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  • Published on Apr 13, 2024
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Comments • 1.3K

  • @kimochi__
    @kimochi__ Month ago +2627

    Metro boutta make a diss track in Morse code😭😭

  • @uGcinikhaya
    @uGcinikhaya Month ago +1433

    They hit metro with the “Get Back In The Kitchen” meme😭😭😭

  • @BluEx22329
    @BluEx22329 Month ago +1677

    That prince line was crazy

    • @VibeVilla
      @VibeVilla  Month ago +162


    • @kingdomcitizenship5613
      @kingdomcitizenship5613 Month ago +122

      Fr, especially because Mike Jack named his son Prince lol

    • @loganrichar.15
      @loganrichar.15 Month ago


    • @Ozisaking
      @Ozisaking Month ago +87

      Kendrick’s one was corny 😂 what kinda sucker shit is that saying Prince outlived Mike?

    • @toolivefilmsco.8200
      @toolivefilmsco.8200 Month ago +42

      @@Ozisakingas if it changes the GOAT conversation 😂

  • @Lycan4647
    @Lycan4647 Month ago +887

    I'm not even the biggest Drake fan but man he went off here 🔥

    • @bombonsalmon
      @bombonsalmon Month ago +163

      As a kendrick glazer myself, Drizzy did cook

    • @itsjustdave222
      @itsjustdave222 Month ago +10

      ​@@bombonsalmon same

    • @Alloyd876
      @Alloyd876 Month ago +16

      It was ok a lot of fillers then the fact Ross cooked him 2 hrs later made it even worse

    • @doralopez5838
      @doralopez5838 Month ago +5

      The standards for music in general is super low lol This shit was mid doesn't matter who you like

    • @itsnearlv
      @itsnearlv Month ago +38

      Haha this isn't even rlly directed at you, but I've noticed that if you ever want to give Drake props for anything, you have to preface with "I don't even rlly like drake that much but __" or "I'm not a big fan of drake but ____". Just a funny observation.

  • @majuki2
    @majuki2 Month ago +668

    Thanks Katt Williams for making this year so fcking crazy

    • @jad5574
      @jad5574 Month ago +3

      what did katt do? not that educated ngl

    • @andrewliguori7952
      @andrewliguori7952 Month ago +57

      @@jad5574he started with exposing diddy with that whole trafficking thing

    • @OrangutanMontage
      @OrangutanMontage Month ago

      ​@@andrewliguori7952all that stuff was already known, Diddy just got done for another assault that kicked it all off

    • @theogofguitar
      @theogofguitar Month ago +28

      Katt just started the year with controversy and headlines…thus obviously is crazy rap controversy headlines now. Also same time we have the Diddy situation…just alot going on…WHAT ELSE IS GONNA HAPPEN?!? we’re only in April

    • @willmolina7395
      @willmolina7395 Month ago +5

      Thank you Katt !! YOU INVITED 2024 WITH A PREDICTION !!!

  • @VokiZAbsTracT
    @VokiZAbsTracT Month ago +753

    The wicked ad-lib is a reference to a future track. He also has a Kendrick ad-lib in there too.

    • @outlaw_s.a3258
      @outlaw_s.a3258 Month ago +89

      And a Rick Ross ad-lib too 😂

    • @oxqen4223
      @oxqen4223 Month ago +89

      Yeah I think the Kendrick ad lib was the “huuuh” 45 secs into the track

    • @plafayette
      @plafayette Month ago +37

      "pushin' the snakes, pushin' the fakes, pushin' em all off me like 'huuuuhhh!'" - Kendrick Lamar

    • @1GodExist
      @1GodExist Month ago


    • @kingkyx6662
      @kingkyx6662 Month ago

      He did say Whitney

  • @fujibosco
    @fujibosco Month ago +235

    The genius of Drake's response is he responds to everyone equally meaning he regards Kendrick as just another guy which is a layered disrespect.

    • @balance5216
      @balance5216 Month ago +5

      It’s not that deep bud. This or his ghost written bars lol

    • @Alvin_Turner
      @Alvin_Turner Month ago +7

      ​@@balance5216 where's Kendrick?

    • @christopherbanuelos4780
      @christopherbanuelos4780 Month ago +35

      @@balance5216 "they make excuses for you cause they hate to see me lit". That line is for people like you.

    • @chelronin7843
      @chelronin7843 Month ago

      @@Alvin_Turnerpretty sure all the lines about being short or referring to kendrick. the line about the swifties, since he had a verse on bad blood. not sure what else, there’s a few more easy ones tho.

    • @Cyborg.Shinobi
      @Cyborg.Shinobi Month ago


    @DEEBOYGR8 Month ago +197

    that "wicked wicked wicked" line from Future song😂😂

  • @mukengefabrice9546
    @mukengefabrice9546 Month ago +335


  • @LLTB_Ramzey
    @LLTB_Ramzey Month ago +719

    This is what hip hop needed........2024 hitting crazy lol

    • @wetter4293
      @wetter4293 Month ago +1

      Yep, hip hop is saturated with shitty artists while good ones getting overlooked every day, and we needed a shitty rap beef between two people that genuinely hate eachother....okay...

    • @jaleel3966
      @jaleel3966 Month ago +34

      @@wetter4293if you don’t agree that’s okay paragraph wasn’t needed

    • @wetter4293
      @wetter4293 Month ago +1

      @@jaleel3966 Well "I disagree" is a weak ass internet response, so nah - you get the reasoning, too...

    • @nerakar6562
      @nerakar6562 Month ago +15

      Worst part for Metro is the only way for him to respond is to LITERALLY go do exactly what Drake condescendingly told him to go do 💀💀😂😭 go make some drums LMFAO

    • @amaziiin
      @amaziiin Month ago +5

      ​@@jaleel3966 barely 2 sentences is not a paragraph

  • @KnaqsYT
    @KnaqsYT Month ago +296

    the kiss & tell line is for future. ciara has a song called kiss and tell 😂😂😂😂

    • @bigol9223
      @bigol9223 Month ago +5


    • @edswayze
      @edswayze Month ago +51

      Also for Rocky, double entendre on baby mommas is ridiculous

    • @henrywal
      @henrywal Month ago +4

      Metro got his fav took by Drizz when he made the future stuff

    • @henrywal
      @henrywal Month ago +4

      Top Dog Ent... k. Dot is getting extorted

    • @fevrierswag
      @fevrierswag Month ago +4

      I think it’s directed to ASAP Rocky in regards to Rihanna. That’s why the nail reference cause Rocky be getting his nails done 😂😂

  • @faolensmith8814
    @faolensmith8814 Month ago +276

    The "dont make me have to chip a nail" line is a response to pusha t tweeting that nobody ever layed a finger on him in toronto "not even a pinky nail"

    • @ImBackItsDad
      @ImBackItsDad Month ago +6

      It’s also a reference to prince painting his nails and being effeminate

    • @jovanreid6782
      @jovanreid6782 Month ago +9

      ​@@ImBackItsDad Wrong. Prince didn't paint his nails. Never did. Not even once. Please don't spread misinformation like this knowing you don't know what you're talking about about. I'm a huge Prince fan, and I pretty much know everything there is to know about that man, and I repeat (while he was androgynous in other ways) Prince never, ever, painted his nails.

    • @SirTrell
      @SirTrell Month ago +9

      @@ImBackItsDad Stay away from analyzing bro. LOL

    • @LinessAlexander
      @LinessAlexander Month ago +1

      The line was referencing the girl mentioned In the bar before...
      He bought her a Chanel bag and if push come to shove will chip her nails because he just got them done and she with them(one of their girls)

    • @larrysykes1075
      @larrysykes1075 Month ago +1

      Definitely didn't know this. Drake went in on this

  • @taulantasllani6703
    @taulantasllani6703 Month ago +137

    I actually like it when you pause it more and dissect the bars cus u guys catch way more than other reactors
    Great vid tho

    • @BrotherMalMusic
      @BrotherMalMusic Month ago +11

      Facts, this is the only music reaction channel I watch, and it’s been that way for years. Most music reaction channels don’t seem too into music fr.

    • @TyusHesch
      @TyusHesch Month ago +4

      @@BrotherMalMusic vibe villa and knoxhill are the guys with the most knowledge about hiphop and catching bars. My fav 2.

  • @charlieeggy9004
    @charlieeggy9004 Month ago +315

    I'm not that big of a drake fan but i have to say: Drake cooked. I don't give af what anybody says. Drake. COOKED. EVERYONE.!
    He thanosed on EVERYBODY!
    KDot has to come back HARD on this one.
    God, what a great time to be alive.
    It's a fiiine tiiiime for hip hop! 🔥🔥🔥

    • @mrworkowt5419
      @mrworkowt5419 Month ago +25

      His lyrics didn't hit that hard but his flow and intensity on the beat was crazy. This was not his knockout punch so I don't think he killed everybody.

    • @YoMammysFavorite
      @YoMammysFavorite Month ago +31

      Battle lyrics are never crazy. Nas wasn't crazy lyrical on ether. He was just crazy disrespectful like this is

    • @gintoki_sakata__
      @gintoki_sakata__ Month ago

      ​@@mrworkowt5419nigga shuttup
      Kendrick had a verse aimed at drake
      Asap Rocky aimed at drake
      Rick Ross aimed at drake
      Weeknd aimed at drake
      Drake had to juggle and aim at everybody.. If that's not impressive then you must be outta your mind

    • @mizzyfit_334
      @mizzyfit_334 Month ago +2

      @@YoMammysFavoritelol nas lyrics on ether was…let me not

    • @InfamousAWJ
      @InfamousAWJ Month ago +2

      @@mizzyfit_334Say it

  • @kylejantjiesauthor
    @kylejantjiesauthor Month ago +109

    "I'm on the mountain, gotta hike down just to have this conversation" 🔥🔥🔥

  • @Sephiroso.
    @Sephiroso. Month ago +136

    Don't forget, Eminem predicted all this happening on his Music to be Murdered By album. He told Drake they were gonna turn on him one day too and look at all the people he helped propel their careers turning on him the second they smelled blood in the water.

    • @m1LKbagzz
      @m1LKbagzz Month ago +19

      Wait you're so right

    • @kristoamadeus4441
      @kristoamadeus4441 Month ago

      Drake been trying to get at ppls girls since forever. Sneak dissing and smiling in dudes face he’s been asking to get jumped

    • @jairocks18
      @jairocks18 Month ago +16

      Yeah right I remember …he was definitely right
      But Em said it from the angle of - being the big name it comes with it …
      However Drake has been throwing subliminals over the years to many (n sliding into Dms of everyone’s girl basically 😂). so it’s his actions catching up to him now
      don’t act surprised Drake ..is all I’m saying🤷‍♂️

    • @Pyxyty
      @Pyxyty Month ago +5

      How you gonna pretend you just turned into a Drake fan from this diss track on another comment but you die harding on Drake this bad? You ain't foolin no one, and i get why you lied too, it's so you don't get called a glazer or a meat rider, but you gotta do better than that 😂 Comment history exists now, took one second to see this 😂

    • @ImBackItsDad
      @ImBackItsDad Month ago

      Bro! I know I thought about this the day before drake leaked

  • @Kickinthescience
    @Kickinthescience Month ago +285

    It’s funny seeing Drake take the same angle against Kendrick that Pusha T took with Wayne. A full circle moment

    • @GoodOlCdubbG
      @GoodOlCdubbG Month ago +1

      Fr thought of the bars in Exodus 23:1

    • @FrenkieWest32
      @FrenkieWest32 Month ago +10

      Pusha T also took that angle against Drake himself right? Story of Adidon. Or are you talking about being short...

    • @lorenzowright5814
      @lorenzowright5814 Month ago +7

      Wayne Murdered Pusha Though

    • @rhondac.891
      @rhondac.891 Month ago

      Probably levels to fucked up deals

    • @beasyyy1454
      @beasyyy1454 Month ago

      You live and learn... lol

  • @rhonecherrington2131
    @rhonecherrington2131 Month ago +348

    Drake's one of the best diss track makers ever, I mean he really doesn't get enough credit for how willing he's been to go at other top tier rappers and how well he's held his while doing so....

    • @quxncy9492
      @quxncy9492 Month ago +62

      The haters will make it seem like this isn't the case.

    • @Dreamersward
      @Dreamersward Month ago +37

      Hard to give credit when it’s been proven he has ghost writers

    • @bigol9223
      @bigol9223 Month ago +7

      @@Dreamersward link?

    • @ymcmb943
      @ymcmb943 Month ago +75

      @@DreamerswardBrother Kendrick has writers too. Rappers always collaborate with people. Realistically Drizzy writes all his shit, or has the ideas for it. I guarantee he wrote this shit by himself. You should apply the ghost writing criticism to every rapper ever, because you have no idea how many of your idols use ‘ghostwriters’.

    • @manjb7097
      @manjb7097 Month ago +14

      This is trash. Bunch of short jokes and bragging about his wealth over a trash beat.

  • @radiosurgery1802
    @radiosurgery1802 Month ago +139

    I would consider this the first diss after Kendrick sent the warning shots and I can't lie Drake set the bar high. Can't wait to see what Dot replies with.

    • @doralopez5838
      @doralopez5838 Month ago

      Drake set the bar high?? You must be high or your standards are that of s fucking 5 year old😂😂😂

  • @Dphilli82
    @Dphilli82 Month ago +53

    Oi the Maroon 5 / Swifty drop and give me fiftyyyyyy and the Metro make some drums were mad disrespectful 😂😂 next level condescending

  • @aaronjabari6895
    @aaronjabari6895 Month ago +150

    "mike then and mike now" is also a play in his mic skills, saying he got better. And also a play in mike jones as he made the original song "drop and give me 50”
    He had a song with a line in it “back THEN they don’t want me NOW I’m hit they all on me”

    • @BrotherMalMusic
      @BrotherMalMusic Month ago +15

      Bro this is actually hard asf. I have never heard a triple entendre from Drake as cold as this.. I fw all the big 3 but I’m actually surprised at how many bars and entendres are in this song. I always said Cole had a better pen than Drake, but idk about that anymore

    • @wildrage9831
      @wildrage9831 Month ago +1

      @@BrotherMalMusicwhen the first metro album came out people were so fast to comment Drake could never come back from what Kendrick has to say, no disrespect to kdot but Drake is definitely like that and people forget

    • @samuelvenegas2889
      @samuelvenegas2889 Month ago +3

      I feel like theres no need for the reaches. Some bars are just hard and surface level but just so happen to be coincidentally an entendre if you dig deep enough.

    • @scorpion2626
      @scorpion2626 Month ago +2


    • @BrotherMalMusic
      @BrotherMalMusic Month ago +3

      @@samuelvenegas2889 bro no matter what you’re trying to say, you have to “dig” or “reach” beyond the first meaning of a possible entendre to catch another meaning, whether it was intentional or not; so that’s an irrelevant point to make.
      If you just don’t wanna give a rapper credit for having wordplay, you don’t have to say anything. The layers will always be there, whether you want to believe they were intentional or not. No matter what you believe, you won’t ever know for sure.
      But if you use context clues and think, _”hmm, Drake is going at Kendrick, a rapper that has literally been known for actual lyricism, wordplay, entendres, and bars for over a decade”_ then maybe it won’t be impossible to believe Drake would have to rap his ass off to even think at going at him.

  • @DanielRodriguez-vn4cv
    @DanielRodriguez-vn4cv Month ago +44

    That Whitney line was a reference to k-dot wife cheating on him with his bodyguard

  • @TasteTh3Rambo
    @TasteTh3Rambo Month ago +245

    He needs to drop this on streaming already.

    • @swiftant7615
      @swiftant7615 Month ago +16

      Prob never will gang

    • @vaegaf
      @vaegaf Month ago +9

      He probably adjusting after Rick Ross dropped his. Rick Ross responding to a leak💀

    • @Ozisaking
      @Ozisaking Month ago +32

      I think Drake got something more vile for Kendrick 😂 this is the warm up

    • @Necksteppa77
      @Necksteppa77 Month ago +11

      Probably doing more mastering on it and a few touch ups. No way he doesnt drop it now. Its definitely a hit.

    • @isaacbonsu8557
      @isaacbonsu8557 Month ago +2

      Bro that’s what I’m saying

  • @FatPac00
    @FatPac00 Month ago +34

    I actually think the more this plays out the more I feel cole on why he stepped away from it. Everyone at the start was saying this is just hip hop and what not but clearly for these guys it isn't and its very personal. Cole not really feeling a way and having no issues with either party realized this was a bit too real and decided to get out before the bullets started to fly so still an L for dropping the track in the first place but I understand it alot more now

  • @tonyla_sportstalk7596
    @tonyla_sportstalk7596 Month ago +51

    I feel like people forget that the Weeknd‘s real name is Abel, spending Abel money 💰

    • @BrotherMalMusic
      @BrotherMalMusic Month ago +1

      I feel like he pronounced it wrong on purpose too, just to disrespect him. They were close so Ik he knows that’s not how you say it lol

    • @jezeus3615
      @jezeus3615 Month ago +9

      @@BrotherMalMusiche said cash spending Abe bread. His manager is cash. They were giving out XO chains to rappers. But basically tricking like they some women.

    • @BrotherMalMusic
      @BrotherMalMusic Month ago

      @@jezeus3615 idk why you said all that to me, all I said was he pronounced his name wrong 😂 I didn’t ask anyone to break the bars down

  • @Chacalj81
    @Chacalj81 Month ago +69

    Towards the end dude caught a whole new wave

    • @bigol9223
      @bigol9223 Month ago +34

      I love that taunting "drooop! drooop! drooop! drooop!"
      anyone who's been saying he's scared can't say it anymore

    • @Sephiroso.
      @Sephiroso. Month ago +6

      @@user-bp1be1yg2h he also said Kendrick ain't in the top 3, it's drizzy twice. Which is funny since he's saying Cole is still there despite Cole's recent actions which to me is defaulting him out of the top 3.

  • @PoEdUpReality
    @PoEdUpReality Month ago +187

    I was really really trying to keep it PG.........K DOT is the CEO of PG LANG

    • @nikesb422
      @nikesb422 Month ago +11

      Good catch

    • @uptownroby
      @uptownroby Month ago +25

      Nohhh he really tryna keep it PG cz he ddnt disclose the dirtier secrets on em..so lets say its a double entendre maybe

    • @AgentSephiroth
      @AgentSephiroth Month ago +5

      @@uptownroby its not the time for warning shots anymore. Drake should have gon nuclear, he didnt so I dont think he has anymore not to mention the one line all of yall just happen to not hear "I aint even rapping after this, Im way too busy" - Drake , yeah aight

    • @tendonimogoka6443
      @tendonimogoka6443 Month ago +3

      @@AgentSephirothyou know what calling an audible is?? like a bluff? he’l release the rest after Kendrick releases that 5 year old diss track he’s had tucked. Drake knows Kendrick came outside to just get he’s feature check then go back into hiding, routine. He ain’t coming outside fam he’s 3 years too early

    • @cmamasita90
      @cmamasita90 Month ago

      Kendrick has literally been on tour in Africa, 😏. Sza sick of his name dropping.

  • @AnneFranked
    @AnneFranked Month ago +110

    Drake spazzed on this, hopefully kendrick drops something in response. Make rap exciting again

    • @CoryTheDestroyer
      @CoryTheDestroyer Month ago +2

      I feel Kendrick ain’t gon respond until drake officially releases it, however that may be

    • @dumpsterfirefrl
      @dumpsterfirefrl Month ago +5

      Kendrick washed, his last album flopped and it’s gonna take him 3 years to make a response

    • @kamscott4862
      @kamscott4862 Month ago +4

      ​@@dumpsterfirefrl how did his last album flop when it went number 1

    • @ahmereware8063
      @ahmereware8063 Month ago

      @@kamscott4862went #1 off anticipation

    • @holyhellc
      @holyhellc Month ago +1

      @@kamscott4862mf be riding drake

  • @johnnywick12
    @johnnywick12 Month ago +34

    wait until kendrick’s bring out the michael and drake liking minor allegations😭 that boy kendrick been holding on to the millie bobbie bar for a minute i’ll put money on it

  • @mildmayheadless5217
    @mildmayheadless5217 Month ago +227

    Been checking your page the whole day!!!! Glad you got to it!!

    • @DERAILEDbeats
      @DERAILEDbeats Month ago +6

      LMFAOO SAME i gotta have checked here 10 times in 6 hours

    • @patrickr4762
      @patrickr4762 Month ago +6

      Yo bro me too, been refreshin since it dropped.

    • @dbboykid10
      @dbboykid10 Month ago +4

      😂😂 VibeVilla the goats fr

    • @mildmayheadless5217
      @mildmayheadless5217 Month ago +2

      @@dbboykid10 FACTS

    • @swasko
      @swasko Month ago +3

      i even refrained from listening to the track to catch it together with you guys

  • @Stilez
    @Stilez Month ago +158

    It intentionally “leaked” probably because they didn’t want to wait for the clearance of “get money” sample

    • @Stilez
      @Stilez Month ago +14

      His beef with Ja is that Drizzy smashed 2 of his girls. Including the one he’s with right now.

    • @Stilez
      @Stilez Month ago +32

      I think Drizzy secretly dissed Ye in there with that Kai Cenat bar, because Ye was asking him to play his music on his livestreams

    • @Stilez
      @Stilez Month ago +19

      There were rumours that Kendrick’s wife Whitney had an affair Kenny’s bodyguard

    • @aaronjabari6895
      @aaronjabari6895 Month ago +1

      Also the “drop and give me 50” he gonna have to get that cleared with Mike jones.

    • @AndyMc1996
      @AndyMc1996 Month ago +4

      ​@@Stilez Source? Seen 2/3 people saying this but if I Google it absolutely 0 online so I don't think it's true. I reckon Drake just planting the seed.

  • @thegoatmane2715
    @thegoatmane2715 Month ago +70

    Cole backed out cuz its personal & he dont have issues with kdot enough to take it there. It makes sense

    • @wakeninyokabi8255
      @wakeninyokabi8255 Month ago +17

      Been saying. Cole realised its personal and just had to back out. Dont look for a fight where there's none

    • @CheeetoTV
      @CheeetoTV Month ago +7

      People acting like he couldn’t rap at that level lol.

    • @bacardim390
      @bacardim390 Month ago

      My question is why they think he dissed cole in this song? All he said was "I dont care what cole think". Ohh such a crazy diss
      I think these niggas want him to diss J Cole so bad that they reaching.

    • @thegoatmane2715
      @thegoatmane2715 Month ago

      @@CheeetoTV everybody loved cole diss n album but soon as he apologized they backtracked 🤣 were in a monkey see monkey do era

  • @abdulhafeezmusakuru3029

    I feel like Cole could tell they were gonna get personal and he didn’t feel like that about all those guys. Bro shouldn’t have dropped a diss in the first place, just release your EP and get ready for the album

    • @TheWorld-MyOyster
      @TheWorld-MyOyster Month ago +10

      This exactly what I said. I think Cole might’ve put that response out under the assumption that it was just gonna be some regular rap shit, like the top 3 finally duking it out to settle the debate, but when he peeped that there was real animosity actually deeper than rap & with more than just Kendrick, that all these guys was really gonna start airing each other out on some trying to end careers type shit, he wasn’t with the negativity cause he genuinely does rock with all of the guys involved on both sides of it.
      I wish he would’ve waited to see how shit would play out too cause now everybody just tryna punk him like he backed out cause he was scared of being challenged on his pen instead of seeing the bigger picture to understand he just wasn’t with all the extra personal beef tied to it. Cole is just a real genuine & chill dude that likes to stay out the way & out of drama, he already said he wouldn’t beef with nobody unless he had a real reason to & this Drake shit don’t have anything to do with him, so it makes sense that when he finally peeped what it was he decided to remove himself from it.

    • @reinaortiz6057
      @reinaortiz6057 Month ago +2

      Comes with the territory. Cole should’ve just stayed out of it if he wasn’t ready.

    • @abdulhafeezmusakuru3029
      @abdulhafeezmusakuru3029 Month ago +4

      @@reinaortiz6057 This ain’t really about being ready. There’s a clear problem between these guys and the main constant in all this are the women they’ve been with. Cole probably can’t relate cuz he’s married

    • @reinaortiz6057
      @reinaortiz6057 Month ago +1

      @@abdulhafeezmusakuru3029 neither does Kendrick, he’s also happily married and has been for a while. The tension between Kendrick and drake doesn’t have to do with a woman but with his place in hip hop. Kendrick wants to go down as one of the greatest and he challenged the top selling tal artists. It’s as simple as that. J Cole raps about being the best but he lowkey doesn’t have it in him. And granted, he may not care about the titles and all that, be he sure does rap a big game for… for nothing, because none of it is real.

    • @TheWorld-MyOyster
      @TheWorld-MyOyster Month ago

      @@reinaortiz6057 Negative, his beef with Drake has nothing to do with his place in hip hop & that’s not at all why he called him out. There’s been tension there for a decade now & it’s all because Kendrick felt a way about Drake responding to his Control verse in multiple interviews at the time instead of going to the booth. He considered Drake weak/fake for that, he felt it was a b!tch move that no one pulled his card on (including Kendrick, mind you) & they been sneak dissing each other nonstop ever since, this last verse was just the first time he actually addressed Drake directly.
      He’s never had any issues with Cole at all, they’ve actually always been close which is why the verse didn’t actually take any real shots at him, he just happened to be the featured rapper on the song he was addressing so he caught a tiny stray just because of that alone. As far as Cole removing himself, if you think it’s cause he wasn’t ready then you haven’t actually listened to his music or his freestyles for real, cause if you did then you’d know that man can easily wipe the floor clean with any one in the game at a moments notice so that’s definitely not why he backed out of it. The guy stays to himself & stays out of drama - in 15+ years, he’s never been involved in any industry beef & has always made it clear he’s not interested in ever doing so. I guarantee you if it had just been him vs Kendrick on some pure “put your pen to the test” sh!t, he wouldn’t have backed down, but what’s going on right now is far bigger & deeper than that & no man that has made it his personal mission to not get drawn into industry drama would ever voluntarily keep himself in it for the sake of proving he’s “built like that” to some strangers that want to talk sh!t on the internet. I’m willing to bet that Cole never would’ve responded & would’ve just waited for a better opportunity to challenge Kendrick solo if he’d known that the rest of these guys that could never even sniff his level when it comes to his pen & pure rap skill were going to team up to air out personal grievances having nothing to do with hip hop.
      Being able to see & understand that right now is clearly not the time for him to try to challenge Kendrick while he’s preoccupied with this vendetta towards Drake, that he’s better off letting all this extra drama play out/die down & just waiting for another opportunity that isn’t overshadowed by this whole sea of sensitive, mediocre rappers that aren’t even on Cole’s level teaming up like the avengers to go against 1 guy bickering over personal sh!t/hurt feelings over women, air out dirty laundry, etc. is about the smartest move he could’ve ever made for his career. This ain’t how beef has EVER been handled in rap & now they *all* just look weird & suspect af for even thinking this whole middle school “pick a side” & ganging up sh!t would be a good look. I guarantee you once this is all said & done Cole will come out of this looking like the only one that had some common sense in this situation to see it for the weird move it is & a legacy that isn’t stained by all this playground bully type mess that Future/Kendrick & the rest of these guys decided to do.

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    The only way Metro can respond is by making drums 🤣

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  • @malcolmnotinthemiddle
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    That bodyguard/Whitney line might be rebuttal to the 2TEEZ line in Like That. 2TEEZ is Kendricks bodyguard.

    • @iceek1778
      @iceek1778 Month ago

      No there’s a rumor that KDOT wife was fucking a bodyguard

    • @olearyeugene
      @olearyeugene Month ago +2

      Yup and just name dropped kendrick wife's name which was kinda low. No need for that

    • @leultrainstinct406
      @leultrainstinct406 Month ago +7

      @@olearyeugenethis is what kendrick asked for just stop💀

    • @jaf5569
      @jaf5569 Month ago

      Kendrick cheated on Whitney in his album Mr Morale i dont know the full story so im probably wrong​@@olearyeugene

    • @jaf5569
      @jaf5569 Month ago

      ​@@olearyeugenelike he talked about it in mr morale

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      Yall think Dot will end this when he drops. I think not. There's more

    • @LK.1207
      @LK.1207 Month ago +17

      @@wakeninyokabi8255there’s absolutely more. If/when Kendrick responds drake is coming back with something darker. He even says this isn’t all he knows. So Kendrick better come in with a fucking heater

    • @cmamasita90
      @cmamasita90 Month ago +10

      KDot will bury Drake. He better keep them ghostwriters on staff.

    • @alexfavret9135
      @alexfavret9135 Month ago

      @@wakeninyokabi8255 all for us to enjoy🤌🤌

    • @alexfavret9135
      @alexfavret9135 Month ago +5

      @@LK.1207 drake corny tho- I don’t think he can vary up like Kendrick. Checkout all of his shots he never responded to, ad-lib live at BETs, the heart, etc

  • @theprayingman
    @theprayingman Month ago +44

    Yall misunderstood the jcole bar. He basically confirmed that the like that verse isn't the only reason they're beefing right now. Drake and Kendrick have been sneak dissing each other for years and J Cole has been trying to keeping the peace between the 2 of them for years and both of them are jcoles friends, so Drake is basically saying he's going to war with Kendrick regardless of what jcole says or advices. Drake is agreeing with what JCole said on 7 minute drill, but he's disagreeing with the apology J cole did for kendrick about to pimp a butterfly and the not so big steppers. Plus, Drake is alluding that he has been wanting the issue with Kendrick but didn't because of j cole. J Cole knows both of these guys really have it out for each other, and he doesn't want it to spill over into violence or someone gets hurt or killed like most rap beefs end up especially after rapper start dropping each other's personal businesses and possibly ruining their careers, images and standing over words and opinions.

    • @youngglow7
      @youngglow7 Month ago +6

      Swear they gassed the cole hate to the max... Literally would the two of them beef with each other based purely on social pressure to do so? knowing very well that they got love for each other as brother? Hell nah, so I don't understand the gas they pour onto the cole disrespect... I was disappointed in cole too, but it not as deep as they gas it... PLUS if someone gets shot or dies as a result of this beef everyone gone cry and talk about the violent and need for it to stop.. its crazy fr.. how many rappers have died in the last 10 years alone...

    • @chelronin7843
      @chelronin7843 Month ago

      no ones gonna die over this bruh, not a single rapper in this shit is a shooter 🤣

  • @AlesanaKraz3
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    Also remember that in the movie The Bodyguard…she falls in love with…the bodyguard😅😅😅

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    “top wanna piece it up” idk why but the way it sounded was 🔥

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    “Drizzy Chip ‘n’ Dale” is crazy cause Chip & Dale were known for constantly outsmarting PLUTO in the TV show

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      So is Knox Hill, No life Shaq, and a couple of others 😂 They making me watch so much

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      For sure man. The way dude on the right is able to catch the bars is crazy. The bodyguard line Drake tryna say Kendrick wife be fuckin the security. Gooooot damn!!!!

    • @gordongambilljr
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      @@thefirsttrillionaire2925 With all due respect. NONE of those guys catch the bars like dude on the right do. That mf a savant w this shit.

    • @SurrealExposure12
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      @@thefirsttrillionaire2925none of them come near to Durae bruh

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    My guys! Yall did not disappoint with the review for this one. This Drizzy response was dope! As far as the bodyguard bar I thought about Whitney Houston and the movie she was in not Kendrick's wife but this can easily be a double entendre.

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    Congrats y'all the first one to actually go beyond the surface first try. Calculated in several ways: Cole's move to let Drizzy handle his OPPs, Drizzy cooking up the declaration for war, and then there's the mystery of Kenny's move in premeditation. Exactly why Hip Hop is an expression of art told through a reflection of reality and the culture that defines it. Reactors/Groups from everywhere been killing my feeds on all my media all for everyone wanting to have the most valid opinions. At least compared to what I've read/seen/watched, y'all really a little more perceptive in the plays here.

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    " Lucky me, people that don't fuck with me. Are linkin' up with people that don't fuck with me to fuck with me. " - Drake, Churchill Downs

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    What sucked about it leaking and social media is you can tell a lot of these reactors heard the song or a lot of the bars before they reacted. lol

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    this diss is genuinely great. at first listen, i was like wtf is this but with more listens, there are just MORE layers. still feel like this not enough for kdot tho JUST SAYIN

    • @patricktinashe2812
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      Not enough for Kdot based on what?

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      This good enough for a response

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      I'm not tuned into these latest Hip-Hop verbal battles or scuffles and I'm not a Drake fan. But hot damn this joint is fire. I didn’t know Drake had it in him. This shit feels like some Ice Cube, No vaseline on NWA type shit with name dropping so casually! 🔥 20 v 1 is just crazy. Drake is taking all of 'em. Woooo...

    • @Johnnycool28
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      nah gang you making excuses

  • @xLegend_Streams
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    The Ja diss is that Ja was talking to Latto younger sister 1st...and then she was spotted with Drake...reason why Ja made that post about switching sides.

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    ''But it's not Drake he has Ghostwriters'' Guys shut up when you talk, you can dislike him, but to deny he's great is just delusional at this point. I don't like Eminem (not my type of sound and stuff) but I KNOW he's fire as hell. You don't need to like a dude or listen to his stuff to acknowledge he's great. Stop hating for no reason.

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      But drake has birdman, j prince and rapalot in his pockets. How he talking.

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    The drop and gimme 50 is even harder if you believe what Joe budden was implying about Drake getting splits off a lot of these rappers. Which THAT I’d believe would fuel them all to go against him. The women pillow talk shit is just added spice

  • @joivann5114
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    They been saying Kendrick’s wife cheated on him with the bodyguard, so I think that’s what that line is about

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      He technically caught one of the most personal lines actually haha bro left no stones unturned, bopped every head that peaked up lol

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    Kendrick will light things upp

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