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Tan France Designs a Massive Walk-In Closet For His New Home | Architectural Digest

  • Published on May 26, 2024
  • Tan France is back with Architectural Digest for the latest episode of 'Home at Last'. Known for his fashion expertise on 'Queer Eye' and 'Next in Fashion', Tan works with The Fox Group to design a stunning walk-in closet for his Salt Lake City home. Inspired by his South Asian heritage, Tan wanted a space full of rich color, texture, and motifs-join him as he goes from concept to construction creating a space worthy of his clothes.
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Comments • 316

  • @addisa5826
    @addisa5826 4 months ago +699

    I love how his closet gets its own 24min video lol

  • @elifcantemuroglu177
    @elifcantemuroglu177 4 months ago +1038

    if he makes an interior design tv show, I will definitely watch it

  • @gayathrigovardhana6456
    @gayathrigovardhana6456 4 months ago +280

    As a South Asian watching this, it almost brings a tear to my eyes. The appreciation, the respect, and the care with which this is done is truly heart-warming. The motifs, the geometry, the swing ... ufff * chef's kiss * Tan should be incredibly proud and I hope the Frances get to enjoy it throughout their life.

    • @Maya23452
      @Maya23452 3 months ago +2

      It would have been more authentic if the color was richer

    • @Cactina
      @Cactina 3 months ago

      I know what you mean 😊

  • @NicolesNaturals
    @NicolesNaturals 4 months ago +398

    I love him, he's so charming. And I'm so happy this is now a "series" about all the different parts of his new house.

  • @chitramenon6848
    @chitramenon6848 4 months ago +149

    I could feel the designers going “what are we going to do” when Tan was talking about what he wants

    • @thedarthflagger
      @thedarthflagger 4 months ago +4

      Exactly. I would be done with him within the first minute.

  • @Cstylinn
    @Cstylinn 4 months ago +174

    I hope we get to see what Rob designed for himself as well. Would live to see the contrast, especially since he did so much of the pattern designed in Tan's space.

    • @anna66788
      @anna66788 3 months ago +9

      In the first episode they mention Rob's closet is off the master bedroom and much smaller, since he does not have as many clothes as Tan. But they dont show it at the end.

  • @JazzCastaneda
    @JazzCastaneda 4 months ago +149

    It's not only a beautiful space, but you can feel Tan's passion and appreciation not only for his craft, but also for what he navigated to get to this point in his life. It was a joy to watch. Not only due to Tan, but also to see the level of craftsmanship that took place. You can see passion and beauty in a way that's not often celebrated or recognized. This was a joyous video. I hope to see more like this!

  • @maxzett
    @maxzett 4 months ago +197

    The two probably made a fortune with the custom closet jobs alone

    • @dori-
      @dori- 3 months ago +2

      As they should for having to deal with how annoying he is 🙄

    • @nai110
      @nai110 3 months ago +55

      ​@@dori- if being precise about what you want in the making of your OWN house that you're paying millions for, is being "annoying", than a lot of people need to start being "annoying"

    • @Chutney1luv
      @Chutney1luv 3 months ago

      I'm sure!!

    • @dori-
      @dori- 3 months ago +3

      @@nai110 his personality is annoying

    • @katie8325
      @katie8325 3 months ago +7

      @@dori-whereas I’m sure you are a delight

  • @magdilettante
    @magdilettante 4 months ago +46

    would love to see an updated styling video in like a year to see how hes lived in the space- its so beautiful, just looks like its gonna get better with age. Tan France is such a perfect AD host! He needs a series!

  • @bettinareyes8897
    @bettinareyes8897 4 months ago +43

    This might be the best AD series yet!

  • @ViridianaD24
    @ViridianaD24 2 months ago +5

    Shout out to the AD crew because this is the content we need.

  • @fc4660
    @fc4660 4 months ago +55

    “So Rob had to go….back to my closet” 😂

  • @vanessaeileen7963
    @vanessaeileen7963 4 months ago +14

    Just when I thought I couldn't love Tan France and his enthusiasm any more...

  • @SylviaRodriguez-lx9em
    @SylviaRodriguez-lx9em 3 months ago +8

    Tan, you're not only great at fashion, you're brilliant at interior design! When I saw the closet, I got goosebumps. I've watched you for years, you have such an amazing gift. Simply the best!! Love it!!❤❤❤

  • @luxelist
    @luxelist 4 months ago +80

    Thank you for sharing such a personal story. The closet spaces were truly breathtaking. Loved seeing the inspiration and process behind everything.

    • @elanmackey7892
      @elanmackey7892 4 months ago +1

      It looks like a closet inside a childs dollhouse😕

  • @staceyonekawa5283
    @staceyonekawa5283 3 months ago +3

    The Fox group did such an amazing job bringing Tans dream to life. I wasn’t sure if they could pull it off but it looks stunning!

  • @imscanon
    @imscanon 4 months ago +37

    Best closet I have ever seen. What a dream.

  • @k.visionary8301
    @k.visionary8301 4 months ago +20

    The mirror area would look lovely with the addition of a beautiful chandelier.

  • @convertedhomebody
    @convertedhomebody 4 months ago +42

    Love the south Asian inspiration and craftsmanship!👏 I do wish a few antique pieces had been imported/ found to also support the makers using traditional methods and to infuse some history in a new build 🩷

    • @jamiejoygatto
      @jamiejoygatto 4 months ago +6

      The swing was an authentic antique. :)

    • @convertedhomebody
      @convertedhomebody 4 months ago +1

      @@jamiejoygatto oooh yay! That's what I get for multitasking haha

    • @jamiejoygatto
      @jamiejoygatto 4 months ago

      @@convertedhomebody 😄

    • @jj-if6it
      @jj-if6it 3 months ago +4

      @@jamiejoygatto It needs more IMO

  • @anitaharris7251
    @anitaharris7251 3 months ago +9

    The high craftsmanship is truly one of a kind, and Tans' creativity and love for his culture is heartwarming ❤

  • @catherineadam7749
    @catherineadam7749 4 months ago +18

    I'm completely OBSESSED, this closet is sooooo beautiful. I love Tan so much, he's amazing

  • @TheChizznut
    @TheChizznut 4 months ago +27

    It was hand painted!!!! Amazing

  • @thelovelykimmi7920

    I absolutely love Tan! His outfit matches the closet and it's so lovely ❤

  • @soulferuk
    @soulferuk 3 months ago +5

    Not me S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G Judy Garland when he asked “do you know who this lady is?” Hahahahaha

  • @marvinraphaelmonfort8289
    @marvinraphaelmonfort8289 4 months ago +10

    the green ceiling is the most gorgeous color in the tri-part room

  • @kathythompson9931
    @kathythompson9931 4 months ago +17

    This is so cool, all these wonderful craftsman, all of them, taking on a challenge of something they haven’t done before, all of them ready willing and able to do their best and make Tam’s dreams come true! Everyone’s 100%! A GIANT feather in everyone’s cap! It’s going to be THE BEST! And custom CARHARTT is COOL too!!!❤

  • @chandanevans
    @chandanevans 3 months ago +2

    As a designer i would love to have a client like him. I love when clients knows what they want.

  • @asprilladt
    @asprilladt 4 months ago +18

    Love, love this AD! Thank you for making this very personal and inspiring video with Tan.

  • @mariannewolf57
    @mariannewolf57 4 months ago +9

    After the first episode with the stunning bathroom I was disappointed- That's it!?! - But making a series out of all the rooms- Heck Yeah!!!

    • @Apollonia222
      @Apollonia222 3 months ago

      They have more episodes already on AD website available.

  • @susanbilton9359
    @susanbilton9359 4 months ago +6

    I’m so happy for Tan. He is a treasure and along with the Fab5 people, an inspiration❤

  • @DavidNPS
    @DavidNPS 3 months ago +1

    What a Kind Gentleman ! Tan France = Pure Class

  • @aaronbynum8968
    @aaronbynum8968 4 months ago +23

    This closet is magnificent it’s a dream

  • @bernicevanwinkle3789
    @bernicevanwinkle3789 4 months ago +10

    OMGOODNESS!!! This made me so emotional!!❤️❤️❤️ STUNNING, JUST STUNNING!!!🥰🥰🥰

  • @CatWilhelmina
    @CatWilhelmina 3 months ago +10

    Literally obsessed with this series 😍

  • @Elmerphant
    @Elmerphant 4 months ago +16

    The bedroom/bathroom and now the closet *mind blown* I could watch this perfect match do renos forever. They all (the four of them with the team) come up with such beautiful rooms. The craftmanship is STUNNING!

  • @venom5809
    @venom5809 3 months ago +1

    Dentist in my town had a 2.000 square foot master closet, it was the most amazing and ridiculous thing I have ever seen. His closet is pretty incredible.

  • @laure400
    @laure400 3 months ago

    I loveee Tan, he is always showing out for the south asian community. He deserves it all and more!!

  • @beautyallaroundme724
    @beautyallaroundme724 3 months ago +1

    I absolutely love all of the intricate details, the blue & clay colors, & the Pakistani/Indian look. Like the swing, too. When I watched videos years ago on traditional Indian houses, I wondered about the swings in all of them. Now my question has been simply explained.

  • @erikadowdy2382
    @erikadowdy2382 4 months ago +10

    That’s the BIGGEST closet I’ve ever seen!😮

  • @DrishtiNigam-jp4et

    I am Indian - Interior and i do have the similar kinda obsession with my cultural art and I JUST LOVED IT❤❤❤❤

  • @ainekearney2878
    @ainekearney2878 Month ago

    His closet and clothes collection is amazing ❤❤❤

  • @hollywooddarling
    @hollywooddarling 3 months ago +1

    An absolutely insane, dream confection of a walk-in wardrobe/dressing room. So beautiful and I love it incorporates Tan's culture and heritage. the colour is absolutely stunning.

  • @ogeee923
    @ogeee923 3 months ago +2

    Why did I get emotional over a freaking closet 😭🤣
    I love interior design.

  • @serenityrose3424
    @serenityrose3424 3 months ago +1

    The respect and love he has for his Culture is so admirable ❤

  • @ashpiredliving
    @ashpiredliving Month ago

    I LOVE TAN FRANCE🎉.. getting him to walk the runaway.. love it! 🎉🎉🎉 Beautiful closet. Beautiful family he deserves all the things ❤

  • @LostGirl415
    @LostGirl415 4 months ago +5

    Dream closet! Happy for you Tan!!! Beautiful. Bravo. 👏

  • @sharonkaysnowton
    @sharonkaysnowton 3 months ago +5

    Tan, I love your closet (room) inspired by South Asian design. It is beautiful. It definitely is NOT DISNEYLAND-VEGAS. You have more shoes and little handbags than I think I have ever seen in a store. Your closet is like walking into a new store that you just want to stay a while and look at everything. I absolutely LOVE the SWING BED!!!! And you got your tri-fold mirror. Love it.

  • @highwayaisle
    @highwayaisle 3 months ago +1

    The cream/beige section is GORGEOUS!

  • @rachaelkras2386
    @rachaelkras2386 3 months ago +1

    I adore Tan France. This interior design is so next level. It's not just interior design, everything is so artistically COMPOSED. It's such a flawless vibe.

  • @taylorchameleon
    @taylorchameleon 4 months ago +16

    this is so beautiful & SO TAN ❤️

  • @whenthesoundresonates1441

    How inspired. That’s pure class

    • @slouberiee
      @slouberiee 3 months ago +1

      East Asian-inspired huge closet in a mock Tudor cardboard McMansion in a dessert of Utah. Not "pure class"...

    • @hmacklemore2226
      @hmacklemore2226 27 days ago

      ​@@slouberiee LOL facts 😂😂😂

  • @simonilpradhan4168

    Thisss is So so so beautiful!!!! 🫶🏻
    No words could do justice of his and Rob’s passion and creativity brought to reality by AD to whom this was unknown and but they brought the south asian local architect to Utah!! Amazing!!!!

  • @TheChizznut
    @TheChizznut 4 months ago +5

    Love what he did with Tim. Lol so cute

  • @cherylj7460
    @cherylj7460 4 months ago +4

    Beautiful! Love the doorknobs with the geo print.

  • @icalledthevoiditwent2voicemail

    Would've done a pale- gold ceiling in the blue room. Very interesting project overall.

  • @mandi4794
    @mandi4794 2 months ago

    That carhart jacket is BEAUTIFUL

  • @colleeng8337
    @colleeng8337 4 months ago +7

    Everything is just so amazingly beautiful! Congrats!!✌️🎉🙌🌟

  • @tanyam5471
    @tanyam5471 4 months ago +5

    Finally the second episode!
    Like this house.

  • @waimeagrl5142
    @waimeagrl5142 3 months ago

    He should be very proud of himself. Bravo Tan!

  • @SimplySonja
    @SimplySonja 4 months ago +6

    ah yes I'm loving this series!

  • @whitneymatalone9458
    @whitneymatalone9458 3 months ago

    Incredible just WOW, LOVE seeing it all come together. And Tan feel his feels too❤

  • @jennyoung586
    @jennyoung586 4 months ago +4

    Absolutely STUNNING!!!

  • @1paradox
    @1paradox 4 months ago +23

    Love the design, detail, custom handmade impact. Just would have preferred the same color throughout or just one color on the outside sections and another color in the middle content creation section to make it more harmonious, but understand they wanted a different feeling in all 3 sections.

  • @GlamGoddes101
    @GlamGoddes101 3 months ago +1

    I am SO glad I came across this video omg, I like watching Tan and this closet is beyond gorgeous

  • @starveartist
    @starveartist 3 months ago

    Loving as much Tan France as you will give us!!!

  • @janelogan4242
    @janelogan4242 4 months ago +6

    He's just so very loveable!

  • @Workingworking11111
    @Workingworking11111 3 months ago +1

    obsessed with this mini series

  • @leratononyana8277
    @leratononyana8277 Month ago


  • @Lolaice100
    @Lolaice100 4 months ago +2

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! This so beautiful

  • @heenadhand4914
    @heenadhand4914 2 months ago

    Gorgeously constructed, everything is so detailed and thoughtful.

  • @amitlegare7
    @amitlegare7 3 months ago

    My favorite is the swing/seating area. So creative and beautiful. The woodwork is exquisite.

  • @newfoundland3030
    @newfoundland3030 3 months ago +1

    The attention to detail, the blend of South East Asia, such a magical room and house, hopefully we will see more?

  • @OHANA-Beach-Suites-CDO
    @OHANA-Beach-Suites-CDO 4 months ago +2


  • @TimelessWealthMentor
    @TimelessWealthMentor 3 months ago

    Its absolutely gorgeous!! Very personal, thoughtfully done and truly timeless!! Love it!

  • @oneofakindlifestyle
    @oneofakindlifestyle 2 months ago

    He is grateful with life, he is so inspirational for all of us who have dreams.. 😭✨

  • @jaqchen1016
    @jaqchen1016 3 months ago

    Rob and Tan are such a dream of a couple!! LOVE.

  • @mbettner7368
    @mbettner7368 4 months ago +6

    omg thank you I needed more of this

  • @Feebysworld
    @Feebysworld 3 months ago

    This is by far is my favorite online show ever!

  • @iahorvath
    @iahorvath 4 months ago +4

    All I can say is WOW!

  • @sarahabrams7315
    @sarahabrams7315 4 months ago +7


  • @yojgarganera
    @yojgarganera 3 months ago

    The best closet ever! Thank you for sharing.

  • @lorepena3252
    @lorepena3252 2 months ago

    Omg I'm obsessed with this series ❤❤❤😂😂

  • @jennabratley5631
    @jennabratley5631 3 months ago

    This workout is so unassuming, but SO effective 😅

  • @joantorres3309
    @joantorres3309 3 months ago

    How stunning! I’m so happy for you!

  • @user-lx4bd8oe9p
    @user-lx4bd8oe9p 3 months ago

    What a person, What a designer

  • @jj-if6it
    @jj-if6it 3 months ago +1

    I like the idea of it at least... I think dressing areas are meant to be white so the wall colours don't clash with what you're picking out

  • @paulkihiu4743
    @paulkihiu4743 2 months ago

    Love the closet omg, would add plants and drapes to divide the rooms,

  • @appleciderwitch
    @appleciderwitch 3 months ago +1

    Looking at someone get their dream is kinda magical.

  • @TheSushmaHomeSellingTeam

    Amazing closet. Inspired to have one like this soon. 😍😍

  • @sw___
    @sw___ 3 months ago

    I've never seen this level of customization in any interior design show :O It's amaaazing!

  • @devon314
    @devon314 3 months ago

    tanny it’s beautiful!! congratulations ❤️

  • @pattyblom
    @pattyblom 3 months ago

    Such a high level of detail, i love it! 😍 and the colours too!

  • @phyllisedmondson8517
    @phyllisedmondson8517 3 months ago

    Their faces are 😮 and their thoughts 😮 WHY CAN YOU NT JUST DO IT YOURSELF… I love tis and him also 😊❤

    @GUESSMYZAIS 3 months ago

    Individuality! I love it! ❤

  • @missmollyw.5066
    @missmollyw.5066 3 months ago +1

    this made me so happy. I love it. Congrats!

  • @sparklelee4368
    @sparklelee4368 4 months ago +4

    amazing, fantastic....love it

  • @vixiennne8369
    @vixiennne8369 3 months ago +1

    I really think the shoe room needs its own sitting area with a coffee table in a couple chairs. I would get exhausted walking around there. I would also put an Undermount refrigerator and a coffee station in there!

  • @kgalvin7503
    @kgalvin7503 3 months ago +1

    Tom looks so unbelievably uncomfortable modeling his jacket at the end of the episode - and I am here for it 😅

  • @vitamcrae5115
    @vitamcrae5115 3 months ago

    He's such a beautiful human being!!

  • @DavidOkikiAmayoJr.
    @DavidOkikiAmayoJr. 3 months ago

    Perfect. Inspirational. Authentic. 👌🏿