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Best Face Painting Wins $5,000!

  • Published on Apr 12, 2024
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    We painted our faces! Watch until the end to see who wins!
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Comments • 3.3K

  • @SamSaf31
    @SamSaf31 Month ago +2672

    The fact that Michelle was about to bet on Jake but then just remembered that they only had 3 hours is crazy 😂💀

  • @cailey1027
    @cailey1027 Month ago +818

    McKenzie did so well! Such clean and precise line work! I very much like how well she incorporated her natural skin tone into her face paint as I think it helped create more details such as creating an illusion which was fantastic! You go crafts queen!!!❤

  • @ravindrapai9600
    @ravindrapai9600 10 days ago +29

    David and Michelle's piece covered the whole face so it's even more impressive that they completed it

  • @alyssamcgurk2979
    @alyssamcgurk2979 Month ago +156

    I really loved Michelle and McKenzie's pieces - I think that you could see all of their hard work and what they were wanting to look like clearly but I think everyone done such a good job ❤

  • @echothewolfdragon696
    @echothewolfdragon696 Month ago +1097

    Ben’s and McKenzie’s turned out so well!! I think how they incorporated the piece “into their skin” looked very cool!!

  • @genbookly
    @genbookly Month ago +436

    McKenzie really deserved this win. Her piece was incredible and the detail she did on Ben was fantastic. It brought his piece to life.

    • @scarl3ttsp00n
      @scarl3ttsp00n Month ago


    • @dvnd1363
      @dvnd1363 Month ago +8

      @@XOXO_rose_the_all_fours u shouldn't read comments before watching the video bruh. The comment section is open to talk about their works and appreciating them

    • @XOXO_rose_the_all_fours
      @XOXO_rose_the_all_fours Month ago +2

      @@dvnd1363 I was writing a comment about how I thought kenz would win this challenge so I was right but I wanted to see if other people were thinking the same but they just all said "I hope McKenzie wins" although they probably already knew she won, so they weren't spoiling it for others unlike this person, End of.

    • @XOXO_rose_the_all_fours
      @XOXO_rose_the_all_fours Month ago

      @@dvnd1363 plus I am not a boy therefore I'm not your brother

    • @user-xq7mh6fn6b
      @user-xq7mh6fn6b Month ago +3

      For the comment under this comment I don’t know if u are trying to be rude but she just said her honest opinion sooooo yea and why go to comment in mid or first before u watch the vid

  • @bosslevelbros7182
    @bosslevelbros7182 Month ago +90

    David looks freaky at 4:22 but he’s committed so respect

  • @Nina-es5fr
    @Nina-es5fr Month ago +12

    Omg im sooo happy jake did dabi at the end i love mha and as soon as i saw the finished product of his i shiuted DABI

  • @Clizzyfan
    @Clizzyfan Month ago +322

    Let's goo crafts queen. My favorite was actually between Kenz and David. Congrats on everyone who won and this was one fun video. Love you people and don't stop spreading joy. Please do a tattoo art part 2. That was one of my favorite videos.

  • @jlthomas7405
    @jlthomas7405 Month ago +431

    ZHC dont ever stop bringing joy you make so many people's days

  • @lindsayschmid8620
    @lindsayschmid8620 Month ago +36

    Hey ZHC crafts people!! I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I’ve got an idea for a crafts video. I love watching your videos, and I’ve been subscribed for about three years now. I’ve watched practically all the challenge videos, and my favourites are by far the ones with McKenzie, Ben, Michelle, Viv (I want her back!), Jake, David and Vinny. I thought it would be really cool to do a challenge like “Best Candle Art Wins $5,000”, and the artists could sculpt the wax, from just a big chunk. Or take a already pre-existing candle and carve out of it so all the artists have their strengths (don’t let Ben and/or David turn it into a painting though). A mini challenge could be like holding the candle position the longest and loser gets their candle lit for ten minutes or something like that. I feel like this could be very entertaining, but I don’t know, this could just be a fantasy. Thanks for your consideration and for reading this (if you are)!!!

  • @PaytonGibb
    @PaytonGibb 12 days ago +2

    The way Jake said whyyyyyyyy got me on the floor

  • @Shamantha82
    @Shamantha82 Month ago +27

    David and Jake were really raging over each other at the judging time 😅😂😂

  • @joecarpio28
    @joecarpio28 Month ago +160

    Lets goooo!!!!
    Its been a while!! IM SUPER HAPPY AND EXCITED!
    Congrats everyone!!!

    • @matthewluo1143
      @matthewluo1143 Month ago +5

      I read this before I watched the vid and it just spoiled everything

    • @r.e.a.g.a.n.
      @r.e.a.g.a.n. Month ago


    • @terencefong897
      @terencefong897 Month ago +2


    • @Comet346
      @Comet346 Month ago +2

      @matthewluo1143 Just make sure not to read the comments next time.👍

    • @user-hk2pc2du4k
      @user-hk2pc2du4k 13 days ago

      Why did you type Bean when you're supposed to type in Ben

  • @shaunpavey-hv6nm
    @shaunpavey-hv6nm 10 days ago +2

    OMG love the highland cow pictures they are my fav animal (one of them ) they look so nice in your house

  • @polarbear2758
    @polarbear2758 Month ago +4

    I love your videos so much. You and your friends are so good at art. I hope you keep up the good work! ❤❤❤

  • @zerarts_
    @zerarts_ Month ago +74

    I was amazed on how Ben and Jake finished their pieces, considering they did it for only a few minutes and have no enough time but still ended up with a pretty good piece. Good job guys!

  • @wildleoMinecraft
    @wildleoMinecraft Month ago +84

    Last min Ben's comeback to 3rd place 🔥🔥🔥
    That terminator look is dope 🔥

  • @Its_Lucy73
    @Its_Lucy73 4 days ago +1

    Jake: “like a murder clown”
    Me: “or a blob fish?”

  • @user-sc5vw7gf9y
    @user-sc5vw7gf9y Month ago +1

    I love you guys, keep doing what your doing

  • @binishvachani6421
    @binishvachani6421 Month ago +30

    Kenz's work was incredible as always!

  • @jhasssss3570
    @jhasssss3570 Month ago +81

    I love Davids humor!!! David is always my fav

  • @MagneticUnicornVlogs
    @MagneticUnicornVlogs 26 days ago +2

    David's look reminds me so much of the Art Attack! Statue!! Great work, everyone :)

  • @thatgachatuber-mn1ox
    @thatgachatuber-mn1ox Month ago +7

    Lol this was so funny great job on the video! I have been have a while, you guys have made so much progress!

  • @JibsRulezAtShortz_YT
    @JibsRulezAtShortz_YT Month ago +26

    Ben and Kenz had REALLY good pieces! It almost looked like they are movie siblings, due to similar style. David had a REALLY consistent and thorough piece, it was probably the most conplete piece. Munchie did AMAZING with the stripes and the colour coordination. Jake had AMAZING realism and it was splendid. Overall, Kenz would win but if I put it based off of categories
    Progress, piece, completion and concept...
    Jake = 27/40
    Munchie = 26/40
    David = 34/40
    Ben = 36/40
    Kenz = 35/40
    For 3 hours and the fact some of them had banned colours, and their general previous art skills and punishments etc
    Expected scores:
    Kenz = 26/40
    Ben = 21/40
    Jake = 22/40
    Munchie = 23/40
    David = 27/40
    They were all brilliant!

  • @MushroomMegs
    @MushroomMegs Month ago +17

    Great job McKenzie can y’all do crochet art next? I think it would be super cool to watch! And Jake and Michelle y’all r my favourite

  • @atinybabymelody
    @atinybabymelody Month ago +10

    YALL ARE SO TALENTED BC WHATTTT also zie and ben are my favs

  • @brandonmiller3707
    @brandonmiller3707 Month ago

    you guys all did so well and I really liked all of them

  • @_Payton
    @_Payton Month ago +64

    Been watching this channel for over three years. I’ve seen artists come and go, but Kenz has always been my favorite! :)

  • @Marvhihi
    @Marvhihi Month ago +23

    Mckenzie's artwork never disappoint me🥰

  • @user-yf6mp3wp8d
    @user-yf6mp3wp8d Month ago

    davids laughing made my day best part of video

  • @hazel7561
    @hazel7561 Month ago +2

    When I saw the stitches painted on Ben's face I immediately knew it was Dabi hehe

  • @xolosazul777
    @xolosazul777 Month ago +35

    McKenzie's face art was hella good. She is very good as an artist that's why she's the crafts queen👑.

  • @patchup8781
    @patchup8781 Month ago +16

    Kenz for the W!🥳 and glad everyone did win money too

  • @LoveCatsforever4318
    @LoveCatsforever4318 Month ago +1

    You guys should do the best shirt art like you put markers on the shirt and the best one wins!

  • @user-pq9wd5pu9t
    @user-pq9wd5pu9t 16 days ago +2

    I love zacs vids

  • @lararivero1939
    @lararivero1939 Month ago +14

    I loved Ben's hoodie design and I'm so happy the craft queen is back!

  • @happysunny0172
    @happysunny0172 Month ago +27

    I think David’s is my favorite!! But they were all so good!! And Jake did great for only 30 minutes

  • @PrishaTiwari-tm6il

    The hoodie and the Apple vision pro looks cool

  • @Toga-himiko-lover
    @Toga-himiko-lover 16 days ago +2

    19:43 I was dieing not being able to get that hoodie

  • @gamechannelminecraft6583
    @gamechannelminecraft6583 Month ago +2481

    "Congrats to everyone Who is early and who found this comment.. 🐼🐧

  • @CreepyEncounterss
    @CreepyEncounterss Month ago +38

    you always come up the most coolest content ever man... love it keep it going!!!

  • @user-cm1dd8hx5d
    @user-cm1dd8hx5d 18 days ago +4

    1st, 2nd, 3rd are all my favs. I really like the insanely good detail

  • @user-mp7cv7tx4t
    @user-mp7cv7tx4t Month ago

    All of them 🌷 love you guys

  • @KittCatt_
    @KittCatt_ Month ago +30

    Davids hoodie design actually looks so pretty I'm surprised he didn't win but Bens looked rlly cool too but I'd want to buy Davids

  • @augustarodwheiler8732
    @augustarodwheiler8732 Month ago +12

    I have an idea for an art challenge; a rangoli art competition. It's making art using powdered colours, and is a beautiful part of Indian culture.
    Love your videos!!!!

  • @bostrickland05-hu4xl

    We need more face paint challenges 🎨 @zhc. In your up coming videos please

  • @Uknowmelikethta
    @Uknowmelikethta 13 days ago

    Cenz I like the Vains they really stick out and the zombie vibe is just giving

  • @ms-mommy
    @ms-mommy Month ago +36

    OMG! I've been waiting for this concept!😍

  • @amandaravelo2583
    @amandaravelo2583 Month ago +49

    i was rlly hoping that michelle would win first place! im honestly so proud of how much she has improveed

  • @EllaBrand-gq1mm
    @EllaBrand-gq1mm Month ago +4

    they only had 3 hours!

  • @Stitc1123
    @Stitc1123 12 days ago +1

    I just checked and you guys now have 2.36!!!!!! YOU GUYS KEEP IT UP🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤

  • @kevincarpenter6373
    @kevincarpenter6373 Month ago +41

    Zachary I love your videos they always make me smile

  • @user-ry4oq1lo4w
    @user-ry4oq1lo4w Month ago +9

    I really enjoy this channel's content, I hope you post more often!!

  • @Robertaobretin2680
    @Robertaobretin2680 Month ago +8

    1 like one =1pushup

  • @pinkrose456
    @pinkrose456 23 days ago

    make the baana hoodie drop shoulder and make the print either big so people can notice easily or make it small print at the side horizontal . otherwise it's awesome. I like the face painting , especially Mckenzie's

  • @heeradharshini
    @heeradharshini Month ago +7

    Everybody are such talented artists. I Love this channel!!!! big fan of zach ♥

  • @zinaLenox
    @zinaLenox Month ago +11

    I have been following you for 3 years now and I love your videos keep up the hard work ❤

  • @chitralekhajain7560

    Can u do best spray paint art so u have to use a wall in a secluded area

  • @ax0_f4ng
    @ax0_f4ng Month ago

    Davids peace is such an amazing peice like i wouldve made an alt and put that art

  • @DouglasOptional
    @DouglasOptional Month ago +6

    i love this zhc keep up the good work👍

  • @kieranbowes5113
    @kieranbowes5113 Month ago +14

    Hey Zhc love your vids keep it up

  • @eunicekiama1740
    @eunicekiama1740 Month ago

    They are all so talented

  • @user-fu3qq1ps5c
    @user-fu3qq1ps5c 14 days ago +1

    Been and Jake❤l love, the eye on Bing and I like the stitches on Jake

  • @ikpejoan8246
    @ikpejoan8246 Month ago +8

    Love love Kenzi's look🔥

  • @FiliaxLilianna
    @FiliaxLilianna Month ago +7

    I loved Mckenzie’s and Ben’s, keep up the good work!

  • @viper_kat
    @viper_kat Month ago

    This is probably my favorite art challenge

  • @mrswick28
    @mrswick28 Month ago +1

    Not gonna lie but i has laughed so hard in my entire life just by watching David 🤣😂

  • @darleneg3889
    @darleneg3889 Month ago +6

    The art you guys do is absolutely amazing 🤩

  • @pixiedustandstars
    @pixiedustandstars Month ago +4

    Loovee you videooos! Thank you ZHC!!

  • @soraya.heartz
    @soraya.heartz Month ago

    everyone did so well including kenz ❤

  • @smithajacob2771
    @smithajacob2771 27 days ago

    Zhc can u do a video where the artists make art with flowers?

  • @Micro_Duck
    @Micro_Duck Month ago +6

    Love your videos, bro! Keep up the good work🙃

  • @jimjam1766
    @jimjam1766 Month ago +7

    Always a good day when zhc posts a new vid

  • @paulforshaw2972
    @paulforshaw2972 17 days ago +1

    Well done I loved Ben's piece

  • @user-bq4jg4vv5m
    @user-bq4jg4vv5m Month ago

    Guys this is so good that I was watching this at night and fell asleep during😊

  • @fareehamalik0129
    @fareehamalik0129 Month ago +13

    I love jake's and Kenz's friendship

  • @mgessymichael4991
    @mgessymichael4991 Month ago +5

    Love your videos ❤ You inspire young artists 😊

  • @GodIsLoveEternally888

    David's was my favourite. It looked so polished!

  • @-Marii-
    @-Marii- Month ago +1

    david be looking like james charles years ago in the first challenge 🤣

  • @deannaplumb6534
    @deannaplumb6534 Month ago +5

    Kenz was my favorite she had so much detail ❤

  • @OliviaAlmond-rk4hx
    @OliviaAlmond-rk4hx Month ago +5

    Kenz you deserve to win your peice was amazing keep up the amazing work craft queen❤

  • @missmoo14
    @missmoo14 Month ago +1

    zhc is the best and i whach your videos evrey day

  • @TheUnknown_Gamer95
    @TheUnknown_Gamer95 24 days ago

    1:19 Mckenzie yeeted that sharpie hard😂

    @JUDOJAGUAR Month ago +4

    Zach I absolutely adore your videos and I always get soooooo excited when you post. You are all my inspiration and I you always inspire to draw to my most abilities. Thank you. And I guarantee I’m your 💯 biggest fan!!!!

  • @michaellam6398
    @michaellam6398 Month ago +3

    I love how David statue paint look and Mckenzie. So awesome art

  • @PrishaTiwari-tm6il

    ben and McKenzie's turned out so well

  • @amberjonesmurphy7952
    @amberjonesmurphy7952 26 days ago

    1:20 I love how mcKenzie just through the marker on the ground

  • @farrahjordan1396
    @farrahjordan1396 Month ago +10

    They should do cotton candy art

  • @LifeAsRiah444
    @LifeAsRiah444 Month ago +9

    i love bens work sm every vid!

  • @user-wc3yx4gt7y
    @user-wc3yx4gt7y 3 days ago

    I love u zhc

  • @luceroalva1001
    @luceroalva1001 Month ago

    I love that Jake did Dabi from my hero academia Im watching it rn and I love it!

  • @AubreeBonar-ne8hr
    @AubreeBonar-ne8hr Month ago +4

    David yours looks soooo cool!!! Also I would definitely buy your sweatshirt if I could!

  • @brawlaside4795
    @brawlaside4795 Month ago +10

    l wasn’t able to watch the video because of Ben’s BODY😳

    • @kaylapettet7767
      @kaylapettet7767 Month ago

      With you there. Wasn’t expecting the shirtless show!

  • @mikimiki8506
    @mikimiki8506 Month ago

    “Do you have any comments for david”…“Hope you lose” BAHAHAHAHAH Jake is so real

  • @bunnyhops-bt9ke
    @bunnyhops-bt9ke Month ago

    Do u have the banana club in nz

  • @MrPenguin14
    @MrPenguin14 Month ago +6

    Love the art and craft videos

    @S.VARUN_SAI. Month ago +4

    Your videos are so creative ❤❤ u r thinking in a different way

  • @Anasflores
    @Anasflores 2 days ago

    #1 fan I LOVE your videos and I always watch your videos with my dad

  • @scottlittle5790
    @scottlittle5790 Month ago

    Zach, you should make a song writing competition for you're next vid