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Zach Bryan - 28

  • Published on Apr 10, 2024
  • You took a train to the south side of Boston,
    You showed me where your old man stayed,
    Took 28 years of blood I was lost in,
    To feel loved on my own birthday,
    I always felt like I’s in between something,
    Like home and somewhere far away,
    But tonight on the west side in a bar out in Brooklyn,
    I saw tears outline your face,
    How lucky are we?
    It’s been a hell of a week, but we’re all grown now,
    There’s smoke seeping out, of your bloody teeth,
    But you’re home somehow,
    I’ll be upstairs with the guitar I’s given,
    When I was barley fourteen,
    When did McGlinchey’s get so damn crowded,
    And why are the crowds so damn green?
    I lost my mind on the streets of the city,
    Maybe I lost all hope too,
    Took 28 years of blood pumping through me,
    To get to this evening with you,
    How lucky are we?
    It’s been a hell of a week, but we’re all grown now,
    There’s smoke seeping out, of your bloody teeth,
    But you’re home somehow,
    How lucky are we?
    It’s been a hell of a week, but we’re all grown now,
    There’s smoke seeping out, of your bloody teeth,
    But you’re home somehow
    Best guitarist of all time, member of the band: Chris Braun
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  • @21waffles1
    @21waffles1 Month ago +1776

    Thank you for releasing these. My mother is losing her battle with brain cancer, and we both love your music ❤ If anyone sees this, please pray for us and our family.

    • @xCanadaFishing
      @xCanadaFishing Month ago +24

      God bless you and your family. 🙏❤

    • @xCanadaFishing
      @xCanadaFishing Month ago +33

      Psalm 23:4 - Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

    • @northwoodsREDNECK
      @northwoodsREDNECK Month ago

      Prayers sent. I lost my mother a year ago to cancer.

    • @kadenwerling
      @kadenwerling Month ago +7

      praying for your mother man

    • @AdamMKeys
      @AdamMKeys Month ago +9

      I lost my mom to cancer two years ago. Stay strong my friend and cherish every moment. I'll be thinking of you two

  • @dewgreen14
    @dewgreen14 Month ago +936

    The phone falling and you powering through it, is the best part, absolutely love it.

    • @mrnph4974
      @mrnph4974 Month ago +24

      He’s so raw and it’s amazing

    • @uthinkaboutthat
      @uthinkaboutthat Month ago +12

      I was going to thank Zach for being real and not doing a second take.

    • @user-bu2ip3zx5e
      @user-bu2ip3zx5e Month ago +7

      Leave the black screen and close your eyes just enjoy this pure moment.

    • @sae1er
      @sae1er Month ago +6

      You could actually listen to better.. hits different in the dark of the floor

    • @Taylor44555
      @Taylor44555 Month ago +2

      @@sae1erGod’s speed 🙂

  • @TheBanjoSMASH
    @TheBanjoSMASH Month ago +479

    Nothing is more Zach Bryan than the phone falling over while recording. Just raw and unapologetic, and that's why you're so loved!

  • @Robbiebick09
    @Robbiebick09 Month ago +3226

    If your reading this Jesus loves you

  • @coleholloway2523
    @coleholloway2523 Month ago +867

    Who remembers Zach 3+ years ago? This is what we need right here

    • @Monkaboy16
      @Monkaboy16 Month ago +3


    • @mattlambert3610
      @mattlambert3610 Month ago +1

      Preach it!!

    • @Luke-bt3kn
      @Luke-bt3kn Month ago


    • @katielouise5818
      @katielouise5818 Month ago +5

      I love the unearthed vibe this gives. Hence why I loved Smaller Acts so much it was so raw and the sounds around him were so beautiful and of course Bris laugh. Gives the song such perspective

    • @christopherredman5760
      @christopherredman5760 Month ago +3

      Zach Bryan in 2015 lol 🤣 I've been listening to him since he began 😀

  • @radiomusic68
    @radiomusic68 Month ago +111

    74 year year old Army Veteran and your song just made me feel 50 years younger while it played. Thanks men.

    • @ThickAhhShrimpy
      @ThickAhhShrimpy Month ago

      Your comment on another video said you were picking up meth about a year ago. Making up bullshit for likes thats super corny dude

    • @justinosborne413
      @justinosborne413 28 days ago +6

      God Bless you for your service and sacrifice 🙏🏻🇺🇸

    • @brockreilley1940
      @brockreilley1940 27 days ago +3

      Sir, God blesss you and thank you for your service! means the world to a lot of us.💜💜

    • @ThickAhhShrimpy
      @ThickAhhShrimpy 5 days ago

      You are full of shit

  • @captainnott
    @captainnott Month ago +173

    This man is mega famous, released one of the best albums last year, and posted a casual video of him playing where the phone just fell over and its the most authentic emotional music ive heard in weeks

    • @chase48j
      @chase48j Month ago +4

      That’s why so many people including myself and brother loved this man before he was mega famous sitting on a tailgate of a truck in the navy just jamming and I’m so glad he finally got the fame he deserved and that he isn’t a trend anymore

  • @RobertBrannon-wt3ib
    @RobertBrannon-wt3ib Month ago +573

    2 SONGS IN ONE DAY, this man is the best

  • @hugocazares3935
    @hugocazares3935 Month ago +494

    Zach you probably won’t see this comment but thank you for saving my life. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and sadly suicidal tendencies. But the one thing I can count on to get me through my days is your music. While a lot of it isn’t the right sense of mood to be listening to, a lot of it reminds me of better days to come. I can never thank you enough. Keep doing what you’re doing and sharing your music with the rest of the world!

    • @Tayla..
      @Tayla.. Month ago +4

      God bless you ❤️🙏

    • @michaelcleary5205
      @michaelcleary5205 Month ago +9

      It gets better

    • @patcampbell5563
      @patcampbell5563 Month ago +3

      Music can do that. It helped me.

      @LCARSADV Month ago +2

      @SteveAustin-pm2jnwhy do you need a professional camera? The dang video of the amazing guy you are watching is using a freaking iPhone that fell over in the video, if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for you.

    • @DaneO0ooo
      @DaneO0ooo Month ago

      Have you listened to Joe Clark yet? He's got some real good songs the people can relate to.

  • @drizzetsrevenge
    @drizzetsrevenge Month ago +103

    This stuff right here is what makes Zach such an incredible artist. It's raw, it's real.
    He doesn't need a massive production in a studio, he just needs a guitar, piano, and his buddies.

  • @Kristoker420
    @Kristoker420 Month ago +409

    Just had the worst day of my life, I need you Lord, I need your love tonight ❤😢

  • @bhopanon1888
    @bhopanon1888 Month ago +148

    The nostalgic feel of these videos today is amazing

  • @misterdeluxia5948
    @misterdeluxia5948 Month ago +129

    Love the feel of a song recorded with a phone. Feels authentic

  • @jamesmarshall7559
    @jamesmarshall7559 Month ago +113

    If you’re reading this, I’m proud of you. You’re doing great and there’s no need to be in a rush. I truly am proud of how far you’ve come and I may not know you but I’m rooting for you

    • @foxwoodfarms2153
      @foxwoodfarms2153 Month ago +1

      You're awesome!!

    • @gilbertsandoval3617
      @gilbertsandoval3617 Month ago +2

      I felt this . Somehow I think you need the same message . Your presence matters in this world brother thank you for the encouragement

    • @musicnowcollective
      @musicnowcollective Month ago +1

      Thank you

    • @musicnowcollective
      @musicnowcollective Month ago +3

      You’re amazing to, I’ve been learning we all just need to support each other a lil more in this world

    • @EstebanSalinas-oj1cm
      @EstebanSalinas-oj1cm Month ago +1

      ​@@musicnowcollectiveyes brother thats what humans need, why do you think the media tries so hard to separate people man because if we were all together in unity this world would be COMPLETELY different, it would actually be an amazing life to live, money shouldnt even exist what so ever, the real money is food and water but now we need useless paper to get our food and water? 🤦🏻‍♂️ We all just need to be together

  • @abbychr24
    @abbychr24 Month ago +17

    this is probably one of the most beautiful songs he dropped in awhile

  • @jenna.benna08
    @jenna.benna08 Month ago +55

    i think it’s time to drop another album zach ❤️ plus the fact that he’s recording this on his phone too is just pure talent

  • @matthewlubanski133
    @matthewlubanski133 Month ago +54

    Two in one day is a blessing

  • @jake2927
    @jake2927 Month ago +62

    Today I wrote a song for the first time in a long time. No one will ever hear it, but it was still fun and freeing. Thanks for inspiring me, Zach. You have no idea what a large part you have played in my life the last couple of years.

    • @pwnedbyGir
      @pwnedbyGir Month ago +10

      Some of the best artists dont even release their music, they share it with loved ones, and friends. i encourage you to do so if your uncomfortable sharing it with the rest of the world

    • @brazyrist
      @brazyrist Month ago +2

      Haha ima try this I have a way with words but can’t speak I bite down on my tongue

  • @jsmmao
    @jsmmao Month ago +20

    I’ve listened to this 100x..thanks zb for sticking to your roots brother

  • @ty_adams
    @ty_adams Month ago +42

    Zach’s new album is gonna make me go out in an empty field and just sit and cry soaking in all the lyrics

  • @jessekrum479
    @jessekrum479 Month ago +33

    We lost our mom 3 months apart. I was 17 your were 20 I hope you understand how much you and your music means to me and my mental health. Thank you Zach for helping me grieve. God bless you

    • @cooperyoung3143
      @cooperyoung3143 22 days ago

      Same man I lost my mom September 9 2016 when I was 13. I think that’s why I love Zach Bryan so much. I can just relate to his hurt, it’s really medicine for my soul.

  • @genevrajean1658
    @genevrajean1658 Month ago +14

    I absolutely love how raw this is. The phone falling but still going on. This man is one of my favs of all time

  • @isntezbncheezy7326
    @isntezbncheezy7326 26 days ago +6

    Here we go ! Screw the studio, this raw stuff is what i miss.

  • @jeffhunt3028
    @jeffhunt3028 Month ago +31

    Such a heartfelt, emotional, and nostalgic song. Zach keeps providing he is someone special!

  • @ComedyBros5
    @ComedyBros5 Month ago +30

    2 throwback releases in a day? Zach you didn’t have to bless us like this. Always know how to get them serotonin levels skyrocketing!

    • @WeaponX1234
      @WeaponX1234 Month ago

      He getting us ready for the album drop

    • @ReinandRaelynn
      @ReinandRaelynn Month ago

      @@WeaponX1234another album?! Noooo..

    • @ComedyBros5
      @ComedyBros5 Month ago

      @@ReinandRaelynn Supposed to come out in June. Zach is a mad man.

    • @ReinandRaelynn
      @ReinandRaelynn Month ago

      @@ComedyBros5 thats insane

    • @ComedyBros5
      @ComedyBros5 Month ago

      @@ReinandRaelynn I hope he takes his time and doesn't let quality dip. His level of output has been incredible.

  • @johnpapanier9779
    @johnpapanier9779 Month ago +16

    I can literally feel the emotion in every song you write. This is another good song 😭

  • @shootingwithmitch5921

    I came here after watching the video of you giving that unwell lady the guitar, it touched me to see such kindness. It's acts such as these that make this world seem just a little brighter.

  • @ZiouyHiocv
    @ZiouyHiocv Month ago +7

    Two retro releases in one day? Zach We didn't need this kind of blessing from you. Always have a means to send their serotonin levels over the roof!

  • @lyricsreads
    @lyricsreads Month ago +10

    Zach just casually releasing these at the most random times this lovely thursday☺️

  • @rex8958
    @rex8958 25 days ago +3

    Might not mean much compared to his other accolades but congrats on 1 Million Subscribers Zach. The loyal RUclips following is proud of you man, get so damn emotional seeing his rise to fame, god speed brothers and sisters 🙏

  • @p.anahi8
    @p.anahi8 Month ago +10

    This just made me burst into tears. Felt all the emotions. Brianna is such a lucky girl, and you are such a lucky man. The fact you two found eachother…How lucky are we? Thank you Zachary, and Happy Belated Birthday King 🫶🏼

  • @colinclements5755
    @colinclements5755 Month ago +4

    recently discovered Zach about 3 months ago and i can hand on heart say not a day goes by that i do not listen to some of his music keep doing what you are doing brother we love you !

  • @depressica3430
    @depressica3430 Month ago +4

    So... Im a hard core rocker who has made fun of country and it's fans most of my life. I didn't 'get' it. But then I experienced true loss. The love of my life left me 3-23-24 and man, I get it now. Zach, honest to God, you have held me together these last 6 weeks. I've been in an inconceivable amount of pain, a pain I'm not sure I can continue to bear, but sitting in the dark, crying, listening to your music and knowing I'm not alone in this pain, that others have felt it, that others have made it through... That has kept me from making a permanent decision. You have a raw, genuine talent and you write of feelings and experiences and coping with them in a way one so young shouldnt be able to... You have genuinely helped so many people get through the toughest times in their life, and you have quite literally helped saved mine ❤ I just want to to know the impact you've had. We don't just like your music, we need it.

    • @Zachbrryan
      @Zachbrryan 23 days ago

      I’m so sorry for your loss, and thanks for your support, I hope you never stop listening to my music.
      Check my bio!

    • @Zachbrryan
      @Zachbrryan 23 days ago

      Fouur, Seveen Zirro, Thrree SIxx, Ninee, Sevenn Fivee Sevenn Ninee.

  • @user-ok7by3ho1d
    @user-ok7by3ho1d Month ago +4

    I turn 29 tomorrow so this was right in time 😭😭😭. Zach - thank you so much for the music you put out. It’s saved my life a few times now.

  • @maryreynolds5310
    @maryreynolds5310 Month ago +4

    I wake up early every morning, 4:15 to 4:30 to get a better breath of oxygen. I breathe so shallow, my lungs need help breathing deeper..crazy I know, but it’s true. I feel like I’m giving my whole body a breath of oxygen for the first time or something…but here’s the thing, since I’ve found Zach’s music, learned a bit about him all I do is wake up make a cup of coffee, get my butt comfy then listen to another one of his songs I’ve never heard before. Country music has never been my choice to listen to, and he’s the only country I listen to. No disrespect to country at all! Anyway, I believe his music is written from his heart and soul, a true gift. I think God chose him, his voice and his words for a reason…oh how the new system of things will be glorious…all will hear him sing!
    Thank you God for allowing us to borrow one of the good ones for a while, this young mans words, his voice changes a lot of hearts❤
    Thank you Zach for making my mornings a lot easier. ✌️

  • @dylansmith1844
    @dylansmith1844 Month ago +10

    Zach. You have helped heal the depths of my bones. Your lyrics, emotion, vulnerability and poetry have helped me remove layers and layers of pain and trauma and given voice to a part of me that was hidden and beat down. I thought music was dead and there were no more real artists. Then I found you, Tyler Childers and Colter Wall. Thank you for these gifts you give of yourself

  • @CaityKlanke
    @CaityKlanke Month ago +7

    We truly do not deserve this man. The odds of living in the same lifetime as him, just incredible. Thank you for sharing your talent and life with us ❤️

  • @matthisey8304
    @matthisey8304 Month ago +6

    My son's lost their mother last September, they have all clung to your music. Thank you so much for being such an example that they can be alright after such a tragedy. Not to mention you got me through the divorce her and I went through. You're a saint genuinely.

    • @user-md9wt4lw8u
      @user-md9wt4lw8u Month ago

      Wow man I'm sorry that happened, you are honestly strong for getting through this God bless you

  • @Jynxziclipfarming
    @Jynxziclipfarming 20 days ago +4

    Calling it now when this releases this is a hit

    • @Zachbrryan
      @Zachbrryan 19 days ago

      Thanks for the love and support ❤❤❤❤

    • @Zachbrryan
      @Zachbrryan 19 days ago

      onne”” Twoo zirro three , fouur thrree sevenn , fourr fivee sevven zerroo.
      Or check my descriptiion.

  • @StarlyhtD
    @StarlyhtD Month ago +5

    28 is the number of wealth. God bless everyone watching this with abundance and love.

  • @gracielong4005
    @gracielong4005 Month ago +8

    Zach’s RUclips still feels like a sweet nostalgic secret❤️

  • @lh6873
    @lh6873 21 day ago +2

    My boyfriend and I saw you in Greenville last night! We had the absolute time of our lives and loved this song. We’ve been listening to you since we came to college in 2020 and we graduate this Saturday. BEGGING you to release this Friday so that we can sit around and cry happy tears with our friends!!!

  • @kells1764
    @kells1764 Month ago +2

    The imagery. The story telling. The emotion. The piano. Please never change Zach. You music has gotten me through some of my lowest and darkest days. I genuinely started tearing up when I heard this and I can't wait for the album. All love

  • @MiikeWazowski
    @MiikeWazowski Month ago +3

    Phone fallin over shoukd be iconic, this man is giving us pure talent and real music with the simplest tools, what a legend

  • @natalieerynhawn235
    @natalieerynhawn235 Month ago +6

    who else got full body chills? just me
    i swear zach you always come out with stuff right when I need it

  • @aggiepatriot8028
    @aggiepatriot8028 Month ago +2

    God is guiding you and you are listening. Such a gift. Don’t stop. We love you. May God continue to bless you Zach Bryan.

  • @JoshuaTarvin
    @JoshuaTarvin 21 day ago +1

    I fucking love you, dude. I love watching you play. You're so raw and it feels like I'm listening to real music again after such a long time. You get me through so many battles each day of my life, battles you're well acquainted with, and I don't think I've ever owed a stranger so much in my life. Much love, dude, and please don't stop moving that pen, your words hit home song after song.

  • @IAL_tizzidale
    @IAL_tizzidale Month ago +3

    Love how unique all his new songs are sounding, growing and evolving his music and I’m here for it brotha

  • @Kueth417
    @Kueth417 Month ago +3

    My first Zach release since being a fan is a better feeling than I could’ve imagined

  • @robertallen6014
    @robertallen6014 6 days ago

    Thank you brother for genuine music 🫡🇺🇸

  • @Amber.loves.
    @Amber.loves. 29 days ago +1

    You’re being watched over and Jesus is communicating that through Zach. Amazing how many lives Zach Bryan is touching.

    • @Zachbrryan
      @Zachbrryan 23 days ago +1

      Thanks for the love and support, I hope you never stop listening to my music.

  • @saigecrainer7904
    @saigecrainer7904 Month ago +4

    So raw n wonderful. “how lucky are we. It’s been a hell of a week…”

  • @LondonJBaker
    @LondonJBaker Month ago +3

    Dude’s music has saved my life. Love him. Man keep up the good work. You’re a blessing

  • @alexmickenberg5582
    @alexmickenberg5582 Month ago +2

    This is so genuine. Heck, all of Zach’s music is. Thanks for continuing to keep it real, Zach.

  • @haroldanderson3521
    @haroldanderson3521 Month ago +1

    Lost my momma a few weeks after I turned 21 I think god family a few good friends and Zach Bryan songs are what got me through it pretty much lol. I see a lot of people in the comments connecting to his music for a lot of the same reasons. I just wanna say from a once broken boy it gets better. Keep fighting keep god in your life and keep your chin up but never be to tough to let the tears fall. 💛

  • @drenzsportstalk8654
    @drenzsportstalk8654 Month ago +3

    You’re amazing man. Can’t wait to see you in Philly. Changed my life. Brought me out of a dark place I never thought I’d escape.

  • @ryanferrigno8781
    @ryanferrigno8781 Month ago +4

    Love you Zach. Can’t wait for the new album man!

  • @Ryleeroy0501
    @Ryleeroy0501 2 days ago

    Can’t wait for the real Great American bar scene Zach!

  • @MrGunnar177
    @MrGunnar177 5 days ago

    Hope this ends up on the next Album. Love the raw Acoustic. Been here since day 1. So proud!

  • @saigecrainer7904
    @saigecrainer7904 Month ago +8

    Makes my night when I see a RUclips video from Zach 🤞 oh how I hope to hear his voice live one day

    • @Cowboysfangopokes
      @Cowboysfangopokes Month ago +2

      His voice is amazing, I'm going to his concert in tulsa on December 13th and I can't wait

    • @saigecrainer7904
      @saigecrainer7904 Month ago

      @@Cowboysfangopokes I would’ve went to the one in Buffalo recently if I could afford it but I’m also in college 😢 but one day. I’m determined. He plays on my birthday in Ohio, maybe then 🤞

    • @Cowboysfangopokes
      @Cowboysfangopokes Month ago +1

      @saigecrainer7904 yes when your in college it's rough, maybe you will get tickets for your birthday, I really hope you do! I bet he is amazing live, I got my tickets for Christmas and i cried my eyes out because his music is really important in my life, his songs are just amazing

  • @rtjsr.jackson6202
    @rtjsr.jackson6202 Month ago +3

    I remember when headed south had less than a thousand veiws

  • @NiallHoranfanClub78
    @NiallHoranfanClub78 28 days ago +1

    Zach, I loved seeing you proform yesterday in Omaha for night 1 and Iost my voice, but it was worth it. Good luck tonight.

  • @rontravis9035
    @rontravis9035 20 days ago +1

    Idk if you will ever see this but keep doing what you're doing. You opened my eyes to a whole new genre of music. Your an amazing talent dude.

  • @Baileybugg
    @Baileybugg Month ago +3

    Youre incredible work is insane, the gift god has given you is truly a blessing. We love you so much Zach keep making this beautiful music that I can cry to, smile at, scream to, and sit in silence and let the words sink in❤

  • @JulietVallely
    @JulietVallely Month ago +5

    45 seconds is crazy... love you zlb happy late late birthday

  • @user-gf7or4ml7x
    @user-gf7or4ml7x Month ago +1

    HOW do you not bawl every time you perform?!
    Tears just pour out of me when I hear basically all of your songs.

  • @tysonroanhouse8206
    @tysonroanhouse8206 8 days ago

    Too much man.. you are everything in your head, a guitar, and a oologah sunset..

  • @user-yb3jl1jx5v
    @user-yb3jl1jx5v Month ago +3

    Ive learned to pull over to hear a new ZB track. ✌️ Best part of this blessed rainy day

  • @howardmacinnis1513
    @howardmacinnis1513 Month ago +4

    Hope you see this Zach.but I am the 😮 guy who help find 😮 Ollie.I can't thank you enough for what you did for me . From one veteran to another thank you.

  • @teakaycee
    @teakaycee Month ago

    Miss you bud!!!!
    You're amazing!!
    Many many blessings I pray continue your way!❤

  • @CarteLOL_
    @CarteLOL_ 7 days ago

    Zach's music has me longing for memories I've never made; things I've never experienced.

  • @Hannah-fv4zm
    @Hannah-fv4zm Month ago +2

    can’t wait til this is on Spotify so i don’t have to keep searching it up 😅

  • @user-ey2tv7zr4j
    @user-ey2tv7zr4j Month ago +4

    Because of Zach Bryan I've been saved by God ! 🙏 something about his music calms my SOUL !!!

  • @dannyedgar7165
    @dannyedgar7165 Month ago +2

    Need this on spotify asap!

  • @natall838
    @natall838 25 days ago +1

    This song in a studio would be insane

  • @thespaceflower
    @thespaceflower Month ago +2

    Hey Zach thank you so much for making a song on my favourite number. I lost my dad on the 28th Jan of2023, the person I admired the most. Since then I have started wearing 28 on every Jersey I owned and keep myself away from boozing every 28th of the month and yes I'm 28 now. This song will be with forever now till the day I'm gone too. 28 is forever in my heart.

  • @AfficiallyAubrey
    @AfficiallyAubrey Month ago +3


  • @undergroundsportscards

    the camera falling couldn’t have been more perfect

  • @jamosandcoke3256
    @jamosandcoke3256 Month ago +1

    Dude... This song reminds me of my late 20's and being on a train home in Melbourne after a some Friday night work drinks. I was cold, there was a girl that I thought I didn't deserve... So I went home. You have this ability to write and sing to put someone in a place in their own timeline. Crazy bro.

  • @angeladegennaro4760
    @angeladegennaro4760 Month ago +2

    His music just hits different

  • @calebdunbar632
    @calebdunbar632 Month ago +3

    I don’t think my comment will mean much to you, but this song needs to be released as soon as possible. Love it, keep it up!

  • @treye2580
    @treye2580 Month ago +6

    [Verse 1]
    You took a train to the south side of Boston
    You showed me where your old man stayed
    Took twenty-eight years of blood I was lost in
    To feel loved on my own birthday
    I always felt like I's in between somethin'
    Like home and somewhere far away
    But tonight on the west side in a bar out in Brooklyn
    I saw tears outline your face
    How lucky are we?
    It's been a hell of a week, but we're all grown now
    There's smoke seepin' out, of your bloody teeth
    But you're home somehow
    [Verse 2]
    I'll be upstairs with the guitar I's given
    When I was barely fourteen
    Whеn did McGlinchey's get so damn crowded
    And why arе the crowds so damn green?
    I lost my mind on the streets of the city
    Maybe I lost all hope too
    Took twenty-eight years of blood pumpin' through me
    To get to this evening with you
    How lucky are we?
    It's been a hell of a week, but we're all grown now
    There's smoke seepin' out, of your bloody teeth
    But you're home somehow
    How lucky are we?
    It's been a hell of a week, but we're all grown now
    There's smoke seepin' out, of your bloody teeth
    But you're home somehow

  • @jefframaki
    @jefframaki Month ago +2

    Been a fan since I heard my feet in Nov 2018, cant wait to finally see you in concert, June in Columbus Ohio ❤ to be a fly on the wall st a bonfire would be best, but I'm so glad to be able to see you in your full accomplishment! I'm a ride or die amd I turned my friends on to you years ago and now they're all like hey I've known of this guy for years! To hear you on the radio 😊 first time I heard you on the local radio, I pulled over and cried.. I was so proud to see that folks were taking notice and I was bursting like I was hearing my own nephew on the radio 😂😂 I feel like I've lived 4 lives in past 6 years and you've somehow had the words to soundtrack my life. Guess we all feel that in some small way.. God bless you, I know your momma is so proud of your talents❤❤❤❤

  • @Thewoj2123
    @Thewoj2123 Month ago

    Zach you heal me so much from all the past shit ive done and dealt with. The music makes me feel as if someone is really listening for once. Thank you

  • @Officialmicahh
    @Officialmicahh Month ago +4

    9:26 with a beer in my hand and zach decides to post 🙏

  • @stuckinadazzee
    @stuckinadazzee Month ago +5

    If the phone doesn’t fall over in the vid is it still a Zach piano vid?

  • @Racheleahcoulter
    @Racheleahcoulter Month ago

    this is so pure. Thank you so much.

  • @bagged8thgen008
    @bagged8thgen008 Month ago +2

    Man Zach Bryan has got me thru it I never listened to county or any music close and man Zach Bryan hits different every song he has comes from heart can’t wait to see him live here at the end of the month!

  • @kerryberry62
    @kerryberry62 Month ago +3

    when the camera falls😭

  • @austinarnold182
    @austinarnold182 Month ago +7

    I’ve never been first lol ❤️

  • @kaitlynhenrie8291
    @kaitlynhenrie8291 Month ago

    how lucky are we… got it tattooed on me after seeing B and G live by it and it’s been so heavy in my life the last few years… ZB music has carried me through a lot of those years… this is so full circle. truly amazing.

  • @billbraski
    @billbraski Month ago +1

    They dont make em like this no more

  • @hueycotton
    @hueycotton Month ago +1

    You straight up have me in tears sometimes, man. I been going through so much lately and your music just hits me so hard. It’s very cathartic, thank you so much

  • @KellyBroach
    @KellyBroach Month ago +1

    Goosebumps ❤❤❤ Bri I love watching this love story for you.

  • @teelab9713
    @teelab9713 Month ago

    @ZachBryan you have the most beautiful insane voice I've ever heard in my life, ur voice does something to me i can't even explain. Thank you

  • @ashtons.2282
    @ashtons.2282 14 days ago +1

    Somehow this has become my favorite song ever

  • @alishield5176
    @alishield5176 6 days ago +1

    The music always making me f-ng cry bro its beautiful ❤🤟

  • @HarperWesley07
    @HarperWesley07 Month ago +1

    this is literally the most beautiful song i’ve ever heard!! keep doin you Zach!! can’t wait to see you May 6th!!!! ❤❤ remember that God loves you and me and everyone!! love ya and your music!! God bless you

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    @stevenbassman3305 Month ago +2

    So many people look up to you man, keep it up Zach. Love what you are to this world.

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    thank you zach that was devastatingly beautiful