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Scottie Scheffler's WINNING Masters round

  • Published on Apr 13, 2024
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    Watch Scottie Scheffler's final round at The 2024 Masters which saw him claim his second Green Jacket.
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Comments • 85

  • @vincentrosica
    @vincentrosica Month ago +45

    Whoever put this together, thank you. Straight to the point video.

  • @redmosquito771
    @redmosquito771 Month ago +36

    He’s on a freaking roll this year

  • @mikek2337
    @mikek2337 Month ago +22

    He hits it straight mile long and has a great short game. He’s going hard to be very hard to beat for a while.

    • @marklipson
      @marklipson Month ago +1

      Yeah, I just can't quite figure out why he's that much better than everybody else out there the last three years...I know he's long, I know he's got great mid-iron play and a simple-but-flawless short game (now that he's got his putting sorted out). He's strong and durable. And he's so consistent, steady and cool-headed under pressure. So he's got the complete game...
      But I also just described about 2/3 of the top golfers on just about every pro tour on the planet..So what heck is he doing? Because he sure makes it LOOK easy -- so natural, comfortable and easy, it almost looks boring!
      (BTW, at first I thought it had something to do with his length and power: bomb it out there 320, flick a 6- or 7-iron into the pin close, and roll it smooth. I figured his "superpower" was how high he hoists shots, especially his wedges...but, again, that's the same as just about everybody these days. I'm a bit perplexed at how he has separated himself from the rest of world...)

    • @bobgriffith1810
      @bobgriffith1810 Month ago +2

      The operative word is consistent,, he simply wears out the competition.

    • @Golflegend410
      @Golflegend410 Month ago +2

      @@marklipsonHis short game is consistently better than 95% of the pros out there. That is why he’s one of the best

  • @georgesealy4706
    @georgesealy4706 Month ago +12

    Scottie hits precision iron shots. Right now, nobody is better than he is.

    • @rizz5689
      @rizz5689 Month ago

      im better

    • @justingarcia3169
      @justingarcia3169 Month ago

      Crazy how close he gets it with the irons. He can be last in putting, those iron/wedge approaches will keep him in The lead every time.

    • @georgesealy4706
      @georgesealy4706 Month ago +1

      @@rizz5689 Then prove it. Go be a professional and win the Masters. Talk is cheap.

    • @rizz5689
      @rizz5689 Month ago +1

      @@georgesealy4706 how about give me a real challenge

  • @ceddys_heatsneakerz
    @ceddys_heatsneakerz Month ago +2

    That lil run was magical watching him secure the green jacket

  • @Saassassin2345
    @Saassassin2345 Month ago +9

    Simply too good!!!

  • @t99155
    @t99155 Month ago +4

    Good for Scottie 💯🔥

  • @swenpintat7331
    @swenpintat7331 Month ago +5

    Ludwig aberg !! 🎉great

  • @Golflegend410
    @Golflegend410 Month ago

    That short game is incredible. Those who play this game understand. This was great to watch. Congratulations Scottie!

  • @minsungkang4791
    @minsungkang4791 Month ago +3

    dude is insane

  • @user-ee3sx3vw4v
    @user-ee3sx3vw4v Month ago

    That wedge shot on #9....what a camera shot

  • @gregturk2824
    @gregturk2824 24 days ago

    I was there, and it was great.

  • @kjw7556
    @kjw7556 Month ago

    My favourite Golfer.

  • @Gin-mz5wo
    @Gin-mz5wo Month ago +3

    Low energy from the crowd for someone who won the Masters

  • @mjphoto45
    @mjphoto45 Month ago +1

    Well deserved

  • @patrickbrennan8193

    you've got the iconic 'return to glory' vs 'two out of three ain't bad'. Ah.

  • @makke_
    @makke_ Month ago

    Åberg first major… well done young fella!

  • @user-mg7cn4fi4z
    @user-mg7cn4fi4z Month ago +4

    Oh...Scotty is winning against a watered down field. LIV guys aren't here.. earlier this year... now.. Beat all challengers, Bryson,Brooks,Phil,Reed, keep going.. PGA still got that ASS

    • @CLin-fb9yd
      @CLin-fb9yd Month ago

      Exactly, frim my view, LIV players are just a group of people in comfortable zones for too long to play golf, even the young Aberg is kicking LIV ass

  • @rogerlrader
    @rogerlrader Month ago +2

    Scottie is not playing the perfect golf swing like most of the other top players. He is just trying to get the ball in the hole. I think all the swing technology is hurting the players when it's crunch time.. It's hard to be perfect with every swing.

  • @pablomunoz84
    @pablomunoz84 Month ago +1


  • @firstborn_Again
    @firstborn_Again Month ago

    Sheffeler ran away with it

  • @hangingwithmatty9465

    First!! Go Scheff-y!!

  • @patriot-dv6dh
    @patriot-dv6dh Month ago +1

    Man, Tiger “I have a chance” Woods was so close!

  • @thetruthfornow6045
    @thetruthfornow6045 Month ago +1

    He will never catch Tiger and Jack. He might catch Trevino Watson and Mickelson if he continues playing well. Wins in majors.

    • @Golflegend410
      @Golflegend410 Month ago

      You’re probably right, but just congratulate the guy. Sheesh

    • @teds7142
      @teds7142 Month ago

      We will see how he plays after starting a family!! Jack did amazingly well all along crediting his wife as a "major asset"in raising the 5 kids. Woods? Not so well and his play at the Masters made him look well past his prime.

    • @thetruthfornow6045
      @thetruthfornow6045 Month ago

      @@teds7142 good point. A good wife is a real asset. A bad wife will want him to go to the LIV for the guaranteed big bucks the moment he has a slump.

    • @russellhixson1692
      @russellhixson1692 Month ago

      Tiger and Jack ? I think you meant Jack I’m pretty sure the other mentioned isn’t tied and also will never catch Jack. Great tournament Scottie won and the player with the least morals and character came in last.

    • @thetruthfornow6045
      @thetruthfornow6045 Month ago

      @@russellhixson1692 I do not think he will catch Tiger at 15 majors either. Jack is totally out of the question.

  • @user-cw3sf1rs2g
    @user-cw3sf1rs2g Month ago

    さすが世界ランキング1位!🎉 今年はスコッティシャフレの年なのかもね?😅

  • @Zz-lm1no
    @Zz-lm1no Month ago +1

    Great stuff Scottie....
    The patience and peace of ✝️ is definitely shining through you.
    In a sport that is divided you glorify God with your talent that he gave you to a world where most don't know him,don't want to know him...yet he is still in control.
    The peace of God is much greater than the human mind can understand.
    This peace will keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
    Philippians 4:7
    So evident in your play
    Believe in Jesus.

  • @ferny6509
    @ferny6509 Month ago

    pGa wins baby

  • @jep1912
    @jep1912 Month ago +1

    a good walk... runied.

  • @aboukirman3508
    @aboukirman3508 Month ago

    So glad a LIV golfer didn't win it!!!😂

  • @t-virusterrance4734

    Hello, Humans
    The spice of the world is too strong for most humans to deal with.

  • @kevinb9830
    @kevinb9830 Month ago +3

    Yea unfortunately this was all a bit predictable and robotic. You have to admire his mental strength and consistency but it was a real bore that last day.

    • @TheGoodGadfly
      @TheGoodGadfly Month ago

      I bet your game (if you play at all) is anything but boring!

    • @kyleconnor2759
      @kyleconnor2759 Month ago +5

      For real golf fans it was amazing. If you can’t appreciate what you just witnessed, maybe watch another sport.

    • @kevinb9830
      @kevinb9830 Month ago

      @@kyleconnor2759 Well firstly, I'll do as I please. Secondly, I paid tribute to the man, I just said it wasn't a spectacle. And it wasn't. There's no need to get upset.

    • @kevinb9830
      @kevinb9830 Month ago

      @@TheGoodGadfly Irrelevant.

    • @TheGoodGadfly
      @TheGoodGadfly Month ago

      @@kevinb9830 To the contrary, I think. I’m pretty sure if you actually knew what you were looking at you would not conclude that it was boring. I could only imagine your analysis of the likes of Hogan! 😂

  • @jeffreytan-yf6qt
    @jeffreytan-yf6qt Month ago

    Well deserved Scottie.

  • @BobbyWombat1234
    @BobbyWombat1234 Month ago

    RUclips, how do I permanently BLOCK this SPORTING CRAP?

  • @leeleonghui8300
    @leeleonghui8300 Month ago

    Commentary is so bad

  • @pilgrimpassingthrough2228

    I guess the 4th Commandment does not fit into professional sports, be it golf, baseball, football, basketball, hockey etc!
    "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
    Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:
    But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates"
    How does one glorify God when they openly before millions break the Sabbath of the Lord!

  • @AlastairBarker
    @AlastairBarker Month ago +1


  • @GWills-ys6rd
    @GWills-ys6rd Month ago +1

    Hopelessly boring with terrible presenters.

    • @stevenwright8388
      @stevenwright8388 Month ago +1

      I agree Wills, the commentary was incipid! Also, as was schefflers interaction with spectators...... nothing!

    • @thetruthfornow6045
      @thetruthfornow6045 Month ago +1

      ​@@stevenwright8388 This is golf not pro wrestling. Still far better than the tiger fan boy roars.

    • @GWills-ys6rd
      @GWills-ys6rd Month ago

      @@stevenwright8388 I agree, The Majors seem to be in as much trouble as the legacy tours in terms of engagement.

  • @JB-ig5pk
    @JB-ig5pk Month ago

    That sucks sooo bad!!!
    Hate that Scottie won again
    Worst masters in a long time 👎🏼

    • @kjw7556
      @kjw7556 Month ago

      Why ? I’m new to golf ,I watched it all I thought it was great.

  • @BobbyWombat1234
    @BobbyWombat1234 Month ago

    RUclips, how do I permanently BLOCK this SPORTING CRAP?

  • @BobbyWombat1234
    @BobbyWombat1234 Month ago

    RUclips, how do I permanently BLOCK this SPORTING CRAP?

  • @BobbyWombat1234
    @BobbyWombat1234 Month ago

    RUclips, how do I permanently BLOCK this SPORTING CRAP?