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Is Solo Sikoa The New Tribal Chief?! | WWE SmackDown Highlights 4/12/24 | WWE on USA

  • Published on Apr 11, 2024
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  • @derrickmehok9465
    @derrickmehok9465 Month ago +3261

    "Losing has consequences." -The guy with an 8 month long losing streak😂

  • @IsaiahWayne2104
    @IsaiahWayne2104 Month ago +2544

    Roman: *loses at Wrestlemania*
    Solo Sikoa: Finally, I'm free!

    • @M._mkid
      @M._mkid Month ago +107

      Hopefully Solo can redeem himself and end the losing streak. They definitely will win the smackdown tag titles from A TOWN down under

    • @grimreaper5864
      @grimreaper5864 Month ago +32

      Roman reigns loss everything lol

    • @TheBernardPipes
      @TheBernardPipes Month ago +4


    • @joeyfring
      @joeyfring Month ago +31

      He can finally sing the national anthem

    • @RobertoX98
      @RobertoX98 Month ago +29

      @@joeyfring Solo will do it for The Rock. He will do it for the people.

  • @Legio__X
    @Legio__X Month ago +158

    Paul Heyman is the 🐐 at what he does.
    No one comes close. Every line, every facial expression is unparalleled in the history of the WWE. He makes every promo he’s in remarkable. What a legend

    • @scottibugati
      @scottibugati Month ago +6

      Lol I can’t get enough of Paul Heyman. Everything he does is gold.

    • @1craley878
      @1craley878 Month ago +4

      He's better at promo's than Roman and I think that is why he is with him.

    • @dwaynewright9981
      @dwaynewright9981 Month ago +2

      He keeps it interesting.

    • @freddiemontanez8461
      @freddiemontanez8461 Month ago +2

      Paul Heyman is a good actor. The best manager in wrestling.

    • @CAOVCorp2
      @CAOVCorp2 25 days ago

      Zip it up when ur done with the glazing 🙏

  • @skorpiosavage9818
    @skorpiosavage9818 Month ago +890

    Solo yelling at Roman to finish cody at wm was a hint

    • @caramelpop9427
      @caramelpop9427 Month ago +62

      You're right

    • @user-xn3yq7hj2r
      @user-xn3yq7hj2r Month ago +12

      I thought it was the red phone 📱

    • @Maliphresh
      @Maliphresh Month ago +2


    • @heyyou9693
      @heyyou9693 Month ago +37

      I thought Solo seemed off when he helped Roman at WrestleMania. Almost upset, or mad, at Roman.

    • @heyyou9693
      @heyyou9693 Month ago +18

      I thought Solo seemed off at WrestleMania. He almost seemed mad at Roman.

  • @theviledelinquent3920
    @theviledelinquent3920 Month ago +852

    Having Roman admit he lost fair and square with no excuses through Heyman is a good first step to turning him babyface.

    • @juststocky250
      @juststocky250 Month ago +9

      Aaht wrong

    • @justjoshingwithyou6987
      @justjoshingwithyou6987 Month ago +10

      I feel like maybe not babyface
      Edit: Something in between like before but with more of get in my get destroyed kind of way

    • @snakeshadows6993
      @snakeshadows6993 Month ago +42

      I feel like they've been planning a face turn for Roman. It might be the right time. He's come a long way since his disastrous babyface run. The fans are actually invested in him, even as a heel. This could be Roman's chance to actually shine as a babyface for once.

    • @cobrakai388
      @cobrakai388 Month ago +16

      Final Boss calling shots now with Solo as his most trusted.
      Roman face turn inevitable. At some point, him and Cody will for sure face both Rock and Solo.
      Then finally the much anticipated Rock Vs Roman most likely by next year @ XL-1.

    • @SniperQueen1950
      @SniperQueen1950 Month ago +5

      We don’t want a face Roman gosh why they ruining things🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ Mistake was letting Cody win against Roman now we are turning him face? What’s going on in the bloodline just makes zero sense

  • @JVReySolos
    @JVReySolos Month ago +1804

    There's no way bro 😭 turning on Jimmy and debuting Tonga is crazy 🔥🔥🔥

    • @KyzaSangre
      @KyzaSangre Month ago +48

      I was hoping solo was goin face roman or the rock

    • @johnrouille5428
      @johnrouille5428 Month ago +57

      I’m now wondering where Jacob is gonna fit in , will he join solo or jimmy and Roman

    • @MalachiPlaysGames
      @MalachiPlaysGames Month ago +130

      @@johnrouille5428Tonga, Solo, Jacob vs Roman & Usos at Survivor Series

    • @IWIAxMore
      @IWIAxMore Month ago +28

      @@MalachiPlaysGamesI like that add Zilla with Solo too 🔥

    • @wstine79
      @wstine79 Month ago +23

      Solo has his own silent enforcer.

  • @evmcg710
    @evmcg710 Month ago +250

    Solo is starting the Bloodline Wolfpack 😂

    • @SilverPlaqueVII
      @SilverPlaqueVII Month ago +9

      Bloodline Hollywood*
      2021 Bloodline is back together as Bloodline Wolfpac.

    • @atrmediaofficial
      @atrmediaofficial Month ago +11

      Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon Repent & Draw Near To Him ❤️✝️🙏❤

    • @andresmith8720
      @andresmith8720 Month ago +4

      @@atrmediaofficialamen 🙏🏽❤️

    • @TernaryOp-4
      @TernaryOp-4 Month ago +8

      Still waiting for Jacob Fatu and Zilla Fatu! We could get the War of the Bloodline story arc. Would be the greatest thing in wrestling to ever happen.

    • @TernaryOp-4
      @TernaryOp-4 Month ago +2

      We want Jacob fatu and Zilla fatu in WWE.

  • @lilrjthesavage
    @lilrjthesavage Month ago +43

    Paul Heyman’s facial reactions are gold 😂😂😂

  • @Wrilen_Speedy_Webb
    @Wrilen_Speedy_Webb Month ago +1100

    Love how they kept the Tama Tonga name to him

  • @draegin2566
    @draegin2566 Month ago +1557

    Why is solo getting mad at losing when he’s lost like 37 times now 😂

    • @XBladerX246
      @XBladerX246 Month ago +52

      The comment I was looking for!

    • @jeromebass7878
      @jeromebass7878 Month ago +58

      Because that's what the writer's & producers tell them to say 📺

    • @vecna8130
      @vecna8130 Month ago +28

      And now it’s time to forget how cause SOLO SIKOA THE ENFORCER HAS RISEN

    • @luisrichardson8870
      @luisrichardson8870 Month ago +4

      Exactly 😂😂😂😂

    • @ImKing1017
      @ImKing1017 Month ago +3

      Facts 🤣🤣🤣

  • @truthiscensored
    @truthiscensored Month ago +19

    Solo "I Love you Brother" sound like Rikishi "I did it for da Rock" type vibes

  • @angelxspell
    @angelxspell Month ago +19

    whoever shouted “you can’t wrestle big brother” killed me

  • @Da1n_0nly
    @Da1n_0nly Month ago +371

    Solo gets his own storyline ... been waiting for this

    • @Tuturial464
      @Tuturial464 Month ago +9

      Hostile takeover😂😂😂 well not like the previous guy was any good

      @FIYAFADAT Month ago


    • @lageionomike8885
      @lageionomike8885 Month ago +12

      Solo needs to build muscle or he’s just another low grade TAZ

    • @ToastyBB
      @ToastyBB Month ago +1

      That's my problem, none of them are intimidating. Like why would Roman not just whip solos ass​@@lageionomike8885

  • @gamerboy7962
    @gamerboy7962 Month ago +305

    Looks like Jimmy gonna have to do some serious apologizing to Jey🤭

    • @eddiecampbell9663
      @eddiecampbell9663 Month ago +11


    • @kirklynncentore532
      @kirklynncentore532 Month ago +24

      Jey Uso needs to be in the singles push, he has adapted.

    • @lunaamakura7683
      @lunaamakura7683 Month ago +26

      Jey told him though 😭
      He’s gotta pull an “I told you so”

    • @EliasRoy
      @EliasRoy Month ago +3

      Sorry Jey, YEET

    • @koba9204
      @koba9204 Month ago +13

      Look for Jimmy & Jey to get back together as a "babyface" tag team. Then challenge Solo and Tama.

  • @LilMizz1012
    @LilMizz1012 Month ago +128

    I have never enjoyed WWE so much until now. Im loving the new era 👏🏼👏🏼

    • @greggbrown8137
      @greggbrown8137 Month ago +10

      Its because Vince is gone

    • @bdhman71
      @bdhman71 Month ago

      vince has been gone for years decades - akways been HHH

    • @MrKingpin1205
      @MrKingpin1205 Month ago +2

      ​@@bdhman71Vince has only been gone for months. This past Wrestlemania was the first one Vince wasn't involved in any way. Yes Triple H has been the COO for years but he always had Vince in the background making decisions but now Vince isn't making the decisions at all.

    • @d.c.billman760
      @d.c.billman760 Month ago

      ​@@bdhman71Braindead waste of life 😂😂

    • @bdhman71
      @bdhman71 Month ago

      @@MrKingpin1205 ah ok thanks didnt realize that

  • @derfznarf
    @derfznarf Month ago +32

    Solo going for his ultimate heel push , holds Paul Heyman hostage in his click , love it , time for change

  • @wstine79
    @wstine79 Month ago +841

    Seeing Solo Sakoa take over the Bloodline by bringing in Tama Tonga, brutalize Jimmy Uso, and Hyjacking Paul Heyman made me feel all warm and fuzzy in my tum tum.

  • @toothlesskid1996
    @toothlesskid1996 Month ago +505

    I died laughing when they turned on Jimmy I knew it was coming

    • @leugimx7315
      @leugimx7315 Month ago +24

      I didn’t see Toma Tonga though I knew they signed him but was expecting him to be in NXT first or something

    • @grimreaper5864
      @grimreaper5864 Month ago +9

      Agree finally solo time

    • @orangesilver4568
      @orangesilver4568 Month ago +28

      @@leugimx7315 He has been wrestling enough he doesn't need it. They also signed Jacob Fatu I wonder how he will debut?

    • @gamerboy7962
      @gamerboy7962 Month ago +23

      Absolutely, Jimmy gonna do some serious apologizing to Jey. The Usos will come back against The Bloodline

    • @Ishbikes
      @Ishbikes Month ago +8

      Well he deserved it. Even the match with Jey was BORNING!!!

  • @sinistad5741
    @sinistad5741 Month ago +8

    The babyface reunion of The Bloodline is going to be amazing 🔥

  • @ericship8383
    @ericship8383 Month ago +712

    So we’re getting the rocks bloodline vs Roman’s bloodline in a civil war? Take my money now

    • @winterronin4778
      @winterronin4778 Month ago +76

      This reminds of the NWO vs the NWO Wolfpack storyline back in the late 90's

    • @TheyMW_Comfy
      @TheyMW_Comfy Month ago +32

      nah, THE SHEILD IS COMING!!!

    • @CCEkeke
      @CCEkeke Month ago +34

      Which means Jacob is coming next.

    • @JameyMcQueen
      @JameyMcQueen Month ago +6

      They already did Bloodline Civil War less than a year ago.

    • @kingtjayy_
      @kingtjayy_ Month ago +6

      ​@@winterronin4778 Bro if they do that again it will be legendary

  • @anti-liberal7167
    @anti-liberal7167 Month ago +35

    With family like this who needs enemies 😂

  • @pigs18
    @pigs18 Month ago +16

    Everyone's a boss until the boss returns.

  • @KeepIt1HuniTT
    @KeepIt1HuniTT Month ago +13

    Solo Corleone. Jimmy playin the role of Fredo. LOL!

    • @OikPoinFive
      @OikPoinFive Month ago

      both solo and his new guy are boring. tell him to go back to the IWC who praised this jobber in the first place!

  • @jaymac8496
    @jaymac8496 Month ago +111

    4:10 *Am I…my brothers keeper?*
    Nino and G-Money moment right there 😂😂

  • @hoopandhands3328
    @hoopandhands3328 Month ago +546

    When you begin to realize it wasn't the championship that made the Bloodline story so interesting.

    • @slump9042
      @slump9042 Month ago +39

      Of course it wast it was the twist and turns in the story

    • @banchan7546
      @banchan7546 Month ago +13

      @@slump9042yeah but it really makes you think was it worth 3 years of interference finishes? I feel like the story would’ve been the number one thing on the show regardless if Roman had the belt or not

    • @Marstr270
      @Marstr270 Month ago +12

      @@banchan7546yes, it all adds up, why wouldn’t the biggest family in wrestling do everything in there power to stay on the very top..”losing has consequences” imo it was perfect, i woulda even been better with roman retaining last night…but that just might be bc i’m samoan😂

    • @robertritter8444
      @robertritter8444 Month ago +6

      Anyone with a brain knew that. A title doesn’t make a rivalry interesting. Or at least ones that actually matter. Think about all the GOAT storylines almost none revolved around titles. Just like Taker didn’t hold titles like crazy because he didn’t need to

    • @justinleecortez
      @justinleecortez Month ago +6

      @@Marstr270clearly setting up rock vs Roman

  • @orlandourena-cordero5645

    Perfect storyline. Solo at his best. This faction is going to create chaos

  • @devilgonecold7836
    @devilgonecold7836 Month ago +8

    This show was lit. Crowd was crazy!!!

  • @smokedscorpionV1
    @smokedscorpionV1 Month ago +77

    This is absolutely BRILLIANT. Welcome to WWE, Tama Tonga!! That was too sweet! 🤘☝️

  • @elboogie.1017
    @elboogie.1017 Month ago +104

    As the Bloodline Turns… I felt like I was watching a hood classic 😂 being a good actor must run in the “bloodline”

    • @YourNightmare4u2c
      @YourNightmare4u2c Month ago +2

      "Good actor" is very debatable. Marlon Brando, James Dean, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington......those are good actors kiddo.

    • @SapoVerdeSalsa
      @SapoVerdeSalsa Month ago +3

      We just watched a DP in gang terms

    • @toxickingchristian2645
      @toxickingchristian2645 Month ago +4

      @@YourNightmare4u2cyou’re so cringe 😂😂😂

  • @williamwiggins5668
    @williamwiggins5668 Month ago +3

    Roman comes back as the good guy now to save Paul Heyman 🤣🤣🤣 pretty dope🔥🔥

  • @DerrickJohnson-hl2iu
    @DerrickJohnson-hl2iu Month ago +2

    The look on Solo SIkra face says everything!😂 He been in that 😡 character!😂

  • @MaxxVelo
    @MaxxVelo Month ago +209

    The betrayal, how Paul was freaking out, the chair impact. highkey feels like it was written by the people who wrote Breaking Bad and im lovin it

    • @luigiibarra344
      @luigiibarra344 Month ago +1

      Also Solo Stomp Paul Heyman's Phone too for No reason

    • @sharonthomas5194
      @sharonthomas5194 Month ago

      Who is this new menber how is he related What to JACOB FATU ,RIKISHI

    • @officegossip
      @officegossip Month ago

      That’s crazy you said that.

  • @yungjetsu1905
    @yungjetsu1905 Month ago +185

    Solo;Wiseman look at me,look at me I'm the tribal chief now 😂

    • @johnstjohn1987
      @johnstjohn1987 Month ago +11


    • @ihateflatbunz
      @ihateflatbunz Month ago

      Make no mistake the Final boss is the Tribal chief.

    • @johnstjohn1987
      @johnstjohn1987 Month ago +4

      @ihateflatbunz Nah Solo did it for the Final Boss. He did it for The Rock.... He did it for the People....

  • @spartacuz1912
    @spartacuz1912 Month ago +1

    I like where this is going this is only getting more exciting 😤💪🏽

  • @KGilliam91
    @KGilliam91 Month ago +1

    Paul is goated. Also, the chick in the background with the Hogn cosplay 😂

  • @ukickmydawg
    @ukickmydawg Month ago +240

    I was at Smackdown in Detroit tonight! It was both my nephew and my first WWE live show! We were not disappointed!!

    • @ryanbutler8333
      @ryanbutler8333 Month ago +4


    • @mistahlee404
      @mistahlee404 Month ago +5

      Nicee 👍🏿 me and my nephew went to our first show at RAW when it was in Atlanta!

    • @DARKKING67239
      @DARKKING67239 Month ago +2

      Same I was too and it was my first show as well

    • @Punchmadeant
      @Punchmadeant Month ago +1

      Love that!!

    • @atrmediaofficial
      @atrmediaofficial Month ago +5

      Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon Repent & Draw Near To Him ❤️✝️🙏

  • @Jaidynx15
    @Jaidynx15 Month ago +156

    When Solo broke Paul’s phone he was all like F**k this phone😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • @JonDoe-fo3kl
      @JonDoe-fo3kl Month ago +12

      He broked it when he heard paul say "calling roman reigns" wich means reigns didnt order this

    • @shelianicholas5556
      @shelianicholas5556 Month ago +2

      Rock new tribe chief

    • @Gorillax7223
      @Gorillax7223 Month ago +2

      U mean broke his phone case😂😂😂

    • @atrainsportstalk
      @atrainsportstalk Month ago

      No, he wasn't f*&k the phone he was f*ck Roman Reigns

  • @terrybeal2252
    @terrybeal2252 Month ago +2

    Yes! I've been waiting for this. Solo is finally unleashed. 😁

  • @CardboardRN
    @CardboardRN Month ago +3

    This is great and I’m glad no one saw it coming. The addition of Tonga and bloodline civil war, with the final boss and tribal chief.

  • @wstine79
    @wstine79 Month ago +516

    Solo took over the Bloodline and took out Jimmy with Tama Tonga. He did it for the Rock.

    • @Deewrizz
      @Deewrizz Month ago +16

      Nah the rock is done for a grip. He did it for himself. It’s a bloodline war all over again

    • @Amybarton7
      @Amybarton7 Month ago +17

      I said the same thing. This is the Rock’s doing.

    • @RobertoX98
      @RobertoX98 Month ago +21

      He did it for the people

    • @richardanderson-gj8wr
      @richardanderson-gj8wr Month ago +12

      Bloodline civil war. When Roman returns. Tama, Solo and Jacob VS Jimmy Roman and the rock ,jey or Lance Anoai the younger ones of the Anoai VS the older ones of the Anoai.

    • @EliC09
      @EliC09 Month ago +3

      @@richardanderson-gj8wrmaybe now they’ll bring Tama’s brothers, too

  • @sandrasausville9103
    @sandrasausville9103 Month ago +247

    Solo is the baby of the group so you know that he's got some rage in there. He's going to be a threat to everyone

    • @ronaldshank7589
      @ronaldshank7589 Month ago +2

      That Samoan Spike that he employs, is a very deadly weapon!
      Watch out, WWE! Here comes Solo Sikoa!!!

    • @buffyamcha4655
      @buffyamcha4655 Month ago +3

      He's been on a losing streak for months 😂 not a threat to anyone

    • @michaelterrell2108
      @michaelterrell2108 Month ago +1

      @@buffyamcha4655that just makes him even more dangerous.

    • @bret1930
      @bret1930 Month ago +1

      ​@@buffyamcha4655He's going to be more brutal than Roman ever was. Even he was afraid of making him mad lol

  • @novacanevein809
    @novacanevein809 Month ago

    Love this new energy 🙌🏽💪🏽

  • @devon3069
    @devon3069 Month ago

    I was waiting for this🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @Koffeysan
    @Koffeysan Month ago +36

    Solo taking over by building his own bloodline with Tonga (and hopefully Jacob Fatu) in the light of Roman’s loss is a dope way of continuing the bloodline story 🙏🏾 very interested to see how this grows

  • @Colt2OO2
    @Colt2OO2 Month ago +43

    This is exactly how you debut someone so highly touted as Tama Tonga and immediately establish him as a potential top guy. The whole Bloodline story clearly still has so much left to be fleshed out including Roman likely turning babyface once he returns, the Usos possibly reuniting soon and if Jacob Fatu is indeed with WWE now like I'm hearing, bringing him in and adding him to the storyline, so there's so many directions this could go in now that Solo is stepping up.

  • @DerrickJohnson-hl2iu
    @DerrickJohnson-hl2iu Month ago +1

    "NO YEET"

  • @jareddaves5168
    @jareddaves5168 Month ago +1

    Favorite wwe solo sikoa now

  • @zacharywatson6817
    @zacharywatson6817 Month ago +92

    This crazy 😂😂 Jim getting kicked out by lil bro 😂

    • @joshuamurphy944
      @joshuamurphy944 Month ago +11

      I bet jey is somewhere with Sami like welp I told him you don't have to go down with the ship but he didn't listen

    • @sparknazo
      @sparknazo Month ago +4

      Ehh he got beat up by Jey as well his little bro lol

    • @user-wz1sd3jw5q
      @user-wz1sd3jw5q Month ago +2

      He didn't get kicked out is just tough love for loosing that's it

    • @joshuamurphy944
      @joshuamurphy944 Month ago

      @user-wz1sd3jw5q I think he out or he will eventually be out

    • @manniesreactionchannel3808
      @manniesreactionchannel3808 Month ago

      Right lol

  • @robertthompkins5633
    @robertthompkins5633 Month ago +82

    Well bloodline story just got a new twist.....

    • @KyzaSangre
      @KyzaSangre Month ago +5

      Ikr but i wana see the BL fall apart

    • @jadenmartinez9209
      @jadenmartinez9209 Month ago +4

      ​@@KyzaSangre I think it's gonna end at Wrestlemania 41 with Rock Vs Roman

    • @KyzaSangre
      @KyzaSangre Month ago

      @@jadenmartinez9209 dont mind me asking how come?

    • @cruzedin18
      @cruzedin18 Month ago +5

      Roman lost the title so it makes sense some Bloodline guys are going to side with the Final Boss. Rock vs Roman ends the Bloodline story. I actually predicted this but i thought it was gonna be Roman taking the beating from Tonga,Solo and The Rock for disgracing the Bloodline by losing his Title. Hence Roman v Rock for the Head of the Table.

    • @eddiecampbell9663
      @eddiecampbell9663 Month ago +1

      ​@@jadenmartinez9209before that it looks like we going get solo vs roman at summerslam

  • @KHC402
    @KHC402 Month ago +1

    Im so glad solo did this. The USOS will rise again. Believe that!!

  • @CptnUnseen
    @CptnUnseen Month ago +1

    Wow.. didn’t see that coming

  • @bryce999
    @bryce999 Month ago +93

    Cinema! Best Solo segment yet.🔥

  • @omaurioncouncil564
    @omaurioncouncil564 Month ago +83

    I love how he was acting like Roman he is growing up guys 🥹🥹

  • @shawnjacobs1499
    @shawnjacobs1499 Month ago

    This was awesome well solo and tonga

  • @relcoll2
    @relcoll2 Month ago +1

    Yes thank you wwe for bringing bullet club other member. I been waiting for him for thee longest. Best stuff ever

  • @OgMontana33
    @OgMontana33 Month ago +22

    Finally Solo builds some character

  • @scratcherking10
    @scratcherking10 Month ago +182

    And that's how the Usos come back for one more Title reign

    • @emmanuelallen4376
      @emmanuelallen4376 Month ago +5


    • @jonsnipe5484
      @jonsnipe5484 Month ago +5


    • @Whereisbigpapa
      @Whereisbigpapa Month ago +9

      They don’t need the tag team championships anymore

    • @MrHazeleyz
      @MrHazeleyz Month ago +2

      ​@@Whereisbigpaparight order to get them back is let Jimmy interfere in jey match let solo attack him again jey get distracted and Damien pin jey

    • @crayrayprod.
      @crayrayprod. Month ago +5

      @@MrHazeleyzis Jimmy interfering to help or to make him lose, bc it doesn’t make sense to make him lose at this point.

  • @wawa9278
    @wawa9278 Month ago

    I've wanted this for so long

  • @Jack02829
    @Jack02829 Month ago

    Happy to see toma tonga in wee ive been waiting when he was gonna come. Him and hes family been ruling new japan

  • @jemoney2008
    @jemoney2008 Month ago +113

    TONGA IS HERE!!!! Choosing Tonga over Jimmy is INSANE

  • @violentminded2908
    @violentminded2908 Month ago +65

    certainly feels like the beginning of a new era in WWE thats for sure

  • @jasonnance8293
    @jasonnance8293 Month ago +1

    yes Tonga finally all debut can wait to see where this goes

  • @bangalore401
    @bangalore401 Month ago +1

    Things are getting spicy 😮

  • @daxmoney5011
    @daxmoney5011 Month ago +39

    Solo can finally be a character

  • @VeliThaDon
    @VeliThaDon Month ago +84

    Seems like a setup for the Usos to get back together. This is an interesting turn of events.

    • @carlosnava925
      @carlosnava925 Month ago +5

      They are actually better as a tag team tbh

    • @Cadolots
      @Cadolots Month ago +9

      Look like Roman will feud with solo when he return.

    • @jonsnipe5484
      @jonsnipe5484 Month ago +5

      Tired of them being a tag team.. they gotta be single

    • @ramonhope6892
      @ramonhope6892 Month ago

      That would be a major setback specially for Jey whomthey held back in that feud with Jimmy

    • @B3Band
      @B3Band Month ago +1

      It was probably a dream/bucket list thing of theirs to go one on one at Wrestlemania, so now that they got that done, they can reunite.

  • @andrew_pTrustNobody

    HHH.. God bless you for this you saved another storyline for Smackdown i actually thought Toma was coming at Mania ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  • @user-gg1rj1yx3k
    @user-gg1rj1yx3k Month ago

    Oh My 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Solo💯

  • @stevenbechillin
    @stevenbechillin Month ago +215

    It’s about time WWE did something with Solo, i’m all for it

  • @BangYouDied
    @BangYouDied Month ago +14

    5:43 🤣 😂😂 Paul truly is the best

  • @iamblayzenferno
    @iamblayzenferno Month ago +22

    The way Jimmy looked behind him like someone came to the ring with him 😂😂😂😂 yes you

  • @Au-nu9nc
    @Au-nu9nc Month ago +1

    I have watched this about 20 times. What goes around comes around

  • @bmbxiii2045
    @bmbxiii2045 Month ago


  • @Marcus-Lprofit123
    @Marcus-Lprofit123 Month ago +47

    Solo Is a true REBEL NOW...
    I've been waiting for this moment 😎

  • @terrexcorbin
    @terrexcorbin Month ago +24

    And solo smatched pauls phone like oh no your not calling the tribal chief

  • @iamboobieg
    @iamboobieg Month ago

    Homage with the Umaga vibes.... haven't watched wrestling in YEARS, might have to get back into it the way it's going so far

  • @gibsonthe9021
    @gibsonthe9021 Month ago

    This was awesome.

  • @rbuttons20
    @rbuttons20 Month ago +324

    Yall have no idea how good Tama Tonga is….he literally made the Bullet Club what it is today.

  • @Anquanpoole459
    @Anquanpoole459 Month ago +35

    Solo sikoa:you fail at wrestlemania
    Everybody:didn't the entire bloodline fail at wrestlemania

    • @eddiecampbell9663
      @eddiecampbell9663 Month ago +7

      Roman and jimmy failed ...I guarantee solo will turn on roman....u saw how mad solo was at wrestlemania yelling at roman telling him to finish him but roman couldn't get the job done

    • @Southernguy39
      @Southernguy39 Month ago +4

      @@eddiecampbell9663Solo too. He gave Cody the Samoan spike and didn’t finish him. Roman and Solo gave Cody the spear/spike combination and still couldn’t put Cody away, so the original comment is right. The whole bloodline failed.

  • @radidit5728
    @radidit5728 Month ago

    The new blood line loading!! Sikoa , Tonga & “Jacob fatu “🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @CreteDon
    @CreteDon Month ago +2

    They giving Solo the push they couldn't give to Umaga because of Umaga's passing and I'm here for it lowkey

    • @slickreynolds7573
      @slickreynolds7573 Month ago

      Solo makes me miss umoga he was a beast. I remember when it took one spike to ko people.

  • @pablito818
    @pablito818 Month ago +20

    the cinema continues.. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @messey12
    @messey12 Month ago +27

    Paul's gonna have to start managing Bron Breaker for protection

  • @killwillv2610
    @killwillv2610 Month ago +1

    Solo!!!!! Yessssss ❤

  • @FreedomDiaries1
    @FreedomDiaries1 Month ago

    Awesome. Bloodline story is the best one in years. Hopefully this keeps going.

  • @Titocapone2345
    @Titocapone2345 Month ago +79

    I didn’t expect tama Tonga to show up

    • @lilbaby416
      @lilbaby416 Month ago +1

      noone did bruh

    • @FrederickChampaguno
      @FrederickChampaguno Month ago +3

      I thought if anything NXT first. But this is a wild surprise. Dude has been killing it for years

    • @flashbang678
      @flashbang678 Month ago +2

      I was expecting Fatu, there were rumors about him being signed

    • @ChickasawMal28_
      @ChickasawMal28_ Month ago

      I saw something earlier that there's going to be other new bloodline members and Tama was definitely one of them on that tabloid I saw

    • @Tuturial464
      @Tuturial464 Month ago

      @@flashbang678he’s gonna come on eventually.

  • @EibonAQT
    @EibonAQT Month ago +70

    I was expecting Jacob Fatu to debut but Tonga is also great.

    • @UGOkilleth
      @UGOkilleth Month ago +20

      Think Jacob is gonna be with be the wild card to help Solo against Roman

    • @audreajolie
      @audreajolie Month ago +3

      ​@UGOkilleth Nah I think he'll come to help Jimmy and Jey get back together

    • @gabrielhillceo
      @gabrielhillceo Month ago +6

      He is on his way. I'm almost sure of it. Rock left and Roman lost, so it's time to start fresh.

    • @joshuamurphy944
      @joshuamurphy944 Month ago +2

      ​@gabrielhillceo rock and Roman are taking hiatus from wwe for now so the bloodline vs the world should ensue

    • @ronnielevis2190
      @ronnielevis2190 Month ago +2

      Jacob will be next to join Solo

  • @fernandoescobedo2100

    Perfection 👌 🔥

  • @Skrap_G.A.P
    @Skrap_G.A.P Month ago

    Do I havent watched wrestling in 20 years can yall tell me the dats and times raw and smackdown come on now and what channels? Tgis whole bloodline storyline has gotten me interested in watching again. Thanks 💯

    @DIVINEGHOST82 Month ago +30

    Next thing you know Jey is gonna be saving Jimmy

  • @yomamasofat77
    @yomamasofat77 Month ago +180

    Solo said losing and winning matters.but lost every match since he beat Cena

  • @rickywagner3236
    @rickywagner3236 Month ago +1

    Wow I knew it was coming

  • @TheRichmenCo
    @TheRichmenCo Month ago +2

    Jimmy is Fredo. I think war games will be Rock Solo Tama & possibly jacob fatu vs og BL roman usos and sami! 🔥🔥

  • @godwillstrike6237
    @godwillstrike6237 Month ago +18


    • @geno1825
      @geno1825 Month ago

      Yep because will this split up the Bloodlines completely or will Uso Brothers team up against Solo

  • @Adrian_Martinez.146_
    @Adrian_Martinez.146_ Month ago +117

    Return of the usos

    • @BongoisaPyro
      @BongoisaPyro Month ago +16

      Nah Jey gonna win that title off Priest and Jimmy will help him win

    • @yomamasofat77
      @yomamasofat77 Month ago +7

      ​​@@BongoisaPyrono he's not. Priest is not losing the title until he loses it to Drew at Bash At The Castle in Scotland. Jey is not winning the World title. The Usos need to get back together because they are better as a team than as singles wrestlers.

    • @alphawolf_69
      @alphawolf_69 Month ago +1

      ​@@BongoisaPyro When does Jey fight priest

    • @necrophagiakc
      @necrophagiakc Month ago +1

      They'll draft Jey back to Smackdown to battle them there's a rumor Jacob Fatu is coming soon next

    • @atd2480
      @atd2480 Month ago +1

      Then few years down the line jey turn on jimmy

  • @user-du1zv1eu8k
    @user-du1zv1eu8k Month ago +2

    How you're is Jey gonna feel about jimmy

  • @ewoknips5154
    @ewoknips5154 Month ago

    I was expecting them to use Tama Tonga at WM, nice to see him on Smackdown

  • @stevenh1662
    @stevenh1662 Month ago +54

    Turning Roman and jimmy face to fued with Solo and Tama sounds amazing Triple H did say there were taking Roman in a surprising direction

    • @B3Band
      @B3Band Month ago +2

      It's wild how wrestling fans can't spell such a basic wrestling term.

    • @amit1986
      @amit1986 Month ago +6

      The new Tribal chief is The Rock. Solo being the Tribal chief is simply. It's the Rock

    • @stevenh1662
      @stevenh1662 Month ago +2

      My bad i was typing fast and switched the letters

    • @AdVictoriamBOS
      @AdVictoriamBOS Month ago

      @@B3Bandbro it’s a slight & simple spelling error tf are you being a douche for?

    • @charleswebsterjr.6350
      @charleswebsterjr.6350 Month ago +2

      ​@amit1986 I really don't get how people not see the Rock as the new tribal chief.

  • @myvidaloka
    @myvidaloka Month ago +10

    Solo had some aura tonight. He needed that!

  • @omerojones4071OCW
    @omerojones4071OCW Month ago

    Solo you stepped up☝☝☝☝☝

  • @bigcee8720
    @bigcee8720 Month ago +1

    Tama brings an edge and the ability for a decent promo to a Solo led Bloodline.