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  • Published on Nov 24, 2022
  • Amelia meets Manchester rapper Meekz in a chicken shop for a date.
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Executive Producer: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Co-Written by Liv West
    Producer: Georgie Goadsby
    Cam A: Jono Moore
    Cam B: Edie Amos
    Sound Op: Jordan Tewkesbury
    Editor: Rob Mcguire
    Conform: Lewis Ashley and Matt Easy
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley and Miracle Hurd
  • EntertainmentEntertainment

Comments • 1K

  • @marissacoltrane8978
    @marissacoltrane8978 Year ago +2507

    “Would you stop all the dates, all the nonsense, for me?” LMAOO

    • @kruzzywrld
      @kruzzywrld Year ago

      Hello 👋

    • @britischenadligen3760
      @britischenadligen3760 8 months ago +9

      ​@@kruzzywrldguys on RUclips shooting their shot at any female-ish looking ting here innit

    • @lillilacac
      @lillilacac 6 months ago +4

      ​@@britischenadligen3760female-ish looking ting is jokes 😂

    • @MLGDuckk
      @MLGDuckk 3 months ago

      @@britischenadligen3760out of pocket

    • @NoHopeShow
      @NoHopeShow 2 months ago

      Kid has talent hahaha

  • @lewdyson4744
    @lewdyson4744 Year ago +8345

    Meekz doesn’t really do interviews and media stuff so it’s good to finally see what his personality is like

  • @jlucie
    @jlucie Year ago +5926

    How can Meekz have so much charisma with no face!!? ..hoping there's a part 2 for this date 😄

    • @davidstaffell
      @davidstaffell Year ago +2

      Charisma? He's awkward as fuck

    • @jc-246
      @jc-246 Year ago +21

      Totally agree

    • @Unknown_Number
      @Unknown_Number Year ago +13

      his face got leaked back in like 017 wym?

    • @jlucie
      @jlucie Year ago +35

      He's wearing a bally in this date...I do know the man has a face.

    • @Unknown_Number
      @Unknown_Number Year ago

      @@jlucie yh but you didnt say that your oc was as if your talking about his character as a whole...

  • @hannahdigitals
    @hannahdigitals Year ago +3566

    Marry him, I feel the chemistry heavy on this one so he has my blessing

    • @HShango
      @HShango Year ago +58

      You're begging it now still, what chemistry 🤨

    • @yusraaziz4111
      @yusraaziz4111 Year ago +76

      I say this for every date😂

    • @disco7749
      @disco7749 Year ago +13

      Haha yeah it’s her job to make it like that every time haha

    • @happychappy27
      @happychappy27 Year ago +2

      Clearly never listened to what he raps about 😂

    • @sharonochurus
      @sharonochurus Year ago


  • @frshyzak
    @frshyzak Year ago +2883

    You can tell Meekz has a really good personality outside the mask

  • @3arefob729
    @3arefob729 Year ago +3944

    I feel like Amelia may not be able to do these dates much longer.. these rappers are actually trying to move to her now

  • @shatooumer5122
    @shatooumer5122 Year ago +1552

    she tries to make it awkward but hes so charismatic she cant😭

    • @ellelucyc5735
      @ellelucyc5735 Year ago +43

      His accent is sooo fit man christtt

    • @ty3901
      @ty3901 Year ago +6

      @@ellelucyc5735 innit lucy

  • @suuli4004
    @suuli4004 Year ago +854

    “That was designed for you” so cute

  • @meekz
    @meekz Year ago +1081

    It’s the fits for me 🥰

  • @bored5344
    @bored5344 Year ago +994

    the random shots of Bossman never get old 🤣

  • @daniella9069
    @daniella9069 Year ago +364

    The “hello Amelia” was too smooth.

  • @MrsCarterTV
    @MrsCarterTV Year ago +1209

    For someone who you can’t see their facial expressions he seems so fun 😂

  • @ann-marieallen2389
    @ann-marieallen2389 Year ago +1544

    Can there not be a second date?🥺 The chemistry between them both was insane 🥹

  • @ilsley007
    @ilsley007 Year ago +177

    ‘You know who shouldn’t say can’t stop won’t stop, a bus driver’ killed me 😂😂

  • @tom0394
    @tom0394 Year ago +371

    For some reason I didn’t expect Meekz to be such a chill guy lol. Marriage when?

  • @poteqqetop942
    @poteqqetop942 Year ago +320

    This guy is highkey hilarious

  • @aironvenus
    @aironvenus Year ago +442

    This date‘s my favorite out of all of them!

    • @apollosun2725
      @apollosun2725 Year ago +7

      SO it's not just me?! Gurllll the chemistry between them is off the carts right?! can imagine the light skin babies with her buzzlightyear chin and his glasses

  • @sweetnesscalms
    @sweetnesscalms Year ago +147

    I like when her date is nice to her and flirts back☺️

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube Year ago +2778

    the chemistry between these two…🤭😍 we need a 2nd date !

  • @Vic-ek1fv
    @Vic-ek1fv Year ago +154

    Forget Aitch. Meekz is the right one for you 🙏

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +3047

    Hello everyone ! Hope you are having the best day. I loved meeting Meekz, what a nice person. Shame I still don’t know what he looks like under the mask but I bet he’s stunning. Can’t wait for you to see my next date! Can’t stop, won’t stop. ❤

  • @milika3673
    @milika3673 Year ago +569

    Every time I watch her dates I’m smiling and laughing like a mad woman 😂

  • @jordanabbotty5402
    @jordanabbotty5402 Year ago +84

    This guy is like the road version of deadpool

    • @GGoH_
      @GGoH_ Year ago +2

      V9 too devilish? Come on now man, u must know him

    • @MegaSkillz1
      @MegaSkillz1 Year ago +1


  • @trevorryder9732
    @trevorryder9732 Year ago +415

    This one had me grinning like a dumbass. I’m so lonely

    • @KCGOBRR
      @KCGOBRR Year ago +18


    • @johnfilipo2590
      @johnfilipo2590 Year ago +8

      dont be a fool, if you want somthing work for it, dreams dont come true to thoes whojust do nothing but want

    • @saturnmercury8533
      @saturnmercury8533 9 months ago

      ​@@johnfilipo2590 Dude, shut up.

    • @itsvee1823
      @itsvee1823 9 months ago +1


  • @ellen8695
    @ellen8695 Year ago +2013

    The chemistry is crazy between these two.Too bad I don't get to obsess over every single one of his facial expressions.

  • @sanch3z
    @sanch3z Year ago +152

    0:32 “Dave told me your measurements” lmao Dave macked her out 🤣🤣

  • @ThrottleBody
    @ThrottleBody Year ago +97

    Amelia looked like she was genuinely feeling him

    • @petermallon8262
      @petermallon8262 Year ago

      Yea she was, surely. Completely camouflaged. Empty head 🤣🤣🤣

  • @Kholmi.28
    @Kholmi.28 Year ago +144

    Damn, you guys had so much chemistry and you couldn't even see Meekz's eyes. Wtf?

  • @leonlucius6433
    @leonlucius6433 Year ago +150

    Actually felt like they connected no bs

  • @Scott-uz1cd
    @Scott-uz1cd Year ago +240

    This chemistry is next level, please marry each other

  • @sparky1243
    @sparky1243 Year ago +33

    Bro he’s so charismatic that she can’t even be awkward 😭

  • @jackiejuarez7595
    @jackiejuarez7595 Year ago +346

    The kisses had me dying ! 😂 Loved it

  • @oochaychukwu
    @oochaychukwu Year ago +136

    it's a really great thing meekz got the "can't stop, won't stop" joke, i've seen lines like this fly over rappers' heads on these dates

  • @soccial1
    @soccial1 Year ago +166

    Meekz is that one friend we all need in our life’s 😂

  • @Kittykat-we8ks
    @Kittykat-we8ks Year ago +116

    That kiss had me in stitches he was embarrassed under the mask 😂😂 jokes

  • @nerd26373
    @nerd26373 Year ago +437

    This is an interesting date. Wouldn't expect anyone to be entirely comoflaged from head to toe.

    • @FALslayer
      @FALslayer Year ago +32

      Well that is the point of camouflage

    • @notimefordat1819
      @notimefordat1819 Year ago +4

      @@FALslayer fr🤣

    • @cryptoarm
      @cryptoarm Year ago +3

      @@FALslayer she probs meant Bally from top to bottom

    • @joshydarroch
      @joshydarroch Year ago +5

      That isn't camouflage 😂😂😂 It's just a pattern.

  • @a.s.a.p3383
    @a.s.a.p3383 Year ago +100

    Meekz is a funny guy good seeing he actually has a personality don’t just say one two words

    @KCGOBRR Year ago +10

    I’m obsessed with his voice help, and the way he fucking says AMELIA

  • @jaspreetkaur3945
    @jaspreetkaur3945 Year ago +53

    Can you take Aubrey Plaza on a date! I can already imagine how phenomenal it would be

  • @not.gracey
    @not.gracey Year ago +44

    this one felt the closest to a date

  • @salosiso2795
    @salosiso2795 Year ago +54

    You know why you gotta Rate Meekz’ thing?
    Same way with M huncho, they do the mask thing but got personalities people can gravitate towards. Amelia, doing her thing as usual 👏🏾

  • @shreyashivan5341
    @shreyashivan5341 Year ago +29


  • @ilovegsp
    @ilovegsp Year ago +36

    he’s adorable

  • @riomahoney8840
    @riomahoney8840 Year ago +31

    I’ve just realised, on the Kick Game episode Meekz said he had a date next week and this is what he was talking about! 😂

  • @roman_birdie_songwriter

    You can actually feel, that Amelia is sooo into him ♥

  • @yxng.minionanon2070
    @yxng.minionanon2070 Year ago +36

    She’s been glowing lately aswell😍😍

  • @jkonremz3705
    @jkonremz3705 Year ago +17

    From atich to the new meekz must be a manny thing😂 chemistry n energy on atich and meekz can tell

  • @sendnukes4859
    @sendnukes4859 Year ago +29


  • @JL-xy8if
    @JL-xy8if 7 months ago +4

    Meekz got Amelia flustered and blushing. I like it

  • @damienglynn
    @damienglynn Year ago +26

    Why have you the most chemistry with the person we literally can't see though...

  • @Ta.jaaaaa
    @Ta.jaaaaa Year ago +12

    When I need something to make me smile I always come back to this interview!!

  • @tc3323
    @tc3323 5 months ago +6

    This is the best date easily. All the other dates usually are kinda mean but this one was just funny, joyful, and loving.

  • @famtasticfive4672
    @famtasticfive4672 Year ago +31

    Manz look like a river island mannequin

  • @MichelleGrondine
    @MichelleGrondine 7 months ago +3

    when he repeated “bop bop bop to the top” and said he liked that 😭😭😭 literally so cute the mirroring

  • @jucxox
    @jucxox 4 months ago +4

    I love when your dates bring a gift. That was so sweet.

  • @matildeaglaee
    @matildeaglaee Year ago +14

    Amelia I think Meekz is THE ONE 😍😩

  • @jacksonfolly
    @jacksonfolly Year ago +62

    This guy is a vibe

  • @lathan.
    @lathan. Year ago +146

    He was absolutely fantastic, respect!!!

  • @Robert-sx9mm
    @Robert-sx9mm Year ago +11

    She really does look good and attractive in this segment

  • @Bsyrawan
    @Bsyrawan Year ago +95

    If they don’t end up dating I’m gonna cry 😭

    • @daftwod
      @daftwod Year ago +1

      She has an enormous queue of gang members and asylum seekers to get through still.

    • @indanhe
      @indanhe Year ago +4

      You can tell they Dating already

    • @rinal1315
      @rinal1315 Year ago

      @@indanhe what? 😂

  • @roberto14ybd
    @roberto14ybd Year ago +5

    The chemistry is real!! I love it , makes me wanna cry

  • @janexoxo6479
    @janexoxo6479 Year ago +2

    We need a part 2!

  • @CT9904-CT
    @CT9904-CT Year ago +53

    I love Meekz man haha legend 😂great music n great personality.

  • @corenko
    @corenko Year ago +20

    Amelia loves Manny boys 😂

  • @rexflores8461
    @rexflores8461 Year ago +21

    They got chemistry

  • @mannymanc1616
    @mannymanc1616 Year ago

    Seeing him on here is crazy well done g doing bits

  • @Aiur
    @Aiur Year ago +34

    That shimmy he does to eat the fry 😂

  • @jc-246
    @jc-246 Year ago +9

    I dont know who he is but he has natural charm. Even made a Peter Andre song sound cool. Great chemistry

  • @chromaticasforecast4419

    4:56 That seemed out of a movie 😭😭

    • @sanch3z
      @sanch3z Year ago

      Seemed out of a corn scene you mean 🤣

  • @A--rf7bl
    @A--rf7bl Year ago +5

    This was Amazin who knew we needed dis right here 💯

  • @madisonjohnson8365
    @madisonjohnson8365 Year ago +7

    "It took a lot for me to even come here today Amelia" 😂😂

  • @dzikoasta5450
    @dzikoasta5450 Year ago +16

    This is outstanding

  • @ameeraali2525
    @ameeraali2525 Year ago +2

    Yas I've been binge watching this and glad to see a recent video

  • @rahmaabdi7868
    @rahmaabdi7868 Year ago +3

    I didn’t even know meekz before this video but I loove his personality and they have probably the best chemistry in my opinion. ❤️😍and he got her a lil gift too which is soo cute and when they put their hands together that was even cuter.

  • @PointofView101
    @PointofView101 Year ago +6

    Can't stop won't stop watching this chicken shop date.

  • @psspssmeow9125
    @psspssmeow9125 Year ago +49

    Awkward interviews part & random shots always got me laugh dying 😂🤣

  • @denitator
    @denitator Year ago +25

    The way he looks at her 😍

  • @alwayswinning9910
    @alwayswinning9910 Year ago +13

    Meekz the type of guy to boost people up ⬆️ even when the bruddas down Meekz has got you 🙏🙏🙏

  • @TeenStarr2
    @TeenStarr2 Year ago +3

    I like this date!!! we need a second one

  • @rabiawatson2773
    @rabiawatson2773 Year ago +45

    When is the second date going to happen already !!???

  • @samantharobins5201
    @samantharobins5201 Year ago +39

    This date wasn’t long enough 😂

    • @ai1783
      @ai1783 Year ago

      Like they are falling in love. 🤣

  • @LudmilaS85
    @LudmilaS85 11 months ago +4

    I fell in love with Meekz personality! 😊😊😊😊

  • @jadelavinia
    @jadelavinia Year ago +6

    Actually loved this one 😂❤️

  • @annagiftyopoku-agyeman7541

    lol I need a supercut of Amelia's reactions

  • @es4983
    @es4983 Year ago +44

    I really want to see a date with Anne-Marie…feel like the vibe would be too good 😭🤍

  • @freakymonse19
    @freakymonse19 Year ago +2

    his laugh! cuteee

  • @AmyMohamed355
    @AmyMohamed355 Year ago +13

    He is so cute and I love his personality in this. And Amelia will be a great wife to someone one day

  • @Capsofficialedits
    @Capsofficialedits Year ago +11

    Aitch is gonna be angry 😂

  • @anoraamin9213
    @anoraamin9213 Year ago +52

    haven't laughed at an episode like this in awhile

  • @mhariamsamed3803
    @mhariamsamed3803 Year ago +18

    I felt like I’m third wheeling 😂😂😂

  • @malofe
    @malofe Year ago +5

    This was the funniest and I mean the funniest video from Amelia in a while 😂😂😂😂10/10💕💕💕💕

  • @mikeyb0121
    @mikeyb0121 Year ago +14

    She’s feeling him😂😂

  • @snow1366
    @snow1366 Year ago +4

    That’s a hard life

  • @Golden90960
    @Golden90960 Year ago +7

    I’m obsessed with these two together. Magic.

  • @liljg
    @liljg Year ago +5

    broooo these two needa be togetherrrrrr

  • @sintura
    @sintura Year ago +4

    theres so much tension between them LFMAOOO

  • @unknownmistmist2141
    @unknownmistmist2141 Year ago +57

    Lool when Amelia said how many kids you want and Meeks said football team ,loool that got me dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • @rellaxxwbruh
      @rellaxxwbruh Year ago

      got me creasing🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @tohid5845
      @tohid5845 Year ago

      fuckin hell doesnt take much for you lot does it

  • @kay-dc8495
    @kay-dc8495 Year ago +7

    Meeks is a mood I can't even lie

  • @Ultrasound137
    @Ultrasound137 Year ago +19

    He’s genuinely funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @AL-gz7qv
    @AL-gz7qv Year ago +3

    Love at first matching fit ❤