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The Impractical Jokers Play Truth or Dab | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 17, 2022
  • The Impractical Jokers-James Murray, Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn-have two simple choices in this Hot Ones spinoff: Tell the truth, or suffer the wrath of the Last Dab. Watch as Sean Evans drills the comedy trio about everything from memorable punishments, to Wu-Tang debates, to how much they get paid per episode. The first three-person Truth or Dab is as wild as you'd expect! If you enjoy watching the guys suffer, be sure to catch Impractical Jokers every Thursday night on TruTV and the TruTV app.
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Comments • 3 900

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  Month ago +2209

    Who did better-Murr, Sal, or Q?

    • xybo
      xybo 2 days ago

      @Brandon L Joe isn't here

    • Andrey Lukashev
      Andrey Lukashev 15 days ago


    • Cold Man
      Cold Man 15 days ago

      The camera holder

    • Viper
      Viper 16 days ago

      @Haunted He’s an impractical jokers I left cause you got a divorce 😢

    • Dargor Shepard
      Dargor Shepard 20 days ago

      No, this is Patrick.

  • Kyle Brook Stimson
    Kyle Brook Stimson Month ago +5806

    For those asking about joe, he's left the impractical jokers to look concentrate on his personal life and kids! Gotta respect that! Much love to you joe!

    • Scoper  🏳️‍🌈⃠
      Scoper  🏳️‍🌈⃠ Day ago

      joe was fired. he gained too much hate with his offensive jokes so they had to let him go

    • Cheryl Winfield
      Cheryl Winfield 2 days ago

      I was really comfortable with him using his kids in many of the skits. At least the adults probably was asked, I hope.

    • Salerno
      Salerno 2 days ago +1

      That isn't the whole story buddy. But good job reading what's posted online.

    • E
      E 16 days ago

      @Alue same thing your mama thought to herself

    • wyskass
      wyskass 20 days ago

      That's the public statement he made. Note that every disgraced politician makes the same statement.

  • B Kow
    B Kow Month ago +953

    Why does Q keep looking better with every passing year? It's incredible.

    • B Kow
      B Kow Day ago

      @Vash 00 Good call there. He is living good.

    • Vash 00
      Vash 00 Day ago +1

      Honestly bro that’s what a happy life looks like , he’s with his good friends at a job he loves to do and doesn’t really move around like any other celebrity just saying

    • Hayden
      Hayden 6 days ago +1

      He’s so handsome

    • L .K
      L .K 13 days ago

      @Iamjphnycc He looks a lot different

    • Iamjphnycc
      Iamjphnycc 15 days ago +1

      @Oh no! Sam Seder! What a nightmare! he literally looks the same with less hair

  • Paul Bakos
    Paul Bakos Month ago +631

    15:33 "What is in it that makes it so spicy?"
    "The hot sauce"
    Almost died laughing

  • MarkToast
    MarkToast Month ago +498

    I'd love to see a punishment on the show where the loser has to eat something insanely spicy, then go out and give a speech while trying to pretend they're not in extreme pain.

    • Ana Parker
      Ana Parker 14 days ago

      That would be awesome and more than likely Sal would be the loser. Lol

    • DanceOfThorns
      DanceOfThorns 24 days ago +4

      I've always thought a really good punishment would be one of them (it would probably end up being Murr or Sal) being forced to attend a hot sauce & chili convention wearing a shirt that says in all capital letters WORLD'S #1 HOT SAUCE ENTHUSIAST and being required to go up to as many booths as possible that offer inhumanly spicy foods and sauces and continually asserting that no they can handle it and that they're better than everyone else as they lose their minds from the heat

    • Mustafa Ahmed
      Mustafa Ahmed 28 days ago +2

      It has already happened

    • wittynicknamehere
      wittynicknamehere Month ago +6

      There's a punishment which incorporates exactly that, this season. I won't say more for spoiler purposes, beyond "check out the David Cross episode."

    • Front Desk
      Front Desk Month ago +4

      I would love to see that including having Joe back!!

  • Nick Boiii
    Nick Boiii Month ago +343

    Murr slowly realizing what he’s done and then drifting out of frame is so funny to me😭🤣 13:30

  • Ben Bartlow
    Ben Bartlow Month ago +8691

    Sean should have pranked them at the end and said ok that was the test run, now we go again with the cameras rolling

    • Michael Allen
      Michael Allen 19 days ago

      @Radical Reviews he doesn't get it. That's a white people reference

    • Bizzaro Blake
      Bizzaro Blake 25 days ago

      imagine if Joe did that as the big punishment if Joe was there still?

    • eggroll
      eggroll Month ago


    • I Disagree
      I Disagree Month ago

      That would have been a “practical joke”

    • Wildlink123
      Wildlink123 Month ago

      That is some top tier, evil genius thinking level of humor right there lol

  • TampaTec
    TampaTec 28 days ago +3

    Q did fairly well then Murr then Sal, too bad Joe wasn't there he was my favorite.
    I wanted to know their salary so I googled it 50k per episode but that was the old contract 2021. it's good they get paid the same., doesn't cause bad blood.
    Another Great Show Sean! 👍👍

  • Gonzalo Garcia
    Gonzalo Garcia Month ago +267

    Murr's reaction at 13:30 as the camera pans away from him, has me dying 🤣

  • emma riccio
    emma riccio Month ago +97

    I love how murr was like “ I’m physically dying!” And Sal just kept laughing at him 😂

  • Zed anide
    Zed anide Month ago +111

    7:28 to 7:46 probably the funniest moment in Hot Ones history

    • Squidy
      Squidy Month ago +6

      That was number 1 💀

  • Mr. Sanchez
    Mr. Sanchez Month ago +3492

    Man Joe doing the stare while eating these would have been gold .. all these guys are hilarious 😆.

    • Bizzaro Blake
      Bizzaro Blake 25 days ago +1

      @ItzYaBoiBoobie he left to support his family

    • Paulie Cianciola
      Paulie Cianciola Month ago +1

      @Hopper I hope you read my comment below- it's a "reply" to the person who thought Joe was the showrunner or director. I added what I know personally as Brian and I are friends and have worked together on some projects... Mostly Podcasts but anyhow, see if you can find it, as I too echoed your sentiment regarding "speculating" etc

    • Meaty Boy
      Meaty Boy Month ago +2

      @ItzYaBoiBoobieI really miss Joe! Honestly the show is still fun to watch but it does feel like something is missing. I feel like Joe's personality really shined on this show because it was different then the rest of his costars!

    • Spartnfish
      Spartnfish Month ago

      @Hshxb Dhehs I can think of one example that's a tier lower

    • SuperCisMan
      SuperCisMan Month ago

      RIP Joe Gatto ✝️

  • BallzD33P
    BallzD33P Month ago +125

    I love when you drown out the sounds during someone's suffering it really makes me feel the pain

  • 🌙b.
    🌙b. Month ago +91

    I love that Sal and Q started off making fun of Murr for struggling and then were dying after they had their wings 😂😂😂

  • ericIIDX
    ericIIDX Month ago +37

    Love the pan over to Murr at 7:10, with the sound echoing into oblivion. Just a hint of what's going on inside his mind at that moment

    • TheRMatthew
      TheRMatthew Month ago

      I was watching this at the same time this comment popped up! Perfect timing!😂😂

    • TheRMatthew
      TheRMatthew Month ago

      I was watching this at the same time this comment popped up! Perfect timing!😂😂

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago +55

    Bro, I could NOT stop laughing every time they mentioned how good the wing was😂😂😂😂 Sals voice after the first wing also had me dead

  • AJ Ellenburg
    AJ Ellenburg Month ago +4639

    I love how everyone is carrying on and Murr is literally dying in the corner.

    • Aristakatz
      Aristakatz Month ago +1

      @Brad Bingham who tf reads the comments before watching the video

    • Shanaé
      Shanaé Month ago

      Poor Murr 🥲

    • Aden L
      Aden L Month ago

      Cry more

    • Monicaa Sanchez
      Monicaa Sanchez Month ago

      Literally xD

    • Jules Wick
      Jules Wick Month ago

      Hahahahaha. I’m actually crying. He was NOT playing 🤣😅

  • Ryan Leary
    Ryan Leary Month ago +17

    Joe would be hysterical on this. Certainly needs to do Hot Ones

  • The Coarse Grind Podcast

    Okay, I've watched ridiculous amounts of Sean/Hot Ones...this one had my gut hurting the worst. Bravo to all the IJ crew...

  • Samantha Stevens
    Samantha Stevens Month ago +82

    when sal goes "thank you sean 😊" like a golden retriever at the end 😂 he's so pure

  • Nathan Warzecha
    Nathan Warzecha 14 days ago +8

    The fact that Sal hadn't taken off the safety seal on the bottle BEFORE eating the wings had me rolling 😂

  • The Elephant Man
    The Elephant Man Month ago +5323

    Honestly they missed the opportunity to not put any sauce on Q's wings just so he could gaslight Sal and Murr

    • Niquee
      Niquee 2 days ago

      I actually thought that was gonna happen🤣

    • Joel Dilks
      Joel Dilks 11 days ago

      Joe who?

    • nehswu
      nehswu 17 days ago +1

      @Resche7 Joe Mama 😎

    • Resche7
      Resche7 17 days ago

      Who’s joe?

  • Anthony Kimmerly
    Anthony Kimmerly 14 days ago +2

    I love the cut aways they do lol..panning to Mur in his own hot world 🤣

  • Miniclip13
    Miniclip13 Month ago +12

    I like how even though Q answered honestly he still ate it 🤣

  • ♠ Encore! ♣
    ♠ Encore! ♣ Month ago +30

    This might as well have been a bonus from the actual show because this was just as awesome lol

  • blu jay
    blu jay 8 days ago +1

    It’s funny how when murr eats the wing sal and Q look at him like he’s a wimp and poke fun, then sal eats it and starts breaking down and the look on Qs face was hilarious “you guys are making me nervous” 😂

  • Jam Fox
    Jam Fox Month ago +47

    Sal's face eating that second wing got me. He's in so much pain, but just so willing to take it. 🤣💦

  • Ryan Reichert
    Ryan Reichert Month ago +8

    Sal is an underrated national treasure. Love this man

  • Aaron Mitchell
    Aaron Mitchell 5 days ago

    Love how Mur just starts cleaning up the wings like a boss at the end lol

  • Ricky Paquiot
    Ricky Paquiot Month ago +12

    *Murr, Sal, and Q are all troopers for eating THE hottest wing.*
    But, honestly Murr did it best because he regained a short brief consciousness from eating that wing.

  • Scott Richardson
    Scott Richardson Month ago +3133

    I miss Joe. He’s the funniest guy ever. Hope he works things out.

    • Jordan Skube
      Jordan Skube 2 days ago

      Where is he

    • Milky Bbqubes
      Milky Bbqubes 8 days ago

      @emes Exactly I’m so tired of people complaining 💀the other three are just as funny

    • aasofjg
      aasofjg 10 days ago

      @hax_theplanet ofc he would be removed from merch… what eps were taking diwn? you’re doing a lot of mental gymnastics here

    • hax_theplanet
      hax_theplanet 16 days ago

      @Belal Haifa I didn't say he isn't friends with his friends he has had for a very long time. I did say there was something more to why he is off the show. Regardless it is what it is

    • Belal Haifa
      Belal Haifa 16 days ago

      @hax_theplanet he still talks to them on a regular basis. He was on taste buds with sal the other day. He still shows up to murrs shows. Haven’t seen anything with him and Q but Q has mentioned him before so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them.

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH 4 days ago

    His in depth questions always make the guest pleased to be answering and surprised they've been able to find out such insider info. However I do love it when Sean uses that power for evil. It's not quite as interesting but it's a lot of fun.

  • Kelly Griffin
    Kelly Griffin Month ago +9

    Murr though 🤣 "Don't eat the wing" "You're not gonna do well"...this is the funniest thing he's ever done!

  • RandomKing
    RandomKing Month ago +2

    Probably one of my favorite episodes of this, well done to the Jokers and as always great job to Sean with the questions.

  • Sean Kanoog
    Sean Kanoog Month ago +4

    I watched this show years ago all the time, this is the first time I knew Joe Gatto wasn't doing it anymore, strange but I'm glad they are still making it work with the 3.

  • The Shape
    The Shape Month ago +1974

    Murr losing his voice after the first wing is hilarious and after having tried the last dab, it’s understandable

    • Tim Brawdy
      Tim Brawdy Month ago +2

      @IWANTSWAG it is

      IWANTSWAG Month ago +2

      Tbh da bomb is worse than the last dab

    • Dante Rosenberg
      Dante Rosenberg Month ago

      I wanna be like you when I grow up

    • Tim Brawdy
      Tim Brawdy Month ago +2

      @Law Bl they make quality sauces. I have had almost all of them. The kids hot sauce they came out with is delicious. Good with eggs.

    • Tim Brawdy
      Tim Brawdy Month ago +1

      @Law Bl it’s good but it is really hot. Flavor for like 5 or 6 seconds and then it kicks in and lasted for me ( I like hot stuff a lot too) for 10 minutes or so.

  • D'asia Mosby
    D'asia Mosby Month ago +6

    Love these guys! This was so funny. Huge fan of the Impractical Jokers! So glad that they were on Truth or Dab.

  • LxiLuvASMR
    LxiLuvASMR 21 day ago +1

    I love the impractical jokers they r a group I can always look for when I wanna laugh and are very y2k

  • Ketholhoubei Chielie

    Finally!!! Thank you First we feast for making this happen 🙏
    I wish it was a little longer 😆

  • Chris Antony
    Chris Antony 15 days ago

    I hope these guys do their shows and keep making us laugh for a long long time and I wish joe sorts everything out and return ASAP.

  • ・your non favorite person 👍・

    Q saying "what's in this to make it so hot" and Sal replying "it's the hot sauce" Something about that has me dead, had to replay and can't stop laughing! I love these guys, really miss Joe. Hope all is well with him these days.

    • Judah Kiszenia
      Judah Kiszenia 10 days ago

      @Sam Carlylep

    • Katie Dunlap
      Katie Dunlap Month ago

      @daniel.r903 only from IJ! He’s still on the road doing standup :)

    • I
      I Month ago +1

      "The cheese is under the sauce" energy

    • jph
      jph Month ago +2

      @Harmony Quinn He left the show and separated from his wife. I assume the two are connected.

    • LarryFisherman
      LarryFisherman Month ago +6

      @Harmony Quinn he posted a while ago about family issues that he had to step away for

  • B
    B Month ago +4

    I didn't like murr when the show first started but he definitely grew on me, this was hilarious thank you

  • heatshield
    heatshield Month ago +4

    gahd, i love the echo when people are struggling with what they've gotten into. Whoever thought of doing that is truly deserving of thanks. It wouldn't be the same without it.

  • risKy
    risKy Month ago +4

    This was fkn hilarious.. I'd love to see SAL do a whole episode. 👏👏

  • Jacob Byrd
    Jacob Byrd Month ago +2

    This was a lot of fun, thanks to all involved!

  • Smick
    Smick Month ago +891

    The random close ups of their faces as they go off into their own world full of pain... Comedy gold

    • Freedom❤
      Freedom❤ Month ago

      Their was so no new episode yesterday.

    • Jordan Dominguez
      Jordan Dominguez Month ago +6

      😂😂 this needs more likes. Because yessssss

    • Re 2016
      Re 2016 Month ago +8

      Yes, Q's was hilarious 😂

  • Sunshineincorporated

    Sean, I loved hearing you laugh at the end of the show. It filtered straight to my soul

  • matt anderson
    matt anderson 27 days ago

    I enjoyed that episode more then i thought i would have. Great job guys

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith Month ago

    I haven’t laughed so hard at these in a long time until today 🤣

  • Dean Levi
    Dean Levi Month ago +10

    I am happy the guys are still making content! Wish Joe the best and will miss him.

  • DewTooMuch
    DewTooMuch Month ago +1866

    Man I miss Joe... But as long as the other three are here I can just imagine how he'd be right now eating hot wings with the boys

    • Nando Sanchez
      Nando Sanchez 16 days ago

      @Christine C. good for you, you should be a english teacher! You can spell!

    • Mat Go
      Mat Go 17 days ago

      @DewTooMuch who had the affair him or her?
      And how did you know that?

    • DewTooMuch
      DewTooMuch 21 day ago +2

      @Jesus Perez as the others have said he's focusing on his stand up career and his personal life, but like almost a year ago him and his wife had an affair, he wanted to spend more time with the kid, he's alright.

    • Jesus Perez
      Jesus Perez 21 day ago

      What happened to him?

    • Rxc4
      Rxc4 Month ago +1

      @Gacha_Kookie ÙwÚ He needed to work on his personal life

  • Christian Smalley
    Christian Smalley 9 days ago +1

    You can tell Q genuinely love hot wings lol

  • Solo Moon
    Solo Moon Month ago +5

    That very first cough echo NEVER ceases to be hilarious!

  • Christian D'Angelo
    Christian D'Angelo Month ago +5

    0:05 brings a tear to my eye to see that they leave a spot open for Joe

  • ndehm10
    ndehm10 Month ago

    This means we need episodes of hot ones with these guys! Especially Sal since he really wanted to do it!

  • crowned40
    crowned40 Month ago +1883

    In the middle of sals question, murr “ I’m sorry…. I’m dying…. I’m dying , I’m going to die” as serious as could be 😂

  • Robert Weinmann
    Robert Weinmann Month ago

    Looking good Sean, so happy for ur success much deserved. Love these guys, credit them along with Dyrdek for easing my latest depression. Miss u Joe, get well soon, this cannoli’s for you.

  • Ekene Chikelu
    Ekene Chikelu Month ago

    I love this guys so much, can’t stop smiling

  • Marcus Phelps
    Marcus Phelps Month ago

    Love this group and meeting Murr was awesome. Very friendly.

  • Megan Claridge
    Megan Claridge 4 days ago

    Where has this been all my life!?!? I love Hot Ones and I LOVE impractical jokers

  • SmaddyT
    SmaddyT Month ago +3

    This was absolute chaos and I'm here for ALL of it!😂😂

  • Stanish 91
    Stanish 91 20 days ago

    I absolutely love them all.... I literally watch impractical jokers all day at my house. That's all I watch, it will definitely never be as good without Joe. If anyone important sees this message, I'll come on the show lol. I will literally do anything I don't give AF.

  • Ultimate Ships
    Ultimate Ships Month ago +2

    It’s sad that Joe isn’t here, but this was absolutely hilarious 😂

  • marissa morales
    marissa morales Month ago +1

    impractical jokers is all i watch on cable tv. love these guys. im missing joe ngl but im happy hes moving on for himself

  • Clif Haley
    Clif Haley Month ago +1355

    Q: "What is in it that makes it so spicy?"
    SAL: “It’s the hot sauce.”

    • Radical Reviews
      Radical Reviews Month ago

      @Nano I'm sorry for your loss. When is the funeral?

    • Zoe Z
      Zoe Z Month ago +13

      It reminds me of
      Lady: "are the potatoes good?"
      Sal: "they're mashed."

    • Thatone Guy
      Thatone Guy Month ago +1

      This was hilarious and I feel like the others missed

    • Dontz Gamez Online
      Dontz Gamez Online Month ago +1


    • William Ferguson
      William Ferguson Month ago +15

      Q not understanding how hot sauce works the whole episode made it for me.

  • Nick Parker
    Nick Parker Month ago

    this is an excellent and hilarious spin off episode. I like the truth or dab format

  • Raphael Acaylar
    Raphael Acaylar Month ago +2

    Man, they should rally get non-spicy ppl on this show more HAHAHA this was hilarious

  • Clooliss
    Clooliss Day ago

    Sal!! It's gotta be the shoes, it's gotta be the shoes!!!!! I remember that specific style from when I was a kid. Thanks for rocking them while dancing away the pain!

  • Jae-b
    Jae-b Month ago +2

    Such a patient and kind host

  • Josh Rosset
    Josh Rosset Month ago +1281

    "We are going to lean on your finance degree from St Johns University"
    Sal " Might as well... I never have".
    Low key funniest part of the vid.

  • Melissa Castro
    Melissa Castro Month ago +13

    Q:”what’s in it that makes it so spicy?”
    Sal:”the hot sauce”

  • ndehm10
    ndehm10 Month ago

    Man this was the best truth or dab! So funny! Miss Joe like all of us 😔❤️

  • joshy
    joshy Month ago +7

    Q: "What is in it that makes it so spicy?"
    Sal: (confidently) "It's the hot sauce"

  • Brandon Santos
    Brandon Santos Month ago +1

    Honestly the most I have laughed from this type of segment. # awesome

  • Sean Salata
    Sean Salata Month ago +1044

    Been wanting them on the actual hot ones show but this will do just fine!

    • Sean Salata
      Sean Salata Month ago

      @Jessica Rosiles that’s what I was saying lol. 👍

    • Jessica Rosiles
      Jessica Rosiles Month ago +2

      The hot ones show is on RUclips and on Hulu. Either way, we want them on the hot ones show!!

    • Sean Salata
      Sean Salata Month ago

      @Simply Lemonade right lol

    • Simply Lemonade
      Simply Lemonade Month ago +1

      @Sean Salata that’s fair

    • Simply Lemonade
      Simply Lemonade Month ago +1

      @Sean Salata “been wanting them on the actual hot ones show but this will do just fine!”

  • Hauns91
    Hauns91 Month ago +1

    God I miss the era of my Wife and I enjoying Impractical Jokers in their early seasons and seeing them live. It feels so weird without Joe :(

  • Evildeadpoll 64
    Evildeadpoll 64 Month ago +1

    Cold ones? I would love to see em on getting wasted and to see max and Sal interact with each other

  • Christopher Beadnell

    I had that Apollo and it’s no joke for the jokers!
    Love you guys, grew up watching you. Thank you for making me laugh all the time!

  • Christian Robeson
    Christian Robeson Month ago

    These 3 men have made me laugh more times then anyone alive. RIP Joe Gatto

  • elisa martinez
    elisa martinez Month ago

    They're such a genuine and chill bunch

  • Rufus
    Rufus Month ago +2

    holy cow gotta get these 3 on hot ones for sure, absolutely hilarious

  • catloversjt
    catloversjt 22 days ago

    so glad you finally got them on the show!!!

  • Eli
    Eli Month ago

    I love impractical jokers!! This was so funny to watch!! Thank you

  • Dyna Go To My ChanneI LiVE NOW

    Love these guys, but I miss Joe. He was the king. That being said, I'm glad these guys are still going

    • mahniskel
      mahniskel Month ago +1


    • haha
      haha Month ago

      @Jeradiah Williams he died

    • Anthony D
      Anthony D Month ago

      Wow. Just realized how joe was very much “the carpet that tied the room together”. I hope he’s able to return. But I agree that family always comes first.

    • William Ferguson
      William Ferguson Month ago

      Joe would’ve had some epic upper lip sweat going here! 😆

  • Noah Chaimberg
    Noah Chaimberg Month ago

    These guys are great. It was a pleasure to provide the hot sauce

  • Amber Rezabek
    Amber Rezabek 16 days ago

    Sals little distress dance has me absolutely crying with laughter

  • Brandon Neumann
    Brandon Neumann Month ago +1

    I feel like Im collapsing on the inside lol, poor Sal, dude was dead from bite one, and Q my dude, youre a beast

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 6 days ago +1

    Murr having a panic attack is comedy gold

  • Rick
    Rick Month ago +572

    Q saying "what's in this to make it so hot" and Sal replying "it's the hot sauce" Something about that has me dead, had to replay and can't stop laughing! I love these guys, really miss Joe. Hope all is well with him these days.

    • CyberCraft
      CyberCraft Month ago +1

      @Radical Reviews 😂😂😂

    • Radical Reviews
      Radical Reviews Month ago +1

      ​@CyberCraft The OP, Rick...He said "Something about that has me dead."

    • CyberCraft
      CyberCraft Month ago

      @Radical Reviews who died

    • Radical Reviews
      Radical Reviews Month ago

      I'm sorry for your loss. When is the funeral?

    • Theearlynovamber ;
      Theearlynovamber ; Month ago +3

      Me too! Joe was my favorite.. I was just telling my fiancée that if he was their, he wouldn’t even be phased!

  • Skeletron245
    Skeletron245 Month ago

    I love your show. Keep it up dude.

  • Rahaf S97
    Rahaf S97 Month ago +9

    12:41 Q is thinking of every decision he made throughout his life lol

  • Fayden
    Fayden Month ago +1

    i love watching them suffer 🤣

  • Christopher C
    Christopher C Month ago +1

    I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much as I did in this video!

  • Alexis Evans
    Alexis Evans Month ago

    this videos hilarious! but I’d lose to see joes reactions to these hot sauces 😂

  • chriistiinaaaa
    chriistiinaaaa Month ago

    the sauce had it in em that made them all burst out laughing which made me burst out laughin too 🤣 these guys are too funny

  • Kenya love
    Kenya love Month ago

    Murr was tearing those wings up at the end 😂

  • Hannah Hautzinger
    Hannah Hautzinger 25 days ago +1

    Man they’re just not the same without Joe, they’re best friends it just isn’t right to see that one’s missing :(

  • boi boi
    boi boi Month ago +219

    Sal dancing faster and faster as Sean continues asking the question until he just eats the wing before he finishes the question is SO funny

  • moonlightmoods
    moonlightmoods Month ago

    I love it 🤣 glad everyone's okay hahaha

  • priscilla marquez
    priscilla marquez Month ago +4

    Sal's 2nd bite literally took him out, he's literally about to cry 💀