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THE WEDDING DAY VLOG!!! Behind the Scenes of the ENTIRE DAY

  • Published on Apr 13, 2024
  • WE DID IT, WE'RE MARRIED!!!! I am at a loss for words to properly define how magical our wedding weekend was. I am so grateful to YOU as well, for being here every step of the way throughout the planning process. The day was euphoric and I'm so glad I could document it and share it with you. We're TBD on a honeymoon right now so prepare for more photos and the official wedding video from our incredibly talented videographer in the coming weeks!! MR + MRS JEREMY AND LAUREN LEWIS!!!!!!!!!
    read more about our wedding (and jeremy's surprise hehe) here: www.theknot.com/content/laure...
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  • @laurDIYvlogs
    @laurDIYvlogs  Month ago +2618

    I just want to say thank you from the both of us for all of your thoughtful and heartfelt comments, ur crying and now im crying and we're all crying and i love u guys 😭 whether you've been watching for over a decade or a more recent viewer thank you for your support and letting me share our love story with you, it means the world and beyond

    • @krystlerae74
      @krystlerae74 Month ago +24

      I needed a tiddy qtip multiple times. It may have taken you 7 do overs for your office to truly reflect you …but this was it. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us

    • @fromdenisse
      @fromdenisse Month ago +7

      Thank you for sharing this journey with us as well. It felt like catching up with a friend 🧡

    • @dojorockergirl
      @dojorockergirl Month ago +5

      Every time I see a new photo or video of this I feel like I'm going to tear up all over again 😢🤧 I'm so happy and I'm so happy you both look so happy and in love and that everything is 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹 a decade of watching and I'm so grateful we were given the trust and care to watch this beautiful moment

    • @alyssajoybuenavente1477
      @alyssajoybuenavente1477 Month ago +4

      I have been watching your videos since 2015 and you are now a married woman😭
      We love you and Jeremy lots

    • @Victoria-kp5lj
      @Victoria-kp5lj Month ago +4

      This was the MOST PERFECT wedding I have ever seen

  • @marlaaasanchez
    @marlaaasanchez Month ago +3616

    I’ve never respected an influencer/vlogger more, instead of saying you weren’t gonna vlog during your wedding day you hired someone to vlog it to make us feel included and that says so much about you, congrats Lauren😭🤍

  • @rileytaft7627
    @rileytaft7627 Month ago +774

    Why is no one talking about how much of an absolute unit her mom is. Her back was BUILT. so impressive!!

    • @danterpan
      @danterpan Month ago +19

      right?? i was like wow momdiy is YOLKED

    • @MissBubbakush
      @MissBubbakush Month ago +9

      Her mom iss so fit and healthy!

  • @danielleisraelsen
    @danielleisraelsen Month ago +945

    SO NOBODY'S GONNA TALK ABOUT THE COVER OF CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE THAT JEREMY DID FOR LAUREN???? 😭 That is the most precious thing I could ever imagine

    • @caitlynsaywell4389
      @caitlynsaywell4389 Month ago +20


      @DAVIDELIAZAR_ Month ago +21

      Was this the surprise he had?

    • @k8craighead
      @k8craighead Month ago +22

      THAT WAS JEREMY?!?! 😭😭😭😭 i was listening to it in awe of how beautiful it is and it didn't even click that it was him!!

    • @deserabailey8500
      @deserabailey8500 Month ago +2

      @@k8craighead ME either!!!! Was it actually him?!?! OMG im going to DIE from the sweetness!!!

    • @rainrose1774
      @rainrose1774 Month ago +2

      Shit made me EMOTIONAL BOI LIKE WHATTT!!🥹🥹

  • @meggzilla009
    @meggzilla009 Month ago +1653

    Jeremy gasping for breath and sobbing into your kiss made me SOB WHAT

    • @LunaVioletta7
      @LunaVioletta7 Month ago +19

      Time stamp? I didn’t see him cry but must have missed it!

    • @LoganCarte
      @LoganCarte Month ago +24

      Tears. Real big alligator tears streamed down my face at that moment. Out of a dream. So happy for them!!

    • @BibbyLou99
      @BibbyLou99 Month ago +18


    • @Sincerelywendyy
      @Sincerelywendyy Month ago +3


    • @elviarts8945
      @elviarts8945 Month ago +8

      Oh my god i agreeeeeee we all knew He was gonna cry i mean come onnn have you seen lauren?!? ❤

  • @Texasgirl95
    @Texasgirl95 Month ago +2352

    THE KISS AT THE CEREMONY… I’ve never seen so much love behind a kiss before 😭😭😭😭

  • @elvidiadeborarivera
    @elvidiadeborarivera Month ago +193


  • @melodycollins2903
    @melodycollins2903 Month ago +276

    Seeing Jeremy be so affectionate has me crying in the club 😭😭

    • @Luna_Sutton
      @Luna_Sutton Month ago +7

      Yeah we see them sitting across from each most of the time it was so unfamiliar but adorable seeing them touch 😂😂

  • @nikkicollier8526
    @nikkicollier8526 Month ago +1263

    I’ve never cried so much over a “strangers” wedding in my life!!

  • @rebecarojas6851
    @rebecarojas6851 Month ago +1670


    • @laurDIYvlogs
      @laurDIYvlogs  Month ago +269

      editing team was the absolute MVP this week!!!!!! the true heroes of the wedding

    • @tiffanyslezinsky2815
      @tiffanyslezinsky2815 Month ago +14

      Our mom and dad are married!!! I cried so much!

  • @jacquelinejones1754
    @jacquelinejones1754 Month ago +344

    Jeremy’s faces at the first look. He’s so in love and then so stressed with the Qtip 😭😅 the way it breaks my heart his mom missed this all. So happy he’s got all the people who showed up for him.

    • @sydonme8860
      @sydonme8860 Month ago +8

      I'm new here, why wasn't his mom there?
      Hope I'm not bighting myself in the ass by asking honestly. The way you phrased it makes it seem like maybe she chose not to be there.

    • @siahjoshi1553
      @siahjoshi1553 Month ago +17

      @@sydonme8860 they mentioned in the podcast that she was invited but chose not to come. she was distancing herself but Jeremy didn't say why exactly

    • @sydonme8860
      @sydonme8860 Month ago +7

      @@siahjoshi1553 that’s so sad. I hope he didn’t spend to much time thinking about her on this day and just enjoyed it as much as possible!

    • @KarenTellez88
      @KarenTellez88 Month ago +1

      What episode was that?

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube Month ago +65

    everything about your special day was gorg: the venue, the weather, and especially you 🤍

  • @rachelstravelvlogs
    @rachelstravelvlogs Month ago +865

    ugh when momdiy started tearing up when yall was getting ready, I started tearing up with her 😭 I’ve been a fan for ten years now, and it feels like we’re *all* getting married 🥹

  • @krose20
    @krose20 Month ago +244

    Wow you didn’t just give us a glimpse of the wedding, you gave us THE WEDDING. Thank you for sharing so much of it with us. So happy for you and Jermey! It turned out fantastic!! Congratssssssss

  • @kyralinbrown4973
    @kyralinbrown4973 Month ago +83

    I’ve gotten so use to Jeremy’s sarcasm that seeing how in love you two really are just hit such a soft spot. So freakin cute! Congratulations!

  • @ashleyJo3547
    @ashleyJo3547 Month ago +70

    THAT KISS 😭😭 the sob I sobbed, you can see the love they have for each other. If it’s not this when I get married, I DONT WANT IT

  • @ashleymarie_13
    @ashleymarie_13 Month ago +536


    • @genevievehart2813
      @genevievehart2813 Month ago +13

      Moose looked so natural in his and diggy looked a little like “mom, dad, wtf”

    • @laurDIYvlogs
      @laurDIYvlogs  Month ago +37


  • @leen34568
    @leen34568 Month ago +451

    you know, i’m king of used to seeing lauren expressing her emotions (aka squeaking). but jeremy looked so so so happy today.

  • @tiffanyslezinsky2815
    @tiffanyslezinsky2815 Month ago +39

    When Jeremy first turns around.. the way he went “awe babe” you could just see it in his expression

  • @campbelldoyens8527
    @campbelldoyens8527 Month ago +6

    SOBBING. Lauren I have watched you since you lived in Canada and were just doing DIYs. I am so incredibly happy for you and Jeremy. I cried during this entire vlog.

  • @shelby060
    @shelby060 Month ago +482

    Jeremy’s accapella rendition of can’t help falling in love with you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • @LunaVioletta7
      @LunaVioletta7 Month ago

      Wait where?. Time stamp pls ?

    • @shelby060
      @shelby060 Month ago +20

      @@LunaVioletta7their first dance 31:06. I can recognize his voice and the fact that the song that plays over is fully acapella is what he was doing as a surprise

    • @laurDIYvlogs
      @laurDIYvlogs  Month ago +89

      i know bye sobbing

    • @charleymarie
      @charleymarie Month ago +12

      The fact I had to go back and listen bc I didn’t even notice the first time

    • @shelby060
      @shelby060 Month ago +1

      @@laurDIYvlogs how you didn't just sob through your first dance is impressive ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • @ashleym6454
    @ashleym6454 Month ago +199

    Jeremy helping dry your tear with the q-tip was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

    • @makaylacaterer492
      @makaylacaterer492 Month ago +2

      did you see how uncomfortable he was 😂 that's one of his biggest icks. that's true love right there

  • @mygymjournal
    @mygymjournal Month ago +51

    I don't think I ever saw a youtuber actually vlogging on their wedding day. You really care about us don't you? 🥲❤ Congratulations Lauren and Jeremy ❤❤❤ Everything was PERFECT ❤❤❤❤

  • @luckycharms280390
    @luckycharms280390 Month ago +14

    just love how much love Jeremy and Lauren clearly have for each other - the sheer amount of times they kissed throughout this just makes me beam with joy x

  • @katerinatrpkovska384
    @katerinatrpkovska384 Month ago +203

    I am not fucking okay 😭😭The kiss at the ceremony - it showed such true love, excitedness about each other and your future life, there was nothing fake for the cameras. I am just happy to have watched you guys for so long because seeing this wedding video made me believe in happiness again. Congratulations 💓

  • @deborahriveraleal2753
    @deborahriveraleal2753 Month ago +416


  • @alexusgulley6164
    @alexusgulley6164 Month ago +13

    I’ve been a silent viewer of yours for over 10 years, but I had to comment that I am soooo excited for you and now husband Jeremy. Your growth over the years has been amazing to watch. I wish you a long fulfilling marriage full of love, happiness, and fun! ❤

  • @hunterbbritt
    @hunterbbritt Month ago +14

    HUSBAND Jeremy kissing you at the ceremony and him LITERALLY SINGING TO YOU 🥹😭😭😭 congratulations to you both!!! Never been so happy for two strangers haha

  • @morle001
    @morle001 Month ago +210

    The first look was SO TENDER, MY HEART 🥹

  • @Hollymodz
    @Hollymodz Month ago +631

    jeremy's singing surprise was EVERYTHING!!

    • @Naligatorrocks
      @Naligatorrocks Month ago +7

      What time signature is it? I think I missed it

    • @mandalynw
      @mandalynw Month ago +45

      ​@@NaligatorrocksTheir first dance! At 31:08

    • @amyf654
      @amyf654 Month ago +47

      The Knot exclusive article talked about how he went and recorded it in Orlando.

    • @IconVlog.
      @IconVlog. Month ago +25

      @@amyf654he told us he had flown out to do a surprise on the pod but he wouldn’t tell us what obviously 😂 I loved this so much

    • @laurDIYvlogs
      @laurDIYvlogs  Month ago +150


  • @c30magtibay
    @c30magtibay Month ago +8

    Couldn’t help but cry at the kiss at the ceremony. You could just see and feel the immense love and affection. Such a beautiful wedding!

  • @lizzy8399
    @lizzy8399 Month ago +3

    i love how you got to enjoy the moment!! In so many vlogs i’ve watched, everyone says they’re too busy trying to talk to everyone that they never got to talk to each other or enjoy the moment

  • @katt813
    @katt813 Month ago +249

    1. I had to pause to cry MULTIPLE times.
    2. One of the photographers could easily be a Jeremy and Cal love child
    3. Stunning. The decor, the you, the everything
    4. THE DOGS 😭

  • @samthingaboutsam
    @samthingaboutsam Month ago +122


  • @maribelhdz2728
    @maribelhdz2728 Month ago +34

    QUITE LITERALLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WEDDING I’VE EVER SEEN🥹🥹Also the fact that Lauren has been posting wedding content for us this fast is just 😩❤️❤️

  • @minireader23
    @minireader23 Month ago +3

    I'm getting married this year and I started sobbing during your ceremony 😭🥹 I'm an emotional mess right now. Congratulations!! I wish you guys nothing but happiness and joy for the rest of your lives ❤❤❤❤❤

  • @azaryhernandez3537
    @azaryhernandez3537 Month ago +200

    You and Jeremys first look 🥲🥲 i am cryinggg

    • @rillabarrett1057
      @rillabarrett1057 Month ago +5

      No cause that’s when I started crying too!! You could feel the love🥲🥲

  • @millylarz
    @millylarz Month ago +205

    Edit: AND THE SONG😱🥺😍, Jeremy nailed it! Omg Mama DIY and Dad DIY😭😭😭 I can't believe Lauren shared this with us, truly an honor, just so emotional and special! Congrats, Lauren Jeremy, and of course, Moose and Diggy❤

  • @phoebecasey6920
    @phoebecasey6920 Month ago +4

    i have never smiled so much watching a video(side note jeremy freaking out about the qtip at 15:55 made me laugh and cry and i couldn't tell you why)

  • @esme_ishorty
    @esme_ishorty Month ago +12

    Instantly cried when mom DIY was fixing Lauren wedding dress. Omg 😭😭 such a beautiful mother & daughter moment. Congratulations DIY queen! 😭💗

  • @selinasaleh_
    @selinasaleh_ Month ago +131


  • @karmaluna4
    @karmaluna4 Month ago +127

    jeremy's cover of "can't help falling in love" is SOOOOOO GOOD!!

  • @randlerafael9235
    @randlerafael9235 Month ago +10

    36:55 remi and mia cheering them on the dance floor is literal friendship goals. 😭 THATS SO SWEET

  • @tayhutch6188
    @tayhutch6188 Month ago +3

    No but on a real note this was really beautiful. Having followed you for like 10 years now and seeing you get married is crazy! Congratulations a million times!!!

  • @brandonhall2699
    @brandonhall2699 Month ago +225

    If the vlog was this beautiful I don’t think I can handle the actual wedding video 😭😭😭

  • @cassiecoffin1819
    @cassiecoffin1819 Month ago +65

    started tearing up when your dad come in for the first look and then again with jeremy’s first look

  • @stephaniestorie5825
    @stephaniestorie5825 Month ago +4

    As soon as that song started playing I recognized that was Jeremy singing and I SCREAMED! Congratulations Lauren and Jeremy! I've been watching since we were literal CHILDREN (I'm the same age as Lauren) in college 🥰 Your day was absolutely stunning and its so easy to tell how much absolutel JOY and FUN you both had all day. Love love love!

  • @lifesjems
    @lifesjems Month ago +3

    Who else is bawling at the parents seeing her!! I haven’t even finished watching the video or even Jeremy seeing her and I’m crying. Lauren you are radiant!! I’m so happy for you, through all the lows you had in the past. I’m so glad you found each other. Congrats!! And Jeremy….treat her well okay! Our little Lauren is married 🥹🥹🥹🥹🎉🎉🎉

  • @lucykatherine2507
    @lucykatherine2507 Month ago +75

    I can't believe our girl is freaking married to the love of her life, I am beyond happy for you both. Much love to you and Jeremy!! ♡

  • @KassieIrene1
    @KassieIrene1 Month ago +51

    Wow I literally cried when Jeremy saw you!!!! So freaking stunning the flowers the glasses the plates the TWINKLE TENT the dress the second dress the bride the groom everything!!! So stunning!!!!! Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. Lewis!!!!!! Thank you for letting us see so much of your day!!!!! Still crying over here 🥹🥰

  • @Michelle_Me0w
    @Michelle_Me0w Month ago +7

    You can tell this was easily the both of your happiest day ever! The smiles, laughs, and happy tears! you can feel the true love radiating between you two! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you both 💕💕💕

  • @mburdeno
    @mburdeno Month ago +3

    I’m sobbing, that kiss was everything. I’m so beyond happy for you both, thank you for bringing us along on your special day ❤

  • @storiesinthedust
    @storiesinthedust Month ago +43

    the parasocial relationship is parasocialing HARD bc i am sitting here all misty eyed like i know you guys in real life!!!!! the first look moment - the way you looked at each other was so perfect i was weeping!!

  • @beccastewart16
    @beccastewart16 Month ago +47

    i started to cry when you guys kissed the first time as husband and wife. he loves you so much!! oh my goodness. i hope you guys have a wonderful long life together 💕 congratulations 🥂

  • @jennifergiles1773
    @jennifergiles1773 Month ago +3

    Never got to hear Jeremy sing and the wedding being the first time was amazing best surprise ever

  • @aditigaur8459
    @aditigaur8459 Month ago +5

    You won the hearts of many when you first started RUclips, I mean 8.3 MILLON OF US, and now here you are in a new era of your life. Thank you so much for all those years of hard work and dedication toward making all 8.3 million of us laugh each time you posted. Congratulations on getting married! I seriously can't believe that THE LAURDIY is married. You deserve the true happiness and PURE love that Jeremy gives you, out of everyone in this world. Congrats to both of you beautiful people!

  • @andream4542
    @andream4542 Month ago +73


  • @miarose9894
    @miarose9894 Month ago +81

    i have genuinely never been more excited to watch something in my entire life

  • @jenniferrosabal9744
    @jenniferrosabal9744 Month ago +4

    I never comment on videos, but I have to make an exception this once. I have watched your videos for 10+ years, and I am just so happy for you Lauren. I didn’t realize I would get so emotional watching this vlog and yet here I was crying before we even hit the 7 minute mark. The love that you two share is just so beautiful. The kiss at the alter made me sob, bc you can really just see how the love and the pure happiness you were both feeling. You found your soulmate. Thank you for including us in yours and Jeremy’s special day. Congratulations ❤🥹

  • @elenasalgado9240
    @elenasalgado9240 Month ago +12

    The way she said “were married” so many times how adorable ❤

  • @izabelshelley
    @izabelshelley Month ago +74

    MOM DIY crying while fixing your hair 😭 thank you for sharing these special moments with us 💞

  • @AnaMariaAlvaradoNanis0002

    I don’t think I have ever cried so much over two people whom I have never met in person. I have been following Lauren's journey since I was 13, and now that I am 24, I am so happy to witness her growth and see her get married. The wedding was beautiful, and I wish both of you the very best 🥰

  • @kendallparsons4121
    @kendallparsons4121 Month ago +8

    I have watched this video three times now souly for the way jeremy kissed you 😭😭😭 i literally CANT WITH IT 😭😭 OH MY GOSH...LAUREN...He loves you so much 😭😭 its so beautiful to see how much yall love eachother

  • @jordantaylor4785
    @jordantaylor4785 Month ago +5

    THAT KISS WAS THE BEST FIRST KISS IVE EVER SEEN😍🥰 ive been watching you since i was a child (no age here to make you feel “old”) lol but i sobbed my way through this entire video, it was such a special day and im dure we ALL appreciate you sharing it with us❤️ ive loved watching you grow and and come into the person you are today, love you so so much lauren thankyou for everything cant wait for the next chapter!❤️❤️

  • @sierramarie8059
    @sierramarie8059 Month ago +29

    I don’t know if it’s because I’m a mom now that this made me super emotional. But seeing just you and your mom being the only ones getting ready in the bridal suite, I cannot imagine how much that must have meant to her. She’s going to cherish that the rest of her life Lauren 💜

    • @RealMomDIY
      @RealMomDIY Month ago +6

      This was truly a special moment that I will cherish forever ❤

  • @tereseoboyle8300
    @tereseoboyle8300 Month ago +24

    Knowing that Lauren and Jeremy got married the day after my birthday and I literally said to myself “imagine if their wedding is on my birthday weekend” literally the best thing ever. I love you guys 🤍🤍

  • @megano9598
    @megano9598 Month ago +5

    don’t ask me how many times i cried through the duration of this video🥹

  • @rebeccapoorter7353
    @rebeccapoorter7353 Month ago +3

    Seeing Lauren getting ready with MomDiy 😭❤
    And the pure joy of Lauren and DadDiy❤

  • @1sarahbeaan
    @1sarahbeaan Month ago +23

    I was trying not to cry but seeing Moose and Diggy literally smiling during the photos is what sent me over. So fuuucking happy for you guys!! Sending so so much love to the Lewis’s 💕💕

  • @TaraDawn
    @TaraDawn Month ago +71

    Jeremy’s face when Q-tipping your eyes because of his fear of things near/in his eyes😂😂😂😂😂

    • @laurDIYvlogs
      @laurDIYvlogs  Month ago +21

      no but this is such an accurate read of the situation LMFAO

  • @lovebugperry
    @lovebugperry Month ago +4

    This was a movie masterpiece dream of a wedding!! I sobbed through this video so hard you could just feel the love from everyone & the ceremony & first look really got me! The passion they have for each other is so truly seen & I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy for someone I don’t know especially an influencer but the way they chose to show us this big day was incredible! ❤️‍🔥

  • @julietta02
    @julietta02 Month ago +7

    just when i think im done crying…i start balling all over again. been a supporter of you, Lauren, from the apartment days and seeing you grow, growing with you and being witness to your success is such an honor. Yours and Jeremy’s story is so full of happiness and love, I am so grateful to you both. Best Wishes and Congratulations. ❤️ love you guys.

  • @Elizabeth.Crawford
    @Elizabeth.Crawford Month ago +19

    The amount of squeals, tears, pauses, and screams that I emitted while watching this video... truly seemed magical.
    Thanks for including us in your day ❤

  • @jawmeeeeeeeee
    @jawmeeeeeeeee Month ago +32


  • @CherylGoer
    @CherylGoer Month ago +4

    Love that BOTH your mom and dad walk you down the aisle. I didn't know you could do that. I'm definitely doing that for my wedding in the future!! Thanks for the idea!🤍👰🏻‍♀

  • @cheekie5707
    @cheekie5707 Month ago +2

    I thought that was Jeremy singing over the video. Omg you guys look amazing and the love you share is breathtaking. The way you kissed at the altar shows that love so happy for you both. May you have many years of love and happiness.

  • @sierracastillo111
    @sierracastillo111 Month ago +15

    Me and thousands of other people have seen you grow into the most beautiful, strong and MARRIED woman you are today. Congratulations Lauren and Jeremy. I wish you happiness and prosperity 💌

  • @DoubleKhay
    @DoubleKhay Month ago +14

    I didn’t think I had a parasocial relationship with anyone online but seeing this made me bawl my eyes out. I’m so happy for you and Jeremy! you looked stunning 🖤

  • @anna.roseee
    @anna.roseee Month ago +5


  • @user16224
    @user16224 Month ago +21

    currently halfway through the video and ive been crying/smiling the whole time. the wedding is absolutely beautiful and and you guys look so happy. lauren, ive been watching you since i was 9 and im now 22, and im so incredibly happy for you and jeremy, congratulations

  • @showserjr5688
    @showserjr5688 Month ago +20

    This whole video is just PERFECT. I am so genuinely happy for Lauren and Jeremy 😭😭😭🤍 from the first look to the ceremony to that KISS and then the FIRST DANCE🥰🥰…. I bawled like a baby dude lol CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN AND JEREMY ❤️

  • @nicoleprazeres2485
    @nicoleprazeres2485 Month ago +2

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