This is not FLW at all

  • @Starkardur
    @Starkardur 3 months ago

    The dining room looks like a meeting room, that you walk past when you are on your way to the teacher's lounge, the kitchen looks like something that was fancy in the early 90s

  • @fortheloveofdesign6948
    @fortheloveofdesign6948 4 months ago +1

    This is one interesting design!

  • @ejo5294
    @ejo5294 4 months ago +1

    It's gorgeous

  • @gijanetexas5770
    @gijanetexas5770 4 months ago +3

    I love it. It’s modern with older touches. ❤

  • @samanthab1923
    @samanthab1923 5 months ago +11

    I love the setting but this monstrosity belongs elsewhere. Jersey Shore? 😂

  • @stephenkormanyos766
    @stephenkormanyos766 4 months ago +2

    What, are you crazy? This monstrosity has nothing whatsoever to do with Frank Lloyd Wright. Simply horrifying.

  • @niosanfrancisco
    @niosanfrancisco 4 months ago

    Just stunning.

  • @jamesb8818
    @jamesb8818 4 months ago

    it is crazy that iwas just looking up modern prairie style homes.

  • @ericcarabetta1161
    @ericcarabetta1161 5 months ago +10

    “Inspired by FLW”, it looks absolutely nothing like any of his designs. I don’t think he’d approve of this overly elaborate architecture.

  • @menaseven9093
    @menaseven9093 5 months ago +1

    Beautiful three legs star modern design mansion on the Hudson river.

  • @enricocolombatto4068
    @enricocolombatto4068 4 months ago

    Real interesting !

  • @mikem3789
    @mikem3789 4 months ago

    ‘Inspired’ is the operative word.

  • @Baztation
    @Baztation 4 months ago +1

    this is madness Sim House!

  • @kevinShau2023
    @kevinShau2023 5 months ago +12

    Not seeing much Wright inspiration, just vague appropriations of some of Wright's ideas by rich people with questionable taste.

  • @user-he3ek3cs4z
    @user-he3ek3cs4z 5 months ago +1

    The outside is giving me Italian lake views,

  • @worldhomedesigners
    @worldhomedesigners 3 months ago +1

    stunning and dream house

  • @MrVinni123
    @MrVinni123 5 months ago +8

    It's rather dated and way to big for the lot. Kudos to the relator he's trying his best to get that commission, but at this price range a buyer would want to rip all of this out.

  • @kamanama3671
    @kamanama3671 4 months ago +8

    why is this house white if it’s supposed to blend into nature?

  • @MrJdorrington
    @MrJdorrington 4 months ago +5

    Lloyd Wright would be appalled that his name is being invoked by this grotesque monstrosity blighting the landscape

  • @EricLawtonForbes
    @EricLawtonForbes 4 months ago

    The owners couple portrait above the bed 😂 5:19

  • @Pirrelli8
    @Pirrelli8 4 months ago


  • @emrej2527
    @emrej2527 4 months ago

    This is a total gut job

  • @anitchlikadze3451
    @anitchlikadze3451 5 months ago

    Frank Lloyd Wright❤️‍🔥

  • @allygail424
    @allygail424 4 months ago

    that house is full of idols...

  • @Journeys-travelwithme
    @Journeys-travelwithme 4 months ago +1

    cool video😊😊

  • @paulmachalaba9155
    @paulmachalaba9155 4 months ago +3

    Jacob is one of my customers. My white sculpture is in the video on the side yard. Beautiful property, I have been inside all of the rooms show here.

  • @celcius_87
    @celcius_87 5 months ago +4

    Are there any window blinds or covers?

  • @justaguy6862
    @justaguy6862 5 months ago +6

    What a terrible waste of resources to build any structure so close to the water. This house will inevitably be threatened due to weather. It's future damage or loss should come as no surprise to anyone!

  • @MOSYQ
    @MOSYQ 4 months ago +8

    Poor Frank. He is shaking in his grave.

  • @patriciaromero5347
    @patriciaromero5347 5 months ago +1

    I am getting “leave the world behind” vibes…..lol

  • @zachneven5496
    @zachneven5496 5 months ago +6

    as an artist, i dont understand why they blur out art thats not explicit - i understand blurring out family photos but an abstract painting is odd

    • @EvelynM-vlogs
      @EvelynM-vlogs 5 months ago +6

      it has to do with potential copyright strikes against them. If the artist is well known, the copyright is almost guaranteed.

    • @ColdbrewNet
      @ColdbrewNet 5 months ago +1

      @@EvelynM-vlogs just to clarify, Is that because it’s a third party doing the production and publishing? If the video was produced by or belonged to property owner, then copyright wouldn’t be an issue.

    • @EvelynM-vlogs
      @EvelynM-vlogs 5 months ago +1

      @ColdbrewNet A musician recently had a copyright strike for using her own music. You would need to know what does and does not have copyright privileges.

    • @mrpercival11
      @mrpercival11 5 months ago +5

      I thought it was valuable art that was blurred for security purposes.

    • @ColdbrewNet
      @ColdbrewNet 5 months ago +2

      @@EvelynM-vlogs thank you for the clarification. I didn’t think it through to consider that simply purchasing a created piece does not entitle you to use it in these instances, as it is technically republished at that point. It’s certainly more an issue when monetized and generating any revenue.

  • @kangadonis
    @kangadonis 4 months ago

    Lowkey an eyesore. Wish it blended in w its surroundings more

  • @nativegrl77dances67
    @nativegrl77dances67 4 months ago

    He, is my Idol, this isn't close

  • @Simply_me_loona_hamilton

    Wow 🤩

  • @SeanShangDesign
    @SeanShangDesign 5 months ago +2

    It’s a clickbait architects and designers. They put this octopus building here and put wirght’s name here, so all of you can watch and comment.

  • @DaffaXML-cv3zy
    @DaffaXML-cv3zy 4 months ago

    woow keren abis....❤❤

  • @janellimarie
    @janellimarie 4 months ago

    So close to the water!