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Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Official Trailer

  • Published on Mar 8, 2020
  • "At some point we all have to choose between what the world wants you to be and who you are.” Watch the new trailer for Marvel Studios’ . In theaters May 1.
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Comments • 34 368

  • TKGriffiths
    TKGriffiths 2 years ago +20475

    She deserved to have this film before Endgame.

    • Jamie Williams Jr
      Jamie Williams Jr 2 months ago

      I’m sying

    • Emma King
      Emma King 2 months ago

      Ya she should have but then we wouldn’t have had Florence Pugh as Yelena so I’m not comparing

    • michael myers
      michael myers 2 months ago

      @Wouter de vries no

    • Vyru Alone
      Vyru Alone 2 months ago

      @tom ace yasss

  • Jesus Vega
    Jesus Vega Year ago +1408

    This movie is a great example of how you can have badass female lead roles without having to verbally say it. You just do it.

    • HEMANT ks
      HEMANT ks 9 days ago

      Movie was still garbage

    • Expendable Indigo
      Expendable Indigo 14 days ago

      "This movie is a great example of how you can have a badass American lead role without having to verbally say that they're American, Captain America. You just do it."

    • Darkxide_editz
      Darkxide_editz Month ago

      @adib afiq Well no bc then it’s not representation, it’s taking over and replacing men.

    • Emma King
      Emma King 2 months ago

      Captain marvel writers need to take notes

    • Nigel
      Nigel 6 months ago

      Or not rebooting it

  • kenna
    kenna Year ago +3827

    Honestly she needed her own trilogy, we all know it would’ve been interesting as hell.

    • Killer_007x
      Killer_007x Month ago

      @HEMANT ks Lmao bruh what?💀 this movie was literally amazing it literally has an 91% audience score lmfao

    • HEMANT ks
      HEMANT ks Month ago

      @Killer_007x Isn't this movie trash? As far as I have heard as well as seen

    • Killer_007x
      Killer_007x Month ago

      @HEMANT ks “trash”😭😭

    • Super Spartan 7
      Super Spartan 7 3 months ago

      Honestly. Especially with Winter Soldier showing up and even Taskmaster being done right. (Action scenes were top tier for 2/3rds of Black Widow but got less great in the final 3rd and the story of Taskmaster was a just a total bad change).

    • Claude Mac
      Claude Mac 5 months ago

      A couple of days from now, it would have been the second anniversary of the film's release if COVID-19 did not happen. Too sad for 2020 which many cinemas around the world were still closed by the devasted disease.

  • Lukimus Prime
    Lukimus Prime Year ago +3459

    Came back here after seeing this and I can confidently say that this should have came out before Captain Marvel.

    • Emma King
      Emma King 2 months ago

      Literally yes. In my mind it did. Cap marvel movie doesn’t count.

    • Alice Lee
      Alice Lee 3 months ago

      But then there wouldn't be any quality content for after endgame.

    • The Eternal Watcher
      The Eternal Watcher 5 months ago

      @Phoenixwing062 Because both served the same function but achieved them at different levels of success.

    • james irwin
      james irwin 6 months ago

      On one level, yes, but on another level, this movie is the most fitting cap to Nat's story arc and, because of the events in END GAME, is far more poignant and carries much more weight than it otherwise would (plus, it gives us that great graveyard sequence.) Because we know Nat's fate, this movie means so much more. This movie needed END GAME and Nat's story needed this movie. On top of that, it's a fantastic lead in to HAWKEYE, and HAWKEYE is a great follow up to it.
      Also, CAPTAIN MARVEL doesn't deserve the diss, I don't care what some people think.

    • Anna 2204
      Anna 2204 10 months ago


  • Alejandro Vallencci
    Alejandro Vallencci Year ago +275

    I’m so incredibly happy that she’s finally getting her own movie AND the recognition she deserves

  • trance_salix
    trance_salix 2 years ago +6473

    This movie not hitting theaters was probably one of the biggest movie losses in 2020, when this drops its gonna be epic!!!

    • jimothy2003
      jimothy2003 8 months ago

      @Mouse Rat Man, tbh, my videos sucked lol. I'm glad I've been able to improve my voice though and yeah, as soon as I saw Jonathan being lifted in the theater, I KNEW that wasn't Thor 😂

    • Mouse Rat
      Mouse Rat 8 months ago +1

      @jimothy2003 I love your jams man. Those pipes in that vid. And your endgame theory was almost correct! Mjolnir instead of stormbreaker.

    • jimothy2003
      jimothy2003 8 months ago

      @Mouse Rat I'm honored that Mouse Rat is responding to my comment. I love your music 😢

    • Mouse Rat
      Mouse Rat 8 months ago +1

      @jimothy2003 YoU ArE sO inCoRrEcT

    • jimothy2003
      jimothy2003 Year ago

      @pizzaguy Jesus, y'all gotta stop replying to my old comment before reading all of the replies

  • Radaza Beatrice S.
    Radaza Beatrice S. Year ago +387

    I saw this movie today and as always Scarlett is stunning, so cool especially Florence! She is marvelous. I hope to see her more in another movies.

    • Shashi George
      Shashi George Year ago +1

      Uhh excuse me that movie ain't trash u should be respecting that movie other wach it!

    • Andres Coloma
      Andres Coloma Year ago +2

      I saw it today, and OMG, it is the worst movie in the MCU. even Thor the dark world is better, so plain, an uninteresting. Scarlett is stunning for sure, she is without acting to. But the villain, the plot, the tempo... what a waste.

    • Shashi George
      Shashi George Year ago

      Yelena wisitiled I don't no if this is right but uh ye and then Natalie appeared from a light maybe she in heaven?

    • Dynish Abraham
      Dynish Abraham Year ago

      The grave... it was the events after Endgame.

    • princess pari
      princess pari Year ago

      I got confused at the end. What happened to Natasha?? I saw Yelena in front of Natasha's grave.. Its so confusing. Can u explain??

  • Beau Loppens
    Beau Loppens Year ago +488

    I've got goosebumbs three minutes straight with the Smells Like Teen Spirit scene

    • r33mote
      r33mote Month ago

      @Trailer with yard waste on it they/them/its

    • r33mote
      r33mote Month ago

      i literally turned it off when i heard that garbage.

    • f c
      f c Year ago +1

      Best part of movie all down hill after that.

    • Isaac
      Isaac Year ago +1

      Just too bad that the song doesn’t fit with the tone

    • Great Piggle
      Great Piggle Year ago +8

      @Trailer with yard waste on it cry about it

  • Alhe
    Alhe Year ago +90

    I love how she poses after every different move shows how well trained she is.

  • Kathan Prajapati
    Kathan Prajapati Year ago +1990

    Nat: I am done running.

      TUHIN SUBHRA MANDAL 9 months ago +7

      @Gurpreet Singh I guess you don't understand sarcasm dummy 🤣🤣

    • Gurpreet Singh
      Gurpreet Singh 9 months ago +1

      @TUHIN SUBHRA MANDAL Dummies, when she says "I'm done running" she means she's done running from her past. And that she's ready to face it now. Which is exactly what she does.

    • Krish Kumar
      Krish Kumar Year ago +1

      Ultra true

    • hello hola
      hello hola Year ago +2

      @Razib Shakil yes it is

    • Razib Shakil
      Razib Shakil Year ago +4

      @Either Or is this black widow first solo movie

  • Parzival
    Parzival 2 years ago +4330

    Really hoping this movie will have the most hype post-credits scene ever.

    • TazinBoor3
      TazinBoor3 4 months ago

      A women tells her Clint killed Natasha so she wants to kill Clint.

    • Joey Jerry
      Joey Jerry Year ago

      It’s the start of phase 4 so I’m really hoping it does. It’s going to be the start of a new story

    • Kait
      Kait Year ago

      that´s sad

    • Louie 3000
      Louie 3000 Year ago +1

      Hopefully some fantastic four or X-men teaser

    • PrimeOctober
      PrimeOctober Year ago +1


  • MM
    MM Year ago +28

    Wow this movie was really well done. I actually shed a tear or two. Easily one of the best Marvel movies of all time. I really can't remember being this impressed with the cast, the screenplay, the dialogue, the action, everything about it was perfecto.

  • Pickles37
    Pickles37 Year ago +35

    I love Florence and I'm glad that she is getting recognition

    • Pickles37
      Pickles37 15 days ago +1

      @Max Khovanski I started following her since Midsommar, its great!

    • Max Khovanski
      Max Khovanski 15 days ago +1

      @Brit Ratcliffe How have you not heard about Midsommar lol.

    • Max Khovanski
      Max Khovanski 15 days ago +1

      Also, as a Russian, her Russian accent was also good. She didn't overdo it like so many actors and it ended up sounding pretty realistic.

    • Brit Ratcliffe
      Brit Ratcliffe Year ago +5

      She was so good! didnt know her before this movie, but will definitely be following her from now on. Such a great casting choice for Yelena. She's easily one of my top 5 MCU characters now. Any future shows or movies Yelena is in I'm there!

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein 11 months ago +78

    She deserves her own Disney+ TV series tbh
    The movie packed too much in too little time, there were too many aspects that should’ve been explored in depth via a TV series

    • Albert Einstein
      Albert Einstein 10 months ago +1


    • XtrE me
      XtrE me 10 months ago +9

      Nice , somebody gets it. I mean how much time did the villain even get in this movie? like 15 minutes? The first episodes of the series could have been before that events of iron man 1, explaining how she joined shield and her training as a young child.

    • Anthony Ramos
      Anthony Ramos 11 months ago +5

      Honestly I think all the characters weren't used to their full potential

  • Lelia Tarasova
    Lelia Tarasova Year ago +91

    She’s been my favourite since I was a little girl. And she kept the position even after Wanda and Captain Marvel. I love them too. But nothing can win my childhood queen

    • TYsone Lai
      TYsone Lai 10 months ago +2

      same here

    • *Insert funny username here*
      *Insert funny username here* Year ago

      @New Light 😳😳😳

    • Lelia Tarasova
      Lelia Tarasova Year ago +7

      @New Light I’m just praying here that you’re joking. 😃😑

    • Lelia Tarasova
      Lelia Tarasova Year ago +7

      @*Insert funny username here* She isn’t really a terrible character, I think the way they made her just wasn’t the best. I like Brie Larson in her role, but the way she chose to portray the character was not liked by many.

    • *Insert funny username here*
      *Insert funny username here* Year ago +2

      Captain marvel is a terrible character

  • LadySeraphineCC
    LadySeraphineCC Year ago +5371

    She should have gotten her own movie before Captain Marvel.

    • Gregory Canty
      Gregory Canty Year ago

      I agree with you 200%!

    • Barton_Dean
      Barton_Dean Year ago

      Meh. Filler character on the Avengers. Stop overrating everything Marvel, a lot of it was.

    • Giosy 007
      Giosy 007 Year ago

      @~Cotton~Candy~ I have read that the Loki series has given the possibility of a hypothetical return of Nat. Also because the original timeline was canceled.

    • ~Cotton~Candy~
      ~Cotton~Candy~ Year ago

      @Abhirami Subhash they have but she was never the ''Main actor'' she was only part of the movies 😂😂

  • Amber Yadav
    Amber Yadav 3 months ago +19

    I don't care what people say this movie was actually very fun.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo Year ago +506

    We wait 1.5 years and now this movie is out in 5 days, we passed the mission.

    • Njabulo Mbongwa
      Njabulo Mbongwa Year ago


    • Big Toe
      Big Toe Year ago +1

      @Michelle Hoover it was the stupidest film ever

    • Njabulo Mbongwa
      Njabulo Mbongwa Year ago

      I can tell from the trailer... IL watch it the day I'm really bored with my life🙄

    • Shuri Witwicky
      Shuri Witwicky Year ago

      @Michelle Hoover Lol the usual complaints

  • seonhomyeon
    seonhomyeon 8 months ago +19

    ONE OF THE BEST MCU MOVIES! I love Natasha and Yelena 💚🔥

  • The one and only Lennon

    This movie was AMAZING, I saw it the first day it came to theaters. But I'm kinda disappointed that we didn't get to see them as a kid in the Red Room. I will still give it a five stars!

  • Kelsea Belle
    Kelsea Belle Year ago +8717

    I understand black widow is getting a movie but she deserved a funeral. Everyone was just sad for a sec then went on there way and on top of that hawkeye just went back to his fam like nothing changed.

    • Kenzie’s Candy store!
      Kenzie’s Candy store! 8 months ago +1

      Watch Hawkeye

    • hi
      hi 9 months ago +2

      @Guillermo Fonseca true, but they had time for Tonys funeral.. why not Nats?

    • Nikola
      Nikola Year ago +2

      Hulk threw a bench, thats the funeral

    • Raima
      Raima Year ago

      @Tamyra Drew no problem!! So yeah she did die in Endgame but this movie is set before it, think of a prequel. It’s right after civil war where she’s on the run and before Infinity War!

  • jose vicente aguilera
    jose vicente aguilera Year ago +385

    This soundtrack in this trailer is a beauty

    • Anand Sebastian
      Anand Sebastian Year ago +3

      @xGreenAngelx Thank you.

    • Brawl Expert
      Brawl Expert Year ago +4

      @xGreenAngelx omg,thanks!

    • Sarah Stabler
      Sarah Stabler Year ago +4

      I wish they would’ve used it in the movie

    • xGreenAngelx
      xGreenAngelx Year ago +9

      Musik: Audiomachine - We Are Gods

    • jess
      jess Year ago +20

      it really is, the sirens and the woman’s wailing in the background. it’s so addicting. and it fits natasha/black widow SO WELL. like the soundtrack is perfect for this movie.

  • Arman Khan
    Arman Khan Year ago +21

    Just watched this movie in the cinema and I can confidently say that this movie is AMAZING!

  • Nia Hasan
    Nia Hasan Year ago +354

    Black Widow is such a lit movie. I need the trilogy with Natasha and Yelena "family" as well

    • ВЯЧ ВАС
      ВЯЧ ВАС Year ago

      @Doctor Doom а то что?

    • Doge
      Doge Year ago +9

      The movie is awesome but it would’ve been better to show the mission she had with clint too

    • ВЯЧ ВАС
      ВЯЧ ВАС Year ago +4

      Your requirements for the plot are not high.

  • Panther
    Panther Year ago +121

    after seeing it , it definitely should’ve come out after civil war and before infinity war

    • Im bored
      Im bored Year ago +9

      @hory portier they could've Removed it from Black Widow and put that scene at the End of Endgame

    • hory portier
      hory portier Year ago +3

      Last scene

  • Thomas Warnars
    Thomas Warnars 2 years ago +19193

    You can say whatever you want, but Marvel knows how to make a good trailer.

    • Artimuos
      Artimuos 8 months ago

      But not good female superhero movie.

    • TacoHorse
      TacoHorse Year ago

      @니산 That's my secret. I don't want to.

    • 니산
      니산 Year ago

      @TacoHorse i dont think you really know what marvel is...

    • Rezky Donny Putranto
      Rezky Donny Putranto Year ago

      @David Cartwright we have different opinion mate

  • polen
    polen Year ago +4

    Loved the movie 😍 The last scene just made me want to watch Infinity War and Endgame all over again.

  • JJ
    JJ 3 months ago +12

    This was one of the best movies in the entire MCU. I thought it was absolutely brilliant!!!!!! Natasha was a superstar

  • ForkyBros
    ForkyBros Year ago +7

    ITS FINALLY HERE! I loved Black Widow. Marvel is coming back! 🥳

  • Sam Udontneedtoknowmylastname

    I watched this movie and I laughed, smiled, and cried. One hell of an emotional roller coaster! But I’d do it all over again if I got the chance. To anyone who hasn’t seen it, GO! It WILL be worth it

    • princess pari
      princess pari Year ago

      What happened to Natasha at the end.? I got confused with the end scene where Yelena was in front of Natasha's grave

  • Cilvy Joy
    Cilvy Joy Year ago +3487

    She is probably the only person in the avenger team with absolutely no power,and still the strongest face it she deserves her own movie....

    • Rainy Aesthetics 💍 WSS
      Rainy Aesthetics 💍 WSS Year ago

      Hey have you guys watchef the trailer of phoenix widow? That is fanmade but is awesome. Give it a try.

    • FanFro BlueFlame
      FanFro BlueFlame Year ago

      You don’t Need powers to be an Avenger

    • SpongeBob SquarePants
      SpongeBob SquarePants Year ago

      She DOES have powers lol. U could've just mentioned

    • Carrick McHwain
      Carrick McHwain Year ago

      because it is called liberal propaganda.
      "All right, I'm just saying women aren't meant to fight. They have tiny hollow bones."
      - Johnny Lawrence

    • Taraa
      Taraa Year ago

      She’s literally my fav :)

  • ElectricRubenVids
    ElectricRubenVids Year ago +15

    I like how this trailer made it look like Taskmaster was the main villain when she was only a side villain. Well done Marvel, bravo.

  • Lincoln Zolondek
    Lincoln Zolondek 3 months ago +1

    I love the beginning ( I love how Natasha's sister is so funny and badass at the same time).

  • Namish Way (Movie & Music Reviews)

    Great movie. Obviously it's gonna be a great movie, it is a Marvel movie after all. Love the story line and script. Ratings 7/10

  • Lucy Black
    Lucy Black Year ago

    I honestly don’t know how many times I have watched this trailer since it first came out, I was super bummed when it got delayed but now it’s coming so soon! I’m very hyped!

  • Hunter
    Hunter 2 years ago +3382

    Audience: so you finally got a movie about yourself?
    Black Widow: Yes.
    Audience: What did it cost you?
    Black Widow: My life.

    • Huy Nguyen
      Huy Nguyen 6 months ago


    • Riddikulus
      Riddikulus Year ago

      @Ms Rodrigues a year later and we still dont know what ure talking abt…

    • Alisha Adhikari
      Alisha Adhikari Year ago


    • Saray Espin
      Saray Espin 2 years ago

      GOTTA4 GAMEPLAY why what happened

    • xxgsxx
      xxgsxx 2 years ago

      @Ms Rodrigues no we rlly don't

  • Matthew Ace70
    Matthew Ace70 5 months ago +1

    Amazing trailer for Black Widow! I do feel like her movie should've been released in phase 3. At least, she finally got a movie. So that's cool!

  • TheScarletAria
    TheScarletAria Year ago +1

    Just when I thought I couldn't love Florence Pugh more than I already do.

  • Hariharan J
    Hariharan J Year ago +3

    Natasha waited WAYYY too long to her her own solo film
    I have now watched the movie and it’s fire 🔥
    She deserved this !!!

  • Engel 6969
    Engel 6969 Year ago +2

    I love the relationship of sisters between Jelena and Natasha, very well built without pains and glories, that is to say the hard truth and what we have come to. I also congratulate the trilogy with Raquel all divas and icons of cinema. Without a doubt a trio that I would love to continue seeing as Black Widows Girls and in the near future in Science Fiction films in space., It may be a trilogy of warriors from the stars or the worlds or interstellar travel to save the planet. I am enchanted and in love with Florence my icon of woman. Congratulations Natasha un film very fine construyed. Intelligent for always.

  • Aries Abhishek
    Aries Abhishek 2 years ago +7399

    Audience: So finally you got a movie for yourself.
    Black Widow: Yes.
    Audience: What did it cost?
    Black Widow: My life.

  • Protectis
    Protectis Year ago +1

    The part at the end when he stepped on the shield and threw it was 🔥

  • General Knowledge & Sociology Fact💡

    Outstanding movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • DragonPhoenix
    DragonPhoenix Year ago +38

    It went from "Black widow coming out in May" to "Black widow may be coming out"

  • Carlos SJ
    Carlos SJ Year ago +1

    Man I really hope Dottie Underwood comes out in this movie considering she was also trained in the red room

  • L W
    L W Year ago +4847

    She deserves her own movie. But so does Loki. At least he's getting a series.

    • Garfield
      Garfield Year ago


    • King Tanglerking
      King Tanglerking Year ago

      In my opinion series are way better then movies cause they alot of episode and you can change the plot easier in series than a movie

    • PJ Dianalan
      PJ Dianalan Year ago

      @L W Hawkeye series.

    • ayush_ raaj
      ayush_ raaj Year ago

      Lokis series is started for introducing galactus

    • Yashvardhan Singh
      Yashvardhan Singh Year ago

      @itsflowerside The guys I was replying to said that Wanda deserves her own movie instead of a show so I told him that all the characters I mentioned too deserve the movies but everyone can't get one. Instead, they're getting shows. I know. Read and understand the comments before stepping in.

  • StayDontStray
    StayDontStray Year ago +2

    I'm so happy Florence is in this movie

  • thetrickster240
    thetrickster240 Year ago +26

    They really should have followed the trailer's words and actually had Taskmaster CONTROL the Red-Room. I'm perfectly fine with who they wanted Taskmaster to be, but they should have just kept them as the actual main villain

  • Alexis Sicilia
    Alexis Sicilia Year ago

    One of the best Marvel movies in my opinion

  • Jasmine Al-Igoe
    Jasmine Al-Igoe 2 months ago +1

    1 year since BW today! Will never forget Nat or the rest of the OG Avengers.. Can't wait to see what comes next for the MCU.🖤🖤

  • Adam M
    Adam M Year ago +5370

    fans: is natasha dead
    marvel: yes’nt

    • Q
      Q Year ago

      @Ed Frederick it’s lady loki

    • Emmanuel Hernandez
      Emmanuel Hernandez Year ago

      @pantyhawk it sadly not black widow it it

    • జనం మనం
      జనం మనం Year ago

      This is after end game movie
      This is before the avengers movie

    • rehan shaikh
      rehan shaikh Year ago +3

      She is dead bro because this film is placed between civil war and infinity war

  • Blessing Mukorera
    Blessing Mukorera 2 months ago +4

    this is one of the best movies l`ve ever watched!

  • Sanchit Tandon 919
    Sanchit Tandon 919 2 months ago +2

    The soundtrack is awesome... listening it again and again and again

  • Mohit Beniwal
    Mohit Beniwal Year ago

    I watched the movie today and I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.

  • YahsDaughterZion777
    YahsDaughterZion777 8 months ago +1

    Amazing!!!! Just now watching this today, best movie I’ve seen in a very long time!💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • M Idk
    M Idk Year ago +1

    I watched this movie yesterday. If you haven’t watched it to watch it right now. Something always happens it’s so good. Amazing

  • Rogue Guardian
    Rogue Guardian Year ago +53

    Loki's been keeping me occupied, but I'm excited to finally see a new marvel movie!

  • Maarten VB
    Maarten VB Year ago +5

    Just saw the movie, this is one of the best movies in the MCU!!

  • F
    F 9 months ago +5

    I love that many people love Natasha 🤩

  • Sara Jung
    Sara Jung 2 years ago +2620

    I just wanna give Scarlett a hug and tell her that she doesn’t deserve that this corona thing delayed her premiere :(

  • Han Dev
    Han Dev Year ago +3

    I just watched the film. It’s good.

  • mrsmarvelz
    mrsmarvelz Year ago +3

    im so hyped i cant stop watching the trailer

  • Munmun Solanki
    Munmun Solanki Year ago

    I watched the movie 🍿 , it was an amazing experience. The ending made me cry 😭

    • Nicole Lawless
      Nicole Lawless Year ago

      It cheered me up after my breakdown over missing Prince Philip and I still do

  • Greatness Ransome-Kuti
    Greatness Ransome-Kuti 5 months ago +1

    “You won’t win. I’ve always found it best… not to look into the past.”
    That was some intense foreshadowing to Natasha’s Death in Endgame…

  • JoJo
    JoJo 2 years ago +1320

    A list of Taskmaster's moves:
    0:32 Captain America
    0:36 Black Widow
    1:14 Black Panther
    1:16 Spider-Man
    1:28 Hawkeye
    1:56 *Peter from Deadpool 2*

    • Edits xxYASSS
      Edits xxYASSS Year ago

      And hopper 2:14 😂😂

    • Carine S
      Carine S 2 years ago

      @Sarah M no that's spider man somebody makes a good comment then the replie section ruins it

    • Carine S
      Carine S 2 years ago

      Best comment ever

    • Stef Ssj
      Stef Ssj 2 years ago

      😂 😂

    • Marvelansh
      Marvelansh 2 years ago

      @Fuel902necessary Yeah it's Spidey's move but looks so similar to first Mk 42 suit up.

  • Luz Cordoba
    Luz Cordoba Year ago +6

    Can't believe how good this looks!

  • The Reverence
    The Reverence Year ago +1

    More excited than ever for this 🤩🤩🤩

  • Alex Ayers
    Alex Ayers Year ago +3

    The score for this film was glorious.

  • LouisMC
    LouisMC 8 months ago +4

    You know, Drax is actually in this trailer. You just can't see him because he's standing so incredibly still, he's become invisible to the eye

    • Era of AV
      Era of AV 7 months ago

      the joke died here...oh god..

  • Ethan
    Ethan 2 years ago +3945

    Fans: Isn’t her story over?
    Marvel: *Well, yes. But actually, no.*

    • Nioh Arcadia
      Nioh Arcadia 2 years ago +1

      People complain about her not having enough of a backstory are oddly not wanting to see it. Even if she's dead you have to remember this takes place after Cival War and before Infinty War. Set up for further content or not at least we are getting A backstory. If that doesn't interest you that's fine then just don't watch it and keep complaining about her not having a backstory.

    • TheN1ghtwalker
      TheN1ghtwalker 2 years ago +1

      What story?

    • ThatSwissCyborg
      ThatSwissCyborg 2 years ago +2

      Her story is never over

    • Sig Hansen
      Sig Hansen 2 years ago +1

      Gotta love them female spinoffs.. Gotta milk them bois.

    • Barley
      Barley 2 years ago +1

      @Muhammad Unggul
      It's not about this Gamora.
      It's about the other Gamora,
      so watch the movie again. 😉

  • Gallifrey Falls No More

    Just got back from the cinema! What an amazing film!!!

  • 𝘬𝓲ᦔ𝘴ꪶꪶꪶꪶꪶꪮꪮᧁ

    Me when i see Black widow movie after endgame: “Wait, isn’t she dead?”
    Me when i see Black Widow Movie post credits: “Oh, I see this is an origin movie”

  • axedow
    axedow Year ago

    just saw it a few hours ago, worth it 100%

  • chloe
    chloe Year ago +3

    ahhhh this movie is gonna come out in 10 days after 2 years of it being delayed so excited for it !!!

  • Rafael Shelby
    Rafael Shelby Year ago

    Muito pika tá doido, tô mais ansioso agora q falaram q vai aparecer o homem de ferro

  • Mahi Singhvi
    Mahi Singhvi Year ago +1

    Idk why they didn’t use this score in the movie it’s awesome

  • Stargirl
    Stargirl Year ago +15

    Ok I watched so many bad reviews before I watched the movie... Finally watched it for myself and I really liked it more than I thought I would've. The very end made me emotional.

    • Roberto1212…
      Roberto1212… Year ago

      @Joey Jerry I would rank it middle as well I don’t think it is as bad as iron man two or Thor the dark world but I’m 50/50 on wether I enjoyed it more than black panther

    • Stargirl
      Stargirl Year ago

      @Mr Vengeance I can live with that

    • Mr Vengeance
      Mr Vengeance Year ago

      @Stargirl lets say you enjoys empty feeling movies

  • Gina Petolicchio
    Gina Petolicchio Month ago +1

    I love that we have dave harbour from stranger things in this he looks so young compared to how he looks on that show but still looks good either way I liked her with long red hair medium and short as well but I wasn't crazy about the blonde I probably would have liked it more if the eyebrows weren't bleached before I did like the half red/blonde a lot though so when "Melina" was with dreykov and when "Natasha" was locked up with Alexei had me so lost til "fake Melina" with dreykov turned out to be real Natasha and "fake Natasha" who was locked up with Alexei ende up being the real Melina was pretty crazy

  • L. W.
    L. W. Year ago +4164

    Why the hell is no one talking about this AMAZING soundtrack???

  • Beastace
    Beastace  Year ago +3

    Who's here after (finally) watching Black Widow!?

  • FdL
    FdL Year ago +28

    Alexei's story about his dad and him fishing had me laughing!

  • GrizzlyFir
    GrizzlyFir Year ago

    to be honest i am very sad this got delayed by over a year but at least marvel will have time to make it a great movie and i have a feeling it will be

  • Malik Wright
    Malik Wright Year ago +1

    This movie was an absolute banger 🔥🔥

    ELILEGOREVIEWS Year ago +37

    The scene when they are falling and fighting is gonna be EPIC AF

  • Sarva Mass
    Sarva Mass Year ago +4

    Goosebumps trailer watched for thousands time because of music and scene

  • Camila Lopez
    Camila Lopez Year ago +1

    Back here after watching the movie, which was AWESOME and action-packed! Fun spotting the differences between the trailer and movie

  • Boulbi Boulga
    Boulbi Boulga Year ago +1

    I finally saw it and it was awesome. The post credit scene should have been the post credit scene of Endgame

  • SEAN
    SEAN 2 years ago +12477

    Thor: I will have 4 solo movies
    Tony: Four? I only have three!
    Nat: What do you mean? I only have one!
    Clint: You guys have solo movies?

    • Anime Kid
      Anime Kid 11 months ago

      @•CøøkieChan• let's gooooo, my boy got the attention he deserves😌

    • •CøøkieChan•
      •CøøkieChan• 11 months ago +1

      He has a series now 😌

    • Kyra
      Kyra Year ago +3

      Now Clint be like: I got one too:))))

    • Syed Saifullah
      Syed Saifullah Year ago


    • The Yodeling Viking
      The Yodeling Viking Year ago

      Should have Hulk between Natasha and Clint since he only had a retconned movie

  • Miliventosillav Vasquez

    This trailer is amazinf, I love it, it's just perfect the combination of soundrack, I love it! I want to see the movie.! ❤️❤️👌🏻

  • Gaurav Ahuja
    Gaurav Ahuja Year ago

    I feel this movie was one of the best MCU solo movie.. really gave winter soldier vibes.. less comic, serious and action is on point and ofc simple and different story.

    SHREYAS Year ago

    The Avengers bgm at the ending of the film gave me chills 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mark
    Mark Year ago

    Love this movie!!!

  • Omega
    Omega 2 years ago +8488

    Black widow: coming in may
    2020: we don’t do that here

  • Andrew Lawley
    Andrew Lawley Year ago +2

    on my way to see it in the cinema right now!

  • 🦋T. Kara🦋
    🦋T. Kara🦋 Year ago +1

    Great movie just finished watching it

  • Asadislive
    Asadislive Year ago +1

    what a movie it is i just love it . best characters combination and one of my favorite actors talented and beautiful full of confidence . this movie made me smile after a long time i smile on any movie i think this movie should have second part or maybe like a franchise .
    The story have so much potential but they escaped story a little fast . I think as a first part they have to built a story detail which i would love to see but it cant happen.
    best of luck and overall i enjoyed it

    • Asadislive
      Asadislive Year ago

      @Luke so true i hope second part will be more fantastic and overcome with part 1 mistakes.

    • Luke
      Luke Year ago +1

      same. Although not the best movie for some reason this movie has a special place in my heart

  • Magga Rocha
    Magga Rocha Year ago +2


  • XMAN522
    XMAN522 2 years ago +1380

    Taskmaster over here watching Marvel movies to gain everyone’s skills. No but seriously I can’t wait to see him in action

    • Steven Lucas
      Steven Lucas Year ago

      @Watcher40000 yep, I was so wrong. In my defense, in the trailers taskmaster looked like a dude. I was never expecting olga of all people. They did an amazing job of hiding that. I get why they did it, that was crazy.

    • Watcher40000
      Watcher40000 Year ago +2

      @Steven Lucas looks like you needed just a bit more research there, bud.

    • Steven Lucas
      Steven Lucas 2 years ago +1

      @Tanner H. Nah, it's been confirmed Taskmaster is going to be a man.The dude playing him confirmed it on accident, but nobody noticed. It's the guy on the casting list named "Rick Mason", which is obviously just a cover name as to not totally spoil it for most people.

    • Adam Moore
      Adam Moore 2 years ago +1

      @Shaquiem Galvani marvel have changed movie trailers in the past in order deceive fans' expectations of the movie. I wouldn't be so surprised if taskmaster does end up being a woman to be honest. Disney love to please the feminists

    • Dj The Question
      Dj The Question 2 years ago +2

      Yea, this is gonna be awesome. Wasn't a fan of the whole him and Deadpool together in the comics thing. Nor did I like him period. But I'm actually pumped to see him in this movie, and what they do with him. I don't think he's gonna be a woman tho🤔 As EVERYONE is predicting, lol

  • Lance
    Lance Year ago +2

    Finally seeing it tomorrow 😍😍

  • Nocnorr
    Nocnorr Year ago +1

    The movie was amazing!!!!!!