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The 72nd MISS UNIVERSE National Costume Show


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  • @coyousi
    @coyousi 16 days ago +3784

    Timing of All Contestants
    🇦🇱 Albania 6:30
    🇦🇴 Angola 7:09
    🇦🇷 Argentina 7:51
    🇦🇼 Aruba 8:31
    🇦🇺 Australia 9:08
    🇧🇸 Bahamas 9:40
    🇧🇭 Bahrain 10:18
    🇧🇪 Belgium 10:56
    🇧🇴 Bolivia 11:26
    🇧🇷 Brazil 12:12
    🇻🇬 British Virgin Islands 12:55
    🇧🇬 Bulgaria 13:39
    🇰🇭 Cambodia 14:39
    🇨🇲 Cameroon 15:33
    🇨🇦 Canada 16:34
    🇰🇾 Cayman Islands 17:19
    🇨🇱 Chile 18:09
    🇨🇴 Colombia 18:50
    🇨🇷 Costa Rica 19:35
    🇭🇷 Croatia 20:39
    🇨🇼 Curaçao 21:14
    🇨🇿 Czech Republic 22:02
    🇩🇰 Denmark 22:46
    🇩🇴 Dominican Republic 23:38
    🇪🇨 Ecuador 24:28
    🇪🇬 Egypt 25:07
    🇸🇻 El Salvador 25:49
    🇬🇶 Equatorial Guinea 28:01
    🇫🇮 Finland 28:48
    🇨🇵 France 29:30
    🇩🇪 Germany 30:19
    🇬🇧 Great Britain 31:00
    🇬🇷 Greece 31:40
    🇬🇹 Guatemala 32:35
    🇬🇾 Guyana 33:35
    🇭🇳 Honduras 35:15
    🇭🇺 Hungary 36:46
    🇮🇸 Iceland 37:25
    🇮🇳 India 38:20
    🇮🇩 Indonesia 39:37
    🇮🇪 Ireland 40:24
    🇮🇹 Italy 41:22
    🇯🇲 Jamaica 42:18
    🇯🇵 Japan 43:10
    🇰🇿 Kazakhstan 44:03
    🇰🇷 Korea 44:49
    🇽🇰 Kosovo 45:56
    🇱🇦 Laos 47:07
    🇱🇻 Latvia 48:14
    🇱🇧 Lebanon 49:26
    🇲🇾 Malaysia 49:54
    🇲🇹 Malta 50:57
    🇲🇺 Mauritius 51:32
    🇲🇽 Mexico 52:10
    🇲🇳 Mongolia 53:08
    🇲🇲 Myanmar 54:23
    🇳🇦 Namibia 55:24
    🇳🇵 Nepal 56:07
    🇳🇱 Netherlands 57:00
    🇳🇮 Nicaragua 57:43
    🇳🇬 Nigeria 58:54
    🇳🇴 Norway 59:41
    🇵🇰 Pakistan 1:00:23
    🇵🇦 Panama 1:01:15
    🇵🇾 Paraguay 1:01:45
    🇵🇪 Peru 1:02:34
    🇵🇭 Philippines 1:03:36
    🇵🇱 Poland 1:04:54
    🇵🇹 Portugal 1:05:55
    🇵🇷 Puerto Rico 1:06:21
    🇷🇺 Russia 1:07:44
    🇱🇨 Saint Lucia 1:09:05
    🇸🇬 Singapore 1:10:25
    🇸🇰 Slovakia 1:11:03
    🇿🇦 South Africa 1:11:38
    🇪🇸 Spain 1:12:28
    🇨🇭 Switzerland 1:13:49
    🇹🇭 Thailand 1:14:40
    🇹🇹 Trinidad and Tobago 1:16:15
    🇺🇦 Ukraine 1:17:11
    🇺🇸 United States 1:18:15
    🇻🇪 Venezuela 1:19:08
    🇻🇳 Vietnam 1:20:52
    🇿🇼 Zimbabwe 1:22:02

  • @jonalynpesongco9061
    @jonalynpesongco9061 5 days ago +3

    This show is awesome! The stage is magnificent with the stunning beauties of the entire universe.
    Good job El Salvador.

  • @efrainbravo1410
    @efrainbravo1410 3 days ago +2

    La ganadora indiscutible es miss el salvador. La reacción que causó con su traje típico fue lo mejor. Se trasmite la emoción 🙌✨

  • @irfanfaiza7079
    @irfanfaiza7079 2 days ago +2

    Super proud of 🇵🇰 for making debut on the Ms. Universe stage! So proud of Erica Robin!

  • @asmodecorp
    @asmodecorp 15 days ago +393

    El Salvador is probably the coolest host country that I have ever seen with how glamourous their stage design is. It's all colorful, bright, and lengthy that gives all of the queens' rightful time to strut their stuff. Obsessed.

    • @gregbell3559
      @gregbell3559 15 days ago +28

      Their stage is the best I've ever seen .

    • @psw.t9388
      @psw.t9388 14 days ago +12

      Thaliland 2018 is the best years for MU

    • @SamuelGarcia-dk4jl
      @SamuelGarcia-dk4jl 14 days ago +2


    • @silviaberrios2068
      @silviaberrios2068 14 days ago +15

      Julio Himede from Yellow Studio was the designer for this stage/event. He is Salvadoran, and well known worldwide for his remarkable artistic work.

    • @riejon80
      @riejon80 14 days ago

      THAILAND’s The Best Stage 2018and 2015 With The Big Image of the Top 3.

  • @Obbee
    @Obbee 13 days ago +91

    El Salvador really slayed the stage design. the LED stage is sooo beautiful. ❤

  • @Keane-dq1lf
    @Keane-dq1lf 16 days ago +1307

    I am very proud of Miss Thailand. She showed me that she could really develop her abilities.❤🇹🇭

      @RAINGSEYFOODS 16 days ago +7

      The real Cambodia is good perform than

    • @blak_ruzy5976
      @blak_ruzy5976 16 days ago +54

      @@RAINGSEYFOODS5555ตลก ชุดเเบบนั้นอ่ะดีกว่า?😂

    • @Keane-dq1lf
      @Keane-dq1lf 16 days ago +99

      @@RAINGSEYFOODS It's about Cambodia. I don't care I'm only interested in Miss Thailand.

    • @PrinceArran
      @PrinceArran 16 days ago +9

      I was shocked why she didn't make it to the top 10. She was a crowd favorite and definitely had the entire package.

    • @chingmiranda2785
      @chingmiranda2785 16 days ago +8

      Pnay k b or Thai. For us, Philippines only ok

  • @shedskin01
    @shedskin01 14 days ago +124

    Miss Nicaragua rocked her walk in National costume! She walked it with the confidence of a winner, of a queen! Congratulations Nicaragua for a well deserved win, desde Guatemala con cariño fraternal!!

    • @misaellopez6870
      @misaellopez6870 10 days ago +1

      Muy cierto muy ceguera ella y otra que me sorprendió fue la seguridad que destilaba la anfitriona y muy bonitos ojos

  • @ewanko2267
    @ewanko2267 14 days ago +88

    I would like to say that El Salvador did a great job hosting the recent Miss Universe.. Their stage is indeed made for queens!

  • @shree12333
    @shree12333 3 days ago +2

    Thank you El Salvador ❤ . I must say each contender was enjoying this moment😍 I never expected there will be dove on this ramp walk .. so coooooollllll Nepal 👏@56.05

  • @hughneto
    @hughneto 14 days ago +128

    Como salvadoreño, he quedado satisfecho con la celebración de Miss Universe, el escenario, la iluminación, los efectos, la organización, uff que calidad de evento de nivel internacional. Y miss El Salvador, estuvo increíble, mis respetos y admiración para ella

    • @laroxxlala1017
      @laroxxlala1017 14 days ago +7

      Felicidades a nuestros hermonos lindo trabajo como anfitrion. Como Hondurena me facino la execusion de el certamin

    • @hughneto
      @hughneto 14 days ago +4

      @@laroxxlala1017 me da gusto que la hayas pasado bien

    • @agroguaro
      @agroguaro 12 days ago +3

      La verdad fue un espectáculo de calidad

    • @erikadiaz9622
      @erikadiaz9622 11 days ago

      Había mujeres más bellas y preparadas como Tailandia y Australia USA y El Salvador pero en fin

    • @user-xu9nc4hw7i
      @user-xu9nc4hw7i 10 days ago


  • @7colormusic519
    @7colormusic519 10 days ago +11

    This is the most stunning Miss Universe Pageant ever. El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Russia, Thailand and Venezuela have the most beautiful national costumes. The one that worked her costume BEST was Miss Nicaragua. Stunning and chic bird costume!

  • @minnis7898
    @minnis7898 16 days ago +885

    The national costume of Thailand is very beautiful. A country of tourism. Love from Japan 🇯🇵❤️🇹🇭

  • @dennis771
    @dennis771 14 days ago +7

    This is incredible because all of the world is finally happy and participating; we need more of this to bring the world together

  • @efrainbravo1410
    @efrainbravo1410 3 days ago +1

    El traje de Miss El Salvador , lo mejor de la noche 🙌✨amo su reaccy

  • @magdalenevelez757
    @magdalenevelez757 14 days ago +30

    The most beautiful Ms. Universe stage I've ever seen. After all these years however, I will never understand why some costume designs have to be so extravagant and so heavy for the contestans to carry.

  • @jasminlaunte1269
    @jasminlaunte1269 15 days ago +179

    I'm from Philippines and my favorite are Angola, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Thailand, El Salvador and India. India's costume was so simple but so relatable and the way she carried herself with her facial expressions and gesture definitely represent her country.

  • @rockinrandy8910
    @rockinrandy8910 14 days ago +2

    Trinidad and Tobago Did Us Proud ...She Worked That Costume 🔥🔥🔥🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

  • @Nohobytch
    @Nohobytch 16 days ago +127

    Miss Universe Thailand 🇹🇭 nailed it with her costumes - pure show-stoppers! The creativity, attention to detail, and the way she carried herself were all on point. It's like she turned the stage into her own runway. Thailand's representative truly did an outstanding job, and it's hard not to be impressed by her style and presence! 🌟🇹🇭

    • @kanyakongvatee6186
      @kanyakongvatee6186 16 days ago +3

      💗 Thailand 💗🇹🇭👑👍🏻👍🏻🎉🎉🎉

    • @thefirstXYZ
      @thefirstXYZ 15 days ago +1


    • @topgammar3763
      @topgammar3763 15 days ago +1

      jealousy jealousy jealousy

    • @thefirstXYZ
      @thefirstXYZ 14 days ago +1

      @@topgammar3763 Bahahah there is nothing to be jealous of your miss thailand. Because She has nothing. She is not special except that you overhyped her. Why? Because the owner of the Miss Universe is also a Thai..if thailand wins..it is because of the influence of the owner! And that is a fact! LOL 😂

  • @linass3565
    @linass3565 11 days ago +4

    I liked Spain and the Philippines the most, they were well designed and unique, the Spanish costume suits girl so much. My country, Ukraine, was actually better presented than I expected after seeing a few short videos in other social medias, so I like it too, well done guys. Some countries’ explanations were not related to the costumes, like Korea: the dress was good and I expected to hear smth about it, not about smb related to kpop

  • @oxanahoward6296
    @oxanahoward6296 14 days ago +65

    My favorite costumes:
    🇲🇽 Mexico 52:10
    🇲🇳 Mongolia 53:08
    🇵🇰 Pakistan 1:00:23
    🇷🇺 Russia 1:07:44 ❤❤❤
    I also liked a lot:
    🇰🇭 Cambodia 14:39
    🇨🇲 Cameroon 15:33
    🇸🇻 El Salvador 25:49
    🇮🇳 India 38:20
    🇲🇾 Malaysia 49:54
    🇳🇦 Namibia 55:24
    🇵🇦 Panama 1:01:15
    🇵🇪 Peru 1:02:34
    🇵🇷 Puerto Rico 1:06:21
    🇹🇭 Thailand 1:14:40

  • @carinetsii3000
    @carinetsii3000 12 days ago +2

    Cameroon 🇨🇲 to the world you go girl🎉

  • @rachellei.metzler3237
    @rachellei.metzler3237 15 days ago +50

    El Salvador was the BEST national costume! 🎉 That lights and the design were everything!! 🎉

    • @amyjoana8871
      @amyjoana8871 13 days ago +4

      Her walk was like 3 minutes long! But beautiful costume coming from a Nicaraguan 🫶🏼

    • @EdT.-xt6yv
      @EdT.-xt6yv 12 days ago

      Too tech oriented 0r Las Vega$ glitter?

    • @cristabelgallardo429
      @cristabelgallardo429 9 days ago +1

      Yes, it was AMAZING..! I cried when I saw it because of what it represents. El Salvador has been blessed..!

  • @ladyarthuria
    @ladyarthuria 13 days ago +4

    Just as I thought, Miss Nicaragua had something such great charisma, confidence, that natural expression. I like how she walked and imitated the bird want to fly. Congratulations Nicaragua 🎉

  • @user-fv8hp2qf2e
    @user-fv8hp2qf2e 16 days ago +275

    Thailand energy is incredible ! It’s give me goosebumps. So classy and traditional. Her presentation gives Rum-Thai and miss universe✨ vibes

  • @jamesgeorge777
    @jamesgeorge777 15 days ago +13

    The Miss Universe 2023 National Costume Show had stunning contestants showcase eye-catching creativity, colorful variety and individual skill on a beautiful stage!
    Can we celebrate all the hardworking and creative teams of designers, tailors and garment embellishers who designed the national costumes? They deserve our applause!
    Congratulations to all the contestants for effortlessly wearing/carrying/walking/posing/dancing in their national costumes!
    Overall, this was a visual feast for all eyes and a fun filled show celebrating each nation's culture, creativity, background, art, and also each contestant's choice to represent herself and her nation!

  • @jonathanvillatoro-ih4cz
    @jonathanvillatoro-ih4cz 15 days ago +11

    What a moment! El Salvador national costume it’s just stunning! And the way how the whole crowd gone wild was just a gagging moment. Proud of my Land of Superb Volcanoes! ❤

  • @heydaisabeljarquinaguilar5449

    Estuvo a la altura majestuoso evento engrandeciendo más a El Salvador. Felicitaciones 👏.
    Mis Univeso Nicaragua. Estoy feliz por ella y todos los Nicaragüenses.

    • @THK55
      @THK55 12 days ago

      Thái lan đen xì việt nam ok

  • @user-fi3lu9dd3n
    @user-fi3lu9dd3n 15 days ago +104

    I'm soo happy for Pakistan, its their first time participating and the typical dress was soo beautiful, Erica nailed it and still with no vulgarity and with modesty during the whole show ❤🤩

    • @azraqnight5296
      @azraqnight5296 15 days ago +2

      Muy bonito👏🏻💖

    • @PortugalZeroworldcup
      @PortugalZeroworldcup 14 days ago +4

      There was no vulgarity anywhere

    • @elsiesanoja1158
      @elsiesanoja1158 14 days ago +7

      Preciosa la chica de Pakistan 🥰😍

    • @valley-girl
      @valley-girl 10 days ago +1

      None of these were vulgar!! They were all beautiful and MODESTY IS A PERSONALITY TRAIT... NOT RELATED TO CLOTHES

  • @wow9444
    @wow9444 16 days ago +41

    The walk and energy of Thailand make me feel like she is a real goddess. So beautiful presentation. The costume is also very beautiful and intricately designed. El Salvador is also stunning.

  • @edgardomurguiallerena7605

    Maravilloso el desfile de las candidatas en trajes típicos. El traje de Miss Salvador impresionante el mejor de todos.
    Me gustó, también, como peruano el traje tipico del Tumi de Miss Perú, Camila lo lució estupendo.
    Felicidades y que sigan los éxitos en el concurso de Miss Universo 2,023.❤

  • @dreamaccessorais4868
    @dreamaccessorais4868 13 days ago +15

    Какие все красивые девушки и их наряды. А наша просто красавица 😍

  • @teresitalumibao3980
    @teresitalumibao3980 14 days ago +30

    Thank you El Salvador for the stage its stunningly spectacular.

  • @chamoalas9
    @chamoalas9 15 days ago +84

    I was there to cheer our local queen, we were speechless, I shouted my ass OUT! We love you Isabella thank you for representing our country! 💙💙💙💙

  • @unsiabatool8873
    @unsiabatool8873 14 days ago +44

    The elegance and modesty this Pakistani lady showed was phenomenal ❤️❤️
    Im cheering for herrr

    • @tayyabaamir7730
      @tayyabaamir7730 4 hours ago

      Yeah ❤ Thank you 🇵🇰 she was looking stunned especially the way she carried her outfit was amazing ❤

  • @mohdfansuri57
    @mohdfansuri57 16 days ago +461

    El Salvador’s audiences are very respectful & sportingly awesome! Notice how they cheered each & every candidate that sashay tru the runway.
    Simply awesome.
    Love 💕 from Singapore 🇸🇬

    • @user-pi2ux5hh5u
      @user-pi2ux5hh5u 16 days ago +26

      Thanks to you for such beautiful words and of course very welcome to El Salvador whenever you want it 😊regards to Singapore 🇸🇬

    • @chalat804
      @chalat804 16 days ago +11

      Yes,I agree with you

    • @claudiacanales2662
      @claudiacanales2662 16 days ago +4

      It was a fantastic show!!! Simply amazing!

    • @chinbolosv3389
      @chinbolosv3389 16 days ago +4

      We are the singapur of centro america,blessing

    • @gregbell3559
      @gregbell3559 16 days ago +2

      I agree they have been awesome and correct in applause

  • @Y2Klouds
    @Y2Klouds 15 days ago +27

    You can't tell me otherwise, El Salvador owned that stage... She shined just like her outfit 👑

  • @carebear4554
    @carebear4554 16 days ago +29

    Nicaragua's outfit was a show stopper! 🏆

  • @samwise0074
    @samwise0074 14 days ago +12

    Wow! Pakistani costume is so beautiful and accurate. Cheers to the girl and her stylist!

  • @americalatinaunida49
    @americalatinaunida49 6 days ago +3

    Que increíble, felicitaciones al hermano pais El Salvador!

  • @sandrahorrell4002
    @sandrahorrell4002 13 days ago +6

    El Salvador didn’t come to play, I screamed. That outfit is literal fire! 🎉🎉🎉

  • @sarawutyingdee796
    @sarawutyingdee796 16 days ago +139

    Thailand 🇹🇭 and El Salvador 🇸🇻 Amazing show ❤

  • @jenc.626
    @jenc.626 14 days ago +25

    El Salvador!!!! 💙🇸🇻 This was amazing to watch 👏🏻

  • @ivanvillamil2764
    @ivanvillamil2764 15 days ago +11

    I loved El Salvador costume they did a great job

  • @elizabethgarcia9481
    @elizabethgarcia9481 12 days ago +1

    I Love the costume of Canada, El Salvador and Nicaragua ❤️‍🔥✨✨ WOW

  • @chicanicaaj
    @chicanicaaj 16 days ago +83

    Sheyniss is hard to miss. It might not have been very elaborate but certainly a beautiful piece and her presence wow! Imponente and eye-catching ❤️

    • @azraqnight5296
      @azraqnight5296 15 days ago +4

      🇳🇮👏🏻Estuvo espectacular💖💜🐦‍⬛✨sin duda es una mujer muy hermosa que tiene buen dominio en el escenario es genial💪🏻✨

    • @Garyllaz
      @Garyllaz 10 days ago +1

      Majeee como que no estuvo tan bien elaborado??? Es uno de los trajes mas bellos! Se nota la calidad del material y el diseño... pocos fueron los q se vieron tan bien trabajados como el de ella

  • @vanessazarco4317
    @vanessazarco4317 12 days ago +11

    Thailand and Nicaragua wow! All these woman are beautiful but these two women are the true meaning of beauty, class and elegance!! I loved miss Thailand sad to not see her get the crown but I am extremely happy with the crowned miss universe

  • @manassaya4739
    @manassaya4739 16 days ago +214

    I couldn't take my eyes off of Thailand she looks spectacular and stunning! The costume looks very amazing and the way she moves so beautiful. Thailand's performance is WORLD CLASS💗

    • @neonhell5320
      @neonhell5320 15 days ago +7

      I was really impressed with it too! It was almost like she was dancing very slowly. Like some beautiful statue that came to life.

    • @manassaya4739
      @manassaya4739 15 days ago +7

      Agree 👍 I thought she came out from Thai histolical painting. She's different, stands out glamorous very very beautiful. Personally, I'm rooting for TH to win Miss Universe 👑.

    • @outercast9532
      @outercast9532 13 days ago

      is good that you support your own country.

  • @warrenguy76
    @warrenguy76 15 days ago +5

    56:39 Jane/Ms. Nepal’s costume especially the angled yet curvy headdress, coupled with her beautiful body shape is on point, full marks. And this determined look at the camera, while then changing to laughing at the tossed dove and turning away into a fantastic walk. And she’s so genuinely cool in her interviews. I hope she wins the whole thing. I truly do! ❤

  • @user-ed7hy5pn5l
    @user-ed7hy5pn5l 16 days ago +22

    Millions of people are waiting for NICARAGUA to be crowned Miss Universe. She is the most complete candidate, in every sense. She is that fresh face that the contest needs to gain credibility. No more choosing by band weight. The girls deserve to be seen equally and in a healthy competition NICARAGUA has been the best by far

  • @marthasvarietychannel
    @marthasvarietychannel 13 days ago +19

    Como Nicaraguense, estoy orgullosa de Miss Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios. Congratulations!! Saludos desde America.

  • @ChristianLaborte2002
    @ChristianLaborte2002 7 days ago +1

    Top 20 Semifinalists:
    Australia 🇦🇺 - Moraya Wilson
    Cameroon 🇨🇲 - Issie Princesse
    Chile 🇨🇱 - Celeste Viel
    Colombia 🇨🇴 - Camila Avella
    El Salvador 🇸🇻 - Isabella Garcia-Manzo 25:48
    India 🇮🇳 - Shweta Sharda
    Jamaica 🇯🇲 - Jordanne Lauren Levy
    Namibia 🇳🇦 - Jameela Uiras
    Nepal 🇳🇵- Jane Dipika Garrett
    Nicaragua 🇳🇮 - Sheynnis Palacios
    Pakistan 🇵🇰 - Erica Robin
    Peru 🇵🇪 - Camila Escribens
    Philippines 🇵🇭 - Michelle Marquez Dee (Best National Costume Winner)
    Portugal 🇵🇹 - Marina Machete
    Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 - Karla Guilfú Acevedo
    South Africa 🇿🇦 - Bryoni Natalie Govender
    Spain 🇪🇸 - Athenea Pérez
    Thailand 🇹🇭 - Anntonia Porsild
    USA 🇺🇲 - Noelia Voigt
    Venezuela 🇻🇪 - Diana Silva

  • @jordans4827
    @jordans4827 14 days ago +8

    This show was awesome!!! Every contestant was amazing. How can it be a contest when all candidates were the winner? Just incredible. A great show of country.

  • @supakit-oak
    @supakit-oak 16 days ago +540

    I love Thailand today she presents her dress well and elaborated! so stunning keep going Thailand 🇹🇭

  • @luciamedina8924
    @luciamedina8924 15 days ago +57

    I love the uniqueness and simplicity yet patriotic symbol of her costume in light of what the PCG is enduring in WPS🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭God bless the Philippines 🙏🙏🙏🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🙏🙏

  • @celineparcon7236
    @celineparcon7236 15 days ago +15

    The beauty of Ms. Philippines captures everyone's heart! Like the character of Helen Of Troy, her beauty is uncomparably attractive, coupled by her physical perfection, that could drive men to warSo they say, "the face that launched a thousand ships"!

  • @sophiaisabelle000
    @sophiaisabelle000 10 days ago

    Their costumes are meant to reflect their local cultures and traditions. Seems like they've all shined and did their best in this portion of the show.

  • @randi-j6166
    @randi-j6166 15 days ago +9

    El Salvador 🇸🇻 got this one hands down and this is coming from a guyanese person....She did exceptionally well...Kudos to the designer and visionary behind this creation....Amazing!!!

  • @viajandoconpaolanefertari

    WOW Nicaragua y su traje típico! ESPECTACULAR!!! Bravooo y sexy!! 🎉🇲🇽

  • @annemae1124
    @annemae1124 16 days ago +425

    Salute to the PHILIPPINE AIRFORCE and every soldier of the Philippines who exemplifies the courage, strength, resilience, and patriotism of our forefathers who fought for Philippine independence! Mabuhay ka Michelle Dee for paying tribute to our heroes! Mabuhay FiILIPINAS!

  • @neonhell5320
    @neonhell5320 15 days ago +8

    There were so many incredible costumes my jaw dropped! I have to say only one gave me goosebumps though because it was so breathtaking…..El Salvador. The timing with the lights and the lava gown really made it look like a volcanic eruption. I’ve never seen a more impressive costume. That’s my #1. I also loved Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico & Nicaragua. Some didn’t look like they even made an effort. Such as Nepal. What was up with that? I didn’t get it.

    • @thefirstXYZ
      @thefirstXYZ 15 days ago +1

      And she also didn't give effort to look fit and healthy. I am not supporting fat body to become normal. We all know that when you are fat, you are more susceptible to illness, sickness, and diseases as compared to slim body. So why are we promoting to be okay to be fat??? NO NO NO!

    • @lilianaparicio3723
      @lilianaparicio3723 14 days ago

      @@thefirstXYZ What the hell are you talking about Miss El Salvador is thin, you are literally asking for an anorexic if you want her thinner 💀💀💀

    • @thefirstXYZ
      @thefirstXYZ 14 days ago

      @@lilianaparicio3723 I was talking about Miss Nepal..🤗

    • @lilianaparicio3723
      @lilianaparicio3723 14 days ago

      @@thefirstXYZ ooooh sorry we are in the same boat, all the contestants killed themselves by exercising and dieting and Miss Nepal was in the 20 finalists doing nothing, literally a joke.

  • @idaota9034
    @idaota9034 15 days ago +10

    Miss El Salvador rocked the runway with that illuminating costume,absolutely gorgeous 😍

  • @sandeshchettri8938
    @sandeshchettri8938 12 days ago +2

    I m nepali and our Miss universe Nepal is make us proud ❣️❣️🥳🥳🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  • @rachellei.metzler3237
    @rachellei.metzler3237 15 days ago +37

    Namibia was incredible! 🎉 The Oryx as national symbol was perfectly displayed by Namibia! 🎉❤

  • @alvinasun8055
    @alvinasun8055 10 days ago +7

    Miss Russia is stunning!

  • @beelouwill303
    @beelouwill303 16 days ago +260

    The hand thing with Thailand is absolutely amazing, showing more than just a national costume and mesmerized you deeper into their rich beautiful culture.
    We heard this is Truly a country full of beautiful girls that comes so mixed in looks on their physical appearances.
    From north to south, especially because of its country Centre location that holds a long peaceful history of regional local, many of whom bloodline have been mixed with people traveling in from all Asia directions. West to east is India to china, and as far as the Portuguese and European settlers during the Colonization era. Or even that integration of the indigenous islanders down southern of their archipelago Malayu peninsula.
    Wow❤ imagine if there weren’t so many racism back then between black and white or yellow, surely the world will probably be full of interesting looking people.
    Although many countries have shown stunning unique costumes but This year best national costumes should go to either Peru, Thailand, Nicaragua or India as they all captured the feeling far beyond just another designer’s dress.

  • @Prayforpeace1109
    @Prayforpeace1109 15 days ago +15

    Thailand was amazing and commanding the stage. Miss nicaragua is charming. El salavador’s costume was innovative with the lights. India is very graceful. Cool costume philippines. Yay miss nepal

  • @mariacoronel2547
    @mariacoronel2547 13 days ago +2

    20:32 Absolutely in love with the dresses!! So much effort was poured into these pieces of art. The statements of some these dresses are awesome and very much socially based and particularly pertaining to the actual world 🌎

  • @prn2k208
    @prn2k208 11 days ago +2


  • @antoniacatalina1
    @antoniacatalina1 14 days ago +30

    Público muy participativo del El Salvador hace del Certamen un evento único. Escenario perfecto. 🇨🇱👊

  • @torrisali2082
    @torrisali2082 6 days ago +1

    Latin American countries outshined almost all the rest. Very colorful carnival like. I really liked some of the African costumes. Very nice.

  • @gilpenuliar5858
    @gilpenuliar5858 16 days ago +131

    Excellent work Thailand! The dress, presentation, and face-absolutely amazing!

  • @wutang88s32
    @wutang88s32 14 days ago +11

    1:14:39 The national costume of Thailand looks very magical.

  • @Alexou427
    @Alexou427 15 days ago +27

    La mayoría de los trajes bellísimos! Me encantaron! Derroche de creatividad y cómo los lucieron esas mujeres!

  • @user-de4xq6fz7l
    @user-de4xq6fz7l 14 days ago +6

    El Salvador made me emotional, the current leader really has done so much for the country

  • @lika7034
    @lika7034 15 days ago +23

    Miss Trinidad and Tobago did that!!! Beautiful costume and awesome skills. Thoroughly enjoyed her!!!

  • @ilmasaavedra3954
    @ilmasaavedra3954 12 days ago

    Very brave girls walking with heavy dresses 😮 congratulations princesses ❤ amazing cultural information ❤❤❤❤😮

  • @easeechem9443
    @easeechem9443 16 days ago +84

    Antonia, I'm so proud of you. Your presentation of Thai national costume was so excellent.

  • @victoriabrimm5014
    @victoriabrimm5014 15 days ago +27

    What a proud moment for El Salvador! 🤩

  • @user-wp5vi1lb8u
    @user-wp5vi1lb8u 15 days ago +4

    Philippines just display the other facets of being a woman aside from grace and charm !!!

  • @periel
    @periel 11 days ago +1

    So many wonderful costumes and beautiful women. Fantastic and inspiring speech at the end.

  • @niroshnimoonsamy9564
    @niroshnimoonsamy9564 15 days ago +8

    South Africa, El Salvador, Thailand, Chile, unique and beautiful costumes

  • @ananyathakur9116
    @ananyathakur9116 14 days ago +3

    Loved El Salvador’s volcano dress… Guyana’s dress was way too heavy. Loved India’s confidence and she had this fierce presence

  • @thekietnguyen9358
    @thekietnguyen9358 16 days ago +58

    Thailand 🇹🇭
    El Salvador 🇸🇻
    Honduras 🇭🇳
    Nicaragua 🇳🇮
    Philippines 🇵🇭
    Venezuela 🇻🇪
    Colombia 🇨🇴
    India 🇮🇳
    Peru 🇵🇪
    Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
    Mexico 🇲🇽
    Panama 🇵🇦
    Singapore 🇸🇬
    Indonesia 🇮🇩
    Costa Rica 🇨🇷
    Dominican Republic 🇩🇴
    Guatemala 🇬🇹
    There are so many strong country in this year. I'm so excited. Especially in South American and Central American countries, it is really difficult to choose a winner, because all the girls are very strong. But I think, whoever the winner is, she completely deserves it. Love all from Vietnam. 🇻🇳❤️🥰

  • @mayraasmr7855
    @mayraasmr7855 15 days ago +29

    México 🇲🇽 el mejor, Nicaragua actitud y belleza nice costume, El Salvador mis 3 favoritos

  • @Herladyness6048
    @Herladyness6048 15 days ago +14

    The majesty in Namibia’s national costume powers through in the way she walked and carried her shield. Like a warrior of her country 🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦

  • @sethstuer4641
    @sethstuer4641 12 days ago +14

    Great show! My personal top 3 (costumes only): Nicaragua, El Salvador and Russia

  • @IreneR
    @IreneR 15 days ago +37

    For the first time in my life, El Salvador has an amazing dress . We are very proud 👏

  • @manasibehera2131
    @manasibehera2131 12 days ago +7

    Proud to be an Indian...🇮🇳🇮🇳
    Shweta Sarada is really a beautiful woman in this stage....❤️🥰

  • @solomonmirasol2678
    @solomonmirasol2678 16 days ago +444

    That National Costume of El Salvador is literally on fire. It was the best for me this year. 🔥

  • @mmv742
    @mmv742 15 days ago +21

    Fly high, Philippines! bravo!!! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • @Obedelrino
    @Obedelrino 15 days ago +16

    As a Peruvian I must say that El Salvador had the most spectacular outfit of the night. Peru and Mexico followed.

  • @AminaAmor2196
    @AminaAmor2196 14 days ago +2

    Nepal 🇳🇵is everything! This is such a big step for women❤❤❤

  • @user-sg5hi1jr2q
    @user-sg5hi1jr2q 15 days ago +12

    Brook ...go girl 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 you did Justice to your costume... stunning is a word to describe it @miss universe Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 you represented our country very well...well done girl ❤ we're proud of you ❤

  • @thecatlover1460
    @thecatlover1460 13 days ago +5

    Wow, amazing costume for Ms. El Salvador. You nailed it! ❤❤❤ - fr Philippines

  • @janncariaga5638
    @janncariaga5638 16 days ago +152

    Go Philippines 🇵🇭.
    El Salvador you have the most magnificent stage😍😍😍it's so nice and very elegant.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • @christwest1993
    @christwest1993 15 days ago +44

    ANGOLA 🇦🇴 : 7:09
    CAMEROON 🇨🇲: 15:33 👑❤️
    EGYPT 🇪🇬 : 25:07
    ÉQUATORIAL GUINEA 🇬🇶: 28:01 ❤️
    MAURITIUS 🇲🇺: 51:32
    NAMIBIA 🇳🇦: 55:24 ❤️
    NIGERIA🇳🇬 : 58:54
    SOUTH AFRICA 🇿🇦: 1:11:38
    ZIMBABWE 🇿🇼 : 1:22:02

  • @mallorysai1399
    @mallorysai1399 14 days ago +4

    A beautiful representation of our traditional Thai wear and dances🥰❤️🇹🇭

  • @user-qx1vk1dp3p
    @user-qx1vk1dp3p 10 days ago +1

    1:17:17 The most beautiful! The gait is simply gorgeous and the meaning of the costume is very important

  • @bekokaraj7562
    @bekokaraj7562 11 days ago +2

    Impressed by the beauty, elegance, well spoken, kindness, most amazing body and catwalk I have ever seen !!! This was so well deserved Nicaragua! Love from Belgium with Albanian roots ♥️