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KPIX Special Report: San Francisco's Tenderloin - A State of Emergency

  • Published on Mar 5, 2022
  • The state of emergency that San Francisco mayor London Breed declared for the Tenderloin last December has a lot of people talking but no one is paying closer attention than the people who live there. Wilson Walker reports. (3-6-22)

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  • Derek Kjar
    Derek Kjar 5 months ago +3939

    I was homeless in San Francisco for 5 years. Sleeping in doorways, getting high in alleyways, shoplifting, and being an all around piece of garbage. I got so sick of it all that I disassociated from everyone I knew and quit using drugs. For like 6 weeks I sat by myself at the park or at union square just reading books I found in the streets. I was feeling so alone and finally thinking a bit more clearly so I decided to try rehab instead. I have been sober for over 3 years now, but I don't think I would be able to say that if I hadn't moved away soon after I got sober. I am so thankful for the amazing people who helped me along the way. Project Homeless Connect, Project Open Hand, Baker Places, Ward 86... They are ANGELS!

    • Aeh Albroni
      Aeh Albroni 19 hours ago

      @Dexter McGrubbin Ya, you r right, there r millions of homeless people in China. You should go there and take a look. Start by going to Quilin maybe or the dilapidated island of Hainan Island. Happy exploring.

    • Patty Gonzalez
      Patty Gonzalez Day ago

      Not true. There are documentaries that were recorded in secret that show homeless people in China. They do a better job of hiding it and obviously, it isn't as out of control.

    • Patty Gonzalez
      Patty Gonzalez Day ago

      I am so happy about your continued recovery. I hope that people who are struggling look to you for inspiration and become motivated to start their recovery journey. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • J
      J 2 days ago

      I am very happy that you are sober from your confusion. I wish you a better future and stay away from drugs. Exercise and get a job.

    • Harriet O'Neal
      Harriet O'Neal 2 days ago

      The Chinese are supplying the Fentanyl to Mexico which they know will be shipped directly to the U. S. They don't mind helping to hurt our citizens they are far worse..Do your research...

  • David Castro
    David Castro 20 days ago +17


  • mobilematt micro computing

    It’s so sad what happened to this city. I was lucky enough to go to San Fran on a regular basis when I was younger, and the city was great still. Now it’s a dark portal of despair and waste that no one wants to visit.

  • AnimeShinigami13
    AnimeShinigami13 24 days ago +37

    As someone with mental health problems but no drug problems, I can't tell you how much of a relief therapy has been for me. I also can't reccomend a community garden or art projects enough. I'm always tinkering with something. Digging my hands into something, a little pot of dirt, a handful of dying milkweed stems, dead lilly leaves, old window screens, discarded halloween and easter treat buckets and baskets.
    I live in a neighborhood in MA with bad drug issues. I knew people who overdosed. I knew people who drank themselves to death. I know a formerly homeless guy who was so addicted to alcohol he couldn't go to a regular shelter. If he stopped drinking he'd get seizures and heart attacks. He got pnumonia god knows how many times. He was starting to get sober, and then his adult son died of an OD. They found him under a tree in the park with the needle still in his arm. Poor Pete lost it for awhile. He was back to drinking after two months. Not long after, around the time of COVID, he got social security, and then an apartment. Now he rides around on his bike happy as a lark. From falling down drunk to peddle to the metal. He spent over 8 years, probably a decade, out on the streets and he's in his 60s. When I first met him, his balding head was so sunburned it was bleeding. Bought him a bottle of chilled water (and not a small one either. i think it was a whole liter) and a washcloth on clearance in the nearby dollar store. Told him to dampen the cloth first, clean the bleeding burns on his head and then cover his head with the cloth and to drink slowly.

    • Jamez Brian
      Jamez Brian 6 days ago

      I like using art, or trying trying to draw or paint

    • AnimeShinigami13
      AnimeShinigami13 6 days ago

      @Bambina Forever Also, no matter what our politicians want you and the rest of the world to believe, there is plenty of money for social security. Part of our income taxes go into it. Its an insurance account set aside on our behalf and divided up by family. I cannot use, for example, the disability of some rando halfway across the country. That's not how that works.

    • AnimeShinigami13
      AnimeShinigami13 7 days ago

      @Bambina Forever the basics are covered for me, but damn do I have to argue for anything preventative or better. i have pain issues I want a permanent solution for, benign tumors I want removed and I want to know how to stop this and/or why i have this. like foot, wrist, side of hand, possible uterine fibroids despite never having children, possible endometriosis but they won't do a laproscopy unless I'm in agony. (mind you that was before COVID, I wonder if having to take five or six naproxen a day during the first two days of my period counts. any less and I still can't function. my abdomen gets tender and hot to the touch.)

    • Bambina Forever
      Bambina Forever 7 days ago

      @AnimeShinigami13 i will tell about u to my husband as an example, because he keeps arguing with me that in usa there is no social security at all. I keep telling him that there has to be. We live in EU - medical care is well covered for us by government

    • AnimeShinigami13
      AnimeShinigami13 14 days ago

      @Ceasar Saran The radio there drowns out a good portion of our conversation. And they have a second room that's pretty spread out.
      Ceasar ticks are terrifying to those of us who live out here. They're pests too this is true, but we're terrified of Lyme. And some ticks also spread a parasite called Bubezia (sp?). The most recent terror served up by these little bastards is the Lone Star Tick, which is identifiable by the white spot on its back. The Lone Star tick inflicts a permanent food allergy to red meat. Not sure of the details but up here in New England a thick meaty soup or stew is a wintertime tradition. The idea of never having grassfed beef and barley soup or beef and vegetable soup straight from my mother's kitchen is misery inducing. Like legit I just knocked on wood after typing that.
      And I never get a tick in the town proper, nor in Springside park or Waconah park. Rather its just that ONE PART of town. We'll go for years with barely a peep out there and then suddenly they're coming out of the woodwork and foraging around the therapist's office building becomes hazardous to my sanity. I'm trying to find a bugspray containing permethrin because I can use that to make my purse and hat unappealing to ticks and have it stay that way for MONTHS. Its like waterproofing a pair of leather shoes or a leather jacket.

  • N Neichan
    N Neichan 14 days ago +1

    I used to walk in the tenderloin without problems. It is sad to see how awful things are.

  • Randy Geyer
    Randy Geyer 6 months ago +1341

    These issues have existed for over 30 years. Nothing has changed.

    • Indra Pratama
      Indra Pratama 12 days ago

      30 years? It was started at the death of JFK, and formally initiated with LBJ's Great Society program. LBJ's Great Society program is like Biden's Build Back Better. What they actually are is always the perfect opposite of what they says they are. LBJ's Great Society program is the precursor of the Democrat's overarching, Big Brother-esque sOcIaL jUsTiCe programs. It created dysfunctional society by rewarding destructive and dysfunctional behaviors.

    • Ceasar Saran
      Ceasar Saran 14 days ago

      LOL. Thats the biggest lie I have ever heard. I live in Minneapolis, and I barely even recognize the city I grew up in, and Im in my 30's. the crime, homelessness, garbage on the streets is just insane. We have already had 30 stabbings and 25 shootings this year. We used to have one or 2 a year. Violent crime has gone uo 34% in just the last 2 years. Why do you think everyone is moving out of New York and California? The weather?

    • Nancy Hicks Gribble
      Nancy Hicks Gribble 17 days ago

      Yep. Once the state run Mental institutions closed...this is the result.

    • MalmoaOfKalabasoa
      MalmoaOfKalabasoa 18 days ago

      @ahoward you know when red states defend mental facilities they bought them bus tickets to SF or LA? it almost like a bigger mental health in america issue but we just throw them aside

    • Alfredo Carpaneto
      Alfredo Carpaneto 22 days ago

      Well they continue to vote for the same failed policies and the same failed ideas. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Tolerance is a road to hell.

  • Stevo1361
    Stevo1361 16 days ago +1

    8:55 I know what this lady said and meant, there isn't enough "housing" for these people. But there is absolutely enough dwellings and properties to house them. It's just that society (government) doesn't care enough for the homeless and too much for the property developers, investors and banks.

  • mitchell freifeld
    mitchell freifeld 21 day ago +1

    The reason things aren't improving in the tenderloin is because they didn't include a line item in their budget, and didn't provide funding for, graft. Figure about 15-20% of the total of the legitimate items, and fund an item to that amount. Identify the person or group responsible for disbursement , and be sure they get the money in a series of payments as the program progresses. That's why
    the programs setup to address this "emergency" have failed so badly up until now: people taking their cut out of the general project funding.
    Do the above and re-start from the beginning. 500 beds to serve 25,000 isn't even a miniscule fraction of 1%. Why did only 144 out of 2,696 visitors take the information the center was offering? So 2,552 people refused a useless pamphlet? Did the designers of this program think people would be dying to get this pamphlet? How much was the city charged for printing. This is a perfect spot to pocket some cash. 10 new officers added to the force to patrol the tenderloin. Wow 10! Now there's a solution to the problem right there! Finally, a pile of garbage with a stained neck tie in it. What's the take away there? In short, this report just points up what a failure these "state of emergency" programs are, and will continue to be.

  • celtic0317
    celtic0317 11 days ago +6

    Absolutely disgraceful that those elected have let this happen. 😡

  • Dream
    Dream 23 days ago

    Very sad to see, being an x-SF resident i could this problem building from the mid 70's and now it has just totally exploded but we must still love and care; there is no overnight solution, maybe no solution at all but to do nothing would be heartless..God bless you SF❤️

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 6 months ago +1683

    I was homeless for a number of yrs after I served some time in TX. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to go to San Fran. I was stuck there a month. Anything they are saying is true,in fact they can't over state the problem.u can't take 2steps without setting ur foot down near a syringe. There are blocks that are run by Asian, Russian and other street gangs. U look down,u see nothing,hear nothing and walk fast. And I seen plenty! Good luck! I was thanking God for delivering me from that place! I now have my own apartment in Colorado. It's not quite rosey,but I have a place to lay my head thats mine!

    • P Gaven
      P Gaven 9 days ago

      @John Youngs I live here and never brought that upon myself. I vote.

    • BB Sal
      BB Sal 9 days ago

      Amen, good for you! I hope God keeps you on the right track 👍

    • Jeff Albillar
      Jeff Albillar 9 days ago

      @John Youngs all three of your comments are stupid

    • John Youngs
      John Youngs 9 days ago

      @P Gaven Monterey & Carmel, Calif. are nice. Not all of California is as bad as SF or LA. Expensive, but nice...! Lived in Monterey for 6 years, & liked it...! Outraged...?? Then shoot 'em..!!

    • John Youngs
      John Youngs 9 days ago

      @u3k1m6 Yup. I think they should fly them all up to Nome, Alaska.. When they complain, give 'em snowshoes & let them walk down to CANADA..!! THEY can settle there...!!

  • Memewalker B
    Memewalker B 24 days ago +3

    I was at a hospital recently with my mother who may have suffered a seizure. People who had been admitted were lying on gurneys in the emergency room corridor. There were behavioral health patients among others who had been admitted but the hospital didn't have enough beds for them or folks suffering from all other types of illnesses.

    • SirZebra
      SirZebra 24 days ago

      You reap what you sow, while the rest of the civilized world gets decent healthcare, you're still buying the "muh socialism" rethoric that created these third world conditions in the first place. While i am compassionate for the suffering it creates, i can't possibly understand how that status quo is still able to exist.

  • Czarina Garcia
    Czarina Garcia 16 days ago +5

    San Francisco is such a beautiful city full of history, culture, and diversity. I grew up in the Bay Area and it breaks my heart seeing the city deteriorate. I really hope we find a real solution soon. Every human being deserves a second chance. All it takes is some empathy and kindness to change someone’s life.

    • Proud Conservative
      Proud Conservative Day ago

      A solution is to vote out democrat politicians, every city they control for a long time turns to shit

    • Mark Walker
      Mark Walker 9 days ago

      I feel very fortunate to have been there when it was still the best place I have ever been. I am from Northern California, grew up there, went into the service at the Oakland AFFEES Station, in 1975. Herb Caen was still alive, the cable cars were a quarter and still used as street transportation not some expensive carnival ride. There was always some trash, and the Tenderloin was not a place I wanted to walk around in even then, it never was. But what really killed The City and all of California as far as I am concerned is just the sheer vast weight of 40 million people living in a state that just does not have the infrastructure for them all. Jobs do not pay enough for average people to live a decent life, just look at the bridge tolls, seven bucks to cross the Richmond San Rafael Bridge? $3,000 for a decent apartment per month? What California has tried and failed is to simply price the dirty, the addicted, the people with criminal records, price them out of the state. What they accomplished was to hollow out the economy so that virtually nobody is middle class anymore unless they inherited a mountain of money, or a place to live, which are the same thing these days. I left in 1991 and would not even bother going back. I tried to when I was living in Vegas, I had friends from Australia staying in The City for a few days, and I went to rent a room while they were there, but the cheapest I could find was over $300 per night. Their rooms on Union Square were over $1,200 per night. It would have been cheaper to just sleep in my apartment in Vegas and fly to SF every morning to spend the day with them then fly home at night.

  • Dawn Sayers
    Dawn Sayers 21 day ago +3

    " How are these people allow to being doing drugs on the street? Why isn't there police , out there busting people and arresting them? How is any of this allowed..? 😳 I'm so confused of how this is even possible.

  • Brenda Johnson
    Brenda Johnson 5 days ago

    It is sickening, I would rather just stay in my house unless I actually can’t help it and have to go into the city.

  • A lovely lad
    A lovely lad 6 months ago +1808

    Went to California for the first time last year. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful natural states here in the US but it’s shocking just how many people don’t care where they dump their garbage.

    • Evan Brill
      Evan Brill 21 hour ago

      those people are not californians, theyre scum from other states that come here and ruin it for us

    • paulo silva
      paulo silva 5 days ago

      @Bambina Forevernope. Do the match. Really

    • Natalia L
      Natalia L 6 days ago

      @Save 🇺🇸 These problems are not the Democrats' problems who are actually allocating budget to social assistance. Root cause of these problems can be pinned on Republican policies decades ago that have just manifested now.

    • paulo silva
      paulo silva 7 days ago

      @Bambina Forever yes. And you will get 6000 dolllar pension and no insurance for life money will be asked . And in pension you will get 40% extra if what you paid in total.

    • Bambina Forever
      Bambina Forever 7 days ago

      @paulo silva taxes are high in northern europe. Much higher than in usa

  • Shalexia Davis
    Shalexia Davis 6 days ago

    The old news footage shows that this problem has started, grown and escalated over decades.

  • Robert Hunt
    Robert Hunt 11 days ago +3

    Every Mayor going back 40 years has never been able to resolve the homeless situation in San Francisco… Now, I still don’t see it.. Big shame.. Robb Esq

  • Summer
    Summer 13 days ago

    I visited in august and I’ve never ever seen SF look so bad. Very sad 😢

  • Eolo Nizzi
    Eolo Nizzi 2 days ago

    They wait way to long to clean up their cities, this goes on in every big city, my wife and I stayed in Oakland California for 4 nights because we were touring San Francisco, and as we were driving to SF we passed piles of trash along side of the streets, Hugh rats running around, homeless people, this was just in a little area of Oakland, SF is worst, what the H is wrong with the mayors of these cities? Clean them up, take pride where you live.

  • CallSpreadZero
    CallSpreadZero 6 months ago +570

    What’s amazing is how people in the Bay Area and really, the state at large, refuse to speak out against the exact policies that helped lead to this. Sure, all the other variables exist, but if you can’t take responsibility for your part, no amount of housing supply will fix it.

    • Andrew Grant
      Andrew Grant 27 days ago

      @Jax Stax San Fran is a bigger shithole than Ohio and Kentucky combined! I would never bring my family to San Francisco in the next 1000 years...

    • Harry Cooper
      Harry Cooper Month ago

      Yep, Reagan's racist "War on Drugs" has been a complete failure from stopping drug use. But it did transfer over a trillion dollars into up the financial ladder. And it accomplished it's goal of throwing as many people of color in prison as possible. Or do you think it's an accident that America, the land of the "free," has the highest per capita incarceration rate in the world, or that it's an accident those incarcerated are disproportionately black? When Reagan was a full blown White Supremacist.

    • Mechanicalman
      Mechanicalman Month ago

      @Jax Stax exactly. California politicians didn’t really create this mess. Most of these people are from out of state, from places with no social safety and even less resources than CA. So the unwillingness of other states to look after their own and the climate that makes homeless here possible.

    • Growseth Jones
      Growseth Jones 2 months ago

      doctors and food need to go out there

    • Anon
      Anon 3 months ago

      @Jax Stax real

  • fluentpiffle
    fluentpiffle 23 days ago

    If we ever want such a thing as a genuine ‘civility’ or ‘society’ to occur, we must, absolutely, concede that it is only genuine people who will ever be capable of such a phenomenon.
    The pretentious ‘society’ that greed creates simply does not develop the capacity for genuine civility..

  • jun cinco
    jun cinco 12 days ago

    one of the best run cities in California ..
    keep it up San Francisco..
    the whole city should be like this and it could be a model city for the whole world to see...

  • PilotVBall
    PilotVBall 24 days ago +1

    "We believe that people can change." 0:38 The poor man is delusional! You never guide policy or action based on how someone like that sees the world. The fact is that people degrade. They change for the worst. The solution - pack them up, send them to work camps where they have to work for their food and to get themselves out of the misery they have chosen for themselves. Stop wasting my working tax dollars and raising my taxes to accommodate junkies and the lifestyle they have chosen for themselves.

  • Town by Town
    Town by Town 6 days ago

    Hello, thanks a lot for sharing this amazing videowalk. It is a pleasure to watch your Videos. Keep on going this good work. Many greetings from good old Vienna🎡🎩

  • GorgonSnakeCharmer
    GorgonSnakeCharmer 6 months ago +484

    I am a former resident of SF, and the Tenderloin has been on the decline for decades! Most of the people living on the streets there are mentally ill, and have been forsaken by federal and local governments. They need to be put back into mental institutions so that they get the help and meds they need!

    • Chrissy Sloss
      Chrissy Sloss 12 days ago

      @Richard Bowley The States caused their own demise. Derelict facilities, fraud, experiments and horrific abuse was everywhere within those hospitals. Every federally funded state mental health facility closed except the veteran’s hospitals and the prisons for the criminally insane.

    • Eric Dole
      Eric Dole 12 days ago +1

      @Chrissy Sloss I forgot to thank Pelosi too isn't she their representative? But she's rich living good from insider trading but she doesn't do a damn thing to help her people in SF

    • Eric Dole
      Eric Dole 12 days ago

      It all boils down to their representative in Congress named Pelosi she is a piece of work.....millionaire

    • ammodude12
      ammodude12 Month ago

      Not to brag on Trump, but he said the same thing. Our jails have become the "Gatekeeper" for the mentally ill. The states/government will not fund these institutions. Currently, our government wants to spend 1/4 to 1 trillion dollars on eliminating student debt. Sorry, but his will not not go away.

    • D
      D Month ago

      The reason they did away with state funded mental facilities is because the orderlies were abusing and molesting the patients.

  • Charlene Hernandez
    Charlene Hernandez 5 days ago

    I used to love to go to San Francisco when I lived there, i miss it very much..

  • Maurice Rivers
    Maurice Rivers 19 days ago +1

    Unfortunately, a lot of this can be traced back to increasing economic insecurity, and has been brewing for well over a decade. The pandemic (and the gross mishandling of it) just opened some of the floodgates, and we're seeing the result of that. Supply-chain issues, due to tons of cut corners to keep more profit at the top, and in shareholder hands, are one of the big contributors to the bare shelves. Bare shelves lead to higher prices, higher prices lead to more economic insecurity, economic insecurity leads to panic buying and crime. All of this ends up also including greater disparity in the distribution of wealth: wash, rinse, repeat.

    • Manager
      Manager 16 days ago

      Open borders and unlimited immigration has made land value explode and housing become unaffordable all over the country

  • Henona
    Henona 22 days ago +1

    I don't know what the answer to this is. There will never be a total conversion of abandoned buildings into in-need housing because of inane zoning laws and lobbying. Even if you were to miraculously get every homeless person housed, you still need professionally trained social workers who can actually handle those afflicted with mental illness without help for decades. And that's probably like 1 for every 1000 social worker. Plus those jobs are severely understaffed because of the work required with barely anything in return. It makes me angry to hear people reiterate "well you should be happy you're blessed with a home right now." I am, but blessings are not gonna help clean up this state and get these people the help they need.

  • Lucifer Mephistophilies

    I worked my way up from nothing here. When I came across the bay bridge the first time I saw a city full of suckers and I said to myself, "self, if those suckers can do it then this sucker can do it." Sure I fell a few times. I'll probably fall again but I will pick myself up and keep going cause when I set a path to a goal I will not stop. That's the arrogance in me. I call it determination but God called it Iniquity 😎Micheal admired me for it, just before he went for that glory shot.....sorry I mean Uriel went for that sucker punch.

  • Mei Lam
    Mei Lam 6 months ago +616

    Thank you for your passion in this coverage to save San Francisco. Corruption in our gov and so-called non-profits invite more homeless people and drug users to SF. Hope people will wake up and vote corruption out.

    • Alvin Anderson
      Alvin Anderson 5 months ago

      @biggiedab8 bite me-'your racist mayor's and governors in the red hate states keep shipping the losers to our city as an underhanded act of political terrorism to harm our people for our political beliefs. 99% of our drug addicts come from out of state and many are give free rides from politicians especially in states like Texas and Florida and other conservative states.

    • failtolawl
      failtolawl 5 months ago +1

      @Alex jail is literally the best place for people to get off drugs. It has helped millions. giving them clean needles and sending them back on the street is literally not helping.

    • Yesterday is a hard word for me, said trump
      Yesterday is a hard word for me, said trump 5 months ago +1

      @Jim edick Have you not learned that the War on Drugs was won by drugs? Also do you not understand that all they need is money? So you say you want to help and money will solve the issue, then why don't you put your money where your mouth is?
      You think bad policing is only with homeless people and what, the cops not arresting people who have no money to defend themselves? That's your answer? Tp have to cops arrest homeless so you don't have to see them on the streets? What are the cops going to do and aren't we paying them to solve crimes? What crime are they solving? Is being homeless a crime?
      Once again, you want innocent people arrested bc they live in a convenient area from THEM so THEY can get to the HELP THEY NEED. They need money, that's it. But your to stingy for that but yet will praise Jesus to help you out with your problems. Get F Karen

    • Jim edick
      Jim edick 5 months ago

      @Madisyn Issaquah
      What’s your point? Just because you share a name of an area doesn’t mean anything. That still doesn’t explain the huge amount of homeless people living in Seattle and Portland.
      The weather sucks in both places!!!
      Point is, don’t excuse bad Democratic policies by using warm weather. It’s miserable in Vegas during the summer, yet they have a huge problem there as well.

    • Jim edick
      Jim edick 5 months ago +1

      @Yesterday is a hard word for me, said trump
      Since when is Tennessee a city?
      Don’t try and excuse bad policies that has permitted and promoted drug abuse. I’m all about helping those who want to get out of their homeless situation. I’m all about helping those who want to break the addictions. The problem is, when you allow the laws that promote the topics, you see the results that we have on the entire west coast. What we see are the results of bad policies, period.

  • Tonee Norman
    Tonee Norman 25 days ago +1

    Heartbreaking! Seeing the doggies is really troubling,too:(

  • Barry Rudge
    Barry Rudge 22 days ago

    A very dificult problem to overcome, drunks and drug addicts by their very nature tend to be antisocial and single persons hostels will not tolerate drunkenness or people high on drugs or partaking of alcohol or drugs on the premises and so it becomes a vicious circle with no one prepared to do anything about it other than a lot of hot gossip and moving the problem further down the street. It needs the local authority to put it's money where its mouth is and take positive action.

  • Luis Salazar
    Luis Salazar 20 days ago

    I was working in san Francisco a week ago specifically near Leavenworth st and turk st an there was a RV parked and a line of homeless people about 20 people I thought they were getting some type of help then a homeless guy asked for some spare change I asked him what was goin on in that RV and he said that's The plug 😅 I was surprised I've never seen things like this in my life

  • Glenn Hubbard
    Glenn Hubbard 3 days ago

    These people need to be indentured for public service. Give them uniforms, three meals and barracks to live in and make them clean the streets and highways. If they refuse, send them to prison.

  • Jason Orlic
    Jason Orlic 5 months ago +692

    Worked in the Tenderloin for years, up until a few months ago. I had to leave. Years and years of being COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY ignored by the city. They even pulled all the cops off the corners... then months later, put them back, but with a remit that they could only get involved in the event of an imminent danger to life and health. Well, at that point, it's too late. Spent too many mornings trying to protect my coworkers, too many mornings moving bodies, moving piles of feces, watching overdoses.... the city knew about this problem for years. The humans just didn't matter to anyone. Three bullets through my window, over a dozen attacks on me (just for walking), people trying to throw needles at me... I couldn't take it anymore. All they did was shuffle people around. No one cares.

    • Ceasar Saran
      Ceasar Saran 14 days ago

      @Jason Orlic Thats why we have laws. There is always a trade off. In order to survive humans mold the world into a shape that makes it possible. The trade off is that we ruin the environment. Realistically the only way to safeguard the planet is to stop human overpopulation. I have yet to see a single environmentalist that is willing to stand up against immigration however. yet its a fact that we add a billion to the total of humans on Earth every 8 years, and increasing, and overpopulation is caused by allowing developing nations to use the west as an overflow gage. That way they dont need to solve the problem. Just another proof that the supposedly "enlightened" among us...I won't use the other word that starts with a w... are really just lacking.

    • Ceasar Saran
      Ceasar Saran 14 days ago

      @Jason Orlic Well, thus far, all of the enlightened thinking done in this country has brought us to nothing but the loss of all common sense, and the lowering of quality of life for every American citizen. So Im just going to assume people who have a philosophical nature make society far worse.

    • Jason Orlic
      Jason Orlic 14 days ago

      @Ceasar Saran Nothing is black and white in this world. Limiting yourself to that thinking will only guarantee zero personal or societal growth.

    • Jason Orlic
      Jason Orlic 14 days ago

      @Ceasar Saran And production can have both positive and negative effects. I can be very productive and profitable producing harmful products and dumping their hazardous waste into water supplies.

    • Jason Orlic
      Jason Orlic 14 days ago

      @Ceasar Saran you're missing several groups.

  • Robert Hunt
    Robert Hunt 19 days ago +1

    Little too late… this should of been dealt with years ago… it’s the system fault…

  • Team _Addictions
    Team _Addictions 26 days ago

    Wow, neighborhood is looking great. Keep up the good work!

  • Margie Montgomery
    Margie Montgomery 13 hours ago

    Where I live if there was that many people on the streets doing drugs they would lock them up even if they did not have a place to put them they would call the next city over to say hey we got to do something about these drugs I live in Texas and we have a very harsh district attorney

  • dylan vasey
    dylan vasey 26 days ago

    I'm Iive in the UK. I've been fortunate enough to have seen a Iot of the US, IncIuding most of CaIifornia. Having first visited SF some 20 years ago, it was evident then that it had a huge probIem with drugs and the homeIess. Every subsequent visit it was worse. The Iast time I visited there were used needIes and human waste visabIe everywhere - Not just the Tenderloin. What the powers that be are currently doing is simpIy doing is pIastering over what is a probIem on a massive scaIe.
    The Iast time I visited SF wiII be my Iast. It's a beautifuI city with great peopIe being Iet down by woke poIicies that are faiIing.

  • E M
    E M 6 months ago +223

    I lived with a friend in the Tenderloin briefly around June / July 2016 whilst visiting from Australia. It was quite shocking to see some of the things that went on around the area - the homelessness, old ladies with plastic bottle trolleys, dogs and people defecating everywhere and anywhere in the street, even people openly banging each other at a bus stop in broad daylight whilst high or drunk on something. Fortunately, I never felt 'unsafe' - but wow, this report makes it look like it's much worse now.

    • Lucky the Lemur
      Lucky the Lemur 17 days ago

      The people banging each other was probably just regular weird San Francisco, I've seen people who lived in houses in SF doing that on their porch 😂 freak city

    • Therese Katie
      Therese Katie Month ago

      @fix I think another problem in LA is they are paying $2000-3000 a month for a studio apartment. Not livable on even $15/hour.

    • Anna H
      Anna H Month ago

      @fix I felt so much safer in KL (my husband is Malay, I am German) than in LA or SF, for sure. America really shocked me, although I love the nature and the people and lived there for a year. But the Social System and the crime and drug rate ist just stunning...

    • Jason Orlic
      Jason Orlic 3 months ago

      Most of my company is from Australia, we had lots of them here in our rotation. They were all as equally shocked and appalled that people could be treated with such disregard.

    • anthony azanon
      anthony azanon 3 months ago +3

      @fix this is true. I’m from Guatemala and even our “bad places” are not as bad as this. I recently moved to SFO and looking to live away.

  • Diego Madrigal
    Diego Madrigal 17 days ago

    UFC is going through the same. My prayers for them too

  • swtv1754
    swtv1754 19 days ago

    Do all the people who make lots of money and live there feel guilty? To me it seems like the residents of San Francisco enable a lot of these people. If I was homeless, I can guarantee you that I wouldn't be setting up a tent in the middle of a sidewalk in San Francisco. Same thing is happening in Seattle, and I finally got fed up and moved. I always considered myself a progressive, but San Francisco, Seattle, and even Portland have gone way too far to the left. It's very sad; these three cities were at one time so beautiful compared to other major cities in the country.

  • Matthew Dufur
    Matthew Dufur 25 days ago

    I lived in the Haight Asbury district in the late 60's. The hippies smelled bad, did their business in every doorway, stole from the local stores, and were often acting crazy on drugs. During my lifetime San Francisco has always been the place to go if you want to remain high on dope. Now we have better options like Colorado Springs in the summer and then Phoenix for the winter.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 21 day ago +1

    It has always been like this. There must be an opportunity about. I’m not saying this is bad, because it’s not. I just wonder what the motives are.

  • NaturallyPaige_
    NaturallyPaige_ 6 months ago +823

    He is right: “People can change”. Doesn’t mean they will…

    • potatomongrel
      potatomongrel 2 months ago

      @David W When you are on your death bead don't ask to be put under or take anything to numb the pain. Had some old person with a similar opinion about a drug addict we knew. When they told me that they passed away with the assistance of meds I told them they died as a hypocrite. The only difference is they died in a hospital instead of on a sidewalk.

    • Ben Henderson
      Ben Henderson 3 months ago

      They won't if you just enable and give zero consequences which is what liberal policies do. You aren't helping a dope friend by giving them dope

    • Q H
      Q H 5 months ago

      Can they? Yes! Will they? you got eyes and internet has videos.

    • James Beaton
      James Beaton 5 months ago

      @David W you seem to have all the answers, get into politics!!!

    • glenn kometscher
      glenn kometscher 5 months ago

      @D L well no changeing you then

  • Brenda Johnson
    Brenda Johnson 5 days ago

    I also blame poor leadership, as they keep promising to start programs for housing and care which never seems to happen. Someone is padding their pockets while the homelessness issue increases each day.

  • Margie Montgomery
    Margie Montgomery 14 hours ago

    I would hire more police officers and I would keep a close eye on them and make sure they're not trying to put their hands in the cutie but yes even in Texas we need more police officers and DPS officers

  • randy scott
    randy scott 24 days ago

    Most PD efforts are concentrated on bothering the helpless instead of fighting crime. They take easy targets to feed their egos

  • Mia Moral
    Mia Moral 11 days ago

    it is a pity that the tenderloin cannot be in a better situation my son was in the salavation army when he was at the top of burger king and boys and girls club those programs are wonderful for the children and that they are close to the junkis near the tenderloin

  • teeminator30
    teeminator30 6 months ago +291

    😢 We’re in Seattle, and at the pace we’re “progressing” we’ll be neck to neck with SF in a few years. I used to take my kids downtown for ice cream, music and street fairs. Now? It’s homeless tents, naked bodies, constant police sirens, car break-ins, and garbage piles. We have a defective political system.

    • Ave Aguila
      Ave Aguila 25 days ago

      Are you describing Dante's inferno. ( Hell)? 😵

    • haydn douglas
      haydn douglas 2 months ago

      @INDIA SUPER CLEAN 🇮🇳 troll go away you aren't going to start a war between usa and india

    • She Butter
      She Butter 2 months ago

      @Gurgy3 epic response that ain’t no plan seems like it’s encouraging these conditions.

    • Kathleen McBride
      Kathleen McBride 2 months ago

      @Craige Laberge Both were beautiful cities now ruined. This last July 4th it was difficult to be a "proud American". Shining light on a hill? Statue of Liberty? Uh... no.

    • Craige Laberge
      Craige Laberge 2 months ago

      Seattle is worse than SF 🤣

  • Maurice Rivers
    Maurice Rivers 20 days ago

    In California, the decriminalization of hard drug use and property crimes as well as cash payments to the homeless lock them into a squalid existence of enabling self-destructive behaviors. San Francisco makes it easier for addicts to shoot up by providing free needles and the result is an exploding number of addicted homeless people who to send into a perpetual lifestyle of despair poverty and death.
    But in places like Florida, which has experienced a decline in homelessness, laws against hard drug use and property crime are enforced. Camping in public spaces is not allowed. If you are a drug addict and arrested in Florida, you're given the choice of treatment or jail, but not in California.
    The California model of enabling people to stay addicted and live in a homeless camp to make a political point is obviously failing. Of course our billions have been wasted. They can’t even call it what it is: a drug tourism industry that allows people to camp on our streets and get high. Calling the public “cynics” for being outraged at what has been done to this city by ineptitude, greed, cultists and sanctimony is insulting.

  • Rob Cobb
    Rob Cobb 25 days ago +1

    "Don't want my baby to see that environment" teach your baby to vote educationally

  • Tahlea Mareko
    Tahlea Mareko 10 days ago

    Finally they're cleaning of the street 👍 I'm watching from AUSTRALIA 👋

  • mikel matanog
    mikel matanog 7 days ago

    7:48 meron pala homeless na pinoy sa san francisco?? sana matulungan ng embahada ng pilipinas ang mga pinoy na dun ng maka uwi kung gusto nila..

  • Roy Young
    Roy Young 5 months ago +228

    The beginning of my recovery started in Sacramento. I was arrested, and spent 28 days in jail. That was only the beginning, but now it has been 35 yrs clean.

    • Vic Dee
      Vic Dee 4 months ago

      @kap True but Professionals need your help as well...by following their advice!!

    • kap
      kap 4 months ago

      @drpareta mite look stupid thats different. America literally forced these majorities for decades and centuries in that position.

    • kap
      kap 4 months ago

      @Vic Dee but you need help regardless. Professional or not.

      CYJEREN 5 months ago +1

      luv U Roy, cangrats!

    • lovelessissimo
      lovelessissimo 5 months ago

      Because of Prop 47, no one else will get that chance.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    Wow, a place so free that anyone can sleep, pee and poop on the sidewalk. I'm definitely voting blue so that my state becomes free like this

  • p4sm4ter
    p4sm4ter 17 days ago

    "San Francisco and Damascus, will be uninhabitable by the end of 2010, possibly even sooner. Again, it depends upon certain 'forces' at play, and which timelines are activated. Humanity, though utterly unconscious of the fact, has a significant part to play in this. You (as a collective consciousness of the planet) are choosing the Negative Polarization by default, by the quality of your thoughts and actions. Thought is creative energy, focused. You get exactly what you put out."

  • Mark Montgomery
    Mark Montgomery 3 days ago

    I've been to over 50 countries, mostly 1/3 world. I worked temporally in California. San Francisco and San Diego, it's the biggest shitshow with the homeless than any other Country I have been to around the world

    ZANNY BARZ 19 days ago

    When I first say the one guy who was passed out rite on the sidewalk I couldn't believe what I was looking at!!!!! I thought the video clip was taken in my city, Vancouver Canada and thought it was down on Hastings Street and I was in sheer disbelief at how they possibly managed to clean up the streets with exception to that one dude having a quick nap those san Fran streets look amazing. Come check out Hastings Street in Vancouver if you want to actually see a state of emergency hahahhaa!!!! No joke

  • Take it or Leave it
    Take it or Leave it 6 months ago +1467

    A politician’s response: “we need more money”
    No, you need to better prioritize funds and stop scimming unallocated funds.

    • Patrick Bateman
      Patrick Bateman 11 days ago

      @felipe araujo Never fails. 😅🤣😂😅🤣😂😅🤣😂

    • Jorgen Von Strangle
      Jorgen Von Strangle 22 days ago

      @Nyja Peterson you think the rent people pay goes directly into helping the homeless?

    • EarthChickadee
      EarthChickadee 22 days ago

      @Karan Carnwright We are reaping what we have sown. This is what lawlessness looks like.
      NOW is the time to humble ourselves and turn from our wickedness THEN God will hear us and heal us.
      God bless and much LOVE
      That very long prophesied "Great Tribulation" this way comes... and is even at the door.

    • jenni Turtle burger
      jenni Turtle burger 3 months ago

      @Take it or Leave it What? I said ending prohibition WOULDN’T lead to more addicts. Unless it’s a typo. That’s what I meant at least.

    • Take it or Leave it
      Take it or Leave it 3 months ago

      @jenni Turtle burger ok, who said it would create more addicts?

  • Sebastian Lesny
    Sebastian Lesny 15 days ago

    I laughed out loud when they said only just over 1,300 deaths in the last two years. fine reporting

  • Marie Sheppard
    Marie Sheppard 2 days ago

    I visited the city in the early 80s, it was nice then.

  • Steven St.Laurent
    Steven St.Laurent 24 days ago +1

    As I told my friends in Chicago, GET OUT NOW. The same goes for LA, PORTLAND, SEATTLE, NEW YORK, or any DNC ran city.

  • F Soto
    F Soto 16 days ago

    I have a crisis too, my living costs (utilities,food,fuel) have skyrocketed and my wages are stagnant… please this is a state of emergency!! Who feels bad for me??Where’s my crisis van??

  • CA2SD
    CA2SD 6 months ago +188

    The transparency in this report is the first step. Continue pressuring both the mayor and the D.A.

    • Hamilton
      Hamilton 24 days ago

      Transparency haa

    • endthelogin
      endthelogin 6 months ago +2

      Oh yeah Chesa Boudin’s really going to solve issues….

    • gringoloco4
      gringoloco4 6 months ago +2

      A black female mayor ? Will get pressured ... in hades. Laughable.

    • l l
      l l 6 months ago +12

      Fire them all! Elect independent minds who are not bought and sold by big tech and pharma

    • Bill Randolph
      Bill Randolph 6 months ago +6

      *Better yet throw both of those scumbag Democrats in prison along with the other Democrats that caused this problem,* 👍

  • P Bailed
    P Bailed 24 days ago +4

    Your policies and politics are doing wonders for your state! 👍

  • Jessi Foxx
    Jessi Foxx 22 days ago

    I know one damn thing🙄 I am beyond fed up with these online shopping sites withdrawing money out of my checking account without my permission. While on the other hand I’m striving to live and survive like everyone else. Be careful how you spend your money cause GREED is very real now. Be cautious!😉

  • Michael Wiberg
    Michael Wiberg Day ago

    Ask our Vice President what she thought about all this , she’s been paid for her services already. Look into serial murders being conducted and shelters food . Hopeless people are everywhere quit profiting from this! We all see you by the way!

  • Allen Baxter
    Allen Baxter 5 days ago

    Thanks to the people who you voted for and support .

  • Justin Rodriguez
    Justin Rodriguez 3 months ago +279

    I’ve been homeless, and lost everything. I got help, and gained it all back. Some people just aren’t ready unfortunately. I’m always willing, and ready to help people, especially in addiction. I have a friend that I tried helping, and she legit told me she’s not ready. They can change their life around but the drugs are really hard to stop, and also mental health is a huge problem as well.

    • NorthernJersey24
      NorthernJersey24  9 days ago

      @Yolanda Robles I’m sorry to hear that.

    • Yolanda Robles
      Yolanda Robles 9 days ago +1

      @NorthernJersey24 my nephew used crystal meth and his doctor said that in order to know if he really had schizophrenia he needed to be clean for a whole year. It never happened. He already passed away. But I like your comment that it could be reverse once people stop using

    • NorthernJersey24
      NorthernJersey24  10 days ago +1

      @Yolanda Robles Whoever told you that a methamphetamine induced psychosis cannot last for many months after stopping use, lied to you. After extended habitual methamphetamine use, it can take up to 2 years to fully recover from methamphetamine induced psychosis. Technically, methamphetamine induced psychosis is very different then schizophrenia but, they do appear the same from the outside looking in.

    • Yolanda Robles
      Yolanda Robles 10 days ago

      @NorthernJersey24 it's different for each person. Some get damaged teeth and others get schizophrenia. I was told the drugs make the schizophrenia worse but it does not cause it. But I know the drugs might make you schizophrenic for a short time. Mostly with all drugs people become paranoid.

    • Justin Rodriguez
      Justin Rodriguez 12 days ago

      @Nina Jankowitz that’s awesome!! Proud of you 💪🏼 All is possible just have to do the work. Sending blessings your way 🙏🏼

  • jcst8l3
    jcst8l3 15 days ago +1

    The problem is when some states offer “help” and others dont those homeless are just going to keep coming its obvious

    • Carlos Zenteno
      Carlos Zenteno 14 days ago

      Is worse than that. Neiighboring states round the homeless and bus them to California, many of them to San Francisco.

  • Linda Guy
    Linda Guy 25 days ago +2

    Want it to stop. Tougher jail sentences for being out on the street. Addicts hate jail anything that keeps them from their drugs.

  • Chris De Luca
    Chris De Luca 19 days ago

    At this point I think they should just create a safe zone. Open air dealing, use, sleeping anywhere, whatever. Set up a safe injection site there. Have the various outreach agencies breezing through a few times a day to provide help for those who want it. Let the people know they won’t be arrested or charged for drug or vagrancy crimes there. Offer frequent shuttle rides to the area. Keep it all in an empty, former industrial area that I know exists on the southern edge of the city and in SSF.
    Again, let the residents know they won’t be criminalized for their addiction if they stay there.
    THEN, also let them know that if they bring their bullshit into the city proper, or residential or school areas, they all absolutely get banged on police and they’ll be charged.
    We can’t push people from block to block and expect the problem to get better. Let them have a place where they can nod off and shit themselves without worry, but that place can no longer be in the city.

  • Margie Montgomery
    Margie Montgomery 13 hours ago

    Years ago they used to have a group of people call the guardian angels and they would walk the streets and try to help people and not let people get hurt something like that may help

  • Stoker
    Stoker 3 months ago +243

    This is some of the best reporting from a local news station I’ve seen in ages.

    • Jclyn Goode
      Jclyn Goode 4 days ago

      That only means you aren't stepping over or walking past this tragic situation.

    • breezetix
      breezetix 17 days ago

      @Zero Depressive there are people that've been on streets for longer than that, i watched a video (i think, cant remember) of a guy who lived on the streets for about 40 years.
      edit: a woman, idk if thats true though but yeah

    • Xanadu
      Xanadu  26 days ago

      I was going to say this! I’m from L.A. and we have a huge homelessness increase but no news outlet have dedicated this much coverage on the issue.

    • Xxx
      Xxx Month ago

      Yeah but it stinks of politics. I'm betting the owners of the station are trying to get rid of the Mayor, not that they actually care about the people.

    • Zero Depressive
      Zero Depressive Month ago +1

      @kaisercc Cosine.

  • Buff Horses
    Buff Horses 20 days ago

    Strange how this seems to happen primarily in liberal run cities and states.

  • Greg James
    Greg James 4 days ago

    This is fine as long as we know the positive outcomes will be between 10-15%.

  • Lucera Dutton
    Lucera Dutton 25 days ago

    One of my friends I grew up with started smoking crack and meth and they lived on the roofs of the buildings in Tenderloin doing drugs and pissing off the roofs when it was rainy days on people below for fun,they're also in the sewer tunnels.

  • jude999
    jude999 7 days ago

    THAT is a reaction from a mayor? As California goes, so goes the nation.

  • Steven Leslie
    Steven Leslie 6 months ago +479

    I lived in SF for 25. years and heard the same thing every few years. The problem has definitely gotten worse, but the empty rhetoric from politicians has mostly stayed the same.

      INDIA SUPER CLEAN 🇮🇳 3 months ago +1


    • Chuck Steak
      Chuck Steak 3 months ago

      Who would've thought that actively incentivizing homelessness and drug use would cause homelessness and drug use to get out of control?

    • Kelly Kelly
      Kelly Kelly 4 months ago

      @USMC2A say feinstein and pelosi exactly in california along with shitty ass newsome

    • David Potter
      David Potter 4 months ago

      I lived in the Tenderloin for 5 years. They think the answer is to provide more "help" to these people. They are really only enabling them to live a life of drug addiction and petty crime. They are letting these people invade private citizens' space, completely trash the place, then feeding them, cleaning up their mess, and even providing the tools to do the drugs with, and the drugs in the form of free addiction clinics providing methadone, etc.. (I watched a fellow student and temporary roommate become a heroine addict AFTER going to get free methadone 'just to try it'). These policies don't help these people do anything but get worse, and invite more of them in. Most of those people in the streets aren't from San Francisco, or even California. People flock to San Francisco because they know it's a great place to be a homeless drug addict bum and thief.

    • kap
      kap 4 months ago

      @Greg Zoller seems like there is no pattern and this is happening for no reason....

  • Milly
    Milly 21 day ago +2

    This has to be the result of a society that lets the happy few thrive on greed. This is appalling, absolutely appalling. And it will come our way (Europe) because every bad American habit eventually does. My daughter noticed it and she is barely sixteen. Spit on social security all you like. We don't throw vulnerable people out on the street. We pick them up way before these horrific situations occur. The American dream is an illusion.

    • 787.86
      787.86 21 day ago +1

      Amen. As a European I say "USA, the land of the free, the dream, as long as you are young and healthy.."

  • MrSantiago214
    MrSantiago214 23 days ago

    Sad this is what happens when people try to help and care more about the druggies then the law abiding citizens

  • terminator3199
    terminator3199 23 days ago +1

    Everyone in USA can end like that on the street !

  • poisenbery
    poisenbery 17 days ago

    They need to identify the dealers and the distributors before anything can change.
    I was homeless for a few years. Drugs keep people on the streets.
    Also, putting homeless people in hotels does absolutely nothing to solve the problem.
    Politicians like to do this to make voters think they are actually doing something, but all this does is shift the burden from local government to the hotel owners.
    You can find a lot of stories of families being put in these hotels, and then they are forgotten entirely by the system.
    That's all the help they get, and then eventually it gets taken away, and they're homeless again.
    Politicians are well aware of this, you aren't though, so they keep doing it.

  • Rocket Boards
    Rocket Boards 6 months ago +271

    That's was a great piece of journalism that is sorely missed today. Not just a headline and a quick story, but true look at the problems, and getting into the problems first hand, not from the place of privilege most of us enjoy this city from. As a white male who lived the first year in the tenderloin, I was offered every drug under the sun multiple times a day. It's not a race thing like this women feels, it's simple they feel everyone could be a customer, so don't miss an opportunity. I soon moved out of the TL and into other neighborhoods where the streets are clean, safe, and neighbors are friendly and reasonable. It's a shame that this is what maybe 10% of the city is like, yet, it's the image SF is being recognized for. Most of the city is clean, safe, welcoming, and beautiful. It's just parts of downtown that look like a war zone.

    • livelyupmyself1
      livelyupmyself1 6 months ago

      It was really cool of Wilson Walker to give thanks to Mr. Douglas and all the other people he interviewed!!

    • tanyachef
      tanyachef 6 months ago +1

      @Wild Rose As a long time resident, homeowner, and landlord in SF I have NO IDEA of what you are talking about with "companies displaced them of their homes, they were illegally evicted" SF has one of the most stringent RENT CONTROL in the USA. It is easier to get a divorce than to get rid of a tenant. There are nonprofit legal groups and advocates for rent control that give free legal counsel to renters. If you respond, please give sources for your claims.

    • Wild Rose
      Wild Rose 6 months ago +1

      Being black or any race doesn’t get you into Public homes faster. If you look at stats the people who most benefit from Public programs are white, then Asian. And you can’t read he lived on the tenderloin not the streets, then he moved out. He wasn’t living on the streets

    • Wild Rose
      Wild Rose 6 months ago +1

      Because people of color are disproportionately criminalized for it. So you are right they throw it at anyone so it’s unfortunate that people are policed differently.

    • Wild Rose
      Wild Rose 6 months ago

      Not a race thing like the woman feel? Many residents of sf were displaced of their home were people of color who had been living their for generations but companies displaced them of their homes, they were illegally evicted, and I think they deserve support just as much the drug users on the street receiving support but it’s easier to access shelter and program based services than effective legal services. Also even though white people as you say, it’s true everyone gets offered drugs and dealers are anyone however the people who face most criminal charges are people of color

  • Margie Montgomery
    Margie Montgomery 14 hours ago +1

    There is children getting involved with these drug dealers I would offer them help and try to do everything I could for them but if they do not help themselves then they need to go to jail if you have to build the jails Bill the jails text pairs there is rich people in California

    STINKY POOP 24 days ago +1

    "Homeless crisis" is a business..and business is booming

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 18 days ago

    Homelessnes will never stop. The best you can do is keep them in a contained area.

  • Chelsea Eiben
    Chelsea Eiben 16 days ago +1

    I spoke w cops in SF and they said they were frustrated that they couldn't lock up drug DEALERS....they let them go and they're back on the street corner dealing out the drugs that thus keeps the cycle going.

  • CK Norris
    CK Norris 3 months ago +274

    I visited San Francisco a few years ago and was honestly shocked. The amount of filth and homeless was crazy. And it really didn't matter where you went. Even if you were in a nice neighborhood the filth was always just a few blocks away.

    • David Carrico
      David Carrico 2 days ago

      It’s like this in most population centers in the west unfortunately

    • Jamez Brian
      Jamez Brian 6 days ago


    • TheTardisDreamer
      TheTardisDreamer 7 days ago

      @Bambina Forever Haha it's a RUclips comment and I used the wrong grammar once in my comment? Upset much? And you say that when your short comments are all riddled with very obvious errors, including this reply. You don't know how to capitalise the start of sentences, capitalise proper nouns like English, use full stops, quotation marks, or apostrophes. Also it's THE pronoun 'I'. So if you're going to try to do a "gotcha" maybe check your comments.

    • EBTROUBLE1776
      EBTROUBLE1776 7 days ago

      @ChannelMath your definition of help is incredibly distorted…. If that is what help looks like, please don’t EVER think of helping me. Thank you

    • Bambina Forever
      Bambina Forever 7 days ago

      @wuppas yea, go visit russia with toilet a hole in the ground in the yard for an apartment building. The whole country lives like homeless. This is socialist society for ya.

  • Paul B
    Paul B 19 days ago

    This is now a massive problem, and only getting worse!!!
    A lot of housing must be built to move people in, even against their will. Mandatory drug treatment must be implemented. Follow up programs must be developed to make sure people are "improving their overall situation", tougher laws must be created against drugs (legal and ilegal) and their peddlers! These basics will address and somehow mitigate this problem.

  • Famespear
    Famespear 6 days ago

    😂 Here we are six months after this broadcast and it’s the same or worse. Government is the problem, not the solution. Wake up, people!

  • Tim D
    Tim D 6 days ago

    “superficial effort” seems to be all we’re getting from politicians these days. It’s all smoke n mirrors.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 19 days ago +1

    Don’t know why people have to force their free will onto others. They have no where to go. So what push them away more? I think everyone needs some help

  • Toro Toro
    Toro Toro 6 months ago +242

    I've earned the right to say this after living in San Francisco from 1989 - 2012 at three different times in my life.
    A city will only be as good as the people who reside in it. In 1989, there were countless affordable eateries throughout the city. By 2012, that downtown area was just EXPENSIVE and DEPRESSING.

    • Lucky the Lemur
      Lucky the Lemur 17 days ago

      @Jennifer Cochrane
      I think he was making a play on words about rich white people by saying Arians (Aryans)

      INDIA SUPER CLEAN 🇮🇳 3 months ago


    • comontoshi
      comontoshi 3 months ago

      Yep . . . you gotta pay to park at your hotel! WTF?! It’s all about $$$ selling drugs etcetera etcetera . . . America has become a shithole of druggies and rich people.

    • Marc Crossland
      Marc Crossland 3 months ago

      @TruthAloneTriumphs It's the only way to be free.

    • TruthAloneTriumphs
      TruthAloneTriumphs 3 months ago

      Just take your hate somewhere else. There are many reasons for the challenges. It's not the residents.

  • Chris G
    Chris G 10 days ago

    It's absolutely shocking that in such a developed nation there is such a prominent problem such as this. I've seen poverty in many nations but seeing it in the US really hit harder and I'm still struggling to fully understand why. I think alot comes from the mentality that the US is such a world power house in global politics and economics and yet it is clear it doesn't have its own house I order.

    • Martha Krumboltz
      Martha Krumboltz 9 days ago

      There’s nothing wrong w/ those areas at all. This is exactly how politicians there envisaged it no rules @all. The more you do for them, the more they will allow. Chasing the tail

  • CCR
    CCR 12 days ago

    No wonder it cost so much to live up there damn! Cleaning, housing, resources…

  • Jessica Matthews
    Jessica Matthews 24 days ago

    You have to offer support to people who need it. If you shun them or push them out of sight it makes them give up hope. If you have no hope than one will do drugs so they do not have to be aware enough to feel so painfully alone and unwanted. All the messed up stuff going on all over the world is because we sold our compaction for selfishness.

  • Gees Vis
    Gees Vis 5 days ago

    In en in triest, zo'n rijk land.
    Wel miljoenen uitgeven aan wapens, maar niet deze mensen helpen.
    Er staan zoveel lege gebouwen waar ze in kunnen wonen, maar nee, ze moeten op straat blijven.
    Verschrikkelijk, geen woorden voor. 😢