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Suspect Crashes Dirt Bike into Car During High-Speed Police Chase (OnPatrol: Live)

  • Published on Sep 20, 2022
  • OnPatrol: Live: South Carolina deputies chase a suspect fleeing from police on a dirtbike. The Richland County Sheriff's Office in South Carolina said the suspect crashed into a pedestrian's vehicle while attempting to cross an intersection. Watch new episodes of "OnPatrol: Live" every Friday and Saturday night at 9pm ET only on REELZ.
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Comments • 2 106

  • Scott Thomson
    Scott Thomson 14 days ago +126

    Hahaha that female officer is a boss. She went straight into angry mom mode lecturing him about not thinking about his own safety. Had me cracking up.

  • Jered Almeida
    Jered Almeida 14 days ago +29

    Officer Perez is an exemplary officer and human being. She handled this whole situation so well that I'm actually impressed at her degree of professionalism.

  • Jeff L
    Jeff L 14 days ago +157

    Nothing better than watching self induced Justice being served.

    vDARKICEv 14 days ago +31

    This guy is seriously lucky he only sustained what injuries he got. Could’ve ended a lot worse. You see gruesome motorcycle/ dirt bike accidents all the time and people get tore up even with proper gear on. He better have learned his lesson and count his blessings because chances are he won’t be lucky a second time.

  • Slobodan Reka
    Slobodan Reka 14 days ago +742

    Goofy green light guy who ignored the approaching sirens actually ended up helping the cops.

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali 14 days ago +178

    I feel so bad for the dirt bike I hope it wasn’t hurt bad…. I hope it gets all the help it needs to ride again into the sunset

  • Keith Berry
    Keith Berry 14 days ago +293

    She's a good caring cop good on her she's a credit to the American state police

  • Kevin Whittaker
    Kevin Whittaker 14 days ago +171

    Amazing how caring this female officer was to him, even though he put so many people in danger running from the cops.

  • E DUB
    E DUB 14 days ago +757

    This is such a shame! I read he was heading to the admissions office at University of SC to enroll in Biomedical Sciences.

  • Monet’s Channel
    Monet’s Channel 14 days ago +14

    It always warms my heart when guidelines are followed.

  • JB Red
    JB Red 14 days ago +89

    Now that's what I call a happy ending! Love the way he bounced off the car. Sincerest apologies to the person in the car and the damage incurred. You didn't deserve it, but I'm glad you stopped him.

  • Tstan Da'ManDontChanoo
    Tstan Da'ManDontChanoo 14 days ago +140

    I love how he put the lives of so many people in danger and broke so many laws but thinks he deserves to make a phone call to his “peoples” I wonder if those peoples he wanted to call are the same peoples who did a crap job of raising him. They obviously don’t care about you.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 14 days ago +505

    Off road bike, runs via the road... Genius

  • Osso Duro
    Osso Duro 14 days ago +434

    That was glorious! I hope the car was alright.

  • Randi
    Randi 14 days ago +314

    My family and I were watching this live and it was like excitement over a touchdown when it happened

  • Richard Eggleston
    Richard Eggleston 14 days ago +12

    The lady officer did a great job in keeping the situation under control in in a calm state. awesome job

  • Chris Swenson
    Chris Swenson 14 days ago +171

    So satisfying to see police actually engage in pursuit of this type of crime. In many areas of country they just allow this behavior. The crash was karma.

  • Wombats
    Wombats 14 days ago +1

    It’s always a good time to study everyone’s reaction time from when police speed up to them. Then see their reactions as they all think they are getting a ticket. Never gets old 😊

  • Isaac 84
    Isaac 84 14 days ago +154

    Everybody’s an outlaw biker till they hit a car while going 60mph on their dirt bike with no helmet or any protective gear & break a few bones. That was a beautiful ending with lasting pain and jail time thereafter. Hopefully some felony charges as well.

  • KingTerik
    KingTerik 14 days ago +160

    The mother instincts was coming out that officer. Professional and caring, good work..... On another note I guess risks vs reward is an old concept.