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  • Published on May 26, 2024
  • Amelia meets Central Cee for a date in a Chicken Shop
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Co-Written by Liv West
    Executive Producers: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Production Assistant: Diara Vassalo Ndiaye
    Cam A: Jonathan Moore
    Cam B: Tayo Yusuff
    Sound Op: Paul O’Hare
    Editor: Joe Bolger
    Conform: Lewis Ashley
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
    Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    VFX: Richard Russell & Paul Hanford
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley & Ashleigh Kybert
    Photographer: Norah Sanghani
    Wardrobe: Chloe Griffin
    Hair: Ellie Fox
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Comments • 6K

  • @gabyg9401
    @gabyg9401 Year ago +14434

    “I like girls that don’t like me”
    “Well, I hate you”
    😂😂😂😂 I freaking can’t with Amelia

  • @leontheprofessional99
    @leontheprofessional99 Year ago +48659

    he is actually extremely cute not because of his looks but he seems like a down to earth, awkward, quiet guy

    • @onlybetasgetoffendedbystri8030
      @onlybetasgetoffendedbystri8030 Year ago +476

      Awkward? bruv what did you watch

    • @Linkyst
      @Linkyst Year ago +1104

      @@Cola-bw7wc i think youre confusing having a relaxed demeanour and replying at his own pace with awkwardness - not the same thing.

    • @KiraYoza
      @KiraYoza Year ago +175

      Swear down girls just want a guy who’s tall or a cute guy who’s kinda awkward or some bad boy which is every generation 😂

    • @Huttz
      @Huttz Year ago +246

      No he's a player and knows how to act and talk😂

    • @CandiceChapman
      @CandiceChapman Year ago +3

      Can you answer in more detail?

  • @MeganMinnighan-gg7sh
    @MeganMinnighan-gg7sh 10 months ago +17285

    This man got me smiling the whole time through this, his smile is contagious

    • @mariannestrgzr9374
      @mariannestrgzr9374 10 months ago +172

      rightttt smiling blushing kicking my feet up !!! there’s something so charming about soft spoken men idk

    • @jg2722
      @jg2722 10 months ago +55

      3:34 don’t look at me like that 🙈

    • @Desi2fly
      @Desi2fly 9 months ago +2


    • @xxkatexx7764
      @xxkatexx7764 9 months ago +1


    • @bn7467
      @bn7467 9 months ago +1

      Are you soaking babe ?

  • @austinkwon8259
    @austinkwon8259 9 months ago +4135

    0:55 “it changes by the season” “well, it’s winter” 😂😂😂 got me so hard

  • @heyya99
    @heyya99 Year ago +27277

    You can tell he's a very sensitive soul, avoids getting hurt. Very sweet.

    • @AintSunny
      @AintSunny Year ago +163


    • @denszaa
      @denszaa Year ago +287

      Definitely ! Eyes say it all

    • @serenitybeats1677
      @serenitybeats1677 Year ago +63

      @@denszaaeyes? Lmao u can’t control what your eyes look like

    • @denszaa
      @denszaa Year ago +498

      @@serenitybeats1677 if you don’t understand what I’m tryna say then there’s no point in me even attempting to explain

    • @xoxo.syisyis1551
      @xoxo.syisyis1551 Year ago +34

      @@serenitybeats1677 that’s not what she meant…

  • @manlikeisaac
    @manlikeisaac Year ago +45769

    Bro is adorable

  • @copycat2495
    @copycat2495 10 months ago +4545

    He’s so smitten by Amelia! No eye contact, blushing…. He’s into it. Also tell Amelia that these dates are soooo cute now, no more awkward vibes. Love it

    • @matthewalkhurie8914
      @matthewalkhurie8914 8 months ago +43

      ur joking, plenty of girls i dont make eye contact with because im not attracted to them and sometimes blushing could mean hes not interested but tryna be nice since she keeps shooting shots at him

    • @onlypjm
      @onlypjm 7 months ago +196

      ​@@matthewalkhurie8914you don't speak for every man, matthew ☠️

    • @matthewalkhurie8914
      @matthewalkhurie8914 7 months ago +1

      @@onlypjm she’s literally mid, why would a famous and attractive rapper go for a women he’s clearly Unattracted to when he has so many better options. He literally asked about her sister on the date 🤣. But I get it, you like lying to yourself and living in delusion “☠️”

    • @Prezwant-_-
      @Prezwant-_- 7 months ago +6

      @@onlypjm cl matthew here is right-

    • @tamakibread1411
      @tamakibread1411 6 months ago +51

      @@matthewalkhurie8914 bruh she's legit joking that's her whole persona, if u believe that sht that's crazy

  • @user-sz4nm5vv8l
    @user-sz4nm5vv8l 10 months ago +1911

    We need a second date between you two.. The sister conversation had me dying .

    • @chloefarrow6072
      @chloefarrow6072 9 months ago +3

      Who’s her sister? Is she famous?

    • @jaanaijalomo3783
      @jaanaijalomo3783 9 months ago +3

      He’s dating her now!! Her name is Madeline argy

    • @zoeg4213
      @zoeg4213 8 months ago +38

      @@jaanaijalomo3783her sister is not madeline, what are you on about?

    • @kallmekoko6277
      @kallmekoko6277 3 months ago +5

      why is this so funny

  • @tariqfromsudan
    @tariqfromsudan Year ago +37428

    Okay but why does this one actually feel like a REAL date, both of them blushing and smiling super cute😂

    • @444luvi
      @444luvi Year ago +3572

      he did say this is a real date for him LOL 😭

    • @bboysaif8
      @bboysaif8 Year ago +816

      Love how genuine he is

    • @robertab4654
      @robertab4654 Year ago +75


    • @hellspores22
      @hellspores22 Year ago +141

      Not even close, she wasn’t feeling him one bit. You just don’t know what a date should be like

    • @odebetter
      @odebetter Year ago +741

      @@hellspores22she’s always like this

  • @radwamohamed_
    @radwamohamed_ Year ago +16100

    Amelia: “I swear all the time”
    Central see: “is not that attractive is it”
    Amelia: “okay I don’t swear”
    That part killed me 😂😂

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +199

      😂😂😂 her commitment to the bit is unparalleled

    • @jaystarcam
      @jaystarcam Year ago +28

      She’s too real💀😭

    • @JokerX.11
      @JokerX.11 Year ago


    • @akikiaovie
      @akikiaovie Year ago +3

      @@khalilahd. khalilah how is it you are subscribed to all the channels I follow?

    • @jaidaburton7898
      @jaidaburton7898 Year ago +8

      She’s jus like me fr

  • @stevec8974
    @stevec8974 6 months ago +62

    His best lyric is “if you ask my mom what I’m like, she’ll say I’m selfless and I give back. If you ask my ex what I’m like, she’ll say I’m a narcissist and a sociopath” one of the realest, most honest bars I’ve ever heard in my life. Situational perception.

  • @user-gg1ch7uk1o
    @user-gg1ch7uk1o 11 months ago +563

    The sister conversation had me dying . We need a second date between you two..

  • @hannahdigitals
    @hannahdigitals Year ago +36360

    I am once again begging for Amelia to go on a date with the chicken shop man that stares awkwardly at the camera

  • @AA-qb7ni
    @AA-qb7ni Year ago +9001

    Him getting all soft w her is kinda cute 😊 Amelia is just getting better and better with all these guests. Proud of her!! 🙌

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +93

      She’s so good with these interviews. My favorite thing on yt

    • @trxptan
      @trxptan Year ago +8

      @Yulds bro u said the same about KSI

    • @DC42087
      @DC42087 Year ago


    • @gabo007x1
      @gabo007x1 Year ago +11

      @@aydenhaunt idk man being the soft boy in the hood sounds plenty hard to me

    • @ThaBoss76000
      @ThaBoss76000 Year ago +22

      It’s not an act that man is soft in general lmao

  • @BilanyuNelson-mc1fb
    @BilanyuNelson-mc1fb Year ago +968

    You wouldn’t expect a rapper to have such a simple and rather attractive personality 💙

    • @BilanyuNelson-mc1fb
      @BilanyuNelson-mc1fb Year ago +1


    • @AndreasViking1
      @AndreasViking1 10 months ago +2

      It’s because he is a Caucasian rapper

    • @Bean_Pablo
      @Bean_Pablo 10 months ago +11

      ​@@AndreasViking1he looks Latino to me 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • @Gabriel-bu6ln
      @Gabriel-bu6ln 10 months ago +13

      ​@Bean_Pablo he's half white on his mom's side, quarter asian (Chinese), quarter Latino (Ecuadorian/Guyanese) so not far off lol

    • @AndreasViking1
      @AndreasViking1 10 months ago +5

      @@Bean_Pablo are you unaware that over half of Latinos/Hispanics are white Caucasians?! Come on gain some knowledge. Over half of Latinos have majority Spanish heritage, Spanish people are European Caucasians.
      But he is also majority Caucasian in every way

  • @zenyxz018
    @zenyxz018 10 months ago +131

    5:26 “no but bro” always kills me HAHAHAHA

    • @liahb8673
      @liahb8673 8 months ago

      😂😂ikr i was looking for this comment

  • @cherise9581
    @cherise9581 Year ago +6093

    he’s got such a cute personality 😂

  • @Mariana-ft5eh
    @Mariana-ft5eh Year ago +24902

    He seems like such a genuinely nice person and I love how he’s actually eating nonstop 😂😂

    • @Mariana-ft5eh
      @Mariana-ft5eh Year ago +15

      @Dont Read Profile Picture ??

    • @shannonray5934
      @shannonray5934 Year ago +295

      Thats what i noticed too 😂 also he is so fine underneath that “sock” lmaoo HIS HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL

    • @whiterabbit9938
      @whiterabbit9938 Year ago +7

      In most movies and cartoons, good triumphs over evil.
      Most people enjoy such movies and cartoons.
      It is because people love good.
      Study, work, exercise, illness, etc. cause stress.
      Stress creates an evil mind and leads to evil actions.
      Most people are good, but stress breeds bad thoughts and bad behavior.
      Give peace to all people by freeing them from study, work, exercise and disease.

    • @wonshtypaul5011
      @wonshtypaul5011 Year ago +123

      Bro was hungry 😂

    • @happychappy27
      @happychappy27 Year ago +16

      He raps about stabbing and shooting people. Selling drugs so I think you’re getting a bit mixed up love.

  • @ariahfr
    @ariahfr 6 months ago +123

    cench: “yeah it looks fine, it’s like natural blush-“
    amelia: “stop flirting with me.” 😹😹

  • @MrsClaireYAP
    @MrsClaireYAP 9 months ago +293

    I really like this interview because she made him so comfortable and made us see a sweet side of him I never saw 🥺🥰

    • @newleft2254
      @newleft2254 3 months ago

      He is soooo fucking sweet and hot at the same time LOL

  • @negasek454
    @negasek454 Year ago +5607

    These two seem like actual friends 😭

  • @n_irsh1831
    @n_irsh1831 Year ago +4985

    She got him blushin n smilin Amelia is getting too good at this

    • @relativerust
      @relativerust Year ago +14

      people think leos are the best flirts but it's actually aquarius

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +1

      Right 😂😂

    • @malyahxx8092
      @malyahxx8092 Year ago +3

      She’s been good

    • @ballinitup6109
      @ballinitup6109 Year ago +25

      @@relativerust damn you actually believe in that shit

    • @aloha516
      @aloha516 Year ago +14

      @@relativerust what does your birth month have anything to do with your flirting skills

  • @nene5292
    @nene5292 5 months ago +99

    ive met him before in person he is so adorable & soft hearted very humble & he is so well mannered !

  • @nayashiii
    @nayashiii 7 months ago +61

    his smile is so cute 😭 he got me smiling throughout the whole vid

  • @irennavoyan2327
    @irennavoyan2327 Year ago +16405

    I've never seen a rapper this soft-hearted and genuine. His future gf would be a lucky one for sure!

    • @sofiguerrero3234
      @sofiguerrero3234 Year ago +502


    • @monty8771
      @monty8771 Year ago +24

      @@sofiguerrero3234 they are not together

    • @sheryl9525
      @sheryl9525 11 months ago +114

      @@monty8771they are

    • @phenyomatseke557
      @phenyomatseke557 11 months ago +191

      "I got too many gyal, too many-many gyal, I got
      They can last me the next two weeks, uh" - central cee

    • @timewalker38
      @timewalker38 11 months ago +252

      ​@@phenyomatseke557that's just a flex bar bruhhh he is playing a character he is not like that irl watch his interviews

  • @s-zo5641
    @s-zo5641 Year ago +6855

    This dude actually has a good head on his shoulders. A thinking man. I'm tired of all these braindead rappers so this is very refreshing to see.

    • @oclarke31
      @oclarke31 Year ago +67

      Very well said, you articulated what I couldn’t lol

    • @andale_andale
      @andale_andale Year ago +37

      Is that a joke?

    • @MLGDuckk
      @MLGDuckk Year ago +18

      @@andale_andaleWell, relative to the other rappers.

    • @smellmyphart
      @smellmyphart Year ago +70

      He planned and crafted his entire rise. Went from nothing in Shepherd’s Bush to 30 million listeners on Spotify in 2 years. That’s no accident

    • @MsDarkie93
      @MsDarkie93 Year ago +20

      God people are so easily impressed lmaoo. I

  • @kynajain
    @kynajain Year ago +194

    This will never not be my favourite Chicken Shop Date Episode, i absolutely love him, it’s so cute. I literally come back to watch this so many times

    @GIRLYISMS 6 months ago +41

    He is so adorable I think I fell for him so bad 😭

  • @Jelliiefly
    @Jelliiefly Year ago +14886

    Amelia got me falling in love with everyone she brings on here. A new date drops and now I'm listening to artists I never listened to before.

  • @vapxr_9336
    @vapxr_9336 Year ago +3507

    a chicken shop date with Tyler the creator would be soooo good😭
    edit: for the dumbasses that are saying he’s gay he’s dating a girl💀

  • @ZubairAhmed-zm1sl
    @ZubairAhmed-zm1sl 10 months ago +93

    Other rappers ain't gon sit this way allowing you to talk so freely smiling laughing sharing stuff this guy man what a legend ❤

  • @Roquino
    @Roquino Year ago +49

    Love Amelia’s in-character reaction 2:14, like « Oh you’re one of those… »

  • @fifi7390
    @fifi7390 Year ago +5344

    you’d think cench has a whole different personality bc of his music but it’s so different and SO ADORABLE I CANNOT

  • @priamo9231
    @priamo9231 Year ago +5783

    He was there for the food. Munched all the way through 👏🏻

    • @makiba1307
      @makiba1307 Year ago +27

      By the looks of it, he doesn't eat enough!

    • @judezein
      @judezein Year ago +48

      @@makiba1307 nah that’s lowkey mean

    • @anon9336
      @anon9336 Year ago +28

      @@makiba1307 Jesus Christ mate, read the room

    • @hhelminn
      @hhelminn Year ago +27

      @@makiba1307 Some are naturally skinny bro

    • @simbz194
      @simbz194 Year ago +19

      @@makiba1307 You certainly live up to your username, good job

  • @DivineTim3
    @DivineTim3 10 months ago +14

    He is so cuteee. I love how laid back he is. Need more men like this. Okay with being vulnerable.

  • @sophlizabeth
    @sophlizabeth Year ago +6556

    What I got from this is he tries to put up a front but really he wears his heart on his sleeve, he’ll fall in love quick but he’s scared to get hurt. He’s so charming and adorable

  • @reneesmith8488
    @reneesmith8488 Year ago +8846

    Amelia 's ability to communicate with literally everyone is unmatched !! I could never lol🤣

    • @raiderxskull
      @raiderxskull Year ago +59

      I need to know how to do that 😂

    • @joymex5906
      @joymex5906 Year ago +7


    • @Lily_x00x_
      @Lily_x00x_ Year ago +32

      same! I also could never lol, she knows how to make any person feel comfortable.
      girl has that charisma stats maxed out

    • @jibzzz1
      @jibzzz1 Year ago

      Your blind and deaf

  • @epitomeyoutube
    @epitomeyoutube 9 months ago +57

    quick navigation:
    00:00 They discuss commitment issues, personal style, and preferences.
    01:17 They talk about tattoos, face tattoos, and song lyrics.
    02:27 Love and delusion in relationships and career.
    03:29 Flirting, dating, and being wise.
    05:11 Interest in each other's siblings and dating history.

  • @Dropthebeatonit
    @Dropthebeatonit Month ago +5

    she fancies him soooo much, permanent state of blushing

    @TVVENCH Year ago +17115

    “I want a girl to teach me something” is just.. such a perfect thing to say. More men like this please!

    • @hansmemling7605
      @hansmemling7605 Year ago +247

      More men that wear socks as a hat as well ?

    • @TVVENCH
      @TVVENCH Year ago +285

      @@hansmemling7605 That too.

    • @hansmemling7605
      @hansmemling7605 Year ago +25

      @@TVVENCH 😂

    • @breadophile
      @breadophile Year ago +84

      @Bones Jones if it's a serious relationship it's not simping

    • @inessa5923
      @inessa5923 Year ago +98

      @@onetoten1 Dates are literally peak opportunities to discuss what people are looking for in partners and what they want to gain and give in a relationship. Is being eternally celibate your motive? Because you seem to really be reaching for that destiny.

  • @Cherry-rg6hm
    @Cherry-rg6hm Year ago +8308

    1:00 That fact that he said he wants his girl to teach him something instead of just going for physical aspects of his type is so wholesome🥺

    • @mazzee
      @mazzee Year ago +159

      Hmm but we don't know what he actually ment by that 😂

    • @juiceboxjuice3756
      @juiceboxjuice3756 Year ago +170

      Let's not forget he said he likes girls that don't like him but when they like him back he don't won't them seems kinda toxic he's just a lil flirt and ppl falling for it

    • @Jasmine2k
      @Jasmine2k Year ago +10

      he only said " i want my girl to teach me something, didnt see anything that he mentioned aboutphysical stuff 0.o

    • @BlueZirnitra
      @BlueZirnitra Year ago +20

      ​​@@juiceboxjuice3756 for real people can say things like that just because it sounds good. His body language looks like he isn't being genuine but is trying to sound like it.
      Not necessarily pathological behaviour in itself, could be just lack of confidence, but it's inauthentic nonetheless.

    • @LilAssTonkaTruck
      @LilAssTonkaTruck Year ago +8

      Bruh you not a guy.. he wants a girl to teach him something sexually

  • @ZeeA0705
    @ZeeA0705 11 months ago +16

    I have a huge crush on Central Cee because I love his Raps he’s got strong lyrics and vocal cords but also cause he seems soo humble and sweet

  • @ellie3365
    @ellie3365 Year ago +12

    He’s actually really articulate and seems like a lovely lad

  • @anamraza9441
    @anamraza9441 Year ago +6224

    Central cee actually having love problems, an identity crisis and trying to grow as a person is not what I expected from this episode hahaha
    Refreshingly honest!

    • @avokidoo1476
      @avokidoo1476 Year ago +8

      Wasn’t the whole my bitch is gay was about feeling good w his girl?

    • @frankuvlkan
      @frankuvlkan Year ago +2

      Hi Anam, espero que mi comentario no haya sonado como una forma de invasión de la privacidad. Tu comentario habla de una mujer maravillosa con un corazón hermoso, lo que me impulsó a comentar. Normalmente no escribo en la sección de comentarios, pero creo que te mereces este complemento. Si no te importa podemos ser amigos? Gracias Dios los bendiga….🌹🌹

    • @youngspaceboy2875
      @youngspaceboy2875 Year ago +45

      @@frankuvlkan Bruh at least say it in a language she can understand if you gon shoot your shot lmao

    • @jxsnn14
      @jxsnn14 Year ago +7

      ​@@frankuvlkan 💀

    • @manuelortuzar2212
      @manuelortuzar2212 Year ago +1

      @@youngspaceboy2875 lmfaaao

  • @shannonwilliams773
    @shannonwilliams773 Year ago +20925

    I’m sorry but Central Cee stole my heart in this episode. He’s so adorable I think I’m in love lol

  • @valentinajade19
    @valentinajade19 4 months ago +10

    This was actually the best chicken shop date cause CC went into it fun and open. Some guests can’t go along w her awkwardness so they also become awkward/annoyed/stunted, but CC just treated it as normal 😂 v cute

  • @baumstanz
    @baumstanz 7 months ago +1

    I really need uncut versions of these videos!!!

  • @tom0394
    @tom0394 Year ago +5828

    I speak for everyone when I say that ‘doja’ by central cee was a cultural reset with impeccable lyricism, and is undoubtedly the song of a generation

  • @tommiesturkenboom3862
    @tommiesturkenboom3862 Year ago +7253

    Love that this guy isn’t acting all cool and tough but just keeps it real. Humble as well!

    • @cameronshane2615
      @cameronshane2615 Year ago +15

      bro he was terrible... it was awkward and boring. this wasnt even worth watching. it wasnt even cute funny awkward. it was just bad.

    • @aayu8916
      @aayu8916 Year ago +251

      @@cameronshane2615 wow ur so different :0

    • @ojtiv
      @ojtiv Year ago +13

      @@cameronshane2615 ok

    • @theofficialstephy_
      @theofficialstephy_ Year ago +19

      @@cameronshane2615Oloriburuku Oponu 💀💀

    • @skeng6797
      @skeng6797 Year ago +16

      @@cameronshane2615 why u commenting sm 😂😂

  • @briannavann1
    @briannavann1 24 days ago +3

    his smile is so cute😭🫶🏽

  • @Lucascercelaru15
    @Lucascercelaru15 5 months ago +4

    His smile is so adorable and he’s soft hearted and cute, whatever girl gets him IS lucky imao

  • @banenggalicia3357
    @banenggalicia3357 Year ago +5851

    He stayed at the hotel i worked for. He was very polite and well mannered. ngl not what i expected from his visuals. I thought he would be a show off and demanding like a typical rich guest but nope. He was very humble and reserved. Reagrdless of how a person looks, you really never know how they are until you hear them speak and behave.

    • @q.m17
      @q.m17 Year ago +19


    • @adedejijohnson8228
      @adedejijohnson8228 Year ago +75

      I think you read it wrongly the comment said *stayed* not *worked*

    • @rashirashi04
      @rashirashi04 Year ago +7

      ​@@NabzGG Read the comment again bae

    • @leftblea7692
      @leftblea7692 Year ago +3

      @@NabzGG did you go to school

    • @DontTickle
      @DontTickle Year ago +32

      I bet you judged him with a comment like this. That has been established since the 90s. The ones you don't trust are the ones wearing a suit..

  • @thetrollminator4975
    @thetrollminator4975 Year ago +4527

    He's a good conversationalist he has way more personality than I thought he would

    • @Sariyahxo
      @Sariyahxo Year ago +105

      I think he underestimated himself a lot but he’s a genuinely cool guy

    • @courtneyonu5966
      @courtneyonu5966 Year ago +51

      I reckon. He's actually so attractive!

    • @tommybards3489
      @tommybards3489 Year ago

      @@courtneyonu5966 Your joking?

    • @Chibbykins
      @Chibbykins Year ago +4

      ​@@tommybards3489 no

    • @batool2000rox
      @batool2000rox Year ago +1

      ​@@tommybards3489 he has a really nice smile, so not really

  • @laceyhathaway922
    @laceyhathaway922 9 months ago +7

    The way he looks up at her adyer saying natural blush is cute ❤❤❤❤

  • @tiffieee
    @tiffieee 8 months ago +10

    he has such a nice smile! Very sweet guy!

  • @ColinPatrickWeiss
    @ColinPatrickWeiss Year ago +8886

    Cee is such a great mix of gangster and vulnerable/real man who isn't afraid to show some weakness without letting anyone walk over him. He's a great talent, love his lyrics.

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    @chilistacos Year ago +10095

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  • @user-db5ur6ky3k
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    • @prettiestbaddie4194
      @prettiestbaddie4194 Year ago

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    • @SP-ie1vx
      @SP-ie1vx Year ago +44

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    • @elena-zg4ry
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    • @Greezy2000
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      @calebgao6931 Year ago +38

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    • @olugboyeopeyemi2428
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    • @justiny2215
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    @k__1234 Year ago +4139

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  • @ninana143
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    @radwamohamed_ Year ago +1534

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    • @tykodavis779
      @tykodavis779 Year ago +90

      If you watch interviews of him, you can see that he has a calm and chill personality outside of his music persona, he's humble and shy, and very respectful, he has such a gentle soul

    • @drritzy6618
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      @elliefennell3381 Year ago +5

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    • @animalsandnature.
      @animalsandnature. Year ago

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      I’m old enough to be CC’s muvver but he cute 🥰

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