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Inside The White House With President Joe Biden

  • Published on Dec 21, 2023
  • Today the 46th President of the United States Joseph R. Biden welcomes Architectural Digest to Washington, D.C. for a tour of the Oval Office and White House.
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Comments • 5K

  • @actionforanimals4862
    @actionforanimals4862 5 months ago +10421

    I get the feeling he'd show you around the entire White House if he had time.

    • @brentduanefoster
      @brentduanefoster 5 months ago +454

      Knowing Joe, he would've.

    • @MrDhandley
      @MrDhandley 5 months ago +456

      He is a breath of fresh air. What a nice guy.

    • @SageVibes444
      @SageVibes444 5 months ago +253

      For sure! Lovingly talkative Great-Uncle vibes

    • @radryan1431
      @radryan1431 5 months ago +125

      He on vacation most of the time so I would expect it

    • @Mallex
      @Mallex 5 months ago +36

      I don’t think he would because he physically isn’t capable every word he’s speaking is scripted

  • @carljs
    @carljs 4 months ago +1952

    "This moon rock... It's pretty cool"

  • @O5680
    @O5680 4 months ago +2856

    I must say I was expecting the comments to be worse than they are.

    • @JustinoAvila-bp2cu
      @JustinoAvila-bp2cu 3 months ago +92


    • @Bunuba
      @Bunuba 3 months ago +82

      bots liking specific comments, its very obvious

    • @spacechimp3199
      @spacechimp3199 3 months ago +64

      Although I don’t agree with his politics and I don’t think he’s fit to be president (although my opinion doesn’t matter as a Canadian) I do think he seems like a nice genuine guy. Even though he is a politician. It was cool of him to give the challenge coin to the cameraman. I don’t think that was scripted.

    • @Buildinup6
      @Buildinup6 3 months ago +42

      thats because youtube deletes them.

    • @baoquoc3710
      @baoquoc3710 3 months ago +1

      tbh, I tried to enjoy a video with just certain politician/president and just pretend like the comment section of "ooh this guy being goofy ahh xyz" simply just gibberish but I can't hold my temptation to open because of too much curiosity😂

  • @nebulouszen3336
    @nebulouszen3336 3 months ago +815

    I like how he didn't let them leave without getting a cool souvenir and a cookie

    • @wellokayyes1266
      @wellokayyes1266 Month ago +4

      That’s what mail-in presidents do best 🎖️

    • @Cavs1975
      @Cavs1975 25 days ago +2

      Lucky he didn’t offer them a line 😂

    • @heather.guitar3
      @heather.guitar3 3 days ago

      Hes destroying this country. Look at the facts… you can’t deny that

    • @yeshuahelper
      @yeshuahelper Hour ago

      nice to see sleepy Joe

  • @TonyaO2L
    @TonyaO2L 5 months ago +8779

    Politics aside, it's always nice to get a peak inside the White House.

    • @lw3269
      @lw3269 5 months ago +199


    • @user-ui8vu1ps7u
      @user-ui8vu1ps7u 5 months ago

      Not RUclips, Google and now it's the 1st
      Headliner,,,just checked it

    • @STSGuitar16
      @STSGuitar16 5 months ago +54

      Too bad we only got a grand and riveting tour of grandpa Joe’s family photos in the Oval Office.

    • @AlyssaMonetMason
      @AlyssaMonetMason 5 months ago +3


    • @justinchen207
      @justinchen207 5 months ago +7

      @@lw3269hahahaah was looking for this

  • @JohnElias1
    @JohnElias1 5 months ago +5563

    Politics aside ... you gotta admit that was a cool tour. So much history ...

    • @SteveJobIess
      @SteveJobIess 4 months ago +38

      And yet u bring politics into this

      @ELGATO.CHANNEL 4 months ago +32

      No, it wasn't... Seeing someone senile with so much power and so weak is worrying.

    • @giao2380
      @giao2380 4 months ago +2

      IF he was speaking the truth.

    • @lilsperm7635
      @lilsperm7635 4 months ago +3

      a lot of sus history

    • @Mr.SunnysideUP
      @Mr.SunnysideUP 4 months ago +4

      You gotta admit he doesn't have balls!

  • @BenJosephWorld
    @BenJosephWorld 4 months ago +2330

    lol hes like a grandpa when you come over. always giving you presents and sweets 😂

    • @thegreatid3595
      @thegreatid3595 3 months ago +114

      And then that grandpa starts to get racist at dinner and forget where he's at after.

    • @real-eyes-realise-real-lies
      @real-eyes-realise-real-lies 3 months ago +74

      ​@@thegreatid3595 don't forget after he's sniffed your hair.

    • @frensplace5576
      @frensplace5576 3 months ago +52

      Then trips down the stairs

    • @DonaldClause
      @DonaldClause 3 months ago

      Then getting to the hospital due to dementia

    • @aether491
      @aether491 3 months ago

      @@frensplace5576 then unfortunately dies.

  • @gaby5254
    @gaby5254 4 months ago +745

    The way he was excited that they named a street after him was somehow endearing.

    • @01hZ
      @01hZ 2 months ago +9

      i think his ambitions are for a city in ukraine to be named after him

  • @AustinMichaelDearing
    @AustinMichaelDearing 5 months ago +1561

    If he opened with "Yo MTV welcome to my crib" his approval rating would have shot up 30 points

  • @prestonjensen6172
    @prestonjensen6172 5 months ago +411

    the moon rock is the coolest part of this by FAR

    • @FastGuy1
      @FastGuy1 4 months ago +3

      I definitely agree on that

    • @xavierfranco5800
      @xavierfranco5800 4 months ago +3


    • @scottworley1479
      @scottworley1479 4 months ago +3

      That was the very reason I clicked on it.

    • @cleverusername9369
      @cleverusername9369 2 months ago +2

      I'm a big fan of the Resolute Desk but the moon rock is truly out of this world

    • @FastGuy1
      @FastGuy1 2 months ago +1

      @@cleverusername9369 I’m sure collectors would pay anything for that

  • @IJustFiguredThisOut
    @IJustFiguredThisOut 3 months ago +426

    I like how he referred to the Cabinet room as being cathedral like because the matters discussed in there have such enormous consequence. I've studied The White House a lot for over a decade now and I've never heard anyone put it quite like that.

    • @alihashemi1689
      @alihashemi1689 2 months ago

      Tell me a fact about the White House then

    • @prasanth2601
      @prasanth2601 2 months ago +9

      White House is white in colour 😂

    • @fisher_price
      @fisher_price 2 months ago +2

      Apparently you did not study hard enough the last decade

    • @alihashemi1689
      @alihashemi1689 2 months ago

      @@prasanth2601fair enough 😂

    • @tomjerry-qh3ou
      @tomjerry-qh3ou 2 months ago +1

      Historic religious activities are as important as US politics are now, so the venues of those acitivities share a common import. I think that might be his reasoning.

  • @shimo666
    @shimo666 3 months ago +166

    The grandson coming out underneath the desk is just GOLD

    • @derpeth2101
      @derpeth2101 Month ago +10

      @@simonesinead Not really, you're just making it weird.

    • @Tony_Soprano2
      @Tony_Soprano2 Month ago +8

      @@simonesineadso is Jack Kennedy weird? because his son did the exact same thing .

    • @sayantanmazumdar3
      @sayantanmazumdar3 24 days ago +1

      @@simonesinead You're weird.

    • @phillyskyguy9535
      @phillyskyguy9535 15 days ago

      ​@derpeth2101 lol it is weird! What type of president would need a door there. Hella fishy

    • @fkauthority
      @fkauthority 12 days ago

      I'm sure he spends a lot of time down there.

  • @TheChicagostyle1
    @TheChicagostyle1 4 months ago +1720

    I'm always surprised by how small and intimate the White House is compared to the enormity of the United States presidency.

    • @Karlach_
      @Karlach_ 4 months ago +1

      That was the point of it. The USA is founded upon revolution and the rejection of monarchies. When the White House was first built, it was built smaller and more humble looking on purpose to assure the people of the new nation that the president wasn't a king or a dictator.

    • @Ar1AnX1x
      @Ar1AnX1x 4 months ago +27

      after watching how the presidential Motorcade works, its way more intimidating that the actual white house

    • @far2kthoughts158
      @far2kthoughts158 3 months ago +54

      This is only a little portion of the White House.
      In reality, the place is absolutely massive with multiple stories and around 1,800 employees.

    • @user-ei2lm6us2e
      @user-ei2lm6us2e 3 months ago +5

      It was a large house for 1792...dah!

    • @gclip9883
      @gclip9883 3 months ago +3

      Interestingly, the White House that we usually think of (the white central building) isn't the main office space anymore. Connected to it on both sides are two more buildings where the president actually works and lives. That is also why there are two Oval offices. There is the original in the White House, and the new one in one of the buildings to the side (Which we saw in this video). The actual White House might be small, but the entire complex is huge.

  • @orcas99
    @orcas99 5 months ago +1122

    Did NOT expect this to be the next AD tour 💀

    • @alyssavlasich6834
      @alyssavlasich6834 4 months ago +13

      well I (an empath) did

    • @alphazero6571
      @alphazero6571 4 months ago +10

      i was waiting to him say follow me, this is my sarcophagus

    • @FxdeDawn
      @FxdeDawn 4 months ago +1


    • @navnitsahota2364
      @navnitsahota2364 4 months ago

      It's a political stunt... AD is selling out

    • @DunkYTP
      @DunkYTP 3 months ago +2

      ​@@alyssavlasich6834 that better be satire

  • @jonahmays
    @jonahmays 2 months ago +17

    Thanks guys for not ruining the comment section and simply appreciating the architecture

  • @JoyCliffe
    @JoyCliffe 3 months ago +79

    Wow, that was a really fascinating tour. As an Aussie, visiting the USA is on my bucket list of must see destinations. It was great to get a peek inside the WH.

    • @halashawa275
      @halashawa275 2 months ago +2


    • @JoyCliffe
      @JoyCliffe 2 months ago +18

      ​@@halashawa275Hey Hala, your channel looks pretty empty - just one useless comment within a whole year, which you posted here. I can't wait to see you post more comments, so that I can return the favour.

    • @alexandervylde1324
      @alexandervylde1324 10 days ago +1


    • @L9Sparklehorse
      @L9Sparklehorse 6 days ago

      @@JoyCliffe Bot Mate

    • @JoyCliffe
      @JoyCliffe 6 days ago

      So you're a "bot mate"? G'day bot mate. That's a new one - a bot with other bot mates. I don't know why you feel the need to out yourself like that though. You must belong to a bot fraternity!

  • @BC-bt7hu
    @BC-bt7hu 5 months ago +709

    This is the last house I expected to see on AD!! Well done!

    • @user-li7lh6wc9u
      @user-li7lh6wc9u 5 months ago

      Traitor Joe giving away more secrets

    • @TheLordOfNothing
      @TheLordOfNothing 5 months ago

      @@user-li7lh6wc9u Ok. Tell me one secret that could pose a national security threat he "exposed" that we didn't already know.

  • @AllenHanPR
    @AllenHanPR 4 months ago +1072

    I dont think I ever got to such a in depth look at the White House. This is quite a treat.

    • @SGN30
      @SGN30 3 months ago +1

      I've seen you so many times

  • @ginaryanbearfighter7065
    @ginaryanbearfighter7065 2 months ago +29

    ❤ Thank you Architectural Digest of making possible this dream of being inside the White House happen 😘

  • @equalityforall8418
    @equalityforall8418 3 months ago +24

    I just love President Biden's chuckle/laugh.
    It's so endearing:)

  • @michaelmcwhirter
    @michaelmcwhirter 4 months ago +121

    The cameraman casually getting coined and cookied by the President lol

  • @exxymusic
    @exxymusic 5 months ago +1412

    This is such a cool tour, AD! I didn’t realize that presidents can make many of their own personal and stylistic choices with the oval office. The other private rooms were interesting to see as well. 👏🇺🇸

    • @DoubleDTVx2
      @DoubleDTVx2 5 months ago +29

      Indeed, for instance, Trump's office was style with gold colors a lot. Super fascinating to see the office under each administration.

    • @lovingmayberry307
      @lovingmayberry307 5 months ago +14

      But it was all just Rub N Buff.

    • @HT-vd4in
      @HT-vd4in 4 months ago +2

      They sure love to spend their subordinates money.

    • @paulmapes7223
      @paulmapes7223 4 months ago +2

      He's not capable of making any decisions

    • @cardboardboxman6345
      @cardboardboxman6345 4 months ago

      @@paulmapes7223y’all can’t have it both ways

  • @lianasemel3414
    @lianasemel3414 3 months ago +128

    The respect he has for the Office of the President and the love he has for his family are some truly wonderful qualities. This was great

    • @trxpiin4727
      @trxpiin4727 2 months ago +9

      Yea because he's in-front of a camera... How ignorant will you people get?

    • @mrwong8584
      @mrwong8584 2 months ago


    • @Becky3392
      @Becky3392 Month ago +11

      I think he is pretty genuine. People might bad mouth him but you don't really know what it's like to have that kind of weight on your shoulders. Then to turn around and be welcoming

  • @kiaramurray832
    @kiaramurray832 2 months ago +12

    This has always been on my list of places to visit. I so love historical buildings. All the people who have been in that house. Amazing.

  • @mela914
    @mela914 5 months ago +1564

    Regardless of how one feels about this specific president, it was great to see this tour and get a sense of the space that the president is inhabiting.

  • @Novaisherestill
    @Novaisherestill 4 months ago +134

    This has the same vibe as showing your friends your dream house

  • @JohnnyRemigio
    @JohnnyRemigio Month ago +6

    So much history. Thank you, AD!

  • @adamluong8483
    @adamluong8483 3 months ago +53

    the white house itself looks like a museum

    • @shesh2265
      @shesh2265 2 months ago +2

      Id rather it look like a museum than a palace

  • @sphinxxx01
    @sphinxxx01 5 months ago +149

    "Im a subscriber, Im a frustrated architect" 😂😍❤️

  • @nigelbryant9900
    @nigelbryant9900 5 months ago +537

    Beautiful Oval Office. Very personalized. Like the RFK bust. Each Oval Office administration has there own style that reflects the occupant. Thank you for opening the doors of this famous space with grace and dignity. It's a rare thing these days

  • @runadamill
    @runadamill 3 months ago +16

    He should have jokingly said "Now, get off my lawn!" when closing the door at the end 😂

  • @annemiekvandorp4457
    @annemiekvandorp4457 2 months ago +60

    That was a very interesting tour, lead by a very sympathetic and civilised president. Here in Europe everybody hopes he will be re-elected.

    • @193ksp
      @193ksp Month ago +6

      lol, you have to be kidding

    • @annemiekvandorp4457
      @annemiekvandorp4457 Month ago +15

      @@193ksp You can laugh as long and as loud as you like, but if the Trumpet gets re-elected, the last laugh is on me. Ciao.

    • @FlashingFireGames
      @FlashingFireGames Month ago +7

      Thank goodness you Europeans can't vote here in America. This president has ruined our lives and everyday is a struggle under him.

    • @ryanalmazi6802
      @ryanalmazi6802 Month ago

      ​@@FlashingFireGames both sides are the same
      break the cycle capitalism was a mistake

    • @saintjabroni
      @saintjabroni Month ago +2


  • @DetectiveGesicht
    @DetectiveGesicht 5 months ago +136

    It was nice getting a sneak peek of rooms we don’t usually see on the White House tour! That JFK portrait is wonderful.

  • @ThePwig
    @ThePwig 5 months ago +325

    Definitely the first time I’ve ever seen the private office.

  • @user-tq1ky6ne7q
    @user-tq1ky6ne7q 2 months ago +2

    The piano has a wonderful sound in the background music!

  • @rosalynw.otieno1994
    @rosalynw.otieno1994 Month ago +6

    He’ll always be a Scranton guy. I love that!!

  • @bkdept
    @bkdept 5 months ago +343

    Wholesome, like grandpa giving out cookies

    • @old-schematic
      @old-schematic 4 months ago +29

      This one won't, but he'll give you a nice prolonged hug and a pat on the shoulder and a few places at the bottom as he likes to do

    • @j.w.wilson8267
      @j.w.wilson8267 4 months ago +20

      A slow brain grandpa to say the Least but corrupt and crooked enough to leave the grandkids enough money

    • @FastGuy1
      @FastGuy1 4 months ago +10

      That was heartwarming honestly

    • @saintjabroni
      @saintjabroni Month ago


    • @daniel-panek
      @daniel-panek 28 days ago

      ​@@j.w.wilson8267he's way better than the other guys by a long shot... We will never get along with radical fascies

  • @MannyMartinez413
    @MannyMartinez413 4 months ago +718

    This was AWESOME! Regardless of party, this would be incredible to see with future Presidents too!

    • @_blank-_
      @_blank-_ 4 months ago +13

      No, not in this type of scripted videos.

    • @BusterMSC1
      @BusterMSC1 4 months ago +3

      Like they would ever be fair enough to our last president to give him an interview like this. But- I don’t disagree with you. You are correct.

    • @kelconway5792
      @kelconway5792 4 months ago

      Awesome? They hardly showed anything cool.

    • @dererik9070
      @dererik9070 4 months ago +1

      Bro it diesnt matter what hes talking about its just cool to see it

    • @John-cj6pr
      @John-cj6pr 3 months ago +2

      Lmao yeah, awesome for YT people(regardless of party)… This foo promised us reparations and he pretending he on MTV cribs… nah ✋🏿 we ain’t havin it

  • @gregquinn7817
    @gregquinn7817 2 months ago +13

    Comes across much more personable here than he often does.

  • @johnteprice6484
    @johnteprice6484 3 months ago +18

    I like the Behind the scenes look into the White House and to be given to us by the President himself! And despite his age he definitely knew his stuff!

  • @christinabrown6632
    @christinabrown6632 5 months ago +342

    That was a fun little tour, I am a history buff and its nice to see the place where it happens.

    • @MrDougster37
      @MrDougster37 5 months ago +2

      Cheers, my friend!

    • @bug4459
      @bug4459 3 months ago +1

      the room where it happens???

    • @mberryfr
      @mberryfr Month ago

      Love history when it’s told like this

  • @L33tSkE3t
    @L33tSkE3t 4 months ago +91

    My Grandfather, who sadly passed in 2017 when i was 23, had that exact same 67’ Corvette. There’s a wonderful picture of me and all my cousins and our Grandfather sitting in that car and it’s a picture I cherish greatly.

  • @ninucamaisuradze4568
    @ninucamaisuradze4568 28 days ago +1

    Wow! I wasn't expecting to see the Potus in here. Impressive AD!

  • @stefanadolfspies
    @stefanadolfspies 3 months ago +2

    nice rug you have, really ties the room together. now what about assange?

  • @carmila6940
    @carmila6940 4 months ago +24

    He gives off warm grandfather vibes. This was a lovely tour

    • @FastGuy1
      @FastGuy1 4 months ago +3

      This was the one time I actually enjoyed watching him.

    • @sarahdee2287
      @sarahdee2287 Month ago

      Are you serious? He sold out our nation to China.

  • @alt9049
    @alt9049 5 months ago +753

    Great to see private areas normally off limits to the masses. I thought this was very well done.

    • @CC-hg9un
      @CC-hg9un 4 months ago +11

      I'll watch when a legitimately elected president gives the tour.

    • @DemonGirlGamer2024
      @DemonGirlGamer2024 4 months ago +5

      @@CC-hg9un i agree

    • @EASWeather
      @EASWeather 3 months ago +21

      @@CC-hg9unstill can’t get over it, huh 😂

    • @CC-hg9un
      @CC-hg9un 3 months ago +1

      @@EASWeather Get over what? Electoral fraud? No, I’ll never “get over”that, bozo.

    • @NemesisX94
      @NemesisX94 3 months ago

      ​@@EASWeatherThe election was 100% rigged, there's nothing to "get over".

  • @taimiseltaillier4952
    @taimiseltaillier4952 3 months ago +22

    Great tour, nice to see the personal touch of the office!

  • @user-us1ri3lq1i
    @user-us1ri3lq1i 2 months ago +2

    He's a tough guy to like with all that's said about him, but this was warm & endearing. Thanks AD!

  • @samanthavigor3085
    @samanthavigor3085 4 months ago +18

    As an english woman , i found this absolutely lovely , to see joe in his office and the surroundings as president , fantastic ! 😁

  • @commercio3564
    @commercio3564 5 months ago +50

    He seems a lot more likeable and coherent in this video. Captures that American spirit which has seemingly dwindled for years now.

    • @OrderOfTheDragan1429
      @OrderOfTheDragan1429 5 months ago +1


    • @ItsMe_Enoch
      @ItsMe_Enoch 5 months ago +2


    • @wlpxx7
      @wlpxx7 5 months ago

      @@ItsMe_Enoch did you listen to the video? I didnt really hear anything either

    • @G0ddEityawesome
      @G0ddEityawesome 5 months ago +2

      That’s the whole point of the video lol. He wants to fool you and why do you think this is showing when his poll numbers are at the lowest?

    • @G0ddEityawesome
      @G0ddEityawesome 5 months ago

      You are so gullible sigh

  • @inbox4
    @inbox4 4 months ago +22

    He really said fr😭😭
    Fr fr

  • @All_Things_Strange
    @All_Things_Strange 3 months ago +4

    Completely excluding politics i have no idea why but this was almost a nice calming watch i kinda enjoyed this fun little video

  • @ondrey95
    @ondrey95 5 months ago +57

    The cinematography is amazing as always.

  • @khaledadams4329
    @khaledadams4329 5 months ago +43

    I really enjoy these AD videos. This one was special, thank you.

  • @wesleyh1992
    @wesleyh1992 2 months ago +1

    It is interesting seeing how he has the oval office in the cabinet room and the private area of the oval office set up. I always enjoy seeing how each president decorates the area of the wide House.

  • @cocoaswann2095
    @cocoaswann2095 5 months ago +51

    Thanks for this AD and Mr. President!

  • @namvoba5897
    @namvoba5897 4 months ago +98

    I want every apolitical videos’ comment sections to be like this… i absolutely love the apolitical vibe in here ppl!!!!!

  • @mikelindellspillow2609
    @mikelindellspillow2609 2 months ago +3

    "Let me show you my personal ice cream stash under the desk."

  • @josecorrea8038
    @josecorrea8038 5 months ago +314

    An excellent special! Having potus be the one giving the tour and making it personal was a special experience for viewers. Great job!👏

  • @vasiovasio
    @vasiovasio 4 months ago +56

    Thank you Architectural Digest for this special Inside!

  • @jesusridingabike
    @jesusridingabike Month ago +4

    This might have made me like Joe more than any campaign ad he’s ever done

  • @SuperBeth1001
    @SuperBeth1001 2 months ago +1

    But the question is, does the desk have a secret compartment that will help lead us to the City of Gold? 😅😅😅

  • @joependleton6293
    @joependleton6293 5 months ago +42

    All the best & seasons greetings Mr. President.

  • @zcorpalpha2462
    @zcorpalpha2462 5 months ago +100

    Yes, I’m Republican.
    Willing to put that to the side to show respect to the Office of the President of the United States 🇺🇸
    Very nice tour

    • @jerrywatson1958
      @jerrywatson1958 5 months ago +16

      @zcorpalpha2462 As a lifelong Democrat I can agree with you on that. Just to add Reagan also did show the same kind of respect for the office when he gave his tours. We don't have to agree on EVERY POLICY to show mutual respect I think. I don't agree with all policies of ANY President, but that's life. Did you notice Joe gave the crew some of his homemade cookies? Sharing is caring in my book! Merry Christmas to you and your's.

    • @leedart
      @leedart 5 months ago +5

      Thank you for the reality check.

      @CIA-CYBER-CRIME-DIVISION 4 months ago

      @@jerrywatson1958 wish you were here next to me i miss you 😀😀

  • @lisa-el3db
    @lisa-el3db 11 days ago +4

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