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Bryson DeChambeau's First Round | Every Single Shot | The Masters

  • Published on Apr 10, 2024
  • Every single shot from Bryson DeChambeau's first round. #themasters
    Since 1934, the Masters Tournament has been home to some of golf’s greatest moments. Amidst blooming azaleas, towering pines and flowering dogwoods, the first full week of April ushers in a stage unique to golf and to sport. Over four days and 72 holes, the smallest field in major championship golf competes for a chance to capture the Green Jacket and a place in Masters history.
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Comments • 569

  • @greatdane2609
    @greatdane2609 Month ago +782

    Not having to hear "Get in the hole!" after every shot is genuinely refreshing.

    • @wolfcatwithagun
      @wolfcatwithagun Month ago +4


    • @novaxdjokovic9592
      @novaxdjokovic9592 Month ago +3


    • @gloworms
      @gloworms Month ago +31

      The fans are the worst thing about golf

    • @Alex-rl2mk
      @Alex-rl2mk Month ago +5

      Was it coincidence or is there rules about shouting?

    • @bwalsh1105
      @bwalsh1105 Month ago +32

      @@Alex-rl2mk there are very strict guidelines for patrons regarding behavior at the masters.

  • @dhayalan86
    @dhayalan86 Month ago +460

    I am routing Dechambeu to win because he is helping so many RUclips golfers and he is definitely out there and helping budding golfers

  • @DogNamedNicolas
    @DogNamedNicolas Month ago +414

    I think the sheer activity in uploading RUclips content for his fan base and under the scrutiny of thousands watching his videos have helped him become composed in golf’s biggest stage. His shot selection and level of confidence at the Masters make it seem like he’s recording another video for his channel.

    • @theuncannykid333
      @theuncannykid333 Month ago +25

      I agree. Those break 50 matches he’s been doing has been great practice shaving strokes..

    • @wbbwtfo
      @wbbwtfo Month ago +5

      I think the aggressive style of play he does all the time on youtube with various guests really played into the conditions today. The damp receptive greens really allowed him to pound away rather carefree today.

    • @michaeldellorso889
      @michaeldellorso889 Month ago +10

      Bryson’s been a top player for years, but RUclips has definitely helped his reputation

    • @neilvaughan6675
      @neilvaughan6675 Month ago +1

      Yea I thought the same. I love his game. He makes it look simple

    • @wheresmyhandle
      @wheresmyhandle Month ago

      Bryson is the fuggin man

  • @IBS0C0L
    @IBS0C0L Month ago +746

    really seems like he left some shots out there and still shot -7. he's gonna be dangerous this weekend.

    • @gregorylu
      @gregorylu Month ago +59

      i think the opposite. made a few putts you wouldnt expect to make like 17, and iron play was well above average. Think hes a top contender to Scottie but honestly wouldnt be surprised to see him only shoot like E or -1 tomorrow.

    • @jordenwright957
      @jordenwright957 Month ago +17

      Left heaps of shots out there he will be dialled in tomorrow

    • @Slimcone
      @Slimcone Month ago +25

      Theyre going to need a bigger green jacket

    • @golfnut2965
      @golfnut2965 Month ago +5

      He's been fairly strong on Sundays. He can go real low.

    • @glassjar7814
      @glassjar7814 Month ago +3

      I was thinking the same thing watching this. The greens aren’t rolling how they probably were earlier in the week. He will adjust for tomorrow or break. This is Augusta we are talking about. It’s brutal

  • @bartholomewa9294
    @bartholomewa9294 Month ago +492

    A score tracker (relative to par) on the screen would be super helpful

  • @johnanthony6092
    @johnanthony6092 Month ago +21

    Since I started watching Bryson's RUclips channel I feel like I'm getting to know a really decent guy. I am so rooting for him in the Masters this year.

  • @CFI963
    @CFI963 Month ago +113

    Thank you The Masters for posting this, so nice to watch.

  • @Bang_19yuji
    @Bang_19yuji Month ago +106

    GO Bryson... Time to get your first green jacket!!!

  • @FrankNstyn
    @FrankNstyn Month ago +6

    No commentary and no crowd shouts of ‘get in the hole!’ What a joy 🤗

  • @darren360elite
    @darren360elite Month ago +10

    Bryson has been great for golf....he's turned out to be my favorite pro golfer

  • @jolly_roger2
    @jolly_roger2 Month ago +9

    That 2nd shot into the 15th green was the shot of the day. What a sick shot, amazing. Wonderful round Bryson!

  • @mvtaylor25
    @mvtaylor25 Month ago +53

    What a cool way to watch a player's round. Compacted.. Very nice.

  • @kosmohs
    @kosmohs Month ago +24

    88th is shaping up to be something unforgettable! Can't wait for the next 3 rounds

  • @barryc121
    @barryc121 Month ago +35

    The guy is so fun to watch and his you tube channel trying to break 50 is very fun to watch as well

  • @sylvandude1
    @sylvandude1 Month ago +25

    He is so positive, polite, excited, passionate, if he would have been on the Ryder cup the US may have won. Pick the best American team possible regardless of what tour you play.

  • @V1ciousR
    @V1ciousR Month ago +4

    He is a man of the people, remains down to earth and very enthousiastic about golf and growing the game. He truly is a breath of fresh air and just what the game needs. It's a shame he has been misunderstood for too long, but he found his way!

  • @jacobester1931
    @jacobester1931 Month ago +5

    I'm loving the Crushers hat at The Masters!

  • @mulac047
    @mulac047 Month ago +4

    Loved the thumbs up to his team by wearing his Crushers hat and tee.

  • @alexmoore1438
    @alexmoore1438 Month ago +170

    Brooksie is punching the air right now

    • @papamurphsturf2901
      @papamurphsturf2901 Month ago

      I'm sure he's doing fine with his millions from liv you shmuck

    • @marshallhilliard3207
      @marshallhilliard3207 Month ago +3

      I’m punching air for putting money on brooksie

    • @cpcjefe
      @cpcjefe Month ago +6

      @@marshallhilliard3207after his horrid performance on his last outing on liv you shoulda known brooks isnt having is stuff rn

    • @welcomebackpotter722
      @welcomebackpotter722 Month ago +1

      Don't think Brooks is too worried I mean its 5-1 in major wins

    • @johnsmith42688
      @johnsmith42688 Month ago +2

      ​@@cpcjefe brooks always has horrid performances in non majors...but you clearly don't watch golf so

  • @SteveHuckle
    @SteveHuckle Month ago +3

    What a player - go Bryson!

  • @drumzmagoo
    @drumzmagoo Month ago +7

    I’ve honestly watched him the most because how much he plays on RUclips.

  • @stewmerdian6890
    @stewmerdian6890 Month ago +11

    A complete MASTERSclass from Bryson today

    • @metalheads-golf
      @metalheads-golf Month ago +1

      I'm hoping he can repeat this throughout the tournament. 💪🏻😎🤘🏻

  • @BrianMartin-ex3ur
    @BrianMartin-ex3ur Month ago +40

    Great round to watch.

  • @avy2084
    @avy2084 Month ago +7

    2nd shot on 15 was absolutely ridiculous

  • @likefork
    @likefork Month ago +35

    3:09 , was nice to hear someone finally shout FORE on an approach…still missed the gallery by abt 20 feet but shows character

    • @brandonrab
      @brandonrab Month ago +1

      lol I think it was Bryson saying fore

    • @anilvirginia
      @anilvirginia Month ago +2

      Character and Bryson have not collided in a sentence in about 2 years unless it was to describe his lack of it.

    • @SethMacLeod95
      @SethMacLeod95 Month ago +3

      @@brandonrabexactly what he’s saying. Bryson was concerned for them

    • @kolerogers29
      @kolerogers29 Month ago +5

      @@anilvirginia you don’t really know Bryson then. Watch one singular video of his and tell me that he doesn’t have character

    • @igrand6473
      @igrand6473 Month ago

      @@anilvirginia watch his RUclips channel, he is very likeable.

  • @Thehorsepesterer
    @Thehorsepesterer Month ago +7

    Paige's lessons have really helped !

  • @vertstang123
    @vertstang123 Month ago +3

    I hope he can see it through to a win, he's one of my favorite players. He's not an emotionless robot like so many players now days.

  • @PNW_Sportbike_Life
    @PNW_Sportbike_Life Month ago +2

    Bryson and the Masters = class!

  • @voltrk4707
    @voltrk4707 Month ago +26

    Shot tracer, Hole strokes, Player scoring are missing.. masters broadcast has to make a serious upgrade from old school.. their app has superb technology.. dont know why their broadcast content is sub-par

    • @laronda10
      @laronda10 Month ago

      For real like that app is genuinely a very well made app too.

    • @NMC2018
      @NMC2018 Month ago +1

      I agree, however you can’t deny the rest of their coverage (instagram etc) is the best in the world by far of any tournament

    • @CalebFrow
      @CalebFrow Month ago

      Minimal audio editing as well, feels like this was really chucked together

  • @donquias903
    @donquias903 Month ago +8

    Masters always creates the best viewer experience

  • @ryankaut
    @ryankaut Month ago +1

    THANK YOU! This is amazing

  • @leebrook9169
    @leebrook9169 Month ago

    No one enjoys golf more than Bryson! Get that W Bryson.💪

  • @markgoulding5333
    @markgoulding5333 Month ago +1

    Been following you for years Bryson. I remember the Covid days. So great to see this. Delighted to watch and routing for you from Ireland 🇮🇪 let’s go, win this.

  • @Alan1michel
    @Alan1michel Month ago +2

    Thanks for uploading it! Go Bryson!!!

  • @TomBedlammusic
    @TomBedlammusic Month ago +1

    Awesome round of golf. Great scrambling! Looking forward to the weekend

  • @Devin69695
    @Devin69695 Month ago +2

    lets go bryson u got this

  • @kfcdonegal
    @kfcdonegal Month ago +2

    So many amazing golf shots. Go Bryson.

  • @nicozumarraga4410
    @nicozumarraga4410 Month ago +1

    Amazed at the high quality of content The Masters are creating as well as the quickness!! The app is amazing too

  • @vanc8288
    @vanc8288 Month ago +3

    Excited to see how he does on the weekend!

  • @baylorgreen4942
    @baylorgreen4942 Month ago +12

    Crazy round

  • @bestthinger
    @bestthinger Month ago +1

    Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.

  • @wernercollins1319
    @wernercollins1319 Month ago +1

    i love these videos of one players round. Keep them coming

  • @foxtrot789
    @foxtrot789 Month ago +3

    Bryson gets my full support... he's become such a genuine joy to follow.

  • @eggy5002
    @eggy5002 Month ago +4

    And where did Zach Johnson finish? T75... Still can't believe Bryson wasn't included in the Ryder Cup team.

  • @plebian44
    @plebian44 Month ago +1

    That was a statement. Love the Masters.

  • @albertfebry
    @albertfebry Month ago +1

    GOOOOO BRYSON !!! I'm rooting for you

  • @lyndelf
    @lyndelf Month ago

    WTG Bryson, so happy for you!! Now finish them off and get your green jacket, you deserve to have one too!

  • @midgolfer999
    @midgolfer999 Month ago +1

    This guy is locked in man do it for the people since your always being for the people Bryson!

  • @jadesmith6823
    @jadesmith6823 Month ago

    And left a few out there ... 😳 On fire 🔥 big boy!!!! Let's go!!!!

  • @treyozee2685
    @treyozee2685 Month ago +3

    Let's go bryson!!

  • @TonyToning-ne7uq
    @TonyToning-ne7uq Month ago +1

    Awsum!!! rooting for ya BD!!!

  • @MediaLieDetector
    @MediaLieDetector Month ago +1

    Only 2 golfers competing this year?
    Wow! Times are tough!

  • @halecj1
    @halecj1 Month ago

    I love Bryson's approach to the game. Great round!

  • @bigshot_blake98
    @bigshot_blake98 Month ago

    What a day of golf!

  • @Pud56
    @Pud56 Month ago +1

    I like LIV and certainly enjoy Bryson’s YT stuff, opens up the thought process behind his style. He seemed brash, but actually he’s the opposite, thoughtful and considered. He clearly loves the game and is just trying to grow it. Let’s hope he can continue this play for four rounds, that’s a tough ask.

  • @manjul707
    @manjul707 Month ago

    Bryson is the BEST! He is the nicest PRO and gives so much back to the community. His humility is exemplary even though he is a top level golfer. We love you Bryson and you deserve to win the Masters!

  • @1cleandude
    @1cleandude Month ago +1

    Thanks for posting this because it’s the only way I get to see any of the tournaments! Cable and subscriptions are too expensive and I only have RUclips for highlights! Thanks again!🙏🙏🙏

    • @Reportedd
      @Reportedd Month ago +3

      you can watch it for free on the masters website

    • @tomasdevine7756
      @tomasdevine7756 Month ago

      @Reportedd I didn't know this thanks will have a try to find it.

    • @adorestatue4612
      @adorestatue4612 Month ago +1

      you can’t watch the full broadcast on the masters website but you can watch individual shots of each player

    • @autokrft
      @autokrft Month ago

      @@Reportedd the masters website is garbage

  • @meistereder2146
    @meistereder2146 Month ago

    lets go Bryson! This year is yours!!!

  • @hotilyer
    @hotilyer Month ago +1

    Get it done Bryson 🔥🔥🔥

  • @philipcarthy2977
    @philipcarthy2977 Month ago

    World class

  • @jez443
    @jez443 Month ago

    I hope Bryson gets his first green jacket. I love his RUclips videos and he just seems like an all around solid guy who loves golf. His ability to smash a driver the way he does while having the distance control and touch with irons and short game is really impressive.

  • @donsaderfield83
    @donsaderfield83 Month ago +2

    He looks awesome. Keep it going Brys.

  • @youhen01
    @youhen01 Month ago

    What a great round.

  • @DylanJamesGolf
    @DylanJamesGolf Month ago

    Let’s go Bryson!

  • @runningmymouth34
    @runningmymouth34 Month ago

    The number of really challenging par saves he makes in this round is superb, consistently getting himself out of trouble without dropping shots. Frightening to think what he'll hit if it all comes together this weekend.

  • @PaulFurber
    @PaulFurber Month ago

    Solid round by Bryson. Another two of those and he could have a nice buffer on Sunday.

  • @P4ddyC4ke
    @P4ddyC4ke Month ago

    That second shot on #15 was fire!!!

  • @abevillanueva1974
    @abevillanueva1974 Month ago +2

    🤙Terrific start

  • @jaedonthompson2219

    There was several shots that weren’t great, but each recovery shot was brilliant. Missing greens, but hitting flawless chips shots and sinking the putts.
    He really made it look easy!

  • @34SideWinder
    @34SideWinder Month ago

    Crazy up and downs and that putter got so hot. Really impressive round of golf for actually not striping it tee to green.

  • @johnpaton8047
    @johnpaton8047 Month ago +1

    Well done.

  • @precisionstudioarquitectos5245

    impecable, este hombre es casi inhumano, es muy bueno!

  • @LKimuraC
    @LKimuraC Month ago +1

    It’s like watching another break 50 series of his channel

  • @CorekBleedingHollow
    @CorekBleedingHollow Month ago +1

    8:18 what a shot, and a fun high five.

  • @elliottshear966
    @elliottshear966 Month ago +3

    “Oh My Lanta” after the 13the tee 😂

  • @Edward-np4ih
    @Edward-np4ih Month ago +6

    It was so disappointing that the Masters Open live did not show too much of BD's golf game.

    • @trevoradams7225
      @trevoradams7225 Month ago +2

      They probably won't give Liv players as much time on screen as PGA players

    • @EricEmanVidsCoval
      @EricEmanVidsCoval Month ago

      @@trevoradams7225Rahm and DJ both had a feature group stream on ESPN. BD was just early today and they dont have the main broadcast till later in the day

  • @mattjns
    @mattjns Month ago

    Hole par & score relative to par in addition would be great.
    I love this “every shot” format though. Awesome.

  • @ChickenTendies888
    @ChickenTendies888 Month ago

    Primed for this event... let's go Bryson!

  • @TheThomaskaplan6
    @TheThomaskaplan6 Month ago +2

    Oh my lanta!!

  • @GWills-ys6rd
    @GWills-ys6rd Month ago

    Absolutely stunning golf, Bryson can win this, no question.

  • @mostdeadlygeist
    @mostdeadlygeist Month ago

    he was my wildcard pick for masters fantasy! i want bryson in that green jacket!!!

  • @boozy1
    @boozy1 Month ago

    This guy Bryson is dialed 25/8, can’t wait to see who puts on the jacket in the end. Love this Major and the history!

  • @ProXyFullBack
    @ProXyFullBack Month ago

    Brysons short game is unreal.

  • @justingreen4450
    @justingreen4450 Month ago +2

    Let's go Rain Man!!

  • @mattyjay8896
    @mattyjay8896 Month ago +18

    1:00 what a shot!🤯

  • @cbisjr
    @cbisjr Month ago

    Wasnt his best stat round but he kept himself in the game with all those saves for Par and his putter came alive at the right times! Well done BD!

  • @gyrogerg
    @gyrogerg Month ago

    Impressive putting! I watched from hole 14 yesterday and I didn't realize he started with 3 birdies

  • @AquariumFun-sy2jt
    @AquariumFun-sy2jt Month ago

    Great round. It seemed like he could have taken it even lower. I can't wait to see Bryson over the next three days!

  • @adamutuber
    @adamutuber Month ago +1

    Would be so fitting for a LIV player to win the Masters!

  • @papasquat355
    @papasquat355 Month ago

    Let's go Bryson. I was hoping for Harman, but his wheels have come off.

  • @cuurley
    @cuurley Month ago

    It’s gonna be another amazing break for unconventional golf swings if he wins the masters. I’m all for it! Go Bryson!

  • @robbieknepp6419
    @robbieknepp6419 Month ago

    How impressive were his birdies on #12 & 13?!?! Guy can play absolutely lights out when he’s putting well, excited to see what he can do this weekend

  • @samuelandrewclark4564

    Thanks for the video, Would be great to see yardage and par for each hole and final scorecard. Helps us older geeks out know what we're watching!

  • @matthiaspucklitzsch449

    Starke Leistung!

  • @liosman174
    @liosman174 Month ago

    go bryson...❤❤❤❤

  • @marshallhosel1247
    @marshallhosel1247 Month ago

    Classy event

  • @teakanji9864
    @teakanji9864 Month ago +3

    Lessgo Bryson

  • @baxerzz
    @baxerzz Month ago


  • @thegolfingmusician6345

    This guy gets a load of garbage dumped on him and the truth is he’s a stand up guy. His channel on RUclips is one of the best. He loves to teach and explain his very fascinating approach to this game.
    Pulling for B Dawg to win this Sunday.

  • @johndavis2653
    @johndavis2653 Month ago